Accidental Charm by Dustandroses   Spike and Xander have no idea what just hit them.

Accumulated Interest by Lazuli.Kat   Dracula repaid Spike with the only thing he owned. His thrall: Xander Harris

The Adventures of Yarn!Spike by Dragon's Phoenix   The adventures of Yarn!Spike

Amnesia!Spike by Mahaliem Spike was shocked when Buffy told him that he was a vampire.

Another Nine Minutes by Werewindle   Xander solves his problem

Apocalypse or Not? by Forsaken2003   Giles thinks an apocalypse is coming.

As Two Such Men Should Be by Mwrgana   For some reason, Xander is feeling... adaptable. Can he persuade Spike it's the real thing?

Bad Thing by Zusblue   Bad things in the night

Bait by Shade   "Hey! If you're going to kill me, at least pay attention to me!"

The Bet by Emelye   Spike never met a wager he didn't like

The Big Bird Affair by Frk_werewolf   Three men, a Slayer, Big Bird, kissing, and an attempt in teaching self-defense.

Birthday by Edibbea   The boys are going out. Xander remembers other outings

Birthday Treat by Randy Sex Kitten   Not-so-subtle flirting at Giles' party

Bite Your Tongue by Electricalgwen   Spike's a domestic Goddess

Blame it on the Dip by Kyrieane   Set sometime after Spike moves out of the basement

Blighty by Evil Manic Laugh   Giles sends Spike and Xander on a mission to London together

Bloody Odin by Tabaqui   Spike and Xander and Vikings!

The Blue Story by Two Ladies of Quality   The Basement of Doom, cheesy sci-fi cliches, the appeal of things that are blue.

Bot I Didn't by MissE   Buffy sees something she can't believe

The Break Up by Rayne Jelly   Xander wouldn't just leave her! There was something terribly wrong!

Bugger Me by Fanbot   Xander turns to Spike for some lessons.

Butter Fingers by Spike_1790   Crack!fic

Candid Yams by Emelye   Spike and Xander host the Harris family Thanksgiving dinner.

Captain Broody Pants by Jasonsnene   Xander and Spike decide Angel needs to loosen up. Chaos ensues

The Census by Raihne   Spike fills out Xander's Census form

Chairman of the Bored by Mwrgana   Spike's boredom threshold is gathering a dangerous head of steam - and Xander just happens to be there.

Charmed by Spikedluv   Willow just wanted people to see past Xander's dopey exterior, so he could attract someone. When she cast her spell, she didn't expect it to be Spike.

Checkmate by Lady Cat & Estepheia   Xander and Spike need to undergo a charade, post-Gift. Can they handle what's required of them?

Colour Me Blind by Mwrgana   Spike has to protect his Xan from more than just demons

A Consort's Holiday by BmblBee   The newly mated couple decide to take a little holiday.   Sequel to What Happens In Vegas

Conversations by Werewindle   Three conversations between Spike and Xander

Costume Party by Robin The Crossover Junkie   Xander in fancy dress for a halloween party

Count Luffton by BmblBee One night Spike gets more than a little drunk and does something stupid.   Sequel to Mouse

Crazy About the Boy by Twilightofmagic   Spike and Xander have a domestic accident with complicated results.

Curious Xander by Saber ShadowKitten   In which yet another author perverts yet another icon of childhood, and we have fun with Spike and Xander.

Dawn Summers, Matchmaking Genius by Snowpuppies   Dawn Summers is a matchmaking genius. Don't believe her? Just ask her.   Preview

Death by Meth by Scorpio   Xander goes to a NA meeting.

Death By The Horn by Suki Blue   Harmony is dead. But who killed her???

Demons Anonymous by frk_werewolf   The Scoobies decide it's time to get help for their addiction.

Dick 'n Jane by FireHorse   In which yet another author perverts yet another icon of childhood, and we have fun with Spike and Xander.

The Difference Between Naked and Nekkid by Scribe   Xander likes to tease

Dining Out by EntreNous   Xander's birthday dinner, and Spike's spoiling it.

Dirty Meta Muse Porn! by Xanphibian   &   Lady Cat   The Authors confront their Muses

Dog Eat Dog World by frk_werewolf   Spike gets a new pet.

