The Spander Files

Title Author Summary Category
Waffle House Sajinn It’s Spike and Xander hanging out at a greasy spoon on the east coast! Developing Feelings
Wait For It Beetle A few drabbles forming a picture of Xander and William's developing relationship post NFA Sweet William
Waiting for Daybreak Snowpuppies It was over Final Death
Waiting Here Alexandria Spike discovers Xander close to dying and feelings develop. Hurt/Comfort   Abused Child!Xan
Waking Up Savoy Truffle Season 4. Xander wakes up as a demon. In the wackiness (not all of it fun) that ensues, Spike and Xander wake up to each other. Developing Feelingsnbsp; & nbsp;Body Switcheroo's
Wanderlust Nasty Shrew Xander searches for a home in a world that he just can't quite fit in to anymore Developing Feelings
Want Shanyah It’s New York, it’s eight years after the end of season 7. Xander and Spike have a chance meeting. Spike wants Xander to build him a house, but that's not all he wants. Developing Feelings
Want This Spikedluv After an intense, one time tryst and being ignored and avoided for days after, an angry Spike corners Xander in the middle of the Magic Box Ex Lovers
Warrior Laikokae Xander had repressed the power of the Warrior so deeply within that it had taken years to surface.   Unfinished Not Human
Watcher in the Middle Skargasm The best way to stop him telling their secret is to stick him right in the middle of it! Spander Plus
Watcher Kink Nash Spike has a kink, Xander tries to help him satisfy it. Spander Plus   &   Sub/Dom
Watch Him in the Rain Nasty Shrew Season 2 Spike has a little obsession Extra Dark   &   Original Spike
Watching Apreludetoanend Giles dumps a struggling Xander off at Spike's place. We move on from there. Post NFA   &   Angst
Watching Forsaken2003 Xander is being watched. Beginnings
Watching Lady Cat Willow wants to help the boys figure it out Sweet and Schmoopy
Watching Him Spikedluv Spike discovers that Xander found videotapes the vampire made of the two of them making love Video Night
Way Beyond Redemption Skargasm One more step and the two of them would be way beyond redemption... Hyena!Xander;   Extra Dark
Wearing My Heart On My Sleeve Jane Davitt Xander needs Spike's help Oblivious/Denial
Wearing Your Proofs on the Skin Twilightofmagic Spike brings Xander to a philosophical revelation. Established Relationship
The Weather Conditions Series Druffine Spike misses the warmth of the sun First Time
The Wedding Quilt Angelee A wedding quilt and a few surprises First Time
Wedding Sonnet Randy Sex Kitten Spike has promised to write a Sonnet as his wedding vows Comedy   &   Sweet and Schmoopy
Wednesday Darkling Dawns Spike contemplates various past and potential partners Masturbation Theater
The Wednesday Museum Whichclothes On a mission to Washington, DC to rescue Angel from hell, Xander and Willow run into an old acquaintance Developing Feelings
Weekend Project Jenny William is a poet and a professor at UC Sunnydale. Xander is trying to get his home carpentry business off the ground. This was also titled 'The Poet and the Carpenter' Human AU
A Week in the (Un)Life Of… Darkhavens Day to day life, Spander style Established Relationship
A Week of Wrong Anna S The universe seems to be trying to set Xander up with Spike Comedy   &   Basement of Doom
We Interrupt This News Report Jujukittychick Spike distracts Xander from a strange news report P W P
The Weirdest Thing Frk_werewolf Weird things happen in the Hellmouth, like Xander becoming a girl Body Switcheroo's
Weird Vamp!verse Amejisuto It was all Deadboy’s fault. Vamp!Xander
Welcome, Imagine That Paperk8 Xander can’t imagine, hasn’t for a long time. That time is over.   Unfinished Basement of Doom
Welcome to McDonald's, May I Take Your Order? apreludetoanend An ordinary morning, post-Chosen (1 part) Established Relationship
We're Not Gay Juliatheyounger Spike and Xander discover they have a couple of things in common Developing Feelings   &   First Time
What a Night for a Knight

Crazydiamondsue Spike and Xander drive around in a van solving a mystery. Satirical send up Comedy
What are Friends for...? Cimmer The rocky road to true love. Comedy
What a Wicked Thing to Do Elena All it took was a phone call,and Xander was twisted around Buffy's little finger Beginnings
What Brought us Here

