Shadows In Silence


41 Sorting Shadows

The denizens of the Hyperion Hotel watched with wary eyes as the Watcher seated himself on an available sofa and removed his glasses, furiously cleaning the lenses. Rupert Giles did his best to give the impression of being totally at ease in the presence of three of the most famed vampires in the world, but his nervousness was more than visible. Spike hid a grin as the man jumped when Dru gave a little hiss.

"Behave," Angel admonished absently. "Do you care to explain the situation to us?"

"I remember you," Giles said, his head tilted slightly. "You followed her."

"I was there to try and help her," Angel replied steadily. He had made peace with Buffy's death and nothing, not even the man who had been her Watcher could change that. "Unfortunately I couldn't. But that is the past. So let's deal with the present."

Doyle pressed lightly into Angel's side and stared hard at the Watcher. "Why did it take so long for the new Slayer to get to the Hellmouth?"

"She's not the one that was called directly after Miss Summers," Giles explained softly. "That Slayer and her Watcher came to Sunnydale, but the Master was ready for them. Faith Lehane is the newest Slayer. Like Miss Summers, she is not a Council raised Slayer."

"She's not a puppet then," Spike snorted.

"No," Giles smiled evilly. "She's not. She, and her Watcher, came to Sunnydale just after the New Year. Faith is..." he trailed off.

"I'm different," a husky voice drawled from the doorway. Everyone turned to stare at the dark haired young woman casually slouched against the door jam. "Not one for rules, regulations or any of that bullshit. Drives the bastards overseas buttfuck crazy."

Spike looked around at everyone and grinned. "I think I like her."


"I can remember her being born," Faith nodded. "I can remember hiding her from my Mom's friends. All these memories and feelings that ain't mine. But she's a good girl. Does what she's told and stays out of trouble most of the time."

"So, what is she exactly?"

Giles sighed, removing his glasses to clean them again. "She's the Key."

Angel choked and Dru giggled. "Pretty, sparkly green lights."

"Y-yes," Giles stammered slightly. "She's an artifact of great power, capable of opening portals between dimensions. The Key was being guarded by a group of monks. They have been protecting and hiding the Key's power. Unfortunately a very powerful being who needs the Key's power found them. To hide it better, they made it into a young woman, gave it flesh and memories and sent it to Faith."

"Charity has no idea," Faith added quietly, all the brashness they had been subjected to gone now. "In her eyes, she is my sister, born and raised. And I'll do just about anything to keep it that way. I don't want her to know what she is, was. I want her to be a normal teenage girl."

"Do you know who this person who wants her is?" Angel asked.

"Yes," Giles' voice had gone hard. "She's a HellGoddess."


Arguing and insults flew around the room, but Xander ignored them in favour of watching the Slayer. She wasn't that tall, but somehow managed to see she was. Faith was slender and covered in lean muscle, her hair dark and falling in loose waves around her equally as dark eyes. To Xander she looked almost as if she could have been his sister. She was brash and blunt, ready to tell anyone exactly what she thought. Like Spike, Xander liked her. As if she felt his gaze, Faith looked at him and winked one dark eye. He grinned and turned his attention over to the mix of loud voices.

"Okay, shut up!" Doyle yelled, effectively silencing everyone. Xander snickered silently as Angel smiled up at his husband affectionately. "Mr. Giles and Miss Lehane have come for our help. The only really question is are we going to help them?"

Xander quickly scribbled on his board, a gift from Cordy, and thrust it at Doyle. There's a child involved. She might not have been real before, but she is now and she needs our help. End of story.

"Good point, Xander," Doyle nodded. They ignored the strange looks they were getting from the Watcher and Slayer. "Angel?"

"Guess we're helping," the older vampire sighed. "Pack up, we're heading to Sunnydale."


Xander was shaking slightly and was pleased to hear Spike disagree. Sunnydale was how he head ended up in the hospital in the first place. Spike's arms came around him and he gratefully snuggled in.

"Excuse me?" Angel's voice was soft and dangerous.

