Thursday Night Kitten Poker


Part Eleven

"…the only thing more dangerous then a vampire crazed with blood lust was a vampire crazed with anything else. All the meticulous single-mindedness that went into finding young women who slept with their bedroom window open got channeled into some other interest, with merciless and painstaking efficiency…"
- from "The Truth" by Terry Pratchett

If you asked someone who knew vampires to describe them in one word, they would probably say "bloodthirsty."

But if you asked someone who knew a particular blonde vampire and knew him well, the answer would probably be "obsessive-compulsive."

Fortune smiled on Spike in the following days. He concentrated on bestowing as much positive reinforcement, general flattery and innocent bits of body contact Xander's way as he could get away with without raising suspicion. It really wasn't hard, he just let himself admit out loud things that he'd thought for a long time. Once the boy realized that he wasn't being mocked, he lapped up the attention like a starving man. As the days went by, the two spent more and more time together and Spike crashed on Xander's couch frequently. He also mixed in little special favors for Xander with gruff threats to eviscerate him if he ever told a soul what a soft-hearted pillock he was turning into. The third time Xander worked extra-late at the site and came home to find that Spike had a far better dinner waiting for him then anyone who didn't have to eat should be able to cook, he told Spike to stop picking his apartment lock and gave the vampire his spare key. Spike considered that day a major victory in his campaign to win the boy's heart – a day hereafter referred to in Spike’s head as VK day.

Meanwhile, Xander had sat down and had a little talk with Buffy. It hadn’t been nearly as bad as he'd expected. When she'd gotten home that night, Willow had pretty much babbled out everything happily at her - how they were all going to help her out, even the Watchers' Council, everything that had the witch in such happy spirits since Xander had given her the good news. The slayer remained composed and noncommittal until Willow mentioned that the whole thing was Xander and Spike's idea. Then she started hyperventilating and sobbing in turns, and completely fell apart. By the time they saw Xander the next morning, both girls were still punch-drunk from crying, hard home truths and lack of sleep. The three spent a couple of hours really talking to each other, more candidly then they had since their early high-school days. Xander was pathetically grateful that he hadn't been tempted to put the Talisman back on that morning.

Afterwards he'd called Giles again, and within 24 hours Buffy had been visited by a very sweet little old lady who spent the whole afternoon with her on the back porch, just listening to her talk. And then gave her a prescription for meds and arranged to see her 3 afternoons a week. Buffy had the worst case of post-traumatic stress disorder she'd ever seen. After several sessions with the woman, Buffy wrote a long letter to Spike and gave it to Xander to deliver. While Spike never told anyone what was in that letter, it evidently ended with permission to spend as much time with Dawn as he liked, and a standing invitation to the extended family Sunday dinner at the Summers' residence. The relationship between slayer and vampire was still strained and a bit fragile, but it improved every day.

As time passed Xander finally admitted, to himself at least, that he had developed a crush on Spike. It was absolute torture, sitting next to the guy on his ratty old couch night after night, and not being able to just grab him and kiss him senseless and spend the night making out with him there. Every time he passed him a beer and their fingers touched, every time they sat together and their bodies made any contact, Xander felt both aroused and horribly guilty for being aroused. He knew Spike only thought of him as a friend, and and it wasn't Spike's fault he was sex on legs, right?

At the same time, Spike was thinking that he wasn't so sure he was going to have the patience for this. It was exquisite torture to sit next to his beautiful boy night after night, and not straddle him right there on the couch and remove those godawful clothes so he could get his fill of the gorgeous body he was hiding beneath them. The boy always smelled of soap, sawdust, chocolate, and something that was just indefinably Xander, and Spike couldn't get enough of it. And when he managed to get a rise out of the lad, so to speak, he smelled even better. But just when he'd get the kid all but panting and he'd be right about to grab him and have a good hard snog the lad would do a runner, babbling the whole way. And just how pathetic was it that he'd started finding nervous Xander-babble so fucking hot?

He'd ideally wanted to tempt the boy into making a pass himself, so he'd be less likely to go all outraged blushing virgin on him afterwards, but enough was enough! A lifetime of getting his self-esteem trampled on, and the kid just couldn't conceive of anyone wanting him. He was going to fix that, by God. It was time to implement more specific plans to seduce the boy.


