The Long Spiral Downwards

T J Goldstein

Channel Alaska Part 1

     23 September, 2000.

     6.37 pm

     With a swear at stumbling over a hidden root, Xander dragged what was left of the bags out of the car. Quick glance around and he saw that everything was now out of the rusty commodore. The impatient blonde gestured for the tall brunette to open the door to what would be their home for the next two years.

     Bags lugged to the cabin door, the younger man dumped them none too gently on the black dirt outside the wooden door. Stomach rumbling in both hunger and the excitement of being in their final destination of almost two weeks driving, the key was turned in the slick lock. Door pushed open, the two males stood and looked into the wooden cabin.

     "Ok, not too bad! Few colourful rugs and hanging things, you know, that sort of thing will make it look a lot better" said the boy as he took in the pretty bare confines of the two bedroom log cabin. When picking up the key to the cabin along with the final directions, guide book and starting date of his job, Xander had been stunned to find out that he had been given a two roomed cabin for the same rent rate as a one bedroom. He had requested a one bedroom after stating that both he and his cousin, William Lavelle, would be in single beds and more than happy to share a bedroom for a reduced rate in rent.

     After a few stutters at the smiling girl behind the desk of the company he now worked for, it had been explained that Cryon Building Co. was happy to give him a reduced rent, almost an incentive it seemed if he would sign on for two years, not the one year that Xander had originally wanted to go for at first. Thinking it over for a few minutes while the happy secretary chirped into the phones, he wondered what else he could get away with while the company was happy to throw things at him, only briefly wondering why it was doing it. Secretaries attention caught once more, he nodded his agreement to the cabin and asked if there was anything more that was being offered.

     With a wide smile in his direction, she explained that the company was excited that such a young man as himself was taking an interest in building up Alaska and hoped that by sweetening the pot, he would consider staying beyond his contract and settle and did his cousin want a job as well? Apparently there really was an abundance of positions going, Xander felt slightly odd and wary of this fact, not really knowing why. Why was it so hard to fill positions in Alaska? Asking that question to the girl now handing him his contract, he was told that the long winter was hard on most of the older people who tended to come looking for a new start/different job in the still awakening state of Alaska. Hesitating before he signed, he was informed that most of the people who came to the state, left after experiencing only one winter but that he shouldn't worry because this one was going to be really mild.

     Sigh and a quick scribble that was his signature later, he was congratulated on his choice of two years guaranteed employment. Handed the key, instructions of how to get there, information book on Alaska and Fairbanks in particular and his starting date in his new job, he was informed that he was lucky because his cabin was attached to the phone, electricity, water and gas grids. He was really lucky in fact because his cabin also had a generator outside and a new wood heater after the old one had fallen apart when delivering his goods to his cabin. When he asked if anyone would have stolen anything from his cabin, he was laughed at and informed that it was Fairbanks and that no-one would do that.

     Driving back to the camping ground he had left the vampire in, he had thoughts of if it was too late to get out of the contract. He didn't like the sound of the winters. Curses ringing around the white commodore interior as he berated himself for not reading up on Alaska and what it was like during the seasons. He knew that it snowed, but it couldn't really be that bad could it? Surely the girl was only trying to scare him.

     Car parked at his designated spot in the camping ground, he gathered the reading material and strode over to the sun proof tent. The large teal coloured tent had two separate rooms, the first being a tiny little pocket that just had enough room for a single standing person separated from the larger main part by a single zipper. Zippering open the outside and stepping into the little foyer like entrance, Xander turned on the bright torch and set it on the ground by his feet so that he could zipper up the front before opening the main room. Tent completely dark apart from the torch beam as the shop assistant had guaranteed, he warned Spike that he was going to come in. The two men couldn't work out what type of material had been used to make the tent sun proof but they had been glad of it the first morning that they had had to use it. Not having reached a motor inn an hour before sunrise, they had been forced to pull over alongside the road and put up the tent a few paces into the tree line.

     Spike had been weeping in fear as he had felt the sunrise begin, Xander holding him close while stroking the soft hair had prayed that Willy had been right and that the tent would do the job.

     Shoulder shaken by a cool hand, the brunette was brought back from the memories of the earlier day from when he had gone back to the tent to read the information and receive a blow job from the blonde before setting off again once it was dark enough to travel.

     Bags kicked out of the way to clear the pathway to the door, Spike walked the short distance to the bedrooms. Both doors were open and in each one was a single mattress still wrapped in plastic laying on the bare floor, on top of them lay packets of flannel sheets, matching pillowcases and what looked like new doona's. A glance at the brunette opening the curtains in the large common room from which the kitchen and bathroom were situated off and the blonde stood in the middle of the small second room holding what looked like a gift basket from the company that the whelp worked for.

     ~Oh my god! Only in Deliverance country would the giving of Spam be an appropriate welcoming gift! ~

     Snort and quick twirl around the room, the basket was dropped on the floor with a loud clang. Two years he thought to himself. He had read the information on Fairbanks and the great state of Alaska as the whelp had recovered from the blowjob. Truly if he had known what the summer months had entailed, bloody almost 21 hours of fucking sunlight each shit of a day, he would have staked himself. Well, if the brat would have let him that is. On the upside he had read about the around four or five measly hours of sunlight in winter, the rest of the hours being in total darkness. That he could cope with.

     Leaving what he declared to himself as his room, he walked in to the younger mans just as small room. The bedroom was just barely big enough to hold a double bed, chest of drawers and cupboard. At least he thought that they were, little hard to tell with just a mattress on the floor and a single one at that. Quick look around and he left that one too after he had snorted again when he spotted the second gift basket sitting in the corner. Rewarded with a hot couple of kisses when he brushed against the younger man while on his way to check out the bathroom, pulled away as the brunette walked to check out the bedrooms.

     Shower over the large old fashioned bath, sink and a toilet all in a lovely wood panelled room to contrast with the floor boards running through out the cabin. Turned around to face out of the bathroom door, he looked directly across a small hall and into the small also wood panelled kitchen. It was an open planned one, no real boundaries apart from the large bench separating it from the common room. The place was slightly bigger that Xanders old apartment by about half of one of the small bedrooms.

     ~ Fucking hate wood panelling. Maybe I will go mental in Summer and not notice it? Can always hope, can't I? ~

     Now back in the common room after checking out the empty kitchen cupboards and the glaringly obvious empty place of where the fridge should be, the disgruntled vampire sat on the surprisingly comfortable provided couch and watched the boy drag the mattress from the front bedroom and into the one directly next to it. Separate mattresses of course because cousins couldn't sleep together legally outside the Deep South. He had laughed hard at the whelps reasoning for the two mattresses, nodding at the explanation of just pushing them together to form the one bed. Hadn't really expected to get a bed all to himself anyway and he honestly didn't want one after sleeping with the whelp for so long. Didn't want the nightmares that he still had to get worse without the comforting heat next to him and the knowledge that he could grab the larger hand at anytime during the night and feel safe.

     "Damn! The electric blanket didn't arrive. We'll need one during the winter apparently. Have to go back Pennington tomorrow and check out the mall." shouted the brunette to the vampire only sitting a short distance away from him. Realising the level he had shouted at, he looked sheepishly at the grinning blonde as he tore the plastic off the two mattress and formed a ground cover to prevent them getting dirty on the floor. With a gesture, he beckoned for the smaller man to help with making the beds. Spike joined Xander on the floor opening the pale yellow flannel double sheets, raising one eyebrow, he pointed at the single mattress and then back at the size of the sheet.

     "Oh, they suggested to get doubles anyway for the extra warmth. So no, I don't think they suspect that I am going the whole carnal knowledge thing and fucking my male cousin!" smirked the brunette as he shoved a pillow into the soft casing. Leaning over the now opened arctic doona, he softly licked at the pale lips. The moans from the vampire encouraged him to deepen the kiss, firmly thrusting his tongue into the welcoming coolness of the others mouth.


     24 September, 2000

     1.36 am

     Snuggled deeply into the slumbering brunettes strong arms, the smaller male sighed. He was still awake after the slow lengthy fuck on the new mattresses he had received after giving the whelp a blowjob that ended up in him being partially claimed again. Xander had stopped the deep throating just before coming, causing the thick off white fluid to cover his entire chest and only partially his face. The smell was vile, humans having such useless noses really didn't know how off the smell was. Trying not to gag on the aroma, he had patiently waited where he was, kneeling on the second bedroom floor, as instructed while the younger man went to the bathroom to get some of the single roll of toilet paper they had found to clean him up. Face and chest gently wiped at with the soft paper, he was led by the hand to the shower and told to get in and that Xander would join him in a minute.

     Twiddling the knobs of the shower, he turned them both on and had leapt back fast when the pure brown water had sputtered out. Nose wrinkled in disgust, he had grunted for the taller man to come quickly. Xander, having heard the two toned grunt that had eventually served for his name, had gone into the small room filling with steam to find a vampire plastered against the panelled wall staring at what looked like pure dirt coming from the shower head. Expressing disgust at the quality of what was swirling around the bottom of the bathtub, the brunette told the vampire to just let it run until it ran clear.

     With the steam filling the small cabin quickly, they had gone back to the second bedroom and finished making the bed up with the sheets and new doonas. Laying one underneath them and then the other one over the top of the pale yellow sheet, they had forgotten about the shower when Spike had started to nibble on one of Xanders hot nipples. Completely forgot about the shower all together hadn't they.

     ~ Bugger! now I have to get up and turn the sodding thing off. Don't want to. Too warm and comfy where i am right now ~

     A few more whines later, the now stone cold but thoroughly clear water was turned off. Air sniffed, he wondered what the sweet smell was. More sniffing lead to the conclusion that the water was the cause of the fresh un chemical like smell. Very nice was the thought running through the vampires head. If everything was going to smell as nice around the place, he thought that might be able to put up with the local yokels that both he and the whelp still had to meet and sort through.

     Eyes scanning the darkness, he took a leisurely look around the common room as he sat his naked form on the kitchen bench. One three seater couch, two bar stools for the kitchen bench, wobbly coffee table and a ratty looking faded red throw rug on the floor boards.

     ~ At least they got the colour right, hate to see what the whelp would have gotten for us if he hadn't signed on for the two years. ~

     Head shaken at what he thought was sheer stupidity for the signing on of two years, he would have thought the young man had the sense to see what a year was like before signing up for that long. As long as they were far enough away from the ex-soldiers, it didn't really matter where they were.

     ~ Oh well, I suppose a job is a job. Guaranteed money for the length of the contract, so the whelp has been told. ~

     Xander had come back to the tent after getting his keys and had told the vampire of the job offer for him from the company. The boy, after reading about the hours of darkness in the winter, had concluded that maybe the blonde could do seasonal work in the winter only. Aghast at the thought of working once again, the shocked smaller man had stared at the younger man as if he was mad to even suggest such a thing. He, as a former Master Vampire and part of the Scourge of Europe, hadn't officially worked since they day he had been turned.

     Going down on the boy had been the only way he could think of that would take his mind off the whole idea. Once he had started rolling his tongue around the hot tip of the ready cock, the explanations of why he should get a job died on the other males lips.

     With a sigh at the thought that Harris was most likely going to be right and that some time down the track he was going to have to get a job if only to pay for his blood which was turning out to be a lot more expensive than Sunnydale, he wondered what the hell sort of work he was going to do.

     Covers of the bed peeled back slowly and softly so as not to disturb the snoring brunette, he climbed into the warmth that came from the other mans body. He was still worried about how all the hours of sunlight in summer were going to affect him. Some vampires that he vaguely knew of years ago had lived around Alaska only during the long winters, claiming to enjoy the almost total darkness. What they had done for blood, he really didn't know. Alaska wasn't even remotely populated enough to support a group of vampires for a few winters. Maybe that was how the willing blood donors had started up. If that was true, then most likely the population of Fairbanks was like Sunnydale, knowing that there was something strange going on but choosing to deny it until it directly affected them and even then choosing to deny it still.

     With a sigh and a rollover that brought him closer to the whelp who had turned himself to face the vampire, he edged closer again until he had embedded himself firmly against the wide large chest. Thankfully it was coming up to winter and that meant he didn't have to think of the revolting summer hours of sunlight. Tomorrow or really that late morning, Xander was going to check out the town of Pennington and where he was going to work. They had thought that they would be situated in the new town itself but were actually around 20 minutes away from the beginning town and only around a little over an hour from the outskirts of Fairbanks. Fairbanks was pretty spread out for a major city, to get right into the heart of it would take another good 25 minutes again.

     Arms tightened around the cool body, Spike relaxed into the possessive grip and closed his eyes, nervous at the thought of being left in a strange place by himself when Xander went into Pennington to shop.


     24 September 2000,

     around 2.30 pm

     Xander stood in what was so far the pride and joy of Pennington, the mall. Slowly turning around to view numerous shops closing for the day, he hadn't thought that they would close so early on a Saturday. He had only been there for about 2 hours since getting up late and finally having the delayed shower from the night before. Thankful that he had gotten most of what he hoped that he needed for the bare cabin, he pushed the trolley back to where the car was parked. With a wish that he could have brought the vampire along with him to show him what the town looked liked, he finished putting the last of the bags into the overloaded car. Trolley back in the rack, he opened the creaking door and climbed inside.

     The fridge had been the hardest thing to arrange, having argued with the owner of the second hand store as to when it would be delivered to the cabin. The owner, Cyril Banks, had argued that it would take 3 days for it to arrive. Firmly stating that it was only around 20 - 25 minutes from his cabin to the store, Xander had been slightly put out to find that it would take that long because there was no trailer to load it onto until the local wood chopping bee was done. And that would apparently take another 3 days.

     Cyril had been more than willing to throw in a load of fire wood once he had known that Xander would be in the local construction of the town if he would wait that long. Not having much choice, he had agreed and hoped that the few blood packets back home in the esky wouldn't go off in a hurry. He had been told that almost all the firewood was chopped at this time of the year so it could have a chance to dry out before winter, henceforth the reason of no trailers. Cyril, having gotten Xanders address, told the boy to mention his name when visiting the other stores for a better deal on the items he wanted.

     After leaving the store with a second hand good quality tv that he had placed in the car straight away, he had then gone to buy pots and a large frying pan, cutlery and a cheap crockery set. So far everyone had been nice to him, easing up on the suspicious looks he recieved when first entering the stores as soon as Cyril 's name was mentioned. " Oh, your the new one then, are you?" asked the elderly pair of twins manning the registers at the grocery store where he bought essential items such as tinned goods, soap, washing liquid and towels. With a nod of his head, he thanked them for the tinned Spam they shoved into his shopping bags. Asked if he had any Pilot bread at home, he shook his head and smiled at their tuts. More items tossed into another bag and handed to him, he wondered what the hell it was with Spam. Told that it was best eaten with pickled salmon, he nodded and thanked the elderly ladies again for their help, trying not to throw up at the thought of pickled salmon or any fish at that.

     Once again with the bags placed into the car, he had gone back to the smaller than first thought mall and looked around for a carpet store. He wanted to buy a couple of rugs, one for the bedroom floor , kitchen floor and the common room floor. Spikes opinion of the one provided by the company had comprised of a snort and gesture of sticking his fingers down his throat. In total agreement with the bleach blonde, he had promised to get another one as well as a throw rug for the couch.

     Car started, he turned his head and looked at the rolled items laying along the back seat of the commodore. Indicating to go right, out of the almost empty parking lot, he drove onto the main road that would take him back towards his cabin. Lumber mill passed, he saw the sheer size and wondered how many people worked there. He was sure that he had maxed out his credit card already with the days purchases. All one and a half thousand dollars of it. The card only had a limit of $2000 and he wasn't sure if the payment for the things already in the cabin had gone through or not yet. Monday would see him down at the major bank in Fairbanks and arranging a transfer of his bank account from Sunnydale and into a new Alaskan one.

     The mall had a auto teller for the Bank of Northern Stars, a large banking group. He had wanted to do it before leaving Sunnydale but according to bank rules, he had to apply for it in person. The car parked outside the little post office that Willy had put down on the list for blood supplies, Xander wondered just how he would ask for it. Deep breath and door pushed open, he stepped through and took a look around the tiny inner of the office. No-one around, he rang the brass bell on the counter and waited for some-one to come and help him.

     "New one huh? Thought that you would be older, thought that you were a blonde?" came the gruff voice behind him.

     Twirling around, heart beating fast at the sudden sounds behind him, the startled brunette looked to the large black man.

     "Uh, yep. Not blonde, that's my cousin, William Lavelle. I'm Xander Harris, good to meet you" replied the boy, extending his hand towards the non moving man before him. Eyed suspiciously for a few minutes before his hand was enclosed in a bear like grip, Xander wondered again just how he was going to ask for a packet of blood.

     "What do you want? Newspaper, start up a mailbox, what?"

     "Ok here goes nothing and I so hope that Willy's info is right" thought the nervous boy. With stutters and lots of blushing, he started to explain about his cousins phobia of sunlight and his bodies lack of natural iron. Large hand held up infront of him, indicating for him to stop waffling. Mouth snapped shut, the boy wondered if he was going to be choked to death for speaking what had sounded to him like a pile of crap.

     " Lukas Teuke, got something in the back that you may just want, come with me." with that, Xander was led around the tiny post office counter and towards the storeroom. Back door opened, it revealed a small room with a set of stairs leading downwards. Heart beating faster at the thoughts of being a human sacrifice running through his head, he followed Lukas down the stairs that stopped in front of another door, this time a solid cast iron one. A really old oddly engraved one thought Xander. Fingers tracing the designs, he was asked by Lukas what blood type he wanted.

     Jerked back to reality, the embarrassed boy asked the large man to repeat the question. Once he heard the question, he wondered if Spike really did have a preference for blood type and if that was one of the ways that vampires chose their victims. Shoulders shrugged, he asked about animal types and got the list of caribou, pig, cow and moose. The next question asked was how much for each was it.

     Arms crossed, leaning back against the odd door, Lukas looked at the flushed younger man in interest.

     " Caribou is $3.00, Moose is $3.50, cow and pig are both $5.00 each and human is $50.00 per bag, no difference for blood type unless there is a shortage." counted off the curious older man. If the newcomer was buying for what he thought he was, why was he asking about animal?

     Back turned to the deciding male as Lukas opened the iron door, he asked if his cousin had been to Alaska before. Nervous coughing and a stuttered "no" later, he told the still deciding boy that if his cousin wanted to stay in optimum health, he should have a human bag every second day at least through the summer.

