Sequel to Gone Redux

Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Pairing: Spike/Xander/Anya
Rating: NC-17.
This fic stands alone, but it is also a continuation of my Gone-verse series here. This fic starts out in mid-season 4 and goes AU from there into season 6. Total PWP smutfic with no redeeming value whatsoever. This was written especially for the Windle's Orbit Summer Fest 2007 "Three Little Words" challenge, but I really have no idea where in my brain all this weird kinky stuff is coming from, honest I don't!
Warnings: A little shmaltz, & lots of kinky sex. Lots and lots. Well, as kinky as I get anyway, and kinkyness is subjective. Spanking, dom/sub, Star Trek geekiness. Naughty fun with chocolate.

And a special early Happy Birthday to [info]werewindle!!

You Heard Me


"You heard me. I said you've got a nice ass..." Spike strained against the ropes tying him to the chair to reach the pocket that contained his cigarettes. "You've been filling out rather well, these last few months. Shame you don't show it off more, instead of always dressing like a cartoon clown."

Xander continued to stare at Spike like he'd just said he was a huge Donny Osmond fan or something.

Spike scoffed, "What? Just making conversation." What did Xander expect if he was going to tie him to a chair and then bend over right in front of him like that, anyway? To him, being tied to a chair had always meant a long evening of pain and pleasure at the hands of his sire. Not his fault if the feel of ropes binding him down tightly made his dick stand up like Pavlov's dog. Then his nummy had leaned over the sofabed and stuck his ass in the air like a ripe peach ready for plucking. He wouldn't have minded so much if the bloke were doing it just to taunt him, but the whelp was completely oblivious! A vampire could only put up with so much!

"Yeah, well, keep your conversation to yourself." Xander leaned over, plucked the pack of cigarettes from Spike's hand and set them on the table next to him, hopelessly out of reach until the boy dozed off and the vampire could stop pretending that he couldn't easily free himself if he wanted. He had to be a bit cautious there, he didn't want Xander borrowing Giles' chains or he'd be stuck here every bloody night...

Xander finally finished changing the sheets on the sofabed and climbed into it, hiding the aforementioned pert little behind that he'd been waving about for the last ten minutes. Xander tried to ignore the bleached menace. He knew the vampire didn't mean it. Spike was only trying to get a rise out of him, humiliate him. He refused to blush just because of one little sort-of compliment. So not going there. He was not going to spend the night lying awake and imagining how it would feel to have Spike's hands on his ass. Squeezing his cheeks, slowly spreading them apart, delving between them with his wicked, supple tongue while one hand sneaks underneath him to stroke his leaking, throbbing... Damn. Stupid horny brain.

"You'd hear that sort of thing more often if you stopped buying all your pants three sizes too big." Spike breathed deep, drinking in the delicious cocktail of scents that were drifting off his nummy. Confusion, embarrassment, and lust in equal measures. Poor boy was in denial, obviously; but his hormones didn't lie.

When his bloody stupid Sire had offered him Xander two years ago he knew Spike would recognize the hidden potential in the gangly, pretty dark-eyed boy. He'd smelled delicious then, too. Now, the whelp really had been filling out nicely of late, and soon enough he'd be ripe for the plucking. And once he dealt with this blasted chip Spike was going to collect the beautiful boytoy his Sire had given him, and Xander's sex life was going to get a little "personal attention."

Two years later

"WHAT did you say?" Xander had been distracted by the incredible things Anya had been doing with her tongue, and he wasn't sure his brain hadn't melted and started leaking out of his ears. Surely Anya didn't say what he just thought she'd said, had she? Surely he couldn't be that lucky?

Anya licked and nibbled her way up Xander's chest. "You heard me. I said I think we should invite Spike over for a threesome this weekend." Her grin slowly faded as Xander gaped up at her, gobsmacked. "The last time we talked about experimenting with a third, I thought you were very enthusiastic about the idea. You came so hard you nearly blacked out." Anya pinned him to the mattress with Pout #3 – the one that meant serious business. Her lower lip trembled slightly, and one well-manicured hand started stroking Xander's ribs and absently circling his nipples. "You haven't changed your mind, have you? Because we've only got so long to sow our wild oats and have all the wild monkey sex we can before we both get all old and wrinkly and our parts stop working."

"It's OK Ahn! Don't worry, I haven't changed my mind." God, how he always loved a woman who knows what she wants! Especially when it involves her riding him like a pony. He'd long ago accepted the fact that bossy women were an enormous turn-on for him. Bossy men too, for that matter. Speaking of which... "Just, why Spike?"

