The Long Spiral Downwards

T J Goldstein

1 Full Circle Part 1

     ~ Arseholes, pricks and fuck the military!!!! ~

     All these words and many more offensive ones in even more offensive languages were running through the pain in Spikes's head.

     ~ Oh, Ha BLOODY Ha!! I've already been fucked more than once by the military, my life can only get better. ~

     Spike watched through the burning light that was coming from behind his eyes as the last of the Iniative grunts walked out of the crypt doorway and into the dawning light of a new day. He could almost see the stench of alcohol, cum, blood and sweat follow him up the steps to the doorway.

     He followed the sound of laughter and heartbeats as it got dimmer and further away from him and let out a shuddering sigh that finally his 'lucky night of male bonding' courtesy of Riley and friends was over.

     ~ Until the next time. After all, Slaggy's bump and grind toy knows where I live. ~

     The pain from the previous hours of fun and games was starting to grab hold with a vengeance that Anya would probably be proud of. The intensely sharp/dull pain coming from the chipped side of his head was really starting to make him nauseous and he could hear his stomach gurgling at the thought of how much cum and blood he had swallowed in the past hours.

     ~ Christ, what a good boy I am, not a drop spilled from any of the fuckers! ~

     Well, at least not after the first blowjob. He had still been pretty angry then, not scared as he had been the last few times. The two broken ribs he had received from letting Graham's seed spill from his mouth had convinced him to swallow everyone else's rank tasting residue. Let no-one tell him that cum tastes good, it tastes like salty sour fish and after five different lots, it really tasted no better!

     And that was only after the first round of 'Lets demean the disabled little vampire'

     ~ I wonder when the board game to that comes in to the shops? ~

     He could feel the sticky residue of cum and his blood mixing together underneath him. Shit, it wasn't only underneath him, it was covering his buttocks, thighs and still rolling out of his torn and bruised hole.

     Tracing his broken fingers along the bruised and finger marked jawline, he gingerly wiped at the drying blood and cum on his lips and from the sides of his mouth. Reaching up further and wiping at the tears of shame and humiliation that were starting to stop. Shame, that he had once again been in a sub position to another male that was not his Sire and humiliation that he, as a Master vampire could not even begin to stop what had happened apart from the ever useful 'no'.

     Bad enough that he had cried at all, but to cry in front of those arseholes, those human arseholes was just too much to think about.

     ~ Just colour me the great broody poof,I'm soft. Peaches did more than this to me when I was a fledge and I still didn't give up as easily as this. Then again, one chip and pig's blood make for a not so well vamp ~

     Drawing his knees up to his chest as much as he could, he winced with pain, gasping with the sharp shocks of pain coursing through his ribs and hips.

     ~ Bastards! I think they dislocated my hips. ~

     Snorting in disdain to himself for being weak, he turned his attention to his back and the fire that was currently raging from his neck to the tops of his thighs. Every one of the welts dealt to him by Cornfed was standing to attention and clambering to be known. Dealt to him with remarkable accuracy by a human using his favourite belt.

     Thinking back as to why it was his favourite belt, he let his minder wander back to the day that Dru had seen the belt on some wanker cowboy and decided that only her Spikey could do the belt the justice of wearing it. It was just an ordinary belt, nothing special until Dru decided that she wanted only him to wear it and who was he to deny his only princess. Smiling as much as his torn lips could allow at that distant memory, he let his tongue probe and investigate the torn ragged insides of his bruised mouth and sore throat.


     Or at least that's what should have come out.

     Not a sound, bar a dry wheeze issued forth into the chilly air. Waiting for a few moments, he tried again.



     He could feel his tongue and bruised throat forming the words and the correct movements for that particular speech pattern, but what came out was barely a whispered grunt. What the hell was happening?

     The nausea grew worse with every second that he tried to think about what this could mean. Moving his head from the protective cocoon of his bruised arms, he noticed that the light from behind his eyes was starting to dull. Rolling from his relatively unmarked right side to a position more on his front so that the cool breeze coming from the open doorway could at least soothe some of his back, was a move that he quickly regretted.

     The tears that has ceased as he had counted the welts upon his battered body started again when he jarred his head and neck on the cold, uneven floor. Although the numerous hands that had held him down across the marble slab were gone, the protesting muscles in his neck and upper shoulders shrieked at him that it was all a lie and that they were still there, holding him face down, in a more accessible position for the numerous arse fuckings he had endured from his 'new found friends'.

     ~ I wonder if Bitchy knows what Cornfed and pricks do on a weekend off? ~

     Sobbing in both self-pity and helplessness, he wondered when help would arrive. It was not as if he was going very far with the broken ankle and his hips in the condition that they were in. He doubted very much that sitting up would be on the agenda for at least a few more days. Even with quick vampire healing, the diet of pigs blood had him feeling more physically weak than normal. He was still stronger than at least 3 strapping humans but what good was that with the stupid chip in his head.

     Not even bothering to curse it, he lay in the dust and urine shivering in the cold morning breeze.

     ~ At least I'm out of way for the sun later today.~

     ~ Shit, what if Harmony finds me? ~


     Xander slammed the door hard, rattling the windows and the frame surrounding the door. Grumbling to himself, he wondered why that he and only he got to have the honour of looking for the Bleached Wonder before the next Scooby meeting.

     The next meeting being tomorrow night of course. Apparently some sort of three armed liver eating weirdo of a demon had decided to make Sunnydale its private playground. On the good side, they were pretty peaceable folk and would give up their claim on Sunnydale if it was proven that someone else had a claim on it first. Some-one like the slayer for instance?

     Bad side and of course this being the Hellmouth, there was always a bad side, they would only relinquish a claim if it was spoken to them in their own language. Giles had looked almost sick when trying to produce the cat like purring sounds that was their language. Spike, being a vampire would have more luck in producing the sounds decided Giles. So far, no blood shed from the demons side of things, so no great hurry but as Buffy had said "Sooner is always better concerning demons"

     Anya had been pissed when faced with the thought of losing out on a morning and probably an early afternoon of missed orgasms. No orgasms for both of them, Xander had politely pointed out. "So not the point!" had come back from ex-demon.

     Holding his hands up in self-defence, trying to placate his visibly steaming girlfriend, he had promised to make it up to her.

     Just his luck that Iowa Boy was coming back tomorrow night from visiting his family down on the farm. Buffy had declared that she couldn't help in the search because she wanted to "pretty herself up" so Riley would know in the future that farms were not the only thing to inspire dreamy sunfilled memories. So of course, no help from the Buffster. He really couldn't fault the two witches, they did have classes in the morning and ones that they couldn't really miss no matter what they might say.

     Giles had tactfully declined stating that he was sure stocktake had to be done in his new shop. Xander snorted to himself, sure himself that a shop as new as G-Man's really didn't need one this early into trading business. But then again, who was he to know what went on in a shop, and after tasting the construction workers life, he really didn't want to know, so he had let that one slide right by with a grateful look from Giles.

     Of course, that had been until his lovely girlfriend had jumped onto the excuse bandwagon by declaring that since her current ambition was to be a nightclub 'door bitch', helping Giles in the store would be invaluable experience for her. Listening to her badger Giles into letting her point at things in the shop for him was actually quite amusing and he had been convinced that the ex-librarian would stick to his guns and continue to say no. He had been disappointed when Giles, after a thorough glasses' clean, had finally said yes to her.

     "So, let me guess" he mused to himself outloud. "That means this whole demon situation rests on my shoulders to find Spike" "Joy! I love being the depended upon one" he said with a snarky tone to his voice.

     Doing the buttons up on his thick shirt, he continued to walk home in the chilly night air. Winter wouldn't be too far away Xander thought. Looking in the letterbox beside his driveway, briefly wondering why he still did it when he knew that his parents threw out anything that wasn't address to them or didn't contain things to be swapped for money or even better, alcohol. Seeing that nothing was there anymore, he continued to walk to the basement doorway and unlocked the door. Turning on the light so that he could see his way down the stairs and hopeful avoid the rotten step that threatened to twist his ankle everytime he encountered it. He debated with himself wether or not it would be a good idea for him to look for Spike tonight.

     Get sleep and a twinkie.


     Look for Fangless.


     Twinkie first, shower and then sleep.


     Look for Fangless and get more tired and cranky.


     Two Twinkies, shower and sleep.


     Look for Fangless, get tired and cranky and be unable to perform for a seriously pissed girlfriend the next day.


     After a few rounds rattling in his skull, he settled for 2 Twinkies, using all the hot water left, getting a sugar hyper and then come crashing down into a hopefully dreamless sleep.

     Bleachboy could wait until tomorrow to get his useful boyscout badge.

     Turning off the water that had begun to cool, he gathered the wet Twinkie wrappers in his hand and leaned over the shower recess to grab a towel. Drying himself with the coarse prickly material, he walked from the bathroom into the little kitchen to deposit the wrappers in the bin. Wrapping the towel around his waist, his more musclular waist now that he had been in the construction job a month, he opened the plastic bag that had been placed on the bench and took the blood packets from it and placed them in the vegetable crisper right next to the carrots. The really gross looking mouldy carrots. Sighing, he threw the offending items into the bin on top of the candy wrappers.

     Briefly wondering what had been so important that Spike had missed the Scooby meeting if only to pick up his weekly supply of blood, he walked across the threadbare carpet covering cold concreted to his inviting looking bed. Dropping the towel on the floor beside his bed. Wearily he climbed into the threadbare welcome of blankets and sheets. Throwing himself around the squeaky mattress, he succeeded in getting himself thoroughly tangled in the meagre warmth the bedclothes offered.

     Making a mental note to himself to get some better blankets or better yet, a thermal sleeping bag, maybe one of the ones that zippered right out. Thumping his pillow into a more servicable shape, he closed his eyes and let himself drift into a Twinkie induced dream of epic proportions. His last coherent thought was to never eat Twinkies in the shower again.



     Scowling to himself, he picked himself up from upon the floor on which he had landed after tripping over his forgotten towel. Reaching down to his knees, he dusted off his new cargo pants and inspected them for any rips and tears. Anya loved him in cargo pants and had repeatedly told him that his arse looked really 'hot and biteable' in them.

     Hopefully wearing them would go a long way to making missed out orgasms up for Anya. Really, why he had to look for the English wanker on his rostered day off from work was still a good guess. Anya had leapt onto Giles' excuse with an amount of gusto that had surprised him. Even when he had pointed out the benefits of having her help him look for Spike would be more time for more orgasms sooner.

     The sound of 'errrkkkk' coming from Buffy hadn't worried him, neither had the giggles from Wills and Tara. Giles' politley worded 'Ah!" and quick glasses' clean also hadn't bothered him. What had annoyed him had been the response from his beloved. A response that had gone something along the lines of ' You're the man, you do the dirty work. I'm not!'

     Henceforth the door slamming episode at Giles' place last night.

