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Titles F

Fanfic Made Me Gay by Jameschick   The wonderful world of internet slash claims another not-unwilling victim.   Comedy; First Time; Oblivious/Denial

A Far More Pleasing Sound by Liadan14   Xander lied a little bit. By omission, really. Only then the omission kept happening. And it was all a big nasty spiral of omissioning...  Preview   Secret Lovers; Xander in Oxnard

Fiends!Verse by Cobalt Mystic   Xanderís nightmares have piqued the curiosity of our favourite insanely jealous and protective peroxide vamp… the story he uncovers is disturbing, even to a Childe of Angelus   Developing Feelings; Hurt/Comfort

Finding Xander by Whichclothes   Spike and Xander had a tenuous relationship that has gone sour. Can Spike find Xander and save them both?   Ex Lovers

Fine Tuned by Randy Sex Kitten & Kyrieane   Xander has a secret that Spike discovers, but doesn't exploit. A year later, Anya has left Xander and Spike is there to help.   Sweet and Schmoopy; Kid!fic

The First Step by Darkling Dawns   Evil!Spike in control. Xander helpless and enjoying it.   Original Spike; Beginnings

Five Ways Spike and Xander Didnít Meet by Spikedluv   A series of five stories detailing five ways Spike and Xander didn't meet.   First Time (all 5 stories) Vamp!Xander (story 1) & Hyena!Xander (story 3) Time Travel (story 5) Sweet William (story 5)

Flailing through the Cliches by Lit Gal   Xander goes after what he really needs. Series of short stories detailing the training of Xander   Sub/Dom

For Money or Kittens by Hello-Spikey   Xander accidentally becomes Spike's owner when he tries to save Spike from a bunch of demon slavetraders   Comedy

Forty Acres by Othercat  Xander has forty acres, and no mule.   Post Apocalypse

Four Seasons by Kimalis  Looking back, Spike had never worked out just how he and Harris got to where they did that summer   Developing Feelings

From The Ashes by Darkhavens   A story full of magic,love,treachery and deceit   Alternate Incarnations

A Functional Level of Abnormality by Lunabee   Xander's no longer a demon magnet. Spike notices.   Basement of Doom

Titles G

Gagging For It by Eyezrthewindows   Xander comes to Spike for something surprising. Spike doesn't know whether to be flattered or insulted...   Comedy

Gemini by Firehorse   Xander's bored, then he's not. The same scene from different angles.   First Time

George by Lady Cat   Xander's love-life gets arranged without his knowledge.   Sweet and Schmoopy

The Ghost Has No Home by Whichclothes   A decade post-series, Xander discovers Spike in an alley, amnesiac and human   Lost Memory

Gifts from Beyond by Jenny  After getting a message from the PTB, Xander comes back from Africa to find his destiny   Sweet William; Africa!Xander

Giving In To You by Eyezrthewindows   Spike and Xander are just fuck-buddies. No soppy feelings here, no way.   Oblivious/Denial

Good Mojo by Whichclothes   Spike is Xander's only hope when a spell goes wrong.   Developing Feelings; Souled Spike; Working Man

The Great Hellmouth Charity Auction by Cicirossi   Xander and Spike put stuff up for sale and make Giles' life a little stranger.   Comedy; Established Relationship

Grey Matters by Whichclothes   Set during BtVS S4. Xander discovers Spike in an alley, seriously brain-damaged.   Preview   Hurt/Comfort; De-Chipped; Developing Feelings

Titles H

Hang Ten by BmblBee   In 1965 the teens of Sunnydale High are a tight group led by Xander Harris whose main interest centers around the sun, the surf, and the size of the waves.   Human AU; Hurt/Comfort; Epics with Plot

Happy Hanukkah by Emelye   Willow's parents said giving gifts was a Eurocentric Christian tradition co-opted to appease children too immature to grasp the subtlety of theological nuance. So Willow didn't get that Barbie doll.   Holiday Fic

Hard-Bitten by Whichclothes   Spike is missing, and Xander is the only one available when Angel begs for help to search for him   Developing Feelings

Hard Time by BmblBee   Xander is wrongly convicted of murder and sent to Riverview Correctional Institution where Spike is a guard..   Human AU; Working Man

