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Pairing: Spike/Xander, Spike/Dru
Spoilers: Goes AU half-way through Lovers Walk, Season 3.
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Summary: Desperate to get his beloved Drusilla back, Spike decides to take her a nummy prezzie.

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Of Kittens and Lambs

Yours Truly

Part One

It's ridiculously easy Spike thinks, walking out the school in the middle of the night, carrying two unconscious bodies over his shoulders without drawing attention to himself. This is Sunnydale, after all. There's not a soul in the street as he heads for the spot where he's parked his De-Soto, lost in his drunken musings. The slow pounding of his prey's little hearts next to his ear make his mouth water and, for a moment, he considers buggering the whole of the plan and making a right snack out of the Slayer's pets. But the thought of his Princess' rejection drives the hunger pangs in a wave of pain that leaves him reeling.

"She'll love me again," he mutters darkly to himself, reaching his car and wrenching the back door open with a violent move that nearly makes him drop his charges. "I'll make her love me, whatever it takes."

In goes the boy, landing in a sprawl that cannot be comfortable for anyone. But then again, the little wanker had tried to fight back when he should have been quaking in fear of him, and surrendering that nummy little body without complaints. Bloody hell, he must really be wasted, if he can't even seduce two human teenagers into complacent little lambs. Dru'd be right pissed at him for...

With a growl at his own thoughts, Spike lands a vicious kick to the open car door and the reckless movement makes his precarious balance sway dangerously. The red haired chit in his arms moans piteously when he drops her to the hard cement in his plight, but Spike pays little attention while he bundles her up again and throws her in to land on top of the lad, who doesn't even flinch at the added weight on top of him. They made sturdy microscopes these days, it seemed, because the boy was right out of it after his head's close encounter with one.

"Serves him right for fighting back," Spike mutters, slamming the car door shut and stumbling over to the driver's side. His hand comes into contact with a half-empty bottle of whiskey, and he gleefully gulps it back, eyeing his unconscious captives on the rear-view mirror. "Off we go then, lambs. You'll help me getting Dru back, and I can finally forget about this bleeding excuse of a town."

Of course, neither of them answer him as he steps on the accelerator and drives towards the abandoned factory in a deafening screech of tires.


Xander moaned when he woke slowly, only to discover the pounding agony that had replaced his head.

Flinching back from the non-existing light, Xander opened his eyes in slow motion, waiting for his muddled brain to supply the answers he was lacking. His surroundings were bleak and cold, and the steady dripping of some unseen water source was doing very little to soothe the horrible headache that made everything difficult for him.

Sitting up was a feat he found he couldn't accomplish, or at least, not without tumbling into an ungraceful heap in the dusty floor. The nausea that welled up in the pit of his stomach didn't help him to get his thoughts together and recognize his surroundings.

"What the..." Xander mumbled groggily, still struggling against his body's urge to curl in on itself and welcome unconsciousness back with open arms.

"Wuss," he muttered to himself, blinking back the blurred edges of his vision and looking around again.

He was in a dusty, shadowed, old, abandoned and messy room, with scattered machinery laying around. There was filth everywhere. The room was obviously large, though it smelled of confinement, and the air inside was stuffy, making breathing a little difficult.

All in all, not a good place to be, Xander decided, carefully leaning against a metal bar to help himself to sit up without falling on his face once more. Finally, feat accomplished, he leaned against the bar, breathing heavily while trying to ease the ache behind his eyelids. His memory, it seemed, was still drawing a big blank as to why exactly he had landed in here with an anvil being pounded inside his head.

"Fuck," Xander whispered ruefully, closing his eyes. "What exactly did I land myself into this time?"

"Oi, would you like the long version or the crash course, whelp?" A sudden voice purred from beside his ear and Xander jumped up with a strangled yell. Heart pounding, Xander did his best to look calm, even while his eyes were taking in his situation.

Namely, Spike. It was Spike standing there, smug smile in place, even if from this close, Xander could see that his eyes were slightly glazed over. Then the vampire was retreating backwards a few paces, blue eyes gaining edges of yellow that made them shine notoriously. Spike was also talking slowly, as if to a dim witted child. "How you'd be then? Didn't hit you hard enough to scramble your brains, did I?"

"N-no," Xander managed, cursing the quivering in his voice as his memories placed themselves together in a rush, and he suddenly remembered what had happened. He and Willow had been in the lab, when... "Willow! Where's Willow, you-you bastard?! What did you do to her?"

Spike just blinked at him calmly for a minute, infuriating Xander while terrifying him at the same time with his silence. What if he'd done something to Willow? What if he'd-no-no, he wouldn't would he-?

"Now, now," Spike said after a moment, drawing up a cigarette out of thin air and lighting it with a bored expression. "No need to pay any regard to a nasty rumour, love- I can assure you, my father had wed my mum back in the day when I came to be. So, see, not actually a bastard."

With every word, Spike stalked closer with a predator's prowl that made Xander tense up despite himself. Then the vampire leaned against the wall, right next to Xander, tilting his head like a curious child, regarding him closely.

"Your little witch is fine, pet. She’s right over there, in fact, getting things in gear," he gestured with a small wave to the dark corner to the right, where Xander's eyes couldn't discern what was there. Spike seemed to know this, as he glanced in that direction before turning to give Xander a nasty grin. "Where there's a door and another room and a whole ton of dust, for those of us without enhanced senses. That all right with you, then?"