     Checking the amount in his wallet, he was pleasantly surprised to see $10 still left in there after his afternoon workbreak chocolate attack. He decided that while he had to look in every crypt in Sunnydale, not being sure which one or even which cemetary Spike was now in, he would have breakfast at the little diner opposite sunnydales oldest cemetary. "The diner probably made most of its money from holding wakes" mused Xander.

     Xander was already dreaming of eggs, bacon, tomato.....

     "Mmmmmm" He thought to himself. "I'll be good and save it till last", that way if he ate breakfast close to lunchtime, he wouldn't have to buy lunch and that meant both saving money and having more stamina for Anya later on that day. "Wow, with that kind of planning, I should be a shoein for Havard"

     Snickering to himself, he bounded up the stairs bing careful to step on the squeaky step and miss the mouldy one. Pushing the basement door open, he stepped out in to the sunny but slightly chilly day.


     Not having moved from the neck jarring position that he had rolled himself into previously, spike could feel the cold from the crypt floor creeping into his limbs rendering them fairly numb after hours of aching stillness. He had been afraid to move for fear of doing more more damage to his lower thighs muscles that had been torn when both Graham and Riley had wrenched his knees apart so that the other's in the fuck party could all screw like a girl.

     He had hated it when Angelus had insisted on taking him that way and he hated it now even more. Just thinking of the humiliating little practice was threatening to let the tears flow again.

     Choking them back, determined not to cry again, he took a break from mentally singing all the punkrock songs that he to himself. Drawing an uneeded breathe, he looked at the weak shard of light coursing through the doorway. Judging from the strength of the deadly beam, he took it it be around noon if not just after.

     His throat, though still sore, was starting to feel better than it had been before.

     "No thanks to that overgrown human cracker!"

     Once again he knew that he could could speak not only English but a few other languages as well. Seeing that English was not going to be happening for him today at least, he tried a few others. Rolling his his head so that his bruised right cheek was no longer pressed into the paste that was dirt, blood and urine, he tried the same sentence in Varrsht, Breraxthor, XXanrgon, and his personal favourite, Stuol.

     Zilch, nada and yet again nothing.      Feeling the nausea rising, he dry retched from both the hunger and the pain in his head.      ~ Way to soothe a sore throat Dickhead~

     Admonishing himself for being such a girl, he turned his attention to thinking that his Dru would probably have gotten off on this. Hell, probably wasn't the right word for it. He knew that Dru would have taken a second round if offered and then come back and asked for a third. That girl had allways loved cock and the nastier the fuck, the better.

     ~Me, I've had more than enough cock for the time being. Thank you very much, you bunch of wankers! ~

     Sighing, he looked at the very uninteresting ceiling above him and listened to the birds and various other insects. Listening to their small, rapid heartbeats. Detecting a much larger, stronger heartbeat coming his way, he wondered whether or not it was one of the grunts from last night, coming back to finish the job and stake him. Feeling as he was, he welcomed the thought.

     The footsteps that had been coming closer, stopped just before the doorway. Spike looked up as a shadow blocked most of the light that he had been lucky to avoid all day.

     ~ Just pure, dumb luck to be pushed off the slab as hard as I was to land over here. Fantasticly, wonderfully lucky! ~

     Hearing the coughing and slight snorting noises, male noises, he wondered when whoever it was would just either just get their arse inside or just sod right off.

     ~ Well then, please just come right in ~

     He thought is his best sarcastic voice.

     ~ Fuck me, of all people it's the bloody Whelp! ~

     He watched as Xander descended the crumbling steps while attempting to stop the smell of the crypt getting to his nose by covering it with both his t-shirt and overshirt. Quite obviously offended by the stench that permeated the surrounding air.

     ~ Try lying in what causes it all night mate. ~

     Xander didn't see Spike lying on the floor right away due to his eyes adjusting to the much dimmer light once inside the cold stone room. Only turning his head sharply to peer behind him when he heard the sound of someone trying to be sick and not succeeding.

     "Who's there?"

     ~ Me! You fucking imbecile. ~

     Spike though to himself while trying to make more than the soft grunting noises and dry retching sounds that was coming from his tired and sore throat. Trying not to jar his fingers too much on the uneven floor, he scabbled them towards a broken piece of mortar. Picking it up, he winced when one sharp edge caught on the bone sticking from his little finger.

     Ignoring his shrieking muscles as they protested being woken from the cold slumber, he managed to throw it lightly in the boys general direction.


     Turning his head to the side and looking down at the same time to see both a bit of crumbled stone and to also see it lying in a puddle of what he could only presume was what was causing the smell in the dank room. He shuddered at the thought of what was mixed with the blood on the floor. Thinking to himself that he had been hanging with Buffy too long for him to automatically know that it was blood, he let his line of vision trail along the gloopey looking puddle to just beyond into the darker shadows.

     Seeing a pale form moving, Xander instintively started to turn and run when a another softer retching sound came from the shadowy figure.


     ~ To quote the pom-pom bint, well duh!~

     Opening and closing his mouth, trying to form words that he knew come out, Spike only succeeded in issuing forth a whispered grunt.

     "What the hell happened to you?"

     Walking towards the stricken vampire and taking in his obviously battered form, Xander still held the clothes between his nose and the vile air. He really couldn't make out much with all the shadows, he knew from the way Spike was lying and the sounds coming from him, the bleached wonder was hurt pretty badly. Looking closer at blonde, he could see that from the twisted angles of the body, that quite a few bones were broken and he could hardly see any un dented skin.

     Whether that was from the shadows and being unable to see properly in the inadequate light, he wasn't sure. With the clothes muffling his words, he got onto the important task of asking How, Who, Why and so on.

     Rolling his eyes at the idiot standing over him looking down, Spike mouthed the words that he thought he would never in his undead life ask of this particular slayerette.

     HELP ME

     "Wha... yeah, huh? Oh yep of course"

     "Hang on, how?"

     Xander knew that he was staring at the prone form on the floor but he was fascinated by what was in the vamps hair, the stuff that completely disguised the blonde. What it was he didnt know and he wasnt sure that he would like to know.

     "I'll go get Giles"

     At the barley shaken head, he stopped turning away and looked yet again down at the sight below him.

     "What, no Giles?"

     Slight nod.

     "Well, who then?"

     A painfull looking digit puched the air towards Xander is gesture that he knew was probably hurting the odd looking finger making it.

     "Are you nuts?" He yelled at the nauseous looking male before him.

     "You just want to lie there in that puddle of god knows what until you heal, is that it?"

     Looking at the angry brunette pacing beside him, Spike closed his eyes to the actions that were making his stomach gurgle once again. Frustrated by having no voice, he made another fast vicious jab at what he hoped was Xanders general direction.

     ~ Jesus, I knew the lad was stupid at times but this is taking the bloody cake. ~

     Xander caught the forcefull gesture that was aimed towards him, slightly dazed that for once it wasn't the usual salute. Suddenly it dawned on him what the grunts were trying to tell him.

     "What, back to my place?"

     This time seeing an almost barely perceptible nod from the hurt blonde.

     Standing still with his arms crossed firmly, he glanced down with disdain as his nose copped the smell full force.

     "You do know Anya will be pissed, don't you?"

     Another slight nod.

     Letting out another sigh, Xander strode towards the steps. Looking back at Spike, Xander told him that he would be back in about an hour and would try to find a large enough tarp to wrap around him.

     "I'll be back with my uncles car. Lucky for you that my parents have taken him to court again for his latest D.I.U."

     With that, he stepped into the clean fresh air from cemetary. Spike watched him go with a tear making its presence known. Not bothering to wipe at it he let his mind relax now that he knew he would get at least some sort of help from the whelp.

     Darkness was shooting towards him and Spike leant into it embrace as it enveloped around his tortured mind.


     Scuffling his feet as he hefted the tarp into an easier grip, Xander hoped to god that whatever it was that anointed Spike, wouldn't get on his uncles car seat.

     If anything got on his uncle Rory's car, he knew that his uncle would complain to his dad and then his dad would complain to Xander whether or not it was his fault. He could almost see his mother looking at him while saying that it was always his fault. Bitterly thinking to himself that no matter what he did at home, that it would always be his fault, he gathered up the edge of the tarp that threatened to drag along in the cemetery dust.

     Pushing the strap that had dropped to rest in the crook of his elbow containing a couple of old pillowcases that he hoped his mother wouldn't miss, water, gaffa tape and a blood packet back up to his shoulder, he reached the crypt and was once again almost overwhelmed by the powerful odour that rolled from inside.

     Gathering up his wits enough to encourage himself to ignore the vile air he was about to enter, he walked carefully down the steps trying to avoid tripping on the tarp corner that was once again dangling down. Placing both the tarp and bag ontop of the stone coffin avoiding the mess of blood and other substances that were one one side of the slab.

     Xander sighed and thought about the task ahead of him. He so did not want to do this. He didn't like cleaning anyone up, let alone a nasty arsehole vampire. However, if Spike was going to go back to his house or really the basement in his uncles car, then he would have to at least get some of the muck off him before wrapping the creature in the tarp.

     Looking at the twitching vampire lying on the floor, he wondered whether or not he should have brought more cloths and water with him. He wasn't sure that even with what he had got with him, it would be enough to wash even half of what was covering the shaking body off.

     Spike lay on the floor more or less lying on his relatively unmarked front. He was shaking and twitching as much as his abused body would allow, his eyes moving back and forth rapidly behind tightly shut lids. Little breathy gasps were being uttered every few moments amongst what sounded like to Xander, deeper groans of pain.

     Sighing once again, he leant down to roll the vampire from the drying horror that he was currently twitching in. Placing both hands upon the pale form, he had tried to find a place that wasn't too battered but deciding that wherever he put his hands, it would hurt Spike anyway. Xander took a breath and firmly rolled the blonde from the sticky floor and onto an area just beyond that was dusty but cleaner than what the vampire had been lying in before.

     Squealing in strangled, whispered cry, Spike started to sob with tears forming as his tortured hip took all his solid weight. Opening his eyes a fraction, he saw that Harris had moved him from the vileness that he had lay in since playing "Twister". Only this twister had invloved his limbs and the five members of Arseholes Inc.

     Frowning in both annoyance and disgust at what he could see dried on the white globes infront of him, Xander left the sobbing figure as he was and walked back to the bag waiting for him. Xander had a sneaking suspicion as to what the white substance was on the bruised and welted buttocks but he firmly pushed that thought to the back of his mind. Zippering the bag open, he reached inside for the pillowcases and the water bottle. Acknowledging to himself that he hadn't brought enough of either the water or rags, he walked back to the moaning vampire to get a closer look.

     "Well, some one did a good job on you"

     ` No shit Einstein! ~

     Thought Spike gasping and moaning at the hot waves of pain radiating from the hip in contact with the floor. He could feel little bits of broken mortar pressing themselves into the bruises that were starting to flower into a full bloom.

     ~ Fuck, a few more hours and I'll be able to beat that great git Barney in the purple awards! ~

     "I'm going to wipe some of that whatever off you. This is going to hurt."