Spike's first opportunity to put his plans into action came soon after. They were ambling home from the Bronze, not really drunk but only "mildly squiffy," and Spike persuaded Xander into a short two-person sweep just for kicks. When they ran into a Gebrova demon and Xander got stuck by one of it's porcupine-like quills, the vampire couldn’t believe his luck. It was time for plan 4b. He never dared to think he'd ever have the chance to implement 4b, but there it was, right in front of him!

As Xander yanked the spiny quill out of his upper arm with a cry of pain, Spike exclaimed in a gruff voice, "Damnit, Harris, those are poisonous! We need to fix you up right away, or you'll be sick as a dog for days. Here, let me look at that." With genuine concern masking his excitement, Spike sidled up beside Xander, put one hand on the injured arm and the other on his shoulder, leaned over and calmly began "sucking out the poison."

Xander was flummoxed. He looked down, and Spike was looking right back up at him, still in human face, stormy sky-blue eyes locked lustfully onto his, while sucking on his arm in a way that no doubt wasn't intended to be so stiffy-inducing. Who knew his biceps were such an erogenous zone?

Holy Mother of God, Spike thought. He tastes like sunshine. He had to concentrate to keep from humping the boys leg like a fledge in heat.

For a few long moments the pair stood immersed in the pleasurable floaty sensations the exchange produced. Finally Spike pulled back with a last loving lick to the boy's wound, and then slowly licked the blood off his lips, his gold-flecked blue eyes never leaving Xanders'. Both of them were trembling, and hard enough to cut glass.

"I expect I enjoyed that a bit more then I should have." Spike admitted with a naughty smirk, not sounding the least bit sorry. He wiped off the last traces from his lower lip with his thumb, then sucked it clean with relish. "But you are quite the nummy treat." He added with a mischievous grin.

Xander chuckled ruefully and tested his injured arm, blushing and trying to change the subject. "What I am is a liability. I'm always getting hurt on patrol. It's embarrassing. You and Buffy always have to look out for me, and save my ass when I don't move fast enough."

Bloody brilliant - Opportunity for plan 3! Spike thought, quickly switching gears. Do this right, and there'll be lots of body contact involved. "Yeah, Buffy says that often enough. But I notice she never does anything about it except complain. Neither do you. Stop buying into that crap. If you don’t like hearing it, do something about it. You're strong enough, fast enough; you just need more practice. There's nothing wrong with you a little training wouldn't whip into shape… I bet if I gave you a few pointers at hand-to-hand, perhaps a knife-throwing lesson or two, you'd give everyone a right surprise."

Xander eyed the vampire with a mixture of suspicion, surprise and hope. "Why is it lately, that you make it sound as if I can do anything I put my mind to?"

"Because you can... Dumbass." Spike assured Xander smoothly, throwing an arm around his shoulder with a grin, heading towards home.

Part Twelve

Xander threw his keys on the table and began to wander towards the bathroom. It had been an exhausting day, he was covered in sticky sweat, and his skin itched like mad from all the concrete dust. He was dying for a shower. As he pulled his shirt over his head, he smelled something absolutely mouth-watering coming from the kitchen. He recognized it instantly. Spike didn't know how to cook a lot of things, but the few things he did, he did very well. It was weird. The same irresponsible blond who prided himself on his laziness refused to make due with spaghetti sauce out of a jar when it could be made from scratch. He wasn’t about to tease the vampire about it, though. The food was just too damn good to risk pissing off the cook. Xander would crawl over broken glass for a plate of Spike's spaghetti if he had to. He'd sell off a kidney for his chicken curry.

He ducked into the kitchen and had to smile. Spike was wearing Xander's old "Kiss the Cook" apron. OK, maybe a little teasing was in order.

"Gee, the things you see when you don't have a camera. One of these days, Spike, you're going to make someone a fine little-"

"Hey! It's not too late to chuck all this in the garbage, you miserable git. And you're going to need all the fuel you can get for what I have planned for you later."

"Sorry! Sorry. I'll gladly grovel for a taste of your cooking… I don’t think I'm up for another lesson in fighting dirty, though. The last of the cinderblock arrived today. My back is killing me." Xander apologized with a grin, sneaking a couple of long noodles and tilting his head back to capture them at the ends.

