Acceptance by Eyezrthewindows   Spike takes a newly vamped Xander to Angel for acceptance into the family. S/X/Angel. Continues from Roadtrips That Make You...

Afraid of a Little Fire? by Dragon's Phoenix   Spike gets the chip out

Aftermath by Beetle   What if the battle against Glory had ended a bit differently?

Alliances by Whichclothes   Wish!verse Xander wants what he'll never have from his sire, to be really wanted. Then Spike shows up in Sunnydale.

An Alphabet of Feelings by Darkhavens   A set of twenty six 'mood drabbles', in alphabetical order.

Angst Monkey by Kaygrr   Xander is turned by Angel to save his life, but to Spike's anger, Xander has been turned into the lowest of Vampires, an Abject. AU Season 2   Warning: Angel/X, X/S, Angel/S/X,

The Assistant by Witling   When Xander becomes Wesley's assistant, nobody expects Angel to lose his soul.

Backing Up a Friend by Skargasm   Sometimes backing up a friend can be the wrong thing to do....

Becoming Whole by Creed   &   Echos Revenge   Spike gets to look after the two Xanders when they split   S/X, A/X & S/X/A

Blood and Smokes by Brandil   Wish-verse Xander is a loud-mouthed, sarcastic, hyper-active vampire needing a few lessons on what it really means to be a vampire

Cascade of Blood by Kayla   Third in the series Death Becomes Them   Oz is back and he's evil!  Crossover with X-Files.

The Closest Thing To Sunrise by Off Suit   Sometimes the world turned backwards, the monsters really were under your bed, and insanity was the only thing that kept you sane

Cold Comfort by Jackson  
I fell in love with Xander Harris. What I have in my arms and my bed is a guy that looks like Xander and thinks like Angelus. So near, yet so fucking far.

Daddy's Boy by Sparrow2000   It's funny how Xander's come to appreciate Tony, now that he's all grown up. Things learned at a daddy's knee tend to stick.

Daddy!Verse by Rowaine   Vampires and demons aren't the only dangerous things on the Hellmouth.   Unfinished

Damned With You by Amejisuto   Xander is hurt terribly while on site. Continued from Everlasting Love

Dark Kitten by Fyredansa   What if Xander hadn't been snatched from Drusilla by the screaming mob of girls during 'Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered.   Warning: Dark!fic

Dark Melody by Amy   Somewhat surreal vignette

The Darkness Inside by Whichclothes   The Initiative isn't finished with Xander yet.   Sequel to The Right Tool

Dead Heat by Kidcyclone   The continuing saga of the new Fanged Four.

Death Becomes Them by Kayla   Death comes to everyone...just not always in the way we would have anticipated.

Death by Meth by Scorpio   Xander goes to a NA meeting.

Demon's Childe by Creed   Spike turns Xander when he finds him dying after being beaten by his father and makes him his Childe/Consort .   S/X, S/A, X/A   Preview

Dies Irae by electricalgwen   BtVS season 7, rewritten with a Spander twist.

Dying Was Worth It by Eyezrthewindows   Spike's plans for when his chip stops working misfire a bit

Eating In, for Two by Snowpuppies   Drabble. Xander's risen and his sire's made dinner arrangements

Eleven Twenty Three O Five by Josie_h   What if a new watcher/ex Scoobie caught on patrol and a certain law firm had an agenda... and a vampire.

Embraced by Rune Vampyr   Xander is horrified to find he's in love with Spike

The Escapades of Baby!Vamp!Xander and Sire Spike by Darkhavens  Exactly what the title says

Evil Soulless Things by Cicirossi   Spike makes a wish, and then things are... different.

Five Ways Spike and Xander Didn't Meet by Spikedluv   A series of five stories detailing five ways Spike and Xander didn't meet.

