Shadows In Silence


36 Protective Silence

She twisted the stone around in her fingers, letting magic flow into it. The yellow, almost clear, stone flashed for a moment, before slowly changing into a lightly blue colour. Smiling in satisfaction, Dru walked out of the hidden room in search of her boys. It only took a few minutes to find them, curled together in one of the family rooms watching something on the television. She cuddled down beside them, humming absently as Xander turned to let her lay against him more comfortably.

"Got a present for you, Kitten," she murmured.

Dark eyes looked down at her and she grinned, reaching up to touch the necklace that adorned his throat. Her other hand brought up the newly enchanted stone, pressing it against the necklace. A bright flash filled the room, and when the light finally died the stone had fused in with the rest. It glowed briefly before settling in.

"What the bloody hell?!" Spike shouted, turning Xander so he could look at the changed piece of jewelry. "What did you do?"

The dark vampire pushed her insanity back, clinging to the brief bits of lucidity as she met furious blue eyes. "Even if the courts side with you, they will attempt to take our Kitten any way. This will add on to the protections that Robin placed on him," she said seriously.

"Dru?" whispered Spike.

"Not long," she whimpered, then shook her head. "You must keep him close to you, at all times. And you must do as Robin suggested. It is the only way."

Xander reached out a hand to touch her cheek and she leaned into the warmth, feeling the sanity slip away. She sighed as Xander pulled her closer and wrapped his arms around her tightly.

"Spikey," she whispered after a few moments of silence.

"Yeah, Dru?" the blonde asked quietly.

"I see ashes," Dru said softly. "Pain and ashes and shadows falling down."

"I won't let it happen," Spike promised, reaching around Xander so his arms were wrapped around her too. "I promise."



Angel lifted his eyes from the paperwork in front of him to look at the figure standing in the doorway. The normal brash attitude was gone, and he could see shy, uncertain William in the defensive posture. "Did you need something Spike?"

"Can I talk to you for a few?" the blonde asked, coming further into the room.

"Sure," the older vampire shrugged. "Anything to get away from these forms."

A small smile graced the pale features before in disappeared again. "I've got a dilemma."

Angel blinked. "Okay?"

"Robin was here a few nights ago," Spike began quietly. "He said that Wolfram and Hart are going to try again to get Xander."

"We can keep him safe," the dark vampire interrupted.

"I said that too," the blonde grinned quickly. "But it seems they're going the legal way, and through the Demonic courts."

Angel hissed, leaning back in his chair. He had only dealt with the Demonic courts once, during his time as Angelus and he had hoped he never had to do it again. "We need to get a lawyer."

"Yeah, and the only one we know is out of the question," Spike snorted. "But that's not my issue."

"What is then?" Angel asked, beginning to get really worried.

"The jolly green idiot said there was a way to protect Xander and make it harder for W&H to get their hands on him," the younger vampire said softly.

"How's that?"

"Mark and claim him."

Briefly, Angel wondered if this was what a stroke felt like. He had gone numb and his brain had stopped and he was almost certain he had heard his Grand-childe wrong. "Mark and claim?" he squeaked.

"Yeah," Spike ran a hand through his hair. "I don't know what to do. Marking is fine, but claim is sexual and I don't want to hurt Xan."

Angel leaned forward, staring hard at the blonde. "Do you want to claim him?" he asked. Wide blue eyes met his and Angel could see the answer there. "Perhaps you should talk to him. Find out how he feels about it."

"Yeah, that's the problem," Spike admitted. "I don't know what to say to him."

"Hmm," Angel thought for a moment before an idea hit him. "Bring Doyle with you."

37 Freeing Shadows

A/N: Brief cross with CSI happens here

The wide, bright smile his boy sported eclipsed even the brightest and gaudiest of lights around them. Happiness and awe shone from brown eyes as the young man bounced down the street. Even the most hardened of people couldn't help but smile in return as Xander passed them. Spike had decided that leaving the city for a few days was a good idea, so after snatching money from his GrandSire, he grabbed his boy and headed out, driving them through the night to one of the brightest places on Earth. And seeing his boy under the garish Las Vegas lights, he never would regret it.