Spike memorized the long line of Xander's throat as he caught the spaghetti in his mouth. He ached to lick across his collarbone, then up the long line of muscle to nibble at his ear. His mouth watered as his eyes moved lower, devouring the sight of the boy’s tanned abs.

"Have I got enough time for a shower before dinner's ready? This plaster dust gets everywhere." Xander stretched, completely unconscious of how hot and sexy he looked when he did that.

Spike passed his tongue over suddenly dry lips. "No can do, It's ready now. Besides, you tend to inhale it down without chewing anyway. You can have a nice long shower once you're done eating, then we'll see about that sore back. Go wash your hands, while I dish you up a plate." Spike called out to the young man’s retreating back, "And be quick about it - I hate overcooked noodles!"

As Xander disappeared into the bathroom, Spike took the garlic bread out of the oven, deep in thought. He felt like he'd been half-hard ever since the Gebrova demon incident, and he wasn't sure how much more he could stand. He was a little disappointed that he wouldn't get training time with his boy again tonight; he'd really enjoyed the hot sweaty grappling they'd done the last couple of days. Xander was a quick study too, and showed real promise. But this situation could work to his advantage. In fact, he had a backup plan all ready for just this contingency.


After dinner, Xander headed straight for the shower. He scrubbed himself down quickly, determined not to let his thoughts wander to the things they usually did when he was in the shower. It really wouldn't be wise to get caught shouting out Spike's name and fisting himself furiously when the lanky vamp was right there in the next room.

Drying himself off and wrapping a towel around his waist, he walked back out to his bedroom. And stopped short at the vision lying on his bed, his breath catching with a terrifying rush of déjà vu. Spike reclined there, a picture of utter relaxation, knowing smile in place. His pants were on, and his shirt was half-buttoned, but other then that, it was literally Xander's wet dream come true.

"Took you long enough. I was afraid you were going to stay in there all night. C'mere and I'll take care of your sore back for you."

For long moments Xander stared, frozen in place like a deer in the headlights.

Spike was suddenly beside him, snapping his fingers in front of Xander's face and looking mildly annoyed. "Oi! Harris! On the bed. On your stomach… Now."

Xander's brain had completely shut down and was running on autopilot, and his limbs did as they were told. The commanding tone of Spike's voice left him breathless with lust, and he pressed his erection into the comforter beneath him, hoping to hide it.

With no warning, the vampire climbed up and straddled the boy's hips, and Xander bit his lip hard to hold back a moan. Spike grabbed the bottle of massage oil he'd stolen specifically for this very purpose, and poured a small amount into his hands. He'd even heated up the bottle of oil beforehand; he wanted everything to be perfect for his beautiful boy.

He started working on Xander's sore muscles with slow sweeping strokes moving from his spine outward. He patiently worked each knotted muscle he found until it relaxed completely.

For long minutes he kept working in slow, sure strokes until Xander felt languid and content. A low rumbling purr started in Spike's chest as he worked, making Xander smile with a happy sigh. If he was dreaming again, he never wanted this one to end.

"You've been dreaming about me, pet? I'm flattered."

"Holy crap, did I say that out loud? Just ignore me."

"Tell me about these dreams of yours. What are we doing in them?"

Xander tried to think up some lie, but his brain wasn't working properly.

Spike teased in an amused voice, "Were we cheating at kitten poker? Or beating the snot out of some baddie together?" After a moment of quiet, he continued thoughtfully in a soothing, almost hypnotic tone that slid over Xander like warm caramel. "…Do you ever dream of us like this? ...A good meal… a hot shower… a soft bed... You, lying warm and naked under me while I explore every inch of your body with my hot little hands?" Spike started flexing his fingers deep into the muscles in Xander's shoulders, slowly traveling downward. His lips followed, scattering light kisses and nips along either side of the boy's spine from his shoulders all the way to the small of his back. Xander's breath caught on a ragged gasp.

Spike stretched out over Xander, chest-to-back, stroked his arms and nuzzled his hair, breathing deep and slow. "Have I ever told you how delicious you smell? How blissful you taste on my tongue?" He licked at the spot on the back of the boy's neck where it met his shoulder blades, making him whimper and tremble. "Have you any idea how painfully hard you make me without even trying? How badly I want the feel of you beneath me, or above me, while I make you mine? There isn't a single part of you that I don't know, and want." Spike ghosted kisses up to his ear, and nibbled it with a happy sigh.