     Startled at the advice contradicting what Giles' had offered to him, Xander asked why summer and not winter. Rummaging through the stacked freezer of blood bags, Lucas pulled out a bag of each animal type and shoved them into a silver lined frozen medical ethicals box, along with a few handfuls of ice to top them off. Box shoved at Xander, he indicated the boy to get out of the way while he closed the door. In summer apparently due to the abundance of sunlight, people in his cousins condition usually went into an almost coma, really only waking for the four or five hours of darkness and sometimes not even that. They were usually slow and sluggish, finding it difficult to get motivated. The human blood being just the right blend of iron, minerals and vitamins to help the affected.

     That explained by Lukas, the still confused boy followed the man up the stairs again clutching the cold box to his chest. Asking how the other man knew so much about his cousins condition, he was told that he had a phone call from an old friend that he had helped set up in business somewhere around California.

     "Ah!" thought Xander. That of course explains everything. Then again was anything clear? Shrugged shoulders again, he fiddled with his wallet, trying to get out the correct amount so that he could pay the helpful large man with the green cats eyes.

     Green eyes ?

     "Aaacckk!" shouted Xander as he jumped backwards and into the door as he tried to put as much distance between himself and the smiling man in front of him.

     "Don't worry, Willy told me that you grew up on the Hellmouth. Friend of the Slayer huh? Wouldn't spread that around though." chuckled the now dark eyed man as the frightened boy bent down to pick the dropped box of blood bags.

     "Not much of a demon community here, usually picks up in winter every couple of years when Rhonda, her mate and current minions come for a holiday."

     Xander still plastered against the door, sighed at the thought of once again the Hellmouth invading his life.

     "Let me guess, Rhonda and friends are vampires?" he replied sarcastically to that bit of information from Lukas.

     "Yeah, they only come around every three years or so. Allows us time to stock up on the human supplies again. Compulsory to give a litre a month in Fairbanks and surrounding areas. Smart for a vampire. Just about everyone else would hit a town and drink everyone dry so that every year a few towns would close and never open again." explained the still smiling Lukas.

     "Oh, ok then, so they drink human but in bags? What about the biting thing they all like to do though?" wondered the calming boy. "Why the other bags in the freezer?"

     Walking towards the youngster, the dark man reached behind him and opened the door, stating that Rhonda was smart enough to know that they could wipe out the whole of Alaska in around four years and not wanting to do that, the compromise was put into effect over 62 years ago. If she didn't go around killing for sport or food while around Fairbanks, she, her mate and whatever minions accompanying her were given their fill of blood. The caribou and moose sometimes mixed in the minions blood to supplement them when winter got too hard a grip and it was impossible to have a large supply of human blood.

     Seat belt buckled around him once again, blood filled box on the seat next to him, it was explained that vampires weren't the only type of demon to enjoy a cup of blood. With that, a pat on the car roof and the advice to bring the magically enhanced cold box back with him next time, Lukas walked back into his little post office. Xander, momentarily stunned, realised that he hadn't asked what type of demon the friendly man was.

     Shudder and the car started, the wigged out brunette drove back towards the cabin once again. Thinking that Spike would be begging him for gossip after spending the whole day cooped up inside with nothing to do, he wondered if the mattresses would still be in one piece or scattered around the bedroom. Accelerator applied more firmly, he thundered down the single road.


     27 September 2000

     around 1 pm

     "Yep, thats great, thanks for bringing it. See you later." Xander thanked the delivery man who had so kindly brought the fridge inside and had then promptly started to stack the firewood alongside the cabin. The young man had gone out to help, leaving Spike inside what was now called the main bedroom. Asked for a tarp, he had gone inside to get the plastic from the mattresses to place over the stack of wood to stop it from getting wet. Told by Stuart that if his cousin helped, it would be easier, the brunette had babbled something about Spike being a little ill at the moment. It was something he had wished he hadn't said, Stuart had gone on and on about the types of illnesses that first winter people experienced.

     Nodding and wishing the man would just lug wood faster and shut up, he "Ooohhed and Aahhed" in agreement with the bald round man. Shorter than the vampire, Stuart reminded Xander of a fat ferret but with worse teeth. Once done, he walked the man back to the car with the promise to give the ailing blonde daily doses of cod liver oil. Trying not to stare at the rotten teeth, he had agreed that only the real oil and not the capsules would do the trick and that he would see Steph in the local chemist to get some.

     Stuart gone, he walked back up the gravelled drive, past the two empty cabins and back to his own. His was the third one in the row and the only one so far occupied. It was weird not to have people close to him, the nearest neighbours were almost a quarter of a mile away, he could sometimes see the smoke coming from their chimney at the clear night time.

     "He's gone. I'll close the door and you can come out" said the young man. Front door closed just as a bedroom door opened, the blonde came out and sat carefully on the blue throw rug covering the brown couch. Arse stinging from the dry fuck he had been given after the hissy fit of discovering no lube, he tried not to jolt his sore insides. The boy had slammed into him with one great shove, annoyed at the thought of delaying something that was rightfully his just because there was no lubricant to make it easier. He had been fucked not just dry but hard as well, being virtually impaled upon Xanders thick cock when the boy had decided to slam the vampire down onto his cock so that he had sat in the lap groaning in pain as the whelp clutched him tightly around the waist, his back rubbing against the heaving hot chest of the younger man.

     The boy being true to his emerging nature had gone harder the more the smaller man had yelped. Having only been done not even an hour and a half ago, his insides were still protesting from the treatment. Little smile in the direction of the male coming towards him with a microwaved mug of caribou blood, he waited for the apology he was sure was going to come out of the whelps mouth.

     ~ Don't know why he fucking apologies, not that he's never going to do it that way again. As soon as the boy comes to terms with himself being a dom in the making, my unlife gets harder and the apologies are going to stop. ~

     Blood being sipped slowly through the descended fangs, Spike leant into the caressing hand gently stroking his un gelled hair.

     "I'm sorry Spike, I didn't mean to hurt you. You know sometimes I just get a bit angry." A move closer so that Xander was sitting next to the blonde, rubbing thighs, he smiled when the vampire nodded at his apology.

     ~Buy me human blood and next time I'll sodding well impale myself on your cock, you prick ~

     The bleached blonde knew full well that the male sitting next to him wasn't even remotely sorry and it was just a well rehearsed apology that he was now receiving. Something that the brunette was still in the habit of giving whether he really meant it or not. A sniff at the person beside him confirmed his worry that he was about to get another ride even if he didn't want one. Last of the salty blood that tasted better than pigs and according to the whelp, was a lot cheaper, he put the mug down on the chipped coffee table. Turning so that he was facing the aroused youth sitting beside him, he wondered just how this one was going to go as they still had no lube in the place.

     "There is olive oil in the cupboard, will that do?" asked the husky voiced male as he watched the smaller man walk to the kitchen. What he said next rocked the vampires world.

     "Have you ever been fisted?" came the innocently worded question.

     The cup that he had been holding, fell from his fingers and smashed onto the wooden floor. Spike, nostrils flaring and starting to shake just from the question, took one look at the almost black eyed boy getting up from the couch and ran to the bathroom, locking himself in before the taller male could reach him.

     ~ What the fuck does he mean? Stupid me, I know exactly what he means. I go out and I either get a large fist up my arse or a severe belting from running from him. ~

     On the floorboards, hugging his knees to his chest with tears running down his face, the blonde knew that if he was lucky, he would only get a slapping and the fisting would be left to another day. He could hear Xander knocking gently on the other side of the door, telling him that he had only been joking and to come out, he wasn't going to hurt him.

     ~ Yeah right! Sure thing you won't hurt me. Lull me into a false sense of security, get me to let you in and then WHAM, a belting for denying you what you want. ~

"Spike, let me in please. I'm not going to ask nicely again, if I have to ask again, I will give you a right fucking slapping" came the calm voice tinged with rising anger.

     Head shaken from side to side, the blonde knew that it was a guarantee already to get the slapping. Whether it would be that night or from some flimsy excuse the next day. He had only been fisted a few times before and that had been when he was being punished by his Sire, Angelus for daring to backchat his Grandsire, Darla. The bitch had sat on a chair, laughing and encouraging his Sire to go harder. Her tinkling musical laughter had been drowned out by his own guttural screams of agony as his large handed Sire had ploughed into his torn arsehole slick with the blood pouring out of it.

     Another louder banging on the door chased away the pain filled memories of experiencing something that made you damn sure not to do what it was you had done to deserve such treatment again. Hand shaking as the tears were wiped away, Spike got up fearfully and unlocked the door, springing back as he looked into the furious face of the younger man.

     "Well, I told you that I would give you a slapping if I had to ask again didn't I?" came the very overly calm voice. "Don't worry, I've changed my mind"

     Almost dropping to the floor as his knees started to buckle underneath him, the vampire whined as he saw what the brunette produced from what he had been holding behind his back.

     The bottle of olive oil and a heavy black leather belt.

     Putting them down on the floor in front of the shivering male, Xander told the blonde that he had ten minutes to choose which one he was going to get. Either a fisting or a whipping for locking himself in the bathroom. The fisting was promised to be quick, the whipping however was going to be numerous and if he chose that one, each extra minute was going to add seven lashes to the unspecified starting count.

     ~ Oh my god! What the fuck do I do? The belting, yeah good idea. I'll take the belting ~

     Snivelling, he bent down and picked up the heavy belt. Deep breath, trying to calm himself down before he went into the bedroom, he wondered where the hell the whelp had gotten the idea of fisting from. Something that he had never thought would enter the young man's mind. On wobbly legs he made the short distance to the main bedroom where the brunette was waiting for him.

     "Good, I was hoping you would choose that one, don't want to fist you just yet. I only asked, you know?" exclaimed the boy as he ordered the vampire to strip of his boxers and to lie on the mattress on his front. Cock twitching at the sight of the the pale globes presented to him, he gently stroked the soft skin, eliciting gasps and tiny tremors. Belt double looped over one fist so that the buckle was enclosed in the large grasp, he ran it slowly up and down the shaking vampires back.



     CRACK, SNAP!!

     another pause as Xander noticed the tears start to well in the staring blue eyes. Smiling down at the vulnerable male, he ran a finger along the high cheekbone.

     "I forgot to tell you the starting number is thirty and you took three minutes to get here so that makes fifty-one altogether but with those three it leaves only forty-eight, Ok?"

     Tears gushing at the pleasantly voiced words, the vampire was upset more at the humiliation than the actual pain that was going to begin. As he nodded to the question, he braced himself for what was to come. The boy was strong, and he probably wasn't going to disappoint with the strength of the blows.


     The sobbing started a little harder.


     The sound of solid leather coming to meet soft flesh filled the cabin.


     Pale hands twisted the yellow sheets as he mentally counted down the blows that continued to rain down on his back, buttocks and upper thighs.

     ~Jesus this whelp is strong, nowhere near as strong as a vamp, but this is fucking hurting. ~

     With a yelp as the corner of the belt finally cut into the bright red skin, Xander could feel himself becoming more and more aroused as he continued to lay into the smaller man. Seeing the blood starting to flow as he dealt the last ten blows to the squirming, yelping male, he dropped the wet belt on the floor next to the bed. Cock grasped in one sweaty hand, he ordered the still whining vampire to stay where he was and walked into the bathroom to grab the oil from its place on the floor.

     ~ Oohhh, thank god its finished, this is so humiliating. A Master Vampire being disciplined by a sodding human and one who is getting off on it as well ~

     Moaning as he heard the whelp leave for a minute, his senses were assaulted a new with the heavy tang of arousal mixed with his own blood when the brunette came back to kneel between his spread legs. A large finger coated in oil brushed his clenched hole, forced into the small opening. Teeth gritted, the vampire hurriedly tried to relax as the second finger was introduced to his tightness.

     "Get onto your knees. Now." ordered the panting younger man. Two fingers working into the coolness of the vampire, he waited impatiently as the sore male rose shakily to his hands and knees. Third finger shoved into him as he regained his balance set him off crying again with a squeal. A few minutes of rough sawing and not enough oil to lubricate, and the invading digits were replaced with a larger hotter tip. Hand pressed along the welts upon his back in a steadying manner and he felt a hard shove. With half the whelps cock inside him, Spike continued to grit his teeth, thinking that in the future he would hopefully be used to such treatment and that it wouldn't continue to upset him so much.

     Another hard shove and his whole cock was buried in the tight coolness up to his pubes. Waiting for the smaller man to get his balance corrected, he slowly started to drive in and out of the sobbing male. Speed picked up, he slammed into the groaning vampire knowing that it was going to be over very soon. The room filled with soft groaning and louder harsh panting, a few minutes later it hosted a reverberating yell as a tall brunette came hard into a tired sore blonde.

     Cock pulled out with a wet pop, Xander grabbed the still sobbing male and dragged him by the upper arm into the bathroom and turned the shower on. Getting in, he helped Spike get under the warm water. The sobs broken by hissing as the water stung the broken welts, the brunette gently kissed the blonde and hugged him close to his own hot body as the shaking and sobbing slowed down to dry heaving.

     "You won't lock the door again will you?"

     Blonde wet hair rubbed against his shoulder in a no gesture, the two males stood under the water until it started to cool.

     One wondered why he was getting off on the whole hurting another person thing and worried that the fact that it did make him feel hot and horny, why it didn't feel wrong like it was supposed to.      The other one wondered when his lucky day of having a fist fuck was going to come and if there was going to still be a lock on the bathroom door come tomorrow morning.


     27 September 2000

     around 4 pm

     Spikes point of view

     My back is bloody hurting. I think that my arse and thighs have gone completely numb, I cant feel them. Laying in this fucking bed with the whelp banging around the kitchen. He won't let me get up. Don't want you to hurt yourself, he says. Of course not, that would take away his fun.

     I'm thinking why don't I just sodding well leave when this long winter comes up. I can't though. Bloody well addicted to the cuddling and soft whispers of comfort the boy gives me after a belting. Sure, this was the worst so far and how's this for a joke? Turns out that he was only fucking joking about the whole fisting thing. Only belted me to teach me not to run from him he said. Gonna leave the lock on the door because he trusts me not to do it again.

     Read about it didn't he, smart little thing isn't he, he can read! In one of Old Stuffy's books first and then in a hardcore porn magazine a few nights ago he says that he grabbed by accident at the newsagents. The boy had apparently gone to buy his first gay rag. I would have laughed at him if it hadn't been the fact that I had already received a real whipping. Looked through a few in my time, even when I was still in Sunydale living with the whelp. Made sure to throw them out before he got a whiff of them. Didn't want him to go mental, think I was implying something and then belt me around.

     Only the boy could stuff up buying a fag rag. After he had settled me back into bed, he had shown me the magazine. Have to say, it was full of ideas for the still green lad. Most of them not very nice things for a human, for vampires, they were pretty much ordinary everyday things. Even the fisting, some vamps I know really get off on it. Angelus sort of put me off that little kink well before I even knew that people did it for fun.

     I wrote him why he had gone out for a fag rag. The whelp was so quiet at first, I thought that even though I couldn't smell any anger on him that I was going to get another belting. He told me that he thought he might be gay. Pretty much blown away by that I was. Knew he was in denial over being at least a bi-sexual but then again the lad doesn't hold back when he gets his mind into something. I mean really, Alaska? Wrote him that I at least thought that he was a bi due to the fact that I could smell his arousal whenever a girl showed interest in him.

     The tension that left the body as I looked on was massive. Gave me the idea that half the beatings were in frustration over the fact that he knew he was attracted to guys but with parents like his, he had hidden it so deep that it was only the claiming that had allowed it to start emerging. Now totally away from that effing wanker gang, it had finally entered into a full bloom. He had been worried that he was a total gay, but after I wrote him about smelling him around girls, he was looking at the idea with lot more acceptance. Maybe less beltings for me but I think the emerging dom factor is still a worry. Don't blame him for keeping it hidden, who could he have talked it over with? Giles, the Wanking Hair or even myself pre mute? I don't think so.

     I don't know why but the fact that he had the guts to tell me that made me feel all gooey despite the fucking belting he had just given me. With that, I wrote him about what Angelus had done to me. The anger that poured out of him while he read what I had wrote was unbelievably strong. Apologised for even threatening me with a fisting and swore to me that he would never do it or threaten me with it again. Almost vomited on him in relief over that, the boy meant the apology this time. Every fibre in his body was screaming regret at me. Nodded, smiled and kissed his yummy lips.

     Every time he hugs me, rubs my earlobe between his thumb and forefinger or just holds me against him after a yelling at or a beating, I just melt into his touch. Don't have to forgive him, he's my claimant. Reminds me so much of Angelus with the temper and the punishments, not as sadistic of course. When it came to dealing out the punishments, that Poncy Fuck was in a league of his own. It's the little smiles and soft kisses that get me every time, it's what separates him from my Sire. It's his own style and his only,and I think that I am coming to love it.

     I like the boys sarcasm, I like that he buys me things just because he can, the bad jokes and vile dress sense. He gets me upset, makes me cry and bleed, makes me squeal in agony but I don't care about that the instant he puts his arms around me.      I think that I am coming to love him.


     27 September 2000

     around 4 pm

     Xanders point of view

     I know what made me buy that stupid magazine. Ended up getting the wrong one anyway, nothing like the Harris luck to fuck up at the appropriate time. Ever since I started fucking Spike, I haven't really been able to deny the attraction that I have for him. Now in Alaska, away from all my old friends and the expected role that I always had to play for them and my parents, I'm thinking more and more about other guys. I only meant to pick up a really tame gay thing out of curiosity mostly. Almost died when I got it back to the car and found out that I had gotten the wrong one. Couldn't take it back because I had already torn off the plastic cover, and I wouldn't due to the embarrassment factor anyway.

     Sat in my car horribly fascinated by the whole thing. I didn't even know you could do half the things they had pictures of. It was the fisting that had really caught my attention, I just can't believe people get off on that type of thing. It seemed so off and violent that I had the odd thought that maybe it was something that vampires were into. You know, the more pain the better deal. Hadn't meant to scare Spike with the question. I was just curious to know if he had done that sort of thing before, didn't even cross my mind that he had been the taker in a few sessions.

     I'm not even going to deny myself the truth that I like it when Spike whines and yelps as I fuck him. Should probably take it slower with him but it's so much hotter when he makes those breathy grunts. Didn't know that I had really hurt him when I fucked him before Stuart came with the fridge. Anya always liked it hard in that position, sometimes she would make me fuck her hard so that she cried. The first few times I wasn't so sure about it but the idea grew on me as she used to do the same little sounds like Blondie does but hers were always a lot louder.

     I can't believe that I enjoyed belting him so much. It was so exciting when he was squirming around and whining. When he started bleeding, I thought that I was going to come all over him right there. Pretty sick but I can't help it. Mostly it's the thought that he can't fight back that makes it so hot. Would never dream of doing it to Anya or Cordelia, they would probably rip me limb from limb just for the thought although Anya would go for it just to try it.