"Having fun, pet?" he asked, brushing a hand through the dark curls.

Xander smiled wider and nodded, pulling Spike along with him as they moved down the strip. Everything was so bright, so different than his life had been before Spike and Dru. He was loving the vast difference between Las Vegas and Los Angeles. Here, in the city of lights, everything was up front, straight in your face.

"Come on, our show starts soon," Spike laughed, tugging him toward another casino. Xander went willing, excited to see what the blonde had planned for them. Their escape from L.A. had come after the revelation of what Spike needed to do and the arguments that followed. Finally Spike had snapped and told everyone in a quiet voice that he and Xander were taking a vacation and the rest had no say in the matter.


"Do you think they'll be okay?"

"They'll be fine, Angel. Spike can take care of both of them."


"Trust me, they'll be fine. And we'll set all the plans in motion when they get home."

"You're right, I just worry."

"Hm, I have something to take your mind off of Spike and Xander."

"Really, what's that?"

"Why don't you come up to our room and find out?"


Spike led a bouncing Xander out of the showroom, grinning at the young man's antics. Being here had relaxed Xander and gave Spike a sense of hope that the marking and claiming would go well. They walked back to their hotel close together, nearly holding hands as they made their way down the street.

"William Angel?" A voice asked as they entered the lobby.

Spike turned to look at the slightly aging man standing there with another man who was clearly a cop. "Yeah."

"I'm Gil Grissom, with the crime lab, this is Det. Brass. We need to ask you a few questions," the man said, stepping closer.

"Questions about what?" Spike asked suspiciously.

"First, we need to know where you were two hours ago," Gil said.

"We caught a show," shrugged Spike.

"And before that?" Det. Brass asked.

"I was teaching Xander to play poker."

"And you would be Xander?" Grissom asked, looking at the young man. Xander nodded. "So neither of you have been in your hotel room in the past two hours."

Spike stared intently at him for a moment. "We haven't been back in around four hours. What the bloody hell is going on?"

"There's been a murder," Grissom started. "It took place in your hotel room."

"And of course, we're suspects," Spike snorted.

"Until we can prove your alibi, yes."

"Would you mind giving us your prints and DNA?" Grissom asked.

"Not a problem, mate," Spike nodded. "But I got to ask one thing. How was the person killed?"

"A rusted railroad spike was used."

38 Moving Silence

Warning: Minor character death
A/N: Still crossed with CSI here. Plus some more progress.

Spike settled Xander into their new hotel room, cursing quietly about their confiscated bags. The brief questioning by the police had knocked the younger man out of his happy daze and now he felt off-centre and lost. Xander knew about Spike's past and how he used to torture and kill people. He was well aware of the use of a railroad spike as a tool for the torture, but for one to be used in their hotel room was mind-boggling.

"Hey luv," Spike said softly, sinking down on the bed beside Xander. "Are you okay?"

With a small smile, Xander nodded and moved closer to the vampire, settling against his side with a sigh. Without a word, Spike wrapped his arms around him and held tight, both lost in their thoughts as they lay there.

"Come on, we need to get up," said Spike after a few minutes. "We still got things to see and do."

Xander shook his head and held on tighter, keeping Spike from moving. When the vampire finally relaxed back down, Xander moved up a little until he was face to face with Spike. Keeping his eyes locked on bright blue ones, he leaned forward and kissed Spike, tracing the seam of his lips until they opened. Still kissing Spike, he rolled back until Spike was on top of him, pressing him down into the bed.

"Xan?" Spike pulled back and looked down at him. Xander just smiled and pulled him back down, kissing him hard. "Okay, no questions then. Just tell me when you want to stop."