Xander's brain finally jump-started, and he pushed up and turned over onto his back underneath Spike, looking into his lust-filled eyes with the expression of someone who'd been hurt far too often.

"That's not funny, Spike. I'm not stupid. Y-you could have anyone you wanted. You can't possibly want me."

"But I do!" Spike countered. "Feel how much." Spike grabbed Xander's hand and placed it firmly against the angry prick trying to break its way out through his jeans. Xander's hand flexed against the bulge, and Spike's eyes rolled back into his head as he groaned softly, shuddering with need. Taking Spike by surprise, Xander suddenly rolled them both, reversing their positions and straddling the distracted vampire. Leaning down, he searched the vampire's eyes deeply. Spike willed him to see the truth of what he'd said, grabbing Xander's ass with both hands and grinding his crotch upwards into his, biting his own lower lip with a soft whimper. God help me, Spike thought, if Xander shoves me away and says I'm beneath him right now, I don't think I could take it.

Finding what he'd been looking for, Xander lowered his head and nibbled the vampire's lower lip teasingly, then ran his tongue along it. Spike could have sobbed in relief. Instead he sighed with pleasure and ran a hand through Xander's hair, holding his skull firmly in place as Spike deepened the kiss, running his tongue along the boy's and acquainting himself with every millimeter of his lovely mouth. For countless moments their tongues and hands explored everywhere they could reach as their bodies rubbed and strained against each other until Xander finally had to pull back for air.

Xander unbuttoned the vampire's shirt and hesitantly stroked the well-defined muscles he found underneath. With a shy coquettish smile, he stated "You’re remarkably overdressed, you know."

Spike growled softly, and flipped them over again so he was back on top. Sitting back up with a lascivious smirk and grinding into Xander just enough to torture the both of them, he reached for the bottle of oil and said firmly, "I'm not finished with you yet."

Pouring out a little more oil into his hands, he stroked along his dear boy's shoulders, and down across his pecs, taking time out to briefly tease and pinch the hardening nipples there. Then his hands moved lower and his mouth followed the trail his hands had left, laving and sucking at Xander's nipples until he squirmed and whimpered. God! How he adored that sound! His tongue continued it's journey downward and tickled his darling boy's navel; he paused to nibble playfully at a hipbone, and then lifted a leg and brushed soft kisses along his inner thigh, ignoring the part of Xander that was most obviously begging for attention. All the while Spike told Xander in low whispers how beautiful he was, how sweet, how sexy, how much he wanted the boy, what he was going to do to him, and how very much he pleased him. When he licked behind Xander's knee the boy started pleading incoherently. Much as Spike loved to hear that, he decided to take pity on him.

Cupping Xander's balls and rolling them gently, he lapped a slow line from the base of his cock to the tip. He kissed the head softly, flicked his tongue in the slit, gathering up the fluid leaking there, making Xander scream and buck, and then slowly sucked his quivering length down to the root. Xander ran his hands through Spike's hair and babbled broken encouragements between gasps and moans, while Spike concentrated on giving the whelp the best blowjob of his young lifetime. Just as Xander started shuddering all over, Spike stopped and pulled away from him. Xander protested with a wordless whine and reached to pull him back down, but instead Spike grasped the boy's hands and placed them on the fly of his jeans with a naughty grin. Spike added in a low voice that could melt butter, "I've a prezzie for you, sweetheart. Go on – open it."

Xander's shaking fingers could barely manage the buttons, but finally he released Spike's cock from its prison and stared at the impressive length. Xander murmured "Wow!" his eyes as big as saucers, making the vampire feel obscenely smug. Spike encouraged Xander to tentatively explore his tackle for a bit, carefully moving the foreskin back and forth, huge dark eyes transfixed with lustful awe.

When Spike could stand it no longer he pulled away, quickly removed his jeans and stretched back out on top of his lover, pressing his erection into Xander's with a groan. Gazing deep into aroused brown eyes he started a slow rhythm, grinding and thrusting back and forth, their cocks rubbing together with delicious friction. Xander arched and wailed, and Spike lifted each of Xander's legs in turn and wrapped them around his hips. Panting harshly, Xander pulled Spike's head down and one hard frantic kiss followed another. Spike swiveled his hips from side to side, sliding their pricks back and forth over each other. Xander began to shudder again, begging brokenly for release. Spike reached between them, grasping both their slick cocks in one hand, and gave them a squeeze and a twist of his wrist. Xander keened and bucked, his whole body arching off the bed in a taut bow, shooting long thick lines of spunk between their bodies. The sight of Xander's face in utter rapture flung Spike off the precipice, and he followed his sweet boy into heaven with an unholy wail.