"Are you forgetting that Xander is not to go back to Sunnydale? That the Elders demanded it?" Spike's voice was just as soft but still hard, like velvet over steel. "Plus, the trial is coming up. Most of us need to be there for that."

"Shit," Angel groaned. "I forgot. I'm sorry Xander." Xander nodded, still huddled in the safety of his mate's arms. "We can't go to Sunnydale."

"There has to be something we can do," Wes said, looking around.

"What do we know about this HellGoddess?" Doyle asked, reaching out to absently run a hand over Angel's arm. "Any weaknesses?"

"There's something about a host," Giles said, reaching for the book he had brought with him. "We don't understand what it mean."

"What does it say?"

"Her host is her weakness."

"One shell, two forms, two spirits, fighting to win," Dru murmured from beside Xander. "One wants to go, One wants to stay. Kill one both die."

"That works," Spike smirked.

"I'm sorry, but I don't understand," Giles said, looking at the vampiress.

"To kill this HellGoddess you have to kill her host," Spike clarified. "Find out who he is and off him."

"Slayers don't kill humans," Giles protested. "It goes against everything that they are."

Spike shrugged. "Then you do it."

Giles spluttered, looking extremely indignant. "I could never!"

"Fine," Spike snapped. "Figure out who the host is, call us and I'll come kill whoever it is for you. That work?"

Xander pinched his lover. When Spike glanced over at him, Xander gave him a disapproving look, all the while knowing it wouldn't change his lover. Suddenly an idea popped into his head and he reached over, snatching his board back. A quick swipe erased the previous words and he quickly jotted down his thoughts, thrusting the board impatiently at Doyle when he was finished.

"Bring her here. Maybe we can hide her like we did me. The others are staying when we go to Rome, they can help figure out who the host is and we can deal with the HellGoddess together when we get back." Doyle read aloud. He blinked and then smiled. "That's a great idea! Might have to call in a few favours to ward her, but it would work."

"Can someone explain what that meant?" Giles asked, his gaze shifting between them.

"And why doesn't BoyToy there talk?" Faith added, leering a little at Xander.

"Xander has a powerful law firm after him. They've taken the case to the Demonic Courts and we have to be there in two weeks," Doyle explained. "When we first got him away from them, an ally of ours brought a protection amulet for him. It hides him from being found. Especially from those with less than pure intentions. The same thing just might work for your sister. I'm going to contact some people, see if we can do it."

"Xan doesn't talk because he can't," Spike told her. "And he's no one's toy!" The last part was snarled. Xander laid a calming hand on his mate's cheek, forcing the vampire's attention away from the Slayer.

"Sorry," Faith shrugged.

"Wait! You're going to the Demonic Courts. Are you sure it's not a trap?" Giles asked, concern and worry colouring his voice. "It is possible they are luring you there to just take the boy."

"Can't happen," Angel assured him. "Though thank you for your concern."

"Why can't it happen? I'm sure you're all very strong and smart, but it is dangerous there."

"Can't happen because we're Mated," Spike smirked. "They grab one of us and they get both."

"Dear Lord!" the Watcher exclaimed.

"What?" Faith asked, eyeing him carefully.

Giles removed his glasses and cleaned them. "I actually feel sorry for them now."

"Us?" Spike asked archly.

"No, the idiots you're up against."

42 Serious Silence

Arching into the touches filtering over his skin, Xander opened his mouth in a silent moan, panting for breath. Spike chuckled, reading the signs of his body and upping the pleasure until all thought left Xander's head. He pushed up into Spike's touch, reaching and dragging the vampire down until their lips met in a hard kiss. Taking pity on him, Spike sped through the preparations and sank inside his body in one smooth move. The twinge of pain was forgotten as the pleasure of being connected with his mate rolled over him and Xander slid his legs open wider, pushing his hips up.

