The Spander Files

Title Author Summary Category
I am the Bug Man Eliza Shaw Spike tells Xander about his history with Dracula Seduction
I Bark, You Hiss WarpedMindedYaoi and NightmareAhead Spike, the kitten, welcomes the new puppy, Xander. Kitten!Spike and Puppy!Xander   &   Sweet and Schmoopy
Ice-Cream Maz Set during the summer before season 1, Xander's life is changed radically when vampires invade it.   Preview Vamp!Xander;   Epics with Plot
I Don't Know How it Happened Eyezrthewindows> Xander and Spike fight a lot Oblivious/Denial
I'd Still Do Anything For You Raihne Spike and Xander have set off a prophecy that Ethan Rayne wants to take advantage of. Sequel to: Anything For You Sweet and Schmoopy  &   Kid!fic
If All Morning Afters Were Like This... Eyezrthewindows Xander has a small problem. . .and Spike isn't helping First Time
If I Believed Lady Cat They all had bad days sometimes, but they didn’t usually shout at each other. P W P
If I Knew Then... Shade The African demon in Grave grants Spike's wish in a way he never planned. Flung back in time, he has to relive the previous three years with all the knowledge of what's to come. Time Travel
If It Doesn't Remind Me Beetle Spike and Xander on Serenity never gets old   Crossover with Serenity Spike can't remember the last 600 years, and Xander can't forget. Crossovers
If It Wasn't for Bad Luck Whichclothes A chance encounter with a demon changes Xander's luck. First Time   Sweet and Schmoopy
If It Weren't For Bad Luck.. Jameschick Dawn knew if it weren't for bad luck, she would have no luck at all Comedy   &   Vamp!Xander
If You Ever Hunger Eyezrthewindows Rent boy Xander meets Spike Prostitute;   Working Man
If You Were Mine Jane Davitt Spike talks too much Basement of Doom
If Wishes Were Horses... Cimmer A perfect Christmas Christmas
Ignorance is Bliss Nash Xander was in an accident, and he wakes up to find his loved ones by his side Ex Lovers
I Just Don't Think I'll Ever Get Over You Rayne Jelly Xander, growing older. Ex Lovers;   Angst
I Left my Shoes in San Fransisco Fairyniamh Xander looses his temper... and his shoes thanks to Spike! Established Relationship
I'll Never Tell SpikesKat Xander gets a lot closer to Spike than he ever would have wanted - or so he tells himself. Oblivious/Denial
I Love My Penis Kyrieane   &   Druffine Conversation only, in the middle of the night. Comedy
I Love You, Means Bekka Alexander Harris couldn't remember the first time his father had hit him Abused Child!Xan   Trapped Together   Developing Feelings
Imaginary Friend WarpedMindedYaoi and NightmareAhead When Xander was just a boy he met Spike and was convinced he was his imaginary friend, but Xan grows up. Just Kids
Immortal Convergence Kay A renegade immortal on the Hellmouth puts Sunnydale in danger, and it's up to the Scooby Gang and some visitors from Seacouver to put things right.  Crossover with Highlander   S/X/Wesley Superpower!Xander   Spander Plus  Crossovers
Immutable Electricalgwen Reflections on memory Poetry   &   Angst
Impossible Listeners to Leaves Falling Anna S Anna hires a vampire hooker to make up for Xander's inadequacies Preslash
Improvising Atonement Sevendeadlyfun A vampire with a soul is determined to help The Slayer. Can a demon ever atone?  Season 1 complete, Season 2 WIP Developing Feelings   &   Rewrites   &   Souled Spike
I'm Sorry Devo79 Spike learns a lot when he lives at Xander's basement. Preslash   &   Basement of Doom
I'm Sorry, Wills Karen Xander does something drastic and leaves a note for Willow Angst   &   Final Death
I'm The Fool CJ Xander knows he's not the one Spike loves Angst
In A Strange Land Pirate Purple Christmas in Africa Christmas   &   Africa!Xander
In A What? Chess Spike finds a surprise in his xmas stocking Christmas  &   Established Relationship   &   Sweet and Schmoopy
Inbetween Markedxup Spike isn't sure what's happened to him, but he knows that he needs Xander to move on Final Death
Incidental Evolution Rayne Jelly Four progressive snapshots of a relationship as it might have happened Developing Feelings
Incident on the Bay of the Descending Dragon Reremouse Spike's not the kind of guy who'd show up in Vietnam to joke about being Xander's whore. First Time and Beginnings
The Incorrigible Invalid Savoy Truffle Xander is a very trying patient Comedy
Incubus Devo79 Xander's been keeping a dangerous secret from the scoobies. Not Human   &   Preslash
Indefatigably Narcolepticcat Spike gives Xander one hour to get even and get over it One Hour
In Denial Asenath33 An evening chez Xander goes a little (a lot) differently from the usual First Time
Induction JitkaJaylor Spike knows that, sometimes, following the rules will get him what he wants. Hyena!Xander
In From the Cold Savoy Truffle   &   Reremouse

