Absurd by Collapsible   He's been healing for fourteen days and he looks worst off.   S/X/Anya

Acceptance by Eyezrthewindows   Spike takes a newly vamped Xander to Angel for acceptance into the family. S/X/Angel. Continues from Roadtrips That Make You...

Angels and Demons by Shadith   Sequel to Christmas Means Angels

Angst Monkey by Kaygrr   Xander is turned by Angel to save his life, but to Spike's anger, Xander has been turned into the lowest of Vampires, an Abject. AU Season 2   A/X, X/S, A/S/X,

Backfire by Daedreams   Spike has a plan...sort of.   S/X, A/X

Becoming by Sorrel   They needed a warrior for their cause. They picked Xander Harris. One magical rune later, there's ex-girlfriends, Chaos mages, sex, alcohol, seduction, and doubles exploding everywhere. This wasn't quite what the PTB had in mind. S/X/Angel

Becoming Whole by Creed & Echos revenge   Spike needs Angel's help to look after the two Xanders when they split

Bedtime Stories by Witchway   Spike, resting up after some hot 3-way action, witnesses a unique bedtime story.

Being Watched by C. Woodhaven   Xander’s a very bad boy with a wicked kink for being watched   S/X/Tara

Bought and Paid For by Skargasm   Bought and paid for, but for what purpose?

The Cabin Boy by C. Woodhaven   The HMS Minerva was attacked on the high seas. William is taken prisoner by Captain Jenkins, the Vengeful and her handsome, but deadly, first mate, Mr. Harris.

Captain Broody Pants by Jasonsnene   Xander and Spike decide Angel needs to loosen up. Chaos ensues

Capture/Training/Submission by C. Woodhaven   Spike takes Angel up on his offer of Xander as a treat

Choices by Piksa   Xander gets a surprise

Christmas Means Angels by Shadith   An angel answer's Xander's prayer.   S/X/Angel

Consort by Randy Sex Kitten   Spike and Xander go to Angel to have their mating blessed by the House of Aurelius.   S/X/Angel

Daddy!Verse Drabbles by Margie   He groaned as the crotch of Dawn's cotton panties rocked against his erection. S/X, S/Dawn

Dark Kitten by Fyredansa   What if Xander hadn't been snatched from Drusilla by the screaming mob of girls during 'Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered.   Warning: Dark!fic

Dead Heat by Kidcyclone   The continuing saga of the new Fanged Four. wip

Demon’s Childe by Creed   Spike turns Xander when he finds him dying after being beaten by his father and makes him his Childe/Consort .   S/X, S/A, X/A   Preview

Dimensionally Challenged by Amy   Peter Parker (Spiderman) is accidentally brought through a dimensional vortex to Sunnydale S/X/Peter S/X/Peter

Drive by Elena   "Here's the deal -" I help you seduce Xander, and you relax him into having sex with me."   S/X/Anya   Preview

Dropping By by Two Ladies of Quality   An unexpected visit leads to surprises   S/X/Willow

Every Which Way by Byrne   This was supposed to be a follow up to Truth or Dare, but it morphed. S/X/Giles

Festival!verse by thatotherperv   Human AU; Xander goes to a 5-day music festival to celebrate his 16th birthday alone and runs across a dubiously intentioned older Spike.

French Toast by Tabaqui   The boys have fun with Andrew. S/X/Andrew

The Game by Tgray   Spike and Xander out on the town. Dark!fic

Giles Doesn't Even Have Cable by Kargrif   Giles and Xander are together, but there’s something else they want.   S/X/Giles

The Hellmouth Hotel by D'Nalia   Crossover between BtVS and the Anita Blake series by Laurell Hamilton and Star Gate SG-1   Pairings: Xander/Asher/Nathaniel/Spike

Helpless by Charmin   Sequel to Like A Kitten S/X/W/B

Here/Now by Narcolepticcat   A different kind of bachelor party

Higher Learning by Darkling Dawns   Xander finds a glory hole. Human AU

Hot In the City by Darkhavens   It's Club Night and someone wants to play

Immortal Convergence by Kay   A renegade immortal on the Hellmouth puts Sunnydale in danger, and it's up to the Scooby Gang and some visitors from Seacouver to put things right.   Crossover with Highlander   S/X/Wesley

Innocence Lost by Athenewolfe   Dawn knew they had to love her.   Sequel to Whispers of the Night

Irresistible When You... by Eyezrthewindows   Spike gets slimed by a lust demon and becomes, quite frankly, a huge slut...   S/X/Angel

Just This Side of Bent by Velvet Crypt   Spike shares a bit of ‘hands-on’ assistance to help Andrew go after Xander. Combinations of S/X/Andrew.

