The Spander Files

Title Author Summary Category
Babel Collapsible Xander leaned in and kissed him, deeply, the way Spike always thought meant 'I love you' Final Death
Babel Rayne Jelly Meaning what you say isn't always saying what you mean Sweet and Schmoopy
Baby Blues Karen

Told from different POV's A member of the scooby gang dies. Angst warnings Mpreg   &   Angst   &   Final Death
Baby Doll Margie Porny Spander Daddy!kink
Baby It's Cold Out Virtual Personal & Nash If that girl hadn't been good enough to merit an invitation back to Spike's place, then Xander would never be, even if Spike magically turned gay. Christmas   &   Oblivious/Denial
Babylon Tabaqui The world has ended. Xander is sure there is a portal into a better reality and Spike tries to keep him alive long enough to find it Post Apocalypse
Backfire Ash Carpenter Spike finds the porn video hidden in Xander's super secret hiding place. Basement of Doom
Back Alley Fanbot Xander sees Spike do something he wished he hadn't, then turns it to his advantage Beginnings
Backfire Ash Carpenter Spike finds the porn video hidden in Xander's super secret hiding place. Basement of Doom   &   Video Night
Backfire Daedreams Spike has a plan...sort of.  S/X, A/X Spander Plus;   Original Spike;   Epics with Plot;   Developing Feelings
Backing Up a Friend Skargasm Sometimes backing up a friend can be the wrong thing to do.... De-Chipped;   Vamp!Xander
Back to School Spikedluv Xander and Spike go back to school. Metaphorically speaking. Established Relationship
Back With Me Alexandria Spike's past comes back to haunt and help.   Unfinished Developing Feelings
Bad Boy Spikedluv Xander’s a bad boy...what’s a vamp to do? Daddy!Kink
The Bad Seed Madame Meretrix Xander is being held on suspicion of murder. Human AU
Bad Thing Zusblue Bad things in the night Comedy
Baggy Jeans Darkling Dawns Spike has his own reasons for not changing the way Xander dresses Established Relationship
Bait Beetle Xander's thoughts as he's offered to Spike in 'School Hard' Oblivious/Denial
Bait Shade "Hey! If you're going to kill me, at least pay attention to me!" Comedy   &   De-Chipped
Balance . Resetting the Scales LadyMerlin Willow's spell to release the power of the scythe did far more than anyone expected. Hyena!Xander;   Superpower!Xander;   Developing Feelings
Baphomet's Knight

Gypsy Gray Xander returns after his death as a NightBreed, a Knight of Baphomet. Oblivious/Denial;   Superpower!Xander;   AfterLife
Barcelona Drabbles Whichclothes Sequel to Refuge Established Relationship
Bargain Katharina As a reward from the PTB, Spike is allowed to take one of the Scoobies as a pet, but Xander spoils his plans by 'volunteering' himself. wip Sub/Dom
Bare It All Authoress Nebula First Time  &   On Stage
Basement, 1999 Baudown< Xander in denial land Basement of Doom
Basement of Debasement Witling Spike learns things about Xander while he's staying in the basement Hurt/Comfort   Basement of Doom   Abused Child!Xan
Basements Aren't Just For Laundry! Spank Spike Chipped Spike is tied to the chair in Xander's basement. What's a horny, bored vamp to do? Basement of Doom  &   Masturbation Theater

Lady Cat A wounded vampire forced to depend on a human made for a really bad-tempered vampire. Oblivious/Denial
Battleground Sharvie Post "Hush"; Spike and Xander get sucked into another world where vamps must fight each other to survive and humans are their caretakers. Angst
The Beast in Me Pirate Purple Xander comes back from Africa a changed man. Spike comes to Cleveland to fight evil on yet another hellmouth. Can they help each other accept the men they have become? Africa!Xander   &   Souled Spike
Beautiful Broken Litgal Xander needs to recover after spending time as a slave Hurt/Comfort   &   Sub/Dom   &   Prostitute/Slave

