The Spander Files

Title Author Summary Category
The Naked Truth Christina_O Will Spike and Xander ever get past their snide remarks and insults and realize that the naked truth is that they are falling in love?   wip Developing Feelings
The Name of the Game Sevendeadlyfun Spike's lovers hold an intervention Spander Plus   &   Comedy
Nanny Cam Fanbot Just what did Spike get up to while alone in Xander's bedroom all day? Masturbation Theater
The Nature of Things Off Suit "Willow’s kicked puppy look had me wondering just how quickly we Scoobies tend to forget the nature of things, especially when it comes to Spike." Secret Lovers
Nature Takes Its Course Whichclothes Xander wants a change of scenery. Established Relationship
Naughty Nick and the Evil Elf Tisienne Blue Ah, X-mastime hijinks on the Hellmouth   X/S/William Christmas   &   Sweet William   &   Spander Plus
The Naughty Ward Virtual Personal All human AU. If you like historical romances, you’ll like this. Alternate Incarnations   &   Oblivious/Denial
Neapolitan Amejisuto Anya quizzes Xander about his attraction to Spike Spander Plus
Near The End Devo79 Desperate times produce desperate actions Post Apocalypse
Near Wild Heaven Electricalgwen What if it was Xander Spike went to right after he got chipped, instead of Willow? Basement of Doom
Nebraska! Sajinn Buffy, Xander, Spike and Angel take a road trip none will soon forget. Comedy  &   Road Trips
Need Wolfshark Spike needs something from Xander P W P
Needle Point Akasakasan Xander's nursing an addiction to drugs and Spike kills two birds with one stone. Drink'n'Drugs
Needs Jameschick Sometimes you get what you need from an unexpected source. Extra Dark
Needs Thea Zara Xander has always known what Spike needs, now he's going to make sure he gets it. Consort!Xander
nervous Frk_werewolf It was like being taken over. Pinned to the spiritual floor and left to watch as your body performed without you Hyena!Xander
Nessuno Two Ladies of Quality In Renaissance Italy, the priestly novice Alexander runs into intrigue, the supernatural and the mercenary known as Guglielmo il Sanguinante. Alternate Incarnations
Nessuno--Six Years Later Two Ladies of Quality Six years after Nessuno, Alessandro is learning that the life of a mercenary is dangerous and short. Sequel to Nessuno Alternate Incarnations
Never as Safe as You Think You Are Dustandroses He'd been waiting for this for a long time De-Chipped
Never Dull Spikedluv Spike shows Xander his Halloween costume Cross Dressing  &   Halloween
Never, Ever Use the "A"ť Word Jasonsnene Spike was evil. Truly evil. The most evil ever. Sweet and Schmoopy
Neverland Tabaqui Nobody leaves Neverland, not ever Fairy Stories
Never Have I Ever Darkhavens Spike and Xander get drunk and compare resumes. Developing Feelings
Never Piss Off a Librarian Jenny Bored with their jobs as assistant librarians at the New Watchers Council, the boys goof off, and get punished. Spander Plus
Never Piss Off a Priestess Xocoatldreams Angel pissed off a witch and the boys got caught in the backlash. Kitten!Spike and Puppy!Xander   &   Under a Spell   &   Spander Plus
Never Say Never Rune In order to appease Xander, Spike allows William to emerge Sweet William  &   One Hour
Never Stand Alone Dustandroses Xander had always heard that it was important to take a stand.  Unfortunately, he didn't realize until way too late that this time, the stand had taken him! Preslash
Never Tell Emmalinell "Is there anyone here who hasn't slept together?" First Time
Never Time Enough Josie_H Xander comes back from the past with a secret. Developed from a short story by Thea Zara  Consort!Xander  &  Time Travel
A New Animal Ash Carpenter Angelus was better at this than Spike...But they had plenty of time Vamp!Xander   Extra Dark
The New Baby Sevendeadlyfun Spike needs a Mommy AND a Daddy.   S/X/Anya Spander Plus
A New Experience Darkhavens Xander discovers he has a thing for spanking P W P
New Experiences Piksa Spike has a plan. S3 but goes AU from there Vamp!Xander