In answer, Xander attacked the buttons on Spike's shirt, pulling the fabric away from his body. Spike sat back to help, stopping only to remove Xander's top before leaning back to kiss him again. The feel of flesh against flesh made Spike groan. He trailed his hands over Xander's exposed skin, feeling the silent gasp he gave. Smiling into the kiss, Spike zeroed in on small nipples, rolling and tugging the sensitive flesh. Xander arched into his touch, breaking away from the kiss to breathe. Moving down, Spike laid soft kisses over Xander's neck and down across his chest, briefly stopping to tongue the slightly swollen nubs. He moved down again, teasing Xander's stomach, stopping to toy with his navel. He could hear the panting breaths Xander was taking and he glanced up to see the pleasure etched across the younger man's face.

His lips stopped at the waist of Xander's pants and he pulled back. "Can I Xan?" he asked softly, tugging a little at the button.

Trying to catch his breath, Xander nodded and reached down to open the button before laying back. Spike paused, humbled by the trust Xander was showing. He could still feel the fear Xander had and he knew that he would only be able to go so far tonight. Smiling to reassure Xander, he pulled down the zipper and tugged the pants off Xander's legs. To help, Xander lifted his hips and his boxers came down as well. A light blush spread across Xander's face and Spike moved back up to kiss him.

"Beautiful," Spike whispered, trailing his fingers across the expanse of flesh. He stayed away from the swollen flesh between Xander's legs, instead focussing his attention on finding all of the younger man's hot spots. He watched as Xander writhed on the bed, his back bowed in pleasure. Finally Spike gave into the temptation and wrapped his hand around the fairly substantial erection. Xander's legs fell open further and he lifted his hips into each stroke of Spike's hand. Giving a feral grin, Spike moved so his face was lined up with Xander's cock and took the head into his mouth, tasting his boy for the first time. He looked up to see the utter shock and pleasure on Xander's face. It took only moments for Xander to orgasm and Spike drank down each shot of it, loving the taste. He cleaned up any missed traces of cum and moved back up to lay beside Xander, smiling at the wide eyed look of shock and awe.

"Like that?" Xander kissed him in answer, moaning silently at the new taste. "I'll take that as a yes."


"Mr. Angel," a voice said quietly at his side. Spike looked over to see the CSI Grissom standing beside him.

"Something I can do for you?" Spike asked, motioning Xander to fold his cards.

"Yes, do you mind answering a few more questions?" Grissom asked.

"Go ahead," Spike shrugged.

"Do you know this man?" Grissom handed over an autopsy picture.

Spike stared at the picture. "Yeah, that's Lindsey McDonald. He's the one that was killed?"

"Yes," Grissom took the picture back. "Can you tell me anything about him?"

"He was a lawyer. Worked for Wolfram and Hart," he stopped when Xander tugged on his sleeve. "Oh, yeah. He had recently quit. Something about a clause in his contract. He knew our boss better than us though."

"Any reason someone would want him dead?"

"He was a lawyer. Mostly criminal law. Plus he walked away from one of the darkest law firms around. Take your pick."

"Would there be any reason you would want him dead?"

"No," Spike nearly snarled. "He worked on a case for a friend of ours. For that alone I'd give him a free pass. If you want someone with motive, check his past employer."

"We will," Grissom nodded. "They are known for playing loose with the law. Thank you for you cooperation."

"Yeah, whatever," Spike said, turning to walk away. Xander smiled briefly at Grissom before following.

39 Mated Shadows

A/N: Still crossed with CSI

Gil Grissom looked at the results the DNA tech had handed him. The tests ruled out either of the men renting the hotel room, but he couldn't shake the feeling that they had something to do with the case. Suddenly he remembered the rape case with the man who had chimerism and wondered what was the possibility that either Alexander Angel or William Angel were victims of the same disorder.

"Jim!" he called to the passing figure. Jim Brass stuck his head in the office. "Can you bring William and Alexander Angel in please?"


"I think they might have more answers then they're letting on," Gil shrugged.

"Yeah, I'll send a patrol car for them."