     He won't permanently scar and he will always heal, I won't ever do enough damage to him so that he will be physically scarred. I didn't know that vampires could be emotionally scarred though, especially soulless evil ones. After I showed him the magazine, he asked me why I had gotten a fag rag as he so delicately put it. So I told him the truth that I can no longer deny to myself, that I thought I was gay. It was some relief when he told me that the smell I gave off around girls meant that I was more than likely bi. Not too bad, I suppose. Should have figured that one out for myself though, a couple of the girls in the mall had given me a semi hard on.

     We had sat in quietly for a few minutes until he had scribbled a few sentences in his almost used up note book and had then handed it to me. The anger I felt at what was written completely overrode the guilt I felt at terrifying the bleach blonde. As I had read what was written, I realised that even for something that had happened so long ago, it still had the power to affect the vampire. If I had known about what that prick Sire of his had done to him as a "punishment", there was no way I would have even mentioned the fisting to him let alone threatened him with it. I was so relieved and angry at the same time that he ended up choosing the belting. There was no way I was going to let him get away with locking himself in the bathroom and I had figured that I had to teach him a lesson.

     He belongs to me and I have to be the protector in this relationship. It's weird but since leaving Sunnydale and my friends, I have taken a real shine to Spike. Maybe its because he is the only person who knows the real me or the fact that I can show who I really am and I'm no longer under the influence of Giles and the others. I have to make up my own mind now and not rely on the others to do it for me, I don't have to go along with everyone else just to keep the peace and prevent a Slayer temper tantrum. I'm starting to see him in a different light, no longer coloured by everyone elses perceptions.

     The way Spike cuddles into me at night is nice. He moulds himself to my body, he fits just right. I like to touch him, hug him. He has nice ear lobes and sometimes I think I can almost hear a purr from him when I rub at them while watching the t.v. After I have yelled at him or given him a slapping for whatever reason, I can't help but gather him into my arms and hold him. My heart flutters a little when I catch him looking at me sometimes.

     He still really shits me at times. I get annoyed and angry with him when he won't shut the tears up on a bad day. I make him cry a lot though myself. Can't help but slap at him. Shouldn't though. It's only really hit me how sensitive he is now. Nice to be needed and Spike does need me. He relies on me. I hope that it continues. I've never felt like this before. Starting to really like him and I have to admit that when he isn't crying, his company is enjoyable. I like being the one in charge.


     2 October 2000

     6.30 pm

     "Jesus, I'm totally stuffed!" sighed Xander as he staggered through the front door and headed for the couch. With his body thrown heavily upon the soft furniture, he thought of how out of shape he already was after only about 3 weeks off from working. Cool hands slipped around his waist as the couch sunk from the weight of the blonde as he settled next to him.

     Spike leaned against the brunette who had just come from his first day at work, he could tell how tired he was. He could also smell how hard the boy had worked, he reeked of sweat and he didn't need a vamp's extra abilities to know it. Both sitting for a few minutes, the vampire got up and tugged at his claimants hand. Gesture towards the bathroom, he held his nose and pointed at the laughing younger man.

     "Gee, you reckon? Very hard day, doing a bank just around the corner from the mall." replied the already stripping male. Clothes dropped on the floor on the way to the bathroom, he grabbed a fresh towel from the bathroom cupboard and flung it over the edge of the bath away from the reach of the water. Water turned on and the bathroom starting to steam, he could hear the blonde rattling dishes and opening cupboards in the kitchen. Not being bothered to ask what was going on, Xander climbed into the hot jets of water, moaning as the warmth eased his tense tired muscles.

     It had been a hard day. He had met his new work mates, nice bunch of guys so far. Bit quiet until they had found out that he had signed on for two years. Apparently they were used to newcomers leaving again only a few weeks after they had arrived. He was the only non Alaskan born guy on the brick crew and in fact, the whole building crew apart from another large Fijian, Josessi. The laughing self proclaimed joker of the crew had explained that he already knew who he was from Lucas Teuke, a fellow Fijian himself. Mind boggling at just how not one but two Fijians ended up in Alaska, he wondered if Josessi knew what type of demon the other man was.

     He had been pretty much ignored by all bar Josessi until lunch when they had been happy to talk to him after learning about his contract with the company. Introductions all round, he was welcomed to the state. There had been talk about what he did back home, did he have a girlfriend/wife, where was he living and why wasn't his cousin working as well. They had been happy at his explanation of working in construction for over a year and a half, he was single but not looking, renting from the company and that his cousin had a sunlight phobia. The 3 man brick crew that included Josessi, stood around nodding at his words, stating that once winter came up, maybe the long hours of darkness would allow his cousin to get a job.

     Xander had expected more than a few snide remarks about Spike and the "phobia" but had been pleasantly surprised that it was taken all in stride, a few of the guys promising to think about where the blonde could get some work. Work had been hard due to the crew being so small for the size of the job, everyone had to do almost two peoples work load to ensure that the building would be up in the scheduled time frame. Apart from the brick crew, there were only 4 other guys for the cement and inside building fitting.

     Mind shut off to the thought of work, the relaxed boy poured some body gel into his hand and proceeded to lather himself up.

     Spike banged around the kitchen, looking for the pots and pans. He hadn't taken much notice of where the whelp had put them, only used to one mug and that was it. Fry pan found, he slapped it on the gas stove and opened the fridge to see what he could throw into the stupid thing for the boy to eat.

     ~ Don't want the boy to get run down and sick, been doing nothing around here. Soooo gotta get me a hobby. At the moment even a sodding job would be welcome, glad he's home now though ~

     A snort at just what job he would be good at, the vampire grabbed the mushrooms, onion and tomatoes vaguely remembering that the whelp had once done something with the three vegetables together in a pan. Hesitating before deciding to peel the mushrooms, he chopped the peeled onion while wincing at the acrid aroma that tried to poke out both of his eyes. Vegetables all chopped and chucked into the pan with a bit of oil, he turned on the gas and hoped for the best as the mess started to sizzle.

     ~ I hope I don't kill the brat. Wouldn't go down too well with the landlords ~

     Quick snigger at the thought of explaining his cooking skill to a local sherif, he poked at the bubbling mass with a wooden spoon. A another look in the cupboard produced jars of chicken stock, basil and oregano. Jar of minced garlic pushed aside and then after a brief inner struggle, thrown in the bin, the smelly herbs and stock were added to the simmering red liquid.

     "God that smells great, I didn't know that you could cook?" exclaimed the brunette as he walked out of the bedroom clothed in baggy sweat pants. Stomach rumbling, he leaned close into the blonde and with a long wet kiss, sniffed the air once he broke away to breath.

     ~Can't actually, just don't die on me and we'll be right. ~

     Smile plastered wide across his face at the whelps rumbling stomach and obvious impatience to eat, Spike clung tightly to the taller man, relieved that the other male was home at last. He had been nervous and jumpy all day from the moment the car had roared off down the driveway. Stuck inside with only the tv and the stupid book that they still had from the Watchers place, he had been able to do nothing but count the minutes until the boy had gotten home. It wasn't as if he could just call someone up for a quick conversation or go over to the neighbours and introduce himself, with an offer of a cup of tea.

     He hadn't really been too worried when the whelp had left him to go to the mall or get blood, knowing that the boy would be gone only a few hours. Today, neither of them had known when the boy would get back thus leading to the minor panic that the blonde had been in all day with nothing really to distract him.

     ~ Missed you, like it now that your home. Don't like being alone. ~

     Snuggled into the warm bare chest, the vampire watched as the brunette stirred at the almost ready mixture. Herded to the couch, Spike continued to watch as the young man boiled some water and added 3 minute pasta noodles to the saucepan. Two plates pulled out of the cupboard, Xander quickly grated cheese ontop of the steaming pasta and tomato. Plate and fork handed to the blonde as he sat down next to the vampire. Eating as quick as the hot food would allow him to, Xander was amazed at the great taste. Once finished, he put the empty plate down on the coffee table alongside the other one.

     "That was fantastic! No-one has ever really done that for me before, I mean Mom stopped cooking for me once she knew I could work the microwave. Willow's mum used to phone up restaraunts for delivery whenever I went over for dinner."

     Embarrassed and happy at the thought of such a small thing pleasing the boy, Spike was excited when he was gently pulled up from the couch and led towards the bedroom. Soft kisses and warm hands slowly undressed the cool body. Placed carefully on his front, he moaned and squirmed to the feel of large hands stroking his back as he was raised to his hands and knees. A long lube filled preparation had him eager to take the whelps cock, rocking himself back to meet the slow thrusting. Prostrate hit each time the boy filled him, the vampire came with a few strokes of his hand on his cock, a minute after feeling the hotness well up inside him. Both men lay curled into each other.


     6 October 2000

     Saying goodbye to Josessi and the others, Xander headed to where he had parked the old white comamdore. Sea tbelt snapped on, he started the engine and headed off along the main road to go and see Lucas and pick up some blood before going home to pick up Spike and visit Fairbanks for some sight seeing. Fairbanks had late night trading up until 10pm at night and the brunette wanted to get the vampire out of the cabin in which he was more or less going stir crazy. Five minutes down the double lane road and he pulled into the post office. Lip bitten at the sign that said "closed", he wondered if he should still knock and see if Lucas would be there.

     Deep breath, Xander banged loudly on the door and waited for an answer. Hand raised to bang again at the solid white door, he almost screamed in fright when a bag was shoved at him from behind. Whirling around, heart jumping out of his chest, Xander faced a laughing Lucas.

     "Sorry, but you humans are just sooo easy to scare!" chuckled the large man as the wild eyed youth snatched the plastic bag out his hand.

     "How the hell did you know that I was coming for this and don't ever do that again, next time I think I'm going to shit myself." Xander replied, disgusted at himself for being so lax. If that had happened in Sunnydale, he would have been either drained or turned by now. Then again, not having to watch ones back every single moment tended to make you a bit relaxed.

     "Your cousin drinks what, 2 or 3 a day right? I expected you this morning but when you didn't show, then I figured that it would be around now that I would see you." Still laughing at the younger man, the demon started to walk off back behind the house that was attached to his little post office.

     "What sort are you?" asked the boy, cursing himself straight after for being so rude to a invaluable contact. Flushed and embarrassed by the question, he steeled himself for either a "get stuffed and don't come back" or a truly horrible visage to appear.

     Lukas, suddenly serious, turned slowly back towards the nervous lad. Small smile, he waited until he got right up and close to the brunette. "Kava Demon"

     "A what?" Xander asked ignorantly, yet again wondering what was wrong with his idiot mouth. Watching as the dark brown eyes turned into slitted green cats eyes completed with what he thought was a khaki all over green tinge to the mans body. He could only see the man's face and hands, but he assumed that it was all over. Forked tongue flicked out to lightly trace the lips. Nose disappeared from the face to leave only small slits to breathe from.

     "A Kava Demon. Fijian gekko related demon. In the good old days, we used to run around and eat all those who dared invoke the Kava drinking ritual and didn't finish it by morning. Happened quite a lot actually, still does on a small but regular basis." explained the smiling man as his nose rose again out of his face and once again became a prominent feature.

     Arms folded against his chest, one hand clutching the blood packet filled plastic bag, Xander was fascinated at the relatively non icky demon face that lay under the dark skin of Lukas. Not enough people doing the Kava ritual anymore, tourists were doing it more than the locals now but they tasted weird. Didn't have a lot of flavour apparently and the tourists disappearing was a worry to the craft trade in Suva and the little islands. Head nodding as his stomach churned at the explanation given to him, Xander apologised about asking the demon the rude question.

     Apology waved off, Lucas invited both him and Spike to dinner the next night. Didn't really get to hang around with the local demons much, the ones he usually hung around with were the owners of the local chinese restaraunt and a pack of Veronkif's who were probably on the coast looking for polar bears to play kiss chasey with at this very moment, Rhonda and co.. not being back for another two years at least.

     Astounded at the very thought of any one kissing a bear, Xander agreed to the dinner and relieved that he wouldn't have the stress of worrying about the vampires for a couple of years. Plenty of time to worry about what to do with Spike when the time came. He knew that somewhere along the track, he would have to deal with a vampire taking a shine to the blonde and issuing a claimant challenge. Better not to think about it until it happens, that thought shoved right away so that it spun around in one little corner of his "must think about later" mind, the two men agreed to 7pm.

     Door opened in front of him before he could even use his key, Xander was dragged from where he stood and feverishly kissed by an excited smaller man. Cock hardening at the sight of the blonde, he pushed the man away as he closed the front door ensuring more privacy. Knowing that Spike had been cooped up with pretty much nothing to do all day, he continued to kiss his way to the small kitchen that held the fridge. Cool hands groping his rock hard dick, he moaned into the wet mouth of the vampire.

     Spike could smell the boy's hard on and a few lengthy gropes later, he could feel it as well. Hurriedly undoing the black leather belt holding up the dirty jeans, he slid a long fingered hand into the tenting boxers as he worked the jeans down around the firm lower thighs. Tongue meeting the hot wet lips of the whelp as he heard the heartbeat get faster. A thunk on the floor as the bag was dropped onto it.

     "Fuck Spike, just blow me already will you!" Xander moaned when he felt a gust of cool air blown across the hot head of his cock. Wetness wrapped around his penis, making his eyes cross. Hands tangled in soft cat fur like hair, the brunette lost himself to the pleasure of his cock sliding in and out of talented lips as his sac was rolled and squeezed by a cool hand.

     The vampire felt his hair being gripped in large hot hands, deep throating the throbbing member as the grip got tighter. Head now firmly clutched still, he relaxed his throat only slightly panicking as the thick shaft of the whelps cock was thrust into his open mouth with firm grinds of the taller man's hips. Eyes closed, he could feel the thrusting become harder the more he played with the balls in his hand.

     "Fuckfuckfuckfuck, this is sooo fucking great!" Bottom lip bitten as he rammed into the cool mouth, Xander pumped once, twice, three times more, yelling as he gushed hot cum down the blondes throat. Pulling out, he dragged Spike up from his knees, kissing him with tongue tasting the strange tang of his essence on the other mans lips. Taste of himself rolled around on his tongue, Xander explored every inch of the vampires cool mouth. Pulling back as he remembered that he had to breath, he once again wondered at the strange taste.

     It wasn't too bad at all, not quite what he had been expecting. Briefly he wondered what Spikes cum tasted like, before a resounding "ick" went through his head. The smaller man watched as the brunette tried to take in what he tasted like. He, himself, had never gone anywhere near another man before being turned and was curious as to how semen tasted to a human. It smelt to high heaven to a vamp and before the chip, he had never thought to ask the numerous humans he had forced to swallow his cum before draining them.

     Vampire clasped tightly to his still heavily breathing chest, Xander told him about the dinner invite with Lukas. Bag picked up from the floor and blood bags shoved into the fridge, the brunette told the blonde to get a coat as they were going late night shopping. Virtually shoving the younger man out of the way in the hurry to get his coat, Spike ran to the bedroom and grabbed one for the whelp as well. Anything to just get out of the fucking place.

     ~ Need a goddamned hobby, just something to do. At least in Sunnyhell, I had the option of going somewhere. Here, nothing around, no fucking sewers or enough shade anyway.~

     Knowing full well that he hadn't taken the opportunity to get out, he had been secure in the knowledge that there always had been the option of going some where via the sewers when he had been living with the whelp in Sunnydale. With the thought of just what hobby or thing he could do during the day when the boy was at work, he handed the brunette his thick lumber jacket while slipping his own on that the scooby gang had given them both for a going away present. His had apparently been an after thought by the gang after Joyce had mentioned the fact that Spike would also feel the intensely cold winters. Smelling annoyed and guilty, the witches had come around to the apartment and given him a red checked jacket to match the whelp's blue checked one the following afternoon.

     He had resisted the urge to give them the "fuck off" finger and had snatched the parcel out of their hands before slamming the door in their faces. Spike liked Joyce and had secretly sneered all round at the looks of guilt, annoyance and embarrassment that had miraculasly appeared after that little gem had been mentioned. Joyce, he liked because she had been the only understanding one when he had first been upset over Dru leaving him. He had smirked to himself when to the horror of the Slayer, her mother had planted a kiss on his cheek and promised to write to him once he was settled in their new home.

     ~Yeah, might just do the writing back thing. Give me something to do I suppose. ~

     Door locked behind them, the two males walked to where the car was parked next to the woodpile. Strapped in, car started and they were off towards what was now termed the "Big smoke". Laughter rebounded in the car when Xander mentioned this to the vampire, the interior filled with soft grunting and louder peals of humour. The car was stopped only the once on the way to Faribanks when the notebook Spike had been writing in was shoved into this face. Quickly reading what was scrawled across the page, the boy also started wondering what things the blonde could do during the day. If it was something that could earn money, it would be all the better. After winter was gone, the cost of supplying human blood for Spike during the heavy summer would be ultra expensive.

     Thought pondered, the brunette was brought back to reality by the vampire gently tugging on his jacket. Head turned towards the smaller man, he followed the pointed finger and looked out onto the road and into the beam of light provided by the car's headlights.

     It was snowing. Both men getting out of the car, they were shocked at just how quickly the temperature had dropped to allow the snow to begin. Amazement crossed both faces when the realisation hit them. They were in Alaska and now the snow was starting, the possibility of being snowed in during the long winter was real. Breath from the one male steaming into the frigid air, the car was started again with the descion to take a quick peek around the Fairbanks shopping centre.

     Car parked as close as they could get to the entrance, the blonde and the brunette took in the sights of the much larger mall that housed numerous shops. Xander grabbed the latest magazines, only just avoiding a full body blush when he spotted the vampire fiddling around the gay erotica section in the news agency. The small smirk that had appeared on the bleached blondes face as he walked out of the shop brushing past the taller man, saw Xander almost throw his money at the sales assistant in the hurry to get out. Spike, waiting for him outside the shop, gestured to the large supermarket reminding the whelp that he had to get new notebooks and some more pens.

     Xander had stopped in front of a community board for the local college and was reading all the notices put up after a flyer had caught his attention. Bored, the coloured piece of paper had declared. Wanting to do something while snowed in? had followed the title. Curious, he read some more and discovered that it was an information leaflet listing the short correspondence courses that one could do. Quick look around and the boy tore down the flyer that had the college phone number on the back. With a feeling of dread deep in the pit of his stomach, the blonde watched as the brunette came towards him with the aqua piece of paper clutched tightly in his hand.

     Staring wide eyed at the smiling youth in front of him, Spike slowly read the aqua paper and what was typed across it. Blue eyes meeting dark brown ones, he wondered if he had gone completely Dru like in the thinking that maybe one of the courses mentioned would keep him amused for a while.