"No, it's not!" Xander shouted at him, rushing to his feet to tackle the vampire in front of him, obviously having caught Spike off guard with his sudden move. But it wasn't enough to gain Xander leverage, because his vision swam with the sudden lurch and his legs felt too weak to support him while he tried to scramble off Spike to hurry towards Willow. The vampire however, had easily recovered after his attack and thin hands grasped Xander's arms in a relentless grip that made the boy bite back a groan of pain.

Spike easily regained his footing, dragging Xander up and throttling him violently for a moment, making spots dance before Xander’s eyes. Dazedly, the boy felt himself being slammed against a wall while Spike pinned him there with his own weight, nuzzling his throat in the process. The vampire's breath smelled strongly of alcohol.

I'm going to die, Dear God, I'm seventeen and I'm going to die and I don't even know if Willow is okay and she's probably dead and oh my God, Spike's going to go after Buffy next, he's going to kill her, he's going to-

"SPIKE! Stop!" A screeching voice suddenly cut into his muddled thoughts, forcing Xander to open eyes which he'd not realized he'd closed.


Willow was there and she was all right, even if she wouldn't be for much longer if she kept hitting the obviously not amused vampire with her small fists in a fierce attempt that could maybe tickle a lesser being.

But Spike didn't look particularly ticklish in that moment as he drew back from Xander's throat thank God only to whirl around in a dizzying move that made Xander's head hurt even more, as he tumbled weakly to the floor without Spike's weight supporting him.

When he reopened bleary eyes, it was to the horrifying sight of Spike holding Willow's wrists above her head in an effortless grip, her pale face turned to one side while Spike nuzzled the side of her throat much as he had just done with Xander. Unable to do anything, Xander scrambled to sit up only to be kicked back and sent flying, much to Spike's amusement.

"We'll make things clear, pets," Spike spoke up, his voice loud in the echoing silence of the old building they stood on. Xander looked up at him with hatred and met the cold blue eyes that looked back at him. Then he looked away and met Willow's frightened gaze, which begged him not to make things harder. He sighed and gave her a slight nod, turning his head to listen to Spike's slightly slurred words.

"I just want my bleeding spell done, yeah? I've got no bleeding regards for either of you, so don't make my sodding unlife any worse if you can help it or I'll only be too happy to drain you both dry.” There was a pregnant pause, followed by a small whimper from Willow. Xander glared hotly at the vampire, but Spike hardly looked scared. “Lil' Red here does her mojo thing, whelp over there shuts his gob for long enough and I'll be on my way back to my Princess. Happies all around. End of speech."

The vampire growled lowly, pulling away from Willow and pushing her roughly toward the darkened corner where Spike had said she'd been earlier. "Now do your fucking jobs and get me my Dru back."

Willow sent one last look over her shoulder at him before scrambling away while Xander watched her go with a forlorn expression, before whirling his head around to glare at Spike. Unexpectedly, he found the vampire was just standing there, swaying as if the breeze would drop him with a lost expression of his own.

Blinking in surprise, Xander saw him murmur something unintelligible to himself about his 'girl', before he walked away from Xander with an unsteady swagger that told the boy just how sober the vampire wasn't. That could be good. He had only to wait for an opportunity before pouncing on Spike and getting the hell out of here, Willow in tow.

"Just wait until after my head stops screaming at me," Xander muttered to himself tiredly, leaning back against the wall behind him and closing his eyes with a sigh.

Nothing to do but wait.

He didn't even realize he was drifting as he was once more swallowed by unconsciousness.


Spike watched as the red haired chit waddled around the small room he set up for her, moving around the ingredients she had him bring while the whelp had still been unconscious.

He growled softly as he remembered his barely avoided run-in with the Slayer and the poofter, both of whom had apparently been looking for their little playmates. Bloody Angelus probably knew Spike was back in town, weakened as their sodding bond was...

Stalking closer until Spike stood right behind the girl, he read the blurry book page over her shoulder to make sure she was doing as she must, pleased when it seemed everything was in order. He'd have his princess back in no time, begging his forgiveness, rather than having to crawl back to her as he always did, begging for hers. She'd want him now, instead of the ghost of their fucking 'daddy' hiding everywhere they went. Maybe he could turn the little witch even, might be right useful if he wanted more mojo done for his benefit.

But then he tried to imagine taking care of Dru AND a fledging with magical abilities at the same time and the thought quickly lost its initial appeal.

The mousy little witch was shaking faintly as he stood hovering around her, so he stepped back, giving way to one of his rare gentlemanly moments. Pissed off about even having gentlemanly moments, Spike took another swig of whiskey, throwing the bottle away with a loud crash of broken glass that startled the girl even further. "No wonder Dru wonders about my demon side- I bloody wonder about it."

"I don't," A small voice informed him and he turned back to face her, giving the witch a lopsided grin that had her looking away. "I-I should be ready soon, Spike, but-but I have to warn you-"

"Warm my cold dead heart with your praise, you do," Spike drawled slowly, leaning against the table she was working on and overseeing the scattered herbs and candles that were being neatly organized by Red's shaking hands. "What would you be warning me about, though? I don't know if you noticed I'm not particularly patient today. Or ever really."

