Written For: ([info]werewindle)’s New Year’s Fest at [info]windles_orbit
Assignment: A first kiss on New Year's.
Betaed by: Many thanks to Anna ([info]iadorespike)
Fandom: BtVS
Pairing: Spike/Xander
Rating: R rated
Characters: Not mine, Joss' - I'm just playin' with 'em
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The New Year's Kiss

Virtual Personal

Xander walked out of the hotel and took in a lung-full of fresh air. The Watchers’ New Year’s Eve party was an all-out bash. Of course, that meant he was in a tux and the shiniest shoes ever. He tugged on his bow tie and then leaned against the railing overlooking the ocean.

The moon hung low over the water, and its’ reflection rippled in a million directions. Just like the scoobies had scattered around the globe. Buffy was in Italy, Willow in Budapest, Andrew was globe trotting somewhere, and Giles seemed to jet back and forth between London and LA. It was nice seeing him -- it felt sorta like old times when he was around.

Then there was Spike. The sole vampire watcher. The bad boy of the watchers. Xander wondered how the vampire got away with so much. Probably the same way he got away with things with the scoobs. Charm and stealth.

He became aware of a presence behind him, tensed, then turned. “Spike, wondered where you were.” His eyes widened at Spike’s choice of clothes. You might call what he was wearing a tux... or you might call it ‘come fuck me’ clothes.

“Like it do you?” Spike smirked. “You look very pretty too.”

Xander straightened in indignation. “I am not pretty, and you’re not...” yeah, but he was... Damn, the frilly, cream colored partially unbuttoned silk shirt gave a clear view of the vampire’s pecs... and just made Xander ache to see more. Never mind the loose bow tie around his neck screaming “Chippendales”.

“Then you should probably close your mouth and stop staring, yeah?”

Xander blinked.

“Or you could keep staring and I’ll just...” one elegant long fingered hand started unbuttoning the silk shirt.

Mesmerized, Xander’s eye was glued to the widening sliver of skin that was revealed, until he came to his senses and stayed Spike’s hand. “Stop... you know they’re all fuddy duddies.”

Spike gave a one shouldered shrug. “Probably why we’re both out here. Why don’t we leave? Go to my place and–”

“No!” Xander moved away from temptation. “Already told you Spike, so not interested.”

“Your mouth says no... everything else says yes.”

Xander felt Spike staring at his mouth... felt his mouth burn under that stare. Without thinking, he touched his mouth, then withdrew his hand, only to find Spike’s cool hand on his cheek. He closed his eye as the vampire rubbed the pad of his thumb over his lips. Heart hammering against his chest, he pulled away. “Spike... no.”

“Why not. You’re bloody interested, and you know it.”

Shaking his head, Xander gripped the railing. “Just doesn’t feel right, all right? You and Buffy...”

“That was a long time ago. She’s had what... three boyfriends since?”

“I dunno... swapping boyfriends with a friend... just doesn’t feel right, you know? I mean, I’d hate it if she or Willow were seeing an ex of mine. It just doesn’t feel...”


“Right,” Xander let out a breath of relief, thinking Spike finally understood where he was coming from.

“Well... I’m heading out, then.”

“What about the party? You just got here!”

“I really just popped by to tell you...” Spike looked down at the ground and rubbed his neck.

“What? Tell me what?” Xander put his hand on the vamp’s back. “What’s wrong?”

“I’m being posted to Paris.”

“What - no!” He was going to be all alone. Worse, there would be no more flirting. He’d gotten used to Spike flirting with him, even if it couldn’t go anywhere.

“Know what they say, you don’t know what you’ve got till its gone. It’s only a year or two...”

“A year... oh my God, Spike...” Xander bit his lip.

The hotel door opened as people who’d wandered out, went back in. Cries of the countdown could be heard.

“You should go in and collect your kisses. Unless... you know, I could use a nice send off from an old friend,” Spike put his hand out.

The heat from Spike’s laser blue gaze was almost too much to bear. That coupled with the thought of not seeing him for years... of not having anyone to use maximum snarkage on.... and no more eye candy, stirred a maelstrom of emotions. His nostrils flared as he fought the sudden urge to cry.

“Give us a kiss then.” Spike pulled Xander into his arms. “Happy New Year.”

The vampire sure knew how to hold a man. Enveloped in his arms, dragged up against his hard chest, he could barely breathe. He parted his lips, just as Spike’s mouth descended on his. Spike’s lips were firm, and hard, and soft... all at once. There was no hesitation, no awkward moment. The vampire knew what he was doing all right, as he delved his tongue into Xander’s mouth and started a thorough exploration.

Dizzy, Xander clung to Spike, ready to give him whatever he wanted. If only this explosion of sensations would never stop. And they didn’t. He burrowed against Spike, tasting him, unable to get enough. Begging soundlessly for more.

Spike ran his hand down Xander’s back, rested his hand on his buttock, and pulled him up hard against him. Locked in the kiss, every part of their bodies touched, and there was no hiding the state of their arousal. He stabbed his tongue inside Xander’s mouth, reveling in the sound the boy made, and in the way Xander’s fingers dug into his shoulders.

He broke the kiss and smiled. “There. Wasn’t so bad, was it?”

“Whoa...” Xander could barely think straight enough to breathe. Was he supposed to come up with an answer to that?

“Right then, I’m off. Maybe I’ll see you if you make your way to Paris, yeah?”

“Ahh... Spike... ahh...” Xander swallowed, and had half a mind to follow the vampire and make him come home with him. But then again... he was going to be gone for a couple of years, might not be such a good idea to start anything.

“Xander, there you are,” Giles strolled out and smiled. “Was that Spike I saw. Odd, I don’t believe I saw him at the party.”

Turning, Xander quickly wiped his mouth and tried not to look guilty. “Ah... yeah... Spike, right... that was ... Spike.”

“Oh good, then he must have told you.”

“Told me... yeah,” Xander’s face fell.

“Right, then, I’m assuming you don’t have a problem with the assignment.”


“The tickets have been overnighted to you so they should be in your post office box. You don’t look happy. Come on, buck up. At your age, I would have been ecstatic about being posted in Paris. I’m quite sure you’ll do fine, and Spike knows his way about. He’ll take you under his wing,” Giles clapped him on the shoulder.

“I’m... I’m going too... I mean...”

“I think you’d best go home and sleep it off.” Giles laughed. “Happy New Year, and I’ll be seeing you in Europe next.”

After Giles went back inside, Xander turned in the direction Spike had gone. “Spike... if you’re listening, I haven’t made up my mind on whether I’m going to kill you or kiss you,” he whispered loudly.

“Well make up your mind then, so I can decide whether to come out or not, yeah?”

At the sound of the voice coming from behind him, Xander turned suddenly and collided with the blonde.

“Right... kiss it is then.”

Finding his mouth devoured by the vampire, Xander had no choice but to agree. “Right ... kiss...” Waves of heat washed over Xander. Oh yeah, he’d made the right choice.

The End

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