The Long Spiral Downwards

T J Goldstein

Book 2

Once Bitten, Twice Shy Part 1

     Xander's point of view.

     Looking at the bleached one again trying to work out the washing machine knobs, I wonder whatever possessed me that night to claim him as my own. I still don't even remotely like the prick.

     Sure, he does give great blowjobs and I have really come to crave them. I think the fact that he is for one, a male and the fact that he is a male vampire at that is going to give me the ick factor for a long time in the future. Yesterday, I opened my eyes during the one that he was giving me infront of the t.v. to see him smiling around my cock that was in his mouth. It made me feel weird and a bit possessive of his talents at giving head.

     Not even Anya made me feel possessive. I can't understand what is making me feel that I have to look out for him yet not being able to like him at the same time. I would have thought that after a year of living together, I would have at least learnt to like the arsehole. I think that maybe it's a little bit of guilt on my part that I've got going now since he wrote me that if I had gone out straight away that night looking for him, I probably could have stopped most of what had happened to him. I don't like to dwell on that fact for too long, it makes me feel angry and as Spike has come to know, me being angry is not a pretty sight.

     Occassionaly in one of my worse tempers, I've slapped at him. He makes me so angry at times when he just won't stop crying after I've told him to. I can't help the urge to smack at the vampire for not doing what I've repeatedly asked him to do. I keep telling him that if only he would just shut the crying up, I wouldn't be forced to smack at him.

     He will probably learn in the future. The future, now that is a funny thing to think about. When the blonde first moved into the basement with me, I could't wait for him to move out so that I could get my bed to myself again. I've grown so used to the cool body next to mine and the grasping smaller hand that latches onto mine during the night that signalls what is going to be a doozy of a nightmare for the other man. I just automatically reach my hand up and run it through his hair in a move that I know is soothing for him. I don't think that I could sleep alone now. Even after I moved into an apartment, I just assumend that the blonde would be coming with me. I didn't even think of asking him if he wanted to and the fact that he didn't even try to argue with me made me feel good, it felt right to have him with me in the new place.

     The scooby gang think that he sleeps on the second hand couch I have in the living room. None of the others even remotely know what our living arangements are like. They think that I am too soft hearted for my own good. I'm careful never to show the temper that's getting worse to them, I just wait until I get back to the apartment and let it fly. True, it does scare Spike and that's part of what makes me angry, the way he cringes from me and cries.

     I'm not my father, I'm not just going to belt the crap out of him for no reason. I've been having weird thoughts lately of what it would be like to take Spike from behind. At first it was freaking me out, I tried to stay away from the vampire for a few days, not letting him give me head but that ended up confusing and upsetting him. I don't like to see him upset, it makes me feel weird and funny in the pit of my stomach. I like it when he smiles at me when I give some little thing that I pick up at shopping, thinking that he would like it.

     I don't like him. I shouldn't feel like that but like these thought of screwing Spike, I can't seem to help it.

     Looking again at the blonde currently kicking at the stubborn machine, I get up and walk over to him. I lay a soothing hand on the soft hair and tell him not to worry and that I can do it myself. Watching him amble towards the bathroom to go and wash his dirty hands, I look at the way his arse moves in the tight confines of the black jeans I bought him a couple of weeks ago and think to myself yet again what it would be like to dive into the tightness between the well shaped buttocks.


     Spike's point of view.

     Lovely little pat on the head that was, thanks mate! I think to myself as I walk to the bathroom to wash the grease off my hands.

     If someone had told me a year ago that I would be living in an apartment with the Harris whelp and be giving him daily blow jobs, I think that even with the chip in my head, I still would have figured a way of tearing their limbs off one by one. I can feel his eyes on my arse even as I pass out of his view and into the bathroom.

     I don't exactly know when it was that I decided that enough was enough and to just go with the flow. That first night in the basement when he shoved his cock down my throat and then patted me as I cried was what I think sent me on the way to being a pet for the human. He was so nice to me the next day. He apologised for coming on my face. He apologised for his temper and for sending me into a flood of tears.

     The whelp doesn't know it but it wasn't his temper that first time that sent me into hysterics, but the hissy fit I copped sure as hell didn't help matters. I had started crying when the clock ticked over from 5.59 and into 6pm that Monday night. The boy had said that he would be home by 6pm and he wasn't. All day I had been worried that something might have happened to him. I hate being alone. I hate not smelling another flesh scent. I hate not being able to see another figure from just about anywhere in a room. If I can't see one, then just the knowledge that someone is nearby is sometimes enough. I think that's why I stuck with Dru for so long. I'm terrified that one day I will be all alone. All my life I have made sure that someone is around me. I was frightened that the whelp had left me, that I would be alone once more. Stupid, I know, I was bloody well living in his basement.

     Christ, I wish I had a fag. Funny, I haven't had a smoke since the night of the crypt. Just makes me sick to think of the taste of those things. Still want one though, still want the comfort that they used to offer. Turns out the chip had been damaged more than the Watcher had first thought. It had become pretty obvious that it had damaged my speech centre, as the blonde binty witch had said. Ooohhh yes, all the others had agreed. I had sat there as far away from Cornfed as I could in old Stuffy's house. Not being able to say anything apart from these pathetic grunts and squeals, I sat there and let them pretend that I couldn't hear anything, let them just overlook my presence as they had used to with the Harris whelp. Before I lost my speech, even though the boy was a part of the scooby gang, I had still ranked higher on the importance scale than himself.

     It's probably the fact that he now ranks over me in the pecking order that makes him able to show his emotions when we are the only two around. He has seen the way I look at Iowa. He sees the nervousness that I try to hide whenever Slaggy brings her fucktoy around to the apartment. The first time that Riley had come over, I didn't leave the bedroom until he had gone. The whelp had come in and just taken one look at me down on the floor and had sat beside me stroking my hair and holding me tight against his side. I was crying and he was telling me that I would probably be like that around most males for a long time considering what I had been through.

     I would have laughed at him if I hadn't been busy crying from the fact that one of my attackers had been in such close quarters to me again. I still haven't told Xander who worked me over that night. He knows what happened that night and for now it's enough. I might tell him who in the future but for now I'm settling for not pissing off a Slayer with accusations about her boyfriend, I mean really, who are they going to believe. Me?, I don't think that anyone is going to believe a demon who can't talk and now thanks to the sodding damaged chip in it's head, still cries at the drop of a hat. The Watcher and the two witches think that the stupid thing must have shorted out my emotional area in my brain as well as the speech centre that they all like to go on about. I think some day's they are right, some days all I seem to do is cry. Especially when Xander is in one of his moods. I keep trying to stop as he asks, but once I start, it is so hard to stop. Maybe one day I will learn how.

     Looking down at my hands, I sigh and scrub harder the the grease marks all over them.

     I'm just so sick of trying anymore. I can't be bothered trying to be someone that I no longer can be. I can't be the Big Bad anymore, I can't be William the Bloody any more. All I am now is a pet to a human with a temper that is slowly growing out of control. Being a kept man isn't as bad as I thought it would be. Yeah, I have been slapped around a few times by the boy and as humiliating as that is, he isn't too bad. It's only a few slaps here and there and although in all likelihood that it will get worse, I can't bring myself to leave. Where would I go, what would I do for blood money. Who else is going to let me hold their hand at night when the nightmares threaten to overwhelm me?

     I can sense the growing lust for my arse in the boy. I only have to bend over in front of the brunette some days now and I can smell the waft of desire float through the room. I suppose that I have been lucky so far that he hasn't yet tried to go there. The routine of blowjobs being only in the morning and night changed when we moved to our current address. The first few weeks had been busy for the boy at work and so a few missed blows here and there and now it's more or less whenever the whelp wants it. The only time that he actively stopped me from performing the task was a few weeks ago when I first noticed the smell of arousal getting stronger and not from just blowing him. It was pretty much right after he had barged in on me in the shower. He copped a really good view as I had accidently torn the shower curtain and we hadn't gotten around to getting a new one.

     The next few days was full of him pushing me away whenever I approached him to give him a blow job. I usually didn't wait for him to ask, I wasn't about to let him force me again, so whenever I smell the arousal build, I go over to wherever he might be and kneel in front of him and just go for it. Sometimes he can get rough but he has only really forced me on two other occasions since that night in the basement. He confused me when he started to push me away from him. I knew that he smelt hornier that usual but I didn't even think about the shower incident, later I put two and two together. But, at that time, all that was running through my head was that the boy was preparing to throw me out on my arse. I was upset because I knew I was giving great head and I was scared that I would be alone again.

     The boy had claimed me as his that night and even though he isn't a vampire, the claiming thing is something that Angelus and Darla had pretty much beaten the meaning into both Dru and me. For vampires, it meant that you belonged to your Sire as a Childe and not a minion. The whole difference between a Childe and a minion wasn't due to the extra Sire blood that a Childe would eventually get, it was only down to the difference of being either pissed on or cum on at the time of turning. Pissed on, minion. Cum on, Childe.

     The boy could have pissed on me. That really would have been the last straw for me. He didn't though, he came on me instead, whore I may be but minion I will never be.

     Turning off the tap, I replace the soap into it's dish and dry my hands on the towel beside the ceramic basin.

     Sniffing the air, I can smell the boy's growing arousal. If only the witches knew how useful I still am.


     "Christ! How long does it take to get just one shopping trolley?" muttered Xander under his breath. Tapping his foot in an annoyed manner, he waited for the vampire to return with the requested item. Seeing the vampire ambling towards him having picked what was quite possibly the squeakiest trolley the supermarket owned, he strode into the candy aisle.

     "Important things first"

     Grabbing numerous different chocolate bars and packets of chips, he walked towards the popcorn shelf. Waiting for the blonde to catch up to him, he looked at the selection in front of him. Knowing that the smaller man liked all kinds of the salty produce to float in his mug when watching a movie on t.v. or video, he threw his armload into the trolley as the demon made his choice. Once made, Xander strode ahead again and into the next most important aisle, the one containing the cereals and fruit juices.

     Scanning the shelves full of boxes that promised to clear the bowel, reduce heart diseases and other wonderous things, he grabbed a large box of Cornflakes and after a moments hesitation, snatched up a smaller box of Weetbix. Walking further up the aisle, he looked for his favourite apple and cranberry juice. Seeing that it was on special, he lugged two down from the high shelf, placing them both in the bottom of the trolley behind him that was being pushed by a bored looking blonde. Walking up and down the numerous aisles in the large supermarket, grabbing at this and that with the trolley trailing behind him, the two men finished what had started out small and had ended up being large.

     Paying the chirpy checkout chick on their register, Xander handed the car keys to the quiet male.

     "Put these in the car please, I've forgotten something"

     ~ Sure pet, not a problem. Do you want me to blow you now? ~

     Discreetly sniffing in the direction of the boy's retreating back, the demon knew that it was going to be either that night or the following one, that the whelp was going to make a move on his arse. Knowing that there was no lube in the apartment, he guessed that was what the boy was going back for.

     ~Lucky me! At least I get lubed this time. At least it's only going to be the one cock.~

     Snorting to himself, he pushed the laden trolley back to where the rusting heap the boy's uncle had sold him after having a D.U.I. finally stick to him, was parked. Thinking of the not so small size of the whelps cock, he could feel his stomach start to swirl at the thought of someone breaching his arse once more. Reaching the car, he leaned the trolley against the rear bumper bar and slid the key into the bootlock. Twisting the key around in the rusty hole, he wrenched the boot lid up and leaned over the trolley to start placing the numerous bags into the deep trunk.

     Hearing footsteps behind him, thinking it was the boy coming back, he sniffed at the air only to freeze halfway into putting the last plastic bag of groceries into the car.

     "Well, well. If it isn't the tame little vampire. Look Martinez, it's our favourite hostile!"

     Hearing the two males behind him laughing, Spike jerked his head upwards, hitting his scalp along the edge of the boot lid, in reaction to the hand that was currently feeling his buttocks. Not wanting to turn around, he knew that if he had still been human, he would have pissed himself in fright already. As it was, he could feel a major panic attack coming on. He, like Xander and his moods, didn't have them very often. Usually when he was forced to go out by himself. He didn't mind if it was close to the apartment but any further than the little park at the end of the street and he had minor panic attacks.

     Starting to pant, he could feel the tears starting to well up behind his tightly shut eyes.

     "Mmmm, been thinking of getting Riley to invite that Harris kid over one night, you know, make friends. That sort of thing" came the deep voice.

     "Yeah. That way, he would have to return the favour. Hear he has a nice little apartment. Should teach him how to get the best out certain blondes" the sniggering Corey said.

     ~ Go away, go away, go away ~

     Chanting the words to himself as he panted harder, he could feel them edge closer towards him. With his hands knotted tightly in the white plastic between his fingers, he mentally pleaded for Xander to hurry up.

     ~ Xander, where are you? Please hurry up! ~

     Hoping that the boy would come back quickly, he stood glued to the spot as one of the men ran his fingers down his black clad back.

     "Wow, do you hear him panting? He sure does like it"

     "Shit yeah, maybe he's already putting out for Buffy's little friend."

     Hearing them snickering behind him, Spike could smell the emerging arousal from one of the men, smelling it get a little heavier.

     ~ Xan, pet, where are you. I need you, please ~

     Getting desperate for the boy to return to the car, he breathed a sigh of relief when after a hard grab to his arse, he heard them walk away muttering about how funny Riley and the others would find it to be. It wasn't as if he hadn't seen them after the attack.

     When going shopping at the Mall with Xander and occasionally the witches, he had seen them, either in a large group or in pairs and singly. The worst they had been able to do in the public place was to blow kisses and wolf whistle in his direction. The witches had giggled, thinking that the whistle's had been directed at them. Spike had looked around at who had uttered the sound only to see the pointed finger of Graham in his direction to know that it had been directed at him. As a consequence. he rarely went out unless someone else was with him. The person he was most comfortable with was Xander. Whenever they went out, he could feel the possessiveness radiating off the boy. It made him feel safe, wanted even. Sometimes, it vaguely reminded him of his Sire.

     Wiping at the stream of tears, he sniffed for the scent of the Iniative men, not smelling them anywhere near, he slammed the boot shut, jumping at the sound. Walking on almost numb legs, he dragged the trolley behind him towards the rack, placing it in the with the others. Almost running back to the car, he opened the passenger side door and slid into the seat. Looking around for the boy, he continued to pant in fright.

     Seeing the vampire sitting in the car, Xander ran towards it. He hadn't meant to take so long, just that there was so many new lubes on the market since he had bought any. He was going to to do what his cock had been wanting to do for over a month now, after catching Spike in the shower. He hadn't been able to choose, he had also bought a packet of condoms, not knowing if you could catch things from vampires or not. Couldn't hurt he thought to himself.

     Reaching the car, he opened the drivers side and climbed in, throwing the bag on the floor at Spikes feet. Hearing the harsh panting and knowing that the vampire only did so when really distressed, he turned his head towards the sound only two see bright tear filled blue eyes look almost unseeing right back at him.

     "Jesus Spike, what the hell is the problem now?"