     ~ Oh, just great. This is sooooo what I need at the moment, more pain. ~      was the thought between the choking sobs and the effort not to cry in front of the whelp.

     ~ Wonder what I'll get for not crying this time? Knowing my luck, a great big Peachy smelling soul! ~

     Kneeling down and immediatley regretting his new cargo's, Xander took one of the pillowcases in both hands and ripped fast down the frayed edges. Taking one of the three strips he had made, he took the the cap off the bottle of water and then proceeded to get the cloth wet.

     Spike gritted his teeth, choking off the sobs and tried not to vamp out in reaction to the pain that started when he felt the cool wet touch upon one of the welts on the small of his back. Still trembling from the shock that had set in when he realised what had been going to happen last night, the former Big Bad tried to turn his attention to other things than what his mind was throwing at him.

     Trying not to think of all the names he had been called and the resulting sounds of laughter they had caused when any of the five bastards had come up with a wittier one than the one before. Trying not to think of the great whoops and the rounds of backslapping when the mexican prick (Martinez?) had breeched the tight ring of muscles in his protesting arse, and for the ones who had gone rutting at his torn, sore hole after the first bastard had shot his load while forcing him down onto all fours. When you get turned a virgin, the thing was, you were always a virgin and hadn't Angelus loved that fact. The fact that he would always heal to be as tight as the day he was turned.

     He had known as soon as he let out the yelp in pain, that he had sealed his own fate of being the favoured form of entertainment for the ex-commandos that night.

     He had been sure that Bunney's fuck toy would have put a stop to it way before this but nothing had prepared him for the look of both venom and dangerous arousal on Iowas face when he had had both of his arms stretched over the slab. He had been pushed into the position by a dark haired soldier who had wanted to 'have a go' while standing up. Both Graham and Riley had held his arms stretched over the coffin while Martinez and some other one that he had never caught the name of held both of his legs apart for Corey. Easy access apparently as he was shorter than all of them, they had to slightly lift him as well, adding to the pain in his thighs as their large blunt fingers dug into his already heavily bruised flesh. He could feel his stomach muscles protest as he thought of the bruises he had gotten across them from being in contact with the edge of the heavy marble as they had alternatly pounded into him from behind.

     All his struggles, all the gamefaced snapping and snarling had only earned him a head bashing on one of the heavy marble corners, which probably atributted to the intense pain in his head on his chipped side.

     The ever present nausea he felt was growing stronger due to the little flares of heat as Xander none too gently dabbed at the numerous welts accross his back.

     Spike felt the boys hands hesitate as they came in contact with the bruised buttocks and the blackness between them.

     "Um, do you want me to go there?"


     Slight nod.

     "Ok then, but just for the record, I'm not doing this again, next time it's going to be Giles whether you like it or not!"

     Shake of the head.

     "Why not Giles?"

     ~ Because this is bloody humiliating enough with you seeing me like this let alone that wanker of a Watcher.~

     All Spike could do was give another head shake as strong as his protesting neck muscles would allow.


     Xander finished wrapping the vampire up like an Egyptian mummy, so that he would be protected from the deadly sun. Sealing the corners and little gaps with the black gaffa tape he had found in the back of the car, he looked carefully for any little rips and tears that might make it possible for the sun to dust the stricken male. Giles would be pissed that he would have to do the demon translating if Spike suddenly dissapeared into billowing dust.

     Chuckling to himself at the memory of the ex-librarians face as he had tried to work out what purr went before which almost meow, Xander started to shove the filthy rags and remenants of Spikes ripped and torn clothes into his bag. Thinking better, he gathered them all together and with one hurl, threw the soiled cloth into a dark corner closely followed by the empty water bottle.


     shouted Xander. Looking down at the bundle laying at his feet, he was thankful that Spike had passed out when he had started to wrap the tarp around the shivering body, now at least the annoying sounds had stopped. Thinking no more about the ceased noise, he bent down once again making sure that both his knees were bent and that his back was straight as he had been taught at work. Lucky for him, he had a good boss who like to make sure that his workers did their job correctly even if it was just to save on the insurance claims, Xander was thankful for it. He was also thankfull for the extra strength that he seemed to be gathering now that he had been working solidly at the demanding job for almost more than a month now.

     Bracing himself, he slid one hand under what he presumed were the knees and the other one under the vampires shoulder blades. Gathering himself, he lifted and rose at the same time, stumbling at the sudden weight in his arms. It wasn't that Spike was heavy, it was the fact that the smaller man was a lot lighter than he had thought.

     "Jesus, I bet Will's is heavier than you and I so hope that she never hears that from me!"

     Shaking his head at the thought of what could happen to him if the red haired witch ever found out what he had said, he regarded the bulky object draped across his arms. This obviously wasn't going to be so difficult after all.

     "The only thing I have to worry about is getting busted for grave robbing. I mean technically you are a corpse Bleach Boy"

     Getting no answer and really not expecting one, he started accross the dusty little graveyard after peering out of the doorway to make sure that there was no-one else in the yard besides them. Xander continued to walk to the car that he had parked as close to the iron gated entrance as he could. Stopping only to adjust the vampire so that he didnt slide out of his arms, He stepped through the gates without banging the blondes legs on the iron fence surrounding the cemetary.

     Xander made the walk to the car with minimum effort and balanced the bundle with one hand against the car while he opened the door to the backseat. Lifting and sliding at the same time, he managed to slide the quiet form into the backseat with little fuss.

     "Yep, thankful indeed, I knew all that practice at heavy lifting would finally pay off."

     Paranoid that somehow he had gotten blood or dirt on the car interior, he made a quick inspection of the cars backseat. Seeing none, Xander shut the door and made his way to the front drivers side. sliding the key into the ignition, the tired boy looked unseeing into the street ahead of him. Thinking that Anya was going to be beyond pissed now that it was late afternoon. He wondered that despite the wonderful orgasms that they both had if it was worth staying with the ex-demon. He knew that his temper was going to go beyond nasty if he put up with Anya's tactless remarks for much longer.

     Sighing for what seemed the hundreth time that day, he realised that he had been sitting in the car staring into space for at least a good 15 minutes. Turning the key in the car's ignition, Xander looked over his shoulder and into the backseat, checking for any motion. Not seeing any, he wrenched the gearstick from park and into drive when the engine finally kicked in. Indicating, he turned the car from the kerb and into the street.

     "I hope that the olds are still out with Uncle Rory, they're probably still down at the local celebrating Uncle Rory's latest triumph over justice."

     Shaking his head as he wondered just how his uncle kept getting out of his numerous D.U.I's, Xander indicated to turn into his street. Sure enough, his parents car wasn't parked in the driveway. Taking advantage of the opportunity that had been presented to him, he drove as close to the basement door as possible. Angling his head to all sides, Xander saw that no-one was around.

     Throwing off his seatbelt, he got around to the back door. Having a better thought, he raced to the basement door and unlocked it. Turning on the light for the stairs, he bounded down them and turned on the lights in both the kitchen and the bathroom. With the high wattage in the bathroom, he would be able to see exactly what and how many of Spikes bones were broken.

     Running back up the stairs and avoiding the mouldy one, he opened the back door and dragged the bulky tarp from the car seat. Pausing to get a firmer hold on the slick plastic, Xander hefted the vampire into his arms once more after taking the time to look around to see if anyone had come out of their house to stare at what the weird Harris boy was doing this time.

     Balancing on one foot, he reached behind him with the other to kick the door of the car closed. He covered the short distance to his basement still concerned that some-one would seem and he didnt really want to explain a dead blonde guy in his room to both his dad and Uncle Rory. Reaching the steps he proceed to climb down with utter care.


     Reaching the bottom of the steps and walking towards the bathroom with the bundle, he remembered that he had left his bag in the crypt.

     "Damn it!, now I'll have to go back and face that lovely aroma again"

     Muttering curses to himself, he set Spike down on the cool, chipped white tiles of the bathroom floor. Xander walked back to the kitchen to get a knife so that he could start to unwrap the passed out vampire. Choosing one, he decided that the sooner he had finished cleaning the blonde, the sooner he would call Anya to tell her that it was a 'no go' for tonight. He could almost see the air around him start to shake with the thought of an Anya hissy fit. He kept reminding himself that she provided good orgasms.

     Striding towards the bathroom once again, Xander stopped and looked down at the condition his not so beige cargo pants were in. Taking a deep breath, he winced when his nose caught the smell of blood vomit coming from his splattered pants. He should have known not to give Spike the cold blood after he had finished cleaning the vampire off, but he had seen how hungry the shivering male had been.

     Spike had gulped at the blood eagerly, his eyes rolling in delight until he stopped drinking suddenly and had just looked at Xander with fearful blue eyes and had then proceed to vomit forth a bright wave of blood that had covered most of the new cargo pants while the boy still clutched a blood bag in the hand that held it to the trembling lips.

     Grimacing at what had to be his favourite memory of the day so far, the weary boy leant over the plastic in front of him and started to attack the tape holding the tarp together. Having unwrapped the still comatose figure, Xander suddenly stood up and stepped back. Choking back his own sudden urge to vomit, Xander stared down at the scene before him.

     "I dont give a flying fuck about you not wanting Giles."


     Running to the phone while chanting what would probably become his own personal mantra (oh shit, oh shit, oh shit!),Xander skidded to a halt in front of the small table holding the phone, picking it up in one shaky hand and punching the speed dial to Gile's shop at the same time, The freaked boy let his mind try to take in what he had unwrapped in the bathroom.

     " Come on G-Man, be there already? "

     Listening to the phone ring while pacing back and forth as much as the short cord would allow him, Xander contemplated what lay on the bathroom tiles. He had seen beaten before mainly courtesy of the 'punch and judy show' that his parents liked to display when pretty drunk, but he had never seen anything quite to the extent of Spikes injuries.

     Whomever or whatever had attacked the chipped vampire had been quite vicious in the torment. Judging from the look of the bones sticking from the shredded skin of the right hand, the breaking of bones had taken a few hours. He knew that when his dad punched his mother, it usually took his dad a few hits to break anything. Vampire bones were much stronger, therefore it had probably taken much longer to be able to break them.

     Dismissing the thought entirely from his mind as he heard the phone connect, Xander started to speak but was beaten by an obviously annoyed female.


     "Anya, its me, Xander! Can you please go and get Giles for me, I really need to talk to him."


     Inwardly groaning, Xander cursed whoever it was who decided fate so the already whinging ex-demon would pick up the phone.

     "Yes, go and get Giles right now!"

     'When are you going to give me orgasms?"

     "Anya, not now! Can you just go and get the G-Man. I found Spike and he's at my place. I need help."

     "So," came the icy reply. "You would rather hang around with that disgusting creature than give me the orgasms that YOU owe me and you're going to ask Giles to help you with the hanging!"

     Hearing a brief scuffle on the other side of the line, Xander was relieved to hear Giles on the phone.

     "Xander, whats happened?"

     "Oh, thank god it's you Giles. Don't you know by now to keep her away from phones?"

