Across the Miles by Rakshathewolf   Xander comes to LA to fetch Spike when he finds out he's survived

Agartha by Wolfshark   Spike and Angel need help from Xander

All Hallow's Eve by Shimmer   It's Halloween. Nothing ever happens on Halloween. Continues in By the Blessing of the Dark

Amends, Friendship and Moving On by Xandercordy1   Spike returns to Sunnydale to help his sire. And if he decides to help Angel, can he keep himself from chowing down on the citizens of Sunnydale, especially the Scoobies?   wip

Anchors by Whichclothes   Post series. Xander and Spike are in London, each struggling with his own (mental) demons. Can they help each other?

And Ice For Your Wounded Heart by Tabaqui   A questioning Xander develops a friendship/relationship with Spike and Dru. Season 2 AU

Apart by Skuzzbopper   Annoyed with Spike and Xander's constant bickering, Willow uses a spell to separate the two. But it turns out the boys need each other more than they ever thought they did.

The Approved Mode of Payback by Herself_nyc   Harris was a mess, but he was a succulent, compelling, gorgeous mess

Arresting Misconceptions by Skargasm   Xander Harris is blackmailed into selling drugs at his High School. William Jeffers is the undercover detective sent in to crack the drug-ring.

Ashes to Ashes by Sevendeadlyfun   Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. Grief and a kind of madness take Spike and Xander places they aren't sure they want to go.... Preview

Backfire by Daedreams   Spike has a plan...sort of.   S/X, A/X

Back With Me by Alexandria   Spike's past comes back to haunt and help.   Unfinished

Balance . Resetting the Scales by LadyMerlin   Willow's spell to release the power of the scythe did far more than anyone expected.

Becoming Known by Tisienne Blue   Spike leaves before the final battle with the First but maintains contact with Xander by e-mail.   wip

Behind the Masks by Amejisuto   Spike and Xander let down their masks and actually talk.

Beholder by Kimberly_A   Xander's reaction to losing his eye

Bites by Randy Sex Kitten   Spike loved the bite itself

Black Velvet by D'Nalia   During 'School Hard' Angel offered Xander to Spike, and Spike accepted  wip

Blood Ties by Amejisuto   Dark and angsty. The Initiative has a different idea of how to develop the perfect super soldier. Warning: Contains Mpreg.  wip

Brown Eyed Boy by Naughtyfae   William Foster is a billionaire businessman in LA for a week. He needs a partner to attend a number of high powered, social functions.

By the Blessing of the Dark by Shimmer   Xander has left. Life and death go on without him. He doesn't deal well.   unfinished Continued from All Hallow's Eve

Career Change by Two Ladies of Quality   Giles has to learn to cope in a whole new world, while at the same time keeping his old world from falling to Glory  wip  Preview

Carpe Noctem by Sorrel   In the summer that follows the defeat of the Master, Xander is attacked by a demon and almost loses his life. Angel's cure gifts him with interesting new powers and leads him down a path towards a rocky romance with someone he never expected: Spike.  wip

Cheers by Sukiblue   It's been a year since he died, and Xander's ready to move on, with Spike's help.

Childe of my Heart by Shanyah   Spike has his work cut out trying to keep Dawn, Fred and Xander safe in a strange Traveler's dimension.   Preview

Chocolatey Goodness by Mad Poetess   One neurotic human with dark eyes and no self-esteem, one psychotic vampire with bleached hair and no self-control, falling in love

Civilised Conversations by Melissa   The boys take a walk and Spike discovers something about Xander ... and something about himself. Continued in   And Afterwards Remember

Coercion by Fanbot   In which Spike gets bored and decides to seduce Xander. He finds some surprises along the way.

Compass Rose by Tabaqui   When Spike finally leaves Sunnydale he takes Xander with him.   Preview

Conversations by LadyMerlin   A series of short conversations between Spike and Xander

The Cost of Butterfly Kisses by Lit Gal   Xander's been a bad boy, and Spike is about to figure out how to make the most of it

Credence by Tabaqui   Instead of escaping the Initiative right away, Spike didn't get out until Buffy and Co. came in to wipe out Adam.  Preview

Cricket by Sabershadowkat  During a visit to the LA gang Xander sees a different (softer) side of Spike he'd never noticed before, and things develop from there...