     Sounding harsher than he had meant to, he reached his hand out to the shaking shoulder and started to gently run his larger hand hand up and down the the upper arm of the sobbing male in the hopes of calming him down.

     Feeling the shaking starting to slow down after a good ten minutes, he wondered what had happened to set the vampire off this time. The bleached blonde was pretty weepy after the attack but something serious must have happened to cause both the panting and the shaking. It was normally either one or the other, rarely both together. The only other time that he had seen Spike this bad was when Riley had come around for the first time to the new apartment. It had taken Xander ages to calm him down again. He had just put it down to the fact that Captain America was a male.

     Spike, still dry heaving, reached into his jeans pocket, pulled out the little notebook that he kept on him always since Xander still hadn't gotten around to teaching him sign language. Scrabbling around on the car floor near his feet, he grabbed at the pen he found. Flicking the pages to a fresh sheet, he scribbled in shaky writing that he wanted to tell Xander what happened in the crypt.

     Looking at the hastily written sentences, Xander felt a flare of anger go through him as he thought of that night. Seeing the blonde cringe at the smell of his emotion, he patted calmingly at one black clad thigh. Turning his attention to starting the car, he indicated to turn out of his parking spot. Slowly driving out of the supermarket car park, he turned the rusty hulk towards his apartment. Once on the road, he glanced at the vampire panting slower beside him. Frowning at what the vampire could possibly tell him, after all he knew that the demon had been both beaten and raped, he wondered why it was now that the decision had been made to tell him in full what had happened.

     Concentrating on the drive home, he let one hand rest on the cool thigh.

     ~Please believe me pet! Don't laugh at me, I don't think I could take it after tonight.~


     After settling the nervously fiddling vampire on the couch in the living room, Xander raced outside to the car to get the groceries. Hefting them in both hands, he managed to nudge the boot lid half way down with his chin and then to close it shut with a straining hand. Walking back to the apartment, he was thankful to all the extra bulk and muscle that he had gained since he started in his current job of construction worker. Now being there over a year, he had bulked up to the point that he was wearing a shirt a whole size bigger than he had before and his stomach muscles looked quite decent next to the current Calvin Klein model.

     Striding forward, his thoughts entirely on what the vampire could possibly tell him once he had calmed down completely, he smacked into the door frame leading into his apartment. Adjusting both himself and the bags in his hand, he headed straight for the little kitchenette. Quickly shoving the milk and frozen goods into their respective areas before he forgot about them, he left the rest of the items laying on the bench. Reaching into the cupboard, he grasped at two glasses. Walking towards the sink, he could hear the hiccups coming from the the couch as Spike tried to muffle the sounds coming from deep within his chest.

     Watching the water fill the second glass, he turned off the water and headed back in the direction of the living room. Frowning, he handed the nearest glass to the vampire who grasped at it with a pale shaking hand. Noting to himself that most of the shaking was gone, he could still hear the quiet panting. Sitting beside the blonde, not quite touching thighs, he gestured for the telling to begin.

     Looking closely at the person beside him start to fiddle with the pen clutched tightly in his other hand, Xander patted at the black covered shoulder, running one finger along the pale neck. Lightly caressing the cool expanse below the earlobe, he could see the fiddling start to slow down. With it still not completely halted, Xander asked.


     With a deep hiccup that he hoped was his last, Spike took a long sip of the cold water. Gulping it down in haste, he choked a bit and ran the back of his hand across his mouth to remove the excess moisture. Leaning down, he placed the water on the floor beside his feet.

     ~ Pet, I'm scared.~

     Looking briefly at the brunette beside him, he dropped his eyes as the boy repeated the question. Sighing, he opened the spiral bound note book once more and wrote down four names and one question mark. Panting hard again, he handed the book to Xander and waited.


     "What the hell does that mean?"

     ~ Those bastards, they're coming for me again,safe here, safe with you ~

     Spike panting, pointed to the names and then pointed to himself making sure that the whelp followed his finger.

     "So, you're telling me that Riley, Graham, Corey, Martinez and a question mark did you over that night?"

     Pant, nod, pant.

     Gulping at the feel of his dry throat, Spike watched as the boy leapt to his feet and started pacing the room.

     "Right, let me get this straight, Buffy's boyfriend, a fellow scooby member and someone that I have had over here, and his army friends decided to fuck you over that night?"


     As the whelp turned towards him, fists clenched, his eyes rapidly turning from chocolate to pitch black, the demon felt his stomach drop at the scent of the billowing anger.

     Stomping towards the pale blonde on the couch, Xander could see from the way he was being stared at, that the other man wasn't lying.

     "Probably to get back at you for the whole Adam fiasco right?"

     Wincing at the calm tone that was underlined with menace, he clutched the pen tightly, snapping it, in reaction to the person stopping to stand a hands distance in front of him.

     "Why tell me tonight, why not before?"

     ~ Because this is the first time they have touched me again. Hate them Pet, help me? ~

     Scribbling again with the mangled pen in the pad he had retrieved from the floor where Xander had thrown it, he wrote the truth about the night in the crypt and also what had happened in the supermarket car park that night. Snatching the book from the trembling fingers, Xander scanned what was written.

     "Fuck the bastards!"

     ~ Thank god, I think he believes me ~

     Feeling himself go light headed as a flood of relief washed over him, the vampire watched nervously as the boy paced the room again.

     "So! They touched what's mine did they?, I don't give a flying fuck what happened in the crypt, but you belong to me now and no-one touches you but me!"

     ~ Your's Harris. Just keep me safe, please ~

     Starting to cry hard as Xander suddenly shoved his face into his own pale one, Spike knew that the boy had just erupted into a major hissy fit and that his crying would more than likely only make it worse. Holding his hand across his mouth, trying to both muffle the sound and blink away the tears, Spike squealed as the boy roughly pulled at him.

     Xander sitting back on the couch and manhandling the demon into his lap at the same time, placed the blonde head against his shoulder and patted the blonde hair as he made frustrated sounds of his own.

     "Knew Farm Boy was too shiney and Captain America to be any good"

     ~ No shit Whelp! I learnt the hard way ~

     Feeling the head cradled against his shoulder nod, Xander continued to stare at the blank wall in front of him. Those pricks, not just anyone had touched his property. It was true, he didn't really give a shit about the crypt but Spike hadn't belonged to him then and now that the vampire was in his care, that made him his property, claimed and all.

     Rubbing his fingers along the lobe of the small cool ear, he told the smaller man that the soldiers would pay. If not soon, then one day in the future.

     Breathing a sigh of relief, Spike felt a small glow of happiness as the boy's rage calmed down and into the comfortable protectiveness that he had come to crave. Closing his eyes, he nestled closer into the heat being thrown off the younger man.

     Hearing the panting stop, and the shaking subside, Xander looked down at the worn out blonde in his lap. Gently stroking the hair back from the sleeping mans face, he saw a cut running along the scalp, a cut he knew hadn't been there that afternoon.

     "Fuck them, they not only touch what is mine, they dare to hurt it as well!"

     Seething once more, the boy sat for a long time, just staring at the wall in front of him, rocking the slumbering male in his arms gently. The bag left on the car floor, all but forgotten for the moment.


     Xander rose carefully out of the warm bed, throwing back the new blankets only purchased the week before. Trying not the rouse the blonde next to him who was still out like a light, he stood and wondered if Barney would let him take a day off. He was still pissed off from last night but at least he could think a little clearer now. He didn't really want to have a hissy fit at work and pretty much anything was going to set him off today.

     Sighing, he padded with bare feet across the apartment towards the phone. Reaching underneath the beige object, he opened the little book and flicked the page to rest open at the letter B. Seeing only two phone numbers listed under that particular letter, he read the second number and then punched it into the phone. While waiting for the person on the other end pick up, he ran his hand through his thick hair in frustration at the thought of what to do.

     He may now be the same size as that cornfed prick but he didn't have the same hand to hand combat experience of the older man so that pretty much left out the direct attack route for the blonde soldier and his four arsehole friends as well.

     "Going to have to be something else then!" thought a boy, disappointed that he didn't have any soldier memories of garroting people after his second possession.

     Hearing the phone pick up on the other end after numerous rings, he turned his attention into trying to get a day off from work.

     "Mmmm, Barney, better be good?"

     ", hi Barney. It's Xander"

     "Oh, shit,what time is it?"

     Chuckling into the phone at the thought of waking the burly foreman from a deep sleep, he replied that it was time for the older man to be up anyway.

     "Watch it Sonnyboy, what's up?"

     "Can't come in today, something has cropped up"

     Hearing the other man yawn into the phone, he waited for the next question to appear from the following coughing fit.

     "Personal or are you sick?"

     "Do I get paid if it's personal?"

     "I'll put you down as sick, ok?"

     Asserting his answer as a yes, Xander thanked the potbellied male and made promises to buy the first round of drinks next time that they went out after work for beers. Laughing again at the older man telling him that because he was the youngest, he would always buy the first round, he broke off the conversation with a promise to see the other man the next day.

     Hearing a grunt from behind him, he put the receiver down the same time he felt his cock jump at the sound . Hearing another soft cough, he turned around to see the sleepy vampire sitting on the couch clad in only the black boxers that he favoured. Briefly wondering if he would be able to get the pale man into any other colour in the future, he leaned against the wall and waited for the demon to indicate at something or toddle back to bed.

     Looking at the larger brunette standing by the phone, he wondered what was going to happen now that the boy knew the whole story about both the night at the crypt and the previous night. He had heard the conversation with the boys boss and that was what had made him get up. Having met the work mates on one occasion when he had had a major panic attack at the thought of Xander leaving him alone in the new apartment, the boy had finally given up trying to convince him that he would return and had dragged the vampire down to the car while shaking him and warning him to just sit there.

     Doing as he had been asked, he was given free beer all night after being passed off as Xander's not quite right cousin who was visiting. Spike hadn't been happy at the thought of more people pitying him but he had been close to the brunette all night and that was what had mattered. Smirking to himself at the thought of all the beer he had drunk, his smile died just as fast it had appeared when the next memory was of the hissy fit and slapping he had received when he had tried to pull the same stunt after learning the whelp was going out with his work mates again. Sure, he hadn't really been upset that time but he had thought it would be enough to fool the obviously not so fooled boy. Glancing up at the taller man looking at him, he rubbed at his pale stomach to indicate his hunger.

     Nodding, Xander felt his own stomach grumble with a load roar at the thought of eggs and bacon. Usually weekend breakfast food, he thought that after last night they both deserved a little treat and it would be a good way to apologise to the blonde for making him cry. Asking the awakening vampire if he wanted both his usual blood as well as some bacon and eggs, he felt a little flutter of possessiveness at the small smile he received in return.

     Following Xander into the kitchen, he perched himself on the formica bench and watched him as he rummaged through the bottom of the fridge. Grunting a yes to the mushroom and tomatoes being waved in his direction, licked his lips as he smelt the bacon being unwrapped. The yes and no had been worked out early in the living together. A high pitched grunt meant yes and a lower sounding grunt meant no. The two witches sometimes got them mixed up but on the whole they were pretty good. Giles and the other two blondes usually ignored him at all times, except for Riley's glaring when he thought no one was watching.

     Hearing the hiss of the bacon as it hit the well heated frypan, he could feel himself begin to drool as the smell hit his sensitive nose. Watching the boy crack the eggs into a jug and pour in milk before fluffing the mixture with a fork, he smelt the bacon start to brown in the pan.

     Setting down the jug containing the eggs and milk, Xander quickly relieved the pan of the numerous strips of bacon and lay them out on a plate. Handing one rasher to the vampire, he felt his dick harden at the sight of the pale fingers being slowly sucked into the cool mouth as the smaller man licked at the flavoured grease coating his fingers. Knowing the other man could smell him, he smiled widely as the demon leapt from his perch on the bench and padded across the floor towards him. Feeling his breathe quicken as the blonde knelt in front of him, he closed his eyes to the touch of a cool hand to his tenting boxers. As the cotton was pulled from his hips and down to his knees, he moaned at the little brushes of cool air the vampire blew over the weeping slit.

     Placing his hands on the soft hair, he bit his bottom lip as the head of his cock was introduced to a cool mouth. He swore and thrust his hips upwards at the tentative tongue licking slowly around the swollen tip.

     Spike let the head fall from his lips and slowly ran his tongue from tip to base in long sweeps, all along the shaft eliciting deep moans from the heavily breathing brunette. Taking the head deep inside his mouth once more, he braced himself with one arm wrapped around the lightly haired knee as he reached his other hand up to play with the boy's sac. Swirling his tongue along the underside of the hot flesh, he relaxed his throat muscles and in one fast gulp, he took the shaft deep into his throat. Nestling his nose in the hair covering the whelp' s groin, he felt the hands in his hair tighten as he made a swallowing motion with his throat muscles. Slowly rubbing and tugging the testicles in his occupied hand, he could smell the boy getting close as the minutes passed.

     Listening to the moaning punctuated with cursing getting loader, he slid the cock out of his mouth and gently feathered his tongue around the rosy head. Letting the boy guide his cock back into his cool mouth, he started applying more pressure on the sac. Deepthroating the hard shaft once more, he gave the scrotum one last hard tug. Hearing Xander come with a roar, he swallowed the thick hot liquid as it poured down his throat. Feeling the hand release their hold on his hair, he licked the last of the cum off the boy's cock.

     "Damn! That was great!"

     Xander helping the vampire from his knees, rested one hand on the cool buttocks as the blonde turned to walk back to the bench. Standing there in the kitchen, feeling the well shaped flesh covered by the black cotton, he took a step closer to the vampire and rested his chest against the cool back. Rubbing his spent cock against the material, he could feel the tension in the smaller mans body. Reaching one hand up to stroke the pale expanse of the demons nape, he slid one arm around the waist and held the male close to his own hot body.

     "I'm going to do you tonight. I'm not going to hurt you like the others did. I want to claim you properly"

     Nodding as he pressed back against the hot chest, savouring the heat of the younger man, Spike wondered if now was a good time to tell the boy that he had to first break the claim the soldiers has unwittingly forced upon him when they had pissed on him. No matter how many times the boy would fuck him, although he had been cum on by him, the soldiers claim on him would stand up first. It was just part of the reason he didn't like to go out alone.

     If the soldiers knew what pissing on him had meant to the vampire, they would pretty much have an on call whore. They would just have to click their fingers and he would jump to their command. He had been scared the night before that he wouldn't have been able to resist if they had decided that they wanted to screw him again, partly because of the chip but mostly due to the piss claim.

     ~I'll tell the whelp after breakfast. I hope he doesn't kill me for keeping this from him ~


     With the last of the pieces of cutlery in the dish drainer, Spike rinsed the remenants of blood out of his mug and placed it alongside the platic drainer. Wiping his hands on the teatowel Xander held out to him, he strode towards the bathroom with his mind on the subject of raising the claim issue with the boy. The whelp was still angry, he could smell the emotion in the air surrounding the tall brunette and had guessed that was pretty much the reason the younger mand hadn't wanted to go to work.

