by Tabaqui


Spike stirred in his seat and got up, and Xander looked up at him.

"Come on, rabbit. Let's go see what Viv has for you so you can earn your keep. I'm not keeping you in food and drink."

"I buy it for Oz, too," Xander muttered, standing as well, and Spike grinned at him.

"Oh, I'll buy for the wolf. But he never said he had a pet, so - you have to earn your own."

"I'm not his pet, Spike, we've been friends for years," Xander said, scowling. Spike stepped up close to him, crowding him against the chair, catching the shoulder of Xander's baggy flannel shirt in one hand and curling the fingers of his other hand lightly around Xander's throat.

"You could be my pet. I'd buy you a pretty collar an' all... Wouldn't you like that, rabbit?" Xander's chest was just touching his and Spike could feel the faint vibration that was his heart pounding - could feel the brush of cloth as Xander's chest rose and fell with his angry, panting breaths.

"Fuck you, Spike. Not in a million fucking years." His eyes were furious - the darkness of that other thing in him fighting to get out - to attack. But Xander didn't move and Spike stroked his throat - his jaw - inhaling lazily, his mouth open just a little so he could taste as well as scent. The blood-anger-fear-want that came off the boy was enough to make him achingly hard.

"Oh rabbit - you know you want to," Spike murmured, and he leaned in close, feeling the tension in the boy in the tremors through all his muscles - in the hitching breaths.. He rubbed his cheek against the sleek, mink-brown hair - curled his hand in the heavy stuff at the base of Xander's skull and tipped his head just a little, so he could whisper right in his ear.

"Just say the word, rabbit. Just tell me - tell me you're mine and I'll take care of you, sweet..." Xander jerked, trying to twitch away but there was nowhere to go and he ended up back where he started - closer, even, as the rebound of his aborted flight pressed him the length of Spike's body.

"Leave me alone, Spike," Xander whispered and the demon came to the fore at the tremor that was in Xander's voice - the huskiness that dropped it to a low moan.

"Course I will, rabbit. Anything you say," Spike breathed, and he pressed his face for one more minute into the heated flesh of Xander's neck. And then he slid away, heading out of Wrxl's office and up to Viv's, and after a moment he could hear Xander behind him.

He found Viv on the phone, as usual and waited with as much patience as he could muster. He felt jittery - felt like a fight, since he wasn't going to get a fuck, apparently, from the boy.

And he'd be nice to fuck, I'll bet. Bet that darkness comes out when he fucks - bet he likes it rough. Xander sidled into the office, looking sullen and a little lost and Spike grinned at him. Or maybe he just clings and begs. Either would be nice.

The Spander Files