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Pairing: Spike/Xander
Rating: Adult Rated, fun, light, Christmas season
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Baby It's Cold Out


Virtual Personal

Part One

"Took you long enough to get all those clothes off, I'm on my third one, yeah?" Spike said, lifting his beer bottle and smirking at the three rosy cheeked humans who'd finally peeled off layers and layers of clothing protecting them from the bitter cold of Inverness and finally were getting settled next to him at the bar. "Look a lot better now, too. Was about to ask you which teletubbies you are... not you Harris. You're the purple one, no doubt about it." He ignored the glares from Willow and Buffy. The boy had come out so all Spike was doing was getting him comfortable in his skin.

"I should say that while I'm gay, I'm not a girl and I won't ever," Xander paused and looked at each and every one of them, making sure they got the point, "ever hold a purse. Speaking of girls, Buffy, wanna use your blonde charms and get me a beer? The bartender here always ignores me."

"I've got plenty of blond charms," Spike snapped his finger and gave a triumphant grin as the bartender approached. It was short lived. Once Buffy flashed her smile at him, it was a lost cause. "Right... you order then."

"Three ales... whatever you recommend," Buffy said, grinning from ear to ear as Spike mock-mimicked her order. "Hey, I get service, you don't."

"Come on Red, surely you're ready to protect good old Spike."

"Sorry, Buffy wins this one," Willow said, "but I'm sure if the bartender was gay, you'd win!" she hastened to add.

"Hey! What about me!" Xander protested, pouting for all he was worth. He enjoyed Willow's panicked look for a moment before waving her off and reaching for his beer.

"Looks to me like the bent-folk are watching each others' backs."

"Oh yeah? What about me?" Buffy challenged.

"Living with them, you... well it rubs off, don't you know?" He barely winced when three sets of fists pummeled him. "The ladies doth protest too much, and all that..."

"Spike, be nice to the Slayer you're training with tomorrow," Xander cautioned, smirking into his beer. "She might sic the little slayers at you."

"Bring it on, yeah? She'll be all bundled up in layers and--"

"Training's indoors tomorrow," Buffy sweetly inserted.

"Right, nice to The Slayer." Lifting his bottle to his mouth, Spike started a new line of conversation. Several hours passed with the three of them talking old times, comparing their lives now to their lives in Sunnydale, and generally making fun of each other. Spike unbuttoned the blasted shirt they had him wearing at the watchers, and felt the weight of a stare. When he raised his gaze, he caught Xander watching him work his buttons and raised an eyebrow. Wasn't the first time, either.

Xander blushed at getting caught and went back to looking everywhere but at Spike. Noticing how hot Spike was wasn't too bad, he was after all gay and had eyes. Eye. Whatever. He could see the hotness, that was okay. But staring and thinking all sorts of evil thoughts which mostly involved naked Spike and chocolate was most decidedly not okay. Especially seeing as Spike kept flirting with women.

Speak of the devil, a pretty blonde chose that moment to approach Spike. All she had to do was wear a low-cut top and smile and Spike's attention was immediately drawn to her. Xander could be completely shirtless and Spike wouldn't even notice.

Spike's amused gaze flicked to Xander, then to Willow. "Not going to have to fight over this one, are we?" From the way she was making a bee line toward him, it was bloody clear who she was interested in. Naturally his smile grew just that little bit smugger. "Hello pet, need a drink, do you? Go on, have a seat." Without even looking at Xander, Spike managed to push him off his stool. "There you go... he wasn't using it anyway."

"Thank you," Fiona smiled and daintily perched on the stool. She managed to ignore the offended muttering of the brunet and focused on the handsome blond. "I'm Fiona."

"I'm Fiona," mimicked Xander, quietly enough not to be heard. He glared at the back of the woman's head. He stopped once he saw Buffy and Willow look at him curiously. "She took my seat," he muttered as an excuse.

"Lovely name, that. Drink?" When she nodded, he had her drink of choice placed in front of her and smoothly snagged Xander's wallet, still on the bar top, and generously took care of the bill. As he chatted the blonde up, he noticed the way she looked at him so wide eyed, the way her pupils appeared quite dilated, and he could hear her pulse race every time he moved close, or put his hand across her body to reach for the peanuts.

Fiona enjoyed being the sole focus of Spike's attention. The man was nothing if not charismatic and he had a way about him that would make any woman give in. She leaned closer to him and touched his shoulder lightly.

"Another drink?" she asked, leaning close to whisper it right next to his ear.

"Sure luv. How about sex on the beach?" he asked, rubbing his palm up her back.

"You're not in London... beer, wine..." said the bartender.

"Another beer," Spike said, silkily adding, "We'll have to have sex on the beach some other time, yeah?"

