Characters/Pairings: S/X, Angel
Rating: G
Prompt/Challenge: Languid
Warnings: None
Disclaimer: I don't own the boys, I just like playing with them.

Second in the Shifting for the Future!verse

Not Again


He was a champion of the Powers That Be, how the hell did he end up like this again? He had sincerely apologized the last time and didn't' do anything to warrant this that he knew about. Sighing, he lay down and covered his eyes. Someone somewhere hated him.

"I don't know what happened, Knight," an aged voice said somewhere avoid him.

Angel opened his lifted his head and watched as Xander Harris talked to an older woman, her wrinkled face full of confusion.

"Was there anything cast?" Xander asked, smiling down at the witch.

"Not by me," she assured the young man. "I'll check and see if any of my students were working on anything. Until then I can't fix this."

"It's okay," Xander told her. "We can take care of him until you can reverse it."

"Oh, thank the Goddess," she sighed. "I was afraid one of the younger witches would try to take him as a familiar and he would be stuck that way."

"I'm sure the Powers wouldn't let that happen. But to help things along, I'll send Willow over."

"Good, good," she nodded. The witch then reached out and picked Angel up, depositing him into Xander's hands. "Hopefully we can get this cleared up quickly."

"Hopefully," Xander agreed.


"How do you get yourself into these things, Angel?" Xander asked, settling Angel on the passenger seat.

The kitten glared up at him. It wasn't my idea!

"Huh," Xander blinked. "Looks like the Priestess was right and some traits did transfer over."


"I can understand you," explained Xander. "Which will make everything easier?"

I'm a fucking cat again! How can any of that be easier? Angel hissed.

Xander glared at him. "I can leave you here to be some little witch's familiar. Which means you'll be stuck a car forever."

Angel slumped down. I don't want to be a cat. Can't do any of the things I want to do.

A sly look came over Xander's face. "Spike doesn't know," he said, starting the car.

Angel blinked and then kitty grinned. Okay, that might make it a little better.

A hand came over and stroked down his back. "I'm sure Madam Zorinva will figure it out and you'll be back to normal again."

At least I didn't insult anyone this time, Angel sighed, pressing up into the hand petting him. Get behind my left ear.

Laughing, Xander obligingly scratched the itchy spot. Moments later a low rumbling sound filled the car as Angel drifted off to sleep.


Xander carried the sleeping kitten into the house, carefully hiding him from the baby slayers. The last thing he, or Angel, needed was one of them squealing. He made his way to the room he shared with Spike, knowing the vampire would still be in bed at this time of day. Slipping inside the room, he locked the door behind himself and moved over to the bed, placing Angel in the middle of Spike's bare back.

"Wot?" Spike grumbled, twitching. Angel slid off Spike's back, landing beside him. Blue eyes blinked up sleepily at the vampire. The little mouth opened in a wide yawn then the tiny body moved into a languid stretch. "You got a kitten?"

"Not quite," Xander grinned.


Pet me!

Spike jumped as his Sire's voice rang out from the small animal. "Angel?" he squeaked.

Pet me.

"I'd do as he said," Xander laughed. "He might bite."

Hesitantly, Spike began to pet Angel. "What happened?"

"Don't' know," Xander shrugged. "They're trying to figure it out now. I called Willow on the way back and she thinks someone might have triggered the original spell by accident."

"So what are we going to do?" Spike asked, still stroking Angel.

"Don't know," Xander said again.

"Guess we have a kitten.

The End

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