     ~ Who knows maybe after I've become a fucking secretary, I could go and replace the pom pom bint in the Poncing Poofs office ~

     Bottom lip starting to tremble at the thought of spending the rest of his unlife typing and filing in an office, he wondered just how far he had left to keep falling from his once lofty perch as a part of the Scourge of Europe. Xander, seeing the vampire trying not to cry in public, gently took one elbow in his hand and guided the blonde back to the white commodore. The note books and pens could wait until the next day he figured.


     7 October 2000

     Saturday night around 9.30 pm

     Dinner finished with the two plates and an empty mug pushed back from the participants, all three men sighed at the feeling of full stomachs. Spike was revelling in the taste of human blood for the first time in what would be months, he had tried to sip at the warm thick liquid as slowly as possible until Lukas had told him that if he wanted, he could have a second bag. Not even considering the cost of the blood to the large Fijian, the blonde had nodded and grinned ferally as the second bag was presented to him.

     Xander had watched the vampire almost combust with pleasure as he drank the blood, slightly slurping in his haste to consume all that the full mug offered. He hoped that the other man wasn't going to lose out in any way by giving the human stuff to the blonde. His own dinner consisted of a roast leg of pork, apple sauce and other roast vegetables. Lukas was a great cook and he wondered if he hosted dinner at his house often. He couldn't ever recall having a roast anything in his life, not even when Joyce had invited him over for dinner a few times.

     A loud cough broke into his thoughts. Blushing, the brunette looked at the two faces peering back at him. Spike was now back in his human face only still a little yellow around the pupils of his eyes. Lukas had taken one look at how the two men interacted together and had come to the conclusion that they were indeed sleeping together, he could smell the human all over the vampire but funnily enough not much of the vampire was on the younger man which meant that in this case, the vampire was the receiver and the human was the giver. Not being able to work out why, he had invited the two into the house.

     All during dinner, the Fijian had tried not to stare at the way the human and vampire acted towards each other. The way the bleached blonde was submissive to the taller dark haired male was astounding. It wasn't as if it was overtly displayed, it was just a few looks and gestures here and there that gave it away. Lukas wanted to ask why a human was allowed to display dominance over a vampire and even why there was no evidence of biting on the brunette.

     Spike was humiliated, he knew that the Kava demon was just dying to ask what the hell was going on with his relationship with the boy. He couldn't help but look at Xander for approval sometimes and he knew that the dark man had caught every look he had sent Xander's way. The vampire was sure that the other demon had never seen a vamp pairing like this before, he was sure because he himself had never seen one either or even heard of one. With Xander back in the land of reality, the men walked over to the armchairs and couch in the living room, each holding a beer.

     Soft snorting grunts and loud booming laughter echoed throughout the small house as Lukas regaled his guests with just how he came to be in Alaska. Apparently Josessi on a whim had started a Kava ritual that hadn't been finished by the following morning so Lukas had been dispatched by the elder demons to go to Alaska and teach the lone Fijian a lesson. Unfortunatley, it had been winter and he had gotten lost on the way to Josessi's place, stumbled onto the little post office and the original owner dead on the doorstep, having frozen to death after tripping on something and breaking his leg. Lukas had taken shelter in the post office and while there, he had eaten the owner before discovering the large cast iron door that Xander had seen the first time.

     It had taken a few days for the door to be opened however, because much to his surprise the door was in itself a sentient being and hadn't recognised the Kava demon as it's owner. After numerous explanations and dragging what was left of the owner down to the door for it to see, the door had apparently given in to the demons demands for it to open. That had been almost 12 years ago and he still hadn't punished Josessi for not finishing the kava ritual, but with much laughing, he said that one day he would. He was enjoying himself too much in the cold land, never seeing snow before and was fascinated by it. Once he had punished the fellow Fijian, he knew that he would be called back straight away and he wanted to get as much time in the State of Alaska as possible.

     Tears of laughter being wiped away from both the vampire and the brunette, having just heard what was possibly the weirdest story ever, they both finished the beer and nodded when Lukas asked if they wanted another one. Xander was suddenly nervous as he knew that sooner or later he would be expected to tell his and Spikes story. That he would do with lots of stuff being left out. Lukas back with the beer, asked the dreaded question of how the two of them got to be in Alaska themselves. Not missing the slight flinch of the blonde on the couch, he was surprised when the younger man reached out a hand almost unconsciously and patted at the black clad thigh reassuringly.

     Interesting story this would be, he thought and he knew that he wouldn't be getting the full story tonight. Going for the big leap of faith, the demon told the two men that if they were "together", it was fine by him.

     Suddenly speechless, Xander snatched his hand from the vampires cool thigh as if he had been burnt. With a stutter and blushing, he asked what Lukas had meant by that. Told that the other man could smell them over each other, the brunette was informed that it was probably for the best anyway. Asked again what was meant by that statement, the two newcomers were told of the woman shortage in Alaska and of the annual teams of women who turned up in the cold State each year looking for "real men" to marry. Due to the abundance of single men, it wasn't unusual for the ratio to be 4 men to every single woman and that good looking men such as themselves usually found their faces involved in a multitude of fights. To even up the competition, so to speak.

     If they announced themselves as a couple, they were more likely to be accepted as such and left totally alone when the annual woman drive began. They might get a ribbing or two but once the other guys realised that they were out of the competition, they would no longer pose a threat to a lonely old wood miller looking for a wife in winter.

     Stunned looks on both faces told Lukas that neither of them had even considered such an action. The vampire had a world weary look to his eternally young face while the youngest male in the room had a embarrassed expression. Stating that the company wouldn't care or throw them out of the cabin after Xander started making his objections known, the dark man told them that even though the vampire had been passed off as the younger mans cousin, the others would understand once they had given them both some shit about it.

     Reluctantly agreeing in the end if only to save the vampire a few beatings from strangers, Xander and Spike waved goodbye to the dark man and climbed into the car without having given their own story on how they had arrived in Alaska. Quiet all the way home during the 15 minute drive, the boy wondered just how he was going to start establishing the fact that he was gay and already in a relationship after telling his work mates that he was single. Lukas telling him to go the gay route because stating that he was in fact bi would still pose a threat and in Alaska, either you were straight or gay, no in between.

     Both climbing into the warm bed, the two men snuggled into each other too caught up in their own thoughts to do anything but think of what the future was going to bring them.


     12 October 2000

     around 8 pm

     Spike was nervous and the pacing was surely indicating that. The whelp had been in a mood since the previous Saturday night ever since Lukas had suggested telling his work mates about being gay. Easier said than done really. Xander had chosen tonight to tell his friends, it being payday, they were more than likely going to be in a good mood and all. They didn't really have much time to stuff around as the annual womens run was about to start. The first of the women were due in and around Fairbanks early the next week.

     Around 200 females of all age groups were due to descend upon the town. Xander had already mentioned that the guys were getting a bit nasty at him, a small comment thrown his way here and there. The comments had done nothing of course to improve the mood of the boy when he arrived at home both exhausted from the job and mentally tired from trying to ignore the jibes. The vampire had been walking on egg shells ever since the dinner with the Kava demon. He had made the effort to make dinner for the whelp each night, something the boy said that he appreciated. Truth be told, the blonde just didn't want to become a punching bag until it was too late. He would get a belting, that he was sure of, but if it could be put off until later then so be it.

     Xander had taken him pretty easy all week so far, something that the vampire had really enjoyed. A glance at the kitchen clock told him that the boy should be home soon, around 9.30 - 10 pm he had been told. Throwing himself down on the comfy couch, he leaned over and flicked on the tv to try and make the time pass quickly. A few minutes later, the t.v. not doing its job, he reached for the aqua brochure again and re-read the courses listed on the paper. He was pretty sure that he was going to do the woodwork course, all it really meant was that he was sent plans on how to build things, he built them, took photos and sent them in after he built the required items as well as a few of his own choices.

     The whelp had mentioned that if he did do the woodwork, maybe he should build a complete bedroom furniture set that included a cupboard, bedside tables and even a base for the mattresses. Their clothes still residing in bags and strewn on the floor along with the mattresses, it had been a good suggestion.

     ~ Yep, woodwork that's what I'm going to do. Look out Jesus, here I come! ~

     Oddly enough, he was really looking forward to working with his hands again. Before being turned, he had been famous for his thieving skills all around London. He had the hands for it, small with long fingers that were still ultra sensitive. After being turned, he had put them to just as good use as thieving by learning to peel off layers of skin and how to separate tendons with out splitting them. Angelus had taught him how to do it and he had been a good teacher, the young William just didn't have the patience to do it very often, preferring more brutal straightforward approach to torture. Ways that got the information pretty much straight away.

     T.v. now ignored totally, the vampire started to fill in the form that Xander had gotten sent to them when he had rung up to find out more about the woodwork course after Spike had told him that he was interested in that one.

     ~ Name, William Lavelle
(the fucking Bloody!!!)

     Address, 3/3 Amberliquid Road
(Sodding Poof would like that one)

     Phone no, 9783 3056
(Ring and leave a message, Boy will get back to you)

     Nearest major town, Pennington

     Postcode, ?
(how the fuck should I know?)

     Course, Woodwork - Beginners
(and a short course on how to remove a bint of a chip from ones brain!)

     Method of payment, Mastercard
(insert relevant numbers, thanks luv) ~

     Hearing a car in the distance, Spike wasn't too worried until he recognised Xanders brand of gear change, quick glance at the clock telling him that it was still early, only around quarter to nine. Stomach dropping in dread as the car door slammed, the vampire sniffed the air as he opened the door for the younger man. The anger staining the air slapped at him causing him to take a step back.

     ~ Ok, here goes the hissy fit I've been expecting all week then ~

     With that thought, he stood well out of the way as the brunette stomped into the house, currently swelling black eye plain to see.

     "Hello dear, how are you? As you can see, I've had a great day having a friendly little chat with the charming men at work " The calm tone was betrayed by the nasty look on the boys face as he said the words to a blonde that was trying to stay out of arms length.

     ~ Uh-oh, one slapping coming up! ~

     Not knowing whether to smile or sympathise with the seething male, the vampire slowly walked to the kitchen and got out a packet of frozen peas from the freezer as Xander sat himself down on the couch and stared at the blank wall in front of him. Peas snatched out his hand, Spike stood beside the couch, not wanting to do anything that was going to set the other man off.

     "Don't just stand there like a fucking moron, sit and tell me all the things you've done today, you know like sat around doing nothing but watch tv, that sort of thing"

As he took a seat next to the boy, the blonde wished he hadn't after he heard the last of the words come out of his mouth. The annoyance and anger were rolling off the youths body in waves. Almost yelping in fright, he froze as a warm hand rested itself on his thigh.

     "You know, I got punched by one of the guys tonight, it was preceded by a fantastic night at a local bar full of gay jokes and what to do with dead faggots. The black eye is apparantly a warning for me not to look at my workmates arses."

     Xander directed this comment to the wall, something that was starting to upset the vampire a lot. So far, the boy hadn't looked at him since walking through the front door. The hand started to slowly stroke his thigh.

     ~ Talk to me pet, it's good that you're getting it out ~

     Nodding beside the younger man, Spike was wondering when he was going to get hit and how hard.

     "Told them that I already had a blonde at home that would get jealous if I did look anywhere else and you know what? It's great that I told them because now we are both invited to Mac's house for pre Auction Night drinks. They would like to meet the "little woman" I have at home, oh don't worry, they already know what you look like" snarled Xander. "Of course, I said yes and don't worry about the eye, it'll heal I said to them."

     ~ Ok, been called lots of things but "the little woman" is a new one and one that I hope is not bandied around a lot. Bunch of Deliverance arseholes ~

     Wall still being stared at, the brunette could feel himself getting more and more angry as the minutes passed. His workmates had been really on his back that morning after the company had faxed the time and date of the Auction Night to the little office in Pennington. With comments of what a good looking boy like him was doing in Alaska and other things of how could a man compete with faces like his and his cousins around, Xander had told them pretty much as soon as lunch had started after being tripped by one of the older guys. Silence had surrounded the men at first and then a few muttered "goddamned faggots" had been tossed around, Xander being saved by Josessi slapping him on the back with the comment of at least the two pretty boys were out of the competition.

     Laughter had started slowly at first then had gone into a full gale force as the workmates had realised that Josessi had been right and that it meant more chances at a woman for them. Xander hurriedly suggesting a few rounds at the local with him buying the first round as a consolation for lying to them. The workmen agreeing after a few more "homo" comments thrown his way.

     Work had gone on pretty much as normal but with the name of Baxter being directed to him. It wasn't "Xander can you pass that for me" it was now "Baxter can you pass that for me, if you're not too limp wristed". The teasing he could put up with, he had gotten that type of crap at home all his life and he was used to it. How ironic he thought that both his father and uncle had ended up being right. The name Baxter was starting to get to him, he knew that it had a homosexual connotation to it but what it was had Xander puzzled. The punch had also been unexpected, especially as he had ended up buying the first two rounds. It was the threat to do the same to the blonde that had him angry. No-one touched what was his and he had pretty much roared that at the shocked men who had backed down as soon as they had seen him get into a temper.

     Xander was upset that he had shown his temper to his workmates after having successfully hiding it for so many years. If he hadn't claimed the fucking blonde, then none of this would be happening right this minute. For the first time since that night in the basement, Xander regretted his actions. Getting up, he shoved the blonde away as he trudged to the bedroom, firmly closing the door in the vampires face.

     Spike watched the door close, almost banging his nose. He was confused, didn't the boy want him anymore? He was an adored, claimants never did this to those they adored. They never shut them out of the bedroom and their life. Spike panted, maybe he was overreacting and the actions would be explained in a few hours once the boy calmed down some. Sitting on the couch while waiting for the whelp to bring to the bed, he felt the tears of being ignored slide down his face.


     21 October 2000

     6 pm Mac's house

     Xander and Spike trudged up the gravel driveway, nodding and smiling at the men whispering and staring at them. The vampire wishing that he could go into game face and scare the fuck out of them all. The boy had only started talking to him again yesterday morning and he was still confused as to why he had been pushed away that night. During that time, the blonde had been pretty much in tears every moment he had been awake even though he had been guided into bed with the boy after a few hours of sitting on the couch by himself. After not being spoken to for a week, he had been overjoyed at hearing the whelp speak to him again even if it had been a direct order to drink as he was getting severely dehydrated from not eating properly.

     The slap on the back brought him back to reality, standing next to a huge bristly looking man and surrounded by lots more, the vampire was reminded just how slender he really was compared to the whelp.

     ~ I suppose in this case, "little woman" does apply. Not my fault that London had crap food, even if you were lucky enough to get some ~

     Doing his best not to give the finger all round to the circle of men surrounding both him and Xander, he smiled and nodded as each man was introduced. He watched as Xander explained his sunlight "phobia" and his inability to speak due to a car accident, laughing with the men as they poked fun at the phobia and sympathised over the accident.

     ~ Bunch of dumbfucks! If only I could just rip the head off one, not all, just the one and that's all I ask for. A head mounted on the wall ~

     Twinge going through his head at the thought, he could feel his scalp get warm as the chip sent tingling currents from the base of his skull to right behind his eyes. Hand on Xander for support as a bright light flashed behind his eyes, he scowled and sneered in the direction of the "Oh, look! How cute, they're hugging" comment while Xander muttered at him to just ignore it and to stop grabbing at him.

     ~ Fuck off pet! This light is new, never had it before and it's worrying ~

     Beers shoved into their hands, the two men were basically paraded around Xander's work mates house as objects to be stared at. Looking around at the new men introduced, Spike shuddered when he realised that what he thought was crap clothing was in actual fact probably their best clothing. With a thought that if ever Xander decided to grow a beard, he would put up with numerous beatings just to tie the boy down and shave it off. All the men looked the same to the vampire, large, bristly and ignorant. He was relieved to see Lukas and another dark man he didn't recognise coming towards him. Introduced to Josessi, he left Xander to the mercy of his work mates and went outside with the Kava demon in the hopes of at least a decent one sided conversation.

     The first thing that Lukas did was shove a phone number at him and told him that if he let the phone ring three times, he would come over and visit him at home and if he let it ring four times, for the vampire to come over to his house instead. Huge smile on his face, the blonde hoped that he didn't look as pathetic as he felt. The phone number tucked away safely, he listened to the demons explanation of what Auction Night actually was. Apparently, the men who participated in the auction got up on stage and the woman who was the successful bidder got to have the first dance with their chosen man. The question of where the money went written for the larger man to read, Spike noticed a pair of Chinese men looking their way. Quick nudge to Lukas and he made a small gesture at the two men.

     Lukas following the gesture, laughed and indicated for the men to come over and introduce themselves. Mi Wai and Quong De were the owners of the local Chinese shops in both Pennington and a couple in Fairbanks itself. Polite greetings all round from the two men, Spike quickly wrote in the note book and gave it to the older of the men. Raised eyebrows later, he explained again by writing in the book that he had lived in China for a few years during the Boxer rebellion that's why he knew a few different dialects in Chinese. Smiles breaking over the stern faces, the conversation developed into loud comments flung back and forth between the four men as it was made known that they too had been in the Boxer rebellion. Asked if his human could drop him off one night for a round of green tea after the restaurant closed, the blonde agreed not bothering to point out that he actually belonged to the human and not the other way around.

     He wasn't actually sure what type of demons they were but they didn't smell one iota like a human.

     ~ Things may just be looking up, two new demons to hang with and best of all they don't know about the chip or my dealings with the Slayer ~

     Happy, the vampire looked for the brunette, getting slightly nervy at being away from him in the company of so many other people he didn't know. Writing a goodbye and see you later to the two Chinese demons and Lukas, he gently pushed his way through the milling men towards the spot that he had left the whelp. Not seeing him anywhere near, he surprised to find a beer thrust at him by one of the work mates that he had been earlier introduced to. Nod of the head and a mouthed thank you, he was slightly unsettled by the way the dark bearded Stan was staring at him.

     "Just wondering what would make a kid like Baxter pick a fairy like you?"

     Choking on his beer at the words, the vampire decided it was time to move right away from the Stan creature continuing to look at him, something he tried to do until the man stood right in front of him, making it impossible to get out of the kitchen. Spike, standing still while he continued to down the beer, tried to will the other man to go away.

     "Got a build like a girl, suppose with the light off, it would be pretty much the same from behind"

     Tempted to throw the beer bottle at Stan, he finished the beer off and placed it on the kitchen bench. Now completly worried and starting to panic, he stood with arms crossed watching the much larger man continue to stare at him.