     "What... Oh, yes. I should know that all too well by now" the ex-librarian said in a long suffering tone.

     "Now, tell me, what's happened, are you hurt? Did you do something?"

     " Me, why do you always think that I did something? No, its the Big Bad, he's been beaten really badly and I don't know what to do."

     Sighing into the phone, Giles told the nervous boy that he would be at Xander's place as soon as possible with some more blood and various first aid items.

     Hanging up, Xander breathed deeply in relief. Angry by Anyas attitude and her obssession with her pleasure, he had heard the girl demanding in the background that Giles find out when her orgasms were going to be fulfilled. Cringing in towards himself, he decided once and for all that no matter how good the sex was, he just couldn't take anymore of the hassle and constant embarrassment that his girlfriend directed his way.

     Walking reluctantly back towards the bathroom and the waiting figure, he slid down beside the tarp and once again looking at the vampire, he drew his knees up to his chest to wait for Giles.

     Staring at the multitude of injuries that had been inflicted on the once pale body,he started to take into account what was actually wrong with the blonde. Seeing that the most obvious of them all were the broken left ankle, the welts upon the back and buttocks and the bones that were sticking out of the flesh on the right hand, Xander forced himself to keep looking and to take note of the ribs that certainly looked broken as well. They looked like that a few on each side were affected.

     It was hard to see how much bruising was on the vampire as the thin scabs that had formed over most of the welts had broken, covering the comatose blonde with blood again after being pushed and slid around while wrapped in the thick plastic. Looking down the lower region, Xander felt a small blush adorn his cheeks as he took in the relatively unmarked genitals, trying not to stare at the size of the organ, he let his gaze rest upon the thighs. Gasping, he realized with shock that the blackness of the skin covering the twisted limbs was due to severe bruising and not dirt from the crypt floor as he had first thought.

     Shuddering to himself, Xander forced his gaze from the tortured thighs and upon the face. Looking at the twitching, whimpering male, he could see a line of finger sized bruises covering the jawline almost from ear to ear. Leaning his head against the cool tiled wall behind him, the disgusted boy wondered if the fact that he felt no pity for the battered visage before him made him a bad person.

     Deciding that it didn't and that who ever it was had just beaten the vampire finally at his own game, he hollered "Come in" in the direction of the stairs as he heard the knocking. Knowing it would be Giles as only he would knock, anyone else would just barge on down the stairs, he waited for the ex-watcher to join him in the bathroom.

     "Bleedin heck, what the hell happened to him?" came from the suprised question as Giles joined him in staring at the vampire.


     Giles stood beside Xander's double bed that now contained a clean but nauseous looking restored blonde vampire. Giving his glasses one last polish with his tissues, he replaced the tissues in his front trouser pocket while adjusting his glasses on the bridge of his nose.

     "Right then. Let's try this again shall we?"

     Indicating to the vampire to try telling him what had happened to him once more, he looked at the mountains of tape that held the demon together thinking that if Spike had been a human, he would have died from the injuries. The whole getting Spike clean process had taken well over two hours due to the fact that neither himself or the increasingly annoyed but well meaning boy had wanted to cause the battered vampire any more pain than was neccessary to get him clean. It had taken so long also due to the fact that Xander had been put off by the oddly soft queals and grunts of pain that the barely concious male had been uttering, also due to the fact that they had really started to worry Giles as well who had tried not to show it to the already frustrated boy.

     Having shoved Xander in the direction of the bathroom once more while arming him with cleaning spray and cloths and telling it was best to start cleaning now, Giles turned his attention to the pitiful form in the bed. Telling the sore demon to relax his throat again and to start slowly, he waited for the onslaught of vile words to start coming forth.

     Spike closed his eyes to the sight of one of the two men that he had never wanted to see him like this.

     ~ If that fucking Nancy Boy comes down those stairs, I'll bloody well stake myself. ~

     ~ I don't think I could cope with both the watcher and Poof looking at me when I'm like this ~

     Drawing in a shuddering breath that was not needed, he tried to concentrate on relaxing his tired throat muscle as asked by the ex-watcher. Finally feeling his muscles relax as much as possible, he ventured forth with a sentence.

     "Gasp, nnnnrght, retch, cough!"

     Unable to choke back the tears that had been threating to fall all night when he had found out the Whelp had contacted the Watcher, Spike lay in the saggy mattress letting the pink tinged tears slide down his bruised cheeks, the tears kept rolling down his battered jawline and finally staining the pale pillowcase.

     Shoulders shaking in a combination of shock, tiredness, anger that he felt so stupid and the effort from crying itself, the worn out demon sobbed without looking up at the increasingly flustered man aheming and arhing beside him.

     Wiping at his eyes with his taped right hand, he jabbed at his face with his broken fingers a little too hard, letting out another soft retch when his fingers grazed the sore jawline.

     ~ Bloody Hell, why don't they just do me a favour and stake me? I'm useless. ~

     With this thought, the distraught male started sobbing all the more.

     Giles, not knowing what to do for once, reached down with a hesitant hand to pat at the bruised shoulder, only to quickly snatch it away when he felt the vampire flinch at the touch he could feel through the layers of tape holding his joints together. Whether it was in reaction to the weight of his hand or it had been the revulsion that Spike felt for the other man, one that he had made obvious when living with Giles, he didn't know, and the former librarian really didn't want to know.

     Leaving the snuffling and snorting demon in the bed, he walked to the bathroom to see how Xander was going with the clean up progress. Xander was on his knees with his back facing the bed doing his best to ignore the sounds. Scrubbing at the bloodstained tarp, he wondered where the hell he was going to sleep. "I'm sure as hell not sharing a bed with that arsehole. I'm not a bloody poofter to quote the Big Bad" he thought to himself.

     Hearing Giles' scuffing his feet behind him, Xander stopped the work that he was fast considering useless and turned to look at the older man.

     "How long do you think that he will be here?" was the first question in a bitter tone.

     "I, I really don't know. The watchers books state that when a vampire is so injured, any other vampires usually take the time to drain it as it is considered useless and basically culled from the pack."

     "Gross, so other vampires really do kill their own?"

     Speaking with a bit more knowledge, Giles told Xander that essentially, vampires, being almost like pack animals, that when one was injured beyond what would be a days healing, the other members of the pack would literally kill it in order to retain the strength of the pack. Of course that had only been observed amongst minions, Spike having been a once favoured childe, Giles acknowleged that he didn't know of a case like this.

     "We'll talk tomorrow Xander, for now, lets just get some sleep and we can think clearer tomorrow."

     Nodding at that wise descion, Xander grinned tiredly at the older man. Struggling to get to his feet, the worn out young man tried not to collapse onto the now not so white tiles. Both of them hearing that the snuffling wet sounds had stopped, they looked towards the bed only to see that the vampire had cried himself to sleep. They quietly walked towards the stairs trying not to to disturb him lest it bring on a fresh flood of tears.

     Stopping at the base of the staircase, Giles turned to face the boy standing behind him.

     "Xander" Giles started softly, "he's going to need full time care for probably over a week."

     "But what about my job, I mean I'm actually good at this and I can't afford to lose it" came the flustered reply.

     "Don't worry. It's Saturday tomorrow, actually really only in a few hours" Giles said as he noticed the time from the clock hanging in Xander's kitchen. "Lets think of that tomorrow."

     Shrugging his reply as the exhausted older man started up the stairs, Xander watched him go through the basement door with gust of cold air that descended to swirl around the dank room. Half turning, half stumbling towards the bed, he sank heavily on the unoccuppied side of the bed.

     "This is so what I didn't get this double bed for, Bleach Boy" he whispered softly to himself. Sure, the bed had been on sale at the Goodwill store but the fact remained that he had originally bought the bed so that he and his soon to be ex-girlfriend would have room to roll around and experiment with. Yawning as he removed both his grotty outer shirt and sweaty t-shirt in one swift movement, he then bent down to remove his shoes and socks.

     Rolling his socks into a firm ball and throwing into a corner of the softly illuminated room, he muttered "score" under his breath. Standing again to undo his ruined pants, he slid them down past his knees and let them puddle around his ankles on the floor. Stepping out of the pool of clothing surrounding his feet, Xander turned back the bed covers on his side of the bed. Climbing into the beckoning comfort while trying not to hit a squeaky spring, he scratched at the cheap material holding his boxers together.

     Getting comfortable underneath the covers, he resisted the temptation to shove the comatose vampire onto the floor in order to regain all of his bed. Turning off his bedside lamp, plunging the basement into total darkness, he turned onto his side away from his unwanted bed companion and closed his eyes getting dragged down into a deep slumber almost immediatley.


     Xander sat back in the hard chair, struggling to get comfortable in the confines of prickly material covering the old piece of furniture. Looking at the slumbering male that was still confined to the one side of his bed, as he had been for the past three days, he once again wondered who had worked the vampire over. Everytime that either he or Giles' had asked, the distraught male had burst into very unvampire like tears.

     Whoever, and both him and Giles' had come to the conclusion that it had been human/humans someone due to the fact that Spike could fight fellow demons, had really done their best to injure the blonde short of actually staking him.

     Thinking back to the conversation that he and fellow scoobie's including Riley had had with the ex-librarian that following late saturday morning, Xander frowned with annoyance at the sounds of gasping and moaning that came from the bed once again. Trying to shut out what had become the only noises that the vampire was now able to make, he recalled the conversation. Giles' had been especially worried by the fact that Spike had been unable to keep any of the blood down that he had been fed after being settled into the saggy bed. Snorting to himself, Xander thought that Giles' had been lucky not to be splattered by the red shower that had sprung forth from the weeping demon. Another worry had been the obviously cracked skull on what was known as the chipped side of the vampire's head.

     Tara had suprisingly come up with the possibility that Spikes inability to utter more than the soft grunts and whispered squeals that now constituted for speech, that maybe it was due to the fact that the chip had been damaged in the attack. Willow, looking at her girlfriend with pride had agreed with the idea. Giles and Xander, both thinking about the consequences of this information had finally agreed with the blonde witch.

     Sitting on the sofa, as close to Riley as she could get short of actually sitting in his lap, Buffy tossed her hair and declared that maybe now Spike would just finally stake himself and save her the trouble of getting "icky demon particles" out of her new clothes that she had bought to impress the now returned farmboy with. Riley holding his lover's hand firmly in his large grasp agreed with Buffy, stating that if the blonde could no longer talk, then he was essentially useless and should be removed instead of letting the damaged individual continue being undead.

     After protests from the witches who pointed out that they still didn't know if Spike was good for anything else, the other four scooby members reluctantly agreed to see how the recovery progressed. Once this had been decided, Giles' left with Buffy and Riley, who were engaging in major snoggdom, to speak with the new army of demons and try to convince the "meows" as they had been named, to leave Sunnydale to the Slayer.

     The demons had regretfully complied with the ex-watchers request to leave but only after offering the blonde dynamo her own slice of Sunnydale. Having instructed Giles' to tell the demons that it was a 'no go', various "meows" gathered their possessions and stepped into the swirling void that had appeared at the cloven feet of their leader.