Grinning wickedly, Spike started up a steady rhythm, a slow one. Beneath him Xander writhed and twisted, trying to urge his mate to move faster, harder, just more! Finally Spike sped up, stroking in and out with sure quick strokes that managed to hit that perfect spot nearly every time. Xander slid a hand between their bodies, wrapping it around his own cock and stroking to match Spike. Meeting vibrant yellow eyes, he tilted his head a bit, giving Spike access to his neck and he gasped silently as razor sharp teeth sliced into his flesh sending him over the edge and into bliss. Stiffening and groaning, Spike held still as his own orgasm ran over him before carefully remove teeth and cock from his lover's body.

He stroked a hand down Xander's side. "Sleep now, we leave in the morning."


"Why do I have to go?" Charity whined, glaring at her sister.

Xander hid a grin. He knew the girl was only playing the brat to bother her sister, but it was still funny to him. He watched as identical stubborn looks descended on their faces as they stared off over the breakfast table. At the other end of the table he could see Angel's face getting darker at what he saw as a problem to their plan. A quick word from Doyle calmed him back down but left the vampire looking confused. Xander shook his head and kicked Charity lightly, making her lose her focus.

"Ha, I won!" Faith declared. Xander had a brief flash of her sticking her tongue out.

"Only because Xander cheated," Charity pouted.

"Enough," Mr. Giles said finally, removing his glasses and cleaning them. "Charity you are going with them. Faith will be staying here to help out. This is not a discussion."

"I know that," Charity shrugged.

"Then why-?" the Watcher blinked.

"Because it was fun," she grinned. Faith and Dru cackled, the Slayer nearly falling out of her chair.

Angel pushed away from the table. "As fun as it may have been, we need to get going."

"How are we getting there?" Spike asked, helping Xander to his feet. "It is on another plane."

"Part of the trial is they have to have a way for us to get there," Doyle answered. "There's a portal waiting for us a Lorne's."

"So the sewers it is," Spike sighed.

"For you and Angel," Doyle grinned. "I'm taking Xander and Charity by car."

"Not fair!"


The swirling vortex of power almost repulsed him and if it wasn't for Angel's stern look Spike might not have gone through. Traveling by portal wasn't his favourite activity and he was certain there had to be another way of getting to the Demonic Courts. He exited the other side and caught Xander as the young man came through. Charity was next and she moved to cuddled with Xander both bothered by their trip.

"We're going home another way," Spike announced once Angel and Doyle were through.

"Sure," Doyle shrugged. "We need to go sign in and head to the hotel."

Angel led the way through the Court, twisting and turning down half-remembered paths. They spotted at the reception desk and filled out the necessary paperwork, Spike grumbling all the while.

As they headed to their hotel, Angel pulled Spike aside. "You do know they're going to try for him, don't you?"

Spike sneered. "First come, first killed. No one touches my boy."

"Good," Angel nodded. "Our attorney should be at the hotel when we get there. We need to have everything set out before the trial starts tomorrow."

"No matter what, they won't separate us," Spike vow, eyes flashing yellow briefly. "And if they kill me, I know you'll take care of Xan if he survives."

"Family," Angel agreed.


43 Frightened Shadows

Summary: A brief talk with the lawyer

The lawyer asked question after question, little and big. Spike did his best not to snarl at the little man. He hated lawyers on general purpose and this was just another one, even if he was helping them. Every question asked to Xander made the young man curl in on himself a little more and all Spike could do was hold him.

"Are we done yet?" Doyule asked softly, glancing slightly at Xander.

"Just one last question," the lawyer smiled. "When did Xander lose his voice? With you or before?"

"Before," Spike answered. "Dru said something about about a shadow taking his voice."

A man came, Xander wrote quickly. When I first was sent there. He said he was doing it to protect me.

"Bur you didn't know him?"

Xander shook his head.

"Do they know you can't talk?" the lawyer asked shrewdly. Xander shook his head again and smiled a little. "Ah, they think you won't talk. That is an advantage to us."

"How so?" Angel asked.

