Demon’s Childe

by Creed


Xander stood there with the phone in his hand until Spike came up behind him and put it back in it’s cradle.  “This could be the end of everything…” Xander whispered.

"Not a chance," Spike assured his Childe. "Red loves you. She always has and she always will. 'Specially when she sees you still got your soul. Now me, they'll want to do all sorts of nasty things to but won't none of 'em be mad at you."

“I’m not mad at you, so I don’t see why they would be,” Xander said.  “I would've been dead with a capital D.  Well, more dead than I am now at least.  It’s kind of a Sunnydale freakish happy ever after ending that I end up undead, ya know?”

"No," Spike said, shaking his head. "What it is, is a fucking travesty. A sacrilege. But it's the best I could manage."

“Is there anything else I should know?” Xander asked.  “I got the spooky face down and the seeing in the dark, not to mention being a walking hard on for your blood.  Anything else?”

"You can smell really good, especially blood. You can smell it moving around inside people when they pass you. You can hear it gliding through their veins. All of your senses'll be better now. Better hearing... everything. And you'll be faster. At first it'll be a bit of a hindrance until you get used to it, but after that you'll be fast as the slayer, maybe even faster."

“So I’m like Super Xander “Deadboy” Harris now?” Xander snorted with laughter.  Maybe he could get used to it after all and then he remembered the big part of Vampire and the smile slipped from his face.  “And no more sun…”

"No more sun, pet. Not ever. I'm sorry about that. But the moon's real pretty. You'll start to like it." Spike wrapped his arms around Xander and held him. He knew he only had a few more minutes before Red arrived. It wouldn't do for her to walk in on them being too cozy before Xander'd had a chance to explain things a bit.

Spike kept holding Xander in silence until they heard pounding on the door.  “Xander!  Let me in!  It’s creepy out here.”

"I'll get it," Spike said. "Just take a deep breath and remember that no matter what, Red loves you." Spike left him then and hurried to the door. He let Willow inside, careful to make sure no one else was with her.

“Alright, I’m here.  Now spill,” Willow commanded.

"Will... come and sit down with me," Xander said, careful not to touch her. He knew she'd pick up on the coldness of his touch if he did. "There's a lot I have to tell you. I'm gonna just start at the beginning and go with it. If you can, let me tell you everything before you interrupt."

Willow cocked her head slightly to the side and nodded.  But first her eyes slipped over to where Spike was hovering a few feet away.  If she hadn't known any better she would have thought he was trying to guard Xander from her.

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