Fandom: BtVS
Pairing: Spike/Xander
Rating/warnings: Adult Rated
Characters: Not mine, Joss' - I'm just playin' with 'em
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Virtual Personal

Part One

Xander hefted the heavy book over to his worktable and dropped it. Coughing at the wood dust that rose in his nose and throat, he opened it up to the page marked by a velvet ribbon.

Amante allineare dell'artista

Did he dare try it? The spell that would bring an artist’s true love to life?

Every artist put his heart and soul into his work. Sometimes there was that one creation... that one thing that epitomized everything the artist thought was good and made all of his sacrifices – low pay, being called a loser, the time and effort, fears and hopes – worth it. This spell was a way for an artist to bring his work to life. If it was the right one.

He looked around the room filled with his carvings. Wooden statues, people, animals, and scenic wall hangings. He was starting to get a reputation for his craft, with particularly good reviews for texture work. He’d made a life sized Greek Goddess whose robes were so flowy, everyone who passed it had to touch to confirm that it was all wood, and that the draping material over her body was just an illusion.

Right, but did that mean the spell would work? Not like he was great at working them. And not like he could ask Willow for help... she’d kick his ass and tell him to find a girlfriend the old fashioned way. And look where that tactic had gotten him so far... lots of demon chicks, and a couple of encounters with guys ... luckily lots of drinks were involved so it was all cloudy in his mind.

And still... here he was... alone on a Saturday night.

Okies... he was gonna give this a try. He reread the instructions that someone had been kind enough to translate into English in pencil along the margins. It seemed simple enough.

He poured a glass of wine and placed three candles around it, symbolizing body, mind and soul. Then he slowly chanted ancient words ... words he didn’t understand and hopefully wasn’t murdering too badly. Once, twice, three times he said them. Then he lifted the glass and got up.

Which of his beauties did he want to awaken? The cowgirl? He looked at his statue, so confident, so playful with that gun twirling around her finger. Or... he walked past the ballerina... she had a ‘friend’... he was working on a male dancer for her... Hmm. He stopped in front of his Greek Goddess. Would be kinda dumb to bring to life the one piece of art that was really earning him fame.

But heh... whoever said Xander Harris always did the smart thing?

Feeling ultra foolish, he poured the wine over the statue’s perfectly formed lips, watching the liquid drip down over long locks of hair, her arms, and down her hip. He stepped back, to avoid getting the liquid on him and tripped. His arms flailed, and as he tried to regain his balance, he hit the statue behind him. The glass broke and cut his thumb, sending a rivulet of blood and wine down the back of his hand and onto the statue of his rendition of 1980’s punk style Dracula.

“Fuck,” he cursed and licked his thumb, staring resentfully at the now red stained wooden Goddess in front of him. “Course it didn’t work.”

Xander’s eyes widened as he felt strong arms circle his waist and pull him up hard against a chiseled chest. A warm breath skimmed his ear and cheek as an all male, very smug, and very un-American accented voice announced, “Wouldn’t quite say that, mate.”

Part Two

Xander struggled and turned his head to the side. “Wha...” It was his statue, in the flesh. A bit on the pale side, and he’d imagined the hair to be dark, not that... that shade of bleach. “Hey... Mmmph.”

Help... he was being assaulted by his statue... his very alive, very hot, very forceful statue. As he tried to protest, a velvety tongue delved past his teeth and into his mouth. Suddenly, his head started to swim... he couldn’t think straight... not when he was trying to avoid... catch... no avoid that tongue!

The former statue’s hands started to roam over his stomach... under his shirt... oh God... the pads of his fingers were tracing every indentation of Xander’s body, just as carefully as he’d carved the muscles on the statue. As the guy started to turn him, Xander came to his senses and pushed him away... stepping back at the same time.

He took a few deep breaths, staring at the piercing blue eyes, the cheek bones he’d been meaning to round down a bit, the angular chin... and lower... at corded muscles clearly visible through the sheerest tee shirt ever. Mouth dry, he dragged his gaze back up. “Who are you?”

“Spike’ll do. It’s what you called me when you were working on my hair.”

“Um... no, that would have been Spikey...”

Spike raised an eyebrow. “Call me what you like. You did summon me, yeah? So let’s get on with it.”

“With it... what it... what... no!” Xander stopped Spike from pulling his shirt off over his head, but not before he got an eyeful of rippling muscles and a narrow waist.

“No? Why not?” Spike cocked his head. “Ah. Want me to undress you.” Immediately, he reached for Xander’s jeans and started to unzip, until the artist batted his hands away.