After the last broken cry of ecstasy faded and Xander was reasonably sure he wasn't going to pass out after all, Spike brought his hand from between them up to his lips, licking the sticky fluid there with relish. He sucked a finger into his mouth, and Xander felt his flagging erection start impossibly to rise again at the sight. Spike looked down on him with a triumphant smirk, and a little hip-wiggle. "Hold that thought, pet. If I'm not mistaken, you need another shower now. I'll scrub your back for you, if you like."

Part Thirteen

Spike got up and retrieved his duster and an ashtray. With a groan, Xander grabbed the box of Kleenex from his nightstand and started cleaning himself off. He looked over at Spike like he was crazy. "You want me to walk to the bathroom and take another shower when I can barely move? At least let me wait until the feeling returns to my legs again!"

Spike still looked smug, and completely unrepentant. "Aw, did I exhaust you? Where's that Viking stamina I've heard so much about?" Spike bent over to retrieve his lighter from his jeans. Retort on his lips, Xander was suddenly struck speechless, entranced by the indescribable beauty and allure of Spike's ass. He couldn't have looked away if he'd tried. Then Spike turned and caught him staring, and the smirk was back in spades.

"Don't worry love, we'll work on building up your stamina together. It's a hard job, but someone's got to do it." Spike stretched out next to Xander, lighting up and blowing a long column of smoke upwards.

Xander declared in exhausted outrage, "There's nothing wrong with my stamina! I'm a horny teenager, not a miracle worker! Just give me a minute to catch my breath here, and my stamina will give yours a run for your money, Bucko!"

Spike was tickled to death. "Promise?"

Xander's annoyance at being teased was quickly forgotten. That's not teasing, that's flirting, he thought. Spike is flirting! With me! Breaking into a grin, he looked Spike up and down appreciatively and drawled, "We'll see."

Leaving his cigarette smoldering in the ashtray, Spike turned on his side and faced Xander, leaning on one elbow and idly stroking his lover's chest with feather-light touches. "I can wait. I can be a very patient man." At Xander's half-suppressed sputter of disbelief, Spike added, "I can! Sometimes… When it's important enough." The lecherous leer returned as Spike tugged on one of Xander's nipples. "And I doubt I'll have to wait all that long."

Spike used his tongue to soothe Xander's aching nipples as his hand wandered lower, teasing the light line of hair that ran along the young man's 'treasure trail' to his returning erection. "Once you're ready I have several things in mind for you, and now you've taken the edge off we can take our own sweet time." Xander could feel the all-body tingle rush straight to his crotch at the things Spike said, and his hips jerked as his swelling cock sought out Spike's wickedly teasing hand. Spike chuckled and whispered, "See? I told you. Ready again in no time at all."

He attacked Xander's mouth with deep slow kisses and soft nibbles, while stripping his lover's prick like he'd had a hundred and twenty-odd years of practice at it. When Xander moaned and reached over to return the favor, Spike growled into his mouth and started thrusting his hips back and forth, fucking Xander's hand as they both stroked and squeezed each other. When Xander tore his mouth away to gasp for air, Spike started licking the column of his lover's throat and purring under his breath. Xander tried with all his being to gather his scattered thoughts and form coherent words, but all that came out was "Fuck me, please, fuck me now!"

Spike pulled away, and reached under the bed. To Xander's surprise he placed a small bottle of lube in the boy's hand and said a little sheepishly, "With this chip in my head, I'm not so sure I can. So I was rather hoping you'd fuck me."

Xander gaped in sheer astonishment. He'd been fantasizing about the vampire a lot lately, but in all the various scenarios for their first time this one had never even occurred to him. He realized that Spike was starting to look pissed that he hadn't immediately jumped at the offer. He voice shook as he stammered, "Oh... OK, I-I could do that."

