Characters/Pairings: Spike/Xander, mentions of Spike/Xander/Angel
Rating: PG for this chapter
Prompt/Challenge: Al dente
Warnings: Shapeshifting
Disclaimer: I don't own the boys, I just like playing with them. No money being made and no offense intended.

Sixth in the Shifting for the Future!verse

Dreams and Lies


There was blood on his hands, thick, red and fragrant. It slid between his fingers and dripped off the ends to form small puddles on the ground below. He raised one crimson covered hand to his mouth and licked, tasting life and love, despair and death. Sobs fell from his lips as the truth in the blood hit him. Tears coursed down his cheeks and he cried.

"Death is not everything," a feminine voice said fom behind him.

He turned and looked at the pretty blond woman standing a few feet away. She smiled softly as she walked a bit closer, stopping just out of touching distance.

"Life is not everything," she told him seriously. "The spot between is everything."

"Who are you?" he asked.

"I am cheese slices, the coming dawn and Astroturf," the woman said cryptically. "I am life and death and all that is beyond. I am the truth and the lie."

"You're not making any sense," he growled taking a menacing step forward.

"If you listen, if you learn, you will understand," she said, fading a bit. "Protect her. Teach her and learn from her but above all, protect her."

"Protect who?" he asked.

The woman smiled and her eyes flashed green and she disappeared.


Angel woke with a yowl, fur standing on end. Warm hands scooped him up and cradled him to a warmer chest as a deep voice whispered soothing nonsense. He cuddled into Xander, trying to keep from making the soft mewling whimpers that bubbled up.

"Angel?" Spike asked quietly, stroking a hand down the trembling back. "What's wrong?"

Dream, Angel whispered, still shivering. A blond woman. She said I have to protect someone.

"Who?" Xander asked, cuddling Angel closer.

I don't know, Angel replied as he finally started to calm down. But her eyes went from blue to green at the end.

"Green?" Xander's voice broke on the word. "Bright green?"

Yes. Does that make sense to you?

Spike nodded. "The only green we know is Dawn."

"And Dru said she would be starting and stopping the end," added Xander.

"What does it all mean?" Spike wondered.

I don't know but the woman in my dreams said I should teach her and learn from her, Angel told them. And protect her.

"We'll always protect her," Spike replied with a grin. "She's special even without the key bits. But teach her what? And learn what?"

"I'm thinking Dru might know," the dark haired human answered. "She just might not know that she knows."

Let's go talk to her, Angel said, struggling to get out of Xander's hands.

"How about we wait until she's wake?" Spike offered, taking Angel from Xander. "Dawn as well."

Fine, grumbled Angel, settling down into his Childe's hands. Back to sleep?

"Oh yeah," Xander said with a smile. "Sleep is of the good."

When they laid back down Angel curled up between them and pretended to sleep. He listened to them drift off and thought. His thoughts swirled round and round, filling his mind with the what if's. There was something more going on. Something was coming, something bigger than the First, bigger than Black Thorn. This time the world might truly end and it was all centered around a powerful artefact in the form of a young woman.

The End

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