Anya sat up and started counting off reasons on her fingers. "He's totally hot, you've even said so yourself. He's available. He's got over a hundred years of experience. Most of all, he's the only one we know who won't completely freak out on us if we ask... Unless you want to ask around work instead? Some of the guys on your crew are pretty buff." The speculative gleam in Anya's eyes was slightly terrifying.

"On the construction site? Ha!" Xander scoffed. "Not if I want to keep all my parts intact. Freakout doesn't even begin to cover it. We won't be sharing anything about our sex life with any of them, thanks. Besides, sex with a co-worker is just asking for trouble... But what makes you think Spike would say yes, anyway? He may like you well enough, but he hates my guts. And we don't even know if he's bi. What if he's just into girls?"

"Oh, that's silly!" Anya laughed. "He's a vampire! They're all omnisexual." Anya laid back down and snuggled up onto Xander's chest with a satisfied smile. "Besides, I happen to know for a fact that he thinks you're very sexy. And he doesn't hate you. He baits you all the time because he likes arguing with you, that's all." She sighed. "And honestly? I think he's kind of lonely... And don't tell him I said that! But trust me, he'll jump at the chance when I ask him. Pair of hotties like us."

"You're going to ask him? Oh thank God." Xander breathed a huge sigh of relief.

"Coward." Anya's smile got wider and her hand began to explore. "Just think: tomorrow night on patrol we'll tell all your friends that we're planning to go away for a romantic weekend of wild sex together. We just won't mention to any of them that it will be the three of us hidden away here for the weekend. They'll never suspect a thing." He groaned, and little Xander twitched and filled in anticipation as Anya teased him with light, little barely-there touches. She nibbled his neck and whispered in his ear, "I'm going to enjoy being fucked by both of you at once. Feeling your throbbing cock explode in my mouth while he fills my ass. Or vica versa, I don't care. And oh! I can't wait to watch you two together. I can picture your dark tanned legs wrapping around Spike's pale lean body while he thrusts his cock into your tight little hole. It's going to be so beautiful." Her wicked hand strayed lower, cupping and rolling his balls gently. "He'll be uncut, you know. You've never given a blowjob to someone who isn't circumcised, have you?”

Xander tried to say no, but all that came out was a tiny little squeak. Anya's dirty talk was so wrong, and squicky, and, and wrong! It really, really shouldn't turn him on the way it did. But Oh GOD he was so turned on! He felt like an electric current was zinging through his body.

"No? It feels different in your mouth, you know." Anya's hand ran up and down his shaft, expertly speeding Xander towards another orgasm. "Once you pull back the foreskin, the head of his dick will be even more sensitive than yours is." In a fluid motion, Anya bent over and captured the head of Xander's cock in her mouth, circling it with her tongue and flicking across the weeping slit. Xander fought off his orgasm until Anya lunged forward, took every last inch of him in and swallowed him whole. Then Xander came with a wail, his back arched off the bed as he jerked and gasped, and Anya milked his orgasm from him until his whimpers died down.

Anya yawned contentedly. "You just leave everything to me, my lusty Viking. I'll take good care of you."

That weekend

Xander flinched nervously when the doorbell rang.

"Anya honey, could you get that? I'm not quite ready yet."

Xander checked himself out in the mirror, grimacing. He was wearing a burgundy silk shirt that Anya had bought him especially for the occasion, and a very old pair of faded black jeans that felt too small for him, especially as he was already half-hard. He wasn't sure he could even sit down in them. But Anya had assured him that he wouldn't be wearing them all that long anyway.

He could hear Spike's voice in the next room, telling Anya how bloody gorgeous she looked, and Anya gushing at Spike because he'd brought a bottle of good champagne. He was trembling slightly, and honestly couldn't say if it was in lustful anticipation or stark terror. He wiped his clammy hands on his jeans and walked out to the living room.

To Xander's surprise, Spike had gotten all prettied up as well. He was wearing black leather pants that looked like they'd been painted on, and a midnight blue velvet button-up over of his usual black T-shirt. He wore a heavy silver chain and a few silver rings on his slim fingers. Xander's breath caught in his throat. Spike looked absolutely edible.

He also looked just a tiny bit nervous underneath that cocky facade. That tiny chink in the vampire's emotional armor made Xander feel a lot less like some stupid kid who was in way over his head.

"Make yourself at home. Want a beer?"

Spike shrugged. "Sure."

Xander got two beers from the kitchen and returned to find Anya fiddling with the stereo and Spike sitting on the couch. To his horror, he saw that Spike was preoccupied studying the lovely array of assorted sex toys that Anya had helpfully spread out across the coffee table. He watched the vampire pull a large tube of lube and a short riding crop from his coat pocket and set it on the table with the rest of the kinky loot. He eyed Xander warily for a moment, reached into another pocket, and pulled out a small gold box and set it on the table as well. Spike mumbled gruffly, "The champagne is for the lady; this is for you."