"Y-yeah, I've kinda noticed," She laughed nervously, twiddling a strand of hair on her finger. "Look, Spike- I'm just a beginner, ok? I-I've never really tried this and now, I know you said you'd kill Xander and we'd try again if it didn't work at first, but I'm not too on the happy side with that proposal, 'cause you know, not big on the killing my friend part." She managed to say in just one breath while Spike just stared at her in a strange mix of amusement and annoyance at the impending headache she was creating within him.

"You see, it'll most likely go wrong on the first few tries, so you could, like, maybe give me a few false starts before you start with the big evil dead threats? Because trust me, I'll be doing my best either way. I even feel kinda bad for you, despite everything, 'cause you obviously love Drusilla even while she's crazy and all. But these things go wrong a lot so I need more time- because it does go wrong then that would really make you more moody-I-I mean, not that you're moody now, only slightly whiny, but that's all understandable..."

"Bloody shut up already!" Spike wailed at last, reaching a hand out and clamping it over her mouth, grasping her face in a hard grip that made her squeak comically. He drew her closer, whirling her around so her back was pressed tightly against his front, making it easy to grasp her securely.

Playfully, he moved a slow hand down her body to touch her breasts, easily holding her wrists still when she tried to stop him. Like a pinned butterfly she struggled helplessly for a moment, whimpering protests that finally died down to nothing as Spike just held her until she stilled in his grasp, ending her wriggling.

Her words hadn't boded well for him; Angelus knew he was around, and the Slayer was most likely hunting him down as he stood here. Time was something he didn't have.

"Now, that's all better, pet. Now listen to me carefully. From now on, you shut those pretty lips until I ask you something, understand? And when that happens, I expect a bleeding straight answer. Now, tell me, before I make a fun game out of playing with you, what could go wrong here?"

It took her a few seconds to react after he removed his hand from her lips and even then, he could hear the underlining terror in her every word as she answered. It mended his wounded pride.

"M-many things could. T-The last love spell I s-saw was Xander's. Y-You r-remember? Every woman in Sunnydale was fawning over him, then trying to kill him? E-Even D-dru-"

Spike blinked, then slowly, like from a distance, he remembered that little occurrence. Sunnydale gone insane over the whelp, his beautiful Drusilla fawning over that twig of a boy and vowing to make him her 'kitten'-

"That's right," Spike murmured softly, fingering Willow's hair aside and relishing her small whimper at the motion. "Oh, pet, you've given me quite the idea. Brilliant, that is."

He slowly turned her around to meet his eyes and was pleased to see that the little trick his ducks had taught him worked on her, as her eyes lost their focus and she slumped weakly against him, head lulling to the side and willingly bearing her throat. Heh, he could still seduce the moon from the sky or the witch from her magic, if he put his mind to it.

"Now, be a doll and listen closely. You won't remember about our little encounter when your little Slayer finds you. You don't know what happened to you and the whe- to you and Xander. You can't remember, but you weren't hurt. Understood, pet?"

"Yes. Won't remember you. Don't know what happened. Me and Xander. Slayer. Nothing happened." Willow murmured dazedly and Spike grinned, nuzzling her bared throat. He knew Angel would know if he marked her, so he fought the overwhelming temptation of biting.

He'd take her along, but he would have enough of a problem with handling the whelp. Spike would bring the little plaything back to Dru and have her love him again if it killed them both! Maybe he could come back for the feisty little witch in his arms later on.

Chuckling to himself, Spike led her docile body outside the factory and gave her a pat on her arse. "Wake up now and go find your slayer. Our deal's done."

Spike watched briefly as she blinked her eyes until they cleared and looked around in obvious confusion, before he retreated back inside the factory, stalking over to where the boy lay, slumped unconscious against the far wall.

"Wakey, wakey, little kitten!" Spike called cheerfully, hauling the boy up by his lapels and holding him against the wall as he had earlier, seeing him now in a different light. He could make a fine plaything, if he prepared him for his Princess. "We'll be taking a little trip, you and I- right after I get your devotion, of course."


Groggily, Xander was aware of a voice rattling on in his ear and despite his splitting headache, the sound wasn't altogether unpleasant.

The voice held a soft cadence and its soft English accent was something he wouldn't mind getting used to, he thought dazedly, the exact second before his mind processed who the voice belonged to.

"Gah!" Xander gasped audibly as his eyes snapped open to meet Spike's, not liking for a moment the unholy glint in that gaze.

"Name's Spike, luv," The vampire purred at him, leaning closer, and Xander could tell he was only -slightly- more sober than before. He looked determined though and that never bode well for Xander, intoxicated Spike or not. "Listen to me, pet. You awake now? Not seeing pink elephants or anything of the sort, right?"

"Just bleached bloodsuckers," Xander muttered, surprised when the comment drew a laugh out of Spike.

"Fair enough," Spike told him. Then Xander noticed something important that he really should have noticed before.

His feet were off the ground. Along with the rest of him that was. And the nice float-y feeling he had? Was a bit literal, because he was being carried. By Spike. He was in Spike's arms. Spike was carrying him. In his arms. Nope, still didn't sound real. Maybe pink elephants would be better.

"Pet-Xander- your name's Xander, right?"

Said Xander blinked up at the vampire that was carrying him deftly, trying to reconcile this talkative and cheery version of him with the much more life-threatening creature he remembered from his earlier awakening. Had he been hallucinating? With Spike-?

"Gah!" Xander murmured again, pretending not to see Spike's amused grin so close to his face.