The New Initiative Rosejax The Initiative captured Xander, put a chip in his head, and sent him off to kill Spike with a tracer sewn into his body Developing Feelings;   More Than Human;   First Time;   Kidnapped;   The Initiative
A New Life Creyr Xander moves to the suburbs to be a house husband, but becomes fascinated by his neighbor, a reclusive writer. Human AU  &   Kid!fic
New Order Jasonsnene Angel's world changed after the final battle. Now Xander is the one who needs to be saved. Spander Plus
New Orleans Drabbles Randy Sex Kitten A series of snapshots of the boy's trip to New Orleans Established Relationship
New World Tisienne Blue A young Londoner is forced to go live with his father in America. AU set in the late 1700's Alternate Incarnations   &   Sweet William
New Year's Eve Jenny Xander doesn't want to break tradition. Kissing;   Holiday Fic
New Year's Kiss Kahuna Burger Xander offers Spike a little comfort Holiday Fic;   Hurt/Comfort
The New Year's Kiss Virtual Personal A first kiss on New Year's. Beginnings;   Holiday Fic
NEXT WEEK ON BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER Kimalis We interrupt your normal programming... Comedy
The Nick of Time Stormyd55 Tony and Ducky are dead. Gibbs has their killer. But then things start to get wierd.   Crossover with NCIS Crossovers
Nicolette Says Jump Kalima Spike has a yen for a big girl. Xander eats too many brownies. Hijinks ensue. Spander Plus
Nicotine Fix Darkhavens Spike asks Xander for a light. Drabble Denial
Night Flight Virtual Personal After Willow triggered all the slayers, there were changes. Some vampires started to "behave"ťand fit into society. Developing Feelings
Night In FeatheredQuill Xander's peaceful night in gets interrupted... Sweet and Schmoopy
The Night In Question Jujukittychick Spike’s in trouble again… Established Relationship
A Night of Culture? Forsaken2003 Xander comes home after a night out at the ballet with the girls. Established Relationship
Nightly Vigil Yours Truly Xander finally lets himself discover that there’s much more to a person that what they let you see. Hurt/Comfort
Nightmares in Common Kay Spike finds he and Xander have something in common. Developing Feelings
A Night of Naughty Nasty Shrew Xander tries some Illegal Substances and has a night of naughty with his pal, Spike. Drink'n'Drugs
Night Terrors BmblBee Ten Years after the fall of Sunnydale, Xander has distanced himself from his past life until a demon forces him to look back. Developing Feelings
Nine KittyPoker1 Spike and Xander contemplate Preslash
Nine Lives Tabaqui Nine stories that might have happened - starting with 'School Hard'.   Preview Developing Feelings
Nine Months Scorpio Anya curses Xander and Spike Mpreg
No! Chocgood84 Spike doesn't take no for an answer Established Relationship
Nobody Trixx AU Starts six months after Caleb totaly blinded Xander. The gang has moved away from Sunnydale, and Xander is dealing with his handicap.   wip Developing Feelings   &   Souled Spike
No! But? Bollocks! Margie Sequel to How? Why? Bloody Hell, Yes! Sweet and Schmoopy
No Excuse, Really Anna S An evening at home Established Relationship
No Lodging Sparrow2000 Spike has made plans for the future. It's possible not everyone will be happy with them Angst
Nomads Randy Sex Kitten After the death of the Slayer, the Scoobies disband. Oz and Xander set out on a nomadic life that is soon encroached by a certain blond vamp.   wip Developing Feelings
No More Snakes and Ladders Reremouse & Tabaqui The summer of 2004 finds Xander and Spike back in Sunnydale Hurt/Comfort
No Need to Fear the Rain LadyMerlin Spike has problems dealing with the soul and his memories Hurt/Comfort
None So Blind Kitty Poker1 Why they insisted on patrolling together was a mystery to Willow Sweet and Schmoopy
None So Blind Thea Zara Gunn opens Spike's eyes.  wip On Stage
No Power on Earth Circe What Xander did on his summer vacation First Time;   Original Spike; Xander in Oxnard