At the sight of that box, all Xander's embarrassment and insecurities, the mortification of seeing every sex toy they owned on open display, even the painfully tight pants he was wearing were forgotten. Snatching up the box, he whispered reverently, "Holy mama! Lady Godiva Chocolates!! Oh Spike, I think I love you!"

Xander was so busy gleefully ripping the box open and salivating over the contents that he completely missed the lustful grins that passed between his companions. Pulling the box from his hands, Anya straddled Xander's lap and chose a piece of candy, placing it carefully between her teeth. Xander licked his lips and leaned in, delicately taking his half of the yummy treat as he kissed her. He closed his eyes and moaned in ecstasy as the chocolate coated his tastebuds.

As Anya pulled back, strong hands turned him slightly and a cool tongue darted into his mouth, roaming and devouring, sucking on his lips and tongue gently until every last trace of chocolate had been chased down.

The coffee table was hastily shoved aside. Xander alternated between sharing candy-flavored kisses with his two lovers and watching hungrily as he let Spike and Anya split the few buttercream-filled confections from the box. Their tongues tangled fiercely as their hands wandered over each other, exploring new territory, mussing and yanking clothes aside in a steadily building frenzy. When Anya ripped Spike's black T-shirt right in half and bit down hard on the vampire's neck, Spike arched impossibly backward against Xander's chest and his eyes fluttered shut.

Xander decided that he could get used to this.

Anya and Spike were both thinking roughly the same thing as Xander.


"You heard me. I said that you haven't got the stones."

"I do too have the stones." Xander sputtered. "I've got plenty of... stones."

Spike smirked and held out the joint. The Doobie. The Mary Jane. The Wacky Tobaccy. The Illegal Substance.

"Go on then." The smirk grew. "Just try it once, and if you don't like it, you can stop."

He looked to Anya for support, but she was too busy puffing away at her own joint and giggling.

He was doomed.


Xander thought that naked twister was probably a bad idea... right up until he felt Spike's tongue spearing into his ass with little teasing flicks and stabs that made his thighs shake like a leaf. Then his thinking processes pretty much ground to a complete halt, except for a litany of "More, now!" and "Don't stop!" He fucked himself on Spike's agile tongue while his fingertips stroked Anya softly, circling her clit and teasing her opening, listening to her moan around Spike's cock with delight.

Suddenly the feel of Spike's mouth disappeared, and then Xander felt the vampire's dick seeking entrance where nothing except Anya's toys had ever gone before. With a groan, Xander forced himself to relax and pushed back, little by little, until Spike was buried deep inside him. He buried his face between Anya's splayed thighs and slowly began fucking himself on Spike's cock...


"No fucking way, Spike! Are you completely insane?"

Spike crossed his arms and glowered. "Captain Janeway has a brain. That T'Pol bint has nice tits, I'll give you that, but she's completely bloody useless!"

"She is not! Take that back, you, you big stupid head!" Xander and Spike were nose to nose, and in Anya's opinion, behaving like a pair of asses.

"You are acting like a complete berk!"

"Look who’s talking, chucklehead!"

"ENOUGH!" Anya bellowed. *crack!*

Both men turned and froze. Neither of them had noticed that they'd been arguing for so long that Anya'd had time to change into thigh-high leather boots and a matching corset and thong. But right now she had their undivided attention.

"Both of you, naked on your knees... NOW." Anya stood tall, legs slightly spread, tapping the riding crop against one leg and glowering at them. She was a vision of kinky loveliness.

"Yes, mistress." This should be interesting, Xander thought. "Your wish is my command."

Spike stared at Xander in shock, but when the young man speedily stripped off and fell to his knees in a classic submissive pose, eyes down and prick standing at attention, Spike eagerly joined him, wanting to see where this was headed.

Anya paced in a circle around them, secretly enjoying the view from every possible angle while trying to look stern and accusing. "You two have wasted far too much time arguing when the pair of you are supposed to be busy giving me orgasms! You both deserve to be punished for that." She pointed imperiously at her toes. "On your hands and knees, both of you."

The riding crop came down on both men's backsides in several bursts of quick, stinging strokes that faded quickly but left a tantalizing heat behind. Luckily for them she knew exactly what she was doing, and exactly what each man needed to lose themselves in a lusty haze of pleasure/pain. Anya alternated strokes back and forth, knowing Spike would want it harder then Xander could take it. She deliberately struck Spike hard enough to break his skin once or twice, making him scream at the unexpected blow, then growl helplessly at the scent of his own blood in the air until the shallow cut healed itself.