I should be struggling, Xander thought faintly, but his muscles felt weak and his mind was a muddled mess. Looking up at Spike, he found no easy answers, bur rather more annoyingly important questions. For instance, where was the mean 'grr' face from earlier? And even more importantly, where's, "Shit, Willow! What did you do to her?!"

Spike sighed, exasperated it seemed, and then he stopped walking, turning his full attention to Xander. And today was just BIG with the weird factor, because having those eyes trained on him shouldn't be making Xander want to huddle closer to the damn killer he was being held by. What in all hell...

"Red's free to go back to her little Slayer, pet," Spike explained patiently, as if to a child, and Xander frowned up at him. "Luv, if I' wanted to kill her I'd have done so slowly and with you watching, before I killed you off as well."

"Okay, so not reassuring!" Xander cried out in alarm, but still didn't make any moves to stand on his own and step away from Spike. The vampire just grinned at him and Xander looked away, because it was reassuring, in a very bizarre fashion. Spike was, after all, a souless demon who thrived on pain and torture and would therefore want him to suffer by killing and torturing his best friend in front of his helpless eyes-and why the hell wasn't he struggling yet?!

"You see, I'm sure you're wondering why you aren't trying to stake me yet." Spike told him smugly and Xander nodded, wondering if maybe Spike could also read minds and Xander hadn't gotten the memo informing him about it. "That'd be 'cause I put a bit of a thrall on you, pet. Nothing serious mind, I rather like your spirit. It’s just a little assurance of my continuous existence as something other than dust. You understand, of course."

"Really not," Xander muttered as Spike resumed his walk and carried Xander easily towards the battered De-Soto. Xander eyed it warily, then looked around, noticing it was the middle of the night. Much as it had been when he had been taken.

What night? Xander wondered faintly, panic beginning to grip his thoughts. How long has he had me?.

"Spike, w-where are you taking me?"

"Home, of course," Spike told him with a smile that managed to be anything but calming to Xander's battered nerves. "Just not the one you’d like."

Then Spike was opening the car door and throwing him inside with little care for his landing. And, being Xander Harris, his landing involved smashing his head against the other side of the car, where the closed door was solid steel and sent his body into automatic unconsciousness.

He didn't hear Spike's chuckle as he sped off the highway and took only a moment to knock down the twisted Welcome to Sunnydale sign that some poor sod had made a pathetic attempt at setting back up.

And the discarded sign was the last trace Sunnydale saw of the pair for quite some time.

Part Two

Spike couldn't be bothered with politeness as he hurried through Brazil’s crowded streets, pushing everyone out of his way while dragging Xander after him, ignoring the boy's fumbling apologies in what little broken Portuguese Spike had managed to teach him when he heard about Dru's latest stop.

His princess had lead them on a merry chase through the world, and close to four long months had passed since he'd stumbled onto this latest plan to get her back.

At first, he'd thought of turning Xander into a minion, training him carefully as a slave for Dru's amusement. The nit was, after all, the little toy she'd obsessed with for a while after the flunked spell, whispering to the stars about the meddlesome kitten she'd found. But, as time went by and the boy's insults stopped long enough that Spike finally stopped tying him up and gagging him on their journeys, he'd come to actually like the strange whelp. A boy that seemed to miss very little of his life on the Hellmouth, despite his initial loud and rather colourful protestations on grounds of his abrupt departure by Spike’s hand.

It was somewhere in Chile's coast that he'd finally relented to the endless babble blathering on in his ears and actually began to talk to the kid, rather than at him.

It was when he found himself teaching the whelp some of the constellations he knew without stopping to think about it, or maybe the day that Xander began to wander off in the day only to always return at dusk, smelling of sunlight as he cuddled close to Spike, that the idea of making him a minion no longer appealed.

Spike had considered making him a Childe then, but again, the image of Drusilla had been burned onto his mind. He’d never sired a Childe, because a century of caring for his Sire had been enough to squash any desire for company. The thought that Xander could maybe wake up- wrong somehow held him back every time.

And so, four months on, Xander remained human.

As Spike figured, this was his best chance to win a place with his princess. Xander was his chance to offer Dru someone to amuse her and talk to her, someone to play with, who was closer to her childlike ways than he was. Xander was also a token to prove that Spike wouldn't let his jealousy interfere with them anymore. Drusilla was everything to him.

Spike would allow her anything, as long as it would be him that stood with her in the end; and now Xander as well.

They could be a family again, like his princess has always wanted. Their own family, a new one that wasn't all about making daddy happy at whatever cost. Never again. The only problem being-Xander wasn't quite aware that he was the prezzie.

"Spike, would you slow down?!" An exasperated voice called out loudly, snapping Spike from his thoughts. He stopped, giving a sheepish grin back at the panting human who was glaring at him while trying to regain his breath. "Damn it, Spike, we've been running for half an hour! Give us of the breathing crowd a break, would you?"

"Sure thing, pet." Spike drawled easily, unconsciously bouncing on the soles of his feet until Xander was staring at him oddly and laughing to himself. "Wot?"

"Nothing." Xander grinned, leaning against a nearby building and closing his eyes for a moment, listening to the bundle of activity around them.

Rio de Janeiro was a busy city all year round, but it seemed particularly active as they stood still for a moment, in the midst of it. The lit streets and delightful climate, which made even the nightly hours warm, were a welcome prospect for many tourists that rushed past them in carefully arranged groups that were being herded back to their hotels.