Gil nodded his thanks and turned back to the other results the lab techs had given him.


Spike looked around the small room he was in, fingering the bracelet around his wrist lightly. A patrol unit had picked him and Xander up 'just to talk.' So far, he had been sitting alone in the room, waiting for someone to come in and wondering where they had Xander at and if his boy was doing okay.

"I'm sorry for keeping you waiting, Mr. Angel," Grissom said as he walked into the room, followed by a youngish man with spikey blonde hair. "This is Greg, one of the CSIs. I was hoping you would be willing to give us a few more samples."

"What sort of samples?" Spike asked suspiciously.

"Hair, blood, semen and another cheek swab," Greg said with a small smile as he opened the case. Spike met his eyes and saw the honesty reflected back at him.

A wry grin flitted over his face. "You think that some of my DNA won't match up to the others," he said quietly.

A look of shock settled on Grissom's face. "Yes, how did you know that?"

"You'd be surprised at what I know," laughed Spike. "But I can already tell you that my spunk will match the cheek and hair but the blood will come up with multiple types."

Greg looked confused but Grissom got a knowing expression. "How are you in sunlight?" he asked.

"Neat little piece of jewellery," Spike answered, lifting the wrist with the bracelet. "Let's me have a reflection too."

"You really didn't do this, did you?" Grissom said slowly. "There was too much blood."

"I kinda liked Lindsey," admitted Spike. "I wouldn't have tortured him and I'd probably have turned him."

"And your companion?"

"Xander couldn't have done it, it's not in his nature. Besides, he was with me the whole time," Spike shrugged. "I generally don't let him out of my sight."

"Does he have the same affliction as you?" Grissom asked curiously.

"Nope, and he never will if I have a say in the matter."

Finally Grissom smiled. "You can go. I'll have Xander meet you in the lobby."

"Thanks," Spike grinned, standing up from the table. "I really hope you do find who did this. For a lawyer, Lindsey was a good guy."

As he left the room, Spike heard Greg asking what was going on, his voice thick with confusion.


The police had spent the past twenty minutes asking him a flood of questions. Xander only smiled serenely and clasped his hands on the table in front of him. They had taken his paper and pen away, therefore he couldn't answer, even if he wanted to.

"Aren't you going to say anything?" the detective asked, glaring at him.

Xander shrugged and shook his head.

"You know, we can keep you in lock up over night for not cooperating."

That made him freeze and he could feel the blood drain from his face. The cop smirked and leaned against the table, crossing his arms.

"Just answer our questions and we'll see about letting you go."

Xander wrapped his arms around himself and hoped that Spike would show up to rescue him soon. The door opened and a head poked in.

"We're letting them go," the new guy said before closing the door.

Glaring at the cop, Xander stood and headed for the door. Grissom was outside and he smiled at him, handing over Xander's things.

"He wouldn't answer anything," the detective said, coming out of the room. He glared at Xander, only looking away when Grissom glared at him.

Xander quickly opened his notebook and jotted down a statement.

I can't speak and they took my notebook and pen from me. How did they expect me to answer the questions they were asking? He ripped off the page and handed it over to Grissom, watching as he read it. Grissom handed the page to the cop shaking his head and walked away with Xander in tow.

"I'm sorry about that," Grissom said quietly. "William is waiting for you in the lobby. Hopefully next time you come to Vegas it will be better."

Grinning his thanks, Xander walked over to where he could see Spike waiting for him, pacing restlessly across the room. Wrapping his arms around Spike he let the comforting feel and smell wipe away the fear he had felt. Feeling free and light, he pulled Spike out of the station and into the warm air. They still had a lot of things to do before they headed home.


"Spikey's changing the words, making the stars sing a different song."

"What do you mean?"

"A step beyond the task set for him. Two to one, one to two, entwined until the stars don't shine."

"You can't mean-"

"Yes. My dark prince is so smart."