     Xander watched as the loud shouts coming from outside involved two men babbling something in Chinese, something that the blonde was able to understand with Lukas laughing at what was being said. Turning back to the present conversation about some of the dud women who turned up at the Auction, he was reassured by the fact that the vampire looked like he was having a good time. Conversation followed for a good half hour, the brunette noticed that it was quiet and that there was no longer any shouting from outside. Beer in his hand empty, he asked if any body wanted another and was directed to the kitchen. Walking up behind Stan standing in the door, he was shocked when he saw that his work mate had a hold of Spikes shirt and was shaking the blonde who looked like he was trying not to cry.

     With a tap on the broad shoulder, he got Stan's attention and asked what he was doing to the smaller blonde. Xander, aware that it had gone quiet behind him and that a crowd had gathered around the kitchen entrance, asked Stan again what he was doing with someone obviously smaller than himself. Angered when the answer was nothing and the vampire spun around and shoved at him, he lay a hand on the large arm preventing the other man from walking away. Spike in full panic attack was led away from the two men circling each other by Lukas and Josessi. Xander asking what "nothing" meant, knew that a fight was now inescapable and that if he lost, he would be forever on the bottom of the pecking order, something that he had sworn never to be again after leaving Sunnydale.

     In a low voice full of menace, the younger man told both the male he was circling and the entire room that no-one put a hand on what was his, ever. A cat call of "get him boy!" echoed loudly through the deathly quiet room. " You're going to get what you deserve Stan" was the next call, followed by a chorus of men agreeing with the statement. Stan roared and charged at the quicker man who easily dodged out of the way and as the larger man turned to run at him again, punched as hard as he could at the mans ear. Hearing the man squeal in pain as he felt his fist connect, Xander clasped both his fists together in a move that saw him thunder down across the mans lower back, connecting with the kidneys. Stan clutched at both his ear and his lower back, allowing the brunette to give him a punch to the stomach before being punched himself across the jaw. Stumbling backwards at the sudden stars shooting across his vision, Xander swung out blindly with one leg in the hope of connecting. With a groan at the jarring motion his leg felt when he swept the bearded mens legs from under him, he ignored the pain currently shooting up his thigh and into his lower back to give Stan a couple of good stomps with his heavy boots.

     Screaming at the older man to apologise for touching what didn't belong to him, he was pulled off the dark haired man when the others in the room realised that Stan had been stomped unconscious onto the carpet. Dazed, Xander was surprised when he was handed a beer and Stan was rolled outside and left there. Apologising to Mac for his hissy fit, he was laughed at and told that the other man had a history of doing the same thing to other men's girlfriends and sisters and that it hadn't been a surprise for him to try something on the younger mans partner. The partner in question still being calmed down by the two Fijians.

     Men he had only just been introduced to that night came up to him and congratulated him on teaching Stan a lesson that he wasn't likely to forget too soon in the future. Going to sit next to Spike, he tried to reassure the smaller man that everything was now ok. After a few minutes of soothing words, something Xander knew was being watched, the vampire nodded and got up to get a beer for himself. Mac moved over to the blonde while he was in the kitchen, aware himself that he was being watched by the brunette and offered him something a bit stronger.

     "It's not your fault that Stan is such a prick, just don't let him get to you. He's only got until the start of Spring left on his contract and I don't think the company will re-new it with all the complaints it's had about him." With that said, the red head, built pretty close to Xander, handed him a scotch on the rocks and asked him what he was going to do for a job when the winter dark finally settled in.

     Shoulders shrugged, Spike got out his note book and wrote that he had applied for a correspondance course in woodwork mainly to keep him occupied in Summer due to his phobia. Weak smile as the red head tried not to laugh at the mention of the phobia, he was surprised when Mac told him that he had also done the woodwork course as well as a few other. Due to the lack of sunlight in the winter months, a lot of the men around Fairbanks and Pennington had decided about five years ago to make the most of the time at home and picked one new course a year to study or if possible, continue on in a selected field. Making his interest known, the vampire asked what course Mac would be doing that year, laughing softly when the other man replied that he would be doing a quilting course.

     Not quite imagining the burly builder sewing, he was informed that it was a good thing to learn as it could be applied to sewing hides and torn tarps in the future.

     ~ Don't feel so poofy now. Love my pet for real now, might tell him one day ~

     Scotch downed and asked if he wanted another, Spike nodded and leant against the counter listening to the other man extolling the virtues of doing the woodwork course and any others he could get his hands on. Every few minutes, he was looking to see if Xander was still sitting on the couch playing cards with Jason, Spit and Fitzy. Embarrassed that he had been caught looking by Xander, he was reassured with a smile that things were ok between them. Game finished and most of the beer in the fridge drunk, Mac indicated that it was now 8.30 and time to get to Pennington Hall for the Auction.

     Whoops and hollers rebounding off the walls, Spike and Xander were surrounded by forty excited men, who according to them all were off to meet the loves of their lives. The younger men followed the numerous pickups and four-wheel drives to the brightly decked hall and sat for most of the evening, laughing between themselves, the two Fijians who weren't involved in the Auction and the restaurant owners who were both married and stated that this was really the only opportunity that their wives let them out for a night on the town. The sight of hairy burly and very uncoordinated men trying to mince their way down the raised catwalk in an effort to impress the ladies bidding on them was hilarious and despite what had happened earlier that evening, the brunette and the blonde couldn't really remember laughing so hard at anything for a long time.

Channel Alaska Part 2

     22 October 2000

     Sometime in the early afternoon

     Xander groaned and ventured to open one eye that he was sure was stuck with superglue. How the hell he had gotten into bed, God only knew and he was pretty sure that the supreme being had nothing to do with him being naked and having a stomach that was currently threatening to jump around the room by itself.

     Trying not to bang around too loudly in the small kitchen, the blonde vampire heard the heartbeat accelerate, indicating that the brunette was awake. He smirked to himself, remembering how drunk the older men had gotten the boy after acknowledging that for a faggot, the blonde could drink like a man. Xander had been plied with drinks almost continuously after Spike had drunk three large lumber mill workers under the table, one after the other. He had had to carry the whelp out, slung over his shoulder much to the amazement of the other men. They had headed off home with him driving and Xander unconscious next to him, with the new nicknames ringing in his ears. Xander was now apparently Baxter and he was, much to his disgust, still being called the little woman.

     He had decided that when the boy knew what his nickname stood for, he was going to hide himself away for a damn good laugh, until then, he was going to plead complete ignorance.

     Paracetamol and a glass of water in hand, the smaller man made his way to the dark bedroom, not really much darker than the rest of the small cabin. Gently, he sat on the edge of the bed and watched as the still slightly drunk younger man took the two tablets and swallowed the glass of water.

     "Umm, urgh. Bathroom"

     Stated the heaving boy. Helping the staggering brunette to the wood panelled room, he hoped that they made it before Xanders stomach decided to take action. Only just. Head firmly leaned over the porcelain altar, the sick man proceeded to throw up everything that was in his stomach from the night before, once that stopped, he took a deep breathe and continued to give the white bowl the previous 3 days meals as well. Spike sat on the edge of the bath, smoothing the sweat damp hair away from the wet forehead.

     ~ Whelp has to get a haircut soon, not too much. Like the way it hangs over those stick out ears of his. ~

     The smell setting off his sensitive sinuses, the blonde left the bathroom as fast as possible, shutting the door behind him in the hopes of containing the vile odour. Able to hear the sound of Xander being sick every few minutes, he thought that it had been an alright night after all. He hadn't been too sure what had been going to happen after Stan had grabbed at him and expressed his disgust at having to work with a "queer" every week by shaking him. All he knew was that he had been damned glad when he had seen Xanders black eyes peering over the builders shoulder.

     With the thought of what could have happened to him if his claimant hadn't gotten there before it had turned nastier, he walked over to the small woodpile he had brought in the night before after settling the brunette into bed. Hadn't been hard, the boy had still been unconscious. Wood heater door open, he threw a couple of logs into the belly of the small iron contraption in the hopes that the heat that was soon to be roaring around the cabin would sweat most of the alcohol out of the whelp. Match lit and a couple of fire starter bricks thrown in as well for good measure, Spike hurriedly lit the wood, slammed the door and stood well away from one of the few things that could destroy his breed in a matter of seconds.

     A small glow appeared out of the grill to match the one that had settled in his stomach as he thought back to the way he had been defended. It was now not just the once, but twice, Xander had gotten into a fight on his behalf and it was this that made the vampire realise that he was totally in love with the whelp.

     ~ Fucking sod it all! I'm the great Poncing Soul filled Poof now, aren't I. Me, William the Bloody, in love with a human! ~

     With a snort, he turned and smiled at the wreck that came out of the bathroom. Head shaken at the truly terrible visage, he guided the human back to the bedroom, leaving the door open so that the heat would be able to work it's magic. Broom handle picked up, he prodded carefully at the thick curtains to see if it was still snowing. It had been snowing on and off for almost two weeks now, still only light drafts but enough to make the temperature drop sharply during the night. A few nights had seen the two men almost inside each other to try and get warm, eventually taking the doona from underneath them and throwing it over the top.

     Standing well out of the deadly rays of light, Spike could see the white curtain brush lightly past the window. Water boiled for coffee for both himself and the whelp, he sat on the edge of the bed once more and watched as the boy slowly sipped at the nasty black brew.

     Xander gagged at the taste of the liquid, hoping that he didn't throw up again. With the thought that even the stuff Barney used to give him from Australia was better than the Alaskan home brand, he made a mental note to phone Barney and ask if it would be possible to send some up his way. He hadn't been too impressed with the Nescafe blend 43 or something like that at first but he had developed a taste for it after being given a jumbo sized tin by his old boss one day. A quick glance at the vampire told him that the other man felt the same way. Weak smile plastered across his face, he thanked the blonde for his help in the bathroom and asked for his track pants and white singlet. Those handed to him, the brunette made the tortuous effort to get dressed.

     A knock on the front door, brought the men out of their private thoughts. Xander, startled by the sudden sound, cleared his throat and after a few false starts, asked who was there. Similtanious groans rebounded around the small bedroom when the answering reply was Stuart.

     "Bit sick here Stuart, are you able to come back at all?"

     "No, Got your mail and something from Steph at the chemist, only take a minute or are you doing some "homo" thing?" came the curious voice.

     Xander rose slowly out of the bed and crept towards the front door, opening it to reveal a black toothed Stuart clutching a bundle of envelopes and a cardboard box with holes poked through it. Mail taken from the ferret like man, he indicated at what was in the box. Stuart handed it gently to the curious man, stating that it was one of the last kittens left at Steph's house and that it was now theirs. Shocked as to why someone he didn't even know let alone had met before would thrust a small fluffy creature at him, he gaped at the grinning delivery man.

     "Steph's pregnant and the doc told her that she can't be around cats due to her allergy, you know she swells and stuff around fur. Being knocked up, she can't take them pills that make her alright." laughed the rotten toothed male. "Everybody's taking one until the baby is out, like I said, It's the last one left and she was gettin desperate to find a place for this one."      "But, but! I mean, why me and Spike?" asked the still in shock younger man, having a sneaking suspicion that it was due to his now "out" status.

     A suspicion confirmed when Stuart replied that because they were both, you know "fags", they were probably good with cats and decorating. With that, the balding man left a stunned Xander standing on the front porch. Coughing behind him and the squeaks from inside the box, brought him back to reality. Box shoved at a startled vampire who had felt the tiny heartbeat continue after the other man had left, had come out to see it was all just a horrible joke played upon them by a bunch of ignorant arseholes.

     ~ Well then, apparently not. What the hell do I do with this and why is the whelp so upset, I'm the one fucking standing in a room holding a creature that I wouldn't even have snacked on before this sodding chip! ~

     One hand gripped around a struggling black kitten, he sat on the couch, swearing to himself when he remembered that his coffee was still in the bedroom. Leaving the squeaking kitten on the floor, Spike walked back to the bedroom and lay down next to the younger man who was surprisingly laughing to himself.

     "I..I thought that Alaska would be quiet, nothing to do but nooo, never possible is it?" stomach forgotten for the moment, the boy had tears streaming down his face. "Lets see shall we? First, I meet another demon because my boyfriend needs blood to survive, get advised to come out of the closet, do this and get punched and a nickname that I have no idea of what it means, find my life partner being intimidated by a fellow work mate, proceed to punch this fellow work mate in the effort to prove that I'm not a limp wristed fag, go to a weird auction while hanging around with the two Fijians one of whom is the original demon and two new chinese ones and finally we get a helpless animal foisted onto us because obviously being gay, we are both good with fluffy creatures."

     Spike had also cracked up during this monologue that had spouted forth from the still laughing boy. He hadn't been too worried himself about being thought of as gay, most vampires swinging both ways and only a small percentage having a preference when it came to choosing bed partners. The blonde fully admitted that he was an equal opportunist when it came to sex. Female wasn't willing, then a male would do or vice-versa. He was however, pleased that the boy was taking it so well and he continued to laugh until a hot slap stopped him. Hurt blue eyes took in the sight of the brunette just sitting on the bed looking at him.

     "This is all your fault you know? Everything. The Iniative thing, the claiming, the move here, me being labled a faggot." said the boy ever so calmly, the surrounding air being the only one to betray the anger radiating off the younger man. " With that fucking kitten, it looks like everyone knows now, doesn't it?"

     "What was that? I didn't hear you say anything, thats right, you depend on me now don't you?"

     Head nodding while he could see the whelps fists ball up in readiness to punch him, Spike was somewhat relieved that the beating was finally going to happen. The odour coming off the whelp for the entire week of not speaking to him had confused him a lot, he had been sure that he was going to receive a beating but when day after day it hadn't eventuated, he had broken down into tears almost every waking hour until the boy had shouted at him to drink his blood. Even while not speaking to him, he had still been fucked by the boy.


     "Yep, you rely on me. Take my money that I earn, eat the food that I buy, drink that fucking blood that I buy with my money all the while you just sit at home on your arse watching that fucking tv and occasionally when you decide that you feel like it, you cook a dinner." The quiet words were nicely spoken with a smile on the brunettes face.


     ~ Sorry pet, give me something to do and I'll fucking do it alright? Just don't hurt me, I'm sorry! ~

     Still smiling, Xander in between punches and slaps told the vampire that he had better not disappoint him with the woodwork course, that he didn't want his money going to waste, that the blonde had better find a job during the winter or he could expect more of his current treatment.

     The vampire on his back on the floor with Xander punching him, thought desperately of who to ask for a job, groaning in pain when a slap made contact with the chipped side of his head. He still hadn't told Xander about the white light and he was fairly sure that this wasn't going to be the right time.

     All action suddenly stopped, the blonde was pulled into a solid grasp as the heaving boy rested the bruising sore body of the vampire against his hot chest saying over and over that he was sorry and that it really wasn't his fault.

     ~ You're the prick that claimed me, it's your fault this has all happened not mine. For once this is not my fault ~

     Wishing that he could scream so that everyone for miles around to hear, he settled for snuggling into the larger clasp and listening to the boy tell him why he hadn't spoken to him for the week before. Apparently, the claiming had been regretted by the boy and the week had been taken up by him thinking about what the two were now immersed in for the next two years. Tears made their pink tinged way down the vampires face as he was told that his claimant regretted his actions.

     ~ Not fair! Why did this happen to me? Didn't ask for it, want the boy. Want him to love me ~

     Xander,instead of yelling and slapping more at the blonde when he saw the tears, reassured the almost hysterical male with a few words.

     "You are mine. You will always be mine until either I die or you're dusted, it's just taken me a while to get a real handle on this. I mean we are well away from the Hellmouth now and things are still weird?"

     Face rubbed against the hot chest, Spike felt himself calming down the more the boy told him that he belonged to younger man.

     "What the hell do we call the cat?"


     27 October 2000

     Friday 4.30 pm, The Vestal Gardens

     Spike was not enjoying himself so far. It was his first shift as a general pot washer in the restaraunt owned by Mi Wai and Quong De. Half an hour into the washing process and he was already certain that he would be having "dish pan hands" no matter what his vampire biology said about it. Letting his mind drift, he thought about what had happened during the earlier week. As soon as Xander had set off for work the next Monday morning, he had been on the phone to Lukas, letting it ring 3 times before hanging it up. The phone had rung a few minutes later, disconnecting after 3 rings itself.

     Jittery until the Kava demon had turned up at his front door, Spike had paced the small cabin all the while trying not to trip over the black bundle that followed him up and down, attacking his feet. The demon had taken one look at his mostly healed face, and had asked what was going on between both him and the boy. A few coffees later, with Lukas apologising for not bringing beer or even kava, the story had come out in bits and pieces.

     Highly humiliated, the vampire had been afraid the other demon would laugh at him. The dark man had however said nothing about the many skimmed over parts to what was the most interesting story he had ever heard of. He hadn't been surprised when the other man indicated that he knew about the chip from Willy. The blonde guessed that it was just one more person to feel sorry for him. Lukas did however demand to know how the human had ended up claiming him. Spike told him in a few words that it had actually been the safest thing for him back in Sunnydale, he just hadn't been aware of the boy's violent tendencies until it had been too late and even if he had known, there would have been nothing that he could have done to prevent it.

     Nodding at the words, Lukas had sat there looking at the vampire wondering himself just how a Master Vamp had gotten into the position he was now in. He knew all the ins and outs of a claim, one of his cousins was the adored of a local Master Vampire back in Suva and he was aware of just how a difficult position the smaller demon was in. The blonde hadn't told him all the details like how he had come to have the chip or even staying in the boys basement but he figured what was done now, couldn't really be taken back and from what he and the other men had seen at the party, the boy didn't take his claiming lightly. A few minutes of silence led to the question of how Spike came to have the bruises on his face.

     Sighing, the vampire replied that the boy was sick of him sitting at home while the brunette went out to work to pay for all the necessary items as well as the blood bags. The blonde was uncomfortable, he really didn't want to discuss this with the other demon but it felt good to have a third party involved in a strange way. Lukas said no more for a good ten minutes, the men sitting there watching the kitten attempt to stalk the vampires feet. The silence had been broken by the dark man asking if the kitten was one of Steph's kittens, seeing the nod for yes, he told the blonde that originally Steph had around 34 cats and kittens until she had gotten pregnant and that he also had a small ginger furball staying with him.

     Coffee finished, the Kava demon had told the vampire not to worry and to leave it in the other man's hands. Grateful smile overrode the embarrassment of being so helpless. He hadn't however expected the session of slapping he had received from Xander that night after he had told the boy he had asked the Kava demon about a job. The first question had been if the other man had seen his now totally healed face, Spike had nodded without thinking about what the result would be. The brunette had been on top of him, punching him and calling him fucking stupid for letting someone see him. Screaming at him, the larger man told him never to do that again and to wait until he had healed totally before seeing someone or going somewhere.