"Spike." Xander said at last, breaking their comfortable silence and opening one eye to meet Spike's inquisitive gaze. "You've found her, haven't you?"

Making an accurate impression of a fish out of water, Spike gaped at Xander for a whole of three seconds, before his mask slid smoothly into place and he forced his features into a calm visage that sought to hid his bewilderment. The boy wasn't supposed to know.

"Found who, pet?" Spike asked innocently, blinking in confusion when he was faced with Xander's suddenly pained expression. "-Luv?" He asked softly, startled when the adopted endearment drew a nasty choked laugh out of the boy.

"Oh, I don't know Spike," Xander asked sarcastically, low voice almost drowned out by the city's noise. "Could it be Drusilla? Your Sire? The love of your unlife, the one you've been hunting for say, the last four months? I know you're looking for her Spike; for all your Big Bad image, you're a shitty liar when it counts."

"I am not! I'll have you know I always win at poker!" Spike spluttered half-heartedly, staring at his boy in shocked surprise. He knew? Spike had always made up perfectly reasonably excuses for each and every country that they'd visited and made sure that Xander wasn't with him whenever he had to wander into the nastier demon communities.

He'd led the boy through half-arsed tourist routes that he made up on the spot with the sketchy knowledge of every place they'd visited and Xander had never questioned him. He'd stopped mentioning his Dru around the time he'd taken Xander's gag off and laid off on the 'whelp' insults- a little, anyway.

Then how in the sodding earth had Xander known?!

"You win because you cheat. And I know about Dru, 'cause you talk in your sleep." Xander told him with a small smile, leaning his head back, exposing his throat in a gesture Spike was sure he'd taught him at one point not to do. "How about we make this quick then, ok? You turn me then hand me over to her as a token of your undying devotion. The Slayer's lapdog turned into Drusilla's pet. You'll get her back, Spike, don't worry. Can you make the bite, you know, not-painful? 'Cause, not big on pain here-"

"Xander!" Spike interrupted him loudly, unmindful of the stares he drew to them as he leaned closer to his boy, invading his personal space in a familiar show of intimidation that always seemed to work, nevermind that Xander was actually physically bigger than Spike. Old instincts die hard, it seems, from what he knew of the boy's father.

"Listen. To. Me. You. Tosser. Yes, I found her, yes I brought you to her, yes I can make the bite pleasurable and NO, I'm not going to bloody turn you!" Spike denied fervently, completely disregarding from his mind the fact that, until a short time ago, that had been exactly his intention. "You'll be as much mine as hers, you hear? And human!" he added hastily, grinning at Xander's dumbfounded expression.

"Human?" Xander asked after a moment, the beginnings of a smile threatening over his lips. Spike wondered fleeting if the boy had even heard the rest of it. "You want me human? Like I am now? And I'd still be with you- and Drusilla?"

There was a moment of silence as Spike looked closely at Xander, surprised to find the boy didn’t look dismayed at the prospect of belonging to him-them, that was.

"'Course luv. Look, mate, shouldn't we be talking about this somewhere a little less public-" Spike trailed off uncertainly as a scent suddenly tickled his nostrils.

Reacting on instinct, he drew Xander closer and dashed with him towards the nearest darkened alley, ignoring Xander's questions. The scent got stronger and Spike looked around bewilderedly, searching for the source, until he heard it; unmistakable and musical, like the tolling of church bells on the air.

Her voice.

"Look what the stars have brought to me, Miss Edith," Drusilla cooed, freezing both Spike and Xander in their place while she laughed delightedly. "My dearest William comes to beg my forgiveness and he brings his Princess a beautiful offer, don't you, my love?"

Whirling around in a daze, Spike met her eyes squarely, unable to repress his utter joy at seeing her standing there, stupid doll cradled loosely in one hand. She was smiling as, slowly, she extended her other hand towards his face.

As if in trance, Spike stepped forward. His unneeded breath caught like a knot in his throat when she drew him closer, cupping his cheek in a gentle hold.

"Of course I've come back, Dru," Spike murmured softly, unable to believe she was willing to forgive him so easily.

She only smiled, drawing him possessively closer and leaning up to capture his lips, ravishing his mouth in a way he recognized as one of her most marked claims over him. Spike let her, of course, enjoying the smell of her surrounding him, as well as the taste of her soft lips forcefully pressed against his.

He didn't realize she'd bitten him until he tasted the tang of his own blood mingled onto the kiss. Spike felt a soft rumble rise up from his chest as she drew back, painting his lips red with a teasing finger, before licking the red off. Then Drusilla just stared at him, eyes almost lucid and without thinking, Spike dropped his eyes, reaching a hand back blindly.

He was unbelievingly relieved when he felt Xander's warm hand taking a firm hold of his, though he wasn't sure why. He was Dru's. Xander knew that as well as Spike did.

Carefully, Drusilla sat Miss Edith down in the alley's floor before straightening up and regarding them calmly for the whole of five seconds. Then she started chuckling gleefully and spinning in circles, lost in a world of her own.

"You've brought me my kitten, sweet one. Such a thoughtful little pet, you are, my William. You remembered me."

"'Course I did, love," Spike mumbled uncertainly, knowing from past experiences that the bad part had yet to start. Drusilla never accepted him back without having him pay his penance for storming away from her in blind rage.