Have I Mentioned That I'm Evil? by Jameschick   Dawn's attempt at a 'Buddy Spell" worked way beyond expectations   Comedy; Under a Spell

Hearts in the Balance by Tisienne Blue   Xander's memories are suddenly of an entirely different, much better life.   Sliders

Here for a Good Time (Not a Long Time) by Cordelianne   Cleveland sucks in the winter, but Bermuda is awesome, except for the zombies.   First Time

The Hermit of Werleyville by Whichclothes  A curse sends Xander into seclusion--until Spike shows up in town.   Superpower!Xander; Developing Feelings

The Hidden, Revealed by Spikedluv   Willow does a memory spell on Buffy that affects Xander.   Oblivious/Denial!Spike

His & His Alone by Skargasm   Time for him to be marked as his, and his alone...   Original Spike; Sub/Dom; Vampire Courts

History of a Future With a Different Past um Sorta by Kahuna Burger   Willow's spell to get protection for Dawn brings over an alt!verse Spike and his childe   Original Spike; Double Trouble; Vamp!Xander; Sliders;

Home by Devo79   Amazing that the whelp had survived twenty years on the Hellmouth. Couldnít just be pure bloody luck.   Hyena!Xander

Hot For Teacher by Whichclothes   Several years after Sunnydale, Xander discovers that Buffy has hired a new teacher for the Slayers-in-training: an Englishman who tortures his students with terrible amounts of work. Can Xander find a way to make the teacher relax a little?   Post NFA

The Hour Series by Yin Again  Spike knew that the kid had a mean streak.   Preview   One Hour; Sub/Dom; Developing Feelings

How I Spent My Summer Vacation by Beetle  Xander spent a summer in Oxnard, at the Fabulous Ladies Night Club.  Preview   Developing Feelings; Original Spike; Xander in Oxnard

How To Date A Vampire by Suki Blue   Xander and Spike go on a first date. But things are never that simple, are they?  Comedy

Hunted by Strickens_girl   After the battle against Wolfram and Hart, Spike's life is a mindless routine of helping Angel fight the lingering evil in LA and Buffy train new Slayers until one day... Preview   Post NFA

The Hunter by Jenny  One thing Xander Harris knew how to do was hunt Vampires   First Time

Hustler!verse by Lady Cat   Xander purchases Hustler!Spike's services   Developing Feelings; Prostitute; Working Man

Titles I

Ice-Cream by Maz   Set during the summer before season 1, Xander's life is changed radically when vampires invade it.   Preview   Vamp!Xander; Epics with Plot

I Don't Know How it Happened by Eyezrthewindows   Xander and Spike fight a lot   Oblivious/Denial

If It Wasn't for Bad Luck by Whichclothes   A chance encounter with a demon changes Xander's luck.   First Time; Sweet and Schmoopy

Instant Karma by Kayla   Back in the day, Angelus arranged a marriage for his childe. It's now time for the ceremony   Not Human; Comedy

Intervention by Firehorse  Xander's friends think his good mood is caused by his chocolate addiction   Comedy

Irony by Litgal   The Initiative finds a reason to take an interest in Xander, and Xander has long been taking a secret interest in Spike   Hyena!Xander; The Initiative

Irresistible When You... by Eyezrthewindows   Spike gets slimed by a lust demon and becomes, quite frankly, a huge slut...   Spike/multiple partners   Something Made Us Do It; Spander Plus

I Slept with My Best Friend's Demon by Forsaken2003   Buffy brings Xander and Spike on to the Jerry Springer Show   Comedy

It's An Adventure by Michelle   Spike and Xander take a road trip for the good.   Comedy; Road Trips

It's Just a Jump to the Left by Kimberly A   Xander is trapped in a time loop, with no control over his actions in the future time he keeps returning to   Preview   Comedy; First Time; Time Travel

Titles J

Jewels of the Sea by Kayla   Many lifetimes ago Spike and Xander were mermen.   Alternate Incarnations

Joined at the Hip by Nomelon   Xander and Spike are cuffed together for three days   Developing Feelings; Trapped Together

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