A Beautiful Memory Jameschick I remember the first time I saw him this way, stretched out naked in the moonlight P W P
Because of His Lips Eyezrthewindows It really was an atrocity of a film Preslash
Becoming Sorrel They needed a warrior for their cause. They picked Xander Harris. One magical rune later, there's ex-girlfriends, Chaos mages, sex, alcohol, seduction, and doubles exploding everywhere. This wasn't quite what the PTB had in mind   S/X/A Spander Plus   &   Double Trouble
Becoming Known Tisienne Blue Spike leaves before the final battle with the First but maintains contact with Xander by e-mail.   wip Developing Feelings   Souled Spike  Long Distance Loving
Becoming Whole Creed   &   Echos Revenge Spike needs Angel's help to look after the two Xanders when they split   Continued in Truely Whole Double Trouble   &   Vamp!Xander   &   Spander Plus
Bed and Breakfast Amejisuto Xander starts a new life when he inherits an old house from an aunt Human AU
Bedtime Stories Witchway Spike, resting up after some hot 3-way action, witnesses a unique bedtime story. Spander Plus
Before and After Cobalt Mystic Some befores and afters of Spike's life Poetry, Ballads and Rhymes
Before the Night is Through Cobalt Mystic Neither has told the other about the feelings they have Sweet and Schmoopy
Before the Time of Dawn Shadowscast Xander and Spike must go back in time to prevent an apocalypse in the future.   Fifth in the Fragments series. Time Travel
Beggars Cant be Choosers Nash Xander is Spike's dirty little secret and it hurts Angst  &   Secret Lovers   &   Souled Spike
Beginning Sukiblue It felt just like it should, like an end. Beginnings
Beginnings Emella Xander never really met Spike Sweet and Schmoopy
Beginnings Spikedluv How Spike and Xander got together, take one. Sweet and Schmoopy
Behind the Masks Amejisuto Spike and Xander let down their masks and actually talk. Developing Feelings
Beholder Kimberly_A

Xander's reaction to losing his eye Developing Feelings;   Souled Spike
Being Watched C. Woodhaven Xander’s a very bad boy with a wicked kink for being watched   S/X/Tara Spander Plus
Belonging Spikedluv Xander needs to belong. Sub/Dom   &   Basement of Doom
Belonging Trixx Xander is a master of discipline.   wip Sub/Dom
Beneath the Shell Mad Poetess Xander breaks through Spike’s hardened exterior… Established Relationship
Benevolence Bohofemm Births are supposed to go well, aren't they? Kid!fic
Best Seat in the House Cordelianne Drabble set in the Basement of Doom Basement of Doom
The Bet Emelye Spike never met a wager he didn’t like Comedy
The Bet Margie Xander makes a bet First Time

Better Sorrel Xander arrives in LA to make Spike feel better about his most recent heartbreak Oblivious
Better Days Cordelianne It's the summer after Buffy's death. Everyone is dealing in their own ways. Secret Lovers
Better Than Candy Obsession_is Spike and Xander go trick-or-treating. Xander gets something that is better then candy, but what could that be? Halloween
Between Blinks Off Suit Denial and ignorance leave him for someone slightly less co-dependent. He understands, and it’s an amicable breakup Oblivious/Denial
Between Two Flights Taruma Based on the film Before Sunrise just a different town and plane instead of train. Spike and Xander meet at the airport and spend the day in Berlin, Germany. Beginnings   Movieland
Bewitched Maz When Valentine's Day arrives, Dru dips her finger in the brew and gives it a stir. Under a Spell   Original Spike   Rewrites
Big Bad Eyezrthewindows It's chipped Spike being as bad as he can be. Which isn't really bad at all... Preslash
The Big Bird Affair Frk_werewolf Three men, a Slayer, Big Bird, kissing, and an attempt in teaching self-defense. Comedy
The Big Hunt Nash Two weeks after Xander shoots grieving berserker Spike with a tranq gun following Dru's death, Xander finally finds him at a demon bar and they get drunk Preslash
The Big To Do Fairyniamh and Drivven He's not called Ripper for nothing Established Relationship
The Big Two-Double-Zero Eyezrthewindows Xander has a surprise planned for Spike's birthday Sweet and Schmoopy  &   Established Relationship