"Some other country," Buffy muttered.

"Oh I bet he could convince her to get naked even in Scotland," Xander said.

Fiona managed to ignore the peanut gallery and concentrate on Spike instead. His friends might be irritating but they wouldn't be with them all night.

"Too much sand at the beach," she replied with a coy little smile, "perhaps somewhere more comfortable."

"Somewhere... nice and warm?" he asked, tucking her hair behind her ear and staring into her eyes as if he couldn't get enough of her. She was pretty enough...

"Sure," she said huskily and leaned into his touch.

"With a nice cozy sofa... fire burning," he put his hand behind her back, and whispered against her ear, "music..."

She hummed a little in agreement, tilting her head to give him access to her neck.

He skimmed his mouth over her throat, very aware that the others were watching. "A bit of kissing and heavy petting... and we'll see where it goes..."

Xander grimaced at the blatant display of sexed up shenanigans. It was bad enough that Spike was straight, he didn't have to flaunt it so much. He turned his back to the necking couple and faced the dance floor instead.

"Another beer?" Xander asked the girls. "Buffy could flutter her eyelashes and get it for us."

Spike moved in and slanted his mouth over the blonde's, kissing her until she swayed toward him, then pulling away. "So, you're in the mood then?"

"For anything you have in mind," she whispered.

"Mmm," he gave her one more kiss, then sat up straight. "Sorry luv, not in the mood for it tonight. Better luck next time, yeah?" He snapped his fingers for the bartender and told him to line up beers for the three of them. Ignoring Fiona’s huffing and puffing... and bit of cursing, he grinned when she abandoned the stool. Patting it, he leaned across the bar. "Come on Harris, you can have your place back now. Don't worry, won't be kissing you."

Xander settled back on his stool, glaring at Spike while he did it.

"Why did you do that anyway? What's the point of flirting like that if you just send them off at the end of it."

"Because I can. Why are you looking so shocked?" he played with the bottle in his hand. "Think I should go and get her back?"

Buffy and Willow exchanged looks, but mostly decided not to encourage him.

"Harris? Should I... you feeling sorry for the bird?"

"Who? Me? No!" Xander immediately protested. "Why should I? I just don't get it, that's all."

He went back to looking around the place, anywhere but at Spike. Because, if the girl hadn't been good enough to merit an invitation back to Spike's place, then Xander would never be, even if Spike magically turned gay.


(Three Weeks later, Christmas Eve)

He'd gotten into an argument with Buffy and Willow about celebrating Christmas. What did they have to celebrate anyway? Losing Sunnydale? The destruction of Xander's eye? Getting sent to this frozen part of the world... a bit more north and they'd be at the bloody north pole! The girls had taken offense and maybe he'd gone a bit too far, but here he was, alone on Christmas eve.

The fire was roaring. Course he didn't need it, but it made his place feel more like a home. So did the stupid little blinking lights the girls had put around his windows. Then there was the sound of carols from next door. He found himself alternately cursing about bloody Christmas, and singing under his breath. Right about now, he'd bet the girls and Xander were sitting under a blanket in front of their fire and roasting marshmallows. No he wasn't missing anything... this was just foolishness, just another night.

But the merry laughter from the other side of his wall did make him feel lonely. Maybe he should have gone over....

A loud knock surprised him. He got off the couch and headed for the door, dragging it open to find a big bundled teletubby standing there in the bitter cold. "Stop standing there like a fool, Harris, you'll freeze your arse off," he said, dragging the boy inside and closing the door against the frosty air and tendrils of snow.

"Nice to see you too," Xander replied, amused by Spike's usual way of taking care of people. He would call you names and manhandle you but in the end you were just a little bit safer than before. Or in this case, a little bit less frozen than before. "I brought you dinner. Buffy said that just because you're an idiot doesn't mean you don't get to marvel at her cooking and Willow said if you don't show your ass tomorrow she'll turn you into a toad and tell the bitty slayers you're possessed and they should stomp on you."

"Bah humbug," he said the very phrase that had started the fight in the first place. At the same time, he started unraveling the long scarf around the boy's neck. "Come on, don't plan to eat alone. Let's get this off... and the jacket... you're nice and warm under," he said, almost in wonder.

"Yeah, I'm one of those warm-blooded people," Xander explained. "Still, I have to head back. The girls are waiting for me," he continued, grabbing hold of his jacket before Spike could drag it off.

"No, it's cold out. Have to warm yourself up first. Come on, be a sport. Wouldn't want to leave me alone with just a meal, would you? It's Christmas." He fought Xander's hands for the zipper along his jacket and tugged it down. The distinct sound had their eyes meeting. Spike didn't look away, though the boy's flush told him what he wanted to know.