"Xan?" Spike said quietly once they were back in their room. Xander turned and smiled at him, eyes lighting up with happiness. "Do you want me to claim you?"

The smile slowly faded but the happiness remained as Xander crossed the room to stand before him. Staring hard into Spike's eyes, Xander searched for a moment before a radiant smile lit his face and he leaned forward to kiss Spike hard, saying everything in his own silent way.

"May I?" asked Spike, his hands on the hem of Xander's shirt.

Xander raised his arms and let Spike pull the shirt off, his own hands moving to remove Spike's top. He ran one hand over the tense muscles, watching as Spike's eyes fell closed. Stepping close again, Xander pressed them chest to chest, letting Spike know without words that he was more than ready for what was to happen next. Finally Spike smiled slowly and pushed Xander back to the bed, following him down to the soft surface.

"You're sure?" he asked one last time, raising up slightly to look down into warm brown eyes. Xander nodded and pulled the lean body down against him. "There's no going back once I start."

In answer Xander shucked off his pants and underwear, laying naked before Spike's hot gaze. Spike nearly tore off the rest of his clothing and moved to lay next to Xander, pressing against the hot skin. He wasted no time, diving in to kiss Xander, nipping at the warm mouth. He trailed wet, open mouth kisses down Xander's neck and quickly across his chest. Nipping at the quivering stomach muscles he smirked as Xander shifted under his touch. He licked a slow strip up the waving erection between Xander's splayed thighs and grinned as the long legs opened further. Moving away for a moment he reached into drawer beside the bed and retrieved the bottle of lube he had stashed there. Looking at Xander he got ready to ask again if it was okay but Xander stopped the question by lifting his knees and exposing himself to Spike.

Slowly Spike began stretching Xander's small opening, moving gently and checking to make sure he was okay every few minutes. He added a second finger and then a third, watching as Xander arched into his touch, lifting his hips into each motion. Leaning forward he took Xander's hard cock into his mouth, sucking hard. Once Spike thought Xander was ready he moved up to lay between the splayed thighs. Locking his gaze with Xander's, Spike began the slow glide into the tight heat of Xander's body.

When he was finally all the way in he stilled, letting Xander become accustomed to the feel. After a moment Spike began to move, slow sweet thrusts, gentling Xander to the movement. The need to pound into the tight body welled up in Spike's veins, but he ignored it, instead focussed on the look of pleasure on his boy's face. Picking up the pace a little, he moaned as Xander sank short nails into his back. As the pleasure crested he leaned down to lave the prime spot on Xander's stretched neck. Sliding a hand between them, Spike stroked Xander's cock hard and fast, pushing him along the road to orgasm. As Xander's body tensed around him, Spike bit down on Xander's throat and tasted the sweet blood for the first time. He came a moment later, slumping down on the panting body beneath him.

"I love you," Spike whispered, levering himself up to look into Xander's eyes. Smiling sweetly Xander pulled his head down for a deep, loving kiss, answering back.

After giving them a few moments to come down, Spike rolled them so Xander was on top. "I've made you mine," he said quietly, running a finger over the bite mark decorating Xander's neck. "Now I want you to make me yours."



"It's perfect actually."


"They can't separate a mated couple. So even if they manage to get Xander they'd have to take Spike with him. And no one can control the little shit."

"Huh. Dru was right, Spike is smart."

40 Blank Silence

It was with new confidence that Xander walked back into the hotel days later. Spike sauntered beside him, a smug look on his pale face.

"You screwed all their plans," Angel said to Spike by way of greeting.

"I know," Spike grinned at his grandSire. "Think they've got wind of it yet?"

"Not that I heard," Angel shrugged. "We'll hear the yelling when they do."

"How was Vegas?" Doyle asked, coming to stand beside his husband.

"Pretty good until someone killed Lindsey," Spike answered.

"Lindsey's dead?" Doyle blinked. "What happened?"

"Someone killed him, in our hotel room, using a railroad spike," he said quietly. "I'm thinking they were hoping to frame Xander and I. Didn't work. The head of the crime lab knows about vampires."