Discoveries by Kay   Spike discovers Xander has a job at Jefferies, a local gay bar. Preview

Domestic Bliss Drabbles by Beetle   A series of drabbles forming a picture of Xander and Spike's developing relationship

Dream Lover by Rowaine   After ADAM is defeated, the Scoobies start discussing their dreams.   Unfinished

The Education Series by Pet   Xander figures out what he wants. Spike benefits. S/X/Oz/Devon   Preview

El Cuento del Bucanero y del Vampiro by Whichclothes and Emelye   Xander is in Mexico undercover, and Spike is sent from L.A. on the same mission.

The End Of The Beginning by Off Suit   After Buffy's leap from the tower, Xander and Spike are left to raise Dawn.   wip

Entropy by Sorrel   Xander breaks. Spike picks up the pieces. Nobody's happy on the Hellmouth, right?

Epiphanies by Whichclothes   Several years post-series, Xander thinks Spike needs to get his unlife together.

Every Claim You Stake by Electricalgwen   Xander can't shake the feeling that someone is watching him  Preview

Fiends!Verse by Cobalt Mystic   Xander's nightmares have piqued the curiosity of our favourite insanely jealous and protective peroxide vampire. The story he uncovers is disturbing, even to a Childe of Angelus.

Fighting for Freedom by Mrs Sakuma   Xander is the son of the President. While on a trip with his family he runs off and runs into Spike. Who is actually a secret agent for the President.   wip

Finding Home by Velvet Crypt   When there's nowhere else to turn, Spike finds home and Xander's mom gets a second chance

The Five Gold Rings Series by Josie_h   Spike and Xander bond in the last days before the end of Sunnydale. Excellellent Saga in five completed parts, with a sixth part currently being written

Five Highly Appropriate Occasions for Lying by Otherpervert   Sometimes, you're only lying to yourself.

Five Nights by Cordelianne   Signs of a gradual thaw

Five Stages of Love by Fanbot   Five 100-word drabbles about the stages of love.

Five Times Spike Had Xander's Back by Noandwhere   Spike's always had Xander's back

Forever by Creyr   What if Spike had run into Xander in Oxnard?

Four Seasons by Kimalis  Looking back, Spike had never worked out just how he and Harris got to where they did that summer

Gems!Verse by Kyrieane   Spike sees Xander in a new light

Getting Bent Series by Mad Poetess   What if Xander had sampled some of his own wares in BtVS season 4 Beer Bad?

Going Soft by Sinandcinnamon   The boys find their way to each other

Good Mojo by Whichclothes   Spike is Xander's only hope when a spell goes wrong.

Good Nurse by Michelle  

Grey Matters by Whichclothes   Set during BtVS S4. Xander discovers Spike in an alley, seriously brain-damaged.  Preview

Grief Counseling by Amejisuto   and   Suki Blue   This starts off as a series of emails between an unknowing Spike and Xander as they both try to come to terms with the many deaths of their loved ones that took place during Season Five

Hard-Bitten by Whichclothes   Spike is missing, and Xander is the only one available when Angel begs for help to search for him

Haunted by Mwrgana   Spike and Xander are sent to investigate spectral disturbances in an old country manor in England.   Set in The Ripper Files verse.

He Needs Me by Slaymesoftly   Xander helps Spike deal with Buffy's death, again.   Preview

The Hermit of Werleyville by Whichclothes   A curse sends Xander into seclusion--until Spike shows up in town.

Hours of Forever by Cobalt Mystic   Willow wants Xander to forgive Spike

The Hour Series by Yin Again   Spike knew that the kid had a mean streak.   Preview

How I Spent My Summer Vacation by Beetle   Xander spent a summer in Oxnard, at the Fabulous Ladies Night Club.  Preview

How The Light Gets In by Shadowscast Xander and Spike are both a little bit broken; maybe they can help each other. This is a direct sequel to Late Night Porn Store Blues, picking up the next morning.   Third in the Fragments series.

Hustler!verse by Lady Cat   Xander purchases Hustler!Spike's services

I Love You, Means by Bekka   Alexander Harris couldn't remember the first time his father had hit him

Improvising Atonement by Sevendeadlyfun   A vampire with a soul is determined to help The Slayer. Can a demon ever atone?  Season 1 complete, Season 2 WIP

Incidental Evolution by Rayne Jelly   Four progressive snapshots of a relationship as it might have happened

In the Dark by Wolfshark   Spike contemplates Xander when he's asleep, a mood piece

Involuntary Bodies by Anna S   The care of Dawn and a broken Tara is left to Xander, with only a newly souled and unstable vampire to help.   Preview

It's Not by Cordelianne   Yep, it's a routine. And routines are good, right?