Lady Cat Buffy is an unseen observer at the Magic Box one evening Sweet and Schmoopy
Billy Idol Wannabe Witchway YOU and Billy Idol, the Sid Vicious look....who had it first? Denial
Birthday Edibbea The boys are going out. Xander remembers other outings Comedy
Birthday Blues Darkhavens Xander celebrates a birthday that no-one else remembers. Spike helps. First Time
Birthday Cake Spikedluv Spike brings Xander a birthday cake, even though it isn’t Xander’s birthday Established Relationship
The Birthday Party Spikedluv Xander throws a private birthday celebration for Spike. P W P
Birthday Treat Randy Sex Kitten Not-so-subtle flirting at Giles' party Comedy   &   Secret Lovers
A Bitch of a Day Snowpuppies A day in the life of Spike, Slayer of Slayers. i.e. The Harsh Light of Day remixed. Original Spike
Bites Randy Sex Kitten Spike loved the bite itself Developing Feelings
Bite Your Tongue Electricalgwen Spike's a domestic Goddess Comedy
A Bit of Silver Darkling Dawns Xander's new piercing has finally healed Oxnard  &   Original Spike
Bits and Pieces Darkhavens There are some things about Xander that Spike loves more than others. Established Relationship
Bitten Athenewolfe An investigation into Riley's suspicious behavior reveals Xander's own dark and hidden desires. Beginnings
Bitter Casualties SpikesKat Spike was the lone survivor in the war with the Senior Partners. Until he found Xander Angst   &   Not Human   &   Post NFA
Blackfoot Bertha Dragon's Phoenix If you're good, you get presents; but if you're bad..... Christmas
Blackout Devo79 Xander brings his young daughter to Angel and Spike when he's dying.   Warning: Major character death Kid!fic   &   Final Death
Black Velvet D'Nalia During 'School Hard' Angel offered Xander to Spike, and Spike accepted   wip Developing Feelings   &   Original Spike
Blame it on the Dip Kyrieane Set sometime after Spike moves out of the basement Comedy   &   First Time   &   Sweet and Schmoopy   &   Basement of Doom
Bleed Virtual Personal & Nash Sometimes you hurt the ones you love. Can Spike forgive? Lost Memory
Blighty Evil Manic Laugh Giles sends Spike and Xander on a mission to London together Comedy
Blood and Smokes Brandil Wish-verse Xander is a loud-mouthed, sarcastic, hyper-active vampire needing a few lessons on what it really means to be a vampire Vamp!Xander
Blood Borne Jenny Spike is pregnant, fulfilling a prophecy Mpreg
Blood Budget Skargasm If the chip ever stopped working, he was a dead man. Extra Dark
Blood From a Stone Gabrielle Xander's trying to have a private moment at Buffy's grave, but some vampires just won't take a hint. Angst, Preslash
Blood On A Sundial Maz The Big Bad has come to town. Spike, Xander, AU in Season 2. We are talking slow burn here. Preview Original Spike;   Kidnapped;   Epics with Plot
Blood Ties Amejisuto This has a different history starting from The Zeppo in season three. Spike/Xander relationship is already started in this one. This is going to have some dark themes, so if you’re looking for a fluffy Mpreg this is not the place to be. wip Mpreg;  Developing Feelings
Blood to Blood Fangstress Some moments aren't meant for an audience....Set in the Souled!Vamp! Xander!Verse Sweet and Schmoopy
Blood Wings Frk_werewolf When FBI Agent Alexander Harris is put on the case of the latest serial killer, known to the law as Angelus, he finds himself turning to an old enemy for help Human AU   &   Extra Dark   Also archived at the Spander Files Automated Mirror Archive
Bloody Odin Tabaqui Spike and Xander and Vikings! Comedy
Bloody Perfect Bradley Nash Xander tells Spike all about Bradley Possessive/Jealous
Blowing in the Wind Fan Spagle Xander's road to self discovery. Angst
Blue-Eyed Boy Herself_nyc Spike finds that doing right by Xander is a more complex task than he first realized. Sequel to The Approved Mode of Payback Angst
The Blue Story Two Ladies of Quality The Basement of Doom, cheesy sci-fi cliches, the appeal of things that are blue. Comedy   &   Basement of Doom
Body. Weapon. Roses Are a Weed Angelus has a plan to both mess with Buffy and put Spike back in his place First Time
Boglescatverse Witling Spike is very sick with an unknown malady. On Hiatus Hurt/Comfort   &   Developing Feelings
Bonded Jameschick Spike has been chipped and taken in by the Scoobies. Just as he and Xander are beginning to become friends something happens and they're both hurt and it's up to Angel to save and care for them. Hurt/Comfort
A Bond with Darkness Fan Spagle A year has passed since the first ‘Demon Death Camp’ (DDC) has opened. And nothing is the same as it once was.   Sequel to Blowing in the Wind Angst
Bonfire Night Amejisuto Spike tries to help Xander over his lost relationships. Co-written with Kitty Poker1 First Time
Boots Pirate Purple Xander develops a new kink. Beginnings
Bordertown Gabrielle It's been five years since Anya died, but Xander doesn't get to mark the occasion by drinking alone Preslash, Post NFA

