Acquainted with the Night by Pirate Purple   The search for a soul

All I Need by Tisienne Blue   Misunderstandings abound, along with some angst when the boys meet again and find each other to be not what they expected.

All Your Scars by Robin The Crossover Junkie   Everybody’s got scars.

All Wrong by Rayne Jelly   Everything about that summer was backwards, rivers flowed up hill, cats chased dogs around trees, and Buffy was dead.

Alone, Together by Robin the Crossover Junkie   Xander feels alone

Am I The Only One? by Robin The Crossover Junkie   Spike and Xander reflect on life without the other

And All Was Said by Baudown   Xander's got a little something on the side. Alternate season 5ish where nothing whatsoever is happening to any other characters.

Anything of Nothing by Yin Again   A twisted love

Auld Acquaintance by WmGeorge   Two friends meet again after a long time separated.

Awakenings by Beetle   Spike wakes up to find himself in the place of William who post-Shanshu had made himself a nice human life with Xander

Baby Blues by Karen   Told from different POV's.   A member of the scooby gang dies.

Battleground by Sharvie   Post "Hush"; Spike and Xander get sucked into another world where vamps must fight each other to survive and humans are their caretakers.

Beggars Cant be Choosers by Nash   Xander is Spike's dirty little secret and it hurts

Bitter Casualties by SpikesKat   Spike was the lone survivor in the war with the Senior Partners. Until he found Xander

Blood From a Stone by Gabrielle Xander's trying to have a private moment at Buffy's grave, but some vampires just won't take a hint.

Blowing in the Wind by Fan Spagle   Xander's road to self discovery.

Blue-Eyed Boy by Herself_nyc   Spike finds that doing right by Xander is a more complex task than he first realized. Sequel to The Approved Mode of Payback

A Bond with Darkness by Fan Spagle   A year has passed since the first "Demon Death Camp’ (DDC) has opened. And nothing is the same as it once was.   Sequel to Blowing in the Wind

But it's Better If You Don't by Spike 1790   Spike plans to surprise his boyfriend, but it doesn’t go as he had hoped

Caught by Ahestele   Spike and Xander are caught in a broken down car in the snow.

Chophouse Spander by Witling   Xander and Spike work for Angel now, and both have seen better days. On Hiatus

Count Your Losses by Spike_1790   Xander misses an opportunity and realises his mistakes too late

Cuts Like A Knife by SpikesKat   Xander makes one too many mistakes

Daddy Dearest by frk_werewolf   At ten, he was taught how to be a man, in more ways than one

The Darkness Inside by Whichclothes   The Initiative isn't finished with Xander yet.   Sequel to The Right Tool

Dead Sunflowers by Nasty Shrew   Driven over the edge by the deaths of his friends, Xander tries to grip onto the tattered remains of his sanity with help from someone not entirely normal himself - Spike.

Escape by Juliatheyounger   Xander confronts Spike about certain events in Entropy

Everything You Ever by Emelye   "Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end."   Preview

Excuses by electricalgwen   Hate is only love with its back turned.

Exodus by Maz  In the aftermath of The Gift, Spike and Xander are leaving town.

Family by Velvet Crypt   A death creates a family.

Fade Away by Randy Sex Kitten   Set shortly after the fateful kiss with Willow, Xander flees Sunnydale, finding only loneliness.

Finding Forever by Sharvie   Spike and Xander got caught in Willow's I-will-it-so spell and headed to Vegas. A year later Xander is still dealing with the emotional consequences.

1500th Unbirthday by Scorpio   An ancient vampire contemplates the 1500th anniversary of his turning and the ways in which he, and society, have changed over time.

First Time Ever I Saw Your Face by Twilightofmagic   Xander expresses his feelings to Spike in a series of letters.   Preview

The Five Stages of Grief by Tabaqui   There were five years and three continents between them

Fool by Jameschick   Buffy knows she was a fool.

Forever by Melissa   A sad lack of communication.

Forever Hold Your Peace by Skargasm   Fighting off his inner demons, he tries to do the right thing...

Forever, in Increments of Ten by Savoy Truffle   Spike and Xander are together, but Xander discovers that he's basically immortal and isn't exactly thrilled.

Forget by Charmin   Spike finds it hard to deal with Xander's need to conceal their relationship.

Frankenspike's Creation by Skargasm   Together, one way or another...

Game Over by Sharvie   While Spike is still living with Xander in S4, they get trapped in the basement and have to find ways to keep themselves occupied.

Guard Your Heart by Emelye   Xander had learned early to hide his feelings.

