The Spander Files


Title Category Summary
Alliances  PDF Vamp!Xander;   Original Spike Wish!verse Xander wants what he'll never have from his sire, to be really wanted. Then Spike shows up in Sunnydale.
Alternate Reality Bites Not Human   Established Relationship  Sliders Xander begins to have some disturbing dreams about a less successful life. Part of the Bite!verse
Anchors  PDF Hurt/Comfort;   Developing Feelings Post series. Xander and Spike are in London, each struggling with his own (mental) demons. Can they help each other?
Barcelona Drabbles Established Relationship Sequel to Refuge
Call of the Wild Hyena!Xander He wasn't meant to be scared of beasties in the dark
Changed Kid!fic Spike and Xander face their most daunting challenge yet.   Part of the Bite!verse
The Curse of Spike's Ass Established Relationship Someone's put a curse on Spike's ass.   Co-written with Emelye   Sequel to El Cuento del Bucanero y del Vampiro
The Darkness Inside Vamp!Xander   Angst   The Initiative The Initiative isn't finished with Xander yet.   Sequel to The Right Tool
DeSoto 4 Sale Beginnings Someone has a Desoto for sale.
El Cuento del Bucanero y del Vampiro  PDF   Developing Feelings Xander is in Mexico undercover, and Spike is sent from L.A. on the same mission.   co-written with Emelye
Epiphanies  PDF Developing Feelings Several years post-series, Xander thinks Spike needs to get his unlife together.
Finding Xander   PDF Ex Lovers Spike and Xander had a tenuous relationship that has gone sour. Can Spike find Xander and save them both?
The Ghost Has No Home  PDF Lost Memory A decade post-series, Xander discovers Spike in an alley, amnesiac and human
Gift Exchange Christmas On a whim, Xander buys a Christmas present for Spike, and the gift has unforeseen consequences.
Gone Mental Sliders   &   Post NFA Spike ends up in a mental hospital.
Good Mojo   PDF Developing Feelings;   Souled Spike;   Working Man Spike is Xander's only hope when a spell goes wrong.
The Green Man Series Superpower!Xander;   Hyena!Xander It's said that if a mortal sees the Wild Hunt he'll be brought to the land of the dead.
Grey Matters  PDF Hurt/Comfort;   De-Chipped;   Developing Feelings Set during BtVS S4. Xander discovers Spike in an alley, seriously brain-damaged.   Preview
The Guide Beginnings Xander's in New York to do a difficult job.
Happily Ever After Fairy Stories When Spike gets whacked with a magic mushroom, the boys learn there's more to fairy tales than happy endings. Set in the Biteverse
Hard-Bitten   PDF Developing Feelings Spike is missing, and Xander is the only one available when Angel begs for help to search for him
The Hermit of Werleyville  PDF Superpower!Xander;   Developing Feelings A curse sends Xander into seclusion--until Spike shows up in town.
Holidays Bite Not Human The boys find themselves in trouble again. Can Spike save them?   Ficlet set in the Biteverse
Hot for Teacher Post NFA Several years after Sunnydale, Xander discovers that Buffy has hired a new teacher for the Slayers-in-training: an Englishman who tortures his students with terrible amounts of work. Can Xander find a way to make the teacher relax a little?
How To Denial Drabble. Spike discovers Xander's dirty little secret
If It Wasn't for Bad Luck  PDF First Time;   Sweet and Schmoopy A chance encounter with a demon changes Xander's luck.
Irene Hurt/Comfort BtVS S5, sometime very shortly after Crush. Spike's captured by a demon. Will he be saved?  Preview
Lady Luck Beginnings Several years post-series, Xander runs into Spike. Is their luck about to change?
L'Angelo della Città Developing Feelings Xander and Spike go to Venice to investigate a problem. They discover much more than they had expected.
Madhouse  PDF Spander Plus;  Sliders After the battle with Wolfram & Hart, Spike and Angel are sent to different worlds. On returning, Angel enlists Xander to rescue Spike.
Man of His Dreams   PDF Ghost!Spike Some years post-series, Xander's trying to lead a normal life, when he starts dreaming of Spike, who was last seen burning beneath Sunnydale High.
Memento Mori: Hominem Te Memento  PDF Sweet William;   Time Travel In order to save the world, Xander must travel back in time and make sure that William becomes Spike.
Mouse  PDF Hurt/Comfort In an alternate universe, Spike went to Angel instead of Sunnydale after earning his soul. That didn't turn out well for Spike.
Nature Takes Its Course Established Relationship Xander wants a change of scenery.
Nose for News Established Relationship A reporter interviews the man who saved people from drug-crazed mass-murderers.
Phoenix Christmas;   Established Relationship Sequel to The Wednesday Museumbut can be read on its own. Xander and Spike attempt holiday-season travel.
Postsecret  PDF Rewrites   &   De-Chipped   &   Developing Feelings A visiting demon causes secrets to be spilled, and those secrets change our boys' lives
The Prisons We Make  PDF Post NFA   &   Slave 10 years after the fall of Sunnydale, Xander hears that Spike is on display at a tourist trap.
Punishment Angst Immortality hurts.
Rear Window Developing Feelings   &   Movieland   &   Souled Spike Xander's leg's broken and Spike plays nurse. But there's something fishy going on at the neighbor's place.
The Right Tool The Initiative    Lost Memory     Hurt/Comfort Spike is tortured by the initiative, Xander tries to help him heal.   Read Warnings  Preview
Refuge  PDF Double Trouble Several years post-series, Xander is a Watcher in Barcelona. A distressed Spike shows up unexpectedly at his door.
Scheherazade Souled Spike Far in the future on a distant planet, Spike has been enslaved for centuries. In order to spare himself from a terrible fate, he must entertain his Master with tales of his vampire existence on Earth.
Shadow of a Man Beginnings Xander gives in to his inner darkness during season 4, with lasting consequences for him and Spike.
Six Thousand Miles Long Distance Loving;   Established Relationship Sequel to L’Angelo della Città. Spike and Xander each have tasks to complete--on separate continents.
The Smallest Mask   PDF First Time;   Post NFA Xander is bait. Who will he catch?
A Spander Advent First Time and Beginnings, Oblivious
Angel sends Spike on an errand, and Spike meets up with an old acquaintance.
Spectres  PDF Seduction Developing Feelings Spike and Xander go to investigate a haunted house
Speeding Human AU Xander is a cop, and catches Spike doing something illegal. How can Spike bribe his way out of the situation?
The Seduction of Dreams Beginnings, Oblivious Xander has some confusing dreams.
Trust Established Relationship Communication
Truth or Dare Post Apocalypse Spike and Xander find a way to pass the time.
Twice Bitten Not Human   &   Post NFA   &   Established Relationship Spike and Xander are with Angel in LA. They have a number of issues to deal with, though, including Xander's werewolf bite, Lindsey in the basement, and Wolfram & Hart. Sequel to Hard Bitten
The Unveiling  PDF Spander Plus Angel is damaged in the battle with Wolfram and Hart, and Spike brings him to Xander for help.
Venom for the Holidays Something Made Us Do It  &   P W P Spike has a problem and turns to Angel for help. (Possibly a Spander Prelude if you squint)
The Wednesday Museum   PDF Developing Feelings On a mission to Washington, DC to rescue Angel from hell, Xander and Willow run into an old acquaintance
The Wild Hunt Christmas;  Beginnings Vampires do not celebrate Christmas, but maybe they can celebrate something else instead.
With or Without  PDF Developing Feelings   &   Hurt/Comfort Things went differently in season 4. Spike never escaped from the Initiative, and vampires have been enslaved. Fifteen years later, Xander finds him...  Preview
Workin' in a Winter Wonderland  PDF Christmas;   Developing Feelings Several years post-series, Xander returns to California to go undercover as an elf--and encounters several surprises.
Wrong Side of the Bed First Time and Beginnings
Spike and Xander end up in bed together. But they're not gay, you know.