"Technically it's Christmas Eve," Xander muttered and batted Spike's hands away. The stupid crush was bad enough without any encouragement, having Spike's hands on him, lowering zippers no less, would only make it worse. "Fine, I'll stay for dinner but then I have to go."

"Right... dinner. Stop fighting me, not trying to rape you, yeah?" The vampire managed to drag the jacket off Xander's shoulders, and standing in front of him, leaned in to pull it the rest of the way off. "Having a good Christmas Eve so far, then?" he asked silkily, near his ear.

Xander jumped in surprise, nearly hitting Spike's head in the process.

"Erm...sure, yeah. We invited Giles over and Buffy finally managed to make a holiday feast worth eating." As he talked Xander moved towards the kitchen, grabbing hold of the bags of food as he went. "I brought dessert too. It's English pudding. Buffy decided to go local. Plus she got to prepare it weeks ago so no hassle on the day," he grinned.

"So... uneventful and boring then? Means things can only get better." Giving an enigmatic smile, he brushed Xander's hand as he took one of the bags and started opening them up to warm. "Gravy... turkey... and what's this? Some sort of chocolate spread... gives me all sorts of ideas not for polite company." He didn't look up from under his lashes but noted every one of Xander's reactions.

Xander nearly choked on nothing but air as Spike's words conjured up all sorts of images that should not be shared with any company, polite or not.

"I should go then," he managed to say, lighthearted and teasing, "Leave you to invite one of your conquests around."

"Don't be git, who else is going to fight the weather to get here. Besides, got you, don't I? Pass me the bread rolls?"

"Yeah, I'm one of a kind, me. Neither hail nor snow nor whatever it says after that will stop me from bringing food to a starving vampire," Xander declared pompously. "Got anything to drink? Might as well have something while you're stuffing your face."

"Wine? Let's make it nice and romantic-like, since you insist it's a special night. Who am I to argue?" he asked, selecting a wine and slowly turning the handle of the cork screw. "Harris, why are you alone?" he lifted piercing blue eyes to stare at the boy. "Not half bad looking for a bloke, and you're quite funny even when you don't mean to be."

"Thanks," Xander said dryly, "Good to hear that I amuse you." He went to get glasses, ignoring Spike's question in the vain hope that it would go away.

"Do much more than amuse me," he drawled, following behind him and pouring into the glasses. "Right, hold on... no drinking until you make your Christmas wish. Repeat after me, ‘for Christmas, I want a boyfriend’. Easy right... go on and say it."

Xander couldn't suppress a shiver at Spike's low voice. He scrambled to control himself again and sighed loudly in fake exasperation. The trick to being alone with Spike and all the reactions he got Xander's body to perform was to sink deep in denial and pretend everything was normal.

"I already made a wish. It involved Playstation 3 and some new games."

"You made the wish with someone else, I'm asking you to make it with me and drink to it. Besides, I'm what you call a lucky vampire. In Ireland, they have leprechauns... here..." Closing his hand over Xander's over the stem of the glass, he lifted it close to the boy's mouth. "’I want a boyfriend’, say it. Or lover... if you prefer. Blue eyes?"

"W-what? Okay, fine, you win," Xander said quickly accepting the wish if only to stop the interrogation. The next thing Spike would ask would be if Xander wanted his boyfriend short and blond and his nice little wall of denial would crumble down. "I wish for a boyfriend. There, you happy?"

"Hold on... I'm making my wish." Gazes locked, he made his and touched his glass to Xander's. "Now it's official, blue eyed boyfriend for you and something... special for me. Drink up, plenty more where that came from." Lifting his glass he drank a sip. "Your heart's hammering. Thinking of any bloke in particular?"

Xander stared at Spike for a moment then jumped up off his seat.

"I should really get going. The girls will be waiting for him and you know how Willow worries."

"No... you just got here, and the wind's kicking up. You'll catch a cold and your wish won't come true." Putting one arm behind Xander's back, and resting his palm on the boy's hip, Spike started to walk him to the dining room table. "I've got a fire going... don't want to waste it on a vampire, do we?"

"No," Xander muttered. He quickly stepped forward and away from Spike's touch. His hip was burning where Spike's hand had been and it was a struggle to breathe normally. What was the blond playing at anyway, he'd never touched Xander like that before. "We could roast chestnuts, I guess. I never got to do that back home."

"Right... bloody good idea."

Spike behaved while he ate, and occasionally managed to get Xander to take a bite of something. He did make sure the wine was flowing, and cut off Xander's protests that he was eating too slow and that he might have to leave before they roasted the chestnuts. Eventually, they sat on the ground, in front of the fireplace, doing just that.

Spike had brought the pillows off the sofa, and they rested against it. Even as Xander steadfastly stared into the flames, Spike's heated gaze rested on the boy's profile. "Harris. Is there something wrong with me?"