Spikedluv Spike reflects on the changes time has wrought in his life. Sweet and Schmoopy
What Did You Say? Darkling Dawns Spike likes to help Dawn with her homework. Comedy   &   Preslash
What Dies Inside Us Sevendeadlyfun AU. The creation of a new Fanged Four. Multiple pairings. Spander Plus  &   Vamp!Xander
What Dreams May Tell Authoress Nebula Xander's having dreams of a life in England in the 1800's. But is he dreaming or remembering? Sweet William   Alternate Incarnations
What Goes Up... Spiceblueeyes Sometimes things don't work out... Final Death   &   Angst
What Happens in Africa, Stays in Africa Jameschick Because of Andrew, Xander finds himself in a situation that only Spike can get him out of. Africa!Xander   &   First Time
What Happens In Vegas BmblBee Xander goes looking for adventure and gets more than he gambled on.   Preview Comedy
What He Needs Rune Spike and Xander both get what they need Extra Dark
What I Need Perverted Pages Someone takes his kitten away and Spike fights to get him back. Goes AU after School Hard Extra Dark   &   Vamp!Xander
What's A Rogue Demon? Spikedluv Xander’s next hunt takes him back to LA. First Time
What's in a Man Lady Cat Spike gets insecure. Xander fixes it. Daddy!Kink
What's In The Box? Darkhavens Xander receives an unexpected parcel. Christmas
What's Your Kink? Obsession_is Xander takes a quiz and Spike helps demonstrate the result. P W P
What Makes My Da Sad Kahuna Burger It's amazing how much kids notice   Kid!fic;   Comedy
What Makes Us Laikokae Spike comforts Xander who is still suffering trauma a few years after his rape by Angelus Hurt/Comfort
What The? Chocgood84 Xander's not sure what Spike is up to... Basement of Doom   &   First Time
What the Watcher Saw Creyr Giles finds proof of a relationship he didn't suspect Masturbation Theater
What To Do With A Vampire Perverted Pages Spike entertains Xander while he's stuck in that horrid orange chair. Basement of Doom
What's Mine Is Yours Angel Jade Xander is caught by pre-chipped Spike and Angelus Original Spike   Vamp!Xander   Spander Plus
When Boy Meets Boy Nash/a> The girls are in UC Sunnydale, Xander's working construction and Spike is a student at UCS too. Boy meets boy, boy runs after boy Human AU;   Working Man
When Coyote Came to Sunnydale Tabaqui Lord of the Rings crossover - Legolas and Aragorn in Sunnydale Crossovers

When Friends Collide Kitty Poker1 Xander rents a movie Basement of Doom  &   Video Night
When He Touches Me Robin the Crossover Junkie Spike doesn't understand the effect Xander has on him Angst
When I Think About Cheating Bohofemm Traveling is hard, especially when you're separated from the one you love. Established Relationship
When It's All Said and Done Gabrielle The battle is over and all that's left to do is... well, maybe nothing much. Post NFA, Preslash

When Love is Voiced Fanbot Xander isn't certain how he has become the guardian of a tiny, winged Spike, or how to break the curse. Fairy Stories
When the Stars Go Blue Ahestele Spike wants to dance Sweet and Schmoopy
When Unlife Gives you Lemons Obsession_is Spike is bored in Xander's basement room and decides to make some fun for himself. Basement of Doom   &   Beginnings
When Visions Come True Spikedluv Xander has a 'horrifying' vision of the future and sets out to see if it's true or not.   Preview Oblivious/Denial
When You Lie Next To Me Kyrieane Spike and Xander need to work on their communication skills Angst
Where All Things End Shimmer "Live this day as if it were your last.”   S/X/Angel Spander Plus
Where's My Cow? Electricalgwen Xander's mom would sit with her toddler and read him his favourite book when he was unwell. Comedy
Where It All Begins Trixx Xander’s POV thoughts on the end of his world. Final Death
Where's Waldo? Stormyd55 Look out Scoobies! It's April Fool's Day! Comedy
Where? When? Gah! Margie sequel to Who?What?Huh? Lost Memory   &   Sweet William
Where the Wild Things Are Rowaine The night before they face the First, Xander has unfinished business he'd like to take care of P W P
Where You'd Been Rune Spike reflects on why he slept with Anya Angst
Whipping Boy Chocgood84 Xander is hurt and Spike makes a discovery. Hurt/Comfort   Abused Child!Xan
Whiskey Bent and Hell Bound Darkhavens Xander's whisky bent and hell bound in all the literal ways. Angst
Whisper on a Scream Scorpio Close to two hundred years in the future Xander is left alone... Vamp!Xander   &   Final Death
Whispers Sinandcinnamon Xander gets back at Spike Comedy
Whispers of Futures Past Sparrow2000 Xander thinks about time and Spike wants a drink Vamp!Xander
Whispers of the Night Athenewolfe Xander discovers that the line between sanity and insanity is as thin as that between pleasure and pain. Extra Dark
Whistle Zowiebwalker Xander thinks about inevitability. And Spike. Established Relationship
White Horse BmblBee When a man's rod gets hard, he just wants to get off. Period. First Time
White Knight, Black Knight Amejisuto Xander learns some new things about himself, and in the process steps up to be a champion for those in need. Unfinished Developing Feelings
White Lightnin' BmblBee Set in the early 1940's, Spike is a G-man sent on a mission to search for and destroy illegal alcohol when he has an accident. Xander is a moonshiner who takes him in. Human AU;   Working Man
White Marble Josie_H Exquisite statue… admirer… magic… and everything changes Wing!Fic;   Alternate Incarnations;   Working Man
White Roses Emella The roses were stained with blood. That’s the first thing he remembered Vamp!Xander   &   Extra Dark
Who Am I? Jameschick Xander has needs Extra Dark
The Whole Invisibility Thing Margie Xander couldn't help wondering just how long it might take the others to find a cure for the whole invisibility thing. P W P
Who Needs Superman