Janus' Shadow by Lit Gal   A spell turned Xander into an ancient Master vampire who completely dominated Angel and Spike until the spell wore off. Now a chipped Spike returns to his human sire.   Sequel to Trickster

Joined at the Hip by Nomelon   Xander and Spike are cuffed together for three days

The Key of the Dragon Witch by Kirasmommy   Spike is the lock/key over the Hellsmouth and Xander must guard him after Willow interferes with a spell

Knock on Wood by Maude M   Xander is hurt in an accident and Spike has to unwillingly play nursemaid

Land of the Lost by Witling Spike's demon has full strength in the strange world they've been marooned in.

L'Angelo della Città by Whichclothes   Xander and Spike go to Venice to investigate a problem. They discover much more than they had expected.

The Last Days Of Rome by Reremouse   He doesn't know if he feels like he cheated on Buffy with another guy or if he's the other guy her guy cheated with

Late Night Porn Store Blues by Shadowscast Giles sends Xander to L.A. to investigate rumours of a Slayer in the city. What Xander finds is not at all what he expected.   Second in the Fragments series.

Learning Curve: A Divertissement by Herself_nyc   Its care and feeding, its moods and manners

Learn To Be Lonely by Chocgood84   Something's not right in Sunnydale - people are falling asleep and dying in their dreams

A Lesson in Principles by Annie Sewell-Jennings   Season 4 Spike/Xander smut, with both of them getting reluctantly drawn to each other against their will. It's aching and sweet and lovely.

Letters by Tabaqui   Xander and Spike keep in touch

Like a mirror I look into you... by Perverted Pages   Spike knew his demon wouldn't be able to be put off for much longer

Listening and Lies by Daedreams   Spike and Xander discover that they have more in common than they thought.

Little Runaway by Tabaqui   Dawn decides her only safety lies in running away with Spike and Xander.   Preview

London Calling by Shadowscast   Buffy receives a mysterious telephone call from Spike in London, and sends Xander to find out what's going on.

Losing It by KittyPoker1   Xander is kidnapped by a demon. WIP

The Love Shack by Randy Sex Kitten   An abstract view of Xander's rule: Touch nothing!

Love's Bitches by Rowaine   Set after finale of BtVS, Spike and Xander find in each other that which they thought they'd lost.

Mafia! A Xander and Spike Love Story by Michelle   Mob boss Angel's favorite childe Spike falls in love with Xander, son of his arch enemy.

Magic Moments by Suki Blue   A naughty blue demon decides it would funny if Xander had Spike's baby

The Magic Number by Witling   Moves beautifully from a Spike who despises Xander to the start of feelings developing between them

Magpie by Sparrow2000   Set post Chosen. Xander is travelling around Europe doing jobs for the Council when things start to happen...

Making Them Pay by Michele   Spike has his bite back and decides to make the Sunnydale gang pay for all they've done to him.   unfinished

Mama Africa by kk-d   The thing about Africa that has changed him the most? The Silence.

Manifestation by Lazuli.Kat   Six years on and Xander's newly developed psychic skills are needed

Marriage and Other Strange Arrangements by Randy Sex Kitten   Xander comes back to Sunnydale for a wedding.   WIP

Meditation in Motion by Yin Again   I tell myself that there's no one I want there. I lie.

Meet The Master by Michele   Buffy goes to visit dad for the summer. Who's looking after the Hellmouth?

Million Dollar Bachelor by Forsaken2003   William Pratt is a successful author of books about the adventures of a vampire named Spike.

Misconception by IamtheLizardQueen   Xander's life was tough enough, and then he got pregnant. Spike tries to benefit from Xander's predicament, but there are some nasty side effects to constantly being around each other, like they just might start to care.   WIP

Mission Implausible by Spikedluv   Xander and Spike undertake an undercover mission

Moments by Lazuli.Kat   Spike is more irresistible than Xander is straight.

Montana by Ruth Sadelle Alderson   Xander moves to Montana, and back again.

The More Things Change by Sorrel   The more things change, the more they stay the same. Xander's still a demon magnet.

Musical Wars by Lit Gal   Second in the Secondverse series

The Naked Truth by Christina_O   Will Spike and Xander ever get past their snide remarks and insults and realize that the naked truth is that they are falling in love?   wip

Never Have I Ever by Darkhavens   Spike and Xander get drunk and compare resumes.

