Rating: FRAO
Pairing: S/X
Disclaimer: If they were mine it wouldn't be called *Fan*fiction would it?

Summery: Spike’s got a present for Xander. It’s a happy smutty Birthday. Inspired by velvet_virago’s drawing "Nummy Birthday Treats"

Set in the Daring Lace'verse

Pressie and Cake


“Spike! This had better be important Spike. I get a message to get over here right after work.” Xander burst though the crypt door already talking. “I’ve had a long sweaty, sawdust-y day and I really just want to go home and take a - SPIKE!” Xander called out again not seeing the bleached menace.

“Down ’ere Pet.”

“Shower. Spike. I want a shower. There had best be missing appendages - a horde of toads or something keeping me from it.” Xander tromped down the ladder to the lower level blink in at the sight that greeted him when he turned around. “Spike... What’s this?”

“Remembered Red talking about your birthday got you a pressie. A bit late but the thought that counts, right Pet?” Spike leered at him.

Xander raised an eyebrow turned around and headed back up the ladder mumbling. “Stupid vampire, dried sweat and sawdust ITCHES. Make me think he’s -”

Spike was stunned. His Nummy was leaving! “Pet? Oi! Xander!” Spike shifted as he heard the human banging around the upper level not sure weather to be worried or relieved that he hadn’t left. A few minutes later Spike saw bare feet coming back down the ladder.

Xander was shirtless with a towel slung around his neck. Spike’s mouth went dry at the sight of his Nummy rivulets of water meandering down his chest to soak into the waist of low slung jeans. Spike drug his eyes up to Xander’s face as he finished scrubbing the excess water from his hair.

“Much better. Feel human again.” Xander tossed the towel aside and stalked to the bed. He crawled up the foot settling between the sprawled legs. “Thanks Spike.” Xander knelt up over the cake and kissed the blonde, tongue questing into the cooler mouth mapping teeth and pallet. Sucking and niping at his full bottom lip before setting back.

“I used to drip wax on my fingertip to try and see is I could make a finder print. You ever done that Spike, played with melted wax? Kinda heat that sinks in deep - lingers even after you peel away the wax.” Xander asked surprised when the vampire shook his head no.

Pulling a candle free of the cake still lit, he shook the candle hitting the pale skin with a speck of blue wax while putting out the flame. Spike hissed. Xander tossed aside the candle and reach for another, looking Spike in the eyes he did it again. Soon all the candles were out leaving their little wax kisses dotting the blonde’s chest.

Xander scooped up a bit of cake on his finger and popped it in his mouth mmm-ing at the rich chocolate taste. Taking another bite Xander gave the chained vamp an assessing look. Getting a wicked glint in his eyes he set the cake on the small table next to the bed and picked up the one of the candles there that had wax pooling on the top.

“I think I need to mark my present, put my name on it like I used to do with my favorite toys.” Xander leaned over Spike and tipped the candle letting a thin stream of wax pour out on the vampire’s stomach. Starting just below the dip of bellybutton and three inches to the left Xander drew diagonal a line. On the right he drew another crossing the first. Setting aside that candle he grabbed a second and drew two more lines parallel to the first and connecting the ends.

Xander leaned back to look at his handy work, pleased with the seven by seven X. He looked up to gauge Spike’s reaction the vampire not having made a sound or movement since he started. The blonde had his head tipped back eyes closed bottom lip caught in teeth a little too pointy for his human visage. “Spike?” Xander ran his fingers down a sculpted cheek.

Spike opened his eyes, the blue bleeding to gold in the center. “Yeah Pet?” He asked voice rumbling with a pleased tone.

“I’ll take it that you liked that huh?” Xander said more then a bit smug at making Spike sound like that, like sex and chocolate and sultry nights.

“Mmmmm ’s nice Pet. Never been marked quite like that. Pity it’ll fade.” Spike looked down at the X sounding almost wistful.

Xander moved to straddle the bound form hands tangling in the gelled hair. He jerked the head back making the vampire look up at him, “Oh that’s all right, we’ll get Wills to magic some ink for us. Tattoo it permanent,” Xander dipped his head lips brushing a delicate lobe. “Marked. Mine and no other‘s, ever.” He nipped sharply startling a whimper from the blonde. “For all to see.” Spike shivered at the possessive words.