Fledglings and Family by Daedreams   Spike tries to start his new life with his newly risen childe, while the Scooby gang search frantically for their friend.   Wip   Sequel to Listening and Lies

Fool's Gold by Spikedluv   Xander wakes. Sequel to Lucky

The Forevermore!verse by Amejisuto   Instead of Spike making a deal with Buffy he teamed up with a certain brown eyed Scooby.

Found by Beetle   Sequel to Lost Boy   tbc

The Game by Tgray   Spike and Xander out on the town. Dark!fic

Going Home by Nash   Spike decides to leave the Hellmouth and take his boy with him.

Good Nurse by Michelle   Xander is injured and Spike patches him up.

Halloween Gift by Darkhavens   The boys celebrate Halloween in their own way

Headfirst by Narcolepticcat   Spike thinks he's lost Xander to Buffy. Sequel to Reasons For Living   WIP

History of a Future With a Different Past um Sorta by Kahuna Burger   Willow's spell to get protection for Dawn brings over an alt!verse Spike and his childe

Ice-Cream by Maz   Set during the summer before season 1, Xander's life is changed radically when vampires invade it.  Preview

If It Weren't For Bad Luck... by Jameschick   Dawn knew if it weren't for bad luck, she would have no luck at all

In Sunlight or in Shadow by Chocgood84   Spike saved Xander's life. Now Xander must return the favor.  WARNING: Major Character Death

Keep it in the Family by Skargasm   What happens when Spike gets a little brother?

Kitten!Verse by Beetle   Dru's always wanted a kitten. And kittens need toys.

Kniaz' t'my by Kisa   Xander goes back over 300 years in time to Russia in the 1600's, where he is turned, and lives life as a Vampire until he reaches modern times again. Now a much-older-than-Spike Master Vampire, he claims Spike as his own.

Leather and Lace by Josie_H   Illyria took her Pet back with her after the Fall. An old friend found him. Given time, they both might just rescue each other.

Lex the Ruthless, Childe of Spike by Scorpio   Time has come full circle and Spike has arrived in Sunnydale for the first time, again

Lost Boyby Beetle  Vamp!Xander knows that if he's good he'll get to go home one day.

Lost Soul by Creed   &   Echos Revenge   Being given to Spike was the best thing that had ever happened to Xander.

Lovers Walk Redux by Nash   Spike decides to replace Dru with Xander.

Love's Bitch by Sorrel   Wishverse. Sometimes, you need something a little different.

Loyal Love has Deathless Wings by Tabaqui   After turning him, Xander knew Spike would come back one day

Magpie by Sparrow2000   Set post Chosen. Xander is travelling around Europe doing jobs for the Council when things start to happen...

The Middleman by Witling Sequel to The Assistant So exactly how do those two crazy kids work things out?

A New Animal by Ash Carpenter   Angelus was better at this than Spike...But they had plenty of time

New Experiences by Piksa   Spike has a plan. S3 but goes AU from there

Not Forgotten by Sukiblue   (includes the prequel 'See Me') Xander's been a Vampire for a year and none of his friends have even noticed.

Not the Same by Obsession_is   He's not the same.

Once It Begins by Druffine   Buffy brings a seriously wounded Xander to Spike... wip

People Change by Nash   While on patrol a vamp begins turning Xander. To save his life, Spike finishes siring him.

Permutations of Humanity by Creed   &   Echos Revenge   Re-write of 'I Will Remember You'. It's Xander who comes visiting Angel and both are found and turned by Spike.

Plaything by Lady Cat   Xander likes his own toy much better than Willow's Puppy.

Poetic Justice by Vichan   Spike takes on the duties of Sire when Xander is turned.   WIP

Postcards by MissE   Xander's gone, but he’ll never forget his bestest bud.

Red Diamonds by Skargasm   Miss Edith wants what Miss Edith wants...

Red Right Hand by Witling Spike has a brand new childe   WIP

Reminded by Spikedluv   Two vampires and smut.

