Denial Land is a Nice Place to Be

by Goddess Arundhathi


Eew. Giant tongue. Headed straight for me. And ow. Wall. Head. Pain. C’mon Spike. Get up. Fight. You’re the one here with the super-strength. I’m just the bait, or something.

"You think only underworld bottom-feeders worship the beast?" Isn’t that just typical. Spike finds us a lead, and he’s in league with the other side. Why am I not surprised? But it’s good that I’m not surprised, cause that means I’m remembering the whole Spike is evil aspect of this relationship. In the ‘we know each other’ sense, not in the dating, kissing sense of relationship. Obviously. Cause Spike and I do not have, do not want to have, will not ever have that sort of relationship. Especially if I just lie here and watch the denture-demon here kill him.

"Her day is coming, boys! And when she returns, then you're gonna see something" Okay, getting up. Helping Spike. Fighting with the demon. Ouch. Ooh, sword. That could be useful. Especially if Spike’s gonna let me get beaten to a bloody pulp while he...sticks his hands in the fire. What’s he doing? Vampires and flames, not really mixing. Oh right, getting the box. And I’m fighting still. Sword. Stab demon. Oh, gross. Demon blood. Blue demon blood. Typical.

How‘s Spike? Not all incinerated. That’s good. And he got the box. That’s even better. Every evil undead demon has its day, I guess

"What do we got?" Hope it’s something that helps.

"Something worth dying for." Yay me. I killed a demon. All by myself. And Spike saw me. Wonder if he’ll be impressed. Wonder why the hell that matters to me. I’ve got to see Anya soon, remind myself who I really want, cause this is getting stupid. Thinking he was hot was one thing, but wanting him to like me and be wowed by my demon bashing. That suggests my mind is in a serious mess. Oh well, let’s go. Time enough to worry about my impending gender-orientation crisis after we deal with the marginally more important Hellmouth-related disaster. Hell, now I’m channelling Willow, or possibly Giles. Someone who thinks long words are necessary.

Given my current brain-frying confusion, maybe it’s a good job I live in Sunnydale? Less time to think. Although, if I lived anywhere else, less chance of meeting ludicrously sexy blond vampire men. That was supposed to be a good - the less chance of meeting Spike-like vampires thing - but looking at that ass, I’ve forgotten why. And leaving now. Not thinking. Or ogling. Not at all.