No Price Too High? Skargasm Is there ever too high a price to pay for love? De-Chipped
NormalAgain Tabaqui Re-write of the BtVS episode 'Normal Again', It's Xander who doesn't know which 'reality' is real - the one with demons and vamps or the one with him as a patient. Angst
Northern Lights Fan Spagle Xander takes Spike to see the Northern Lights Sweet and Schmoopy
Nose for News Whichclothes A reporter interviews the man who saved people from drug-crazed mass-murderers. Established Relationship
(Not) A Little Western Flower Mwrgana Xander is under Spike's thrall Comedy
Not All the Monsters Are Under The Bed Scribe Xander's life has always been full of monsters Hurt/Comfort   Basement of Doom   Abused Child!Xan
Not-A-Merry Christmas Rayne Jelly Every year Xander's mom breaks out the xmas music first week of December Christmas
Not What It Looks Like Spike 1790 Spike finds Xander in a compromising situation. Established Relationship;   Christmas
Not Asking for the World Lady Cat   &   Wesleysgirl A blackout leads to unexpected revelations. Sweet and Schmoopy
Not Crazy Darkhavens Xander is convinced Spike has left him, but Spike comes back... fixed. De-Chipped
Not Forgotten Kahuna Burger A different sort of bed time story, for a different sort of reason Original Spike;   Angst
Not Forgotten Sukiblue (includes prequel See Me) Xander's been a Vampire for a year and none of his friends have even noticed. Vamp!Xander
Not Gonna Happen... Really. Tisienne Blue Spike and the girls have a plan. Sometimes things don’t work out the way you plan… and it’s for the best.   Preview Beginnings
Not Happy Xocoatldreams Somebody's in a bit of a fix. Sweet and Schmoopy
Nothing the Same orchidluv AU from The Harvest. Xander doesn't deal well with Jesse's death and everything changes from there. Preview Epics with Plot   &   Original Spike   &   Vampire Courts
Notice Tabaqui A nasty accident leaves Spike voiceless De-Chipped
Not in So Many Words Vinniebatman After returning from Africa, Xander gets stuck patrolling with Spike. First Time   &   Africa!Xander
Not Just a Spell Nash It's nearly Valentine's day and Xander's trying hard Sweet and Schmoopy  &   Souled Spike
Not Just for Easter Spike 1790 Season 6. Dawn reflects on life with the boys and her request for an Easter present Holiday!Fic
Not Much To Be Thankful for...Especially This Eyezrthewindows Spike has much to be thankful -- Who's he kidding? Spike has shite to be thankful for and he certainly wouldn't be thanking anybody for this, would he? Holiday Fic
Not Noisy or Excited Savoy Truffle Alternate timeline, Spike never came back after leaving at the end of Season 6; Xander is looking for slayers in Africa, but finds Spike. Africa!Xander   &   Developing Feelings
The Not-So Broken Slave Frk_werewolf Spike visits the local demon slave convention to find a new playmate to entertain Drusila Pet!Xander
Not-So-Deaf Ears Two Ladies of Quality Human bodies make noises that most vampires ignore. Spike hears them and cares Established Relationship
The Not-So-Giving Tree Emelye It was a simple enough plan. Go to Orange County. Find the tree. Kill the tree. Get the ring. Shag Xander. Beginnings
Not So Innocents Abroad Cimmer It's off to South America for the Naming Day   Sequel to Old Friends First Time
Not the Same Obsession_is He's not the same. Vamp!Xander
Not True Nowhere Wesleysgirl Wesley and Xander had had a well defined relationship until Spike had thrown himself into the mix.   S/X/Wesley Spander Plus
Nouns and Verbs Witchway At least this dream was going relatively well Secret Lovers
Nowhere C. Woodhaven Xander was left with more than memories from the Fabulous Ladies Night, and Spike takes full advantage of the situation. Basement of Doom
The Numbers Rayne Jelly So how many lives saved will it take to restore the balance? Preslash (if you squint really hard)
Nummy Treat Jet A bored Spike still finds a way to have some fun. Extra Dark
Nursemaid Karen Spike plays nursemaid for Xander while he is ill. Xander doesn't know when to leave well enough alone. Comedy