Don't Stop by Randy Sex Kitten   No-one believes Spike, even when he's telling the truth.

Dyeing Young by Mad Poetess   Meetings in the hair-dye aisle at Wal-Mart.

Eleven Pound by Karen   Ever wondered why Dracula owes Spike money?

Episode 23 by Melissa   It was becoming ever more obvious the Scoobies had to meet to discuss the UST between Spike and Xander

Everybody Thinks by Skitterby   Non-con of the "But, Spike, I don't wanna--oh, god, do that again!" variety.

Facing Fear by Suki Blue   Spike is terrified of spiders

Fanfic Angst Viewed As a Five-Star Thai Menu by Laazikaat(adapted from a concept originated by Alexandra)   How to rate the Angst level in Fan Fic Stories

Fanfic Made Me Gay by Jameschick   The wonderful world of internet slash claims another not-unwilling victim.

The First by Beetle   Basement of Doom on a Saturday night

Five Jobs Xander Lost.... by Darkhavens   Xander loses job after job but finally gets a clue. And a summons.

Five Spander Stories I'm Not Writing by Darkhavens   Five Spander Stories I'm Not Writing. At all. Ever. So hush.

Fixation by Sukiblue   What might happen if Spike and Xander were left alone to run the Magic Box?

Flicks by Electricalgwen   Spike has his own agenda when it's his turn to pick the movie

Flowers and Chocolate by Mahaliem   Spike and Xander have to pretend they're in love

Follow Spot by Mwrgana   Written like a screen play, Xander is taken out of context by his Mom

Forever Sunday by Suki Blue   Xander is exhausted and wishes that he had more quality time to spend with Spike.  The obvious ensues.  Silly boy.

For Money or Kittens by Hello-Spikey   Xander accidentally becomes Spike's owner when he tries to save Spike from a bunch of demon slavetraders

Freaking by EntreNous   Xander comes out, and there's no problem -- and that's the problem.

Fun with Baking, Or Not by Drivven   Xander and Spike make a mess in Buffy's kitchen

Gagging For It by Eyezrthewindows   Xander comes to Spike for something surprising. Spike doesn't know whether to be flattered or insulted...

Game Over by Sharvie   While Spike is still living with Xander in S4, they get trapped in the basement and have to find ways to keep themselves occupied. Angst warning

Gay Pride by Forsaken2003   Xander wants Spike to walk with him in Englands Gay Parade.

The Gift that Keeps on Giving by Kimalis   Rewrite of the last few minutes of the Season 5 finale. Crack!fic

The Great Hellmouth Charity Auction by Cicirossi   Xander and Spike put stuff up for sale and make Giles' life a little stranger.

Green Filled Goodness by Scribe   Xander should know better than to drink anything at Willy's that doesn't come straight out of a can or bottle. Sequel to Tricky Treat

Happy Birthday by BmblBee   It is Xander's birthday and his friends want to give him a present.

Have I Mentioned That I'm Evil? by Jameschick   Dawn's attempt at a 'Buddy Spell' worked way beyond expectations

Hidden Talents by Nasty Shrew   Why does Xander smell like Spike's coat?

His First Time by Truly Tazi   Spike's taking extra care

Holiday!verse by BmblBee   Working for the Council, the boys are sent on assignments that require their special talents

Home Decor by SunnyD-lite   Home decor, Hellmouth style.

Home Visit by Xanphibian   Angel comes to check on the boys

Honesty Is Always The Best Policy by Eyezrthewindows   Willow's truth spell works a little too well

How To Date A Vampire by Suki Blue   Xander and Spike go on a first date. But things are never that simple, are they?

If It Weren't For Bad Luck by Jameschick   Dawn knew if it weren't for bad luck, she would have no luck at all

I Love My Penis by Kyrieane   &   Druffine   Conversation only, in the middle of the night.

The Incorrigible Invalid by Savoy Truffle   Xander is a very trying patient

Inside Jokes by Sorrel   Due to a rather odd occurance of spring cleaning, Xander rediscovers The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

Insomnia by Virtual Personal   Three drabble set. The scoobies are having trouble sleeping.