"Wrong with you how? You're an undead guy with a soul. That's pretty wrong all by itself in some circles," Xander laughed.

Spike shrugged. "That's all true, but... did I grow horns? A snout? Something hideous?" Moving closer, he leaned over partly in front of Xander. "Monster vampire jokes aside."

Xander leaned back, surprised to find Spike so close to him suddenly.


"Then why won't you look at me? I'm feeling like a bloody pariah here." His gaze dropped to Xander's mouth for a moment, but he resisted the temptation to steal a kiss. "I may not be your dream boyfriend, but I'm not that bad to look upon, yeah?"

"I'm not not looking at you," Xander leaned even further back at Spike's hungry look. "I'm just looking at the fire. I like looking at the fire. It's pretty!"

"I've been told I'm pretty. Right... you watch the pretty fire," he all but pouted, looking behind them to pour a new round of drinks. "And don't let the chestnuts burn..." which was exactly what they were doing, if his keen sense of smell was right.

Xander was startled out of his Spike-induced daze and yelped as he realized the chestnuts were burning. He hastened to pull them out, only just managing to get them before they were inedible.

"What's up with you tonight?" he demanded, "You're acting strange."

"You're the one who said it's a special night, not me. Mind your fingers!" Seeing Xander wince and pull his hand back from the hot foil, Spike automatically took his hand and caught Xander's index finger lengthwise with his mouth, then swept his tongue neatly across it. Once, then a second time, giving his shocked friend an unapologetic look.

"Right...right, I should go. Buffy will get mad if I'm late," Xander stammered and made to get up. "You know how she gets when she's angry, all fire-spitting and demony. Scares the beejesus out of me," he babbled.

Spike bodily barred his way under the guise of reaching for the chestnuts. "Buffy, will be fine... hardly even notice you're gone. She'll be glad you didn't brave the ice and sleet just yet..."

Xander looked outside where the weather had gotten worse if possible. By the time he turned back, Spike's lips were mere centimeters away from his. He immediately stood up, inadvertently pushing Spike back in the process.

"Pudding!" he exclaimed, near maniacally, "English pudding. I'll go get it. From the kitchen." He looked around, dazed and panicking. "Which is over there. And where I will be, in the kitchen, for the pudding. Yes."

With those immortal words he nearly ran into the kitchen, intent on putting as much space as he could between himself and Spike.

Part Two

Spike looked up at the ceiling and would have let out a breath if he needed to. Pushing up off the ground, he followed Xander, this time putting his hands on either side of the boy's body and trapping him against the counter, facing away from him. "You're skittish as a colt tonight," he whispered against the boy's ear, then deliberately moved his mouth down along his jaw line. "Don't you want this... want to kiss me?" It had started as a bit of a game, but Spike suddenly had the incredibly strong urge to taste Xander.

"I should go," Xander managed to say, voice trembling as Spike chose that moment to scrape his teeth along Xander's jaw. "I should go," he repeated and pushed Spike away.

It was like ‘mosquito versus the volcano’. Spike merely leaned in and resumed his ministrations, this time feathering kisses along his jaw. "What's your hurry?" With one hand, he nudged the pudding closer to Xander. "Besides, you haven't sliced the dessert... and you can't go out there without having some. Come on... can't leave me alone on a night like this, can you?"

Xander turned sideways toward Spike's lips, almost hypnotized. He was very close to just giving in and enjoying this when he remembered why he shouldn't. He had to go, get out of here before he did something he would regret.

"Giles!" he said, drawing away from Spike and backing towards the kitchen door. "He's with the girls and they're all waiting for me and I promised never to make him polish his glasses again. If I'm late he'll get worried and when he gets worried he starts polishing. So you see, I do have to go."

"Giles will survive," Spike said following, and tugging on his arm. "Won't notice you’re gone." As the boy stubbornly stepped backward toward the door, Spike took a bigger step, and they were face to face, hip to hip. "Roads are slippery... shouldn't go yet."

He almost cursed when Xander twisted toward the hooks near the door and was wrapping that bloody scarf on. Instantly, Spike was busy unwinding it. He knew Xander was interested... he could hear the rush of his blood, even scent his desire... "You don't really want to go out in the snow, do you? You want to stay here, where it's nice and warm. With me?"

"Well, maybe for some pudding," Xander said uncertainly. As soon as the words were out of his mouth he was cursing himself but Spike was already tugging him back to the kitchen.

"And hot cocoa... It'll warm you right up. You'd like that, wouldn't you?" Spike's voice dropped down an octave as he made the suggestion only after loading Xander's hands up with plates, and walking close behind him toward the fire.