Unconsciously he tightened his grip on Xander's hand and was surprised when the boy gripped back, pulling to draw Spike back and closer to Xander's side. The younger of the vampires stole a glance at Xander to find he was staring at Drusilla in a strange combination of confusion and awe, which Spike often felt himself when dealing with his girl.

"Come here, beloved," Drusilla finally called to Spike invitingly, spreading her arms while she stopped her dizzying dance. Her eyes were dull when she regarded him, and Spike knew it was time to please her.

The younger vampire nodded once, slowly releasing Xander’s hand and stepping forward, unresisting when Dru framed his face with her hands and locked gazes with him. He didn’t flinch, even when he felt as if her fingers prodded straight into his mind, stripping his defences away, something she rarely did to him, stripping him bare to her Gaze.

"Be mine, sweet one, open up for Mummy," She cooed softly, cold hands tightening their grip.

And Spike did. Lost in her eyes, he was only vaguely aware of Xander's concerned voice growing frantic. Distantly, he thought he felt warm hands that tried to make him look away from his princess' eyes. But he mustn’t. This was his trial and she accepted nothing but total surrender.

My dark knight dances in grey shades now. Light crawls closer like a cat upon the mouse. My meddlesome kitten has found you now, sweet one and his little claws won't let you go.

When Drusilla finally stepped back from him, Spike stumbled back, caught by warm arms that carefully lowered him to a hard ground and cradled him close.

It felt as if hours had passed.

Voices talked around him dizzyingly, but it mattered little. Exhaustion crawled over him, as if every one of his sleepless hours returned to wreck havoc on his body.

Distantly, he heard a distressed voice arguing heatedly right before he was being lifted effortlessly and moved. Drusilla's dulcet tones whispered to him about lambs and their sleep and Spike let go, closing his eyes at last, content in the knowledge he had found his Princess.

Everything would be all right now.


Xander was angry.

For months now he'd been harbouring the suspicion that Spike had a much more pointed reason for taking him from Sunnydale that he let on, but he had never pushed the vampire into admitting anything.

Mind, the first month of being dragged around, tied and gagged at all times, except when Spike let him loose to do his 'human business' hadn't exactly been a holiday. But after he'd grown quieter and Spike let him wander freely, Xander had found he actually enjoyed the vampire's rather interesting company.

They would talk calmly at night, staring off into nothing. And sometimes, Spike would teach him things he'd never dreamed he'd become interested in.

But at all times, there was the same nagging feeling in the back of his head, tainting even those rare occasions when Spike would smile at him and Xander would forget Spike was a vampire, that Spike was his 'kidnapper', that he ate people at night when Xander wasn't with him or that he was male, because all sorts of images would pop into Xander's head in that moment and all the rest of the world would become irrelevant.

So he’d set his mind on a mission. For the last month or so, after some careful observation tactics and a good long interrogatory session with a sleepy Spike that told him everything he needed to know, Xander had finally found the root of the strange feeling that nagged at him, as well as the reason for their irregular travelling routes.

Drusilla. Drusilla, who Spike was madly in love with and would do anything for.

And then Spike had actually told him about his plans when he'd asked in the middle of Rio de Janeiro, the very minute before Her Highness herself showed up out of nowhere.

And as he trailed after Dru's swaying figure, Xander finally admitted he was angry.

Angry, because Spike hadn't consciously told him anything about what to expect here; even though Xander could grudgingly understand Spike's need to be with his Sire, the betrayal of their slowly building trust still hurt.

He was angry because, for moments, Xander let himself believe that being a pet to Drusilla's whims would be like belonging somewhere.

Angry, because in all his damn tentative guesses at his future, he was sure he'd be the damn pet to the mad seer while Spike watched on with his little grin. And so, Xander hadn't been prepared to see Drusilla play Spike like her trained little pet and somehow doing to Spike what Xander hadn't seen done in four whole months with fourteen days; she rendered Spike helpless in ten seconds flat.

And now she laughed as she led the way to where she assured him that he'd take good care of her 'pretty boys' while Xander's carried Spike's body in his arms.

Not that he really minded that last part. But he was still mad about the rest of it.

Drusilla looked back over her shoulder at him, stopping her hurried pace in front of a wealthy building he would have never associated with vampires.

"Tsk, tsk, kitten," Dru's voice called melodically as she moved inside the building with careless grace. "Such loud thinking! Come inside now, bring my Spike."

Xander stared at her retreating back for a second, carefully shifting Spike's weight in his arms and looking down into those slack features. Pretty features, but he was so not going there.

"The things I do for you," Xander muttered under his breath, squaring his shoulders and hurrying inside the house. The door slammed shut behind him and Xander tried very hard not to jump out of his skin, but the hands holding Spike went cold and clammy in an instant.

Drusilla stood inside, bathed in the artificial glow of a hundred scattered candles that adorned the room they stood upon.

A huge white hall greeted Xander's eyes as he moved forward, adorned with a scattered collection of what, Xander was moderately sure, were original works of art. Out of every corner Xander could see, yellow eyes stared back at him, a gleam of distrust and hunger to be found in the steady gazes of the demons that littered the room.

Carefully walking closer to Drusilla’s smiling form, Xander took the time to wearily study his surroundings.

A Greek statue stood in the far end of the room, at the foot of an imposing marble staircase that ascended in a graceful curve into the second floor. The statue was an exquisite work that stuck Xander's fancy even from a distance; the unbelievingly real edges and shapes that made up for a fitting scene. The statue was that of a maiden twisting in the arms of a demon, as if trying to escape, generous curves displayed through the slipping grasp of her clothes that she clutched to herself in that frozen instant.