"Gil Grissom," Angel said with a half-smile. "Fasinating man."

"Yep, him. We pointed them at W&H."

"How's Xander?" Doyle asked.

"He's good," Spike leered.

"Not quite what I meant," Doyle snorted.

"He's happier," Spike answered. "He's more confident, more sure of himself."

"Secure now that he's mated to you," Angel offered softly. "He knows he has you always."

The blonde nodded. "It's nice to see him like that."

"Hopefully we can keep him that happy," Doyle sighed.

"Have they set the date for the case yet?" Spike questioned.

"Two weeks."


"Rome," Angel groaned.

"How the hell are we suppose to get to Rome?" growled Spike.

"There's a portal that leads there, made just for the Demonic Courts," Doyle told him. "We have to be there a few days before hand. I've already made hotel reservations."

"Who's all going?"

"Just the four of us," Angel said. "I thought about bring Dru, but I'm not sure how she'd handle being there."

"Plus it would leave Cordy and Wes open to attack," Doyle added with a grimace.

"Everything's set though?" Spike looked between the married pair.

"Yep, all set," Doyle confirmed.

"Good, I'm going to shag my mate through the matress now."


Xander laughed as Cordy made a disgusted face at the gifts Spike and Xander had brought home from Vegas. She held the t-shirt up, reading the "Diva" written across it.

"I am not!" she yelled, glaring at Spike.

"So you don't like it?" the vampire asked with an innocent look while Xander hid a smile behind one hand.

"It's okay, love," Wes said quietly, smiling at his gift of an eyeglass cleaning kit.

"I'll get you for this, blondie," she growled, throwing the shirt at him. "What did everyone else get?"

Dru ripped into the paper, revealing a new tea set. Cooing in pleasure, she threw herself at Xander, hugging him tightly. "Tea tonight," she sang.

Laughing, Doyle opened his own gift, smiling at the books he had been wanting. "Thanks guys."

A low groan had all of them turning to look at Angel and the strange expression on his face. Without a word, he held up the tube of hair gel and threw it at Spike's head with perfect aim. The gel bounced off the blonde's forhead and he shrugged, tucking it into his duster.

"If you don't want it, I'll take it."

Xander shook his head at their antics. This was what he wanted. This was the perfection the made all his nightmares fade away. A knock at the door had everyone turning to look at the door. Doyle glanced at them all before levering to his feet and crossing to the door. He cracked it open and stared at the person standing on the other side.

"Can I help you?" Doyle asked the man.

"Yes, I'm looking for Wesley Wyndam-Pryce," the man said with a British accent. "I was told I could find him here."

"Wes," Doyle called, turning slightly to look at the ex-Watcher. "Someone here to see you."

Looking confused, Wes stood and made his way over, stopping in shock when he saw the person standing there. "Rupert?"

"Hello, Wesley," 'Rupert' said quietly.


"Is there something wrong?" Cordy asked quietly once their visitor was gone.

"Y-yes," Wes stammered, sinking down on the couch beside her. She shifted, cuddling into his side and giving him a bit of comfort.

"And?" Spike asked, his face blank but concern for his friend in his eyes.

"The new Slayer is on the Hellmouth," Wes said quietly. "Somehow she's ended up with a sister."

"Ended up?" Angel questioned.

"She just appeared and was inserted into most of their memories," Wes explained. "It seems the only reason they found out was because a spell on Rupert prevented memory tampering."

"Is she dangerous?"

"Yes and no," Wes shook his head. "Rupert said he would be back and explain everything in detail tomorrow." The ex-Watcher looked around at them. "He's here to ask for help. He knows you worked with a Slayer, Angel. He's hoping we can help."

"Help with what?" Spike asked. "Is it a small problem, a medium problem or a big problem?"

"It's a potential apocolypse."

"So a problem of gargantuan porpotions," Spike nodded. "Just what we needed with what we already have on our plate."

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