Xander slide back the rough denim of his jeans dragging against the bare thighs he’d been sitting on. “Now I’m going to enjoy my pressie and my cake.” Xander leaned forward again licking at the rim of his ear, “Then I’m going to fuck you before taking you home.” Spike bucked at the growled promise.

Xander chuckled and scooped up a handful of cake and frosting grinning at the vampire before covering Spike’s straining cock with the sweet treat. He tilted his head absentmindedly licking frosting from a finger as he looked at his ’pressie’. Taking a finger full of frosting he painted the rosy nipples blue. “Perfect.” Xander’s mouth covered one blue nub sucking the frosting up, “its very good Spike, wanna taste?” He offered his cake-y hand to the blonde. Xander moaned at the feel of the cool mouth surrounding his fingers, teeth nipping the end before pulling the next in for the same treatment.

When his hand was licked clean Xander stole a kiss form those wicked lips, tongue chasing the sugary taste. Leaving them both panting. Tiny cat licks cleaned the other nipple, both stood taunt peppled from the attention. Xander gave nipping kisses the lines of Spike’s abs tracing a flank with his tongue as he made his way to his prize.

Delicately he lapped at the frosting covering the head of the rosy cock. Mouthing his way down one side he swirled his tongue over heavy balls cleaning away the stray cake. Xander nuzzled the hair at the base of the pulsing erection enjoying the scent of Spike and chocolate. He swiped his mouth up the other side, taking his time cleaning every trace away. When he reach the drooling head Xander took it into his mouth dragging his teeth over it as he released it.

Xander licked his lips and looked up at the moaning blonde, pleased to see that his eyes were completely golden now. Ducking back down he swallowed Spike’s cock to where he had a hand wrapped round the base, not quite ready to take the whole length. Xander hummed at the taste but pulled back when he felt it swell squeezing the base to stop the vampire’s orgasm.

He moved back up the pale body kissing him soundly until air became an issue. “I’m going to fuck you now Spike” He reached up and pinched a nipple, twisting it sharply. “You have a choice; keep the chains or not?” He waited for the blonde to focus on him, lust filled eyes dazed from his near orgasm. When all the vamp could vocalize was a keening whimper Xander smirked and dropped an a kiss on the corner of his mouth.

“Keep them then, can’t wait to find the keys.” Xander got bounced off the bed shucking his jeans and snatching the tube of lube he’d spied on the side table. Moving back between the bound legs coating his fingers with the slick. He traced the twitching entrance with one finger slowly pushing it in. Quickly he worked two then three fingers in stretching the guardian ring, eager to sink into that tight heat.

Smearing a healthy dollop of lube on his cock Xander moved over the vampire. “Mine” He growled pushing in slowly not stopping until he bottomed out. He waited for slim hips bucked up before moving. He set a fast pace pulling almost all the way out before sinking back in. Driven by Spike’s moans he thrust harder groaning when Spike tossed his head back with a pleased sound. That pale neck drew him and Xander licked up the corded throat. Nipping down to the join of neck and shoulder sucking a bruise there as he got closer to the edge.

Spike howled his orgasm, internal muscles tightening around Xander drawing him over as well. Xander bucked deeper into Spike and growled as he started to come teeth cutting into the pale neck piercing the skin. Spent he bucked again at the taste of Spike’s blood, moaning he let go.

Xander wrapped himself around Spike nuzzling into his shoulder. He’d rest just a bit then they’d go back to his apartment and do it again. Xander smiled to himself, maybe he’d even let spike fuck him this time. He wriggled at the thought of that hard cock filling him. Oh yeah have to do that.

The End

Continued in

Property of X

All in all Spike’s unlife was better then it had been in years - certainly since before Dru had gotten ill. And Spike didn’t have to worry about him running off with a chaos demon. No, if there was one thing his Nummy was it was loyal. Being with the human was better then Spike had imagined.

Xander had told him this morning that he had a surprise for him when he got home. Now Spike figured his Nummy wanted to celebrate their first week together - which was fine by Spike, but he’d be damned if he didn’t do something for Xander as well. Which would explain the dinner Spike was making. Well, /ordering/.