     Snort behind him bringing him back to reality, he loaded the dishwasher with the dirty pans brought in by the waitresses and commenced to put away the clean ones. Pans were steaming and the large white tiled kitchen was filled with the sounds of sizzling meat, vegetables and loud numerous voices shouting at each other in one of the few Chinese dialects he could both write and understand. He was so far only going to be working Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights at the Gardens. The two half breed demons he had met the previous Saturday night had agreed to hire the vampire on the proviso of him later being taught how to cook in case one of the regular cooks got sick during the winter, something that happened often with the new staff that had just been hired for the beginning restaraunt, also happy in the fact that they could now take the ad out of the local paper that was asking for a kitchen junior. They were happy because they wouldn't have to pay the vampire award rates due to the fact he didn't have a tax number.

     Turning at the sound of his name shouted in Chinese, Spike was beckoned over to a bench stacked high with the vegetables he had washed pretty much as soon as he had stepped through the door. Briefly shown how the head cook wanted them cut, the vampire nodded and sat on the stool provided, taking off the thin gloves he wore in case he came into contact with the garlic that was pretty much prevelant through out the white tiled room. The gloves weren't really much use, the water had just poured over the top of them, basically drowning his fingers in smelly oily water as he had rinsed the plates before stacking the dishwasher.

     The smell of the garlic didn't bother him and he admitted that he actually liked the odour as it cooked in the immensely hot woks, it was the welts and itchy skin it left if he actually touched it that bothered him. God only knew what would happen if he should happen to ever swallow some by accident. Carrot grasped in one slender hand, he proceeded to grate the skin off the orange vegetable as fast as he could with a weird little white plastic thing. Carrots all done, he started cutting them in to little rounds with the zucchini cut in small sections and then into sticks.

     This he continued to do all night in between sessions of dish rinsing and dishwasher loading. Xander was let into the kitchen as he put the last of the dishes away. The look of pride in the chocolate brown eyes was worth the whole humiliating evening. Handed a green tea, he smirked at the boy's expression as he tried the lightly flavoured liquid. He drank his own down as the brunette tried asking one of the waitress's why it was called a green tea if it wasn't green. Both men herded out of the kitchen with plastic containers full of left over special fried rice and what looked like black bean beef, they exited through the back door and walked to the small car park where the commodore was parked.

     Back home, the men climbed into the shower after feeding the still un-named bundle of fluff that had leapt at them from the back of the sofa, a favourite place already for the kitten to sleep. Holding each other as the warm water coursed down their bodies, the soft kisses rained upon the shorter mans face went a long way to soothe his battered emotions. Turned around gently so that he faced the corner, Spike thrust back eagerly as the blunt fingers of the larger man started to loosen him. Bath oil spread over his fingers, Xander moaned into the pale nape of the vampires neck as he wiggled his two digits inside of the gasping male. Inserting a third finger turned the gasps into soft groans, encouraging the brunette to speed up his thrusting.

     Pulled out with a wet slurp, he shakily coated his own cock with a little of the oil and lined himself up with his head brushing against the loosened muscles. Short firm push saw him buried half way into the blonde, both males taking a moment to savour the pleasure. Another firm push teamed with a thrust back had the larger man entirely sheathed by the cool body. A slow motion of thrusting and pulling back combined with the wriggles of the blonde had the steamy room filled with harsh panting and soft moans.

     Spike was meeting every thrust with a push back of his own until he felt something on his painfully erect cock that he knew wasn't his own hand. Eyes snapped open in fright that either a spider or the kitten had made his penis their playtoy, he was astounded to see the fingers of his claimant hesitantly brushing against the marble skin. Resisting the urge to force the warm hand around his hard cock, the vampire knew that with even a few more brushes, he was going to come. As he felt Xander speed up, signalling his own release, the vampire came across the shower wall.

     His hand close to the other mans penis so that his fingers brushed against it on every thrust and withdrawl, Xander was curious as to how it would be if he one day gave the vampire a hand job. The brushing of his fingers across the satiny smooth cool skin was interrupted when he felt the solid flesh jerk and twitch. Feeling his fingers coated in thick liquid, he was slightly horrified to realise that it was vampire cum and he was actually aroused by it. With one last thrust, he shot his hot load deep into the smaller mans bowels and pulled out. Still holding his hand out in contemplation, he was shocked speechless when the blonde gently took his hand and licked his coated hand clean in long slow strokes.

     Somewhat stunned at the new thoughts racing through his head, the brunette let the demon lead him to the bedroom after they had towelled themselves off. In bed with the vampire wrapped firmly in his arms, he went to sleep with the sound of purring next to his ear. Thinking that the kitten had sneaked into bed with them, he drifted off oblivious to the fact that the kitten was softly snoring on the back of the couch.


     28 October 2000

     11.32 am


     Got the biscuits you sent me and the whelp. Tasted really good mixed with the usual tea, you know the stuff my kind likes. Winter is now pretty much on us, cold all day and worse at night. Got the wood heaterfired almost every day now, bloody dirty thing. The yokels are full of themselves about telling the boy and me about how this is so far a "mild" winter, I sneer when I can. The jacket is coming in useful. Some bint foisted a kitten on us, it's sodding well useless so far and just craps and eats. The night is becoming longer and I'm pretty much getting off on that. You going to send more biscuits? If you write again, I will drop you another little note.

     Your favourite blonde.

     Spike sighed and looked at what he had written, it was the third try and it still didn't look any good. He wasn't the writer in the family, Angelus was and if he had been the one answering the letter sent by the Slayer's mother, it would probably take an elephant to tow it across the states as well as a few poncy drawings of the local scenery. Dru would have probably have told the stars to wave a reply to Joyce.

     The whelp in question was still in bed, both taking advantage of the weekend and angsting over having touched another mans penis. It had been very nice to finally have another hand on his dick apart from his own, the boy still had a long way to go before really accepting his sexuality. The vampire was hoping that step by step, the brunette would come to see that touching another male's cock wasn't all that bad. He wasn't going to hold out too much expectation, he was the bottom in this relationship and while it wasn't unknown for a sub to fuck the dom occasionally, it was always done with extremely explicit orders and the sub was almost always in some way restrained by the dom, be it by leash or tied spread eagle across a bed with the top straddling the others cock.

     He knew that Xander was a back door virgin, he still practically screamed the scent at him whenever the boy got horny. Angelus had only ever let him fuck him once and that was with his Grandsire Darla looking on, it had been the anniversary of her turning and his Sire had wanted to give her something special. The only male Angelus ever submitted to was the Master and that had only been on direct orders from either his Sire Darla or the Master himself. His Grandsire had never been allowed to watch her Sire and her Childe together and had been constantly curious about how Angelus took it. Darla, knowing how much her Childe hated another male taking him, had never really pushed him to perform for her. She had been delighted and nice to Spike for the whole next day as a reward for giving her a precious anniversary.

     The boy, whom he could still hear arguing with himself as to why it wasn't bad to give another male a hand job as opposed to why it was completely wrong, would probably never let it get that far. Maybe a handjob every now and again and if he was really lucky, even a blowjob, after all Angelus had gone down on him a fair number of times during their time together if only to display his dominance by not allowing the younger vamp to come until the older male felt like it. Briefly thinking that he should introduce rimming into the relationship, Spike wondered if the brunette would do that even.

     Mind slipping straight back down memory lane, he recalled the only time he had dived into his Sire. He had been all prepared for an extremely tight fuck, Angelus hadn't been requested by the Master for months. All oiled up and hard as a rock, Spike or Will as he had been known as then, Will had started to push in as gently as a vampire knew how until it had dawned on him that Angelus hadn't been turned a virgin in either sense. It was a strange irony that when a vampire was turned a virgin, even though they may be an absolute whore in the bedroom and go through a clan a night, they would still put off a faint odour of virginity. The odour returning to the body as it rebounded into the original tightness. You had to get up really close to smell it though.

     There were 3 distinct virgin smells. A sweet, almost rose like scent for a female who was a total virgin as opposed to the muskier, heavy sharp tang that was left in the virginity still to be plucked from an arse fucking and vice versa. In a male, it was a heady scent of what smelt like wood that had been newly rained upon. A scent that pretty much smacked you in the face. A male who had screwed numerous partners still put out the scent if he hadn't taken it up the arse, ever. Once turned, these smells were still present but in such diluted amounts, they only made themselves known if you were either having sex or sitting beside the vamp in question for a marathon sitting session of at least 40 hours. Adored's were different, they constantly smelt virginlike if turned as one even if not aroused. It was something that, when asked why, Angelus hadn't been able to answer and Spike hadn't found an answer to it in the watchers book either.

     He had been momentarily stunned not to find the scent as he could see that his Sire was aroused by having Darla watch them, and after thrusting into Angelus easier than expected, he had come to the realisation that his Sire's cherry had been plucked early and by someone who had done it often enough to cause some major permanent damage for him to be so loose, not as tight as a vamp that had been arse fucked a few times and then turned. Will had almost wilted when he realised that his own arse would have been the same, if not looser if he had stayed home that night, so many years before. It was the fact that he had been allowed into his Sire that had him all eager again and he had commenced to put on a great show much to the appreciation of Darla.

     It had been in the early hours of the following morning that he had been woken by his Sire sitting on his bed, just absently stroking his long dark hair from his forehead. Angelus, an odd sad look in his dark eyes, had said nothing about the way his Childe had tried to take it slow and easy for him in direct opposition to the commands Darla had moaned out while squirming in the chair beside the bed. His Sire had finally had to tell Will to obey his Grandsire's demands. Nothing was ever said about that night and it had never been repeated, much to Will's disappointment.

     In a decision that saw the letter to Joyce sealed in an envelope and addressed in scrawled almost old fashioned black writing, Spike pushed the memory back into the furthest corner of his mind and got up from the couch to make coffee's for himself and the whelp. Twatcat followed the vampire in the hopes of getting some of the pale yellow stuff that her "mother" had started giving her. Her "mother" being the one who squeaked and purred with her when "warm" wasnt around.

     Hearing the following rapid heartbeat, the blonde pulled a cheese slice out of the fridge along with the milk and proceeded to give the yellow eyed kitten a few pieces before eating the rest himself while he waited for the kettle to boil. Once the kettle whistled, he turned off the gas burner and filled the two mugs, stirring the milk into the nasty black brew that they still both drank while waiting for Barney to send up a large tin of the Australian coffee.

     Careful not to tread on the black fluff that was trying to climb up his legs, Spike hissed as one of the claws penetrated the loose grey track pants and into his pale skin while taking a coffee into the now silent bedroom.

     Xander started to laugh as Twatcat swung off the track pants that the vampire was wearing as he was handed a mug of noxious smelling coffee. Eyeing the blonde as he downed the brew, he wondered just what the other man had thought when he had kept brushing his fingers along the cool organ the night before. He knew that the other man had heard his debate with himself before and he wasn't too sure how to go about even iniating a hand job, the pro side having eventually won on the compromise of if he didn't like it, he wouldn't have to do it again. Cat thrown onto the bed by a disgruntled vampire, Xander ignored the kneading fluffball and continued to laugh at the pout on the blondes face who was gesturing at the scratch on his leg that was already beginning to heal.

     Coffee placed on the floor beside the mattress, the brunette opened his arms for the smaller man to crawl into as he continued to pout and flutter his eyelashes at the younger man.

     "Looks nasty. Might just have to kiss it all better."

     ~ Yeah pet, kiss it and while you're there, kiss something else too! ~

     Smirk overriding the pout, the vampire started to laugh his soft grunts as the whelp pretended to study the now totally healed leg.

     "Don't know, I think the leg has to come off. Wait there, I have to go and get a teaspoon and saw it off"

     said Xander, laughing harder at the sight of the vampire being dived upon by an all claws extended black dynamo. The kitten had taken a real shine to the blonde after spending a few days with the demon. Spike had finally suggested the name of Twatcat to Xander who had agreed in good humour after he had found out what twat had meant. The word twat was apparently a nickname for "pussy", that in itself a crude term for female sexual organs in England and they had both laughed long and hard at the thought of coming home to a "little pussy" hence the name Twatcat.

     Kitten pulled off the gasping in laughter blonde and was deposited on the floor before galloping across the floorboards in search of something to stalk and hassle.

     The leg of the vampire was now being covered in soft wet kisses. A loud raspberry later complete with more laughing from the two males and they started to calm down all the while looking into each others eyes. Xander hesitantly put both of his hands on the waistband of the track pants worn by the blonde, gently tugging down the tenting pants. Spike, lying on his back while the whelp knelt on the bed in between his spread legs, had a sudden fear that the whelp was going to try and fuck him like a woman. He knew why he hated that particular position. It was one that male prostitutes used to assume when servicing clients back in the days when he was still a human and the very thought of men doing it together and especially in a 'womens" position was a hatred that had carried over into his unlife. In a weird Victorian quirk of law, homosexuality was banned and a major crime unless it was established by both parties that one had assumed the role of a woman, therefore it not being two men but a man and "woman", the client obviously having had no choice but to pick a male.

     After learning what his mam had wanted to do to him when he was younger, he had gone to visit a whore house that specialised in male prostitutes out of a burning sick obsession to find out what he could have become. It wasn't the thought of being with another male that made him ill, although that was quite revolting in itself, it was when the whore had stripped off and laid down with legs spread in a feminine way that had made him angry and appalled. He had left, running down the hallway while trying not to heave his dinner onto the expensive rugs. Later, back at his rented hovel, he had cried at the thought of how lucky he had been to escape that fate. He knew that most of the young boys who had been sold to rich county lords as playthings, ended up being sold back into whore houses when they had reached their use by date in the country. His slim body and blue eyes would have been in demand in a male brothel.

     Even after being turned,it was a hatred of that position that had followed him. The whole male to male thing had gone to be replaced by an eagerness to be fucked by his Sire. His absolute determination not to be screwed in that position had led to him sometimes being beaten unconscious, only to wake up and find himself being taken like a woman by his bastard of a Sire. Of course if the whelp decided to take him that way, he wouldn't be able to do much about it except kick and struggle until either he set the chip off, was tied down or was beaten unconscious.

     Xander saw the look of panic being replaced by an expression of pure determination. Wondering just what the hell had happened, the brunette let go of the track pants that were half way down the blondes legs, exposing a rapidly wilting cock. Stunned, the boy sat back on his heels and watched as the vampire pulled up the pants, got up and walked from the bedroom and sat on the couch.

     ~ Don't care if I love you Xanny, not going to let you do it this way. Stake me if you want, but I won't be a woman for anyone! ~

     "Spike? What the hell happened back there, what's wrong?"

     The brunette sat down on the couch next to the bleached blonde, his own emerging hard on now completely gone. Hand gently rubbing up and down the cool thigh. He didn't know what was wrong, this was the first time that the smaller man had denied him anything. Surprisingly, he wasn't angry. The panicked look had made his stomach crawl, if he had been angry, it was pretty much accepted but he had only been going to attempt his first handjob, not kick the shit out him.

     "I wasn't going to hurt you, I,..I want to touch you. I want to feel your cock."

     Lip bitten, Xander sighed when the vampire shook his head.

     ~ I didn't know that was what you wanted, sorry pet, but I'm really not in the mood now. Don't think I can get it up at the moment even with you touching me. ~

     Being fucked like a woman never got him hard, and when threatened by Angelus with it, it was never an easy thing to get him ready to fuck anything for at least a few hours and after a particularly horrible night with his Sire screwing him for hours in the attempt to get him used to doing it that way, it had taken him a few days before he had wanted to do anything. His Sire had eventually given up trying to make the younger vampire like it and had reserved it for punishment.

     "I thought that you might like me to touch you. You don't want me to?"

     Hand on his thigh moving to just beside his crotch, radiating heat, was doing nothing to arouse him. It might as well have been cut off, that was how dead he was feeling at the moment. Smelling a tiny waft of annoyance from the boy, Spike thought about just going down on the boy and not bother to explain what had made him deny his claimant.

     "Please tell me Spike, I want to know what gave you a case of the old Foster's Flop back there, you've never done that before."

     ~ Sod it all! Might as well just have a fucking sex change and spend the rest of my days watching that Oprah bint. I can't believe I'm going to tell the whelp. ~

     Blonde head nodding at the boys demand, the vampire reached for the note pad and pen that were placed permanently on the wobbly coffee table. Silence filled the room, the only sounds being two heartbeats and a dripping tap in the kitchen, as the smaller man wrote for almost half an hour in the spiral bound book.

     Xander wondered just what story he would get this time. It seemed like every time Spike wrote for longer than 10 minutes in one of the little pads, something was going to come up and bite them on the arse. Almost finished with his tale, the demon tacked on a last sentence of "Oh yeah, at Mac's party, I grabbed onto you that time because when I had a nasty thought involving a head mounted on wall, I had a white light flash behind my eyes and that is the first time it has happened since that time in the crypt.

     The many pages handed to the curious brunette, Spike got up and un tangled Twatcat from the curtain that was threatening to adjust itself onto the floor. He wasn't worried about the sun as it was almost 3 pm and it was already starting to get a little dark, the storm that was brewing outside helping ease the first time winter onto the men.

     "Jesus Christ, just how much more emotional baggage is left to come? Oh and your mother a bitch!"

     Completly agreeing with the pacing brunette, he waited for the next question.

     "Ok, now that's said, what about this light thing?"

     Shoulders shrugged, the two men stood and contemplated just what it could mean.


     1 November 2000

     7.38 pm

Dear Cordy,

     Thanks for all the magazines you sent us, it must cost you heaps of money to send them. I don't know if the Cosmo and Womens Health will be read but the others will be useful to go through in the snowed in days that are going to come up. How is the acting thing going? Glad you got that second audition for the toothpaste ad, your teeth are great, if only a little scary at times. (Ha Ha, don't kill me, I'm only joking!!) You and short hair, I would never have thought to see the day and of course the photo does no justice to you. How did you get Broodboy into a green shirt? And why is Wes looking so drunk and finally we get to put a face to the name Gunn. Don't know why you whinge so often about him, he looks reliable.

     Job is going well, made lots of friends among a few disagreements. The state of Alaska is officially obsessed with Spam, almost every day now both me and Spike are getting recipes on how to make different things with the tinned yuck. And this Pilot bread stuff, you sooo don't want to know what can be teamed with that. Let's just say that pickled salmon is one of the nicest suggestions that we've had so far.

     You know the auction I told you about when I called last week? Got invited to a marriage between Cyril and a hot looking Indian woman who had won him that night. Hit it off real well apparently. Lack of available women means that Spike is my "friend" in the invite. Don't think I told you that he had actually got himself a job as an apprentice cook in the local chinese restraunt in Pennington. He hates it so far but with the cost of human during the summer, it's going to take a lot more than my pay each week to supply the stuff. Thinking that my credit card will be running hot at the local post office.