Instant Karma by Kayla   Back in the day, Angelus arranged a marriage for his childe. It's now time for the ceremony

Intervention by FireHorse   Xander's friends think his good mood is caused by his chocolate addiction

In the Air Tonight by Suki Blue   A vision interrupts Xander's special Thanksgiving dinner with Spike, Doyle and Angel. Part of the From Out of Nowhere Verse

In The Dark by Rune   It's off to Buffy's birthday bash for our boys, but on the way...

I Slept with My Best Friend's Demon by Forsaken2003   Buffy brings Xander and Spike on to the Jerry Springer Show

It's All Been Done by crazydiamondsue   A snarky romp through both canon and fanon.

It's An Adventure by Michelle   Spike and Xander take a road trip for the good.

It's Just A Jump to the Left by Kimberly   Xander is trapped in a time loop, with no control over his actions in the future time he keeps cycling around to

Just Once by Fangrrl   The scoobies will face Glory later tonight, and Xander doesn't want to leave any unfinished business

Kiss by Estepheia   Spike gives Xander the kiss of life

K-I-S-S-I-N-G by Vinniebatman Andrew casts a spell looking for his true love, with unexpected results.

Knight in Shining Armor by Dustandroses   Spike is stuck with Xander, cleaning out an old, old rodent's nest.  What they find inside may bore them, but who knows, maybe it will change their lives.

The Lamest Spell by Nomelon   The lamest spell in the history of Sunnydale is cast on Spike. Xander gets caught in the crossfire.   Preview

Lazing On A Sunday Afternoon by Beetle   Spike sullys the movie-quotes game with nudity and hard liquor. Sequel to The First

Life of Almighty by Frk-werewolf   William and Alexander, two noble angels, are given a new task by the Lord: To play guardian angels to a pair of Scoobies

Lights Out by Snowpuppies   Torch or flashlight?

Like Magic by Sinandcinnamon   Xander's wanted to do this forever

Livin' It Up While It's Going Down by Dancetomato   Some things never change

Lovable Losers by Lusciousxander   Two losers stuck in one basement.

Love Potion #00BB00 by Pirate Purple   The boys know what they like

The Love Story of Xander and Spike by Lady Cat   S/X firmly in UST land.

Magic Moments by Sukiblue   A naughty blue demon decides it would be funny if Xander had Spike's baby

Manroot: A very bad Spander pornfic by Suki Blue   Pure corn, a poke at over-the-top porn fic

The Man Who Stole the Heart of William The Bloody by Darkhavens   Xander gets interviewed by the "No.1 Magazine for demon-human relationships"

Meeting The In-Laws by Jujukittychick   Xander and Spike deal with meeting the In-Laws

Messing with His Head by Lusciousspike   Xander wakes up next to Spike after a night of binge drinking  wip

Ministrations by Misanthrope   and   EntreNous   This is bad!fic. Are you looking for misguided angst? Random ennui? Unprecedented sexual skills? Generic traps? Cliched descriptions and inappropriate goofiness? You will find it all here. Oh, and there's a teensy bit of crossover too, with The Sentinel

Mission Implausible by Spikedluv   Xander and Spike undertake an undercover mission

Mistletoe by Kayla   Xander was standing under the mistletoe

Mistress Willow by T J Goldstein   The Willow we would all like to see.   S/X/Willow/Angel

Mouse by Mouse   Xander has a fear of rodents and enlists Spike to rid him of a mouse. Spike, who has his own agenda, accepts the challenge.

Mr Tig by Kirasmommy   A cat's eye view of the boys

Mrs Harris by Scorpio   Mrs Harris talks about her son and his new boyfriend

My Way by Obsession_is   Dialogue between Spike and Xander. Who will get their way?

The Name of the Game by Sevendeadlyfun   Spike's lovers hold an intervention

Nebraska! by Sajinn   Buffy, Xander, Spike and Angel take a road trip none will soon forget.

NEXT WEEK ON BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER ... by Kimalis   We interrupt your normal programming...

(Not) A Little Western Flower by Mwrgana   Xander is under Spike's thrall

Nursemaid by Karen   Spike plays nursemaid for Xander while he is ill. Xander doesn't know when to leave well enough alone.

Oblivious by Beetle   During Scooby meetings, what deep thoughts lurk behind our favorite pair of brown eyes?

