The Girl Series

by Pet


Spike was sulking, and Buffy really couldn't blame him.  She couldn't imagine waking up as a guy, after all.  He'd stomped in after Tara, every move DARING someone to speak to him, and hadn't said a word since.  He was just sort of huddled in the the darkest corner of the store, arms wrapped around his knees, in Tara's too-big clothes, glaring at anyone who looked at him.  Which none of them could help doing, mostly in sidelong stares, though Anya, BIG surprise was more blatant.  Completely blatant.

"WHAT?"  Spike still had the growl, even if it was a little more...alto...than what she was used to.

"I think you need to buy a bra.  Perhaps more than one."

Buffy was glad to note that she wasn't the only person in the room staring at Anya in shock.  Spike?  Shopping for underwear?  GIRLS underwear?  Oh, no.  No no no.  Anya forged on, undeterred.

"I think maybe Buffy should take you.  She has pretty things.  She's a wonderful shopper.  When I first changed over, she made some suggestions to me that really helped out."  She nodded firmly.  "That way, you won't be bouncing around like you are now.  It's not good for them.  And it's distracting Xander."  Xander and Spike exchanged identical, horrified looks.

"It is NOT!"  Xander lurched to his feet.  "I am not checking out Spike's..." his hand made a vague circling motion in the direction of Spike's corner, "...his RACK!  JESUS, Anya!"

She was looking injured.  Xander was looking furious.  Buffy was fascinated.

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