     ~ Couldn't have a hissy fit at work now could we! ~

     Door closed, he grabbed a fresh towel from the dwindling stack in the cupboard, placing it over the shower rail making sure that it would hang out of the way of the water. Boxer's landed a few inches short of the dirty linen basket. The water turned on, Spike climbed into the shower and groaned as the heat warmed his borrowed blood. Letting the warmth loosen his tensed muscles, he frowned at the thought of the whelps unusually thick cock entering him. It wasn't the length that bothered him, it was the massive thickness. His Sire had been long and of a normal thickness but he had never seen or had such one like the boys before and he wasn't even going to think of the crypt.

     ~Jesus, I'm such a woosy boy. I knew this day would come sooner or later ~

     Once the shampoo was rinsed from his hair, grabbed the special conditioner that kept his hair from becoming brassy. Rubbing it through his hair, he waited for a few minutes before rinsing again.

     ~ I'm gonna get a slapping! ~

     He sang to himself. The whole claiming issue was tricky and he was sure that the whelp was going to go mental when he was told about what the soldiers had unknowingly done. It wasn't as if he could ignore it, he figured that he was lucky that Riley hadn't yet read the book Xander had so obviously read to know about the cum claim. He had told Xander everything about that night bar the pissing bit and he really had to tell him soon, like right after the shower soon.

     Although the boy was visibly relaxed after the blowjob, he was still going to be narky all day. The only ways of releasing a claim that he knew of was to either kill the other claimnent and then fuck the adored in the old claiments ash, something he couldn't see the boy going for or making the adored drink the blood of the old claimnent, relegating the old claiment as subserviant to the adored, breaking the claim. How it was going to work with humans, he didn't know and the adored one could only drink the blood by biting. Only vampires did the claiming rituals as far as he knew, he didn't know of such a case as his. He didn't want to belong to the ex soldiers and he really didn't want to belong to Xander either but seeing the boy was the lesser of two evils, he really didn't have much choice.

     ~ I could always ask Peach's for help? No fucking way, I'd rather belong to Harris for all of his short mortal life than ask the Wanky Souled One! ~

     Maybe it would work out. Maybe it wouldn't as he couldn't bite and he was sure that the whelp wasn't going to kill any of the soldiers especially Binty's fucktoy.

     Right, he thought with a towel wrapped around his waist. He walked through the doorway followed by a billowing cloud of steam towards the couch the brunette was currently sitting on, waiting for him it looked like. Stomach clenching, he sat on the couch on the spot idicated by Xander's patting hand.

     ~ Please don't hurt me too much Pet, I'm sorry that I didn't tell you the night that you claimed me in the basement, just didn't think they would come for me again ~

     A cum claim was strong but a first claim was still stronger whether it was piss or cum. His Sire's cum claim, not having been renewed every five years as required after Angelus got his soul back, had run out. Every vampire who put such a claim into action never bothered about the five year requirment usually preffering to state claim every few months or so. Vampires were possessive about such things.

     With that thought, Spike leaned down to pick up the small note book from off the floor and took the broken pen from Xander. Writing in short jerky sentences, he described what the soldiers had unwittingly done and also wrote the only two ways he knew of how to break it. Eyes closed, he handed the book to the smiling boy and waited for the enevitable explosion.

     ~ With luck, I shouldn't get too much of a slapping ~


     More waiting

     More silence

     After what seemed like hours but was only a few minutes, he peeked at the boy sitting next to him. Xander just sat looking at him with an odd little half smile on his face and the blackest eyes Spike had ever seen since moving in with the whelp.

     ~ Ooops! Should have told him that night, I think I'm in for it now ~

     "So! My claim on you is nothing until the other is gone?"

     Whine, nod.

     "Let's see shall we? I either have to kill the arseholes and then fuck you or get you to bite them all, drink their blood which is somthing that you can't do and then fuck you, this is correct is it not?"

     Gulp, nod, whine

     "Well then, what to do?"

     With a low voice vibrating with menace, he didn't know whether to slap at the vampire and then get the book from Giles' place in which he had only quickly read about cum claim or get the book and then slap the vampire.

     "You do know that I'm pissed off don't you?"

     Gasp, nod and yes grunt

     "Good, just thought that I would let you know"

     They both sat in silence.


     The heat bloomed across the pale cheek.

     ~ Not going to cry, not going to cry ~


     ~ I'm sorry, I was frightened that this would happen, so stupid, stupid, not going to cry ~


     ~ Oooff, that hurt, should have just told him that night. Was getting hit anyway. Not going to cry ~

     The slaps and alternate smacking and punching were landing on his body slowly, allowing each one to make it's presence known separate to all the others that came before and the ones to come after it. Turning his head away from the seething brunette, Spike sat there and let the blows redden his body while trying to blink away the tears.

     ~ Not going to cry, not going to cry ~

     Xander was fuming. His mind was racing at the thought that those arseholes were able to make a claim on what was supposed to be his and his only. He had read about the claiming when bored at Giles' one day. He must have missed the page mentioning the other type of claim. The irate male did however remember reading about the Sire/Childe thing and realising that Angel had lost his claim on Spike after five years of being gone which was why he had thought he had claimed the blonde as his own.

     "You don't go out unless it's with me. Do I make myself clear? Not even down the park. You don't leave the apartment for anything, not one thing!"

     Spike, being shaken, nodded his head with his eyes averted from the boy, could feel the cage get tighter.

     ~ Yes, I want this fixed as much as you, trust me ~

     His body hurting from the numerous blows, watched as the boy stomped towards the door and opened the door.

     "Going to Giles' place to get the book. Was going to get a video for us to watch, but I guess that can wait now, can't it?"

     Setting the lock so that it couldn't be opened from within, he slammed the door and adjusted his collar to protect his neck from the cold air. He felt his car keys digging into his hip from their place in his jeans, wishing that he had put on warmer clothes as the vampire showered. With a shake of his head, he let the thought of going back for a jacket go, he knew that if he went back, he would just lay into the blonde again and his hands were hurting.


     "Jesus, I hope to god that prick hasn't got his hands on that fucking book!"

     With a mutter to himself as he slammed the rusting door to the death trap he drove. Shake of his head at the thought of the possibility that the Buffster might have picked this week to actually read up about the main demon she destroyed virtually every night.

     "Not a chance in a million years, not enough pictures for her"

     Sniggering to himself, he could feel some of the earlier anger drain away at the thought of the little blond asking a stuttering Giles' what an adored was. Well, he was the claimant so that would make Spike the adored one he figured. He had been too upset to ask the actual meanings of the words once he had got the general gist of what the vampire was telling him.

     "Stupid shit, if he had just told me earlier, I wouldn't have had to smack him" he said under his breath as he lifted a hand to knock on the solid wooded door in front of him. The only thing that could make that morning worse for him would be if his not so missed Anya opened the door. Shoving the waist of the long sleeved t-shirt he wore into his jeans to try and conserve some of the bodyheat he was steadily leaking, he heard the door open and looked up into the scowling face of fate. Crap! he shouted in his mind.

     "Uhh,, Hi Anya... is the G-Man home?" smiling as much as he could without giving into the temptation to just shove the girl aside and stomp on through.

     "Oh. It's you! What do you want?"

     " Really great, thanks for asking Anya and you, how are you? I would like to come in and talk to Giles"

     The door held open just a smidgen wider than before, Xander grabbed the opportunity and tried not to barge his way into the ex-librarians house as much as possible. No G-Man in sight as he looked around the living room, he turned his back to the scowling, foot tapping girl behind him.

     "Hey, Giles'! are you here?" loudly echoed through the house. With no answer being presented to him from the otherwise empty rooms, he sucked in his breath and prepared to be patient with the now tutting person behind him.

     "So, where is the old man anyway? and how come you're here by yourself. Are you cleaning his house in payment for whatever you broke this week?"

     Trying to dodge the oncoming slap, he felt it catch him on the shoulder as the ex-demon took offence to his comment. No surprise there anyway, ever since the breakup she had taken umbrage at almost anything he said and they tried to avoid each other as much as possible. Probably not the smartest move having an ex-vengeance demon as both an old girlfriend and someone who now didn't really like him.

     "Did not break anything worth much this week. I'm waiting for Giles to get back with a video. He wants to give me orgasms."

     "Whaaa.. are you mental? When the hell did he tell you this?" Momentarily speechless, Xander stared at the smirking girl. What on earth could have possessed the former Watcher, was he just horny, desperate and that was getting pretty icky, so don't want to think of the G-Man and Anya. Actually the thought of Giles' and anyone was pretty much vile making. The man was old. Then again, this was Anya, she pretty much thought everyone wanted to give her orgasms. One day she had thought an old man in the chemist had wanted her until Xander had pointed out that winking was due to the man having just put in eye drops. She had probably just misunderstood the older watcher.

     "No I am not,what did you call me, mental. It's true, he touched my breast last week at work. He is older than you and I'm happy that he will be able to give me more different sex than you could" with that statement said loud so that almost all Sunnydale could hear, she left the stunned looking younger man in the living room and walked towards the kitchen to make a pot of the tea she had become so fond of since working for the magic shop.

     "Urggh, Ok then, I think" Head spinning with the thought of the ex watcher getting sex from his ex girlfriend, and why that was wrong on so many levels, he shuffled towards the bookcase that dominated the plainly decorated room. Yeah, like right the old man just grabbed her. The poor bastard probably just accidently brushed against her. But no, the Anya who is orgasm obessessed, thinks that yet again no male is immune from her all powerful pulling of lust. Wonder if I should give him pointers on how to keep her happy? Probably doesn't even know he has been ear marked for the use of one horny ex-demon.

     Coughing into the laugh that had erupted at the thought of what the older man's face would be like when he realised that his only shop assistant had decided to make him her very own flesh covered vibrator. With the towering bookcase in front of him, he started to look for anything on the mating habits and rituals of vampires. " No, no, no and no again" this is useless. He knew what the book looked like. It was large, dusty and leather bound with weird scrawly writing on the spine and cover.

     "Hang on, this is it!" sarcastically said as he indicated virtually every book in the room. What colour was it again, brown? Light brown or was it the dark brown of the ten over there? "Crap!" he scowled at the line of books in direct view of him. Gold or gold lettering? He would have to hurry before Giles' got back or before Anya decided to hound him again over why he broke up with her. It's been a fucking year, you would think she would just stop asking, it wasn't as if it stopped her going out and having sex with other guys. With a hope that one day she would do just that, he spotted what looked like the right book. Dropping the one he held in his hands onto the floor, one that he quickly picked up and replace on the shelf.

     Heart beating fast, he could feel his mouth dry up as he reached for the thick volume. Book open, he flicked the pages looking for the small chocolate stain he had gotten on it without Giles' noticing.

     "Yes!" loudly echoed through the room. He spun round quickly to face the curious person, making indignant sounds behind him. She stood looking at him with a little smile on her face and a pot of tea clutched in her hand. With a snort of derision directed at him, Anya walked back to the couch, placed the tea on the coffee table with the one mug and the matching teacup and saucer.

     "G-Man coming back real soon is he? now nervous because he had the book in his hands, he really didn't want to tell the older man why he was borrowing Duplties Book of Vampire Habits. Ever so the original title for a book he thought scanning his options of how to get the girl to not tell Giles that he had been there and had stolen on of his precious books. Having an idea, he said

     "Uh... Anya?"

     "You are still here? Why? If my boss comes home with you still here, it's going to be impossible to have sex. I don't think he is going to like a threesome the first time" came the annoyed reply.

     Eyes closed at the thought of the whole thing, Xander wondered how he had ever let himself get involved with the girl. So sorry G-man but she is all yours whether you know it yet or not.

     "No, not really an option from this side here. Just want to give you a few things that you left at my basement. You know, the videos and the other things....thought you might like them. Help warm up things, you know?" hoping that the girl would go for it, he knew that by asking straight out, she would only run to tell Giles that he had taken one of the books. With the smile that was crossing the ex-demons face, he knew that she had gone for it.

     "Ok, here's the deal. Don't tell Giles' about the book and I will give them to you tomorrow?" eagerly wanting to just get out and away from his old girlfriend before she decided that since he was already there, he would do for sex.

     "Alright, I guess that I can wait then. He is already getting a naughty video anyway. Fantasia or something like that. You'll have to give them to me at the shop."

     "Oh my god" thought Xander. He so doesn't know what he is in for, and she is really mental if she thinks a Walt Disney is a porno. With a quick turn, he walked out of the house as fast as possible so that she couldn't see the huge smile on his face. Suppressing the laughter until he reached the car, he leaned weakly against the rusting metal as he allowed the mirth erupt.

     "Fuck me! What an absolute classic! Fantasia, a porno!"

     Eyes wiped of the tears of laughter that had sprouted when he thought of the hissy fit yet to erupt at the older mans house that night, he knew he just had to tell Spike what she had said. The blonde was going to find it hilarious. Not even thinking of what had gone on before he had left, Xander did up his seatbelt and turned the ignition, wrenching the gearstick into drive as he noticed the ex-librarians car come around the corner.

     Car pushed to the limit around the corner, he hoped that he hadn't been seen. Might as well get a video anyway. Keep the Bleached Wonder occupied while I read into this claiming business.

     "Hope that I got the right book. No way am I going back tonight. Anya would think I've come for a bit of bump and grind with her and Giles"

     Icking to himself for all he was worth, Xander turned the car towards the local Video Easy and hoped that he hadn't any more fines registered on his video card. In a great mood now that he had what he hoped was the correct volume, he wondered if he should get some more blood instead of letting Spike go out for it himself.

     "No. No, I can't trust them not to be waiting for him. Not after the car park. Not until this claim is cleaned up."

     With a snort to himself as to how he would be able to do that, he pulled into the parking space and killed the engine.


     "Hey Blondie, You're never going to guess who Anya has set her sights on this time?" yelled the smiling boy as he barged into the apartment. With the bags containing the video he had chosen flung onto the floor by the t.v., he walked through the living room clutching the one bag in his left hand. Fridge open, he dragged out the vegetable crisper in the bottom of the cold appliance, shoving the blood bags into the small container. Once done, he closed the fridge and looked around for the vampire.

     A frown lining his face, he walked to the bathroom. Not seeing the smaller man in the white tiled room, his frown deepened into a scowl. Striding back through the spartan main room, he entered the dark bedroom. While he waited for his eyes to adjust to the oppressing darkness, he asked "Spike, are you in here?"

     Not really expecting an answer to the question, a small form in bed started to appear to his now adjusted eyes. The scowl left his face to be replaced by a small smile and a tingly feeling in the pit of his stomach. Quietly shucking off his clothes and leaving his boxers on, he quickly got into the inviting bed. With nothing said when the cool body turned to face him, he held his arms open wide.

     ~ What the hell is he playing at now? The calm before another storm? ~

     Hesitating before moving in closer to the heat pouring off the younger man, Spike snuggled into the firm grasp.

     ~ Ok, this is different. Not going to turn the offer aside though. The heat is unbelievable. No wonder some vamps get addicted to human snuggle bunnies. ~

     The boy had only really held him properly for the first time since sleeping in the same bed the night before. He hadn't really thought that it had happened at all. It was nice to be held. Briefly wondering whether the boy would one day spontaneously combust due to the heat in his body, he turned his mind to the few times that he had ever been held since being turned. Not that many it seemed. Could be counted on one hand the times that Angelus had done this and that had only been after a particularly vicious fuck from him.