"Because that means they were lax in their care of him," the lawyer explained. "That is something they should have noticed despite the actions of their orderlies and nurses. Especially since they want something from him." He put his papers in order and closed his briefcase. "The trials start first thing in the morning. I'll send someone to get you. Spike, I'll be calling you first since you know Xander the best. I'm going to try to keep Xander off the stand but I make no promises and I don't know what W&H are going to pull. They want him enough that they called in the New York office."

The blonde nodded. Doyle let the lawyer out while Spike led Xander back to where Charity and Tara were watching TV. He let Xander curl up next to the girls, smiling at the way the moved to curl around them and went to speak with his GrandSire.

"Do you think this is going to work?" he asked softly.

Angel sank back in his seat, wrapping an arm around Doyle when he sat beside him. "Legally, I think we'll win," he replied seriously. "With everything that happened to Xander while under their care it'll swing in our favour. But, I know they're going to try something. Something to split the two of you. Keep close to him no matter what any time we're out of this room."

"What about in the room?" Doyle asked.

"Because of the nature of the Courts, all the rooms are shielded and warded. Nothing can get in without our permission."

"Meaning they can howl at the door all night," Spike finished with a smirk. "Good, I like that."

"Don't get cocky," Angel warned. "This isn't going to be easy."


Spike pushed open the bedroom door and stopped, flummoxed. The room was dim, only a few red candles burning on various surfaces. The sheets on the bed were red and black, beautifully hightlighting the man sitting on them. Xander stared at him, a small smile on his lips and his eyes wide. Spike crossed the room quickly, pulling his mate up and into his arms, taking his lips in a deep kiss.

Xander pulled back, breathing heavily and used a finger to trace something on the blonde's chest. Concentrating, Spike grinned as he realized what Xander was writing.

"I love you too," he growled in to Xander's ear. "Now, we have this lovely room and way to much clothing on."

Giggling silently, Xander pushed away from him and started stripping off. Spike stripped off his own clothing and picked up Xander, dropping him on the bed and crawling in to wrap his arms around his mate. He held on tight and buried his face in his lover's hair. Xander looked up at him, worry shining in his eyes.

"No matter what happens," Spike said fiercely, tightening his hold. "Remember I love you."

44 Callous Silence

The Trial

The court room was filled with demons, making Xander moved until he was sheltered between Spike and Angel, Doyle following closely behind them. Tara and Charity had stayed at the hotel where they would be safer. Many of the demons here would noticed just what Charity was and some would be tempted to mug her and use her for the power she contained. She was safer locked behind the warded doors of the hotel room.

They slipped into their seats and waited, all steadily ignoring the W&H lawyers sitting not that far from them. Xander could feel himself shaking and gripped his board tightly to hide it. This was not the place to show weakness. The court room finished filling and the bailiff call the court into session, introducing the judge presiding over the case. The judge looked like a large owl to Xander as it stared down at them. He met the judge's eyes fully and the judge nodded.

"It seems the basis of the case is who Alexander Harris belongs with, correct?' the judge asked.

"Yes, Your Honour," both sets of lawyers replied.

"If the prosecution would like to start."

"Your Honour, Alexander Harris was given into our custody several years ago," Wolfram and Hart's lawyer began, standing and looking at the judge. "He was a patient at one of our hospitals until he was kidnapped from there three years ago. We have been trying since then to return him to a hospital, since the orignal one was destroy."

"Why?" the judge asked.

"Why was it destroyed?" the lawyer asked.

"No," the judge said patiently. "Why are you trying so hard to get him back into a hospital?"

"Mr. Harris who admitted to the hospital because of delusion, Your Honour," the lawyer explained. "It is best for himself and society that he be kept in a secure facility. We are here today because William the Bloody kidnapped Mr. Harris from the first hospital, putting everyone in danger." He sat back down.


"Thank you, Your Honour," their lawyer said, standing. "Despite what the prosecution may say, not only does my client not have delusions, he is not a danger to anyone. Yes, Mr. Harris was a patient at their hospital, but I have evidence that shows the only danger was the hospital itself. Mr. Harris is better off where his is than in the hands of Wolfram and Hart or any of their subsidiaries." He sat down.

