Acting Out by Markedxup   The Scoobies were approached by Joss to make a show out of their lives. A few minor adjustments, and thus Buffy: The Vampire Slayer was born

Aftermath by Roses Are a Weed   Things haven't been the same for Xander ever since that night.   Sequel to Body. Weapon.

Alphabet Soup by Sorrel   Xander loves Spike. Spike has no clue. With a little help from some friends, they fumble their way towards a relationship.

And Now For Something Completely Different by Saber ShadowKitten   An accident, a chance meeting, and a dark sense of humor lead to a very interesting companionship.

Awaken by Virtual Personal   Xander brings his statue to life. Preview

Awakening by Rune   Xander has trouble accepting his new feelings for Spike

Baby It's Cold Out by Virtual Personal & Nash   If that girl hadn't been good enough to merit an invitation back to Spike's place, then Xander would never be, even if Spike magically turned gay.

Bait by Beetle   Xander's thoughts as he's offered to Spike in 'School Hard'

Bathtime by Lady Cat   A wounded vampire forced to depend on a human made for a really bad-tempered vampire.

Better by Sorrel   Xander arrives in LA to make Spike feel better about his most recent heartbreak Oblivious/Denial

Between Blinks by Off Suit   Denial and ignorance leave him for someone slightly less co-dependent. He understands, and itís an amicable breakup

Billy Idol Wannabe by Witchway   YOU and Billy Idol, the Sid Vicious look....who had it first?

Baphomet's Knight by Gypsy Gray   Xander returns after his death as a NightBreed, a Knight of Baphomet.

Brass Knackers by Saber ShadowKitten   Spike's litte mind-game backfires with unexpected results

Cause and Effect by Eliza Shaw   No apocalypse is without an aftermath, and Xander and Spike struggle to save one another from unexpected consequences

Chairman of the Bored by Mwrgana   Spike's boredom threshold is gathering a dangerous head of steam - and Xander just happens to be there.

Chocolate Hurricane by Cicirossi   Xander is addicted to chocolate. And to Spike

Coming Home by Circe   Sometimes when you think you're on top of things, you really have no idea what's going on

Coming Out by Kayla   Xander's mom thinks he's gay and wants to show support

Coming Out by Random_Glitch   Xander is not gay, no way, not at all.

Count Your Losses by Spike_1790   Xander misses an opportunity and realises his mistakes too late

Dancing Fool by KittyPoker1   Spike's looking for Xander and finds him in a gay club

Deep Water by Obsession_is   Xander is ill. Willow and Spike rescue him, but will they be able to save him?

Demon Magnet by Beetle   Xander's new boyfriend is more than he seems, and Spike is worried. tbc

Denial Land is a Nice Place to Be by Goddess Arundhathi   As the Scoobies try to deal with Glory, Xander is struggling to escape from denial and deal with new and slashy thoughts about Spike.   Preview

Distracted by Wildepet   There' s a new vamp in town...

Eau De Oblivious by Off Suit   Spike's aware that Xander's a totally randy bugger

Episodes of Attraction by Dragon's Phoenix   Spike and Xander watch The Sentinel

Fanfic Made Me Gay by Jameschick  

Follow Spot by Mwrgana   Written like a screen play, Xander is taken out of context by his Mom

The Gap by Snowpuppies   Dracula gets two visitors. And a headache.

Giving In To You by Eyezrthewindows   Spike and Xander are just fuck-buddies. No soppy feelings here, no way.

Half-Windsor by Lady Cat   Xander has to go to a company dinner and Spike shows up as his date/partner, to Xander's surprise

The Hidden, Revealed by Spikedluv   Willow does a memory spell on Buffy that affects Xander.

Hold Me Down by Wesleysgirl   Because kissing is one thing, but bed is a completely other. Thing.

Hottub-A-Rama by Fanbot   Xander, porn, a hot tub...

How To by Whichclothes   Drabble. Spike discovers Xander's dirty little secret

I Don't Know How it Happened by Eyezrthewindows   Xander and Spike fight a lot

I'll Never Tell by SpikesKat   Xander gets a lot closer to Spike than he ever would have wanted - or so he tells himself.

Kiss by Xanphibian   Xander in denial land, persistant Spike

Late Night Double feature by Kimberly   sequel to A Jump to the Left   Xander is now obsessed with an oblivious Spike

Lessons Learned by Jameschick   Xander's luck with one night stands wasn't working out well

Life of Experience by Lusciousxander   Ethan Harris died and left his son under his best friend's care.   WIP

The Longest Kiss by Beetle   Thereís nothing easy about love

Loserville   by   Shrift  Xander's attempt to prove he's not gay backfires

The Love Story of Xander and Spike by Lady Cat   S/X firmly in UST land.