     Dru had never once volunteered to wrap her arms around him, not once in all the time that they had been together. It had always been him that had to be the protector, be the strong one and everyone knew that the strong ones never got to be held.

     ~ Oh yeah, that's it. I'm the bloody Peached One now aren't I? Just proves what a loser I am, being held by a fucking mortal and liking it ~

     With a soft sigh, he let his body relax into the strong warm embrace. Warm breath gusting down his cool neck, he listened to the whelps breath start to slow down signalling the dream state he was currently lapsing into.

     ~ Hope the whelp got the book. I'm screwed literally if Prick and Arseholes Inc. have gotten their hands on it. We should just move until the time is up. Can't see the boy going for it though ~

     He hated feeling so dependent on the younger man, but he had come to the realisation that the whelp was the only one who even cared if he continued to be one of the undead, pretty early into his new unlife. Unbeknown to the ex-watcher and the boy himself, he had heard the phone conversation between his Sire in L.A. and the shop owner. He had cried to himself when he had heard his old Sire state that he didn't want to know about his once favoured Childe as he had enough problems of his own, that since Spike was in the Slayer's territory, he was now her responsibility.

     Yeah, he had heard that all too well. The sodding Poof was all too much trademark Angelus in that one statement. Just like his old Sire to throw away what could not work properly in that exact instant whether or not it could be fixed in the future. The Binty bitch had gladly fobbed the vampire off onto the Harris whelp after whinging about the mess her clothes and newly washed hair would be like after she had dusted him. The witches had been the only ones to actually put up fight, for the second time, as to why he couldn't be dusted.

     Not sure if he was still useful they had said. With him sitting on the couch as far away from the glares that Cornfed kept shooting him, just being ignored again by everyone. After all if you couldn't speak, it was quite obvious that you couldn't hear as well.

     Gently untangling himself from the slumbering male, he quietly slid out of the blankets and sheets so as not to wake him. With a soft grunt, he sat on the sofa with the book held in his shaking hands. He had found it in one of the video bags along with the lube and condoms that the boy had obviously bought the night before.

     ~Why the hell did he buy rubbers? What does he think he's going to catch, Vampirism or is he worried that he is going to knock me up? ~

     Book open, with visions of himself pregnant, he flicked the pages. Scanning the words briefly until he reached the section on claiming, he wondered how the writer was so knowledgeable on vampire habits, especially the claiming when he himself barely knew what to do. Or, not so knowledgeable as it turned out. He already knew pretty much what was written about the claiming. He knew that he was the adored one and that Xander was the new claimant and the soldiers were unknowingly the current claimants. Nothing new there.

     Head held between his hands, he shook his blonde hair in frustration. All the book had informed him of was that if neither the two options of how to break a claim appealed, then it was better to just move away until the claim ran out and then to renew the claim with the new claimant. He supposed that he was lucky and could actually pinpoint the exact time that he had been claimed by the ex-soldiers there for making the timing easy.

     The book had had some other useful information about the claimant stating that sometimes the adored one was actually killed in fits of rage by the claimant. Apparently in extreme cases the claimant would become hyper aggressive towards the adored one due to the fact of an overload of aggressive behaviour influencing their lives before and after being turned.

     With a snort at this information, thinking to himself that almost all behaviour was aggressive after being turned, he could relate to the before turned behaviour of his Sire. His Sire had been a drunk, a man who liked to whore around and had been famous for his rowdy bar room brawls. He had also kept the new fledge on a tight leash for the first 10 years or so displaying a type of behaviour that made him renew his claim on the younger vampire almost every week, something that other claimants had thought obsessive to the extreme.

     The Harris whelp looked like he would be just the same, not as aggressive as a vampire but probably enough to be labeled a hyper aggressive anyway. How his behaviour would change after claiming Spike properly was anyones guess. Maybe humans didn't get all thingy about stuff like this.

     Spike knew that if the boys behaviour changed, it would be for the worst. It couldn't possibly go for the better, not after experiencing what the younger man was like in his moods. It was still a possibility that the boy would keep on going like he was, goofy most of the time and really sweet with a wicked sense of humour and letting off steam about once a month, slapping into the vampire when really pissed at something.

     The writer thought that it was also due to certain scents put out by both parties that made the two parties stay in their made roles. The adored one usually had a weaker smell than their claimant. It was the smell of the claimant on the adored that warned all other vampires off. If another vampire came across an adored that he wanted, he usually smelled the current claimant first before issuing a challenge, if the scent was weaker than their own then it was pretty much a given that the fight would be won by the new claimant.

     Deep down in the pit of his stomach, he felt it do flip flops at the thought of seeing the whelp in a bigger hissy fit than he had so far shown. With the snoring in the bedroom getting louder, he picked up a video and looked at it.

     ~ Fantasia? What the hell possessed the boy to rent this?~


     Xander woke to the sound of the closing credits of the Walt Disney classic, Fantasia. The grin on his face grew bigger when he thought of what was probably going on at the ex watchers house right about now. Yawning, he looked at the bedside clock, 5.22 pm. "Damn "he thought "just where has my free day gotten to?" With his stomach grumbling at his moving off the bed and standing up, he looked for Spike in the living room.

     One hand rubbing his protesting belly, he sat on the couch next to the bleached blonde fingering the book he had stolen from Giles'. Another yawn and the thought that he wouldn't sleep too well tonight, he looked at the smaller man doing his best not to look back at him.

     "So, read the book did you? What does it say?" asked the sleepy young man.

     With a shrug of his shoulders at Xanders question, Spike handed the book already opened at the claiming chapter to the hand reaching out to take it from him. Waiting while the brunette read about what the book had to say, he moved to lean against the hot body beside him. Absently, the reading man grabbed at the cooler body against his and shifted in his seat so that they were both more comfortable. Gently running his fingertips up and down the smooth pale arm of the man beside him, Xander finished reading what little information the book had on claiming.

     " Well then. Doesn't look too good does it?" sighed the taller man into the white hair on the head that was currently tucked underneath his chin.

     Quick shake of the head from the vampire and he wondered again what the hell he was going to do. The chances of avoiding Riley and his mates for another four years was pretty impossible since one of his friends was currently dating one of the ex- soldiers. Sunnydale, though not really small, it was still small enough so that it was inevitable that they were going to run into each other again. He figured that he could move but the good job and friends that he had here, were things that he would miss and everyone would think that he was possessed if he just pulled up stakes and with the Bleached One in tow, just moved.

     He felt the shoulder of the vampire move. What he was doing, Xander didn't really know. A note was shoved into his face. Taking the note from the slim fingers, he read what was written in the scrawly black writing.

     " Move? I don't know about that, I mean where would we go? How do I explain to the others about why you are coming with me?"

     He could feel the small flare of excitement flicker at the thought of getting out of Sunnyhell. It was a good reason after all. Get out of town to avoid a group of people that were most likely going to hassle what was his for as long as they were still here. Yeah, it was a really good idea.

     " I could ask at work for a reference. I'm sure that Barney would give me one. There's pretty much nothing else we can do, is there?"

     Another shake of the blonde head and he felt a rising surge of excitement. Road trip, a very long road trip. Four year long road trip. It wasn't as if the others would even miss him that much. Buffy was too wrapped up in Captain America, slaying and college to do anything with him apart from the occasional video at Giles' place. Even then, it was usually delayed and put off most of the time due to either exams and avoiding the latest ending of the world business. As much as he loved Willow, she was also pretty into her Wicca studies and her little blonde friend.

     With the two witches powers getting better by the day, Xander was hardly ever needed by the slayer to help with the patrolling noways. Buffy just prefered to get the bad guys blasted with the two witches talents and then run in and do the actual slaying if anyone was left intact after the initial blast.

     Tummy rumbling, he thought of the ex-librarian. He was sure that Giles would think that he was both crazy and irresponsible. Crazy because he was leaving for the big wide world and irresponsible for taking a non verbal vampire away from under the slayers beady eyes. Yes, her eyes were beady, especially when she was trying to think.

     Big smirk on his face at that thought, he rubbed his nose in the soft hair. Excitement mounting, he shifted the vampire off his lap and stood. With eyes glowing at the very thought of finally blowing Sunnydale, he looked deep into the nervous blue orbs of the blonde man still sitting on the couch.

     " Yeah, I reckon we could do it. But first I have to find another job somewhere. Shouldn't be too hard, Barney has contacts all over." exclaimed the boy as he started pacing the room.

     Spike sighing a breath of relief also at the thought of getting away from the hell hole he was currently trapped in, watched as the younger male excitedly paced the room, reasoning with himself as to why he shouldn't move. This was good, this was really good. Maybe if they moved, it would give them both a fresh start. New friends for the boy, ones that wouldn't keep thinking him a immature youngster from high school when it was obvious he had matured. Ones that would appreciate him and not ignore him.

     If that was in store for the boy, then maybe he would be not so frightened to go out by himself if he knew that his attackers were no longer near enough to harass or hurt him. Maybe he could claim a bit of independence for himself or as much as Xander would allow him once they moved.

     " Sudden descion, but I'm sure we can pull it off" chatted the brunette as he plonked himself back onto the couch having finally convinced himself that he would do it. With one arm thrown around the cool shoulders, he pulled the smaller man towards him and looked once again into the bright blue. Everything stopped around him as he lost himself in the feeling that was present in the vampires eyes.

     Both sitting still as they stared at each other, Xander finally broke the stillness by leaning forward and with heart beating fast, gently placed his warm lips over soft cooler ones. With a body that had tensed as the brunette moved his head towards his, Spike was at first shocked when the warm kiss met his mouth. Never in a million years did he think that the whelp was going to go all the way and display this closeness. Sure, fucking him wasn't going to be a problem but the actual intimacy of this gesture was something that he had thought he would never receive.

     Leaning into the kiss, he opened his mouth slightly, letting the warm tongue gently probe its way into his coolness. The whelp was breathing heavily and he could smell the arousal stronger than it had ever been on him.

     ~ Well then, looks like its time to get the show on the road, so to speak. ~

     Butterflies in his stomach, he pulled away from the younger man, allowing him to breath. Heavy, dark eyes looked back at him from a flushed face.

     " I... I don't know why I did that, but I'm not sorry that I did. You're mine."

     The combination of nervousness, excitement and lust pouring off the younger man panting beside him was a heady mixture. He was himself nervous but he was also getting excited at the thought of what he knew was definitely going to happen tonight, he was still apprehensive about the whelps size. It was going to hurt no matter how easy the brunette tried to make it. His Sire had been long but he had made sure to take it slow until Spike had gotten used to it. That had been about the only kindness Angelus had showed him when it had come to the bedroom.

     He hoped that the whelp had the sense to take it slow, it was good when you got used to it. Sometimes it was really good as his Sire had shown him. Remembering positions and certain angles, he shuddered as a warm finger slipped into his mouth. Rolling his cool tongue around the large digit, he looked into almost black eyes as the boy licked his lips, emitting small groans of desire when Spike gave his finger the whole blowjob routine that he like to receive.

     "Spike, I want you now.....I want to be in you, I want to fuck you soooo bad" he moaned as his finger left the talented mouth and a hand reached below to cup his rock hard cock. With one hand wrapped around the soft strands of hair, he pulled the object of his lust closer towards him. Licking his lips, he could feel the excitement of the other man as he too leaned closer for another kiss. This time he didn't wait for Spike to let him in, he firmly pushed his way into the waiting mouth and sucked on the tongue hard. Feeling every groove of the other's mouth, he pulled out when he remembered that he had to breath.

     ~ Jesus! The whelp can bloody well kiss alright, want more now ~

     In an aggressive move that had Spike pinned firmly underneath the heavier man, Xander ran his tongue down the white neck, delighting in the shudders and soft moans that came as he lightly nipped at the flesh covering long dead veins.

     After he had been flipped underneath the youth, the vampire closed his eyes and enjoyed the feeling of a warm tongue running itself along his throat, gasping everytime he felt the blunt teeth nip at his flesh. He could feel the boys solid cock pressing into his thigh and he was pretty sure that the whelp could feel his own hard on as well. He didn't think that the boy would offer to take care of his cock, pretty much a usual thing in the adored/claimant bond.

     Xander could feel the other mans hard on pressing against his stomach as he lay ontop of the smaller man. He sure as hell wasn't going to do anything about it himself, it wasn't as if he was gay or anything. Switching his mind off, he let himself arch backwards as cool nimble fingers found his nipples and proceed to both rub and tug them into hard hot peaks.

     " Good, good...keep going,....oh just there" he exclaimed as the cool body wriggled underneath him so that his left nipple was being teased by a talented tongue. Anya had never done this to him before. Obviously Spike had talents left unexplored. Rubbing his hard cock against the tight stomach beneath him, he knew it was going to be soon if he didn't get up.

     Once standing, he looked at the sight before him. The vampire was sprawled over the couch in such a way it made his cock harder than he thought was possible. With his boxers flung accross the room, his weeping dick was free of the tight confines of cotton. Stroking his cock gently with one hand, he gestured with the other for the blonde to get the lube.

     The butterflies going berserk, the panting man reached into one of the plastic bags on the floor and pulled out the non scented, non flavoured tube of water based lube. Curious as to how this was going to go, he knew where everything was going to go, he was just unsure of what position he would be in.

     " Spread yourself over the couch" directed the almost bursting male. While he waited for the vampire to make himself comfortable, he was unsure as how to go about it. He was pretty thick and he didn't really want to hurt the other man. Upon seeing the pale globes present themsleves to him, he groaned and felt his cock twitch at the sight. Flipping the lid of the lube that Spike had handed to him, he shakily squeezed a small amount onto his hand.

     With the cold lube making his fingers sticky, he was sure that he had to do something to prepare the blonde for his leaping cock. Not really sure, he walked towards the arse staring at him and tried to recall some of the locker room talk he had overheard in his years of high school.

     The knowledge slamming into his mind as he recalled a particularly cock hardening conversation about a girl who liked it "that way", he slowly rubbed his non lubed hand over the smooth whiteness. Taking a breath, he dipped one finger into the lube and reached down to circle around the tight ring between the perfect buttocks. The tightness he felt through the muscles as he worked one finger into the coolness made him gasp and bite his bottom lip.

     " Oh god, tight,..I wont hurt you much, you know that. Just relax" he moaned as he slipped another finger into the clenching rosebud. Working his fingers slowly back and forth, he could feel the vampire relaxing into the fingering as the minutes ticked by. A slight shift in position from the man spread over the arm of the couch and he felt his fingers nudge against something inside. Startled at the jump of the blonde when his brushed against what he could only presume was the prostrate, he pulled both fingers out with a little wet sound.