Rewards by Margie   Xander wonders about the past, fate, and the Powers That Be. Crossover with Firefly, X/S, X/Jayne

Riding The Broom by Vinniebatman   Spike and Xander are sent on a trip to a school in Scotland. Some of the students may never recover. Snape sure as hell won't.. Book 2 of Mischief and Porn: the Journals of Xander Harris

Riot by Nasty Shrew   It's 2004 and Spike plans to make this year very special - with his new Childe.

Road Trips That Make You . . . by Eyezrthewindows   The roadtrip from hell.

See Me and Not Forgotten by Sukiblue   Xander's been a Vampire for a year and none of his friends have even noticed.

Sires And Childer by Aerithika Romani   Spike and Xander finaly get together, only to have a demon almost tear them apart. Angel comes to visit.

Siring By Spike by Vinniebatman   Spike had readily agreed to be Xander's Sire. Book 1 of Mischief and Porn: the Journals of Xander Harris

Something Wicked This Way Cums by Trixx   Spike has just come to Sunnydale; the Master is dead, and the Annoying one still has a Slayer problem. Evil Vamp!Xander is still alive and Willow is a vamp as well.   S/X/Angelus   wip

Sow to the Wind by MissE   Spike has re-formed the Whirlwind, and is seeking to round out its number.  Sequel to Postcards/Wish You Were Here

Spike's Masterpiece by Dustandroses  He belonged to Spike. That should be a disturbing thought, but it wasn't. It felt right. More right than anything had ever felt before. Sequel to Never As Safe As You Think You Are

S/X-Files by Kayla   Second in the series Death Becomes Them   Spike and Xander meet up with a Russian rat and some nosy Fibbies.  Crossover with X-Files.

The Resolute Urgency Of Now by Emelye   Xander takes it upon himself to pygmalion Spike into the Master of Sunnydale to prevent a hostile takeover.

The Traveling Red Velvet Curtain by Sajinn   Sins of omission, the tragedy of an unexamined life and Xander as the unresisting victim of Spike's force of nature.

Thrice Damned by Denied Heaven   Angelus came back and sired Xander, Willow ensouled Spike, Angelus and Xander, and now Xander has to learn to live with it all.   wip

Tired by Spiceblueeyes   Spike finds a very tired Xander

Trickster by Litgal   Xander's halloween costume turns him into a Master vampire sired by Nusa the Strigoi over 900 years ago.

True Innocent by BmblBee   Spike seeks the answers to questions he has about Xander from the dark Angel.  Preview   sequel to Temptation

Truely Whole by Creed   &   Echos Revenge 'Happily Ever After' needs to be worked at.   Sequel to   Becoming Whole

Twelfth by Dustandroses   Spike watches Xander fight, and reminisces about how they got to the twelfth

200 Years by Reremouse   Sod instinct. It's Harris. And apparently, he's dead.

Unlife in Seattle by Beetle   Vamp!Xander's developing relationship with his Sire. Sequel to Domestic Bliss

Unlife: Interrupted by Beetle   Vamp!Xander is cursed with a soul.  Sequel to Unlife!verse

Untitled Future-fic Drabble by Skellerbvvt   Spike and his childe in the far distant future

Vertigo by Beetle   Season 2 AU, everybody's dead except Spike and his pet Xander.

The Viking Series by Jameschick   Xander is turned by an ancient and powerful vampire Master.

Weird Vamp!verse by Amejisuto   It was all Deadboy’s fault.

What Dies Inside Us by Sevendeadlyfun   AU. The creation of a new Fanged Four. Multiple pairings.

What I Need by Perverted Pages   Someone takes his kitten away and Spike fights to get him back. Goes AU after School Hard

What's Mine Is Yours by Angel Jade   Xander is caught by pre-chipped Spike and Angelus

Whisper on a Scream by Scorpio   Close to two hundred years in the future Xander is left alone...

Whispers of Futures Past by Sparrow2000   Xander thinks about time and Spike wants a drink

White Roses by Emella   The roses were stained with blood. That's the first thing he remembered

The Wish Effect by frk_werewolf   Xander should know not to make wishes.



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