Drusilla stood next to the statue calmly, unmindful of the stares of the other vampires in the room. On the other hand, Xander was painfully aware of every one of them. She smiled sweetly at him and began a backwards climb of the stairwell while Xander hurried to follow her, clutching Spike closer.

"No one touches the lamb or the kitten," Drusilla announced grandly, drawing every eye of the room into her serious features, which gave an edge to her seemingly light words of command. "Not a scratch on my little boys or you shall all be dancing with Apollo's rays, like little burning moths."

There was no verbal answer, but looking over his shoulder, Xander found the previously crowded hall stood deserted.

Shocked, he lifted his eyes back to meet Drusilla's but immediately pulled them away, tightening his grip on Spike's slack muscles. Never look her in the eye Xander thought faintly, still replaying the terrifying moment in which Spike stumbled back from her, crumbling to the floor like a marionette without its strings.

Drusilla's tinkling laughter led the way as she hurried up, childishly racing towards the main bedroom that stood to the far left in the spacious hallway that made up the second floor. Xander hurried in after her, looking away from the imposing bed and sitting instead on a comfortable couch set to one side, not even thinking about it as he arranged Spike's body carefully on his lap, face tucked into Xander's shoulder.

"I see many things, kitten," Drusilla told him after a moment, standing in the middle of the room and staring at the fire someone had lit for her, as if it held all the answers she sought. "I see ends and beginnings; I see eternity and a day passing through my eyes."

"I know about your gift," Xander muttered softly, confident that she could hear him. "I knew about it back in Sunnydale, vaguely, but Spike's told me about it when I asked."

"My curse!" Drusilla corrected him fiercely, features twisting between her angelic face and the demon’s visage for an instant before her human mask fell firmly into place.

"But yes, my Spike, he must have given you the short tale, kitten. Such a gentleman, my William is, doesn't kiss and tell." She paused briefly, looking in their direction with a spark of lucidity that made Xander’s chest ache for her. "I have revelations, you see. Not glimpses, not whispers, no naughty little peeks-oh no! The stars shout to me and push my tiny little buttons until I can't stop screaming from the knowing."

A small sound drew both of their attention as Spike stirred in his arms, blue eyes fluttering open in slow motion, as if the movement were stealing all his energy. Without thinking Xander reached up to gently touch one sharp cheekbone, the worried knot in his throat disappearing when he saw that hazy gaze focused on him.

"X-Xan?" Spike muttered groggily, trying to sit up on his own but falling back against Xander with a small moan. "What-"

"Shh, lamb," Drusilla cooed softly, as one that is used to dealing with Spike this way. Xander would rather not think about how she knew to expect Spike’s weakness after her little staring match in that alley.

She drew closer as if dancing, eyes trained on Spike’s while Xander looked at her wearily. "Open up for mummy, my knight. Be with me now."

Recognizing the words Xander startled, trying to block her eyes from Spike's, but she easily held Xander in place as she reached them on the couch. Grabbing Spike's face as she had done before, Drusilla made Spike’s blue eyes glaze over easily, over Xander's loud protestations.

"Sleep now, sweet one, you need your rest. Mummy's orders." Drusilla whispered, running her hand over Spike's face as the younger vampire immediately closed his eyes, slumping against Xander's protective hold. Xander wheedled backwards on the couch, away from Drusilla's serious face and clutching Spike as if he could undo whatever hold she had over him.

"What did you do that for?!" Xander demanded angrily, arranging Spike so his face was hidden from her view. "He could have slept on his own; he was exhausted after your little rendezvous with his thoughts earlier! Why the controlling act?"

Drusilla slid smoothly to her feet, walking closer and extending her arms to them. Not understanding, Xander pressed himself against the back of the couch nervously, trying to come up with a plan if she attacked them. He couldn't stake her, Spike would hate him!

"You don't know my stubborn knight, then," Drusilla told him sadly, and Xander somehow understood she wanted him to hand over Spike's slack body to her outstretched arms. He clutched the sleeping vampire closer, daring to meet her eyes for a second and finding nothing but weary sorrow in their depths.

"He protects, above all, those he loves," Drusilla said quietly, startling Xander with her lucid words. "And he loves so fiercely, kitten; you've never seen a stronger warrior! All the land is at his feet before harms comes to me, you see. But now- now he’s a knight to your kingdom. He would cling to you and not close those bright eyes until the sun should rise once more and I can do no harm to you. You've made of me an enemy my William would fight if he must," she intoned, drifting to a pained wail in the end.

Xander stared at her, trying to understand her words, her actions, but found he couldn't read anything beyond her deep sadness.

Finally, when she took another step closer, Xander straightened up on his seat and slowly offered her Spike's weight. Her smile was quick and fleeting as she carefully gathered the younger vampire in her arms, easily cradling him even though Spike was taller than her slight form.

Dru cooed down to him as one would a child, sparring Xander no other glance as she carried Spike gently towards the bed, laying him down on soft pillows and stealing a kiss on his unresponsive lips. Xander tried very hard not to feel that twinge of jealousy that rose up on him, unbidden.

"You must take my prince away, kitten," Drusilla said softly, breaking the moment as Xander tore his eyes away from Spike to stare at her.