     "I'm going to start, just relax" biting his lip, he coated what was left of the lube onto his weeping cock. With a step closer to the blonde, he could feel the head of his penis brush against loosened muscles. Deep breath and he pushed firmly into the shocking coolness of the other man.

     pike gasped in shock and pain as he felt his hole being stretched by the boys thick cock. Thank god he prepared me was the thought running through the pain as the boy slowly pushed more of his throbbing organ into his tightness. With the boy standing still, he tried to relax his muscles as much as possible but the feeling of the massive thickness made tears spring to his eyes. Blinking them away, he wriggled against the younger man to signal that he was as relaxed as he was ever going to be. The realisation that the whelp was only halfway in him made his head spin as he felt himself tearing inside. As the boy pulled out so that only the tip was inside, Spike clenched his fists in the cheap cushion material.

     "God! This is great, so tight" was the thought running through his mind as he couldn't help himself slam back hard into the bent over male. Hearing the soft yelp of pain, he tried to slow his hard thrusting. Unable to do it, he started to go faster and harder, the small groans and yelps speeding him on. With his balls starting to tingle, he pushed as hard as possible into the confining tightness ignoring the panting beneath him. Four hard slams later, he let out a roar as he filled the cool body with his hot cum.

     Feeling the hotness shoot its way up his arse and deep into his body, Spike groaned in both agony and pleasure as he came onto the couch, staining the material due to the friction of his cock rubbing against the couch arm, the agony was due to the boy pulling his spent cock out of his spasming hole. He had known it was going to hurt but even after a year of blowjobs, he hadn't really realised just how thick the whelps cock had been. He knew that he was bleeding and would do so until his body got used to this type of action again. Being turned a virgin, he would always have trouble getting used to cocks unless it was going to be everyday. He would always go back to being as tight as the day he was turned without regular fucking. Angelus had known that and had punished him sometimes by waiting for a few weeks and then ramming into him as hard as possible, knowing that it would cause great pain.

     " Shit, you're bleeding! I'm so sorry, I couldn't help it, wait there!"

     Xander ran to the bathroom and grabbed a cloth from the hand rail, wetting it under the running water, he raced back to the vampire still spread out over the couch arm. He gently wiped at the blood and cum rolling from out of the blonde. Once the smaller man was cleaned up,he cleaned the blood from his own cock. With the cloth thrown in the bin, he really didn't want to use it again, they both tiredly moved back towards the bedroom.


     Xanders point of view

     With the cool body of the vampire cradled in my arms, I'm thinking of what it would be like to blow this town permanently. It's true, what I thought before, my friends really don't need me anymore. I go out more with my workmates now than I ever see any of the people I relied upon in high school. Occasionaly we all get together for a video and popcorn at Giles' place, sometimes I take Spike along but I usually take it as an opportunity to escape the constant clinging prescence of the blonde.

     I don't mind too much him always around me as soon as I walk in the front door. Pretty much used to it but sometimes it drives me nuts and I feel that I just have to get away. Probably the reason that I go out with Barney, Jack, Willis and the others when I can.

     I will miss them almost as much as Buffy, Willow, Giles and the others that we have managed to pick up and incorporate into the goup along the way, hell, I might even miss Anya in a weird way. What it all boils down to, is that I have a responsibility and it is something that I take seriously. If I have to move away to be able to continue taking care of what is mine, then so be it. It doesn't really matter that the responsibility is a weepy bleached blonde vampire, now does it?

     It's weird though, at first all that mattered was getting him out of my basement and my bed back to myself. Just sort of got used to it all, didn't even think when we moved into the new apartment that he might not come with me. The fact that he did move in with me made me feel good, still didn't really like him though. I'm not sure what to feel about him now that we have actually "gone all the way", fucked, did the deed, that sort of thing. He still shits me when I ask him do something and he doesn't. I know that I shouldn't really slap at him but it's not like he's a woman or anything is it? I'm not like my father and just lash out without a reason. He's a vampire not a human. It wasn't really what I expected, it was definately a lot better. The tightness was brilliant, so much better than Anya, not that I ever did it like that with her. She wanted to try it but I felt weird doing it like that with her, not quite right.

     With Spike, it felt like it was finally all in place, it doesn't make me gay though. Just because I've done it with a guy doesn't mean that I am going to declare myself as out of a closet that I am not even in. How can I be gay if the receiving party is technically dead and a non verbal demon with limited demon skills? The male bit is soooo not a factor in this.

     Hadn't wanted to make him bleed though, just couldn't stop myself from going hard. The coolnes surrounding my dick was so different to the hot wetness of Anya, it just set me off, I think it actually made me harder if that was even possible. Have to admit that it was also the the quiet whimpering that made me go hard, made me feel hot. Not a nice thought that one, but I can't help replaying the little sounds he made while I was fucking him in my mind. Those gaspy pants and soft yelps when I slammed back into him.

     I can feel my dick starting to harden at the thought of those sounds.

     The blood scared me, I didn't think that he would bleed. I mean, he has done it that way before, it's not like he is an arse virgin. I've read those books that Giles' likes to think that he has hidden away from everybody, I don't think he knows that I have had my hands on them. Spike was Angelus' bed buddy for at least until he got his soul back and I don't think that Deadboy would have taken a "not tonight dear" excuse from him. Then there is the crypt thing with Riley and the rest of the arseholes. Sure, that was pretty much an overkill of the old arse banditry but it's not like he wouldn't have ever had it rough before.

     He is mine now and from now on it is going to be just me. Really don't want to share him with anybody. Hope that he doesn't bleed too much next time, I don't want to have to keep throwing away face washers. Not really cheap items and I really don't want to use them again after cleaning all that ick up.

     God, it's almost 6 am and I still haven't slept all that much. Might nudge blondie awake and have a morning glory while I am literally up. Barney keeps mentioning this old Australian friend down in New Orleans, I think I will ask him if there are any jobs going down there. Never been there before and I'm not sure if Spike has been there either. At least he can share in the driving with me.

     Mmmm, oh yeah. Just look at that arse. Definately going to morning glory it.


     Spikes point of view.

     I can feel his hard on nudging at me, it has been for about five minutes now. He is awake, I know because I can hear his heart beating at an awake rate. Probably going to fuck me again. Hope he isn't going to take me hard again, I'm only about half healed from last night. Doing it hard is just going to rip me open again, not that taking it slow with his size isn't going to do the same, just less tearing.

     Suppose that I'm going to have to get used to being a bottom in bed all over again. Haven't been a bottom since Angelus' got his poofy soul back and the crypt doesn't count, that was just plain old rape not me being a willing sub. Sure, I fought the Prince of Hair Gel many a time but I always knew that I would end up with his cock up my arse, the struggling just turned him on more. More or less was a normal part to the so called "foreplay" that us vamps have.

     I think that the whelp will sometime in the future like the whole domination game, he won't be a total sadist like my old Sire , but I know that the more I yelped in pain when he was driving into me before, the harder he was panting and his heartbeat was almost off the scale. Yeah, that turned him on alright. Don't ever see him raping me outright but I'm sure that if I ever said no to him, he would be pretty persuasive in getting me to change my mind.

     He wasn't too bad apart from his thick cock. I know by his clumsiness that it was the first time for him both with another male and doing it that way. Might have to start angling myself around his dick if he doesn't get a clue on how to make it pleasurable for the receiver sometime down the track. Should get him the new " Joys of Gay Sex", the updated version. Probably get a right royal slapping for that though, I mean how dare anyone think that he was gay! The kid has to be bi at least. You just don't lean over and plant a kiss on the male sitting next to you if you're not at least attracted a little and you sure as hell don't go back for seconds.

     Don't blame him for denying it to himself, I heard all those names his arsehole dad and uncle used to call him whenever he was cornered by either of them. Pansy, Faggot, Arse Bandit, Queer Boy, Pillow Biter and lots of others just as charming. Been bashed into him that he has to be a full on hetro. Girls still turn him on, I can smell it when he walks past a pretty young thing or a shop assistant tries to chat him up.

     Hasn't been out on a bloody date since I started blowing him and he really isn't taking too much notice when some bint turns on the charm. He is interested but not enough to go for it, can't blame him really, I do give great head.

     Well, looks like I am going for a ride in a minute, whelp is trying to stick his fingers up me. Stupid brat, no lube of course.

     Ow, ooowww, that fucking hurts. What does he think, that I'm not going to move away when there is no slippery stuff to make it easier for us both? Thank fuck for that, should have got up for it in the first place shouldn't he!

     Going to bleed again. What he has between his legs is no small package, going to take a good few weeks of a couple of fuckings a day to get me used to this again. Him being a young whelp, I really don't see the problem in this. If he stops for over a few days, almost a week, I'm just going to bounce back into the same original tightness. Vamp healing at it's best, great for the giver but not so great for the receiver. It has it's good points like I can feel everything a lot better than I would have if Mam had had her way and I had been made loose and then turned.

     The sight of the blood scared him, I could smell it on him. That's why he was so gentle I think. Cleaned me up and all, held me in bed until we both drifted off.

     Oh, lots better...mmmmm, definitely a lot better! Lube, good stuff when used right. One finger at the moment, nice....ooofff, keep going.

     Clenching my teeth together, I can feel him adding another finger so much larger than my own. Nice and slippery, yep, that's good.

     As I roll over onto my hands and knees, the boy is kneeling behind me, all the while with his two large fingers up my arse, loosening the muscles in preparation. Another finger and it's moving away from the slight discomfort and into the really starting to hurt now. Must be more tearing than I originally thought there was. I let out a soft yelp at his now rough sawing motion and as he slows it down, I can smell the arousal he is emitting getting stronger the more I pant. Almost ready then for the big boy.

     Ok, relax...think of something nice. Ooohhh, hurting! Hurting more now, Oh god, how the hell does a human have a cock like his? Oooffff, I can feel new tears in my arse. Thank god he's all in. Relax, stop clenching, stupid hole.

     Damn it! Stop yelping, it's just going to make him go harder like last time.

     Come on, you can take it. Just a human, just the one cock this time. With the whelps cock slamming into me again, I can feel the tears rolling down my face, this hurts. It hurts more than I can remember my Sire hurting me except when I was being punished. Maybe the fucking chip shorted out my pain centre too?

     Panting and whining, panting and yelping. Great way to not make it harder on myself.

     Aaahhh, lucky me! He finally hit my prostrate for the first time. Please finish soon, I want it to stop. Not sure if I can take any more. Too much.

     Oh god, the little shit is doing it hard again, I can feel the blood on my thighs. Yeah, this whelp has the beginnings of a dom written all over him if this is how it's going to be each time. Ok, ok, stop whining, he's going to cum any minute now. Prostrate again!! Just have to learn to take it again. Won't be so bad each time. Gotta get stretched out again. Don't think I will ever be stretched enough for his size but at least after a few more shags, it won't hurt as much.

     Nice, prostrate action. Ahhhhh, over now thank fuck. Ouch, pulling out hurts. I can feel the hotness inside me of his cum, all the way deep inside. Weird.

     He's gone to get another cloth to clean me up. Where does he think that I'm going to move to? Hurts a bit much to move at the moment. That feels good, the cool cloth. Stings a bit when it rubs at my hole.

     I turn my head away from him so that he doesn't notice my wet cheeks. Would probably set him off for the day if he noticed. The shower is going, should get up and get some breakfast. I think that we have got some weetbix in the cupboard, sure we bought some the other day? Hope he asks that Barney guy where some jobs are.

     Talked in what little sleep he did have about New Orleans, not sure if I want to go there, then again I wont really have much say in where we go will I? Should just be thankful that I haven't been thrown out into the "too hard" basket. All the others have, even Red and Mousegirl despite what they say and the fact that they sometimes take me shopping.

     Have to get up. Gotta clean up the rest of the cum that's coming out of me. Do a load of washing in the down stairs Laundromat. Thankfully its well sheltered all the way up and down to the smelly little room.

     Look at me, I'm off to have an exciting day of washing and then I get to sit at home and watch t.v. until the man whos screwing me gets home and then all I have to do is bend over for some dinner.

     Yep, good bye pet, have a nice day. Come home nice and tired so that it goes slow tonight, ok?

Once Bitten, Twice Shy Part 2

     "Pennington, sounds good but all the way in fucking Alaska?" Xander wondered as he drove home if he was just plain nuts. Sure, he wanted to move from Sunnyhell and he didn't mind moving states but countries was another thing altogether. When he had mentioned his problem to Barney that morning, only telling his burly friend that both himself and his not quite right cousin that was currently living with him were sick of Sunnydale and were looking for greener pastures, his foreman had been disappointed at the thought of losing both a fellow worker and someone that had turned into a good drinking buddy and friend.

     Having been looked at by the taller man curiously at his explanation, he had been told to leave it in the other mans hands. Lunchtime had rolled around and Barney had asked him to come into the office with him. He had briefly thought that he was going to get fired, just an irrational angst moment on his behalf from all his other previous experiences in being fired after going into numerous offices with numerous bosses.

     Barney had sat him down and handed him a list of about 6 jobs and the dates in which he could start. He hadn't known that his boss knew so many people in the trade. Two were in Mexico and he had discounted these straight away as he didn't know any Spanish, not having paid any attention in school to the required lessons in that language. One was in L.A. and that too had been waved away pretty much immediately. He didn't want to be anywhere near Angel and he knew that if he was near the older vampire, Giles would ask the dark haired male to keep an eye on him and worst of all Buffy would come to visit, bringing Riley along with her, therefore defeating the whole purpose of moving away.

     The fourth was provided by the Australian friend down in New Orleans but that wasn't available until almost four weeks away when one of the company workers was getting married and moving himself to Austria. The other two were ones in Alaska and Las Vegas. Both were available almost immediately, at the end of the week actually and Barney had promised him that his friends would keep the positions open for him for a few more days than the due closing date if he wanted one of them.

     Las Vegas didn't really appeal either but he supposed that it could be exciting. Alaska was a whole eternity away from Sunnydale. Pennington was an up and coming little town that had just opened a new lumbermill, restaraunt, supermarket and now boasted a large bright and shiny mall. All to compliment the new housing estates that were going up around the area.

     With a sigh, Xander supposed that Las Vegas was closer and that he would still be in the United States at least. But the thought of getting away into a whole new country was really growing on him. Four years in a nice little country town with lots of flannel wearing lumberjacks.

     He had been told to think about which one to take when he told his boss of his difficulty in making a choice between the two of them. Barney had laughed at him, telling him that he didn't expect him to make a decision right there and then. When he had asked the older man which one he would go for himself, Xander had been told that personally, he would go for the Alaskan one over the Las Vegas gig due to the newness of the whole thing. Las Vegas was notorious for business's going bust and restarting almost the next day with borrowed mob money. There would be no guarantee that if it happened to the company Xander worked for, that he would be able to get his job back at the same company and he really didn't want the younger man to get mixed up in anything.

     "Where the hell would I get blood for Spike?" mused the tired brunette as he pulled into the parking spot reserved for his apartment. Still, it would be a country town and how much trouble could one human and one mute vampire get into by themselves. There was a major town only an hour and a half away from Pennington. The only down side to that fact was that the majorness of the town meant that it was smaller than Sunnydale but not by much he had been assured by Barney. He had rung back his contact when he was sure that Xander was seriously considering the Alaskan town.

     A few more details later and the idea really had started to grow on him with a vengeance. He had actually been asked by the foreman if his cousin wanted a job as well, apparently there was an abundance of positions going. They were having trouble filling them due to the fact that it was in Alaska. What was meant by that comment, Xander didn't really know and hadn't cared.