Once she offered them permission to speak, neither man could keep silent. They both panted and moaned, and begged for more - more of anything she wanted to give them. Anya really enjoyed the contrast between Spike's filthy, dirty mouth and Xander's simple, broken pleas to be forgiven and allowed to come.

Anya didn't stop until her arm ached, and she was covered in a thin sheen of sweat. She was smugly pleased to see puddles of pre-come spreading under both quivering men. Spike had completely given up trying to stay out of game face. Oh yes, Anya thought, the mighty Anyanka might be human now, but she hadn't lost her touch...

She picked up a vibrator and stretched out on the suede recliner, making herself comfortable. "Now I want you two to kiss and make up... In fact, I want to watch the two of you sixty-nining. And if you suck each other off really nicely and give me a very good show, maybe – just maybe - I'll let you both fuck me afterwards."

Monday morning

Spike slouched in the bloody "breakfast nook", stared into his mug of O-positive and sulked. The last three nights and two days had been bloody fantastic. Anya had known tricks he hadn't even heard of, and he'd gleefully discovered that Xander could bend like a fucking contortionist. He ached all over in the most deliciously satisfying way. He'd also been well-fed and well-looked after for the first time in... Christ, he couldn't remember how long.

But now their weekend of debauchery was over. Anya had left shortly before dawn to fly to Denmark for an antique book auction. Shortly afterwards Xander had insisted on showering alone and was getting dressed for work now. He knew it was only a matter of time before Ol’ Spike got the bum's rush.

Might as well go before he got kicked out, he decided. Back to my lonely, drafty old crypt. Back to the way things were. Back to sleeping in that big cold hard bed by myself, with nothing but memories of how incredibly bloody warm the pair of humans were, all nestled against him in a sleepy, sticky Spike sandwich... One hand curled round Anya's soft breast, Xander's big hand lying over his while his nummy's prick poked between his thighs and the big git's breath teased the curly hairs along the back of his neck... It wasn't bloody fair! The demon inside was so furious it wanted to tear the place to shreds. The part of him that still secretly wrote poetry just wanted to weep and beg to be allowed to stay...

So wrapped up in his thoughts, Spike barely noticed Xander pour himself a cup of coffee and sit down across from him, looking him over shyly and sliding a large ashtray across the table toward the vampire.

"So Spike," Xander asked cautiously, "Do you think you'd be interested in doing this again? Soon?"

"What?" Spike drew in breath he didn't need and held it as he searched Xander's face for sarcasm. He found only a hopeful little smile. Xander couldn't help but add "Anya and I talked, and we both had a really great time... I mean, a really great time. As I'm sure you noticed. So... We'd like to make it a regular thing - that is, if you're interested."

"...Oh... Ooo-kaaay......" the gobsmacked vampire murmured. The gears in Spike's mind ground to a halt. A regular thing? IF I'm interested?!? I'm not being tossed out!

Xander had expected a bit more of a reaction. He started blushing and filled Spike's stunned silence by blabbering, "Look, I have to go to work, but you can stay here as long as you like. I mean, if you want to... Because, ah, we never did get around to watching those Blackadder DVD's..." Xander grimaced and stumbled on.

"See, the thing is Ahn's not back until Wednesday night, and it's too quiet around here without her. I wouldn't mind some company. We don't have to get all groiny if you don't want to - not that I'd mind of course." Xander's guileless grin was completely sincere.

And Spike's whole universe suddenly tilted on its axis as whole new vistas of possibility opened up in the vampire's stunned mind. The whelp enjoyed his company! When the hell did that happen?

"Anyway, there's plenty of blood left in the fridge, and we get over 300 channels on the satellite. I should be home by six. Umm, if you think you'll still be here, I could pick up some Indian take-away, if you like..."

Spike's brain finally re-connected with his mouth. "Hell yeah, why not! I haven't seen Blackadder in ages. Bloody brilliant show. Besides, I'm fuckin' knackered. You lot wore me right out." The vampire stretched like a big contented cat, sucked on his cigarette and leered happily. "That lovely bird of yours really knows how to throw a party." Xander grinned back at him and went to put his mug in the sink. Spike added, "And you're a pretty decent fuck yourself, Harris... once you finally got that giant stick out of your ass."

"What did you say?" Xander wasn't sure if he was supposed to be insulted or flattered.

Spike sidled up behind him, happily nuzzled his nummy's warm neck, and patted the firm yet succulent ass in question with great affection. "You heard me."

The End

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