To Be His Boy

by Darkling Dawns


He groaned, the vibrations around Spike's shaft drawing an answering sound from the vampire. The firm grip in his hair tightened almost to the point of pain as his head was shoved against Spike's abdomen. “Shit... gonna come. Fuck, yeah!” The cock in his mouth twitched and then shot in long streams down his throat, making his own dick throb with the need to come as well. But he knew better than that- even if he hadn't been restrained, he seldom got relief before his master had come several times, and sometimes not even then.

As the throes of his orgasm eased, Spike eased back until only the tip of his cock remained between pliant lips. “Lick me clean,” he ordered, combing his fingers through silky hair as his pet hurried to obey, his tongue sweeping over sensitized skin, laving it free of come until he was hard once more, wet and gleaming from the attention. “Enough.”

He shoved the dark head back and started to lazily stroke himself, well aware of the hungry dark gaze that followed every move of his hand. “Kneel up, pet. Lemme see that pretty hard cock of yours.” The handcuffs rattled slightly as he obeyed, biting his lip with the struggle not to move beneath the heated stare that swept over him. Spike released his dick and held his hand out, waiting until the precome had been eagerly licked off until he sank to his knees and pulled the kneeling man over to him for a kiss, his tongue delving inside, chasing the taste of his own come until he broke away with a smile.

“New game tonight, luv.” Dark eyes widened with an onrush of lust, and Spike laughed. “Like the thought of that, do you?”

“Yes, Master.” New games were always a good thing- the rules were never easy to figure out, and he usually got more than one spanking before he figured them out and got to come.

A hand closed around his dick, stroking him slowly, and Spike smiled at the pained groan that he couldn't hold back. “That's a good boy. Gonna like this, pet.” Giving him another kiss, the blond got to his feet and walked over to the table where the vast array of toys was laid out. Well aware of the eyes that watched his every move, he ghosted his hand over the flogger, hovered over the crop, then seemed to change directions and reach for one of the plugs before he finally made his selection.

“Close your eyes.”

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