     Or at least he had been told that it had swirled. Xander sighed, coming back to the present. Still bitter that he was forced into the role of nurse for the injured male, he was grateful that Giles' had been able to speak directly to his understanding boss. His boss had agreed to the time off from work for Xander after the ex-librarian had spun a tale of home nursing, sick parent, and a week or more off from work. His boss had understood alright and had agreed to let Xander off work for up to two weeks all the while going without pay but having the advantage of a job waiting for him when he was able to work again. Giles' posing as Xander's uncle had been more than happy with the agreement.

     Seeing that the vampire was starting to come out of a deep slumber, he rose from the chair and padded with bare feet across the floor to the kitchen. Opening the fridge and selecting a blood packet from the overflowing shelf, the boy hoped that the former Big Bad would be able to keep this one down.

     Jerking awake as he heard the microwave ding when it had finished heating, Spike was instantly relieved to be away from the nightmare that had featured the five members of Arseholes Inc. beating into him again. Watching as the boy walked from the kitchen clutching a mug in his hand and a teatowel in the other, Spike felt his stomach muscles clench in anticipation at the warm meal.

     He hoped that he would be able to keep most of this one down.

     ~ I'll be giving that Twiggy bint a run for her money if this keeps up ! ~      came the nervous thought. Feeling slightly scared as he watched the Harris whelp approach, he licked the now healed lips with an eager tongue. Harris, scowling at him, placed the warm mug in his left hand, helping him to hold the mug due to the arkward position that he had been forced to lay in due to his ribs and marred back.

     Trying to sip slowly, Spike felt his face vamp out as the blood hit his tastebuds.

     ~Fucking awful, but christ, I'm sooooo hungry. ~

     Gulping a little faster, he visibly flinched when Xander reached towards his face to wipe at the excess blood trickling down his chin, threatening the colour of the bedsheets.

     ~ Wow, don't I feel manly with the whelp being all Mr. Mom on me. That's right Spikey, remember former Master Vampire. ~

     Slightly smiling to himself in triumph that the blood so far had kept itself contained for the first time since he had been found, the weary male closed his tired eyes again trying not to fall straight back into the game of "Twister" that he had previoulsy been recalling.

     Xander stood with the empty mug clutched in his hand. Unable to stop himself, he reached out with a cautious hand to lightly stroke at the once again blonde hair. Frowning in confusion as to why he had doone it, he walked back to the kitchen. Standing in front of the metal basin, he tried to figure out why he had touched the vampire in such a way.

     Spike, meanwhile, whimpered as the soft caress on his still aching head left and he was once again left alone to look at the five figures coming towards him.

     Alone as he always seemed to be.

Full Circle 2

     Xander was tired from both the stress of being a full time nursemaid and from living in such close confines with someone that he disliked. He didn't know what to do at the reactions that the vampire displayed whenever he made sudden movements or caused loud noises. The flinching whenever he approached the uncomfortable male, and as for the cringing motions displayed whenever he touched Spike, well, they were really starting to wear his nerves thin.

     He had more or less been in a constant state of annoyance since the vampire had moved in. He was sure that the healing man could smell the emotion on him, therefore not really helping the situation. Hearing the shower turn on, he muttered that the blonde should just really get over it, it was now a week and a half since the demon had been found. It wasn't as if he hadn't been seriously hurt before thought Xander recalling the time that Spike had spent in the wheelchair.

     "Im sure that he didn't act this way with Dru and that bastard Angelus" whispered Xander. Knowing what the dark haired male vampire was capable of, Xander had come to the conclusion that if Spike had acted this way when in the wheelchair, Angelus would have put the blonde out of his misery for just daring to be so weak.

     Knowing that something really terrible must have happened in the crypt to get the blonde acting this way, Xander sighed. It wasn't as if Spike had so far been capable of telling them what had happened as his voice showed no definite signs of improvement and the tape holding the bones together in the vampire's right hand made the task of writing nigh on impossible and of course fate being kind had made the demon right handed at most things and that had included writing.

     Now no longer having to help the smaller man in the bathroom since the day before, something that Xander was mightily thankfull for, he poured the milk ontop of the cereal covering the bottom of the blue bowl. Trying to shovel as much as he could into his mouth, he lifted a hand to wipe at the milk spluttering from the sides of the overloaded spoon. With no signs coming from the bathroom that the water would shut off anytime soon, the happily crunching boy turned his mind to the only time that he had seen Spikes type of current behaviour.

     There had been girl in his biology class in his second year of high school who had acted pretty much the same way that the bleached blonde was now displaying. That same girl had later committed suicide and no-one had known why until a few months later when the distraught parents found the well hidden note explaining the suicide. Turned out that Stacii had been sexually molested by an uncle and was too ashamed to tell anyone.

     The word had gotten around the school like wildfire, Principal Flutie had organised counselling for the whole of the school and had demanded that the sex ed classes include lessons on how to spot a victim of abuse, be it verbal, sexual or physical. Xander hadn't really paid any attention to the classes, being more interested in scribbling rude pictures in his text books.

     She had displayed the same crying fits and odd behaviour of nervousness whenever anyone approached her or even looked like coming her way.

     Hearing the water shut off and the crinkling of the shower curtain, Xander dropped his empty bowl and wet spoon into the sink. He felt himself pale when the sudden thought hit him like a train.

     "Oh my god!!!!" It couldn't be true! The same behaviour, was it even possible that it had happened to the former Big Bad? It would go a long way to explaining some of the injuries the blonde had suffered.

     Shaking his head in disbelief and hoping that for once he wasn't right, Xander spun around at the sound of the bathroom door opening only to stare open-mouthed at the still slightly wet figure before him.

     "You were raped, weren't you?" he demanded from the vampire. Mentally cursing himself when he saw the smaller man look at him with the bluest eyes he had ever seen, eyes that were current filling with pink tinged tears.

     Spike had stopped dead in his tracks at the accusing tone in the question. Looking into the whelps deep chocolate eyes while feeling the tears well up yet again that felt like the thousandth time since he had been rescued, the Master Vampire dropped his gaze onto the floor in an act of total submission. Leaning against the frame of the doorway, he lifted his taped hand to fiddle with the paint that was flaking off the timber. Picking at the tiny bits and watching them drop on the floor, he nodded his head at the visibly shocked boy all the while keeping his eyes fixed firmly on the glistening tiles.

     Xander was stunned to see the vampire so defeated, something that he had never thought to see in his life time. The big Bad reduced to crying in full force while leaning against a bathroom doorway. Wishing now that he had paid at least some attention in the class, the angry and disgusted boy walked towards the bathroom while ignoring the the way the demon cringed away from Xander and into the surrounding frame.

     Reaching the hysterical man, Xander lifted out his larger hand and started to stroke the wet blonde hair in what he hoped was a soothing motion. Making arkward shushing noises in his throat in an attempt to slow the crying, Xander gently ran his fingers through the limp soft strands of hair.

     Spike, shaking from the closeness of the other male, unconciously leaned into the comforting caress. Having not had such attention from anyone in years,the attention that his Dru and Sire had showed him consisted of mad passion, blood and screaming, he could feel the boys fingers lightly stroking at the place where the Iniative had placed the much cursed chip. Hoping that the pleasant touching wouldn't stop too soon in the near future, he felt the tears dwindling to a slow halt.

     Xander looked at the still sobbing man in front of him and wondered why he was even bothering to try and comfort someone who had tried to kill not only himself but his friends as well over a long period of time.

     Seeing that the tears had stopped plopping on to the tiles, the still angry boy guided the now dry heaving vampire back to his side of the bed. Helping the exhausted male to climb into the bed, Xander looked down at the demon trying to curl into the fetal position as much as his still ruined hip would allow. Wondering if he should call Gile's and tell him of the update, he continued to run his fingers in the damp hair, lightly stroking the strands from the vampires cold forehead.

     Spike looked up at the person who stood beside him. He wondered when he would have to leave what had become his own little safe haven. He thought that Riley and cohorts wouldn't be stupid enough to come at him again while living in the whelps basement and if this was the type of treatment that he could expect from now on, why should he leave. Not even trying to deny to himself that he didn't like the way the boy's hand was running through his hair, he tried to think of a way to convince the boy to let him stay for a bit longer. Smelling the anger that surrounded every pore on the scooby, he tried to ignore the almost acrid aroma that assulted his sensitive nostrils. Glad that he had finally been able to tell someone at least partially what had happened that night, he closed his eyes and fell almost immediatly into a deep sleep.

     Seeing the vampire close his eyes and the heavy heaving starting to slow, Xander thought about who would be so sadistic as to go beyond a brutal beating and actually destroy a once proud being, an evil but proud being all the same.

     Sitting at the edge of the bed while still caressing the drying hair, he wondered what would happen now.


     Running from one corner of the crypt to the other, trying to get away from the taller five in the small room with him, Spike was trying to tell them to leave him alone, confused when he kept hearing himself tell the laughing males to do whatever they liked to him.

     "Do what you like mate, I don't give a shit"

     Shaking his head, denying what he had just heard himself say, he made a dash for the crumbling stairs.

     Pushed to the ground, he was quickly surrounded by the camoflage wearing group. Lying on his back, Spike looked up at the intense smirking faces in panic.

     "Im just a slut, fuck me over, I'm begging for it"

     Widening his eyes in shock at the words, he struggled in vain as the larger hands grabbed at him once again. As he was being hauled towards the stone slab, he pulled with all his might, trying to get free from the the five who were agreeing with him.

     Pussy, Whore, Slag, Fuck Toy.

     "Damn, you boys are getting me hot, keep going and I'm going to explode"

     Whimpering as he recognised the betraying voice, he was thrown face down on the cold hard slab, feeling it slam into his stomach that was aching from the punches that Riley and Martinez has gifted him with, he felt rough hands reaching around to his lower front.

     Feeling his shoulder muscles and ligaments protesting as he was streched over the wide expanse with Riley and Graham on each arm hauling his upper body towards them as they stood on the other side snickering at him, Spike kicked at the hands on either leg that were helping the soldier behind him work his tight black jeans down his trembling legs. Feeling the movements stop as the clothing reached his still attached boots, his stomach clenched in both pain and fear as he saw the beam of one of the torches glinting off a knife that Graham tossed to the people behind and either side of him. Hearing the knife work its way into his docs, he started kicking harder at the hands holding on to his legs, connecting with one of them, he felt the pain in his head send him into a temporary blackout.

     Coming to when he heard the ripping sounds of his already torn t-shirt, he whimpered at them to stop but his mouth having better ideas only told the men that the rougher it was, the better it would be for him.

     Howling with laughter,the ex-commando standing directly behind him slapped hard at each exposed buttock. All the while, he tried to shut out the sound of his voice telling the man to slap him harder and not to spare anything. Shutting his eyes tightly at the request of the mexican that he was going to be lifted up for easier access, he squealed in pain when he felt the large blunt fingertips dig into the already bruised flesh where he had been kicked previously.