     With a loud slam of the rusting car door, he wondered wether his car would make it to another town let alone another country. It would take lots of driving by both him and the bleached blonde to get there but it was a comforting thought that they would both be away from the ex-soldiers. He didn't want anything to do with Riley now, not a thing. He knew of two others on Spikes list, Graham and Martinez. He had had a few conversations with Graham and had actually liked the tall man, Martinez, he had only spoken to twice but had nodded to him when they had passed each other in the street. Who the other two were, he had no idea, Corey and the question mark that even Spike didn't know.

     Giving the key a vicious twist in the apartment front door lock, he wondered whether Anya would like to take up the lease on the place, hopefully placating his soon to be pissed landlady. The sound of a Passion re-run came to greet him as he pushed the door open, stepping through, he saw the vampire engrossed in his favourite program.

     " Hey Blondie, What's happening? Felice leave Damien for Lane? Did Janet have a boy or a girl?"

     Tired, he plonked himself on the couch next to the vampire and watched the closing credits with the totally engaged man. It wasn't as if the blonde hadn't already seen this episode, the show was run twice a day much like that strange Australian show, Neighbours in England. Spike had spouted off numerous times about the "friggin shit of a show" to know that it should only be Passions that should be shown twice a day and nothing else. Smile on his face as he recalled the tantrum that always erupted when he said the word "Neighbours", he pulled the smaller man onto his lap.

     Spikes cool body in his lap was giving his crotch ideas. The morning glory he had put into use earlier on that day had been hard and fast. He hadn't meant to make the blonde bleed again, just that once again he couldn't stop himself from going for it. He had been feeling slightly guilty at the thought of getting off on the vampires pain all day and had stopped at the mall on the way home. With not much change from twenty dollars, he had purchased one of Revlons latest colour nail polishes, a fresh bottle of nail polish remover and a bag of cotton wipes. Spike hated cotton balls, writing him that the tiny fibres marred his freshly done polish so now only cotton wipes would do.

     Weird quirk for a vampire but it was pretty harmless and Xander really didn't mind indulging the blonde with it. Bag ripped open, he waved the new bottle of polish in front of the vampire.

     "Look, Lagoon Blue!" teased the brunette. Indicating that the smaller man should start taking off his old polish, he moved the vampire off his lap and walked into the kitchen, opening the freezer section of the fridge, he pulled out a microwave meal. Too tired to cook a real meal for himself, he also pulled out a blood bag. With the smell of polish remover wafting through the small apartment, he wondered whether he should sell his furniture and buy new secondhand stuff or hire a u-haul and tow it all to wherever he was going.

     The bond he would get back from his landlady would be used up on petrol and food along the way and although he did have some savings in the bank, he hadn't been able to save much due to the fact that he fed and clothed two on a wage for one.

     The sounds of the whelp bustling around in the kitchen assaulted the blondes ears. Busy wiping off his old chipped polish of Lancome Midnight Blue that Xander had gotten him after a slapping a few months ago, Spike wondered if the boy had talked to his boss.

     ~ Would really like to move very soon pet. What the hell made him choose this one ~

     A twist of the cap with his now unadorned fingertips, he looked closely at the colour. Tentatively, he wiped a small line across his thumbnail and waited for it to dry to its true colour. Maybe it would need two coats, but usually Revlon polishes were pretty thick and only needed one. Briefly he wondered whether the boy was going to paint his nails for him again like he had when gifted with the other polish a few months ago.

     ~ Hmmm, not bad a colour. Give the whelp credit in the colour choosing department, hasn't really picked a bad one yet. Pity it takes a bit of pain for me to get something though. ~

     Snorting to himself at the self pity that went coursing through his body, he proceeded to paint the rest of his nails as the boy hadn't specifically told him not to. Cool breath blowing over the freshly done nails and he could smell his dinner as the microwave pinged. Lips thoroughly licked, he reached up to take the warm mug from the boy as he sat next to him, balancing a lasagne on his lap.

     Dinner eaten quietly and quickly while the t.v. dramatised the events of the day, the demon looked at the boy while in game face and wondered what was making the boy nervous and excited at the same time. He knew that it couldn't be the sex to come later on that night as the boy now didn't have a reason to be nervous. Fingers drumming upon the black clad thighs, Spike waited for the boy to make an announcement of some sort. The plate and cutlery clattering against the coffee table, Xander turned to look at the gamefaced demon sitting beside him finishing his own type of dinner. Spike usually sipped slowly at his mugs of blood now that it was the only time that he went into gameface. He liked to savour the moment, so to speak. After living with the vampire for so long, it didn't bother xander anymore.

     With his throat cleared with a slight cough, he waited for the vampire to put down his empty mug on the table that his socked feet were resting upon. The blondes attention focused fully on the brunette.

     " So. How do you feel about Alaska?"

     ~ What the bloody fuck does he mean by that? Why do I get the impression that I should have taken notes last time I watched Deliverance?

     Shocked blue eyes looked into humorous dark brown ones and both wondered if the young boy had gone completely mad.


     With his legs swinging back and forth, Spike was trying to ignore the inner voice that was telling him to go back to the apartment and wait for Xander to come home from the supermarket. As he sat on the broken swing in the little park down the street from his place of residence, he turned his thoughts to what had caused the huge bruise currently blooming across his pale left cheek.

     ~ Jesus, all I did was helpfully point out to the whelp that Alaska was one of the States of America, didn't think it would cause a fucking slapping fit ~

     Xander had come home the night before all excited and had mentioned Alaska to the vampire. Shocked at first, the boy's excitement had eventually rubbed off onto the older male. With the brunette telling him all that he had learnt from Barney, not actually being much, he had thought of how far away he would be from the soldiers and the sodding scooby gang, not to mention his prick of a Sire. When he had nodded at the taller man in agreement to the plan, he had been rewarded with a long hot and steamy pashing session that had eventually landed them both in bed. The whelp had actually taken it a lot slower that time. Still bled but not really enough to worry about. He had managed to hit the prostate pretty much each time he had thrust into the vampire causing the blonde to cum himself without the need for friction.

     A look around the park and up at the stars shining down through the clear night sky, Spike climbed off the creaky swing and went to sit on the small set of iron monkey bars next to the empty sandpit. He had had a good day at home while waiting for the boy to come home with some more information about where they were going to move. On Passions, his favourite character had given birth to a girl and the show's trouble maker, Bethany, had caused trouble by stealing the baby. Smiled hard at that, had even laughed when writing the whelp what had happened. Xander had teased him by telling him that he supposed Spike had been happy at the baby stealing. He hadn't denied that fact at all.

     All blew up of course when the boy had been telling him about his new position in the great country of Alaska. With soft grunting laughter, he wrote the boy of the fact that Alaska was a State, not another country. The look on the face of the brunette had been priceless and he had continued to laugh until it registered that the other man wasn't laughing with him. A few minutes later found him curled on his side, face and body hot from the heavily delivered slaps and punches, the younger man towering over him with a foot firmly planted on either side of his shaking body.

     Words screamed at him in a black rage. What an arsehole he was, how ungrateful, how dare he laugh, not everybody could be like Giles or Willow so fucking stop laughing. Words punctuated with a few kicks to his ribs. First time he had been kicked by the whelp.

     The angry male had spat out that he was going to the supermarket before he really started getting nasty. How much nastier the boy could get, Spike really didn't want to know. With the door not locked so that he couldn't get out, the blonde had taken advantage of it and had limped down to the small park to just get away for a little while. He liked the park, it being close enough to home so that he didn't have panic attacks when he went down by himself sometimes when Xander went out drinking with his work mates.

     ~ Going to get it worse if I don't get back before him. Major hissy fit in the works tonight. Probably hit tomorrow night ~

     Having only been in the park for less than an hour, Spike knew that the boy would be back in around another hour. Content to just sit and take in the view, something that he had never really done before the chip not even with Dru in one of her more lucid moments, he really didn't take any notice of what was going around him. Didn't notice the two men who had followed him from the apartment that they had been watching for a few nights. Didn't know that they were sitting downwind from him not very far at all.

     They were sitting as far away from him as they could while still being able to see him. Not that hard on such a clear night with the great moonlight. Using military hand signals, Martinez and Corey talked to each other while finishing their beers. They couldn't believe that the vampire hadn't spotted them yet and they were waiting until he did before making a move on him. They had noticed the way the blonde limped down to the park and they had certainly taken notice when the Harris kid had stormed out to his car.

     The three of them continued to sit in their places, one completely oblivious and the other two waiting to pounce and maim something that they both hated intensely. With a shift of his legs on the monkey bars, Spike copped a good whiff of the air surrounding him. Not taking any notice to begin with, he turned his head to the opposite direction and whined inwardly when he recognised the two scents that he feared the most. Martinez and Corey.

     ~ Bloody fuck! What am I going to do? They're going to be on me the moment I move. ~

     Trying to sit as still as possible, he fought down the rising nausea and tears at the stupidity of being caught alone in a deserted park. Not even a lit car park had stopped them from copping a feel, what was going to stop them from raping him again?

     ~ Oh god, Xander I'm so sorry. Please come and find me. I promise I won't do anything so stupid again, please hurry and get back and come looking for me ~

     Knowing that this would be the first place the younger man would look for him when he was to be found missing from the apartment, Spike started to pant in nervousness. He hoped that the soldiers couldn't hear him, feeling the tears break free as he sniffed the air again recognising the bitter smell of beer intermingled with anger and arousal.

     Eyes snapped shut as he heard the scuffing of leaves steadily increasing towards him, the beer scent drifting over before he caught the sound of two heartbeats only paces behind him. The arousal was roiling off Martinez, Corey only slightly behind him in the horny stakes. With the smell causing him to pant harder,he continued to sit still on top of the monkey bars with his back turned towards the drunk men.

     ~ Where are you Xander, please, please come and find me. I want to go home. ~

     Squealing in both pain and fright as he was wrenched from the monkey bars, landing upon his sore ribs on the hard ground, he lay on his back looking up at the two men standing over him, slugging back what little beer they had left.

     " See Corey, told you he was turned on that time in the car park, listen to him pant, he sooo wants us to fuck him again " slurred the hardening Martinez.

     " Don't want to screw the prick just yet, lets soften him up, get him nice and pretty like he was the first time" Corey replied with a kick to the crying mans stomach.

     Tears pouring down his face, Spike grunted as the heavy boot connected with his t-shirt clad stomach, dry retching from the blow, he tried to crawl away from the two laughing men as they continued to kick him wherever they could land a heavy boot. Arms around his head, protecting his chipped side, he lay on the ground in the hope that if he just took it, they might lose interest or just beat him unconscious.

     After a few solid kicks to the small of his back, the vampire felt hands wrap themselves in his bleached hair. Shaking in pain and fright, he was dragged by Corey to one of the two park benches that were situated by the park fence. With grunts and soft squeals, Spike was struggling for all he was worth, praying for his claimant to hurry up and find him.

     The hands of Martinez were running over his backside as he was pushed onto his knees, upper body forced to lean over the thin planks of wood. Not satisfied, Corey settled his heavy frame on the coolness of Spikes back, squashing the smaller mans chest into the uncomfortable bench. Knees on either side of the vampires body, Corey wriggled around on the back before sitting firmly, facing Martinez as the other soldier finished undoing the the belt and fly holding the black jeans up.

     ~ No, no, no not again, please stop. You don't have to do this. I'm moving, you'll never see me again. You can forget all about me. Please stop ~

     Hissing in pain as a large blunt finger was shoved into his clenching hole, he shook his head from side to side, wondering if he had a please abuse me sign tattooed upon his forehead. What was it that made everyone want to fuck him rough ?

     With a shudder at the feel of the finger being withdrawn, he whined at what he knew was going to come next. Or at least what should have come next if Xander wasn't on top of Corey beating at him with both fists while trying to keep the other soldier at bay at the same time. Now free, Spike grasped at his belt and quickly did up his jeans. A deep breath, and he smashed at the thin planks of the park bench, ready to throw the plank towards his claimant when the opportunity presented itself.

     The brunette was going pretty much mental, yelling at the older men to just fuck off and leave what was his alone. He wasn't going too badly against the other two by himself. Obviously all the nights patrolling and helping Binty slay was paying off and the muscle he had put on because of his job was handy as well.

     ~ Come on pet, get the fuckers. Kill them, rip them apart limb by limb. No mercy luv! ~

     Wincing when he saw the brunette get his legs kicked out from under him so that the younger man landed with a thud onto his back, he was distracted by a car pulling to a halt at the park entrance. With a hope that it wasn't the arseholes mates, he looked at the three men leaping out of the car in fear only to have it replaced with relief when he recognised Barney and two others of the whelps work mates.

     Barney, Willis and Jack ran towards the downed boy who was currently being kicked and punched by the more skilled men. Roaring their displeasure at the sight of one of their work mates being overpowered in an unfair fight, the three burly men leapt into the melee, eager to pay back someone who dared pick on one of their own. The drunk soldiers never really knew what hit them with the mass and strength of a train. Martinez literally bounced off Barney's large frame, allowing the balding foreman to get the mexican in a steelgripped bearhug, squeezing the younger man with all his might till he heard the other man start gasping for breath.

     Jack and Willis pulled Corey off Xander, alternately punching the soldier with large meaty hands and asking if the gasping younger man on the ground was ok. Xander wearily got up and promptly kicked Corey between the legs as hard as he could much to the delight of Spike who had run up with the plank of wood still in his grasp. Seeing that Corey was pretty much taken care of, too hurt and winded to make a sound as he rolled on the ground with Xander kicking him in the ribs, the vampire turned his attention to Barney and the gasping for breathe Martinez still pinned in the huge arms of the foreman.

     Smile beaming across his face, ignoring the pain it was causing and doing nothing to dispel the story of being "not quite right" that Xander had told his work mates, Spike waved the plank in Xanders direction indicating to the boy that he should bash Martinez with all the strength that he had left. With a wave of his hand, the tired brunette told the vampire to drop the plank as Barney head butted the dark haired male in his grasp after being repeatedly kicked at by the man struggling for air. Dropped on the ground by the large man, the soldier wheezed and gasped for the reviving air. Xander stomped over and started kicking at the man rolling on the ground. After a few well placed kicks also to the groin, Willis stopped the angry boy from going too far.

     Spike was sore but it was being overridden by happiness at two of his attackers finally being beaten and him having been lucky enough to see it. Unable to stop himself from hugging the younger man tightly, they both yelped at their respective sore ribs. Barney looked at them both and gestured for them to walk to the car with Willis and Jack. They were given a lift home with Xander inviting them in for a beer and an explanation.

     Xander told the three men that moving away was partially due to the two men in the park and their three other friends. Jack and Willis sat on the couch while Barney was on one of the kitchen stools with Xander on the old beanbag, Spike sitting next to him on the floor. All sipping at the cold beer that the blonde had handed around, Jack told them that they had stopped at the apartment to see if they wanted to go out for one last beer at the local before they moved away. Not being any answer to the loud knocks, they had given up and drove past the park, slowing down to stare at the fight happening. It had been only chance that Willis had recognised Xanders cousin and the fact that the brunette, when he had gone down on his back, he had turned his face towards the road.

