Characters/Pairings: S/X/A
Rating: G
Prompt/Challenge: Compliance
Warnings: None really.
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Third in the Shifting for the Future!verse

Finding Answers


Angel pressed himself into the hand petting him. Purring loudly, he arched up into the touch, offering more of him to pet. Soft laughter rang out but he ignored it. The hand petting him stopped and picked him up, bringing him up to look into dark eyes.

"I have no clue how this happened," High Priestess Kamilah admitted. "Have you angered anyone else?"

Angel shook his head. I've been respectful to everyone.

"He has," Xander seconded. "He's been so nice he's worried a few of our friends."

Kamilah laughed. "I can see that happening." She stared into his eyes. "I cannot do anything to fix this."

"Nothing at all?" Xander asked, reaching out and taking Angel from her. Angel leapt from Xander's hands, landing neatly on the human's shoulder.

"While the original spell may have been mine, whoever tripped it added something," she told them seriously. "I cannot undo what is done."

Xander sighed and Angel huffed in irritation. "Thank you, High Priestess."

Thank you for trying, Angel said, reaching out a paw to bat one of her curls.

"If you find who did this, bring them to me," she ordered. "With the person's compliance we can probably strip the spell completely and you will no longer have to worry about someone else reactivating it."

"We will," Xander nodded. He bowed slightly, snickering when Angel nearly fell off.

"Behave," Kamilah chided. She pressed a kiss to Xander's cheek and brushed a hand over Angel's back. "Until I see you again."

The human and vampire-turned-kitten watched her leave with heavy hearts. It had been almost a week and they still hadn't located the person responsible for changing Angel back into a kitten. The priestess had been their last hope and if she couldn't fix it then no one could.

This sucks, Angel grumbled, walking across to Xander's other shoulder. I don't want to be a kitten for the rest of my life.

"We'll figure something out," promised Xander. "Spike is talking to the Oracles as we speak. I doubt they'd leave their champion in cat form."

Who did he take with him? Angel asked in worry. Spike's not known for tact. He might make things worse.

Xander laughed. "I know, that's why I sent Dawn with him. She can keep him from saying something stupid and she does know diplomacy. Don't' know where she learned it, but she did."

Probably learned it from Joyce.

"I wouldn't be surprised."


"You're joking," Spike said flatly. The two pale figures stared back at him. "You have to be joking."

"We are not," the male said.

Dawn glared. "You turned your champion into a kitten. Why?"

"We are not required to answer your questions," the female told her.

"Remember what I am," Dawn sneered. "And what I can do. Then answer the damn question."

The Oracles exchanged a look then looked back at the two standing before them. "Our actions were done to ensure the future," the female replied.

"Explain," Spike demanded.

"The Champion Angel is frequently unbalanced," the male answered. "He often battles with himself over the simplest pieces of life. We require him to be balanced and whole."

"And turning him into a cat helps how?" Dawn asked.

Spike shook hi s head, realizing what they had done and why. "It's not the form, Dawn. It's the actions of the people around him."

"Correct, vampire," the male smiled slightly. "As Angel becomes secure with those around him he will become more secure within himself. The moment he does the soul and demon will merge."

"And no more worries about him losing his soul and reverting to Angelus," Spike finished.

"I thought his soul was already bound to him," Dawn remarked.

"Yes, but it can still be stripped away," the female explained. "Once they are merged there will be no way for one or the other to have dominion."

"And the Shanshu prophecy?" Spike asked.

"A cruel joke by the Council," the male replied. "There is no way for any creature upon the Earth to find perfect redemption. Darkness resides in all, souled or not. Shanshu cannot be achieved."

Dawn groaned. "Perfect. So what happens now? Will you change him back?"

"We cannot," the female answered.


"The means of returning Angel to his previous form does not lie with us."

"Where is it then?" Spike growled.

A smirk appeared on the both of the Oracles' faces. "Think on what we have said and the answer will come to you."

A bright light flashed. When the light faded, Dawn and Spike found themselves standing on the street.

"What now?" Dawn asked, crossing her arms and glaring at the vampire.

"Now we go home," Spike said, heading in the right direction. "We'll tell everyone what the Oracles said and see if they can figure anything out."

"Fine," she huffed, hurrying to catch up with him.

The End

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