Non-Spander Pairings

Title Category Summary
Chances Other Pairings Spike has a quiet, lonely existence until someone begins to leave him notes. Should he take a chance at meeting his stalker?
Charmed Other Pairings - Spike/Giles Giles is kidnapped and has an unlikely rescuer.  
Demonstration Other Pairings - Spike/Giles/Wes Giles is teaching Wesley how a watcher should spank a disobedient boy - he uses Spike as the demonstration model - Spike doesn't mind too much
Don't Ask, Don't Tell Giles/Lindsey (non-explicit) Giles and Lindsey have a few issues to settle.  Set in the Biteverse
Double Crossing Spangel+Lindsey Post NFA, Lindsey reappears, asking Spike for help. Trouble ensues.
Fallen from Grace Spangel Spike and Angel deal with the aftermath of the Shanshu prophecy.
Fireworks Spangel Boredom was to blame
Ingredients Spike/Giles Giles needs an ingredient that only Spike can give him. It's not quite like borrowing a cup of sugar.
Rashovamp  PDF Spangel ~ Comedy One event, three perspectives.
That Time with Miss Kitty Fantastico Other Pairings Set during S7. What did happen to Miss Kitty Fantastico?
Thomas Wolfe for Immortals Spangel In the distant future Spike and Angel revisit home
2029 Spangel Twenty-five years after NFA
Wesley Watched Spangel Set during AtS S5. Wesley watches
Whore Spangel Wolfram & Hart steals Angel's soul.



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