The main lawyer for the prosection stood back up. "We call the shade of Lilah Morgan to the stand."

A shimmer started and slowly morphed into the shape of a pretty blonde woman. Xander recognized her and shrunk back.

"Do you promise to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?" the bailiff asked.

"I do," Lilah smirked.

"Miss Morgan, you briefly had Mr. Harris in your care, correct?"

"Yes," she nodded.

"Can you tell us about it?"

"Nothing much to tell," she replied. "I asked him a few questions but he refused to answer. It was quite rude."

The lawyer asked a few more question, mostly about nothing, just filling the time before turning it over to their lawyer.

"Miss Morgan, you said he didn't answer, correct?"

"Yes," Lilah answered. "He didn't say anything the whole time he was with me. Like I said before, very rude."

"Thank you, no other questions."

Looking confused, Lilah faded from view. A few more shades of employees of the hospital were called up, all saying that Xander was a loner and never spoke to anyone. Their lawyer always asked about the never speaking part, confusing W&H's lawyers.

"Does the defense have any witnesses to call?" the judge asked.

"Yes, I'd like to call William the Bloody to the stand."

Spike stood and sauntered up, swearing in and waiting.

"William the Bloody, you and your Sire removed Mr. Harris from the hospital, correct?" their lawyer asked. "Why did you do this?"

"Yes, we took him out of there," Spike said with a bit of a sneer. "We took him because that place was slowly killing him. He was beyond pale and bruised, smelled of blood and semen."


"He had been raped just before I got there," Spike told him.

"You are certain about that?"

"Since he smelled of pain as well and wasn't standing properly, yes I am."

"So you took him with you. What have you done for him since then?"

"Helped him heal. Made him gain some weight since he was too thin. Gotten him up to date in his schooling. Taught him how to defend himself," Spike shrugged. "He's family, I treated him as such."

"And have you ever seen any signs of delusions from him?"


"Has he ever been a danger?"

"No. He doesn't like to cause others pain."

"Thank you."

W&H's lawyer stood up. "You admit you kidnapped him from the hospital."

"No," Spike said coldly. "I rescued him from that hospital."


"I asked him if he wanted to come with us. I didn't force him. So no, not kidnapping."

The lawyer glared at him and sat back down, letting the bailiff dismiss Spike. He smirked suddenly. "We call Alexander Harris to the stand."

Spike gave him a hard hug and let him making his way up to the stand, still trying to hide his shaking.

"Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?" the bailiff asked.

I do, Xander wrote.

"Excuse me!" W&H's lawyer shouted, surging to his feet. "What is going on?"

"Mr. Harris cannot talk," their lawyer answered, smirking slightly. "It actually is part of our defense. Something your employees should have caught a long time ago."

The other lawyer trembled with anger. "Fine," he spat, shrinking down when the judge glared at him. "Mr. Harris, how old were you went you were admitted to the hospital?"


"What was the reason you were sent there?"

I saw something that scared me. I told my parents and they sent me away.

"So your parents signed custody of you over to the hospital?"

I was thirteen, I don't know. All I know is that a day after I told them what I saw I was locked up.

The lawyer stared at him for a moment. "How long were you there?"

Almost four years.

"How often did you interact with people there?"

Not often. Not being able to talk makes it difficult.

"When did you lose your voice? Before the hospital?"

No, a few days after I was there. Someone came into my room and used magic. POOF! Can't talk.

"Someone used magic on you within the hospital walls?" the judge interrupted.


The lawyer blinked, that wasn't where he wanted it to go. "No other questions."

"Xander," their lawyer began. "What was it like in the hospital?"

Lonely, Xander wrote. The only person who paid attention to me was Trent.

"Tell me about this Trent."

He used to come into my room at night. Sometimes more than one time. He would fuck me then leave.

"Language, Mr. Harris," the judge chided. "Even if you're only writing it." Xander nodded.

"And no one did anything about this?" their lawyer asked.

No one cared.