Keep it in the Family by Skargasm   What happens when Spike gets a little brother?

Kindness, Love and Acceptance by Jameschick   After fleeing Sunnydale in heartbreak, Xander meets Connor in LA.   X/C   X/S   S/X/C

Let's Talk About Sex by Estepheia   Unlife takes an interesting turn when Xander visits Spike with an unusual proposal… S/X/Anya.

A Life Less Ordinary by C. Woodhaven   Xander struggles against not being normal, but not being supernormal either. He finds some comfort being dominated by his two lovers, Anya and Spike...but will it be enough?

Lollipop by Lady Cat   Buffy wants to share   X/S/Buffy

The Long Route To True Happiness by xandercordy1   Spike goes to L.A. to retrieve the Gem of Amara while Oz and Xander go there to give it to Angel.  wip

Madhouse by Whichclothes After the battle with Wolfram & Hart, Spike and Angel are sent to different worlds. On returning, Angel enlists Xander to rescue Spike.

A Matter of Confrontation by Kay   Who's going to tell Buffy?   Continued from A Matter of Control

A Matter of Control by Kay   Xander is affected by a lust demon and will die unless Spike and Angel can find a cure  S/X/A

Mistress Willow by T J Goldstein   The Willow we would all like to see.   S/X/Willow/Angel

The Name of the Game by Sevendeadlyfun   Spike's lovers hold an intervention

Naughty Nick and the Evil Elf by Tisienne Blue   Ah, X-mastime hijinks on the Hellmouth   X/S/William

Neapolitan by Amejisuto   Anya quizzes Xander about his attraction to Spike

Never Piss Off a Librarian by Jenny   Bored with their jobs as assistant librarians at the New Watchers Council, the boys goof off, and get punished.S/X/Giles

Never Piss Off a Priestess by Xocoatldreams   Angel pissed off a witch and the boys got caught in the backlash.

The New Baby by Sevendeadlyfun   Spike needs a Mommy AND a Daddy   S/X/Anya

New Order by Jasonsnene   Angel's world changed after the final battle. Now Xander is the one who needs to be saved.

Nicolette Says Jump by Kalima   Spike has a yen for a big girl. Xander eats too many brownies. Hijinks ensue. S/X/Other.

Not True Nowhere by Wesleysgirl   Wesley and Xander had had a well defined relationship until Spike had thrown himself into the mix.   S/X/Wesley

One, Two, Three by Lady Cat   An AU from the Replacement. Someone else got smacked with Thoth's beam, with a slightly different result. S/X/Anya. NC-17.   wip

Only One by Mrs Sakuma   Spike was gone

Permutations of Humanity by Creed & Echos Revenge   Re-write of 'I Will Remember You'. It's Xander who comes visiting Angel and both are found and turned by Spike   X/S/Angel

Pervasion by Wesleysgirl and Jane Davitt   While Xander's away on a trip, Giles gives Spike something he's been missing.   Sequel to Saturation

The Poinsettia Protection Posse by Jasonsnene   It was truly amazing what one could acquire with a bottle of Jack Daniels, a carton of cigarettes, and a box of Twinkies. In Giles’ case, he acquired one vampire and one young Watcher   S/X/Giles

Poker!verse by Strickensgirl   Liam's buddy's started using their poker night as an excuse to fuck around.

Promise by Mrs Sakuma   Xander has no clue

Red Diamonds by Skargasm   Miss Edith wants what Miss Edith wants...