Jameschick Spike has his own way of winning an argument P W P
Who's the Coolest? Mera It’s Dawn’s birthday party. She makes everyone play 'I Never'. Comedy
Who's Your Daddy? Forsaken2003 Spike decides to add some kink to their sex life Established Relationship
Who Wants to Live Forever Metaforgirl Five years after Buffy's death, Xander and Spike meet again. They have issues.  Preview Angst   &   Ex Lovers   &   Epics with Plot
Who?What?Huh? Margie First in the series. Continues in Where? When? Gah! First Time   &   Under a Spellnbsp; & nbsp;Body Switcheroo's

Who Ya' Gonna Call? Kirasmommy Xander goes to stay with his Uncle Peter, in New York, who runs a famous Ghost Busting business Crossovers
Who You Want Mrs Sakuma Xander's got Spike, and not a bleeding chance of kids. First Time
The Why Rayne Jelly This is why he hates Spike, why he couldn’t tie the knot, this is why everything in life is mediocre. Extra Dark
Why? Strickens_girl William is charged with the first degree murder and rape of Alexander Harris. WIP Human AU   &   Sweet William
Why Spike Can Be Submissive Lady Cat Buffy can't understand Spike being Xander’s submissive Sub/Dom
Why We Fight Sevendeadlyfun He'd learned the first time not to come back for round two of kick the Spike Ex Lovers
Why We Love Willow Lady Cat When Willow made Xander a demon Magnet, Spike's demon was attracted too.Preview Sub/Dom
Wicked Plans MissE Spike decides that Xander will make a perfect mate First Time and Beginnings
Wicked Vs. Evil Thea Zara Xander argues Spike's POV.   Takes place in the Summer after The Collar Souled Spike
Wilderness Reremouse He hadn't gone all the way through the soggy heart and dusty soul of bleeding Africa after Harris only to let the council bollocks up his recuperation. Africa!Xander   &   Developing Feelings
Wildfire Robin the Crossover Junkie Just smut P W P
The Wild Hunt Whichclothes Vampires do not celebrate Christmas, but maybe they can celebrate something else instead. Christmas;  Beginnings
Wild Ride Dustandroses Spike and Xander have been together for a while now, but it takes Spike spinning free of reality on a wild ride to make him wake up to what he has in Xander, and what he's willing to do to keep him Established Relationship  &  Sliders
Wilfully Oblivious Darkhavens 'There are none so blind, as those who would not see...' Secret Lovers
William and the Wild Man Skargasm Xander lives in the Jungle and William is an explorer Alternate Incarnations
Window Dressing Cicirossi A trip to the mall. Funny but disturbing Comedy   &   Angst
Wings Markedxup Sad and angsty all-human AU Human AU
Winner Take All Yin Again "I don't know how to play cards, and are you sure that poker is the way to go here?" Preslash
A Winter's Tale Nash They had been in love. They still were. But sometimes, love isn’t enough Ex Lovers   &   Angst
Wish Jameschick Sometimes Xander wishes life had turned out differently. Basement of Doom
The Wish Effect Frk_werewolf Xander should know not to make wishes. Vamp!Xander   &   Double Trouble   &   Comedy
Wishes and Wants BmblBee So how did the boys in Holiday!verse or What Happens In Vegas get together in the first place? Maybe we have some answers?   Sequel to Happy Birthday Comedy
Wish I Was Here Reremouse The Xander who walks out from behind him and helps himself to a bowl of curry is way bumpier and fangier than any Xander Xander's met so far Sliders
With Benefits Reremouse So basically if it was Stockholm Syndrome, that was okay too Original Spike
With Malice Aplenty Sevendeadlyfun Revenge can take many forms. Pleasure is often the worst revenge of all... First Time  &   Extra Dark
With or Without Whichclothes Things went differently in season 4. Spike never escaped from the Initiative, and vampires have been enslaved. Fifteen years later, Xander finds him...  Preview Developing Feelings   &   Hurt/Comfort
The Wolf And The Hawk Naughtyfae When Spike and Xander's illicit love is betrayed to The Bishop of Aquila he calls down a terrible curse on the lovers.   S/X adaptation of Ladyhawke Movieland   &   Alternate Incarnations
Wolf Tracks Amejisuto Xander is helping the Charmed Ones, and finds that it is hard to go home again. S/X/Angel Crossover with Charmed Spander Plus  &   Crossovers
Woman Troubles Forsaken2003 A mistake is made and Xander becomes a woman. Body Switcheroo's
Women Suck Spikedluv Spike shows Xander that he doesn't need women...for anything.   Preview Developing Feelings
Wonderland Joidianne It didn’t take long for Spike to notice that something odd was going on, hell the only reason it took him so long was the fact that this was Sunnydale, strange things were the norm Hyena!Xander
Wonders Ordinal Kimalis First, always first, Spike loved the mind. Established Relationship  &   Sweet and Schmoopy
Wonder!Verse Savoy Truffle It's human AU. Spike's a barely legal hustler. Prostitute   &   Human AU;   Movieland;   Working Man
A Wooded Future

