The Spander Files


Title Category Summary
Acceptance Vamp!Xander   &   Spander Plus Spike takes a newly vamped Xander to Angel for acceptance into the family. S/X/Angel Continues from Roadtrips That Make You...
All Bets Are Off Cross Dressing   &   First Time A drunken dare taken on and things don't go as expected
All in, Balls Out Original Spike, First Time and Beginnings Spike and Xander meet for the first time under not so great circumstances.
Are You There? Sweet and Schmoopy Xander is hurt and in a coma and astral travelling
Attack of the Sniffles Established Relationship Spike's not a good patient when he gets sick
Because of His Lips Preslash It really was an atrocity of a film
Big Bad Preslash It's chipped Spike being as bad as he can be. Which isn't really bad at all...
The Big Two-Double-Zero Sweet and Schmoopy   &  Established Relationship Xander has a surprise planned for Spike's birthday
Changing His Religion  PDF First Time   &   Human AU Xander tries to adjust to realising he's gay
Diapers and Wet Dreams First Time Xander has a strange dream
Did You Know? Basement of Doom A sleeping Xander becomes easier to spill his guts to than Spike ever would've imagined.
Don't Move Extra Dark Post Glory, Buffy and Anya are dead, Giles is gone. Xander takes out his pain and anger on Spike, who just accepts it because it's the only way he'll get any comfort of his own
Dying Was Worth It  PDF Sweet and Schmoopy   &   Vamp!Xander Spike's plans for when his chip stops working misfire a bit
Fur P W P Spike finds a use for Xander's ugly new fake-fur rug
Gagging For It  PDF Comedy Xander comes to Spike for something surprising. Spike doesn't know whether to be flattered or insulted...
Giving In To You   PDF Oblivious/Denial Spike and Xander are just fuck-buddies. No soppy feelings here, no way.
Heat of The Moment P W P Lust hits suddenly from out of nowhere
Honesty Is Always The Best Policy Comedy   &   Under a Spell   &   First Time Willow's truth spell works a little too well
I Don't Know How it Happened   PDF Oblivious/Denial Xander and Spike fight a lot
If All Morning Afters Were Like This... First Time Xander has a small problem. . .and Spike isn't helping
If You Ever Hunger Prostitute;   Working Man Rent boy Xander meets Spike
Irresistible When You...   PDF Spander Plus   Something Made Us Do It Spike gets slimed by a lust demon and becomes, quite frankly, a huge slut...   S/X/Angel
Kissing Cousins First Time   &   Human AU Spike and Xander are teenagers. Spike's a horndog who'll even screw with one of his relatives.  wip
Life is Just a Chain Reaction Seduction Xander accidently observes Spike shagging in an alley
Lucky No.13 Human AU Spike's a slut and sleeps with everyone   S/B, S/T, S/W, S/L, S/O, S/W, S/F, S/G, S/G, S/D, S/A, S/X and S/A
Mystic Egg Timer De-Chipped   &   Sweet and Schmoopy Spike gets the chip out, on one condition
Not Much To Be Thankful for...Especially This Holiday Fic Spike has much to be thankful -- Who's he kidding? Spike has shite to be thankful for and he certainly wouldn't be thanking anybody for this, would he?
One Thing Better Than Ice Cream Seduction Spike's trapped in Giles' bathroom -- chained, bored, horny -- when he hears something that makes him not so bored anymore and he has to investigate
On the Same Page Developing Feelings Spike finds solace in Xander and discovers that he really is a big girl's blouse but it isn't all that bad what with all the sex and all.
An Orange Day   PDF Human AU   &   Christmas Spike gets a really crappy surprise on Christmas...and also a pretty good one
Plausible Deniablity   PDF Human AU  &   Oblivious/Denial When Will's step-sis Faith comes back from college she brings unexpected complications with her in the form of a very attractive Xander.
Precious Jewel   PDF Prostitute/Slave;   Lost Memory;   Working Man Xander goes on a slayer-seeking mission and finds someone he never thought he'd see again and discovers a perfect opportunity for revenge.
Rattled Preslash Spike's chained to a bath tub. He has two visitors.
Really Not Bad Human AU  &   Kissing Human AU. Xander's at the mall minding his own business when someone comes along and just...totally rocks his world
Road Trips That Make You . . .  PDF Vamp!Xander;   Comedy;  Road Trips The roadtrip from hell. Prequel to Acceptance
Santa Claus is Dead and What Happened to the Doughnuts, Anyway? Christmas   &   Basement of Doom Xander has to deal with two different horny vampires. Not that he's complaining.
Sheared Possessive/Obsessive Spike doesn't like Xander's fascination with a certain TV actor
Stay Away From my Ass! Comedy Xander has an embarrassing problem
Swinger's Club   PDF Developing Feelings Spike goes to a sex club, sees someone unexpected and takes the opportunity spread out in front of him.
Things You Never Want to See Established Relationship Xanders sees something that squicks him badly
Thrown Out Of The Closet Secret Lovers;   Holiday Fic New Years Eve party

Non-Spander Pairings


Title Category Summary
Civic Duty Spangel ~ Human AU Human AU. Spike's first Jury duty stint isn't quite as boring as he thought it would be.
Cruel and Unusual Spangel ~ P W P Sequel to Insolence
Insolence Spangel ~ P W P Spike has sex with himself!
Little Blue Pills Spangel ~ Angst Spike plays a practical joke on Angel and...stuff happens. Unexpected stuff.
Rapture Spangel ~ Human AU Male stripper Spike hates that Angel is more popular with their customers
Seeding Spangel Spike gets himself and Angel into a bit of a predicament.
Whoever You Ask For Spangel ~ Prostitute/Slave Dark avenger Angel rescues young human rent-boy Will from rape & probable death
Winding Him Up Spangel Spike just loves winding Angel up


Title Category Summary
I hate him, I love him Xangel ficlet Xander faces his true feelings
Slept So Long Xangel ~ Human AU Xander meets a love-sick Angel, still grieving for his long dead love, William
The World is a Loaded Gun Xangel Feeling sorry for himself after he had Amy do that love spell that backfired, Xander's on his way home when he's captured by Angelus

Other Pairings

Title Category Summary
The Aftermath of Squishy and Warm Other Pairings ~ PWP Spike is creative with a melon
Glorious Spike/Unknown It's kind of kinky...and hot. Spike goes to a demonic brothel type place because he wants a special blowjob.
Good Vibrations Non Pairings Spike's taking care of something for Xander.
Ownership Gunn/Wes Gunn/Wes companion fic to Irresistible When You...
Spike/Giles Kink Series Spike/Giles Spike can't get in a wank for all the people running in and out of Giles' bathroom. What's a chained up vampire to do?
Touching You Makes Me Feel Alive Xander/Lindsey Companion ficlet to the Xangel story: Slept So Long



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