     Worked out that it's going to cost at least $750.00 per month if he only has one bag every second day, Lukas suggested at least two on those days for the first winter. Finished the bank job and we have started a indoor recreation complex. Apparently Pennington is being advertised to all the rich people as being a fantastic summer holiday spot and by the amount of inquires about how fast a house can be finished, I believe that the bait is being taken. It's weird to work in the darkness with only portable stadium lighting to give us some light.

     Cold, it is now so cold that the heater is going non stop as soon as one of us is home. Ended up having to quickly knock up a wood pile box with a lid to keep it from getting wet. Spike ended up doing most of it as he only works three nights a week in the kitchen, came out pretty good too. He's applied to the local college of Faribanks to do a course in woodwork while he is at home all day in spring and summer. Can't believe just how domestic he is now. Remember how many times he tried to off us all? Ended up starting up a second bank account so that he could put his money in the bank, not much to buy around the mall.

     Lets see, what else can I tell you that i didn't when I talked to you last? The days are getting shorter, the Bleached Wonder is all happy and glowy at that. The cat is mental (wonder if Dru has been dusted and come back as a cat!), it insists on trying to rip great chunks of my leg hairs out and all I can say is that it does hurt. Don't know how you girls put up with waxing? Finally met the woman who "gifted" us with the little brat. Steph is starting to show, she introduced herself when we were in the chemist last week. Really nice girl, looks a bit like a cat herself with the green eyes. Turns out that one of the guys I met at Mac's house a few weeks ago is the father but it was a drunken fling to start with. Both taking the relationship slowly.

     Ok, can't think of anything else to say, so I will ring you next time in the office. Next week, around my time 6pm on Wednesday? Say hello to the Broody beast and the others. Take care of yourself.

     Thanks for everything.
     Xander and Spike.

     Xander wondered if getting a fantastic blowjob from your current "boyfriend" while writing to your ex-girlfriend was wrong. With a hope that it wasn't, he put the finished letter down as his heavy sac was sucked into a cool mouth, a small finger was run along the sensitive patch of skin just behind his balls.

     "Ooohhh, that's it. Keep going"      Moaned the hard boy. The sight of the bleached head bobbing up and down in his crotch was making him harder than he had first thought possible. Of course, the blonde being naked and down on his knees did have something to do with it as well. He could make out the well defined muscles moving underneath the white skin. The vampire wasn't so much skinny as he was just slender and actually quite muscular for his size. His looks were deceiving, his size indicated no defined muscles at all. Xander had been surprised the first time that he had seen the pale form for the first time without the bruises adorning it. At that time though, he had still been in denial over being bi.

     Feeling lazy, the brunette let the blonde do all the work instead of thrusting upwards to meet the coolness offered by the vampire. He sat back into the comfortable couch as he felt the tell tale tingle in his balls indicate that he almost ready to cum. Almost screaming as his thick member was deep throated and held with the one hand still rolling his balls, Xander laid both of his hand on top of the short soft hair, grunting in pleasure as the vampire vibrated his throat around the sensitive head. Cock released from the throat until just the head was left between the pale lips, he could feel his cock twitch and jerk. Sac tugged hard by a cool hand, the young man shot his cum into the waiting mouth of his companion.

     "Good, soooo good! I want to touch you, you're still hard" gasped Xander as his cock was cleaned off by a rough tongue. Grasped by his upper arms, Spike was helped off his knees and onto the couch next to the panting brunette. Gently pushed so that he lay on his back with legs spread, one foot on the floor and the other shifted so that it was between Xander and the couch, he was still very unsettled to be in this position even after the whelp had assured him repeatedly that he had no interest in doing him that way.

     ~ Don't care how many beatings you give me, If you even give one hint of changing your mind, I'm locking myself in that bloody bathroom again! ~

     Spike lay exposed to the boys hot gaze. Arms folded behind his head as instructed, he gave a shudder in excitement as he felt the heat of the boy's hand engulf his already hard cock. The brunette had only touched his penis here and there hesitantly after the shower incident and the demon was almost beside himself in the anticipation of a full hand job. While the boy sat with one leg tucked underneath him, between the vampires spread legs, one hand was placed on the thigh of the leg that owned the foot on the floor. The heat coming from the boys large hand and fingers was getting to be unbearable. He still didn't know how the boy could be so hot and not burst into flames at any minute. Grasp tightened around his cool shaft, he squeaked at the feel of a hot thumb rub over the weeping slit of his cock.

     Desperately trying not to encircle one of his own hands around the whelp's, he started to squirm into the slowly pumping hand. Xander had never felt anything so soft but hard at the same time. He had played with his own cock so many times before but the skin covering the cool organ was much silkier to the touch than his own. Staring down at the writhing male laid across the couch, he pumped and thumbed at the groaning mans shaft, only briefly touching the lightly haired ball sac here and there. He was getting excited again, he could feel himself hardening at the sight of the pale form thrusting up into his hand. Xander knew just how good it felt to do it when Spike gave him a hand job and from the small grunts and squeaks coming from the vampire, he apparently wasn't doing too badly.

     Spike was in heaven, it had been so long since another hand had been wrapped around his cock bar his own and he could feel his cum building already. Opening his eyes, he tried to get the boys attention that was focused on what was going on between the fingers of his hand that was pumping harder and faster. Without enough warning, cum shot over his chest, the couch and over Xanders broad chest and the hand still wrapped around his penis.

     Shocked at how cool the vampires cum felt, the brunette continued to stare at the twitching softening organ enclosed in his hand. White fluid covered his hand, a few spurts had made contact with his chest. Gently laying the penis against a white thigh, he leant over the panting male to present his hand to the opening mouth. A tongue sneaked out of the fang filled mouth and ran itself along the sticky coated fingers.....

     fang filled?

     "Uh, Spike? Why do you have fangs when you're not even face?" asked the curious boy, delighting in the sensation of his hand being cleaned by a cool tongue, having his fingers alternately sucked into an awaiting orifice. Surprisingly enough, he wasn't afraid of the long sharp teeth that had appeared as the vampire had opened his mouth to receive his sticky fingers. Careful not to cut himself, he ran a finger down one of the elongated eye teeth. With arms still tucked behind his head, the vampires eyes flew open again as he realised that the whelp was right.

     ~ Jesus Christ! One hand job and I've got fangs again, this is fucking great. Maybe after a few more and a good suck, I'll get my whole face back? ~

     Boy's hand knocked away from his mouth, only briefly wincing at the buzzing sensations the chip sent around his scalp, he gingerly stuck his forefinger into his mouth and prodded at his two magically appeared fangs. Now sitting up with the brunette still between his spread legs, the vampire lurched forward and into the younger man's arms as a blinding light flashed from behind his eyes.

     Xander laughed as the bleached blonde shoved his hand away so that he could feel his teeth. He was pleased for the demon, he knew how much it stressed the other man not to be able to go into game face on will. He continued to laugh until the the blondes face went suddenly blank and he fell into his arms unconscious.

     "Spike...Spike are you alright?" asked the worried boy. Giving the vampire a shake, he was alarmed at the way the head lolled around like it didn't belong on the end of a neck. Hesitant to move the demon, he nether the less gathered the smaller man up and hefted him into the bedroom. The vampire had gained back his original turning weight after Xander had made sure that his adored had enough blood to satisfy him each day. He would never go over the weight he had been on the day he was turned but oddly enough, vampires could and did in some cases loose weight and even starve to death. He was now heavier than he looked, making Xander glad once again that his job kept him fit and healthy.

     With the blonde laid down on the bed, he thought to himself that there was now no longer any other choice in what to do. The book he had stolen from Giles' had given them no clue as what to do about the light. He only assumed that was what had made the vampire unconscious. Hoping that the older man was still awake, Xander rushed to the phone and punched in the required number.


     1 November 2000

     8.23 pm

Foot tapping as he waited for Giles or even Anya to pick up the phone as it rung continually down in the Californian household, Xander was hoping that the vampire wasn't going to be out for much longer. It wasn't as if he could take the blonde to the local doctor or even drive him to the major hospital in Fairbanks. The ex-watcher was the closest thing the demon had to a doctor at the moment and he was someone who was thousands of miles away.

     "Come on, come on. Where are you G-man?" asked the agitated brunette. Almost screaming in relief as he heard the older mans voice, Xander got the greetings away as quickly as possible. Deliberatley ignoring the question of how they were coping with the cold, he stunned the watcher into silence as he was told of the first flashing light incident.

     "He's collapsed totally this time, I don't know what to do. I've settled him down in our bed, I wrapped him in the doona and made sure he was warm before ringing you."

     Giles on the other side of the line, tactfully kept quiet over the younger mans slip up over the sleeping arrangements. He knew that the cabin had two bedrooms, he had enjoyed the whole explanation from Xander, agreeing that the brunette should have squeezed the company for more before signing the contract. The thought of the vampire and his pseudo-son in the same bed together was a little disturbing to say the least. Asking what had been going on before the collapse got an explanation of the re-emergence of Spike's fangs without even feeding.

     Excited as to how it had happened, when he asked the boy how, all he got was a silence broken by a few um's and ah's.

     Xander was stumped. Just what did he tell his former mentor? He didn't want to inform the older man that he had given a vampire a hand job but if that was what lead to the teeth coming back and if that in turn lead to the collapse of the blonde, then the watcher needed the full story with as much left out as possible. Embarrassment and horror swallowed, but not gone, he asked if there was anybody else in the house with the the older man. Getting an answer of no, he proceeded to tell the ex-librarian of what lead to the unconscious state the vampire was now in. With lots of stuttering and embarrassed noises, he finally got the whole story out and waited for the screamed accusations of just how stupid are you and why are you taking advantage of someone who was now classed as disabled. When none came forward, he asked if the other man was still there.

     Stating a yes, Giles was stunned by what the younger man had described. He would never have thought that Xander was in the least bit interested in other males, let alone a vampire but he thought that after all the time they had spent together both in the basement and apartment and now all the way in Alaska, maybe that was why Xander hadn't had a female friend since Anya. Idly wondering if there was more to the move than just work prospects, he asked if he was being careful around the locals when he was in the company of the blonde vampire.

     With a sigh at how much more embarrassment he was still to go through in one simple phone call, he told Giles all about the hard time he had been given about being single and how when he had come out to his work mates, it had actually made making friends with the other males a lot easier because he and Spike were no longer considered a threat. Xander could just imagine the furious glasses cleaning ritual going on in Sunnydale if he was to judge from the assorted polite English sounds being thrown at him. Prompting Giles with the question of what was going on with the blonde, he also asked for his sexuality to be kept a secret between them. Sagging in relief when the reply was a indignant "of course", he was told that Giles would really like to be able to see the vampire in question.

     Out of sheer desperation, Xander threw a statement out of how he wished there was a spell that could be performed that would enable the other man to at least look at the bleached blonde. Silence met the statement as an idea formed in the other man's head. Telling the youth that it might just be possible, he said that he would have to look in his books as he was sure that he had seen one that more or less fit the requirements.

     "Thank god, if you need to have Will and Taras help, please don't tell them know..?" letting the question trail off, he knew that he really hadn't needed to ask. After a hurried goodbye, he hung up the phone after asking the other man to ring back even if he didn't find the spell, with any information that he could find out about Spikes condition.

     Mind reeling that he had actually come out to the G-man, Xander walked back into the bedroom and lay next to the still unconscious blonde. After a few minutes of stoking the soft hair, he gently pulled the bedclothes from around the other male. Getting up to find some clean track pants for both himself and the vampire, Xander wondered at just how cold it was in the bedroom already and made a decision of maybe rearranging the cabin so that the bed was in the living area during the worsening winter. Dressed, he started making sure that he got the cool body clothed in the grey track pants and in an after thought, he put on one of the much hated flannel shirts he had bought the vampire as a joke one day on the smaller mans upper body. Re-wrapping the unconscious male in the thick doona, Xander walked back out and threw a few more logs into the continually going little heater.

     Stepping back from the sudden flare of heat that was thrown off, he sat down on the couch and stared at the shadows that were being played against the wall. He really didn't know what he would do if anything else went wrong with the vampire. It was so easy to forget that the other man was once hell bent on destroying himself and all his friends only a few years ago. He admitted to himself that he was really worried by what was happening to Spike, he was happy that the smaller man had his fangs back but at what cost? And would the rest of his game face come back and would that make him sick as well?

     All those questions and more were twirling around his head and he knew that if Giles didn't have an answer, he might just be forced to ask the blondes Sire and that was something that he really didn't want to do. Until he had properly claimed Spike for his own, the Childe/Sire claim would override any objections that Xander could make if Angel decided to take the blonde away. They might not have an adored/claimant thing happening anymore but the Sire claim was still a valid one and could be used to force the younger vampire back into his Sires arms. Unless there was an adored/claimant on a vampire, then the Sire had every right to the Childe. Childer sometimes got out of unsavoury claims by other vampires that were not their Sire by actually goading their Sire into a claim fight in the hope of getting released and only having to spend a minimum of five years before being free again.

     If all went well then their Sire won and if not, the current claimant won and the adored was back to square one. Xander had been astounded when he had read the written words provided by Spike, it was those words that had made him skip going to L.A. as well as the threat of Buffy visiting. Brought back to reality as the fire snapped and crackled, he sighed deeply and waited for the phone to ring.


     2 November 2000


     Spike opened his eyes. Glancing around the dark bedroom, he looked for his claimant. A whine echoed through the cabin in response to both his headache and from not seeing the brunette. He couldn't remember ever waking up without the younger man beside him or at least being given a hint of noise to his whereabouts. Nothing was to be heard except the crackling of the fire and two hearbeats. Two? Tears welling up in the relief of hearing at least the beating heart of the person he belonged to, the blonde unwrapped himself from the tightly wound doona. Quick sniff saw the tears dry up and pointed the way into the living room.

     Slowly getting up, trying not to fall over at the sudden wave of dizziness, the vampire noticed that he was dressed in the flannel that he hated. Not worrying about it for once, he stepped out of the cold bedroom and made his way over to the couch on which the brunette was stretched out, asleep. Twatcat gave the smaller man a sleepy little mewl before closing her eyes and went back to chasing rodents that she had never before seen but instinct demanded that she do, she too stretched out on the back of the couch.

     Spike looked down at the male stretched out before him, still clutching the portable phone to his chest. A warm wave flowed through his body, one he recognised as a feeling of love, one he used to get when he was with Dru. Gently shifting the heavy legs over behind him as he plonked himself down on the couch, the vampire tugged the phone from the lax grip and placed it on the coffee table in front of the brown couch. A frown lined his face as he spied one of his notebooks opened to a fresh page. Ignoring his pounding head, he picked it up and flicked back a few pages, reading what Xander had written down. By what was written the whelp could only have talked to the ex-watcher about his problem.

     Strangely enough, he didn't mind being talked about by the two men. He was pleased that the whelp had taken the time to contact the older man in an effort to help him. Feeling the warmth spread through him again, he continued to read what was written. Apparantly the librarian thought the human blood given to him by Lukas was what had kick started the healing process for his demon. It made sense, he knew that he was weaker than usual due to the diet of animal blood and had certainly healed a lot slower after the crypt incident than if he had been drinking human.

     Excited, Spike wondered if he drank more human blood, if he would get his voice back as well as the rest of his game face that Giles thought he would if he continued to drink human. It had taken a few weeks for it to kick in but it had only been two bags and after more than a year of it only showing during feeding, he was more than happy to wait until the whole lot appeared without the lure of blood beneath his nose.

     Written words continuing to be read, the vampire felt a heavy drop of his stomach as he read that the store owner thought that the damage the chip did to his brain was irreversable as he was still behaving overly emotional. Quite obvioulsy the whelp had told the other man pretty much everything if old Rupert suggested more handjobs by the boy. Now he had read everything there was to read. If old Stuffy advocated sex between a human and a demon in an attempt to stimulate more of the game face in coming out, then it looked like he could stop reading pretty much forever now. It could work, before the head bashing in the crypt, he had still been able to go into game face whenever he had wanted especially during sex.

     Note book put down, Spike sighed at the continuing pounding as elephants tapdanced themselves across his brow. With a wonder if some paracetamol would help, he got up and made his way to the small stash in the bathroom. Smelling himself, he realised that the boy handn't yet cleaned them up from the incident on the couch before his amazing woman like collapse. Snort echoing around the chilly bathroom, he rummaged behind numerous lube tubes in various flavours and grabbed the painkiller box. Two popped out into his small hand, he threw the box into the back of the cupboard and smiled at his non reflection in the bathroom mirror.

     Pills popped into his mouth and swallowed with a grimace as one got stuck halfway down, he stripped off and turned the shower on. A second later found him jumping up and down as he was enveloped by icy fingers of cold while waiting for the shower to warm up. Second thought thumping him in the head, Spike quickly ran into the warmer common room and shook at the sleeping boy.

     "Whaaa...oh! Oh, you're up! Are you ok?" asked the suddenly anxious younger man, rubbing sleep from his eyes. Legs slung back over the couch, Xander stood up and wrapped his arms around the smaller naked man. Kiss planted firmly on the soft cool lips had them both moaning as it intensified. Dried cum from both their chests flaked off onto the red rug, eliciting an "ick" and a snort from them both. Hand grasped by a smaller hand, Xander let himself be led towards the steaming bathroom. Arms held out as he was stripped of his own flannel shirt and track pants, the brunette pulled the blonde close up against him, grinding their penises together. With a thought, the younger man pulled back and told the vampire that it was probably best not to tempt fate twice in one night and that he didn't want the other man to collapse in the bathroom where he could do more damage to the chip.

     Disappointed but understanding where the boy was coming from, Spike was also a little relieved as his headache was showing no signs of going away. The two men stood with arms around each other until the water cooled around them, forcing them to jump out in a hurry with towels wrapped around them. Laughing at the conversation retold to the vampire, they dried themselves off leisurely infront of the little potbellied wood heater. Spike was in hysterics, headache forgotten for the moment, as Twatcat had the brunettte leaping around the room as she tried to lick the moisture off his legs before he had the chance to dry them off.

     Holding his stomach as it ached from laughing so much, the blonde wrote a quick question for the whelp to read. Xander calmed his own chuckling down and his face turned serious as he read the written question. He told the vampire about Giles being able to do a spell that had enabled him to see the stricken male in a scrying bowl of water, using one of the lighter's Spike had left behind at the ex-watchers place as a focus beacon. Spike was impressed. He hadn't known that the other man was up to that level in spell casting, the witches maybe. He might not be able to do any himself but his black princess Dru had prattled on enough about magic for him to be pretty well informed about most of it's apspects. After almost a century together, he had been able to quote from memory what ever book Dru herself was using as a bedtime story that day.