     The moonlight had made it clear enough to see his face. Thanking them all profusely, Xander hated to think of what would have happened if his friends hadn't come by when they did. Spike sure wouldn't have been able to do anything. Barney asked Xander why he was being picked on by the two men in the park. The smaller blonde had flinched at the question, something that didn't go unnoticed by the the other men in the room.

     Jack asked if it was something to do with his cousin being a bit "special". Spike scowled at that while the young man had blushed and nodded, saying that until the five had made it their personal agenda to thump at his cousin at every opportunity they could, knowing that the slender male wouldn't fight back, it hadn't been a problem and that he still didn't know why they had chosen his cousin to pick on.

     More beer gotten out of the fridge by Spike, the conversation turned to what Alaska would be like, really weird weather, strange odd people, wilderness and lots of flannel. Laughter bounced off the walls at some of the stories that were shared around. Xander felt his heart constrict at the thought of leaving these good friends he had made, he was sure that he would make another set of good mates in Pennington but these were actually the first set of friends he had made outside of the scooby group so they were something special. With the work next day looming close, goodbyes were said all round, Spike smiling and nodding at the claps on the back by people heedless to the bruising.

     Didn't really matter he thought after what they had done for the whelp.


     "You're what? With who?" exclaimed the six stunned people sitting in the ex-watchers living room.

     "Moving to Alaska with Spike!" replied Xander, resisting the urge to giggle at the astounded expressions that Anya, Giles', Willow, Tara, Buffy and Riley had plastered on their faces.

     He was the only one standing in the cluttered room, everyone else having sat down pretty fast after his announcement. He just thanked god for the opportunity that Anya had presented him with. Originally, everyone had been invited to the G-Man's place at the behest of both the ex-demon and her employer. Well, now newly announced boyfriend, according to them both.

     Apparently all had gone well the night of Xander's little theiving exercise even after Anya's initial disappointment with the fact that Fantasia wasn't a porno movie. Giles, while trying to explain the concept of the movie to her, had finally given into the girls demands for a porno after a few drinks of the strong whisky that he had hidden away from the time when Spike had been living with him. Both had gotten pretty tiddly on the stuff, done lots of interesting things according to Anya. That said with a surrounding chorus of "icks" and "we don't want to know", the feelings of lust hadn't gone away the next morning, completely overriding the hangovers.

     All said with the new couple arm in arm, Xander thought that now everyone he wanted to tell and one he wanted to castrate and let bleed slowly to death were in the room anyway, he might as well use the opportunity to tell his friends about his plans. The fact that it was now Wednesday night and he planned to be gone by the following Thursday, he knew that he had to tell them pretty much now.

     Jerking back to reality when he felt Giles' gently shake his arm, he looked at the older man questioningly. The ex librarian repeated the question of had Xander gone mad. With a shake of his head, the boy explained that he was bored with Sunnydale and had been given an opportunity to make more money in Alaska than he could situated where he was. Taking the vampire with him would only ease their burdens.

     Everyone nodding at that piece of wisdom, he was asked by Buffy if he was sure that he didn't want her to just stake the blonde anyway. Xander, thankful that he had left Spike in the care of Barney, shook his head and explained that the other man would come in handy for taking turns driving up there. Toss of the head and a quick pat down of invisible dust on her new sweater, Buffy agreed, stating that as long as the idiot was gone, she really didn't care what happened to him.

     Inwardly seething when he saw how quick the blonde soldier was in agreeing with his girlfriend, he came to the sudden realisation that what had happened in the crypt so long ago probably hadn't been Riley's idea at all. It had been something suggested and Riley being so used to not having to think for himself, letting the army do it for him and now Buffy, had probably just jumped at the idea of spending time with his old mates and hadn't been fussed with what it entailed.

     If he was right, that meant someone else in the group had been the ringleader. Shoving the thought to the back of his mind, Xander tried to be calm and patient at all the questions being fired at him. Answering them the best he could, he could feel himself getting agitated.

     "Alaska, Spike and Me, that's it!" sighed the annoyed boy. Then Giles' asked the one question that he had been unable to answer himself, where to get blood for Spike?. Shoulders shrugged at that, Giles' looked at the young man in worry. It was obvious that it was a spur of the moment decision. He could see that no matter what reasoning was brought up, the decision to go had been made and there would be no turning back. The older man was happy for the boy, happy that he would finally get out and experience the world. Not really on his own of course, at least he would have a bit of company with him. Asking where abouts in Alaska got him the answer of near Fairbanks.

     "Oh, I know where that is, it's the second largest city. Anchorage is the largest" piped up Willow, getting over the shock that had so far held her speechless. Tara, holding her hand in a death grip, shyly nodded at her girlfriends statement. She could feel the redhead getting upset about her best friend moving away from her.

     With more confidence now that Willow had spoken, Tara softly asked if Willy would know from his connections where around Fairbanks, blood could be bought.

     "I'll go right down there now and beat it out of him" declared a not really caring blonde Slayer. She thought that Xander leaving wouldn't really affect the patrolling, not having needed him in months apart from a bit of research for the usual monthly "end of the world" alert. The vampire being gone would just be a bonus. She figured that she would miss Xander for a bit but then again they had been growing apart in the last year, him having other friends and her having a great studmuffin to devote herself to.

     Giles agreed with the idea apart from the violence bit and asked about the apartment and if he was going to haul everything up with him. Telling the interested gathering that the company he was going to work for pretty much provided their workers sparsely furnished one or two bedroom log cabins at a low rent, he said that he had talked to his landlady who was glad that he was leaving because now she could put the rent up. The furnishings of his apartment were going to be sold if they could or just given away. He had already faxed a list of items that he wanted to be waiting for him at his new address to the company.

     The company provided a settling service that helped get things in order for new workers, easing the stress of moving. Xander had been told by Barney that they did this in reality before the new workers arrived due to the fact that if the buying of necessary items was done after people arrived, things like mattresses, chairs and even pillowcases took up to 5 weeks to arrive at their required destination. As it was, Xander had been told that the list he had ordered, he was pushing it with the time factor.

     After about another hour of continued questions from the friends, Giles' indicated that he wanted everyone to go by just asking them to. Anya, to everyones horror including the ex-librarians, had agreed stating that she could now do with some pleasuring. Snickering to himself, the brunette was glad for the new couple but he just couldn't bring himself to feel sorry for the older man. Giles' had certainly had seen what his girlfriends skill at tact was like before her precious little gem of a statement.

     With the knowledge of just how blunt his ex girlfiend could get, he said his goodbyes promising not to leave without seeing everyone again. Tiredly he got into the car, started the engine and strapped himself in. He still had to get Spike from Barneys place, he hadn't been about to leave the vampire by himself. He didn't trust the soldiers not to try anything again. Worried sick at the thought of leaving the blonde alone all day while he was at work, he had paid one of his neighbours to let the smaller man stay with them until he came to pick him up again. Mrs Naptha was an old Italian widow who didn't really speak English and had been happy to look after the surprisingly non-protesting vampire. Xander had left Spike in the company of an Italian babbling woman who had been happier at the thought of spending time with someone who wouldn't interrupt her "back in the old day" stories than she had been with the money offered.

     He had been fairly certain that the soldiers wouldn't try anything with another person around especially a much loved and respected old woman.

     A glance at his watch told him it was around 9.30pm. Hand run through his hair as he pulled up outside his foremans place, the tired boy got out of the car and walked to the large white door. Bell rung, he waited for Barney or his wife, Loretta to answer the door. The door opened to reveal the dark haired mumu wearing wife of his boss. Invited in, he walked behind the short round woman and into the pride of the house, the sports room. Spike and Barney were sitting on the tattered couch, both nursing beers while watching the latest footy match sent over to him from Australia.

     Barney had explained one day after work that he had become devoted to Aussie Rules during enforced re-runs when he had lived with his New Orleans mate years ago.

     Seeing that while the balding man was enthusiastically shouting at the white attired umpires, Spike was almost comatose in what indicted extreme boredom. Guilt wafted quickly over the brunette at forcing the vampire into watching what he thought was "crap", he cleared his throat, a flutter going through him when the anxious blue eyes turned to him, literally begging him to get the blonde out of there as quickly as possible. With a smile and liberal thanks for the Spike sitting, which Barney hadn't minded as he had a soft spot for "special" people, the two males made their excuses not to stay and headed home.

     On the way back to the apartment, Spike was filled in with what had happened at the ex-watchers house. Both laughing at some of the questions asked and what Xander had said in reply, the brunette told the smaller man that tomorrow night, he would be telling his parents and uncle where he was going. Not wanting to push Barneys good nature, he explained to the vampire, that as it was only going to be a quick visit to his old house, the blonde could wait in the car while he got shouted at.


     Stomping out of his parents house with the sound of laughter still ringing in his ears, the upset boy wrenched open the car door and thumped down into the drivers seat. Hands gripped around the steering wheel as hard as possible, Xander sat staring at the road in front of him.

     "Why is it, that no matter what I do, nothing is ever good enough for them?" whispered an upset young man to his blonde companion.

     ~ Shouldn't worry pet, you won't see them for a few years now. Know how you feel though, Angelus was the same. Never did anything right for that prick either ~

     With a hesitant hand, Spike reached over and softly patted at the younger mans shoulder. A larger hand reached up to grip tightly at the smaller cool one. Sitting together quietly for a few minutes, Xander started the engine and pulled away from the kerb with a screech of the tires. Heading home using the back routes, he continued to grip the slender fingers in his right hand. Absently he rubbed his thumb backwards and forwards over the cool soft flesh.

     It had started off pretty good. Both his parents had been fairly sober and his uncle was barely comatose when he had arrived after dinner. He had left the vampire in the car, not wanting to leave him alone until after they arrived in Alaska. Mrs Naptha had been overjoyed the Spike was staying at her apartment again and had prattled on about biscuits for the slender blonde. Apparently Spike needed a good hard feeding in her opinion. She didn't even mind the smaller mans phobia to sunlight. In her broken English, she had made a joke that with the curtains closed for the past few days, her friends probably thought that she had a new male companion. Xander had laughed at the vampires mortified expression and left him to the company of the already cooking woman with a blown kiss and a wink.

     After picking him up from Mrs Naptha complete with a huge tin of home made biscuits that the old woman promised to send to Alaska for them, they had driven over to his parents house to see if they could be caught somewhat sober and non-violent. Leaving the vampire in the car, he had been surprised at the small levels of alcohol already consumed by the three. Lots of small talk later, he had dived into the subject of his moving. Stunned expressions all round at first, he had waited for the questions to begin.

     His father had slowly started laughing, his mother joining in after a minute or two. His parents had sat there, stating in between great gusts of humour, that he was too useless for the hard living of Alaska, he wouldn't last two weeks, not smart enough. Uncle Rory had woken up and asked what was so funny. His mother told him and he too joined in the derogatory commenting of the young man. What had sent him off outside was the comment that they weren't going to pay for his body to be flown back when he was bashed to death for being a Homo.

     Back to reality now that the car had somehow parked itself in the usual spot, he shook his head at the remembered comments thinking that he shouldn't have gotten upset at what he had copped pretty much all his life. Living away from them all had however coloured his world rose. Glancing down into his lap, he saw that he still gripped the smaller hand with his larger hotter one.

     "Come on Mr Naptha, lets go inside. Need some chocolate, lots of chocolate. The good stuff I think."

     With a scowl at the name, Spike squeezed the warm hand and climbed out of the car, following the younger man up to the apartment. Door opened, tv flicked on and the sounds of rustling in the fridge as Xander rummaged around looking for his white mousse lindor chocolate balls. Blood packet for Spike and he was set for brooding. The blonde sat on the couch smelling the warm blood coming towards him. Mug handed to him, he slowly sipped at the salty mixture, only mildly frowning at the now accustomed taste of the pigs blood. Nose twitching at the aroma of the premium white chocolate being unwrapped by the now not so upset boy, he held out his half empty mug towards the munching brunette in the hopes of getting at least one of the enticing little balls.

     " Oh, errkk! That is just so gross, I cant believe you want me to put one of these pure bliss balls in that mug of yuck!" said the already unwrapping Xander. With a plunk, the white chocolate was dropped into the mug, melting into the red that was still warm enough to do it. White swirling into the red, making it a lovely pink colour, Spike sipped at the mixture.

     "Bloody Hell! That is just brilliant, the best thing since sliced bread and intestines for tinsel. No wonder the whelp likes these so much! ~

     Watching the look of bliss cross the vampires game face, Xander laughed as the blonde made small sounds of contentment then annoyance as he finished what was in his mug. One ball shoved into the startled vampires mouth, the younger man leaned over and kissed the smaller man hard, forcing his tongue into the others mouth, tasting the unmelted chocolate filling the coolness. A few body shifts later saw the blonde straddling the lap of the brunette, sitting with both knees either side of the taller man, facing the flushed youth.

     Shirt opened, Spikes hands working their way underneath the t-shirt towards the hot nipples, Xander shuddered as he felt the cool fingers start to tease the nubs into hard peaks. Cock hard, he let the smaller man continue to alternately pinch and rub the sensitive nipples. The boys shirt tugged off between them both, Spike helped lift off the t-shirt over out stretched arms. Tongue slowly licking at the right nub, he circled his cool index finger around the left.

     He could feel the hardness underneath him, a few grinds of his hips later earned him a hard possessive kiss, almost a bite to his panting mouth. The whelp had gone slow the previous night and this morning so that he hadn't bled, however with the amount of arousal pouring off the boy, he was sure that it was going to be hard and fast this time. Now that he was stretched out a bit more, he was looking forward to it, still a bit hesitantly but looking forward to it all the same. More grinding down into the hot hardness beneath him and he was ordered to get off and strip. Fast. Virtually ripping his clothes off in a hurry to please the whelp, the vampire once naked, ran to the bedroom to get the lube left on the night stand beside the bed.

     Xander was so hot, he thought that he was going to melt. He knew that it couldn't possibly have been the rushed striptease that the blonde had presented him with. It was the chocolate coursing through him that had him all pantylike of course, not the slim toned body, the chocolate. Not waiting for the vampire to get back and help undress the rest of him, he got up and kicked off his shoes into opposite corners of the living room. Hearing the banging around in the bedroom, he knew that the lube was being looked for while he struggled out of his now too tight jeans and boxers. Face flushed, he sat back down on the couch just as the smaller male raced back with the almost empty lube tube.

     Cock aching at the thought of the vampire sitting on his lap facing him, Xander patted at his lap, indicating to the other male just how he wanted it to go this time.

     ~ God, I hate it when I have to see faces. Don't want to piss him off though, don't want to do it this way.~

     Impatiently, the brunette grabbed at the still standing blonde beside him and manouvered him into the spot on the couch beside him. A large hand placed a smaller cooler one around the throbbing cock between the larger mans legs. Spike firmly ran his hand up and down the hot length, gently thumbing the weeping slit to coat the dick with precum, making it slick. With the moaning of the whelp beside, he thought of how to get out of that particular position. He reasoned with himself that at least, he wasn't on his back being fucked like a woman. Something that he hated even his Sire doing. A few licks to the hot head and he felt his head being held down in that position, not being able to do anything but continue to lick and suck at the swollen organ.