Release by Queenie   Nobody said the soul would last forever.   S/X/A

Rota by JezT   Xander didn't get in to college after graduation but there are other ways to learn...S/X/Angel

Runaway Guide by Joan Z and Neichan   Spike becomes a sentinel and claims Xander as his guide. Crossover with The Sentinel

Sacred Geometry by Sajinn   Three men get bound together out of necessity, but does it end there? S/X/Wes

Saturation by Wesleysgirl and Jane Davitt   A newly human post-shanshu Spike arrives at Giles and Xander's home in England.   S/X/Giles   Preview

Secret Weapon by Jasonsnene   Spike tried everything he knew how to get Angel out of his funk.   S/X/Angel

A Sire's Revenge: For My Childe by Cath   After Spike's been captured by the Initiative he is catatonic. Xander brings him to Angel for help.   wip

So Happy Together by Lady Cat   Games three can play. S/X/Anya

Something Wicked This Way Cums by Trixx   Spike has just come to Sunnydale; the Master is dead, and the Annoying one still has a Slayer problem. Evil Vamp!Xander is still alive and Willow is a vamp as well.   S/X/Angelus   wip

Sow to the Wind by MissE   Spike has re-formed the Whirlwind, and is seeking to round out its number.  Sequel to Postcards/Wish You Were Here

Speak No Evil by Skargasm   Sunnydale is gone; so is Wolfram & Hart. Angel has the visions and Spike helps the helpless. And what could be more helpless than a mouthy Scooby who doesn't talk and seems to no longer be himself...

Special Toy by Darkhavens   He knows there's something wrong with being here, being naked, on a bed with someone - vampire - beside him and another on his back.   S/X/Dru

Stranded by Michele   Xander, Spike and Angel go on a trip and get stranded. S/X/A

Three by JezT   Sequel to Rota   S/X/Angel

Three Ring Circus by Spankinsandwich   Xander has no problem wolf-sitting Oz   S/X/Oz

Thrice Damned by Denied Heaven   Angelus came back and sired Xander, Willow ensouled Spike, Angelus and Xander, and now Xander has to learn to live with it all.   wip

Time Well Spent by Creed & Echos Revenge   Spike, Angel and Xander are transported back in time when Sunnydale is destroyed. For Xander's protection, he must pretend to be their Pet   S/X/A

The Token Human by Jujukittychick   Xander has always been the token human.   S/X/Angel

Trespass Sweetly Urged by Sevendeadlyfun   After cheating on Cordelia with Spike, Xander followed him when he left Sunnydale, and has been living as Spike's pet/slave/toy for two years. S/X/Dawn   warning: Under-age Dawn

Triptych by Lady Cat  &   Xanphibian   A Second Season AU. Angel's a bit more gray, Spike's a bit more lonely, and Xander's kinda confused   S/X/Angel   Unfinished

Truth or Dare by MissE   Spike, Xander and Giles play drunk Truth or Dare

Uncommon Distractions by Kay   Graham and Riley are called back to Sunnydale when the area destabilizes. When they return, they discover there are new factors in the lives of the Scooby Gang, especially in Xander and Spike's.   S/X/Graham

Unexpected Packages by Kahuna Burger   The boys get a package in the mail

The Unveiling by Whichclothes   Angel is damaged in the battle with Wolfram and Hart, and Spike brings him to Xander for help.

Vacancy by Lady Cat   Xander discovers Spike servicing Buffy and joins in. Darkfic. S/X/Buffy

Watcher in the Middle by Skargasm   The best way to stop him telling their secret is to stick him right in the middle of it!

Watcher Kink by Nash   Spike has a kink, Xander tries to help him satisfy it. S/X/Giles

What Dies Inside Us by Sevendeadlyfun   AU. The creation of a new Fanged Four. Multiple pairings.

What's Mine Is Yours by Angel Jade   Xander is caught by pre-chipped Spike and Angelus

Where All Things End by Shimmer   "Live this day as if it were your last.”   S/X/A

Wolf Tracks by Amejisuto   Xander is helping the Charmed Ones, and finds that it is hard to go home again. S/X/Angel Crossover with Charmed

You Heard Me by Thedabara_cds   Anya invites Spike home for a threesome.   Sequel to Gone Redux

You've Got Spike by Michelle   Spike takes a job as a phonesex worker.  S/X/Anya

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