Bored Loony_Sasquatch Xander is bored. How exactly does he fix this? P W P
Bored Now Darkhavens Each time, Spike pushes him that little bit further, and Xander - lets himself be pushed. Established Relationship
The Bored Xander Trilogy CJ Xander's bored PWP   &   Sweet and Schmoopy
Botched Spell Vinniebatman & Cinderella81 Buffy casts a spell to create understanding between Spike and Xander. But it’s the Hellmouth, so of course something wonky happens Under a Spell   &  Body Switcheroo's
Bot I Didn't MissE Buffy sees something she can't believe Comedy
Bought and Paid For Skargasm Bought and paid for, but for what purpose? Sub/Dom;   Spander Plus;  Prostitute
Boy Spikedluv AU Prior to Buffy's arrival in Sunnydale, Xander is captured by vampires to be sold as a human slave Sub/Dom   &   Prostitute/Slave  &   Original Spike
The Boy Spike 1790 Spike meets Xander after that little trip to the zoo Hyena!Xander
The Boy and The Beast Snowpuppies Spike has a surprise for Xander, but it's not what he expected. At all. Basement of Doom   &   Extra Dark   &   Fairy Stories
The Boy Next Door Strickensgirl Xander needs some help but Spike decides to help himself to Xander. Human AU
Brass Knackers Sabershadowkat Spike's litte mind-game backfires with unexpected results Oblivious/Denial
Breaking Miriam Heddy Xander was determined to break up with Spike this time. The problem was, he was just as determined not to..  Preview Established Relationship
Breaking Free StillRose Lt. “Xander” Harris and Captain William the Bloody have both suffered and lost in the on going war between the Biogens and Council. Future Fic
Breaking Point Lady Cat Xander is beyond furious with Spike Sweet and Schmoopy
Breaking Point Nash From one second to the next, Xander reaches his breaking point. Sweet and Schmoopy   &   Established Relationship
Break the Ice Cassie Xander has a new job. What will Spike do when he finds out what it is? On Stage
The Break Up Rayne Jelly Xander wouldn't just leave her! There was something terribly wrong! Comedy
Breathe MissE ...strange what led to a vamp's content. Established Relationship
Breathe Wolfshark Spike hides from Graham and Riley in Xander's basement First Time   &   Basement of Doom
Broken Kayla Spike learns something about Xander, and things change Hurt/Comfort   Basement of Doom   Abused Child!Xan
Broken SciFi Fan Xander's broken and Spike...cares?  unfinished Hurt/Comfort
Broken Circle BmblBee Tara has been abducted and the police rush to find her. The other members of the Circle decide that they can do a better job and begin their own investigation. 3rd in the Rosebud Murders!verse Human AU
Broken Revenge Litgal Xander tries to find a way to survive his past... including the parts he can't remember. Sequel to Beautiful Broken Prostitute/Slave
Brothers in Arms Posh Cat Xander pays a visit to Wolfram&Hart First Time   &   Christmas
Brown Eyed Boy Naughtyfae William Foster is a billionaire businessman in LA for a week. He needs a partner to attend a number of high powered, social functions. Movieland;   Human AU;  Prostitute;   Developing Feelings;   Working Man
Brown Paper Packages Alexandria Xander sees someone familiar in his hired porn movies First Time  &   Video Night
Bruises Like Badges Yin Again He pays with the cash he'd nicked from Xander's wallet.... Extra Dark
The Buckle End Queenie Sometimes Spike would use the buckle end Pet!Xander
Buffy Saves Christmas Harikari Wherein there is possessive Spike, Xander, an evil wizard, and candy flavored kisses < Beginnings   Christmas
Bugger Me Fanbot Xander turns to Spike for some lessons. Comedy
"But...!" Mwrgana Now that he would have the vampire in his bedroom, he would no longer be able to indulge in the bedroomy pastimes that would otherwise occur while he was thinking about Spike's being in his bedroom Basement of Doom
But it's Better If You Don't Spike 1790 Spike plans to surprise his boyfriend, but it doesn’t go as he had hoped Angst;   Human AU
Butter Fingers Spike_1790 Crack!fic Comedy
By Any Other Name Electricalgwen It wasn't a date, but it had still been the best evening out he’d had in months. Beginnings
By the Blessing of the Dark Shimmer Xander has left. Life and death go on without him. He doesn’t deal well.   unfinished Continued from All Hallow's Eve Developing Feelings
By the Doubling of our Joy and the Dividing of our Grief Wolfshark Spike is recaptured by an Initiative soldier while trying to protect Xander Hurt/Comfort
By the Grave and Thee Lady Cat If there was one constant in life it was that a man would agree to anything so long as his dick was tended to... Seduction
By the Light of a Blue Moon Dustandroses A graveyard was no place to spend Halloween night, especially on the Hellmouth. Unfortunately, no one thought to tell the ghouls that Beginnings