He wanted to do something different and fun. One of the things that Xander had talked about, was wanting to travel the world. Well Sohan’s wasn’t exactly world travel but it served authentic Indian food. Spike looked over the menu. He wanted finger foods, because that was half the experience, and recognizable things for a first try. So it was Naan, chicken, lamb and a couple of vegetable dishes - oh, and some mango ice cream for dessert.


Xander came home tired, chalky from dry walling and trying to curb the urge to bounce. Not only was it officially the weekend, but his three days of waiting had paid off and his surprise had been finished last night. Xander pulled out his keys to unlock the door, while still bouncing on his toes. Oh well. He stepped inside and barely had time to close the door before Spike had him pinned. They kissed, open-mouthed and aggressive after a day apart.

“Hey Luv.” Spike greeted, when they parted.

“Hey Vampire-mine. How about you let me grab a shower then I can show you my surprise.”

“Hmm” Spike leaned in to kiss Xander again. “How ’bout shower and then you can give me my pressie after dinner?”

The brunet took one more swift kiss, “‘kay. Whatever it is, it smells good.”


Spike and Xander sat on the living room floor, the small feast spread out on the wide coffee table. They laughed and fed each other bits of food, while sharing a bottle of beer. Spike had forgone candles and turned on the neon-wall art thing Clem had given them, lighting the room in a blue glow. Not traditionally romantic maybe, but it suited them.

The pair finished eating and sat kissing softly for a few minutes. Reluctantly Xander pulled back and got up to get his surprise. The brunet pulled a cloth-wrapped bundle out of his lunch pail. Sinking back on to the floor beside Spike, he pulled the cloth off revealing a deep purple glass bottle. Spike looked at Xander quizzically not sure what it could be.

Xander set the bottle on the coffee table and leaned forward capturing Spike’s mouth in a deep kiss. He pulled back teeth nipping the vampire’s lower lip. “I told you I’d mark you for all the world to see and I meant it.” He kissed his stunned lover again. When they parted Xander continued his explanation carefully watching Spike’s face.

“Tara knew how to make inks - the plain kind, for calligraphy and stuff. And she and Willow found an incantation to make it resistant to vampire physiology. This will be permanent. Tattoos fade - even on humans, but this will last sharp and bold for centuries. The best part?” Xander stroked a hand across Spike’s cheek. “It can be painted on; no needles or demon tattoo artist. Just a special paint brush, three words and a wait.”

“Painless, then?” Spike looked vaguely disappointed.

Xander laughed kissing away the slight frown. “Didn’t say that. According to Tara it’ll sting like a bitch, pretty much like a regular one. Maybe burn a bit.” He shrugged. Xander knew what the vampire had been thinking - without the pain it’d hardly seem real. The pain proves it, a sense memory to mark the occasion.

“Strip and lay down.” Xander ordered as he moved the coffee table out of the way. Spike stood up and pulled his t-shirt off. He loved it when Xander got all forceful. Spike shucked his jeans and watched Xander pull a paintbrush from his back pocket.

Spike was starting to get excited about the marking. Xander hadn’t mentioned marking him again after that first evening and Spike hadn’t thought the human meant it. But now... Sparkles traveled up and down his spine. It was happening, it was real. No one had ever wanted him that much - enough to mark him forever. Spike settled himself on the floor practically vibrating in anticipation.

“Put your hands behind your head.” Xander nodded when Spike positioned himself. Carefully Xander uncorked the bottle and dipped the brush in. Using the side of the rim, he removed some of the excess ink before turning to Spike. Xander held the brush in one hand, while using a tiny saucer to catch any stray drops. The saucer was set down next to Spike’s far hip and Xander still held the Brush above it.

The human placed his free hand in the middle of the vampire’s chest. “You ready?”

“Hell yes.” Spike grinned at his lover. Xander bite his lip and brought the brush up to start. Slow and steadily, he traced the same path he’d marked a week ago with wax. Two strokes and a thick black X took form on Spike’s lower abdomen. The vampire held himself rigid through this. He was waiting for the sting, but so far the ink was cool and it felt a bit odd.