     ~ If the whelp wants it that way, maybe I can just sit on his cock but facing the other way, compromise, that sort of thing ~

     " Christ Spike, if you don't stop now, I'm going to come like you wouldn't believe" panted the overheated young man. "I want to do that thing, you know, sitting on me."

     The head under his hands nodding, he released the blonde to enable him to get up and sit himself on the lightly haired thighs, only he was facing the wrong way.

     " Uh, I actually want to see you this time, face me" ordered the brunette. The unhappy look on the vampires face pretty much said it all. Lips licked, the younger man ignored the look on the face of the other man and reaching around with one lube covered finger, started to prepare the slightly loosened muscles. The tightness still astounded him, how could the vampire stand to have his cock up there? He felt looser than before but he figured that it would always be pretty tight no matter how loose he finally did get. That thought made his cock jump, brushing the smaller man's semi erect penis. With both males gasping at the pleasure that the one small contact brought to them, Xander, at the same time, worked another finger into the relaxing muscles and pulled the cool body closer to him. Both cocks now rubbing against each other as Spike wiggled back against the fingers firmly embedded in his arse, Xander pulled the blondes head down for a hot wet kiss, sucking on the cool tongue, nibbling the soft pale lips.

     Dark brown eyes looked into bright blue, nodding that he was now pretty much ready, the still unhappy blonde felt the large fingers leave his body with a slippery pop. Small hand reaching around behind him, he leant forward kissing the heavily panting dark haired male. Not quite being able to do what the younger man wanted, he indicated that the brunette would have to slide down in his seat for the other man to be able to sit on the whelps cock. Almost throwing the smaller man off his lap in the hurry to slide down as requested, Xander was just about ready to cum from the contact of the cool penis on his own much hotter one. The vampire was now more or less sitting on the brunettes abdomen, reaching around behind himself once again, he sighed thinking that if he closed his eyes, he wouldn't have to see the whelp staring at him.

     With the head of his cock brushing against the arse of the male sitting on him, Xander moaned in pleasure as he felt the tip of his dick being introduced to the cool confines of the blonde. Feeling the smaller man slightly raise himself, he bit his lip when with little pushing motions, the vampire finally sat firmly on his cock.

     " Oh my god! No, don't move just yet! Just sit for a moment" groaned the almost cuming man, fingers digging into the slim hips as he knew that any slight movement would just set him off and he wanted to savour this. This was one of his favourite positions, he could tell that the vampire hated this one but who the hell cared? Spike sat still upon the wide cock, trying to get his spasming muscles used to the new position. He may now be a little looser, but in this position, he could feel everything a lot better.

     Hands running up and down the pale toned sides of the vampire, Xander bounced his pelvis up and down a few times, indicating for the panting male to do something. Anya, in this position had pretty much taken control of the whole thing, just bouncing up and down until they had both come. Spike, with an intake of not needed breath, slowly moved up and down the thick throbbing cock. Slowly, he traced his cool fingers around the still hard nipples, eliciting small groans and swear words. The brunette started moving his pelvis up and down to match the vampires increasing movements.

     Thrusting his hips up to match the blonde's down slides, he heard the smaller man start to grunt with the pressure of his cock brushing against what he presumed was the prostrate. Hard thrusting on Xanders part caused the vampire to almost lose his balance, leaning forward slightly, he gripped at the shoulders of the man beneath him firmly.

     ~ Damn, this is hard work, won't be doing this one in a hurry again, no matter what the whelp says. I hate facing males ~

     With little gasps, the whining male could smell the build up of cum almost ready to be shot swirling around in the twitching sac beneath him. Fingers tightening their hold on his hips, he felt himself being held in position while Xander continued to thrust up with all his strength into him. Trying to hold back the yelping as the spearing got more vicious and hurtful, Spike was released and then with one hard shove down/thrust up, he yelped loudly as the boy swore and came, flooding him with hot cum.

     Held in position on top of the released boy, he felt warm fingers lightly running up and down his face. Eyes opened, he saw the boy looking up at him with an odd look on his face.

     " You don't like it this way do you?" asked the flushed younger man.

     Head shaken in an indication of the word no, the blonde made a move to get up, letting the spent cock slide from his wet arsehole. A hand on his thigh stopped him from going towards the bathroom.

     " You didn't come. Do it, I want to see you"

     Dark eyes looked heavily at him. Swallowing, the vampire hesitantly nodded and gestured towards the bathroom. Might as well do it in the shower for the boy to watch, was going to jerk off anyway. Pretty much had done that everyday since living with the whelp. The blonde knew that if vampires had the ability to blush, he would have been bright red at the thought of "putting on a performance" for the younger man. Didn't like the thought of it, but it was a hell of a lot better than ending up on his back.

     The heat coming from the male walking behind him was intense, Spike opened the shower curtain while Xander took out a couple of towels from the cupboard and stood with arms crossed while the smaller man fiddled around with the water, trying to get it at the right temperature. A discreet sniff in the boys direction and the vampire was shocked that the younger man was almost ready to go for it again. Water now at the right temperature, he knew that he couldn't faddle around too much, he would have to begin. Grabbing his already half hard cock with one hand, he stood in the warm water facing the flushed faced male who was already touching his own hard cock.

     The sight of Xander touching himself was nice, better than he had expected. Spike stroked his now rock hard cock, using the warm water to lubricate his cool penis. Slowly he stroked up and down, going faster when the boy indicated him to. The brunette was giving off a heady mixture of both arousal and possessiveness, moving closer to the once again panting blonde, Xander climbed into the shower with the blonde. There was enough room, it was one of those really old shower over a bath deals.

     " Face me, I want to see you cum, I want to see what's mine "      Moaned the younger man, hard again as he watched the blonde in front of him speed up his jerking actions. The vampire had a good size cock, not as thick as his own but certainly not in the small stakes. He had loved watching Anya get off in front of him especially after doing it in the same position as he had instructed the vampire to do on the couch. He was fascinated, he had thought that he would be repulsed by the whole thing and had been expecting resistance when he had commanded the blonde to start. It was of course different to watching your girlfriend and her womanly bits get all wet, but this was good too.

     Spike bit his lip, he was just about to come and he was sure that the whelp wouldn't like him shooting his load towards him. He was unsure of where to aim, looking at the boy, he tried to think of how to tell him he was going to cum. Body solving that dilemma for him, he shot in the boys direction but to the corner of the shower, inches away from the boys feet. Gasping in both pleasure and worry that he would get a slapping for daring to shoot in the boys direction, he stepped back as the boy took a step towards him, all the while stroking his own still hard cock.

     Xander watched the cum land in the shower corner only just missing his feet. Not as icky as he had originally thought that it would be, but not something that he wanted to see again too soon in the future. He wanted to see it again, but just not yet. He just wanted to see part of what he had claimed. With a step towards the vampire that made the other step back, he smiled as the warm water ran over his hair and body.

     " Suck me off"      Came the demand from the smiling boy. Gulp and a nod, the blonde got down on the wet floor and wondered what had made the boy so demanding that night. Lick and a tongue roll around the swollen head, he heard the gasping and felt the hands wrap themselves so firmly in his wet hair, he thought that a few strands had been ripped out. Throat relaxing in direct contrast to the pain radiating out of his scalp, he figured that the quicker the boy got off, the quicker the pain would let up.

     Hands twisted in the soft blonde hair, Xander knew what was making him feel like he had to show his command of the vampire. He liked it though, made him feel strong. Mind back on what the smaller man was doing with his tongue and throat, he was almost ready to cum again with the feeling of the small hand rolling his testicles around. With a few hard thrusts into the vampires gagging mouth, he came with one last hard shove as far as he could go, holding the head still as he felt his cock twitch as it emptied the hot cum once again. Still holding the head in a iron grip, he stood for a few minutes, radiating dominance over the still gagging male kneeling on the bath floor.

     He knew that because the vampire didn't have to breath, he was in no danger of killing the now struggling blonde. Suddenly releasing the smaller man, he felt his spent cock slip out of the panting mouth. Ignoring the weeping man beside his feet, Xander rinsed himself off. One hand reached down, he dragged the slender male to his feet and proceeded to lather the shaking man in chamomile shower gel. Once the male was all lathered, Xander held the sobbing smaller man tightly to him and manouvered them both under the heavy water. With both hands, he washed the soft smelling lather off the vampire, turning off the water once it was all gone.

     Out of the shower first, he indicated to the smaller man to stay there and dried himself off as the other man started to shiver as the cold air got to his still wet body. Once dry, Xander held up the other towel for the vampire to step into, wrapping the thick cloth around the slender body. Rubbing at the shivering man, the brunette dried him off. With one hand wrapped around the now dry blonde's smaller one, they made their way to the bedroom. The vampire settled himself in the bed next to the larger man all the while wondering just what the hell he had done to get the sort of treatment he had copped just before.

     "When I want to do different positions, I expect you to do it with a fucking smile on your face, do you understand this?" whispered the brunette to the smaller man wrapped in his arms.

     "You belong to me, valid claim or invalid one, you don't pick and choose what we do, I do!" Xander said gently kissing the dry heaving blondes temple.

     ~Ok, whatever. Just don't fuck me like a woman and I won't put up a fuss. Fucking smile all you like ~

     With a nod, the vampire felt the arms tighten around him.


     Friday morning, 5.35am, Holiday Inn.

     With bags dumped on the floor, the two weary males collapsed on the bed. Ceiling scrutinised by both the bleach blonde and the shaggy haired brunette, they were content to lay side by side on the large saggy double bed for a few minutes. Finally getting up, the vampire moved to the windows and pulled the thick but faded curtains closed before they both fell asleep and Xander woke to a pile of dust beside him. Blood bags found after a rummage through the esky filled with ice and cold packs, he put the two bags into the little bar fridge under the bench holding the tv.

     They had decided to drive by night and sleep by day if they could get away with it. Number plates taken off the car once Spike got behind the wheel to accommodate his speeding habit, the two men took three hour shifts once the sun went down. True, Thursday night had only been the first night and so far all had gone well. They had said a round of goodbyes to the scooby gang waving them off, at least Xander had, Spike had sat in the passenger seat just wanting to go. The witches had come over and wished him luck. He had snorted at them and wished he could have talked again if only to tell them both to get stuffed. All he had done was pat at their hands condescendingly, he didn't think that they noticed the look he had been giving them as they prattled at him. Mrs Naptha was better in his opinion than they were, at least he got biscuits from the old woman.

     As the witches left to cry and hug Xander, then hug and cry at the boy again, the watcher had come over and handed him a list of places on the way to Alaska and in Fairbanks itself of where to get blood. Giles' had let it slip that sometimes the place in Fairbanks had human blood in the long Alaskan winter and that if possible, Spike should have at least one human bag per week to maintain his health. The vampire had stared at the shop owner at the very thought of what had passed through the other mans lips, Giles' noticed the look and had said softly that the human blood was sold legally by willing donors, something not tolerated around Sunnydale for various reasons and ones that he didn't know.

     Buffy and Captain Fuckhead had stood around nodding and smiling at Xander, obviously wanting the boy to just get going. From the impatient looks on their faces, they had something better to do than wave off one of Binty's old high school friends. Xander sliding into the driving seat finally, started the engine and had driven slowly off down the street radiating sadness tinged with excitement. They had both been a little hung over from the night before. Barney and the rest of the whelps work mates had taken them both out on a pub crawl that had lasted until late that Thursday morning. Getting back to the now bare apartment bar from the few bags of clothes, packed tent with double layered black lining that had actually been guaranteed by the sales assistant to block all sunlight, blow up double mattress and a large esky for blood having sold all the furniture, dishes and even the mismatched cutlery to a horde of Uni students after Willow had put up a sale sticker on the notice board at the University.

     Xander hadn't bothered to see his parents again and didn't even give them a contact address, one he had handed out to the whole gang including Anya who had sniffled at him stating that she wished she had a souvinour of the time that they had spent together. Spike had silently laughed to himself, sure that he knew exactly what type of *souvinier* that the ex-demon was thinking of. Xander, coming to the same conclusion as the vampire, had hurriedly pushed his ex girl friend at her latest squeeze. With promises from everybody to stay in contact, they had set off.

     Xander let his gaze fall from the ceiling to the vampire placing blood bags in the little fridge. Rolling off the bed with a grunt, he staggered to the bleached blonde and wrapped his arms around the slender male. One hand gripped by his hotter one, he led the yawning male towards the bathroom. Both stopping in amazement at the size of the shower and the numerous hand rails, smiles crossed the weary faces o f how much fun could be had in a shower meant for a wheelchair. The vampire had been spoiled by the younger mans continuing good mood since his performance in the shower. Having settled down again when around the brunette, he was actually looking forward to a shag in the shower.

     Clothes stripped off and then thrown on the white tiled floor, the blonde stepped into the shower and started the warm water flowing. Steam filling the room, Xander threw his boxers in the general direction of the vampires clothes and moulded himself to the slender mans cool body. Tongue licking a trail from the white shoulders, up the neck and finally allowing the delicate earlobe to be nibbled on, the younger man ground his hardening cock into the firm white buttocks in front of him, eliciting small moans from them both.

     A few steps further into the shower and Spike was covered with a warm jet of water, soaking him instantly. A rock hard penis making itself known, he felt fingers stroking his relaxing hole, the warm water relaxing his whole body. Large digit shoved firmly inside, working its way gently around the tight muscles. Groaning filled the steamy air, breathy pants from the smaller blonde, soft swearing from the taller brunette. Two fingers twisting around and the vampire was ready to come from the continuing rubbing against his prostate, thrusting himself back hard against the ready male, he felt the fingers leave his body only to be replace with a much larger, blunter tip.

     Hands braced against the shower, the blonde pushed back as he felt the hot grip of the brunette tighten around his hips when he pushed forward into the coolness. Both still to savour the feeling, they stood for a minute to gather their bearings. Gently pulling out until only the tip was inside the tightness, Xander pushed hard up and into the opening body, feeling the vampire push back down at him as he rammed upwards. Hard, cave man like grunting overrode the soft panting as the blonde was taken hard against the shower wall, hot water flowing over them both.

     Xander continued to pound into the slender male, gripping his hips in a strong manner. One, Two, Three and one more hard push and he came with a roar, spilling his hot seed deep into the coolness. Pulling out, he saw the vampire come after a few strokes of his cock. Not as icky as before he thought, gathering the smaller man in his arms, standing together under the continuing warmth. Kisses feathering the pale face, he turned the water off and reached for the white towels hanging on the hand rail just beyond the reach of the water. One given to the blonde, they dried themselves off, dropping the damp items on the floor near their clothes.

     Tongue slid into the others mouth, Xander kissed hot and heavy as they made their way to the bed. Ripping back the threadbare covers, they tangled themselves into the bed. The larger brunette spooning around the slimmer blonde. The air punctuated with yawns, the males closed their eyes only dimly aware of the numerous nights driving in front of them to reach their new destination.

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