Sympathy For The Devil

by Sakuri


All of this disappeared, though, as he cast a careless glance down at his nightstand and a wave of frigid unease stilled him.

His gun and his stake were gone.

Xander had all of two seconds to process this fact, and then something was barrelling into the side of him. He was hurled face down onto his rickety bed, a strangled cry escaping him as his leg jarred against the metal frame. Something heavy and grabby settled atop him, clasping his wrists behind his back in an iron grip and effectively leaving him immobile. All of this had taken only a couple of seconds, and Xander's head reeled in shocked protest.

"Told you I'd be seeing you again, pet."

Immediately, Xander ceased his automatic struggles and froze totally. No, his mind threw up protests at once. It can't be. He wouldn't come here. He couldn't come here. Doesn't know where I live. He'd need an invite. It can't be him...!

"Oy. Stop breathing like that, you'll pass out."

I'm hyperventilating, Xander thought distantly. I'm hyperventilating and the dead guy who doesn't need to breathe is telling me to stop. He wanted to laugh hysterically.

"Good boy. We okay now? That's it, deep breaths. You react this badly every time you see a vampire? How the hell have you survived on the Hellmouth?"


"In the undead flesh. You miss me?"

Xander began to struggle for all he was worth but, right then, straddled by a vampire, modesty concealed only by his underwear, half suffocated by his own bedding and suffering the twinges of a gammy leg right then, that wasn't all that much. Within half a minute he recognised the pointlessness of his efforts and went limp.

"How the hell did you get in?" he demanded instead.

He could almost hear the self-satisfied smirk from above him as Spike readjusted his position, settling more comfortably on his Xander-shaped pillow. "Knocked on earlier, spoke to your mum. Told her I was a friend you met at work not far from the truth, that, is it? She said I could come in and wait for you to get home, if I liked."

Xander felt his stomach churn. "Oh my god, my mom. If you hurt my mom I'll "

"Relax. Didn't touch one greying hair on her head, didn't even go in. Just needed the invite. Said bye, snuck round the side and came down here to settle in for a rollercoaster evening of picking through your dirty Y-fronts and that vanilla porn collection you keep in the bottom of your wardrobe."

"What?... That's... I... Spike, why are you here? What do you want?"

"Thought I'd made that clear already, pet. Want you."

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