Xander walked back to the fireplace and sat down in a daze. Why was he staying? Spike was in one of his flirting moods which would only lead to disappointment and a long country music session for Xander. He'd seen all those girls get set up only to be knocked down again and he wasn't about to be one of them.

Ten minutes later, they were watching a romantic Christmas movie... Die Hard. Twenty minutes later, Spike had moved closer and slipped one arm behind Xander's back, and was playing with the hair at the nape of his neck. He felt the boy tense, and merely commented on the blood shed in the movie. Thirty minutes later, Spike had forgotten about the movie and was hungrily staring at Xander's mouth. "How about a kiss, Mmm?" he started to draw the boy close as he leaned in.

"How about I go?" Xander said, leaning back. "It's getting late anyway, and Dawn will be pacing in the hallway by now." This time he meant it, too, Xander thought to himself. No more staying, staying was bad for his mental health.

Bloody fucking hell. Spike couldn't believe it when Xander got up.

"I'll see you tomorrow at our place." As he spoke Xander walked to the coat stand and grabbed his scarf for what felt like the millionth time since he got to Spike's.

If he hadn't heard the way Xander's heart sped up every time he drew near... if he hadn't caught him staring so often at him... maybe he would have let him walk out that door. With preternatural speed, Spike was in front of him, behind him, around, him, taking every scrap of material he tried to put on away. "Don't really want to wait until tomorrow, I'm here now. You're here." Taking a step, he pushed Xander's back up against the door and trapped him. As the heat of the boy's body seeped through his clothes, he knew he didn't want to let him go.

"Dawn will survive without you tonight. Not so sure about me," he said, gripping Xander's hips and drawing him up flush against his body. "How about it, luv. I know you want to stay. I want you to stay. And you made that wish, didn't you?" He skimmed his mouth over Xander's throat, lingering over his pulse point. "You don't have to be alone... don't have to walk out into the cold. Stay..." His voice grew thick and husky with need. Lifting his head, he stared into the boy's eye. "Tell me you want to stay with me."

"I w...why?" Xander asked instead. He wasn't about to admit anything, it would only lead to Spike leaning back with one of his damnable smirks and sending him on his way. "Do I look like a complete idiot?" he asked, "No, don't answer that," he hastened to add. "Look, Spike, I know you're having fun and all but I'm not some random girl you can flirt and dump. I'd rather just go home and see you tomorrow."

"Would you rather?" Spike's hand strayed to Xander's groin. It took only a few strokes of his palm to find himself a nice bulge. "Really? Think little Xan here disagrees. Stop being such a girl... admit you want it."

Xander glared at Spike and pushed his hand away.

"No. I'm going home," he said firmly, "Little Xan is not the boss of me! Besides, that only shows that you're good at flirting with men. There, happy now? You're the king of cock-teases."

"Ouch." Spike was genuinely wounded by the baseless accusation. "Maybe you'll be the king of missed opportunities," he shot back, slowly undoing his shirt and keeping his heated gaze trained on Xander.

Scarf in hand Xander resolutely looked away from Spike.

"The king of missed opportunities for humiliation," he pointed out. "Just, stop okay? We can go out if you want, find some guy that you can thrall or whatever. We still need to work together and if you do this to me we won't be able to."

"Do what to you?" Spike's tone was dangerous. Leaving his shirt unbuttoned, he stared at Xander silently demanding a response.

"Set me up and knock me down," Xander sighed. He wrapped his scarf around his neck and reached for his coat. "I've been humiliated enough in one lifetime Spike, I don't need you to be the cherry on the cake."

When the boy opened the door, a chill wind swept over the vampire's bare skin. "Let's get one thing straight Harris, if there is a cherry in this relationship, it's going to be you. You want out? You choose that..." he jutted his chin out toward the icy conditions outside, "... over a good fu... cuddle because you think I'm lying?" He looked down to where his own cock was straining his pants, then back up to Xander. "Then keep your pride. Hope it keeps you warm this Christmas Eve." There was touch of bitterness in his voice. Spike didn't take too kindly to defeat, but he wasn't going to force him. That's what he'd thought the boy had been accusing him of before he clarified his meaning, but now that the thought was in his mind, he was more wary.

Xander stood on the threshold and stared back at Spike. He'd been so sure that this was just another of Spike's games but now with that closed off look the blond had...he never looked like that when one of his targets ended the game early.

"You mean you're not?" he asked slowly, still trying to get his mind to compute the idea.

"Close the door. It's cold out." He gave Xander a searing look. "And there's nothing I want to do more right now, than warm you up."

"So help me God, Spike, if this is one of your jokes I'll get you back for it." Still, Xander stepped back inside and closed the door. "Maybe just a half a drink more," he said, "I definitely need it."

