Atlantis Antics

by Vinniebatman


"You ever speak to the Bit like that again, I'll rip your spine out," he growled, "and only after I've finished stripping the flesh from your bone."

Rodney's eyes widened as he inched away from the psycho beside him.  "My, that was vivid."

"Who are you people?" Carson finally wailed.  "And why are you here?  And what on Earth is wrong with Elizabeth?" 

"Oh her?  She's been like this since the meeting at the SGC yesterday.  It's kinda creepy," Xander said.  "Apparently living in the lost city of Atlantis, in another galaxy, while fighting creepy space vampires, doesn't prepare you to learn that demons, witches, and magic are real.  You'd think it would, but it doesn't."

"What?  That preposterous!" Rodney yelled.  The newcomers looked at each other.

"Okay, who's turn is it?"  Xander asked.

"Not me," Faith muttered.  

"Not me!" Dawn yelled, quickly followed by Xander's repetition of the same words.  Silently, they all turned toward the blonde man.

"Your turn, Spike," Dawn grinned.

"His name is Spike?" Sheppard snorted.  Spike gave the Colonel a sarcastic grin.  Then, to the amazement of the Atlanteans, the man's facial bones rearranged with a sickening crunch.  His brows became pronounced, his eyes turned gold, and fangs appeared in his mouth.

"Very enlightening explanation, Spike," Faith snorted. 

"What in the hell is that?" Rodney shrieked, stumbling out of his chair.

"It's not an 'it,' it's a 'Spike,'" Dawn corrected.  "And if you want to get technical, it's Xander's Spike."

The Spander Files