An all-human AU that takes place in a Northern city featuring Xander as a fast-food worker and William and Spike as homeless twins. Warnings should be read before starting the fic. Human AU
Innocence Lost Athenewolfe Dawn knew they had to love her.   Sequel to Whispers of the Night Spander Plus future implied
In Plain Sight Electricalgwen Xander moans about his dating difficulties. Spike feels he's overlooking the obvious Beginnings
Inside Jokes Sorrel Due to a rather odd occurance of spring cleaning, Xander rediscovers The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Comedy
Inside Outside Michele Spike is injured and Xander finds himself taking care of him.   WIP Hurt/Comfort
In So Deep apreludetoanend What happened in the BtVS S4 episode "Hush" after Xander tied Spike up for the night and turned out the light? Basement of Doom   &   First Time
Insomnia Virtual Personal Three drabble set. The scoobies are having trouble sleeping. Comedy
Instant Karma Kayla Back in the day, Angelus arranged a marriage for his childe. It's now time for the ceremony Not Human   &   Comedy
Instant Messaging Mrs Sakuma Spike and Xander IM while apart Long Distance Loving
In Sunlight or in Shadow Chocgood84 Spike saved Xander's life. Now Xander must return the favor.  WARNING: Major Character Death Vamp!Xander;   De-Chipped
Intemperate Hearts Cobalt Mystic Xander never realized there were so many types of cold. Poetry, Ballads and Rhymes
Intense Robin the Crossover Junkie Spike, Xander, and chocolate P W P
The Intense Appeal of Wood Randy Sex Kitten Xander builds a toy Sweet and Schmoopy
An Interlude Between Storyteller and Orpheus Jameschick Angelus is bored so he orders in some entertainment. Cue Xander and Spike. Trapped Together
The Internet is for... Sevendeadlyfun Who says spam is a bad thing? Long Distance Loving
Intervention FireHorse Xander's friends think his good mood is caused by his chocolate addiction Comedy
In the Air Tonight Sukiblue A vision interrupts Xander's special Thanksgiving dinner with Spike, Doyle and Angel. Part of the From Out of Nowhere Verse Comedy;   Holiday Fic
In The Dark Rune It's off to Buffy's birthday bash for our boys, but on the way... Comedy
In the Dark Wolfshark Spike contemplates Xander when he’s asleep – mood piece Developing Feelings
In The Darkness of the Ocean Spike_1790 Xander forgets a birthday. Established Relationship
In The Mix Yin Again Xander tries to get his message across Sweet and Schmoopy
Into the Sunset Snowpuppies Xander watches his last sunset Sweet and Schmoopy
Introductions Tisienne Blue

Continued from Acquaintances 7 years after Bs7... Xander is a famous author and Spike's Claimed Consort!Xander
Involuntary Bodies Anna S The care of Dawn and a broken Tara is left to Xander, with only a newly souled and unstable vampire to help.   Preview Developing Feelings   &   Souled Spike
Irene Whichclothes BtVS S5, sometime very shortly after Crush. Spike's captured by a demon. Will he be saved?   Preview Hurt/Comfort
Ironing Out The Kinks Electricalgwen Image is important First Time
Irony Emelye A discrepancy between the expected result and actual results when enlivened by perverse appropriateness Beginnings
Irony Litgal The Initiative finds a reason to take an interest in Xander, and Xander has long been taking a secret interest in Spike Hyena!Xander  The Initiative
Irresistible When You... Eyezrthewindows Spike gets slimed by a lust demon and becomes, quite frankly, a huge slut...   S/X/Angel Spander Plus   Something Made Us Do It
An Irrefutable Fact Werewindle Xander stakes his claim with a little violence. Secret Lovers
Is it Real or Non-Believe? Nasty Shrew What did happen to Xander when he got to Oxnard, anyway? Drink'n'Drugs   Original Spike   Xander in Oxnard
I Slept with My Best Friend's Demon Forsaken2003 Buffy brings Xander and Spike on to the Jerry Springer Show Comedy
It Ain't Pretty Nasty Shrew The sex isn't nearly as perfect as it should be. Established Relationship

Lady Cat Spike has a problem, to Xander's benefit Sub/Dom
It Happened On the Way to the Donut Shop Spikedluv Halloween’s never quiet on the Hellmouth. Sweet and Schmoopy   &   Under a Spell
It’s All About Revenge Anyssia Would he go to the Bronze for a couple of free meals? Or should he head straight to the Watcher's place, to thank the Scoobies for their selfless help? De-Chipped   &   Extra Dark
It's An Adventure Michelle Spike and Xander take a road trip for the good. Comedy   &   Road Trips
It's A Hellmouthful Life Morrigushout Spike finds Xander depressed and about to end it all Christmas
It's All Been Done crazydiamondsue A snarky romp through both canon and fanon. Comedy
It's Just A Jump to the Left Kimberly

Xander is trapped in a time loop, with no control over his actions in the future time he keeps cycling around to.   Preview Comedy   &   Time Travel
It's Just Sex Charmin Spike is horny Sweet and Schmoopy;  First Time
It's Not Cordelianne Yep, it’s a routine. And routines are good, right? Developing Feelings   &   First Time
It Started With a Kiss Skargasm Sometimes it's not what happens during the game that you remember... Kissing   Beginnings
Itty Bitty Spander Kissing Ficlet Sinandcinnamon They didn't kiss; that was the rule. Kissing
It Was A Dark And Stormy Night SunnyD-lite It was a dark and stormy night yet still they had to patrol Sweet and Schmoopy   Secret Lovers
It Was Supposed to Happen Like That Cobalt Mystic Spike and Xander are oblivious as always, but it's just possible it won't take much to push them together Beginnings
I Win Robin the Crossover Junkie Is there nothing new? P W P
I Would, but I'm a Little Tied up Right Now Jane Davitt Why was it that just touching the ropes he used to lash Spike to the chair gave him a hard on that hurt? First Time   &   Basement of Doom