"Maybe if we got the kissing out of the way, you'd relax, yeah?" Already, Spike was taking the bloody scarf off again, then tugging on Xander's heavy jacket. "You're not leaving the gloves on, are you? Didn't take you for being kinky." Knowing that would get a protest out of Xander, Spike swooped in and covered Xander's mouth with his. If the boy thought he was such a big risk, then he'd best show him this was the best risk he'd taken. Moving his mouth over Xander's, he put his arms around his waist and aligned their bodies. One slow, mind drugging kiss led to another, each a bit more heated, deeper, and more intimate.

By the time he next came up for breath little Xan was well on the way to being the boss of him.

"Well...that was...okay then. Drink," Xander stammered. His gloves had somehow disappeared in the process and he was now free to cup Spike's cheek with his hand. "Or maybe one more kiss."

He tugged Spike even closer and took the lead. He was quickly lost in it, in the reactions he was eliciting as he finally got to touch Spike, to find out how to make him squirm and moan. And yet one small part of him was waiting for the crash. Any moment now Spike would pull back, laugh and send him on his way like he did to all the girls Xander had seen him play with.

Xander's palms trailed up and down Spike's back and abs, leaving burning heat in their wake. Spike was hard put to claim he was the one doing the warming. All he knew was every part of him was acutely aware of Xander, of his scent, of his touch... of the calluses scraping against his sensitized skin. "Where have you been hiding yourself," he demanded thickly, dragging the boy closer by his belt. One step at a time, he walked backwards toward the living room, kissing... being kissed... groping.

He obediently followed the kisses, moving forward just enough each time to claim another, then another kiss. Spike is truly talented at this, a small fraction of his mind informed him, must be all the kissing he does before he dumps people. Xander promptly told the little voice to shut up as Spike picked that time to push his hand under Xander's waistband.

Spike caught Xander's moan in his mouth. As he stroked the boy's cock under the tight confines of his jeans. The desire to strip him was growing faster by the moment. Using one hand, he popped the button open, and unzipped him. Xander's sharp intake of breath did things to Spike... made him grow hard and heavy. And yet when he started to plaster himself against the boy, he sensed a bit of resistance. "What's wrong? Too fast?" he asked, almost kicking himself the minute the bloody words were out of his mind. What if Xander said yes? He could already see much agony in his future.

"Yes, no...I don't know," Xander admitted. "You mean this? No stopping, no telling me to go home?" he asked, "Because I saw you do that and I don't want to know how all those women felt when you told them to fuck off."

"I was just showing off a bit for you, yeah? So you'd see how lucky you are when we ..." nodding toward the sofa, he sat down and dragged Xander down on his lap, throwing his head back at the jolt of heat that went through him when the boys arse ground against his cock. His hand slid under Xander's top and eased over his abs, back and forth, and slowly moved toward his open zipper. "No stopping. No leaving... just this," he whispered seductively against the boy's neck.

It took a few moments for Xander to comprehend that all those games Spike had been playing were for his benefit. Once he did, he twisted around to straddle him, smiled slowly and leaned down to kiss Spike for all he was worth. He tugged at Spike's hair until the blond got the message and tilted his head back, leaving him wide open for Xander to explore.

"You idiot," he murmured as he trailed kisses down Spike's neck, pulling at his shirt until there was more skin to lick and nibble. "All you have to do to impress me is just stand there and smile."

"It's how a peacock catches a mate... I watched discovery channel... ahhh... good. When did you learn to do that," he demanded, biting his lip as white hot heat flooded his system each time the boy's teeth scraped erotically against his skin. "Bloody hell man..."

"While you were being a peacock," Xander smirked. Just because he'd been crushing on Spike didn't mean he didn't explore his newfound appreciation for his own sex.

Spike tried to stay still as Xander's mouth and hands found every erogenous zone on his body, including some he didn't know about. Very quickly, the pressure was building low in his stomach. He struggled to pull Xander's shirt off, lowered his head and nipped him lightly right over his belly button, then kissed him better. "Taste good," he muttered, maneuvering Xander so the boy lifted up onto his knees, still straddling him. "What have we here?" Slowly, he moved his mouth down toward the boy's open zipper, at the same time dipping his fingers under his waistband at his hips and slowly moving his jeans down.

Xander's breath caught in his throat as Spike moved lower and lower. Just as he was about to reach Xander's cock though, the blond stopped.

"Spike I swear if you stop now I will stake you," he muttered, hands tangled in Spike's hair, urging him down, "and not in the fun way," he continued, the last word turning into a moan as Spike finally lowered his mouth.