Male Bonding by Jackson   Sequel to Two's Company They've kissed. Now what?   wip

Messing with His Head by Lusciousspike   Xander wakes up next to Spike after a night of binge drinking  wip

Mom! I'm Not Gay! by Tienco   Xander's mom thinks he's gay. . .what does he do now?

My Hero by Dragon's Phoenix   Spike needs to be saved.

The Naughty Ward by Virtual Personal   All human AU. If you like historical romances, youíll like this.

The New Year's Kiss by Virtual Personal   A first kiss on New Year's.

Nicotine Fix by Darkhavens   Spike asks Xander for a light. Drabble

Oblivious by Beetle   During Scooby meetings, what deep thoughts lurk behind our favorite pair of brown eyes?

One Little Thing by T J Goldstein   The Watcher's Council offers to pay the scoobies for all prophecies that they file reports on.   wip

Over by Nash   Spike and Xander have been secretly fucking like bunnies. No one knows. Xander however has been rethinking their situation and wants to end it.

The Path of Least Resistance by Asenath33  Feeling confused over his feelings for Spike, Xander decides to leave Sunnydale.

The Phonecall by Jameschick   Spike makes a call. Total fluff

Plausible Deniablity by Eyezrthewindows   When Will's step-sis Faith comes back from college she brings unexpected complications with her in the form of a very attractive Xander.

Please Come Home For Christmas by Chess   Xander comes home for Christmas

Pons Asinorum by Miriam Heddy   The first time was pants

Proof Necessary by StillRose   Xanderís drunk, heart-broken and once again the victim of the demon du juor. Itís Spike to the rescue. First in the Fatal Promt!Verse

Protective Custody by Nash   After the Hellmouth is closed, Spike gets a choice.

Punching by Emella   Sometimes Spike gets punched. Second in the NewYorkNewYork!verse

A River Called Denial by Dustandroses   Xander is having problems with his concentration, unless the subject is that annoying, damned sexy vampire Spike! But if he refuses to admit it, it's not really happening, right?

Santa Spike Comes Calling by Virtual Personal   Xander hated Christmas

Secrets by Margie   Xander couldn't decide if he were jealous of Spike.... or Buffy

Seeing Beyond Imperfections by Melissa   Fifteen years on, Xander has become the Seer for the slayers in America and discovers that even though Spike has been dead all this time, he has been anything but gone.

Shame the Devil by Yin Again   Spike and Xander have both left Sunnydale, itís seven years on and Spike is now a famous rock star, Xander is his manager.

Smell of Home by Velvet Crypt   The newest big bad calls for an unusual solution.

Sour Revenge by Flufshepherd   Xander wondered what the spellbook meant when it said 'lusted after by the gender of his true love.'   wip   Preview

Spike's Plan No. 1034 by Nash and Virtual Personal   Spike's plan goes awry. h

Spike/Xander drabble. Except kind of a story instead by Witling   Xander has no idea Spike has feelings for him

Steam   by   Two Ladies of Quality   Xander in Denial mode

Steel by Robin the Crossover Junkie   Spike and Xander are handcuffed together for three days

Sympathy For The Devil by Sakuri   In a Sunnydale without Buffy, Agent Harris may be the only initiative soldier able to get vital information about Angelus from Hostile 17   Preview

Taunt the Vampire by Kay   After being mocked by Spike once too often, Xander comes up with a way to get his revenge.

This Is Not a Love Story by Lunabee   How long can Xander keep lying to himself?

This is Not a Trilogy by Apreludetoanend & Savoy Truffle   Three stand alone stories evolving from the same beginning

Time After Time by Virtual Personal and Nash   Spike and Xander are soul mates, and theyíve met time and again in past lives.   Continuing Series

Truth Denied by Perverted Pages   About five years post NFA, Xander needs a job, like, NOW! And runs into someone he knows where he'd least expect it.   Preview   wip

Two's Company by Jackson   Sequel to Divided. Spike has been rejoined with his demon side but those pesky feelings just won't go away, and he wants Xander, however something in the form of a hot ex-demon is in his way.

Unexpected Package by Dragon's Phoenix   Dru sends Xander something unexpected

Ust by Lady Cat   Serious UST between Spike and Xander

Vampirism: A Practical Guide to an Alternative Lifestyle by Cobalt Mystic   Anya and Wills decide to "fix" Xander's love life. Spike does NOT approve.

When Visions Come True by Spikedluv   Xander has a 'horrifying' vision of the future and sets out to see if itís true or not.   Preview

Wearing My Heart On My Sleeve by Jane Davitt   Xander needs Spike's help

The Woodshed by Rayne Jelly  Xander has become a successful business man with an engaging hobby who believes his life is close to perfect. Spike disagrees.



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