The New Initiative by Rosejax   The PTB bring Spike and Xander together

Night Flight by Virtual Personal   After Willow triggered all the slayers, there were changes. Some vampires started to behave¯ and fit into society.

Nightmares in Common by Kay   Spike finds he and Xander have something in common.

Night Terrors by BmblBee   Ten Years after the fall of Sunnydale, Xander has distanced himself from his past life until a demon forces him to look back.

Nine Lives by Tabaqui   Nine stories that might have happened - starting with 'School Hard'   Preview

Nobody by Trixx   AU Starts six months after Caleb totaly blinded Xander. The gang has moved away from Sunnydale, and Xander is dealing with his handicap.   wip

Nomads by Randy Sex Kitten   After the death of the Slayer, the Scoobies disband. Oz and Xander set out on a nomadic life that is soon encroached by a certain blond vamp.   WIP

Not Noisy or Excited by Savoy Truffle   Alternate timeline, Spike never came back after leaving at the end of Season 6; Xander is looking for slayers in Africa, but finds Spike.

The Offering by Spikedluv   Angel offered Xander to Spike; Spike accepts.   Preview

Of Kittens and Lambs by Yours Truly   Desperate to get his beloved Drusilla back, Spike decides to take her a nummy prezzie.

Of Persons Outside Windows by Baudown   Set in an altered season 4.  They get to know each other.

Of Risks and Gift-giving by Rowaine   How to court a reluctant vampire in seven easy lessons.

Once Upon a Time by Randy Sex Kitten   A tragic accident brings the boys together

1 4 3 by C. Woodhaven   Xander's been left at the altar, and Spike discovers that they have something in common.

One Tin Soldier by D'Nalia   It's 12 years on and Spike is rescued by Major Harris.   WIP

On the Same Page by Eyezrthewindows   Spike finds solace in Xander and discovers that he really is a big girl's blouse but it isn't all that bad what with all the sex and all.

Operation James by Ulysses Brews   NB meets a Wish Demon at a fan convention. (No, this is NOT a RP fic! at least, only at the start.)  wip

Outed by BmblBee   In the year 2012, the vampires of the world stood up and revealed themselves to mankind

Out of Africa by Witling It was inevitable that sooner or later, Xander Harris would end up in charge of a houseful of Slayers

Out of Character by Nomelon   Spike's dreams are coming true, much to his dismay

The Pandora!Verse by Estepheia   Neither is sure of what the other really wants

A Place Called Home by Lady Cat   &   Xanphibian   Xander sees a fix-it-up house he'd like to buy

Playing Pool by Darkhavens   Someone is watching Spike and Xander

Playtime!verse by Rowaine   Everyone's got a kink or two -- Xander's was started by a misplaced shopping bag and ambiguous instructions. Preview   Unfinished

Pons Asinorum by Miriam Heddy   The first time was pants

Postsecret by Whichclothes   A visiting demon causes secrets to be spilled, and those secrets change our boys' lives

Prawnverse by Witling   Grinning lecherous Spike. Hungry wounded eyes-downcast Xander

Pretty When You Break by Werewindle   Spike wormed his way into every part of the boy's life until Xander came to expect it

The Price by Katharina   Angelus has returned and managed to defeat the Slayer. In the wake of her death, Spike agrees to keep one of the Scoobies as a Pet in order to save their lives.  WIP

Priest Xander by Kay   While searching for a missing demon kid, Spike runs across a most interesting priest working at a shelter for runaways.   Preview

Protector by AngieJean   While in a healing sleep Spike is a helpless witness hidden in Xander's closet as Xander is raped by his father

Punitive Damages by Christina_O   Xander saw Spike and Anya "comfort" each other in the Magic Box and decides to give Spike just what he deserves.   wip

Quantum Xander by Jameschick   Xander keeps moving through alternate realities. Preview

Quantum Xander 2: In Wake of the Curse by Jameschick   Xander's home now and greatly changed. Sequel to Quantum Xander

Rear Window by Whichclothes   Xander's leg's broken and Spike plays nurse. But there's something fishy going on at the neighbor's place.

Reassembling by Texanfan   What if Anya and Buffy both died at the end of S5?   (30 parts)

Repossession by Lazuli Kat   Six years after Xander leaves Sunnydale Spike is kidnapped and tortured and then found by him half dead in an alley. (hints of Highlander in this series)

The Resolute Urgency Of Now by Emelye   Xander takes it upon himself to pygmalion Spike into the Master of Sunnydale to prevent a hostile takeover.