     "If you're going to fuck me, I just wanna let ya know that I want it hard and long"      came the words from his trembling lips. Unable to stop himself, Spike instinctivly clenched at the feeling of a finger probe at the protesting ring, he gritted his teeth at what he knew was to come.

     The pain came in one hot punch as the soldier ploughed his way through the protective muscles in one unlubricated push with his hard cock. With the tears streaming down his face, Spike yelped in agony at being brutally penetrated with no preparation.

     "Jesus mate, you can do better than that, just go harder and I'll lay over easy for your mate's as well"

     Shaking his head from side to side, trying to clear the haze that had sprung up from behind his eyes, the vampire felt his head connect with a loud thump on the hard marble when Riley reached over with an unoccupied hand to still his head.

     Laughing and telling the soldier that was currently slamming into his bleeding arse to go harder, spike tried to shut his mind as to what was happening to him. After what seemed like hours, but what could only have been minutes, he felt the hot cum in his brutalised passage sting the tears in the sensitive tissue. Gasping as the man pulled out to a resounding chorus of cheers, he saw the man blow kisses at him while relieving Graham from the hold on his right arm. Graham, slapping the dark haired male on the back in praise, walked around the back of Spike all the while undoing his belt and pulling at the zipper keeping his army pants up.

     Moving his head from side to side again as he felt the soldier's hands on each hip, the blonde sucked in his breath but was once again unable to stop himself from saying do it harder baby to the man who was currently pushing his way through the steadily bruising tissue.

     The trembling man moaned in pain as he was unable to do anything but put up with feeling the other 3 members of the team stretch his arse beyond the limits of normal. His stomach was gurgling and leaping in reaction to the much swallowed cum from before this little turn of events and he was sure that the banging of his tender muscles against the hard stone wasn't helping at all either.

     Now crying in full force in front of the former Initiative members, Spike was humiliated to hear himelf say the he had enjoyed it thoroughly and to reward them all for one of the best arse fucks he had ever received, he was going to personally clean off the taller mens cocks, all five of them. Reminding them that he was really good at this, Spike asked for the first to step up so that he could begin. With shoulders shaking in pain and fright, he couldn't understand why he was saying the very opposite to what he wanted to say, he was shoved off the slab with such a force that he landed a good few feet from the stone coffin.

     Feeling the ribs that must have been broken by Grahams numerous kicks when he had spat out the soldier's seed after being forced to suck the man off, he was forced onto all fours by two of the shorter men. All the men had pulled up their pants after screwing Spike but hadn't zippered them up and it looked like a very long night the vampire thought.

     Swallowing in nervous fright as he saw Corey approach his open mouth while fiddling his open pants to get his already hardening dick out again, Spike could hear a noise behind him. Listening to what would hopefully take his mind off the revolting task in front of him, he closed his mind and eyes to what his mouth was doing with the hot flesh inserted firmly between his lips. Hearing what sounded like his name being said louder and louder, the blonde felt soft hands running through his hair, panicking that the soldier was preparing to shove his cock down his throat as far as it go, Spike started gagging in fear.


     "Spike, wake up!"


     Xander was running his fingers gently through the gagging blondes hair as he shouted at the male to wake up from whatever obvious nightmare that he was currently stuck in.

     He had gone to sleep with not a problem earlier on only to wake up to the whimpering noises that had grown steadly louder from next to him. Leaning over to turn on the bedside light, he had been stunned to see the vampire in the throes of what seemed to be a very vivid dream. Watching in sleepy annoyance tinged with growing concern for the demons state of mind, he had looked on as the almost healed man had started to sob from whatever was being played out inside his tortured mind.

     "Come on Spike, I know that you can hear me. Just wake up and everything will be all right."

     Xander continued to stroke his long fingers through the soft down like hair. Frowning as he could see that the dream had too much of a hold on the demon, he reached out his hand and with a little pause, he slapped none too gently at the totally healed face.

     Jerking awake at the warm bloom across his cheek, the startled vampire looked wildly around the room to see if his jumbled dreams had somehow come true.

     ~ Bloody Hell, the whelp must have slapped me! ~

     "Are you ok?"

     Hearing the concern for him in the boys sleepy voice, Spike turned to face the brunette laying beside him.

     ~No, not really. But I'm fucking glad you woke me up boy. ~

     Nodding his head in the boys direction, Spike sighed as the last of his tears tapered off. Embarassed that he had been once again crying after almost 2 weeks after his attack, he threw back the worn blankets and sheets and hobbled to the kitchen. Reaching into the cupboard with a shaking hand and pulling out 2 glasses, he looked over at Xander and shook one of the empty vesels at him.

     Xander nodded his head at the visibly trembling man.

     "Um..yeah, thanks"

     ~ Not a bloody problem Harris, least that the former Sunnydale Terror can do for his human keeper ~

     "Do you want to talk about it?"

     Shaking his head and making a few strangled noises in the boys direction, Spike finished filling the second glass and hobbled back towards the bed only spilling a few drops of water from each glass due to his ungainly walk.

     Handing one to the steadily awakening boy, he placed his own glass on the floor beside the bed as he climbed back into it. Not looking at Xander in humiliation as the young scooby member sipped at the cold water, he lay on his virtually healed back with only minimum discomfort and tried to find solace from his nightmare in the scungy roof.

     "I have to go back to work on Monday. You will have to look after yourself now, maybe you could find another crypt or even an abandoned warehouse or factory that you could move into now that you're pretty much right."

     ~ Don't want to leave pet. I hate that I'm like this, I hate the way I feel. I'm a bloody demon, William the Fucking Bloody and I dont want to leave here because I'm scared! ~

     Unable to voice his fears to the person next to him, Spike shrugged, grunted and turned on his side away from Xander.

     ~ What the hell do I do if Arsewipe and Pricks find me again because they sure as hell won't leave me alive next time. I don't really want to die just yet, I may have thoughts of how easy it would be to just blow away but when it comes down to the crunch of it, my survival instinct is too strong. ~

     Xander sighed at the blonde rolling onto his side so that his hack was facing him, he thought about the people who had beaten and raped the demon. Not knowing who they were and therefore being unable to take that threat away for the vampire, he was concerned for the smaller mans saftey. He still didn't like the vampire but just thinking about the damage to the disabled blondes body got him hot under the collar. He wanted the vampire to leave but he also didn't want to deliver the man straight back into danger.

     Turning off the lamp on the table beside his side of the bed, he snuggled down into barly warm cover. Feeling the vampire move around the bed, he started to feel himself get tired again and closing his eyes, the last thing that registered on his mind was the feel of a smaller hand clutch at his larger warmer hand and hold onto it tightly. Not being bothered to shake the other hand off, he let the images rush towards him that signalled the beginning of a technicolour dream.


     Monday morning finally rolled around and Xander gathered up his hardhat and looking at the vampire sitting in his uncomfortable chair who was looking at everything in the damp basement bar Xander himself.

     "Spike?...I will be back around 5.30, 6.00 tonight, ok?"

     Seeing the vampire still ignoring him, he started up the creaking stairs and pushed at the top door, trying not to fill the dark basement with light. Thinking that he shouldn't have worried as he looked up at the large thunderclouds gathering overhead, he started off in the direction of his latest constuction triumph. Xander wondered what the bleached wonder was going to do now that he was essentially back to normal. It was really only the still healing ankle and fingers that were causing any problems.

     Mulling this over in his head, Xander reached the corner of his street and headed off towards the centre of Sunnydale. Glancing down at his watch and seeing that he would make the work site with lots of time to spare, he slowed down his pace and tried to take in the scenery as he passed it by. Not having much luck in taking the houses and bare gardens into his interest, he thought to himself that so far he had been quite lucky that neither his parents or Uncle Rory had come barging into the basement with Spike still living there with him.

     Knowing that his dad or Uncle Rory would kick the crap out of him for having not only a guest staying with him but a male guest at that and not even paying any rent, Xander was thinking of the number of abandonded warehouses and and factorys that dotted the Sunnydale suburb. Wondering if any were possibly suitable to the vampire, he recognised the building site up ahead of him. Reaching the front gates, he greeted the security guard and passed through the security check that was now routine. Smiling at all of his workmates who were vocally greeting him back after his absence, he put all thoughts of Spike right out of his head and proceeded to be sucked into the heavy days work.


     ~ No problem pet, you just go and leave the manly man of a demon all by his little old self. ~

     Snorting to himself at the wave of fear that washed over him as he saw the boy head out into the cold day, Spike sat in the scratchy piece of furniture and gazed arount the room again. Seeing that there wasn't much to do apart from watching the old t.v., he grabbed the remote from the floor beside the chair and pointed it towards the blank box facing him.

     The t.v., lighting up into an old episode of Sally Jesse Raphael, crackled in response to the screech that was the bespectaled womans voice coming out of its worn speakers. Tapping his fingers on the arm of the chair, he glanced at the kitchen clock and seeing that it was only 8.44 in the morning, he tried to think of the various places around Sunnydale that he was now barred from that he once could have seeked shelter in. Running up an impressive list in his head, he wondered if the Watcher would like to have him back until the feelings of continual dispair and fear went away.

     ~ For fuck's sake, I, Spike the Bloody, do not have feelings of fear! ~

     Hearing another little voice in his head confirm his fear that, yes, he did fear for his safety, he wondered if a daily blowjob for the Whelp would convince the boy to let him stay. Rubbing his eyes at the very idea of blowing the scoobie, he launched himself out of the armchair and into the kitchen. Limping towards the full sink, he tried to walk normally with his ankles taking an even weight. Stumbling as he tried to do so, he shifted his weight back onto his right side and continued his way to the metal tub.

     ~ Oooohhhh, look at the tame domestic vampire. Roll right up and see the freak as it does the dishes! ~

     Bitterly having the thought and reaching underneath the sink at the same time, grabbing the half empty dishwashing liquid in his left hand, Spike smiled slightly to himself that if Dru could only see him now, it would definatly seal her decision to be glad she had left the blonde.

     ~ Of course a great steaming pile of Fungus demon would always win hand's down against Billy Boy ~

     Thinking that he could still probably do dishes better than the green furry prick that Dru had chosen over him, he put the plug underneath the tetering tower in the sink and turned the hot water on. Squeezing a small amount of liquid into the steaming water, he waited for the sink to fill. Having watched the boy do the same thing from his bed in the first few days of staying there, he knew that the amount he had put in was just enough for the amount of things that had to be washed.

     ~ Christ, I can't beleive it has come to this. How bloody stupid and pathetic am I? ~

     Shaking his head as he turned the water off before it threatened to overflow the shallow basin, he plunged his hands into the burning liquid and wincing at the amount of heat his hands were receiving, Spike started washing the numerous pieces of cutlery.

     Hearing the studio audience screeching in laughter to something the show host had said on the t.v., he turned his attention to not thinking about the little tremors of panic that were running up and down his body. Xander had really only left him alone for the first time this morning since being found and brought back to the dingy basement. He knew that he had grown used to the boy's prescence being almost constantly around him. Waking up after the monsterous nightmare he had had only a few nights ago, he remembered with embarrassment at memory of his clutching at the warm larger hand.