Dru was staring down at the younger vampire as if she could store him away in the folds of her dress to never let him go. And suddenly Xander understood why she didn't want Spike awake to hear this conversation. "The stars have told me all, once more and left me weeping. My William is mine alone no longer. You've seen him, haven't you kitten?"

"Seen whom?" Xander asked carefully, moving to sit on the bed next to Spike on the opposite side of her. He found, strangely, that he wasn't afraid of her or the dozens of minions that littered this house, but instead, he was far more afraid of what her words would be.

"My William," Dru answered faintly, running a finger down Spike's chiselled features. "He hides, you know. I was the first to ever see his vision and his glory. Burning baby fish lit up his future path to me and it was delightful. He was mine before he was anyone's and no one else had seen him since me." Her voice slowly lost some of its cadence, until it was a mere whisper between them. "But the stars sing and I weep, for you've seen him; beneath my deadly Spike, beneath all the pretty smoke and mirrors. You've seen him, haven't you kitten?"

Xander stared blankly at her for a long minute, before looking down at Spike pensively.

And found he understood what Drusilla was asking. He had seen her precious William whenever Spike recited the constellations with ease or made up fantastic tales for his amusement. Whenever Spike smiled for real, beyond his trademark smirk and sarcastic demeanour and Xander had been struck dumb from the sheer beauty of it.

And Xander had known, for a time now, that his attraction for Spike was a very real thing, despite of every slice of common sense that told him how wrong that was. Male, vampire, killer, evil. But somehow, that label didn't fit the Spike he'd come to know, who had unwittingly saved him from a muted existence on the Hellmouth and waltzed him through the world at a dizzying pace, teaching him more about history than high school had ever accomplished.

"Yeah," Xander murmured faintly, finding he could meet Dru's wet eyes without fear. "Yeah, I've seen him."

"He's yours now, kitten," Drusilla told him softly, extending a hand to cup his cheek in a cold grip that mirrored the one she held on Spike.

"Run and catch, that's the game for us- and I've foolishly sent my William running now, haven't I? And you've caught him fair and square." Drusilla paused briefly and in her eyes shone a serious light that trespassed every ounce of madness Angelus had ever cursed her with. Xander found that, in that moment, he could understand Spike's utter devotion to this beautiful vampire. "You take care of my sweet one, kitten. He has a heart of glass inside the polished exterior, you see. And he loves like a bear with her cubs." She smiled then, drawing her hand back slowly, leaving a cold mark upon his skin.

Then she turned to Spike and leant down, kissing his forehead in a maternal gesture before she moved lower in a markedly not maternal way. She nuzzled Spike’s head to the side, gently exposing his throat to her as her features shifted into the demon.

Xander watched her, fighting back every instinct that told him to stop her, because he knew, somehow, that she was saying goodbye to her Childe.

She was giving Spike to him.

Lost somewhere between elation and utter panic, Xander watched her bite directly on the faint mark Xander had noticed Spike bore on his pale throat. Drusilla's mark, Spike had told him once, looking away from him almost immediately when he had. Xander had known, then, that Spike still loved her, even while he’d felt the first stirrings of warmth in his chest when he looked at Spike.

Drusilla drank for only a moment before drawing back, features becoming human even while her lips were still painted with Spike's blood. Then she leaned over the younger vampire’s prone form and towards Xander, smiling enigmatically. Xander watched her approach and did nothing to stop her as she leant closer and took his lips in a short kiss that tasted of blood and finality.

"Blood to blood, lamb," She murmured against his lips. Xander felt her hand moving up his body to his throat, flinching when a sharp nail drew across his skin, drawing a thick drop of blood. Dru gathered it gently in her finger and slowly moved back, carefully placing her finger on Spike's lips. With a small sound Spike licked it clean, eyes still closed. Xander felt as if something fundamental was changing, but he wasn't sure what.

"Take him now, kitten," Drusilla said at last, stealing one last taste of Spike's lips. "He will sing sadly, for a time, but I've made him belong to you now. Care for him, kitten, for I'm entrusting you a treasure to rival all the others,"

Then Dru smiled wickedly and stole a glance in his direction that immediately made Xander stand to attention.

“And if you're naughty, little kitty, if you're naughty I will come and call him back to me. I will come and like a shadow I will take him away, not before teaching wicked kittens a fine lesson. Make you mine, I could, as my William is mine even if the stars sing a different jingle."

Xander stared at her blankly before her meaning sank in and he blanched, quickly gathering Spike into his arms and backing away from the bed, watching her as she laughed madly. But her eyes held a goodbye as Xander whirled around and hurried down the staircase and out into the Brazilian night without looking back once, Spike held firmly in his arms.

Xander didn't notice at first that Spike's eyes were slightly open or that a small tear had escaped one of them.

But when he looked down into Spike's face, he did see a small smile trained solely on him. And it was then that Xander felt lighter than he had in- ever, really.

"We'll be all right, pet," Spike whispered faintly before closing his eyes again, nuzzling against Xander and trusting him to carry him to safety against the dawn that threatened on the horizon. Xander smiled elatedly, running down Rio's crowded streets and pushing everyone out of his way without a single apology.

They'd be all right now.

The End

I'd love to see something in the third season where Spike kidnaps Xander and Willow, but he remembers how much Dru wanted Xander during the love spell. He decides that maybe that's how he can get his girl back, by giving Dru her "kitten"
Of course, Dru sees that Spike is meant to be with Xander and vows to do something about it

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