Puzzled, he looked at Xander.

“I... I ... I don’t... you know, not with guys...”

Spike’s eyebrow went up again.

“Well... at least when no alcohol’s involved,” he added defensively.

This time Spike looked down his own wine stained shirt.

“I mean in me!”

In... of course.”

When Spike took a menacing step toward him, Xander shouted, “no! no... I mean the liquor... never mind. Talk about bizarre...” He licked his lips. “I... you’re supposed to be a vampire... I mean I was making a...”

“Right. Want to see the teeth then?” Spike opened his mouth and snapped his perfect set of fangs together a few times. “Want to feel them?”

“Feel?” Confused, Xander started to reach out to drag his finger to the sharpest point of the fang on one side, when it became clear Spike had another idea.

Spike grabbed the artist’s hand and tugged him close, swooping down and unerringly finding the guy’s jugular. Scraping his teeth over Xander’s skin, he spoke. “Can hear your heart beating. All for me, yeah?”

“Fuck no.” Xander pushed the vampire away again, and yeah, his heart was beating so hard he thought it was going to jump out of his chest. “Look... this wasn’t my idea...”

“Right... you were just standing there.”

“Uh huh...”

“And poof, I appear.”


“Out of thin air, complete surprise.”


“After you read this spell, and gave me wine and blood.”

“Ri-- No!” Xander frowned. “It wasn’t supposed to go that way.”

“Did though, come on... let’s enjoy this...”

Next thing Xander knew, he was in Spike’s arms again, mouths welded together in the slowest, most heated kiss ever. Flames licked up and down his body. No... But his mental protests were drowned out by the sound of his heart pounding, his blood rushing, and oh God... had he just made that needy sound?

Spike took advantage, deepening the kiss, tasting his maker, tasting him and branding him with the imprint of his body. Artists were never satisfied with their work, but he’d see to this one’s full satisfaction.

Xander drew in a shocked breath when Spike grasped his hair and pulled it back, giving the vampire better access to his mouth. He’d never been kissed like this, like he was the sole focus of his partner. He needed to think... to figure stuff out, but how could he when that mouth was doing things to him, those hands were roaming his body, making him hard... making him want, and when Spike’s body was right there, moving against him just right... just so...

Spike broke the kiss. “So, I take it I can stay.”

“Ohhh yeah.” Xander’s eyes fluttered open. “No!”

The vampire gave a smug sneer. “The question gets answered only once... least that’s what I know ‘bout the spell.”


Part Three

“Come on, how bad could it be?” Spike looked down at his own body, and the all too visible present he had for Xander.

Smug bastard, he was really strutting his stuff. “Look, you’re not quite what I had in mind.”

“I’m exactly what you had in mind. You made me, every inch. Even the extra inches—”

“Whoa!” Xander raised his hands to his ears, and felt his cheeks warm. Damn, why did he have to talk out loud as he worked. He’d just been entertaining himself when he’d muttered about giving his statue a really big dick and making it the envy of men and desired by women... now it was really biting him in the ass!

“Do you want to know how it felt when you touched—“

“No... no really, no need...”

“Right. Do you have a bed.”

“Sure. It’s right over... hey!”

“Hey...” The word sounded ‘more suggestive/less surprise’ coming from Spike who advanced on his reluctant artist.

“Ah, Spike...” Stepping away, Xander put his hand out against Spike’s chest, trying to hold him back.

“Thank you.”


Gripping Xander’s wrists, Spike forced the artist’s palms to slide up and down his chest. “Not too bad a job.”

At first, Xander didn’t get it... he was concentrating too hard on backing away. But then the heat of Spike’s body seeped through the vampire’s thin shirt, and awareness slammed into Xander – big time. Fuck... he really had done a great job... he splayed his hands across Spike’s abs, every plane, every indentation carved ever so carefully, so beautiful... So alive... so very much alive.

“Go ahead and say it.”

“S... say what?” Fuck, he felt the edge of the bed behind his knees and there was nowhere to go. His heart was racing all over again, making it impossible for him to think. Dammit.


“P..perfect... hey!”

“Hey,” Spike drawled. Pushing Xander flat on his back and climbing on the bed on his knees, one step at a time, until he straddled the artist’s hips and loomed over him. “You’re not too bad yourself, yeah?”