"Look at you, all grown up and talking about stakes... erm, staking..." Well here was something he hadn't expected... Xander to be so well hung. Dragging his jeans down completely over his arse and pushing it down his thighs, Spike dipped his head forward again, this time to stroke Xander's shaft with the flat of his tongue. Pleased by the boy's reaction, he did it again, reveling in the feel of satin soft skin stretching ever tighter as Xander grew hard for him.

The pressure on the back of his head told him Xander was anxious and that the delay was frustrating him. "I want to suck you... really do," he raised his eyes to meet Xander's gaze. "But I keep thinking of that bleeding scarf. If I do it, promise me I can burn it, yeah?"

"You can feed it to the slayers for all I care, just please, get on with it!" Xander begged. Then Spike was taking him in and his last coherent thought flew away in shock at the sudden warmth. "Fuck Spike, more, please," he moaned, fighting not to just push in, as far as he could go.

Anything that Spike was about to say became impossible. A vampire could take a hint. Or a sledghammer to the head. Circling his arms around each of Xander's thighs, he pulled him closer and started to suck on him, moving back and forth, each time taking as much of the boy's length as he could. He used his tongue, and mouth... and when that wasn't enough, moved one hand up to the base of Xander's cock, and worked him relentlessly until the sound of heavy breathing and groans broke around him. Fuck... he didn't know how much longer he could take this... his own cock was pulsing and aching for the boy's touch.

"Fuck, Spike, so close," Xander moaned. "If you don't want," he stopped, gasping as Spike pressed his tongue in just the right place, "to end this now you have to stop."

As Spike rolled his tongue around a few more times, his gaze locked with Xander... non-verbally ordering him not to make good on that threat. He could hear the boy's heart straining, beating, could hear the rush of his blood... could feel him tensing... fighting to hang on... and he drove him to the very edge before peeling his mouth off his cock. Smirking at the boy's pained look, he lifted up and struggled to get his own jeans down. Although he stared appreciatively at Xander's impressively swollen cock, he made sure not to touch... not to brush against it accidentally as he fought his clothes and finally kicked his pants off.

"Watch the telly," he suggested as he reversed their positions, and had Xander lay down on the couch. Creeping back, he tugged the boy's jeans off, nodding when he saw Xander was dutifully looking at the big shoot out scene on the telly. "Don't worry... you'll get to do some shooting yourself," he teased.

Crawling over Xander, but keeping himself raised off the boy, he demanded, "give me your hand." An instant later, he was showing the boy how he liked to be stroked... and damned if he wasn't a bloody good student.

"Now this is something I can focus on." Xander tightened his hand a little, just enough to hear a delightful whimper from Spike. He'd used all his willpower to stare at the television and will himself back from the brink. Now he could at least get Spike as desperate as he was. He looked down at his hands, then up at Spike. The blond's eyes were entirely too clear for Xander's taste. He wanted Spike dazed and out of control. One hand came up and cupped Spike's nape, dragging him down for a kiss even as the other palmed his ass and Xander arched up to press their hips together.

"This is what you could have had, Spike," he murmured in the blond's ear. "All the time wasted on playing games when you could have had this," one more thrust to punctuate his point, fingers slipping between Spike's cheeks.

Spike jerked and clenched his cheeks around Xander's finger. "Ah... " Between his surprise, the sensation of Xander's hard cock surging against his arousal, and his sharp awareness of Xander's fingers creeping ever closer to his hole, Spike was robbed of words. His eyes darkened as need slammed into him full force. The intensity of feelings washing over him left no room for clever answers, or chit chat. Burning, wanting, needing, he started to thrust against Xander, gripping his arse and lifting him up. It wasn't enough... he didn't know if it would ever be enough. A curse broke out of him. He sought Xander's mouth out, and thrust his tongue inside... fucking him, shutting him the bloody hell up so he could concentrate and single mindedly drive them to the edge.

It was all he could do not to yell as Spike suddenly started moving faster and faster, pushing him deep into the sofa. His hands tightened around Spike's nape and ass, clenching as pleasure slammed into him from all angles. Even the sofa fabric rubbing against his back pushed him higher.

"God, Spike," he moaned then Spike was slamming his lips down once more, kissing him with so much passion Xander thought he would burn up.

He couldn't get enough of Xander...enough of his taste, enough of how he felt squirming under him, calling his name, pulsing under him. He knew he was being a bit rough for their first time, that the punishing pace he set might be too much, but he couldn't control his lust. He'd waited a long time for this. Whatever Xander thought, whatever he said... Spike remembered a time when the boy hadn't looked at him the way he had in the past year. Still, he'd bided his time, planted thoughts in the boy's head, got him to the point where he saw him as more than just a vampire, and then he'd ratcheted up the tension between them. Maybe he'd made it look easy... but it had taken its toll on Spike as well, and now all kinds of lust tortured him. He wanted the boy in so many ways... and all at once. "Harris... all right?" he managed, not knowing what he'd do if the answer were 'no.'

