The Offering

by Spikedluv


Spike let go of Xander’s wrist and wrapped his arm around the boy, pulling him close and pressing their bodies together. He drew on his blood slowly, savoring the taste of it as it flowed over his tongue. His original plan had been to tear the boy’s throat out, drain him and leave his lifeless body for Angelus and the Slayer to find. A message. A warning.

A promise.

Suddenly he wasn’t so sure he wanted to eliminate the source of the blood he was currently enjoying. The scent of the boy’s fear had been tantalizing him, teasing him since the night Angelus presented his neck in offering, and the heady aroma once more filling his nostrils made him hard. That was unexpected. Even more surprising was the glorious taste of Xander’s blood. It now occurred to him that it would be smart to keep the boy around for a while.

With Xander alive, he’d have a ready source of the rich, delicious ambrosia flowing through the boy’s veins, and still be able to prick Angelus’ pride. No matter how he tried, Xander wouldn’t be able to keep Spike’s bite hidden from the dark vampire, and the look on Angelus’ face when he realized Spike had tasted the boy would be priceless. He just wished he could be there to see it.

Spike reluctantly withdrew his fangs from Xander’s neck and licked the bite until it stopped bleeding. The intoxicating scent of fear was now combined with the unanticipated and powerful perfume of arousal. Spike breathed deeply, pulling the potent, stimulating odors into his body as he ground his pelvis against Xander’s. Oh, yeah, he thought. Leaving the boy alive was a bloody brilliant idea.

Letting go of Xander, he stood back, making sure the boy was able to support himself against the tree. He let the demon slide away, and tenderly rubbed his thumb over Xander’s lips. Lips he hadn’t tasted yet, but thought he might one night soon. Xander stared back at him through glazed eyes.

“I’ll be back,” he whispered, and then turned and disappeared into the night. He adjusted his erection in his tight jeans and set off to find a nice spot of violence.

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