Xander set the brush on the dish. Pressing down on Spike, he held his right hand over the wet ink and said the spell. Surprised by the sudden burn, Spike jerked and gave a half-strangled yell. He stilled himself, trying not to move as it felt like little claws scraped across his skin.

“Son of a bitch. Witchling wasn’t kidding - how long?”

“Half a candle mark according to the book, so half an hour right? By then the ink’ll have sunk in. Just relax and try not to move.” Spike snorted. He closed his eyes and thought about the jumping Xander in the shower...


“Hmm. How are you feeling?”

“Burns a bit.”

“Just a minute more and we’ll clean you up; then I’ll get something to take away the sting.”


Spike felt a warm cloth wipe away the last traces of ink and his lover drop a kiss on the new tattoo. He shifted up on to his elbows so he could get a look. He lost himself for a moment tracing the bold black lines. He didn’t notice Xander’s return until the man knelt beside him and spoke.

"Lay back and close your eyes." Spike nodded, relaxing and letting his Nummy do as he pleased. He could feel the cold seconds before the smell hit him. He jerked as Xander dropped a spoonful of ice cream on his newly-marked flesh. The vampire hissed as the cold leeched the lingering burn away. Another spoonful join the first melting quickly.

A tongue was suddenly lapping at the sticky trails, a stark contrast to the cool treat. “Mmmm Mango. A wonderful accompaniment to dessert-Spike.” Xander chased the last of the ice cream before scooping out another dollop and smearing it along the tattoo. “The ink, of course, adds its own subtle flavor. Sour, but not unpleasant.” The human commented in a serious tone as he used more ice cream to paint swirls around Spike’s navel.

The vampire whimpered when the mouth returned, tongue and lips suckling him clean. This time Xander didn’t stop when the ice cream was gone. Instead he nibbled his way down to Spike’s cock licking hello to the straining flesh. Xander pushed Spike’s legs wide apart. He used two fingers to scoop up some ice cream smearing it on the vampire’s perineum and down to puckered entrance causing Spike to gasp and writhe.

“Xaaaaan! Fuck.”

“Mmm In a bit - I’m not done with my dessert yet.” Xander looked up from working more of the mango sweet into Spike. He bit a pale thigh before duck back down mouth the ice cream from his vampire. Xander nipped his way down to Spike’s ass. His tongue flicked out tasting the mix of Spike and mango. He lapped across the entrance teasing them both, before dipping inside.

Spike arched trying to get that warm tongue deeper. He earned himself a nip on the cheek. Xander delved further not letting up until Spike was moaning constantly. He pulled away panting with need. He tore open his pants and pushed them down to mid-thigh. Out of one pocket, he pulled an ampoule of lube. Spike was watching him with heated eyes.

Quickly he prepared his lover, two fingers working inside him frantically. He slicked the rest of the lube over his erection to Spike’s chant of ‘nownownownow’. Xander moved over Spike supporting himself on his elbows. He thrust into Spike bottoming out before slowly pulling out, only to slam back in. Spike mewled in pleasure. He latched on to Xander’s neck worrying the tendon, sucking his own mark into the skin.

They moved together thrusting closer and closer to completion. It wasn’t elegant or tender, just a raw joining. Spike came splashing their stomachs and tightening down on Xander. The trapped human shuddered at the pressure and growled as he climaxed. They lay panting as the last shivers pleasure coursed through them.

“Mine” Xander declared nipping at Spike’s shoulder.


“Mine,” another bite this one over his collar bone.


“Mine,” again a bite. “Mine, mine, mine -” each followed by a nip to Spike and a little wriggle of his hips.

“Mmmmm - Hey now!” Spike pushed Xander up. “We are not going at it on the floor again. Already got rug burns on my ass mate.”

“Miiiinne!” Xander whined in protest biting Spike’s throat and not letting go this time.

Spike’s eyes rolled back but he pushed again at Xander. “Yours, yes. Now lets move to the bed and you can prove it again.”

“Fine.” Xander pouted but got off the floor, pulling Spike up too. As soon as the vampire was standing Xander tossed him over his shoulder and turned toward the bedroom. “Mine,” he reminded the blonde biting the inviting ass.

“Bastard.” Spike grumbled not really displeased. He loved it when Xander got possessive.

The End

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