Hanging On by Markedxup   Some memories you have to hold onto

Hard to Breathe by Kyrieane   Canon through S7 of BTVS Spike becomes human instead of a ghost…  wip

Harris's Heart by Beetle   Spike's pretending not to be hurt by cheatin’-dawg!Xan

A Harsh Marster by Melissa   What happens after "..and they lived happily ever after?" Continued from   And Afterwards Remember

Headfirst by Narcolepticcat   Spike thinks he's lost Xander to Buffy. Sequel to Reasons For Living  wip

The Heart by Skargasm   Angel had never thought he would see the day that Xander Harris, demon-bait extraordinaire and all round vamp-hater would be seen making out with a vampire.

Hearth by LadyCat   Something is wrong with Spike, and Xander is determined to fix it.  wip

Heroes by Wisteria   It's all about letting go and moving on, isn't it? Making the best of what crap you've got, because it's gotta get better someday.

He Waited by Vichan   Xander finds out Spike survived the destruction of Sunnydale too late, or is it?

The Highwayman by CC   The Initiative are after Spike

Hold On by Nasty Shrew   Xander's in Africa and just barely holding on

Hope's a Bitch by Jackson   Spike's thoughts on unlife, death and Xander

How Did He Get It Back by Mera   During the run from Glory in Spiral something happened between Spike and Xander

How it Ends by Nasty Shrew   Xander wishes for the world to be as it's supposed to be

A Hundred and Forty Seven Days by Yours Truly   Post season five’s finale, The Gift. The Scoobies are dealing.   wip

I Just Don't Think I'll Ever Get Over You by Rayne Jelly Xander, growing older.

Immutable by Electricalgwen   Reflections on memory

I'm Sorry, Wills by Karen   Xander does something drastic and leaves a note for Willow

I'm The Fool by CJ   Xander knows he's not the one Spike loves

Jackhammers by Rayne Jelly   Something bad has happened to Xander

Jigsaw Cuts by Gabrielle   Sometimes it's too late to put the pieces together

King of Non-Sequitopia by Misanthrope   Spike has a lot of emotional baggage to work through. Can Xander give him what he really needs?

Kin to Sorrow by Chocgood84   Xander goes into counseling after the Hellmouth has been destroyed

Kiss Me, Kill Me by Sorrel   Yesterday there was smiles and laughter. Today he’s gone, and Xander’s alone.

Last Men Standing by Kita   Twenty years from now and none of it's pretty.  A/S, A/X, S/X.

Late Night Double Feature by Kimberly   sequel to   A Jump to the Left   Xander is now obsessed with an oblivious Spike

Learning to Dance by Emella & Lunabee   Spike and Xander dance

Lines in the Sand by Meredith Bronwen Mallory   A young girl promises her first born to a vampire.

Live In Your Lies by Nasty Shrew   Spike's life is a series of lies that he could almost believe

Living by Sorrel   Spike tries to learn how to live his life for himself and, with a little help, he finds his way home. S/W, S/X, S/A

The Long Spiral Downwards by T J Goldstein   Spike mistakenly thinks his life can get no worse... just how far can William the Bloody fall?   wip

A Long Time by Mad Poetess   So, they're in love. And Xander's immortal. Everything should be hunky-dory - except.

Lost Warrior by Skargasm   After the demons won...

A Love/Hate Sorta Thing by Vinniebatman   Spike hates her

Low Tide by Herself_nyc   Whole new worlds of disgust and confusion and need

Mary by Spike 1790   Set sometime in the future, Spike fulfils a promise he made to Xander.

A Matter of Trust by LadyMerlin   Someone wants Xander for himself

Merely a Possession by T J Goldstein   How do the Scooby Gang cope when they find out Xander is missing.   wip

Midnight at LAX by Ahestele   15 years after the end of season 6 (but season 7 never happened), a chance meeting between Spike and Xander leads to angsty schmoop. A combination of romance and emotional hesitations and miscommunication eventually set right.   Preview

Monster by Dragon's Phoenix   Sequel to skargasm's story, Frankenspike's Creation. What happens to Xander after he realized he's a copy, created to kill his beloved?

Most Beautiful Ugly Thing by Misspandypants   Spike and Xander find a way to deal with Buffy's death. Only Xander gets more than he bargained for.

No Lodging by Sparrow2000   Spike has made plans for the future. It's possible not everyone will be happy with them

NormalAgain by Tabaqui   Re-write of the BtVS episode 'Normal Again', It's Xander who doesn't know which 'reality' is real - the one with demons and vamps or the one with him as a patient.

Not All Are Champions by Yours Truly   Because they hadn’t been meant to win, they have to live with the losses

Not Forgotten by Kahuna Burger   A different sort of bed time story, for a different sort of reason

Odi et amo, excrucior by Kyrieane   Unrequited love hurts

Of Time And Blood by Truly Tazi   Xander's been hurt

Open Mouth, Insert Foot by Darkling Dawns   Never assume

Passing Moment by Xanphibian   After the wedding-that-wasn't, Xander turns up at Spike's crypt

Past Time to Go by Skargasm  Nearly too late, it's past time to go...