One Turn of a Chicken's Foot by KittyPoker1   The pesky chip is spoiling Spike and Xander's fun

Out of Time by Dustandroses   Look, Fangless. I get that you’re doing the whole time loop thing, okay? But you can’t honestly expect me to believe that you and I have been macking on each other between loops.

Paid in Full by Dustandroses Xander should never have gone looking through Spike's coat.

Personals by Lady Cat   Xander puts his new computer to good use

Plots and Popcorn by Kargrif   The girls spend the night watching some real 'Reality TV'

Post-Apocalyptic Trends by Crazydiamondsue   Set post "Not Fade Away." Spike and Angel have Shanshu'd and Giles brings together "The Men Behind the Slayers" for a retreat, where discussion on recent research trends yields sadly literal results. Warning: Mpreg and references to Spike/Angel and Xander/Angel. Satire.

Predictability by Beetle   Unpredictability in the Basement of Doom

Press "2" by Kayla   Xanders rings a phone sex number and gets a sexy English accent on the line

Priceless by Kimalis   Xander deals with the aftermath of drinking too much at Clem's birthday

The Problem With Portmanteau by Kahuna Burger   Fanfic naming conventions are confusing Andrew

Productivity by Electricalgwen   Spike loses his concentration when teamed with Xander for Patrol

A Puppy is Forever by Nash   Xander is hit by a spell and thinks he's a dog

Pups 'O Plenty by frk_werewolf   Oh, Willow. The things your spells do. And the naughty things puppies get up to

Quick Draw by Spike 1790   It happens to everyone, right?

Rehearsal by The Brat Queen   Xander wants to please Anya, and Spike's there to help

Relating by Mwrgana   Xander feels that his snarky vampire is still not suitably presentable for polite company.

Ressurection of the Xanderbot by Savoy Truffle   Willow manages to repair the Xanderbot

Return of the Gem of Amara, 3D by Cimmer   William and Liam are back.   Sequel to Revenge of the Return of the Son of the Gem of Amara, the Sequel

The Reunion by Kirasmommy  Xander's mom's side of the family are coming for christmas. Before she married she was Marilyn Munster.

Revenge of the Return of the Son of the Gem of Amara,the Sequel by Cimmer   Xander has to deal with William and Liam when the Ring of Amara is destroyed (again)

Road Trips That Make You . . . by Eyezrthewindows   The roadtrip from hell. Prequel to Acceptance

Rubber Ducky, You're The One by Beetle   Spike has a surprise for Xander

The Rug Under My Feet by Dragon's Phoenix   Spike thinks it's blackmail.   Sequel to darklingdawn's Personal Favor

Run, Spander, run! by Nash   Someone is trying to write slash.

Santa Spike Comes Calling by Virtual Personal   Xander hated Christmas

Save Me From Myself by Jane Davitt  Xander was offered to Spike and Spike wants him.

The Sex Files Series by Evil Manic Laugh   Spike in the basement of doom, comedy spoof

Silk by Lady Cat R   Spike, Xander, lost in Arabic opulence WIP

A Slayer's Highly Tuned Senses... by Skargasm   Nothing got past a Slayer's Highly Tuned senses and it was nonsense to think that she had missed anything....

Slip of the Tongue by Dragon's Phoenix   Spike says some things about Xander that he hadn't meant to

Snakes in a Crypt by Sukiblue   There are snakes in Spike's crypt

Spander 4eva by Nasty Shrew   Really really good bad!fic

Spander 5K by Witling   Xander has to run miles to save the world. Spike isn't helping.

Spander is Exploitive by Witling   The boys discuss porn and fic writers

The Spander Kissing Meme by Moosesal   A game of Spin-the-Bottle

Spike by James Walkswithwind   In which yet another author perverts yet another icon of childhood, and we have fun with Spike and Xander.

Stay Away From my Ass! by Eyezrthewindows   Xander has an embarrassing problem

Steel by Robin the Crossover Junkie   Spike and Xander are handcuffed together for three days

Stupid Cupid by Spikedluv   A seemingly ordinary crossbow bolt causes Xander and Spike to develop lustful feelings towards each other.

Sunnydale General Hospital by Michelle   Buffy the Soap Opera BadFic

Swigging Syrup by SunnyD-lite   Xander knew he was seriously distracted.