     ~ Thank fuck the Whelp was too tired to realise it was me. Big girl, that's what I am, no doubt about it then, looks like I'm turning into the Poof. ~

     Knowing that even with his do good soul, his Sire would never have needed to feel the touch of another person, the blonde shook his head once again at the embarrassment he could feel. It had felt good to touch the boy, safe even. Remembering that he had woken in the morning with his hand still clenched around the larger one, he scowled at the feeling of loss he had felt when he had gently removed his hand before the boy had woken up.

     ~ Christ Almighty, I'm over a hundred bloody years old and I can't believe that I'm looking for a bit of comfort in a boy barely finishing his second decade in life! ~

     Shrugging his shoulders at the embarrassment tinged with a slight warmth that he felt in the pit of his stomach, the vampire finished shoving wet pieces of crockery into the large dishdrainer. Pulling the plug and wiping his hands on the teatowel hanging from the drawer handle beside the sink,he made his awkward way back to the t.v.

     From the earliest memory he could dredge up from his brief time as a human, he had always hated being alone and he really was growing to destest the gnawing feeling in his stomach at the thought of the boy not coming home at all. When he had been a human, he would always go out of his way to make sure that at least someone was with him a all times. The only time that he hadn't wanted company was when he was doing his proffessional breaking and entering that he had been pretty famous for in the murky circles that he had lived in.

     Settling down into the hard chair, he watched the car ad state that only HP premium motor oil would do the trick. After some time, feeling his stomach begin to rumble, Spike looked towards the clock and saw that it was now around 2pm in the afternoon. As he stood to make his way back to the kitchen that contained the fridge and bloodbags, he felt the roll of thunder and heard the almost dfeaning crack of lightening that finally signalled the begining of the major storm that had been threatening to start all morning.

     Standing still in front of the open fridge, he listened at the now howling wind as it ushered the storm into full force. Grabbing a bag from the dwindling stock on the shelf, he thought as to how the whelp would be doing his job in such foul weather.


     Xander finished shoving his change into his wallet, replacing the item back into his pocket, he gathered up his numerous plastic bags. He had been overwhelmed with humiliation when most of the work crew had surrounded him during the lunch break and presented him with a bulging envelope. Nervously taking the white packet from the out stretched hand of the crew leader, Barney, he looked at the expectant faces grinning at him. Not saying a word, he had opened the packet only to feel faint and sit back down onto the bench behind him when he had seen the numerous notes of money in the envelope.

     Looking back up from playing with the edges of the notes, he asked the towering balding Barney why. Laughing, the older man told him that himself and a few of the other guys had put in some money to make up a bit towards his two weeks lost wages. The potbellied leader had been impressed when the construction boss had told him why Xander wouldn't be in for a couple of weeks. The other guy's surrounding the stunned boy nodded at Barney's words as he was told that he was a good kid to forgo his wages in order to take care of his sick mother unlike so many other little shits that had worked for the company over the years. It hadn't quite made up the two weeks pay in total but Xander hadn't been about to tell the older men that.

     Thanking them all in nervous fear for what could happen if they really found out about his missed weeks at work, the men had taken turns in slapping his back and telling him that they wished more youngsters were as unselfish as he had shown them to be.

     All at once as they had started to walk back from the end of lunch, the skies had opened up with a vengence and combined with the wind strength that had been picking up steadily during the day, it was decided that work would stop for the afternoon. Cheerfully, Xander had accepted a lift to the Sunnydale Mall with one of the guys who was closer to his own age, being around 25 or so. Chatting all the way about little things, Xander explained that his uncle was now able to take care of his mother.

     Feeling his ears burn at remembering the lies that had come easy to him, he walked through the security bars standing at the Wal Mart enterance. Thinking about what he had bought, he mentally went through the purchases he made with the gift money.

     He hoped that he had picked the right size t-shirts and jeans for the vampire waiting at home. Choosing 2 black simple t-shirts, a pair of black socks, a thick blue shirt to go over the black, he had needed help with purchasing the right size jeans and boots. The sales assistant had been pretty dumb in a ditzy way but she had known what she was on about when he had requested her help with the last two items. Asking the height of the person who was going to wear the jeans, Xander had indicated someone smaller than himself saying that he wasn,t really sure how tall, but they were definately slimmer than himself.

     Nodding at him, the girl had hmmmm'd at him and had then gone off to rumage through the many pairs of jeans. Stating that he would only buy black, Xander had asked if he could bring them back if they weren't right. Agreeing and finally finding a pair that looked like they would fit Spike, she then moved him onto the shoe section. Not being able to afford the new shoes, let alone a pair of docs for the blonde, he asked for a pair of lace up work boots. Once again he requested if he could bring them back if not right.

     Agreeing again, the girl had then asked the embarrassing question of did he need any underpants with those purchases. Staring at her and feeling his face burn at the question, he had paused and then nodded a yes at her, not trusting himself to do anything but squeak. Following her through the menswear section, Xander wished for the floor to swallow him. Reaching the underwear, she had asked him another embarrassing question of whether it was to be boxers or briefs.

     Recalling that the vampire had been wearing his overly large boxers for a couple of weeks now, he replied that only black boxers would do. Giggling at his request for black again, the sales assistant had wondered out loud if his friend was a vampire. Nervously laughing with her, he had told her that he was just a unimaginative dresser. Nodding at his explanation, she then proceeded to lead him towards the checkout with two pairs of black cotton boxers clutched in her hand.

     Looking at his watch, Xander stepped up his pace and headed towards the outer doors of the Mall. He had been almost ready to weep with gratitude when he had learnt that Wal Mart was having a pre December 15% off everything sale so that they could make room for all the Christmas stock coming from overseas. Everything had come to a much less amount than he had expected. He considered asking Giles and the witches to put in towards the bill for Spike's new clothing, he didn't even think that Buffy would consider clothing a necessitie for the recovering vampire.

     Seeing the time was now almost 6.30, he hurried towards his way home trying to keep as dry as possible under the trees hanging over the wet footpath.


     Running towards his house, trying not to slip on the wet concrete, Xander banged straight into one of the people that he really didn't want to see on what had been a great day so far.


     Glaring at the panting wary looking male in front of her, the ex-demon brushed imaginary dirt from her top.

     "Xander, you're so clumsy, can't you ever look where you are going?"

     "Sorry Anya. I'll be more careful in future ok?"

     "Why aren't you at home. I just came from there and there was no answer to the door knocking thing that you like, are those presents for me? Are you going to apologise for dumping me, I told Buffy that you would"      The girl said as she eyed the bags Xander was holding with a hungry look. Looking back at the man in front of her, she dared him with eye's narrowed to tell her that she didn't have a present amongst the bags.

     Groaning in frustration at the pushy attitude he was receiving, he shook his head.

     "No Anya, these are clothes for Spike. He has been wearing my clothes for the past 2 weeks and since he is going soon, he wont be able to take them with him."

     "So, you bought someone else a present instead of buying me, your girlfriend, the present that you owe me for dumping me!"

     "Shit Anya, you're my ex-girlfriend so that means there will be no more presents for you, not now and definately not in the future!" Xander yelled at the pouting girl as he pushed his way passed the person blocking his way forward. "Will you just FUCK OFF and leave me alone, actually how about you do everybody a favour and just piss off out of town, you stupid BITCH!!!!"

     Watching him as he roughly shoved her aside, the ex-vengence demon was shocked at the anger in her old lovers words. Willow had warned her once that xander sometimes had a temper that was hard to control, but scoffing at the witch, she had been sure that her status as an ex demon would be enough to place the brunette firmly under her thumb. Closing her open mouth, she thought to herself that maybe he had actually done her a favour, and that she was lucky to get out of the relationship before it developed into a continuing screaming match. Recalling the screaming matches that went on overhead of the dank basement, she thought that Xander had sounded remarkably like his chronically bad tempered father and Uncle.

     Stomping his way down the street towards his house, he fumed with almost black anger at the audacity the girl had showed him. How fucking dare she talk to him like that he thought to himself. What gives her the bloody right to treat him like a piece of crap between her toes, he wasn't going to be like his mother and just take it from all sides. Almost spitting in rage as he thought of all the times Anya had humiliated him in public, his face was a grim mask of cold fury.

     He rarely went into intense rages but he couldn't help himself this time, reaching his house, he yanked open the letterbox and seeing it empty, he kicked it until the wooden mast cracked and it fell with a clatter on the ground. Bloody pricks have probably stolen his mail again came the angry thoughts as he considered the fact his parents weren't home.

     "Thank god for that!" he growled to himself. In the mood he was now in thanks to his ex orgasm buddy, he would have probably hit back if his father or uncle had been there and had gone for him as they liked to do. Hitting back would only earn him a bigger beating from either of the larger men. With that thought, Xander felt his mind cloud over, completing his transition from his usual normally goofy self and into one of his rarely seen black moods that he had inherited from his paternal side of the family.

     Unlocking the basment door in a flurry of curses, he kicked it open when the key finally turned in the rusty lock. Slamming on the light for the stairs, threw the bags in his hand from his position on the front stair through the air and watched them with a cold smile on his face as they landed in a pile next to the bed.

     Pausing at the sight of the clothing spilling out of the tangled mess on the floor, Xander searched the room for the blonde vampire. Nostrils flaring, he thumped heavily down the stairs, fists clenching in rage.

     "Spikey, where are you?"

     "Come out, little one"

     Xander sang out into the cold basement air, his tone of voice radiating the anger he was currently feeling.

     "Where are you, you fucking prick?"

     Growling, as he stalked around the small room looking for the vampire, he tossed piles of clothing around the floor. Reaching his bed, he peered over the side into the space between the bed and wall to see the vampire curled up on the floor, wearing one of his favourite shirts and grey trackpants, rocking himself with eyes closed and tears coursing down his cheeks.

     "Jesus, arn't you just a bit old for crying like a baby Spikey?"      Xander sneered down as the vampire snapped open his eyes and looked up at him with fightened blue orbs, from his position on the floor. Laughing as the terrified man tried to crawl under the bed, the larger man grabbed at one pale ankle and pulled the thrashing vampire accross the carpet towards the centre of the room.

     Dropping the ankle with thump, Xander spread his legs and stood over the vampire with one leg on either side of the heaving demon.

     "You know what you are Spike? What, no backchat, no get stuffed mate?"

     Kneeling down so that he was sitting firmly on the brightly covered chest, he leant down, putting his face close to the other males.

     "You are a piece of shit. You are nothing, not a Master Vampire, not the Big Bad, not even a mouthy little demon anymore."

     "You are a lush. All you do is take, take, take. Guess, what?

     Laughing as he saw the adams apple bob up and down in the pale throat, reached a hand out and stroked the trembling demons face. Hearing the strangling whispered grunts coming from the other male, Xander grinned ferally.