Payless by Metaforgirl   Xander finds an emotionally damaged Spike after the destruction of Sunnydale.   Preview

Peculiarities of Taste and Sentiments by Miriam Heddy   "A man's penmanship is an unfailing index of his character, moral and mental, and a criterion by which to judge his peculiarities of taste and sentiments."   Preview

Pet by Perverted Pages   Xander sees the fateful Magic Box video, and reacts rather badly.

The Plunge by Chocgood84   Xander has made his decision

A Private Performance by Skargasm He'd known that Spike would appreciate being the only one to see him dance

Proclivity by Lit Gal   Xander would really love to tell his friends.

A Prophecy by Nasty Shrew   A prophecy - what will happen to Spike and Xander?

Protective Custody by Nash   After the Hellmouth is closed, Spike gets a choice.

Punishment by Whichclothes   Immortality hurts.

The Reflection Series by Tisienne Blue   Spike gets a surprise after the final battle in L.A. So does Xander.

Regrets by Cimmer   It started off so well....

Relentless by Robin The Crossover Junkie   Xander has some emotional wounds, and so does Spike

Repeat Till Insane by Beetle   Spike examines events in his recent unlife and makes a wish

Respite by Metaforgirl   Xander was sure that this time Spike wasn’t going to show up.

Rides a Pale Horse by Rayne Jelly   What would life be like if you couldn't die? Xander Harris is about to find out.

Seeing by Cobalt Mystic   Getting the boys to see what’s right in front of them.

Senses by Robin The Crossover Junkie   Xander always knew he'd lose Spike to Drusilla one day

Shhhhhhh by Witchway   Buffy dies after fighting glory.

Somniloquist and Insomniac by Apreludetoanend   They have a routine. (drabble)

Song of the Frying Pan by Snowpuppies   Xander's finally ready to go

Sorry by Spikedluv   Xander comes home early and discovers a painful truth.

Still Wrong by Perverted Pages   Xander finds someone hurting and makes them feel better.

Sunday by Rayne Jelly   A lifetime of regrets

Sunday Morning Coming Down by Crazydiamondsue   Post BtVS "The Gift." Xander struggles to come to terms with the resurrection spell in light of the "reality" of Buffy's death and his changing feelings for Spike.

Sweet Revenge by Jackson   Spike's well-laid plan to revenge himself on the Scoobies misfires

Sympathetic by Markedxup   Xander finds something private.

Tales of The Zeppo by Cimmer   Buffy never came back.

Tangled Hearts by Tgray   As best friends and roommates, can Xander live with slut!Spike and still keep his sanity?

Tears Like Rivers by Vinniebatman   Spike deals with Xander's death

There's Always a Sneer in Vegas by Stillrose   It’s been seven years since Angelus killed Buffy the Vampire Slayer and opened a portal to hell on Earth.  Preview

They Tell Me It Rained by Savoy Truffle   Xander's passing through when he runs into Spike in LA

Thief of Life by NWHepcat   Xander's dealing with the holidays. Spike's dealing with the death of someone who meant something to him. They find a way to deal together. Pre-slash

The Things We Never Talk About by Margie   He didn't know when he'd gone from taking what Xander offered to giving what Xander needed

Thinking Of You by Witchway They were both two men in need of comfort and solace.

This is Not a Trilogy by Apreludetoanend & Savoy Truffle   Three stand alone stories evolving from the same beginning

This Time of Year by Apreludetoanend   Twelve months of Xander's life. With kittens. And Spike. (12 drabbles)

Turnabout by Eliza Shaw   Spike returns from burning up on the Hellmouth to find a broken Xander. wip

Unacceptable Losses by Eliza Shaw   Spike must save Xander from yet another demon, but more importantly from himself in the wake of destructive guilt for killing Buffy.   wip

Unexpected Comfort by Acaranna   Spike was used to being ignored…

'Til the End by Lit Gal   Spike mourns the loss of his human lover.

Vampire Sings the Blues by FireHorse   Spike and Xander have the blues.

Watching by Apreludetoanend   Giles dumps a struggling Xander off at Spike's place. We move on from there.

What Goes Up… by Spiceblueeyes   Sometimes things don't work out...

When He Touches Me by Robin The Crossover Junkie   Spike doesn't understand the effect Xander has on him

When You Lie Next To Me by Kyrieane   Spike and Xander need to work on their communication skills.

Where You'd Been by Rune   Spike reflects on why he slept with Anya.

Whiskey Bent and Hell Bound by Darkhavens   Xander's whisky bent and hell bound in all the literal ways.

Who Wants to Live Forever by Metaforgirl   Five years after Buffy's death, Xander and Spike meet again. They have issues.  Preview

Window Dressing by Cicirossi   A trip to the mall. Funny but disturbing.

A Winter's Tale by Nash   They had been in love. They still were. But sometimes, love isn’t enough

Words Of Advice by Nash   Instead of Andrew going off with Spike to the mission, Xander did.



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