Josie_H The hellmouth has its way with Xander, this time it involves Chlorophyll Fairy Stories
The Woodshed Rayne Jelly Xander has become a successful business man with an engaging hobby who believes his life is close to perfect. Spike disagrees. Oblivious/Denial;   Working Man
Woo Me With Words

Dea Brynhild Ensomhet Spikess Xander finds out that someone's been writing love poems to him, but who?   wip Developing Feelings
Woo!verse Jasonsnene With a sigh, Spike rolled over and accepted the fact that he was getting soft Sweet and Schmoopy
Words Baudown Xander thinks about the relationship. Sweet and Schmoopy
Words Randy Sex Kitten What’s your favorite word? Sweet and Schmoopy
Words Yin Again   &  Lady Cat It's different than the other habits he has, because those are usually just annoying. Established Relationship
Words Of Advice Nash Instead of Andrew going off with Spike to the mission, Xander did. Angst
Workin' in a Winter Wonderland Whichclothes Several years post-series, Xander returns to California to go undercover as an elf--and encounters several surprises. Christmas;   Developing Feelings
Working Man Cleeaz Xander has left the scoobies and is living a successful life running his own hand-crafted furniture business when Spike unexpectedly re-enters his life Developing Feelings;   Working Man
Work Sucks Kayla Xander really hates his crappy job P W P
World of Noise Shadith A damaged Xander is drawn into an abusive relationship with Angelus, as Spike tries to help Hurt/Comfort;  Original Spike
A World of Their Own Jameschick Set at the end of season five. Xander and Spike get sucked into a portal during the battle with Glory. Developing Feelings
Work is a Drag Kirasmommy Xander vents about his rotten day at work Comedy
Worth Knowing Stormyd55 While taking care of an injured Xander, Spike takes stock of his love life and comes to a conclusion. Hurt/Comfort
Worthless Chocgood84 Xander proves he's not worthless Hurt/Comfort
Wrath Hello-Spikey Xander finally takes his revenge Extra Dark
Writer's Block BmblBee A very successful mystery writer, Alexander Harris, is suffering from a severe case of writer's block. He accepts a $10,000.00 bet with his publisher after claiming he can crank out a full manuscript in a 24 hour period. Based slightly (very slightly) on the plot of the old movie "House Of Long Shadows" Human AU;  Movieland;   Working Man
Writer's Block Spike_1790 Spike is an author. Willow is a fan. Xander gets caught up in the plot Human AU;   Working Man
Writhe Dustandroses Spike ambushes Xander in the shower. P W P
Wrong Side of the Bed Whichclothes Spike and Xander end up in bed together. But they're not gay, you know. First Time and Beginnings