Roomies by Lunabee   Xander discovers the love that dare not speak its name. There's an apocalypse, naturally, and some tasteful male nudity

The Romance of Spike 'n' Xander by Witling   The Romance of Spike 'n' Xander. In Six Words at a Time.

Scoffs At Gravity by Reremouse   Xander's a watcher, Spike's a ghost, Angel's a CEO.

Secondverse Series by Lit Gal   Spike meets a Xander who never met the slayer.

See America by Yin Again   Spike hadn't said anything in a month.   Preview

Seeing Beyond Imperfections by Melissa   Fifteen years on, Xander has become the Seer for the slayers in America and discovers that even though Spike has been dead all this time, he has been anything but gone.

Seeing Distant Things As If They Were Close by WesleysGirl   There are different kinds of healing, and different kinds of moving on.

Seeing Is His Superpower by Shadowscast   Xander finds Spike's amulet in the wreckage of Sunnydale. When he picks it up, something interesting happens...

Seven Languages by Yin Again   The first time, it was about doing that one insane thing you always wanted to do before you died, because they were seriously about to die.

Shacking Up by EntreNous Sometimes you live with someone, and you know him without even knowing it. Sometimes better than you know yourself.

Shadowlands by Lunabee   Xander discovers Spike is alive and comes to L.A. to see for himself.

Shame the Devil by Yin Again   Spike and Xander have both left Sunnydale, it's seven years on and Spike is now a famous rock star, Xander is his manager.

Should the Wide World Roll Away by Divine Nimbus   A year after his mother died, Xander is alone and trying to cope. Spike has come to Sunnydale to take down his third Slayer.  wip

Sidelines by Anna S   Rewrite of Season 4, Xander's out of the closet

Silent Urge by Druffine   Xander, one of the Slayer's sidekicks is burdened with Spike, the newly chipped vampire. One evening things get ugly in the Harris' household...   Preview wip

Slipknot by Lady Cat   Xander aquires a guardian ghost.

Small Imperfection by Reremouse   Sooner or later he'll offer Harris a drink because it's what's done in Savannah

Smithereens by Collapsible   It's really not as hard as it looks. Listen up and take notes. (There will be a test.)

Smoke by Kyrieane   Post S7. Xander and Spike run into each other in New Orleans.   WIP

So Crazy it Just Might Work by Savoy Truffle   Slashier first season AtS in which Angel teams up with Xander instead of Cordelia and Spike decides to join them.  wip  Preview

Soul by Lady Cat   Newly souled Spike has to learn to trust.   WIP

Spander in Spandex by Kay   A series of lucky chances has given Xander's team a place in the Tour de France, to the disdain of some other riders.

Spark and Ignition by MissE   In the end, all it took was one look

Spectres by Whichclothes   Spike and Xander go to investigate a haunted house

Spending the Night by Pirate Purple   Xander's not gay, he just lets a male vampire get him off.

A Spot of Trouble by Sevendeadlyfun   There's nothing heroic about skulking in an alley

Stay by Spikedluv   Spike, Xander, and a dirty little secret.

The Stranger Things Series by Esmerelda   Xander is kidnapped and Spike has to arrange his release

String of Pearls by Kyrieane   Spike remembers the past and how he and Xan got together.

Striptease by Velvet Crypt   Spike forcibly snapped his jaw shut. "So you're a stripper?"¯ Nod. "At a gay club?" Nod. "And you like it?"¯ Nod. "Well, bugger me."¯

Subtleties by Anna S   A few years after Spike settles in NYC, Xander is sent to find him, because they need him once more for a mission.

Sunday Morning Coming Down by Crazydiamondsue   Post BtVS "The Gift." Xander struggles to come to terms with the resurrection spell in light of the "reality" of Buffy's death and his changing feelings for Spike.

Survival Instincts by Savoy Truffle   After Sunnydale, Xander has a chance meeting with Spike. As they tend to do, things develop from there...

Sweet Release by Crazydiamondsue   Season 4, post "The Harsh Light of Day." Xander has something Spike needs.

Swinger's Club by Eyezrthewindows   Spike goes to a sex club, sees someone unexpected and takes the opportunity spread out in front of him.

Sympathy For The Devil by Sakuri   In a Sunnydale without Buffy, Agent Harris may be the only initiative soldier able to get vital information about Angelus from Hostile 17   Preview

Taken by Beetle   AU. Xander was abandoned by Jesse after their first night together. Three years later Jesse's back, but now another Vamp wants to stake his own claim.   WIP

Talking About the Past by Maz   There is a lot of history there

The Thin Line Between Hell and Heaven by Dragon's Phoenix   There's a thin line between love and hate...