     He had never really gotten into it himself and you at least had to have a bit of talent to start with to enable you to do even the most simple things and Spike had not one iota of talent in a single cell of his body. He thought that the two witches would have been able to carry it off between them with not a problem as the spell drain would be halved but for the single man to do it himself, well that indicated a stronger than first thought talent.

     Tapping at the written question, he indicated for the boy to answer him. Xander huffed and puffed for a good minute until he just told the smaller man that Giles had no idea of what was causing the flahses of light and that he thought that it was something to do with the dodgy chip still inside the demons head. The brunette saw the good mood of the blonde literally collapse under the uncertainity of what was going on in his brain. Vampire gathered tightly into his arms, he told the other man to just let it out. He couldn't get angry at the crying man for being upset with what was obviously devestating news that he hadn't wanted to hear. Xander hand't wanted to know that Giles had no idea either.

     Gently rocking the sobbing man in his arms, the larger man used all his combined strength and with his arms full of blonde, he heaved himself off the couch and strode into the bedroom where he lay weeping while Xander set the alarm clock to wake him up in time for work. Doona wrapped securly around them both, he stroked the soft bleached hair until he was sure that the smaller man had cried himself to sleep.      The worried claimant lay beside his exhausted adored, thinking about the feelings that had reared their heads when the blonde had collapsed. Xander knew he wasn't in love with the other man but what he was feeling went beyond just plain like and lust, he wasn't sure what emotions were being played out in his confused mind but he would've liked to put a name to at least one of them. A sigh and he rolled over, spooning behind the cool body. One arm thrown over the smaller mans waist and the brunettte closed his eyes to try and grab some sleep before he had to get up for work.


     4 November 2000


     Kitchen of The Vestal Gardens

     ~ Hate carrots, hate mushrooms and fucking zucchini ~

     Spike thought to himself as he was yet again asked to hurry up with the cutting of the vegetables. He still hated the kitchen work and doing the dishes. Tonight however, he had been shown how to cut the meat into little strips and tenderise it before throwing it into a pan to soak up the essential ingredients for numerous dishes. He had finally discovered one joy about working, he could pound into dead cow strips all he liked and get paid for it. The vampire had fun getting some of his chip frustration out onto defenceless cuts of meat.

     The head chef had been impressed with his skills at tenderising and had given him everything there was to bash with a meat mallet. What would usually take a human up to a few hours to get through had only taken Spike not even half an hour with his demon strength. The spare time was used constructivly by all putting their feet up for a round of coffee and green teas before the onslaught of phone orders, deliveries and in house orders.

     Now however, there wasn't really time to think as it was a full house. Most people were taking the opportunity to have a few more nights out before the winter set in with a vengeance and the cooks were getting through the vegetables almost faster than he could cut them. The blonde finished what remained of the hated carrots, getting up from the low bench stool and opened the fridge that was full of pans holding marinating cuts of meat. Requested pan grabbed in one hand, Spike made his way over to the waiting cook, Jian. Head nodding at what the tiny man was saying, he put the chopped pork down onto the bench beside him.

     ~ Mmmm, smells really good, wonder if it tastes better? ~

     Actually interested in how to make Kong Pow pork, the vampire took no notice of where he placed his hands as he turned his body to face the head cook. A squeal reverberated around the large room as Spike clutched his rapidly swelling right hand and wrist close to his chest. Jumping around in agony while surrounded by people babbling questions of what had happened, he pointed repeatedly at the innocent bowl of crushed garlic that lay smashed on the grimy tiles. Literally dragged over to the huge sink by one of the waitresses, he held his arm out towards the cool water as it ran over his blistering hand and lower arm.

     ~ Ooowwww! Garlic, of all the things to dip into, it's fucking garlic. Ouch, fuck! Bloody Hell, what's next? Holy water? ~

     Pain radiating through his fingers as he tried to move them, he hissed as he felt his chest begin to blister as garlic juice soaked through his long sleeved t-shirt. Pen and notebook fumbled for in his back pocket, the vampire attempted to write a request for ice and for Xander to be called so that he could go home, all the while abusing himself for not wearing gloves as soon as the veges had been finished. As much as he loved the smell of garlic, it was vicious to his breed. A smaller hand than his own took the notebook from him with a promise to call his boyfriend.

     ~ Be home Xanny, please? ~

     ~ So stupid, should have worn the gloves. Nothing like dicing with weapons each day is there? ~

     A snort in surprise greeted the ice pack shoved up the front of his top. Looking at his hand and wrist properly for the first time now that the distraction of his chest was getting taken care of, Spike groaned as he took in the massive swelling that completely obliterated his wrist. His fingers looked like huge white sausages, covered in small blisters as his skin burned. Briefly wondering just what else could go wrong, he sighed in relief as he heard Helen confirm with Xander for the blonde to be picked up as soon as possible. The unhappy male had been worried that the brunette was out drinking with Mac and the rest of the work crew and that he would have been stuck at work until he was picked up after 11pm as usual.

     With his hand still held under the water, he wondered if after this, he would have a job in the morning. He didn't know if it was a good idea to stick around in a place that constantly dealt with an ingredient which could kill him if he ingested some by accident or got covered in enough of the stuff. Scraping noises behind him, he saw a large matronly woman drag the stool from the bench over for him to sit on while he waited for Xander to pick him up. Helen took his swollen hand in hers, poking and prodding at the sore flesh.

     "Silly man, you should know that you have to keep away from the garlic. Watch where you put your hand next time, ok?" smiled Helen, wrapping the affected limb tightly in an effort to halt the swelling. Leaning closer to him, she told him to put his teeth away before the other's noticed.

     ~I got fangs again? Haven't had sex yet tonight, didn't feel them drop though ~

     Shocked, Spike ran his tongue over the dropped fangs. A huge smile on his face as he was able to retract them fully before flashing the owner's wife a face full of fang. Helen laughed softly as she watched the process repeated for a few minutes, sharing in the joy that the fellow demon obviously felt. She was a bit confused as to why a vampire was so happy to be flashing his fangs at her but she wasn't about to ask questions about this strange creature.

     Arm wrapped firmly from elbow to wrist, the vampire felt stupid for fanging at the helpful Arg'nt Demon but he just couldn't help himself. It looked like a mass of sudden stimulation was what was helping the demon recover his game face in addition to 3 days on full human blood, four bags each day. Xander had almost screamed his head off until he realised that Spike wanted to pay his own way, giving the demon enough for two bags and asking if Lukas would start a tab for the blonde. The Kava demon had been more than happy to float the vampire for a few weeks as long as he was paid on a regular basis, human blood being $50.00 per bag regardless of blood type.

     Ignoring the sizzling sounds around him, he wrote Helen the question of him having a job the next day. Given the answer of yes, Spike was oddly pleased that he would be able to come back the next Thursday afternoon. It was now dark enough for him to walk the 40 minutes to the restaurant before he started at 4pm, not having to rely on Lukas to pick him up so that he could get to work on time with out frying. The blonde hated cutting the vegetables and doing the dish work but he had been genuinely interested in how to prepare the different sauces and finally cooking the combined lot.

     He figured it was because his nose was so sensitive that he found that he could pick each individual ingrediant no matter how many dishes were currently being cooked at one particular time. These thoughts running through his mind as he tried to take his mind off the pain radiating down his right arm, Spike barely took any notice when Mary timidly waved a few containers in front of his nose.

     Helen shouted across the kitchen, much to the amusement of the other's, that his food didn't contain any garlic so that he wouldn't have to worry about his tongue swelling from kissing his boy. Snapped out of his thoughts, he took the offerings from Mary while leering at Helen. Soft giggling beside him, the vampire waggled an eyebrow at the teenager that made her scurry from the kitchen in mock fright. Lid taken off one, he took a small snort that identified the lack of garlic in the assortment of freshly cooked dim sims and spring rolls.

     Excited, the slender man sat on the stool and waited to be picked up, watching the actions of the busy kitchen. He was sure that Xander was going to share in his joy of having fangs again, he hadn't felt any other part of his game face arise but he hoped that it would only be a small matter of time.

     ~ Gonna give you a show whelp! Give you a fang blow job too if you're lucky! ~


     ~ Owww! I'm sorry for being so stupid, just stop with the hitting alright? ~

      His head being repeatedly smacked into the car window, Spike wondered if the brunette was going to rip out some of his hair, his fist being clenched so tightly around his blonde locks.

     "What the fuck is wrong with you? We can't afford for you to be doing idiot things like that" snarled the angry youth as he stopped bashing the blondes head against the rattling window and instead started to shake the smaller man as hard as he could. Xander was annoyed beyond belief. He had been relaxing at home by himself for once, watching some movie on the tv and eating the chocolate bars he had become addicted to, when Betty had called and asked him to pick up his boyfriend due to a workplace accident.

     Still uncomfortable with the gay tag, he had none the less rushed straight out with images of a fingerless Spike running through his head. Worried all the twenty minute drive to the restaraunt, he had sped as fast as the icy road would let him, dashing out from the hastily parked car only to be confronted by a smirking vampire happily flashing a face full of fang in his direction. Momentarily stunned to see the fangs being dropped and retracted repeatedly, he had asked the manager what had happened to the blonde that required him to go home. Xander had felt his temper start growing as Helen explained about the accident and the inability of Spike to now use his right hand due to the reaction to the garlic.

     Thanking the short plump woman with a wide smile plastered on his face, he had said nothing to the vampire until they had gotten in the car and driven out of Pennington, stopping along the deserted road covered in soft powdery snow. Temper now at it's peak, he had ordered the other man out of the car and had waited until the bleached blonde was beside him before punching him onto the ground. Hands wrapped around the soft hair, he had dragged the other man to his feet, smacking his head repeatedly into the car frame all the while asking if this is what he had to do to ensure that the vampire would learn to use his brains next time.

     "You do not stick your hand in a bowl of garlic, what did the chip do? Make you a complete retard?" sneered Xander as he let the smaller man drop to the ground in tears. "You can shut the crying up as well, I'm not interested in it."

     ~ Like I can help it! It's hard not to cry when you belt the shit out of me. ~

     Spike stayed where he was on the ground, jeans getting wet from the snow, he had learnt to let the other man pace up and down with no distractions. He understood that the brunette was lashing out in anger but mostly worry about what would happen if he lost the job at The Vestal Gardens. It had been sheer luck and demon contacts that he had gotten that job, nothing else apart from storeroom packer in the local pharmacy had been going. The vampire had tried to write a squiggly explanation for the boy, handing it to him had only resulted in the notebook being flung out of the still moving car.

     Now with the car parked in an odd angle on the side of the main road between Pennington and Fairbanks, Spike hoped that Xander would calm down quickly as he was getting to hate the feel of cold wet jeans. Tears running down his face, he once again berated himself for being lazy and not wearing the gloves Helen had provided for him once he had finished the vegetables. Emitting a squawk as a large hand wrapped around his ear, the vampire was lifted from the ground and roughly shoved towards his side of the car by the still seething male. Quick wipe of the face and he belted himself into the passenger side of the white Commodore.

     Xander heavily plonked himself into the drivers side, inserting the key and letting the engine rumble into life. Car engine warming, he lifted a hand towards the blonde.


     "I thought I told you to shut them up?"

     ~ Yeah, that's right, you did. I'll stop them just for you, alright?~

     Quick nod, trying to ignore the stinging cheek, Spike wiped hurriedly at the falling tears. Annoyed with himself, he sniffed in the boy's general direction, hoping to scent some of the anger disappearing. Arm held stiffly across his middle in the attempt of not banging it against the car interior as the the vehicle lurched it's way onto the road, he detected the increasing worry overriding the initial anger. The inevitable apology was coming any minute now.

     "I'm sorry that I slapped you, my temper gets the better of me sometimes, you know that?"

     ~Oh look! Right on cue that one was, gee Pet, you're getting better at timing this stuff~

     "Please don't lose this job ok? The bills are starting to come in and we need to buy another woodpile, I can't afford everything on my own."

     A sigh and another nod in the brunettes direction as the other man went on to ask if he would be more careful at work next time and did his hand hurt too much?

     ~ Going to swallow a jar of the stuff next time just for the fun of being belted around, of course it fucking hurts, you Dickhead ~

     The car slowly coming to a halt alongside the road again, Spike suddenly worried that the boy had heard his thought. Looking over towards Xander, he wondered what had caught his wondrous gaze. After a brief hesitation, he got out of the car and stood next to the brunette, staring in wonder at the display of coloured lights being played across the sky. They had both seen the remarkable display dancing above the earth before but this was the first time they had seen the rare red lights. Following Xander's move, he scrambled onto the cold car roof and sat next to the youth.

     One arm flung around the slender shoulders, Xander pulled the blonde closer to him so that he was snuggled firmly against the broader chest. Both wearing their gifted check jackets, they sniggered at the white cloud that came only from the brunettes mouth. Staring at the display of natures artwork while protectively embraced against his claimant persuaded the vampire to forget about his bruised scalp and cheek.

     Finally the cold creeping into their backsides was too hard to ignore as was Spikes wet jeans. Reluctantly they climbed back into the car and headed off towards their cabin again. Car parked alongside the box that housed the nearly gone woodpile, Xander kissed and nibbled at the blonde as they made their way into the cabin. The bruises already mostly gone due to quick healing, the smaller man responded with passion as both males clothing was stripped off in the still warm bedroom. Inbetween tripping over the discarded clothing and playful kitten, they continued to kiss and fondle each other until Spike was positioned on all fours by a panting brunette.

     Hearing the pop of the lube container being opened, the vampire wiggled his backside at the younger man enticeingly, moaning when he felt slick fingers start to prepare him. All too soon the magic digits were replaced by larger, hotter organ. Rocking back to meet Xander's hard thrusts, Spike panted in delight, thankful that he was now used to most of the rough treatment during sex that the brunette liked to dish out. Almost knocked off balance due to harshness of the thrusts that were speeding up, the vampire was concentrating on keeping his position when he felt a warm hand encircle his hard cock.

     Alternately moving backwards and then forwards so that he was thrusting into Xanders pumping fist, he could feel himself almost ready to cum.

     Roaring, Xander shot deep into the vampires bowels, only seconds later finding his fist holding a jerking penis. Hand covered in cool cum, he moaned as his limp cock slid out of the tightness when the blonde turned to start licking his cum coated fingers. As weird as it seemed, he found himself wondering what vampire cum tasted like. Hesitantly, he pulled his finger's out of the fanged mouth and lowered his mouth to the panting blonde's.

     Slowly at first, the two men tasted the cool essence flowing between them. Xander didn't know what it tasted like exactly, it was slightly salty and actually had a hint of garlic but it wasn't entirely unpleasant and had hints of other flavours mixed into it. Kiss deepening, he lay the vampire lengthways in the tangled sheets, lying next to the cool body.

     Continuing to kiss and explore the other mans white body, he played with the sensitive nipples, eliciting small noises of longing. Oddly pleased that he was the one to ensure the noises being made, Xander traced his forefinger along the cheek he had slapped at earlier, noting that the bruise was almost gone. Thought pushed out of his mind for the minute, he touched and stroked the cool body entirely until sleep caught up with them later that night following another round.

     Spike watched as the boy's breathing deepened, signalling the capture of dreams. He wasn't upset over the beating he had received earlier and the sex had been great especially the kiss in which the whelp had finally tasted vamp cum for the first time, he was still upset over being called a retard by the boy. He knew that he shouldn't let it get to him and before the chip there was no way it would have but it hurt to be called names and when his claimant did it even out of anger, it hurt even more.

     Ignoring the pain in his bandaged arm and hand, the vampire rested his head against the broad warm chest and closed his eyes in an attempt to get some sleep.


     15 November 2000

     10.43 pm

     Spikes point of view

     Here I am, sitting on the floor. Huddled into a corner trying not to cry anymore while the whelp is screaming and kicking at me to make sure that I understand that I have to stop. Or else. I would love to ask what else means but he would probably just stake me to make a point. Yeah, his temper is getting that bad.

     Ooomph. That one really hurt. Damn it, I can't stop these bloody tears.

     Little shit found out today what Baxter meant. Backs to the wall boys, here comes Xander. Baxter. Needless to say someone wasn't a happy little munchkin, especially when all I could do was laugh at him. Seriously, the look on his face was priceless.

     Oh god, I think he's broken a rib. Please stop, you're hurting me.

     We were at Fitzy's place knocking back a few beers and playing cards while watching the local ice hockey team stuff up tapes. Didn't really think that ice hockey would be a sport that was interesting, but the sheer violence of it was just fantastic. Brutal and I loved every minute of that tape. Got me in such a great mood that I didn't take much notice of Xan asking what Baxter meant.

     No! Don't do it! Aahhh, that fucking hurts!

     Heard all the laughing behind me so naturally I turn around to see what's happening and there's the whelp looking absolutely horrified. Mac filled me in real quick on what had happened and with my attention between the ice hockey and what the laughing was about, I just nodded my head when the boy asked if I had known all along.

     Owww, owww. I think I'm gonna be sick. My fingers broken. I can't believe he broke my finger.

     Even with all the beer and smoke filling the room, the stench of anger reached me almost straightaway and I knew that I was pretty much fucked. A round of goodbyes and excuses of work the next day and I was handed the keys to the car and asked to drive home. Damn glad too, the whelp would have hurt me and certainly killed himself if he had driven in the mood he had worked himself into.

     I'm trying alright? Stop punching me and I might just be able to stop the crying.

     Drove all the way home in silence. The smell coming off the boy in the car was making me feel sick. He certainly had enough time to think of how to get back at me. Picked a great way too. Got into the cabin and told me to undress, which I did, then the prick tells me to lie on my back. I freak because I know exactly what he's going to do because he's taking his damn clothes off as well.

     Please stop Xanny. Why do you hurt me? It was only a joke. Ooomph, I think another rib has gone.

     I go running around towards the bathroom in the hopes of locking myself in, no way was he going to fuck me like a woman. He promised me that he would never try to do it. Didn't count on his longer reach and before I knew it, I was thrown across the kitchen bench and landed in the kitchen next to the fridge. Took a few kicks for me to be where I am now though.

     Noooo! You promised, you swore that you would never do this! Stop, just don't do it.

     I can't believe this is happening. He's actually going to make me do this. Why? I trusted him. Damn it, the arsehole is strong. I love you, please don't do it. I'm so stupid, I should have paid attention to what he was asking me. Should know by now not to laugh at the whelp.

     Ffffuuuck, that hurts! Yeah, just lie back and take it like the whore I am. Why bother any more.

     He promised me that he would never make me do this. He's the only one I've ever told about why I hate doing it this way. I can't stop the tears, he's not asking me to any more but I'm still trying. If I stop them, maybe he'll stop taking me like a woman.

     Still love him though.

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