Tallywackers In Love by Amejisuto and Suki Blue   Penis meets penis, penis falls in love with penis, and they get damp.

The 10 Commandments of Spander by Spike 1790   Spike and Xander rewriting the ten commandments to suit themselves and their relationship.

There's a Hole in My Bucket by Jane Davitt   Shutting him up is suddenly the most important thing in the world

The Key of the Dragon Witch by Kirasmommy   Spike is the lock/key over the Hellsmouth and Xander must guard him after Willow interferes with a spell

The Kidnappee’s Handbook by Sparrow2000   Xander takes a vacation, sort of...

They Might Have To Cut Off My WHAT?? by Robin The Crossover Junkie   Some activities shouldn't be done in the snow

Things Seen by Mwrgana   The boys get caught doing naughty things behind the stock shelves at the Magic box

Too Much Tequila by Werewindle   Xander had too much tequila last night.

Torture by KittyPoker1   Xander should have known his impulsiveness would lead to this

Touched by Virtual Personal   Xander finds he's touched by magic. His powers lead to hilarity and angst

Towels by Deird1   Only Spike would start a letter, "Dear Pretentious Twat"

Tricky Treat by Scribe   Xander uses his halloween costume to come out to his friends

The Trouble With Tequila by Spikedluv   Xander had too much tequila last night

True Romance: A Story of 2004 Words by Savoy Truffle   Spike has unusual notions of romance

Truth or Dare by Jameschick   A drunk game of Truth or Dare

Two's Company by Jackson   Sequel to Divided. Spike has been rejoined with his demon side but those pesky feelings just won't go away, and he wants Xander, however something in the form of a hot ex-demon is in his way.

Unfinished Business by KittyPoker1   Xander receives a certain amulet in the mail.

Untitled Scooby Meeting Fic by Lady Cat   Giles reveals a little TMI about Wesley during a private scooby meeting.

Untitled s/x porn for catvampcrazines Hump Fest by Margie   Spike has fun with a vibrator

The Vamp in The Hat by Mad Poetess   Dr Seuss for grownups

The Vampire's Choice by Suki Blue   The boys choose each other's Halloween costumes

Vamp Who Cried Wolf by Kargrif   Spike has told one too many tall-tales which causes problems when he's finally trying to tell the truth

Visiting Hours by Karen   A little taste of Spike and Xander's afterlife.

Wedding Sonnet by Randy Sex Kitten   Spike has promised to write a Sonnet as his wedding vows

A Week of Wrong by Anna S   The universe seems to be trying to set Xander up with Spike

What a Night for a Knight by Crazydiamondsue   Spike and Xander drive around in a van solving a mystery. Satirical send up

What are Friends for...? by Cimmer   The rocky road to true love.

What Did You Say? by Darkling Dawns   Spike likes to help Dawn with her homework.

What Happens In Vegas by BmblBee   Xander goes looking for adventure and gets more than he gambled on.   Preview

What Makes My Da Sad by Kahuna Burger   It's amazing how much kids notice

Where's My Cow? by Electricalgwen   Xander's mom would sit with her toddler and read him his favourite book when he was unwell.

Where's Waldo? by Stormyd55   Look out Scoobies! It's April Fool's Day!

Whispers by Sinandcinnamon   Xander gets back at Spike

Who's the Coolest? by Mera   It's Dawn's birthday party. She makes everyone play 'I Never'.

Window Dressing by Cicirossi   A trip to the mall. Funny but disturbing

The Wish Effect by frk_werewolf   Xander should know not to make wishes.

Wishes and Wants by BmblBee   So how did the boys in Holiday!verse or What Happens In Vegas get together in the first place? Maybe we have some answers?   Sequel to Happy Birthday

Work is a Drag by Kirasmommy   Xander vents about his rotten day at work

Xander Harris And The Manifold Joys Of Scientific Research by T'eyla   Spike and Xander get bored with research and decide to spice things up a bit.

Yeah by Moosesal   Internet relationship

Your Bloody Fault... by Lit Gal   Spike and Xander come to Angel for help after accidentally bonding

You've Got Spike by Michelle   Spike takes a job as a phone-sex worker.  S/X/Anya



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