Three by Reremouse   So he's the emotionally unavailable but charming mystery-shrouded one-eyed single gay guy

Three Dog Nights by Skuzzbopper   Spike catches Xander reading a book on seducing non-mortals, and offers three nights of hands-on "lessons" in the subject-- which is just wonderful, since the non-mortal Xander had been hoping to seduce was Spike.

Thrill Me!verse by Amejisuto  Xander and Spike meet in the summer after the Master's death while Buffy is off in L.A., visiting her Dad and a friendship develops.

Through the Looking Glass by Kimberly   Xander follows a Spike look-alike all over town, only to discover that it actually is the supposedly-dead vamp ... and that Spike's working as a "dancer" in a gay peepshow.

Thursday Night Kitten Poker by Thedabara_cds   A game of kitten poker at Willy's leads to a friendship with Spike,which eventually deepens into true love and lots of hot kinky sex

Time Has Told Me... by Pirate Purple   Shared grief leads to a quest. Xander does the knight thing again, but this time, it's for Spike, of all people

To Wed Or Not To Wed by WarpedMindedYaoi and NightmareAhead   Spike is forced into an arranged marriage, but in the end... is it really forced?

To Start Again by Gnome   Xander takes an injured Spike and Dawn to Angel for protection from Glory.  wip

The Triangle by Randy Sex Kitten   Under the simmering moonlight of Texas and Bermuda, Xander and Spike face more than a Hellmouth, they face each other

Truth and Sacrifice by C. Woodhaven   Spike and Xander are forced to team up with Tara, an ancient and powerful demon witch.   wip

Truth/Friction by Apreludetoanend   The truth is in the friction

Two-Beer Queer by FireHorse   Xander loses his inhibitions after a few beers

Two of a Kind by Rowaine   Dawn wants her two boys to resolve their UST

Ulterior Motives by Yanagi_wa   A botched spell results in Xander becoming the thrall of Spike, the new master of the Hellmouth.   Preview

Under the Mountain by Tabaqui   Xander moved to Seattle on his return from Africa. A slow relationship develops after he runs into Spike there

Waffle House by Sajinn   It's Spike and Xander hanging out at a greasy spoon on the east coast!

Waking Up by Savoy Truffle   Season 4. Xander wakes up as a demon. In the wackiness (not all of it fun) that ensues, Spike and Xander wake up to each other.

Want by Shanyah   It's New York, it's eight years after the end of season 7. Xander and Spike have a chance meeting. Spike wants Xander to build him a house, but that's not all he wants.

The Wednesday Museum by Whichclothes   On a mission to Washington, DC to rescue Angel from hell, Xander and Willow run into an old acquaintance

We're Not Gay. We're Just Friends. Who Have Sex by Juliatheyounger   Spike and Xander discover they have a couple of things in common.

White Knight, Black Knight by Amejisuto   Xander learns some new things about himself, and in the process steps up to be a champion for those in need. Unfinished

Wilderness by Reremouse   He hadn't gone all the way through the soggy heart and dusty soul of bleeding Africa after Harris only to let the council bollocks up his recuperation.

With or Without by Whichclothes   Things went differently in season 4. Spike never escaped from the Initiative, and vampires have been enslaved. Fifteen years later, Xander finds him...  Preview

Women Suck Series by Spikedluv   Spike shows Xander that he doesn't need women...for anything.   Preview

Woo Me With Words by Dea Brynhild Ensomhet Spikess   Xander finds out that someone's been writing love poems to him, but who?   wip

Workin' in a Winter Wonderland by Whichclothes  Several years post-series, Xander returns to California to go undercover as an elf--and encounters several surprises.

Working Man by Cleeaz Xander has left the scoobies and is living a successful life running his own hand-crafted furniture business when Spike unexpectedly re-enters his life

A World of Their Own by Jameschick   Set at the end of season five. Xander and Spike get sucked into a portal during the battle with Glory.

Xander Doesn't by Tabaqui   Xander doesn't know why he stays, why he lost his friends, why his unconscious body seeks Spike's in the bed.....

Xander Harris Has A Tiki Bar by Emelye   Spike has slowly become a part of Xander's life

Xander On The Menu by Witchway   Spike's been battered by a Hell-god. Xander tries to help.  Preview

Xander's Diary by Druffine   Angsty diary entries



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