     "What not even going to try and guess, geez, really unsporting of you sweety. Oh, hang on, that's right, you can't talk can you!"

     Shaking his head from side to side in panic, Spike raised his hands to push at the heavy weight on top of him, trying to get the boy to get off. Gasping in terror when the angry boy grabbed his wrists in one fast motion, the demon looked into the almost black eyes.

     "Time to pay up boy. You want to stay here with me. No, no, don't try to deny it. I felt you grab my hand that night."

     Choking, the sobbing man nodded up at the grinning boy.

     "Ah, see that wasn't too hard was it? Well, you can stay....but you know that you're going to have to earn it don't you?"

     Nodding once more,the vampire gently tugged his wrists from the hot firm hold. With shaky hands, he moved them towards the jeans in front of him. Hesitantly he looked for approval, seeing it given in a terse nod, he touched the button and zipper gently. Running a finger down the zipper, he heard a moan and a sharp intake of breath coming from above him.

     "Jesus, will you cut the crap and just do it already"

     Shuddering in fear, Spike nimbly undid the button and zipper to reveal the already hardening cock. Gasping sounds that were letting him know to continue, he slowly carresed the stiff member through the cheap cotton material of the boxers.

     "Oh man, that is sooooo good"

     Biting his bottom lip, Xander shifted his weight up and off the smaller man. Holding his jeans up with one hand, he reached down and grasped the blonde hair with a large hand and started dragging the vampire towards the bed. Hearing the squealing from the hurting vampire, he laughed.

     "Don't worry Sweety, give me a decent blow job tonight and I'll leave the other stuff for another night"

     Sitting down on the bed so that the sobbing man was between his open thighs, he gestured down to his throbbing crotch. Sighing in frustration, he grabbed the blonde head and shoved it towards his cock.

     Grunting in pain and fear from the intense smell of anger and lust rolling off the panting male in front of him, Spike gestured for Xander to stand up, once the boy was standing, he started to gently tug the jeans down the muscular thighs. Stopping at the boots, he glanced in worry up at the other man.

     Lifting one boot clad foot, he gestured for the blonde to undo the shoe and to take both that one and the other right off. As the second shoe followed the first in laying on the floor, he felt his socks soon follow. The cool hands ran up his bare thighs, gently touching here and there until they reached the boxers sitting on his upper thighs. Thrusting his crotch into the face before him, he watched his boxers slide down his legs to meet his jeans on the floor.

     His lower half now completly naked, his erection leaked precum on to the carpet. Seeing Spike look up into his eyes briefly before dropping his gaze so that it rested on his aching cock, he sat back down onto the bed with a load groan.

     Gulping with a suddenly dry throat, the vampire reached out with hesitant tongue to lightly lick at the precum gathering on the tip of the engorged member. Flinching back at the hiss and hip jerk it produced, he made a longer, more firmer lick at the rosy head.

     "Come on Sweety, you can do better than that"

     Hearing the low voice, Spike took the head into his mouth and swirled his tongue along the underside of the shaft. Tracing the thick vein, he reached out with one hand to caress the boys sac while using his other hand to brace himself against the lightly haired thigh.

     Moaning, he thrust his cock into the not so willing mouth, not letting that fact bother him, he grasped the soft hair with both hands and rammed his hips upwards in a vicious motion. Feeling the vampire gag around his cock, he patted the head beneath his hands in calming manner. The skilled tongue and the cool mouth were doing magic on his cock while the one hand gently kneaded and softly tugged at his testicles. Knowing that he was going to come any minute, he stopped the deep throating motion.

     Letting most of the pulsing cock slip out of his mouth, Spike could smell that the brunette was only seconds away from coming. Lightly feathering his tongue around the thick head, he could smell the cum builing in the balls he was rolling around in his left hand. As Xander pulled his hot flesh entirely from his mouth, Spike shuddered and flinched back as his face and chest was covered in hot sticky cum. Gagging from the smell of it, he cringed from the hand patting him on the head.

     "Good boy! That was fucking great, after that effort, I suppose you can stay."

     Getting up on rubbery legs and leaving the stunned vampire sitting on the floor beside the bed, Xander padded accross to the bathroom. Grabbing some toilet paper from the roll hanging on the dispenser, he cleaned his softening dick and then flushed the wet sticky mass. He reached into the cupboard and found a facecloth, turning on the basin, he wet the cloth and squeezed out the excess water. Turning back to the main room, he walked to the vampire who was once again trying to curl into the fetal position.

     Kneeling down beside the quivering male, Xander reached out with the cloth and proceeded to wipe at the sticky mass on the pale face. Looking closely at the smaller man, he dropped the cloth onto the floor and pulled the struggling man towards him.

     "Sshhh, don't get me angry again. I wont hurt you. You belong to me now, that's why I pulled out when I did."

     Hugging the shaking, sobbing male tightly to his side, Xander ran his fingers through the ungeled hair.

     "You dont have to worry anymore, I still don't like you but you're mine so that means I'm going to take care of you from now on"

     "I'm sorry if I scared you, Spike. I....I just get angry from time to time and you just happened to be here"

     Closing his eyes, Spike felt the touching through his hair soothe his battered emotions into a dark slumber. Laying there together on the floor, the males drifted off into their respective dreams.

     One drifted off into dust filled horror that featured six males when before there had only been five. He shuddered in his sleep as the five greeted the new member.

     The other sank deeply into dreams that were showing how much like his father and the previous male members of his family he was and that no matter how hard he tried not to be, sometimes nature would always get the better of certain people.


     I'm sitting here on the side of the bed watching the brunette whelp sleep.

     After that first time he forced me to suck him off in the basement, he hasn't so far raised his hand to me in anger as of yet. I know he will one day, I can see it in his eyes. The way they go from the deep chocolate brown and into the almost pitch black when he is angry. He is so good at hiding his emotions beneath the chirpy, goofy donut boy exterior that he has going. Hell, I missed it the first time that I lived in the basement with him. I think it's only the fact that this time my survival depends on him that made me pay closer attention to his moods.

     He will get close to my face, shoving his into mine when he does finally get angry enough to lose control. I can usually smell the anger pouring out of him for day's before he lets loose in the tiny basement away from anybody else who may see him and suddenly realise that there is more to the boy than donuts and construction work. More than goofey little grins and eternally bad jokes.

     Most of the time he doesn't acknowledge his mood swings and usually ignores the fact they set my tears off. It's been almost three months now since that first blowjob in the basement. He likes me to give him one when he wakes up and then again just before we climb into bed together, we sleep together but he doesn't touch me. I sometimes wish he would do more than hold me after a bad dream.

     He sort of just runs his fingers through my hair in response to the nightmares I still have. I still like the way it feels. So far, he hasn't approached me in a way that indicates that he wants to fuck me up the arse, but I know that he is going to one day. He has never once touched my dick of his own accord, and I know that this he will definately never do unless things change dramatically in this realtionship that is still having the lines decided upon.

     I can't believe at times, just how far I have fallen. From being one of the famous Scourge of Europes favoured Childe's to being a whore to a much younger man. Being a whore is something that I know all about. Before being turned by the high and mighty Angelus, I was a pretty good little thief.

     I had turned to thieving when I found out just what sort of family business my mother had wanted to introduce me to. One day she had bought around a well dressed man, a gentleman, who looking around our dingy hovel in disgust, had turned his attention on me and his face had lit up into a huge smile. He had whispered somthing to my mam that had upset her at first but at the urgings and soothing whispers he kept directing her way, she had finally said that she would think about it. I, being only around 9 at the time, had no idea what she was upset about so I went back to playing by the dying hearth. I knew what she did with all the men she bought home. The walls were thin and if I hadn't guessed, my friends had all told me what my mother did for living.

     Snorting at myself for the memory, I let myself drift back to things that I haven't thought about in over a century.

     A few months after the gentlemens first visit, he came back with mam one night reeking of cheap whisky that the tavern my mother whored in served. I had been sleeping but had woken when I heard them stumble in the door. While my parent had been cleaning herself from the spilled whisky, the man had come to sit on my bed and was telling me all about his large property in the country and the many horses he had stabled there.

     My mother had come to stand in the doorway and drunkenly told me that in a couple of days, I would be going to live with Mr Spencer and if I was really lucky, then it wouldn't hurt too much. Being confused as to what she was on about, I asked what she meant. Mr Spencer had laughed at the question and kissed me. Not on the cheek, not on the top of my head but right smack bang full on the lips. Wiping at his smelly breath and the wetness on my lips, I had just snuggled back into the blankets.

     I had felt a touch on my face and that was what had woken me up. Looking up in the dim light, I had seen the man towering over me, not wearing a stitch, he sat again on my bed. Not saying anything, my bedclothes were wrenched away from my shivering body. I could see the man doing something strange with his hand between his thighs. Trying to ignore what he was doing as I had been still tired, I had rolled over to face away from him when I felt large hands grab me and haul me towards him. Screaming for my mam, I heard her get up and run towards me.

     She had slapped at the man saying that because she hadn't yet been paid, the man didn't get to touch me. Trembling in fright, I had slipped out of my bed and sneaking around them, I had run straight out of the door. I headed for the one person whom I could rely upon, an old customer of my mams who had always been kind to me and had sometime bought me sweets.

     He had told me where he lived and said for me to come to him if things got too bad at home. Running as fast as i could that night, I reached the mans house and knocking on the door, I had asked for shelter that night and had never gone back to my mams as i had started my theiving apprenticeship that very night.

     Later on in my professional working relationship with the old theif, he had told me what the well dressed gentleman had wanted my mam to do. Realising that you had almost been sold into virtual slavery made you kind of mad at the world and to find out that your own mother was going to do it willingly, well that probably explained the whole parenting issues that I had with Angelus.

     Sighing, I look down at the stirring boy. Glancing at the clock, I can see that it is almost time to deliver the first blowjob of the day. I don't really mind doing it now, It's really not that bad and I'm starting to like it when he doesn't go too rough.

     Red asked me one day why I didn't just move from Sunnydale, I had just shrugged and grunted at her. I mean, what do I say? Tell her that I'm still scared that Riley and his mates would track me down. Tell her that no matter where I went, the tale of a vampire who was unable to speak and bite, one who didn't even go into gameface now except when feeding would spread like wildfire through the demon ranks.

     It's not that bad living with the whelp now that our whole relationship has changed from what it had previously been. He took me out to the movies last week, something violent that he had let me choose. Even bought me popcorn. He's been telling me that he is going to teach me sign language. I think he's sick of trying to read my bad hand writing, don't really blame him afterall it is pretty crappy.

     As I reach down to stroke at the awakening bulge in the boy's boxers, I think of my long dead mother.

     Look mam, look at what little Billy has become.

     He's certainly in the family business now, if not for money, its for blood and a sheltering roof over his blonde head.

     Shivering as I feel my life complete the circle of what I should have become when I was younger, I can see the that the full circle of fate is now complete and that I am now in the place that has been vacant since I slipped out that front door all those years ago.

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