Trapped between Spike’s knees, Xander dumbly watched as Spike peeled off his shirt and tossed it on the ground. He sucked his breath in as his gaze skimmed over alabaster skin stretched taut over muscle, and lower, to the clearly defined outline of Spike’s cock straining against his pants. Flames licked his body and intensified when the vampire’s hands framed his groin as he slowly unzipped. Xander quickly looked up, and when his eye finally met Spike’s molten gaze, he knew he had to get out of there.




“It’s your spell. You wanted me body, mind and soul... well the body bit comes first, yeah?” Spike’s hands fell to the waistband of Xander’s pants and he unbuttoned with deliberate movements, then unzipped him.

“No... not interested....” Xander choked out, his voice as weak as his efforts to stop Spike from opening his jeans.

Smirking, Spike dropped his hips down and leaned forward slightly, dragging his erection over Xander’s. “Liar.”

Part Four

Xander’s hips arched as a jolt of electric heat went through him. Fuck... this guy was for real, and not taking ‘no’ for an answer. He’d kill for a shot of whiskey to just...

Suddenly Spike’s mouth was on his, firm, hot, his tongue demanding entrance. Brain freeze... there went the need for whiskey... Groaning slightly, Xander opened his mouth.

That was it. That was all it took to ignite his body, to make him burn and want. Trembling with need, he raised his hips again, and again, and ran his hands down Spike’s smooth back, using them to force the vampire down.

The silence was only broken by the sound of his desperate breaths and the low groans he couldn’t hold back, not when the vampire knew exactly what to do... what he liked. Oh God... he raised his hips and ground himself against Spike’s arousal, yearning for more as his heart slammed against his chest.

Somehow, Xander lost his shirt... and now each slide of Spike’s chest against his drove him just a little bit wilder. “Ho yeah.... ho yeah...” Xander thought he could do this forever... twist and writhe as waves of heat made him feverish and incoherent.

Wait... not so far gone though that the hands prying at his jeans went unnoticed. “Hey!!”

“Lift up, that’s good...” Spike tugged Xander free of the rest of his pesky clothes in one go.

“No... I...”

“Don’t tell me you needed them...”


“Didn’t think so.” Laser blue eyes traveled the length of Xander’s body as the vampire shucked his own pants, and straddled Xander again, stopping him from rolling away.

“You’re out of control... outrageous,” Xander sputtered, trying to push perfection away. But once again, the seductive feel of the man he’d created drew him in.

“I’m outrageous, but very much in control. Can’t say that about you though, mate.”

“Huh?” Aww fuck, he was stroking the vampire... groping him.... moving against him. “I th... thi... think you should get off.”

“Plan to... very soon,” lowering his head, Spike kissed the daylights out of Xander, and moving against him with maddening slowness.

Heat fanned across Xander’s body. He thrashed under the vampire, wanting more... not wanting to want more... wanting that whiskey. When he was free of Spike’s mouth, he tried again. “I th... thi... think... we need to stop.”

“You think?”

“Yeah,” he croaked.

“So you don’t know, just think?”

“Yeah... hey, no!” Frowning at being tricked again, Xander mustered every bit of control he had... which hello... not much... “I know... I know we should stop.”

Sudenly, Xander found his hands pinned next to his shoulders as an unholy light entered the vampires gaze ... melting Xander to the core. The blond head dipped down, and then there were hot, moist kisses branding him... his chest, his abs....

“Did you say stop, or....”

“Unh...” Xander lifted his hips as the vampires tongue drew a line down towards his throbbing cock.

Wrapping his mouth over Xander’s crown, Spike licked in a circle then sucked lightly. “Which is it... stop or... go.”

“G... go... oh God, what are you waiting for!” The instant the vampire released his hands, Xander half hit him on the shoulders and half pushed him closer. In his desperation, the vamp's victorious laugh didn’t even get a response.

“Please... take it...” he stroked Spike’s hair, curled his fingers tightly in it and guided him. Good so good... he lifted his hips to meet Spike’s mouth... forcing himself into the tight, moist sheath... crying out each time the vampire dragged his lips down his length, almost releasing him.

The friction was just right, so good... so perfect, filling him with overwhelming need, turning him into a bucking, pleading mess. “Fuck... fuck... fuck... Ahhhhh.... ahhhh”

Spike licked him clean, and rolled to his side next to Xander.

Opening his eyes eventually, Xander remembered everything. Man. Sex. No whiskey. No explanation. “Oh God, I can’t believe I did that.

“Need a reminder” Spike lifted his head, and flicked his tongue lightly over Xander’s lips.

“Holy fuck... No!”

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