Xander felt Spike slowing down a little. He immediately moved faster, both hands on Spike's ass now, pulling him down hard.

"Don't stop," he snarled, breathless and desperate, "don't stop," he repeated as he leaned up to kiss the blond, "don't stop," once more, against Spike's lips.

"Can't stop," Spike admitted, grinding his pelvis down and trying to ease his uncontrollable, pulsing hunger. Somehow he rolled them off the couch and to the ground. Now there was room, room to fuck like he needed. He lifted Xander's leg, "round my waist, come on," he urged, arching into Xander as the boy's heel dug into the base of his spine. "That's it..." His muscles rippled as he strained to get closer, strained to fuck so hard, neither of them would forget their first time... not ever. Lowering his mouth over Xander's chest, he bit him lighty above his nipple, shuddering at the boy's reaction. He was about to come... God... he needed to come.

"Oh fuck," Xander moaned, using every muscle he had to pull Spike closer. He pushed his whole body up, only his feet and shoulders touching the carpet as he strained to reach release. He wanted to tell Spike how good this felt, how close he was, but pleasure had taken over his head and all he could do was gasp and moan.

"Oh yeah... hell yeah," Spike barely noticed he hit his elbow on the coffee table. Covering Xander's mouth with his, he dragged the moment out as long as he could... concentrating on the kiss, trying not to think about the pressure building in his loins, trying to hang on. But once he felt Xander go over the edge, there was no holding back. He rode the fiery storms of his orgasm, grinding, thrusting and finally shouting out his release. "Fuck..."

Lifting his head, he looked at Xander, all flushed and warm under him, his chest rising and falling as he caught his breath. "Better than going out in that snow, yeah?"

Xander laughed faintly, too tired for a real effort at merriment.

"'s good," he admitted. He stretched a little, smiling at the feeling of soreness on the back his thigh. "Got carpet burns," he sighed.

“I'll take care of that," the vampire answered, dipping his head down and kissing Xander from hip to thigh, before gathering him close. "You think you can take more, I mean later?" he asked, greedy for everything he could get. But seeing Xander's gaze had strayed to the telly, sleepy and content, he looked over as well and was drawn into the final half hour of the movie. There was nothing like sex, the telly, and some pudding... in that order.


The phone rang too bloody early on Christmas morning. Spike smiled down at Xander, who was fighting to stay asleep. He wasn't surprised the boy needed more sleep, he'd put him through his paces all right... almost all night long.

Rolling over, he grabbed the phone from his nightstand, then lay down on his back. "Ho bloody ho."

"Least it's not bah humbug. Spike, is Xander there? Doesn't look like he came home and..."

"He's here. Good bye..."

"Spike! Cut that out. I'm serious."

"So am I, Slayer."

"Okay, so he's there. You guys coming over to open presents?"

"Not bloody likely. It's nice and warm here." He heard her sigh, noticed Xander moving about. "Right. You can come over."

"Okay. Spike? What's Xander doing there?"

"Right now, looking bloody sexy... oh, you mean why'd he stay the night. He made a Christmas wish."

"A Christmas wish?"

"Yeah... wished for a boyfriend. And... I wished for a nice toy under my tree. Oh, he's waking up... I'm going to go play with my toy now..."

"Spike! Ewww..."

Spike gave Xander an unabashed smirk, and set the phone down.

"Did I hear you say 'slayer'?

"Did, yeah." Spike inched toward him.

"As in the slayer? As in Buffy?" Xander stretched, groaning a little at the soreness, then slumped back. "We should get up. The girls will be expecting us."

"No worries, luv... they're coming here. Means I've got time to open my prezzie," Spike leaned over him, thoroughly kissed him good morning, then started to pull the sheets down.

Xander smiled and watched the sheet move slowly downwards. He had hardly dared hope that he and Spike would ever be together like this but here they were, no drama or one-sided love. Just them.

"Your prezzie would love to be opened," he said, wiggling his eyebrows. "See what I did there? With the wiggling? It means hurryup and fuck me before the girls come!"

"What... again? Are you sure you're not a vampire?" What he meant was thank whoever was watching out for him that Xander hadn't turned out to be the sort who broke easily. As the sheet slid down Xander's chest, a new intensity entered Spike's eyes. Everything they'd done last night came back to him full force. By the time the edge of the sheet reached right above Xander's cock, it was already tenting up. "Well look at what we have here..." his eye lifted to watch Xander's expression.

Xander followed Spike's gaze. There was a moment of shocked stillness before the laughter began.

"I can't believe you did that," he gasped between laughter fits. "I know you asked for a toy for Christmas but you didn't have to tie a bow around it!"

The End

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