"What's your life been like since William took you from there?"

Happy. They love me. They protect me. I've been happier than I've ever been. Even when I was younger.

"I have a question," the other lawyer said. The judge nodded. "Are any of them using you in a sexual manner?"

Do you mean am I having sex with any of them? Yes I am. And no, no one is using me.

"Which ones are you have relations with?"

Xander smirked a very Spike smirk and pulled down the collar of his shirt, showing the vivid scar. I am the acknowledged Mate of William the Bloody, Childe of Drusilla the Mad and GrandChilde of Angelus. No one would dare us me and Spike would rather stake himself than hurt me. Any other questions?

A murmur ran through the crowd and Xander just knew the gossip would be hitting the streets in minutes. Everyone would know he was Mated to Spike and no one would be able to touch him, even look at him wrong with out it getting back to the vampire.

"No," the lawyer stuttered. "That's all."

"You may step down," the bailiff said, a slight grin on his face.

Nodding in thanks, Xander headed back to his table, sinking into Spike's embrace.

"Proud of you, luv," the vampire whispered.

45 True Silence

The Trial pt 2

Xander ignored the voices around him, concentrating on the warmth he could feel, warmth somehow coming from Dru a world away. The world faded away and he calmed. Beside him Spike shifted slightly and Xander wondered if the vampire could hear and feel Dru like he did.

"You good pet?" Spike leaned over to whisper in his ear.

Opening his eyes, Xander flashed him a small smile. He was actually fine despite the fact his life was being exposed to everyone and the Courts were going to decide his fate.

"Your Honour, I really don't understand why the prosecution wants my client so much," their lawyer said finally. "It is has been several years since he was in their care and he has not been violent or delusional. Instead he has worked to get an education and find a life outside of the hospital walls. So why are they trying so hard to get him back? Could it be to cover up some of their less than savoury actions?"

"What do you mean?" the judge asked, glaring down at him.

"A few months after Mr. Harris left the hospital he was brought back," the lawyer replied. "During his time there he was beaten, raped and tortured both physically and mentally. It was through the actions of William the Bloody, Angelus, the Seer Doyle and one other that he was freed."

"Lies!" the W&H lawyer shouted.

"Control yourself, Counsulor," the judge snapped. He looked at their lawyer. "Do you have proof?"

"Better," the lawyer smirked. "I have a witness. I call to the stand the Council's representative, Robin Goodfellow."

Xander perked up at hearing his friend's name. Having Robin on their side was a big advantage. The tall, green-tinged man walked serenely into the court room, ignoring the wide mouth look from the Wolfram and Hart lawyers. He took the stand and swore in, giving Xander a brief grin. Xander ignored the line of questioning, having already lived through the experience, he didn't need to hear it again. Instead he watched the others in the room, noting that the opposition's lawyers were awfully pale.

"We will break until tomorrow," the judge announced once Robin was allowed to step down from the stand. "I will have my decision then." As he left the room a flurry of sound started.

"Come on," Robin said, coming to stand before them. "Let's head back to your rooms. We have much to talk about."


"We're going to win, aren't we?" Spike said to Robin.

Robin nodded. "Everything is stacked in your favour and all their actions speak against them. But that is not why I'm here."

"They're going to try something," Doyle stated.

"Yes, they already have a ship waiting. There is no set destination for it so I wouldn't even know where to look if they managed to get a hold of Xander."

"Do you have any idea of how they're going to try and snatch him?" Angel asked, settling beside his husband.

"They're going to cause a riot and in the imbroglio they'll grab him," Robin told him. "You must make sure one of you is with him always. For obvious reason I suggest Spike."

"I can do a spell," Tara offered.

"What kind?" Robin asked, turning his head to look at her.

She blushed and ducked her head, hiding her face behind her hair. "I can make it so that where ever Xander goes Spike will go too. It's like a handcuff spell but harmless."

Spike blinked. "You can do that?"

"Yes," she answered, blushing brighter. "It's fairly easy."

"Do it," Robin decided. "We can remove it later."

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