Spike grinned and gave him a quick hard kiss, then turned onto his back and pulled his legs up and out, spreading himself wide. "Go on then – get me ready for that massive stiffy of yours." Xander dazedly pulled himself together, got some lube out of the bottle onto his fingers and hesitantly ran them under Spike's balls and back between the pale cheeks of his bottom. Cautiously Xander circled Spike's hole, teasing and pressing gently but only barely going in. Spike sighed and mewled in frustration until finally Xander breeched his entrance properly with a finger.

"C'mon pet! I'm not made of glass."

Xander added a second finger. Spike was surprisingly warm, and so tight! He made the mistake of wondering what that was going to feel like around his cock, and froze. Desperately he tried to think about something, anything that wouldn't make him come all over himself. Giles in a dress. Angel in a dress. With fishnets and four-inch pumps. OK, my Dad in one of Mom's dresses. Oh, thank God, that was working.

"For fuck's sake, don't just sit there with your fingers up my arse, do something! Please! Just – yes! Yes! That's it, love... Ahhh... Very nice, pet. Oh, yeah - Oh! Right there!"

Xander started moving his fingers in a steady rhythm, scissoring them and rubbing over Spike's prostrate as often as possible. He was trying hard to keep from coming too soon, but Spike kept breaking his concentration.

"Oh yes, that's perfect, love… So, have you?"

"Have I what?"

"Ever thought… mmmm… about you and I together?"

"Maybe, once or twice."

Spike just grinned like a loon and squeezed hard around Xander's fingers.

"Jesus! OK, a few times. Only when it's been a really long day, and the research is putting me right to sleep –"

"That – ooohh, don't stop – that would be a daily occurrence, love."

"Well... Sometimes I've watched you sitting on the library stairs at the Magic Box, and you looked so good, lounging there all boneless and sexy, and I've imagined things." Xander couldn't believe he was saying this, somehow talking about sex with Spike seemed far more intimate then the actual sex. His face was beet red and he was terrified; but somewhere deep down inside himself Horny Xander was bludgeoning Shy Xander unconscious with a 30-pound lump hammer.

"Mmm, Good things?"

"Naughty things …things like …kneeling in front of you, opening up those skin-tight jeans and sucking you off like candy right there in front of everyone." Spike gasped as a third finger joined the other two. Xander smiled wickedly. "Think you'd want to try that sometime?"

Spike looked blissfully happy. "Ooh, I'd like that, pet. I'd like that, really, quite a lot."

"I thought you would."

"But right now, I want you to come up here and fuck me."

"Hmm, are you sure you're ready? I wouldn't want to rush you."

"I've been ready for fucking weeks, now stop teasing and bloody get up here and ram your dick up my ass! Now, Goddamnit!"

Strangely enough, Spike acting pissed off made him feel much more at ease. He removed his fingers and grabbed up the bottle of lube again, generously coating his stiff length. The vampire grasped his own erection at the base, holding off any chance of an early orgasm. Xander positioned the head of his prick at Spike's entrance, and very carefully pushed his way in. Once the head of his cock slipped past the tight ring of muscle, he paused for a moment to catch his breath, held on tight to the vampire's legs, and oh so slowly eased in deeper. With a moan filled with raw need, Spike grasped Xander's hips, thrust back hard against him and drove Xander's length inside him right up to the hilt.

Xander saw shooting stars behind his eyelids. Never before had he felt anything like the painfully tight velvet glove flexing around his cock. It was sweet agony, fantastic mind-blowingly good agony. He started a steady rhythm of fast thrusts in and slow pulls out of Spike's grasping channel. Both of them were panting and moaning, and gripping each other hard enough to leave bruises. Xander bent down and captured Spike's mouth in a searing kiss, one hand reaching between them to stroke along Spike's throbbing prick in time to his thrusts. Spike retaliated with hard possessive open-mouthed kisses along the boy's neck and shoulders that were sure to leave several quite decent hickeys.

Xander's thrusts sped up until he was slamming into Spike like a furious piston engine. He buried his head into the vampire's shoulder, sucking on the side of Spike's neck like a lamprey, trying his best to raise a mark there to match the ones he'd received. The reaction was immediate: the vampire bucked and roared as he shot his load between them. Muscles convulsing and clenching tightly around his erection like an unholy vice, Xander followed his vampire into paradise, emptying himself deep inside Spike's quaking body with a strangled cry of pleasure.

They nestled together with a soft sigh, Xander's arms wound tightly around his lover. The silence was broken only by Xander's breathing and Spike's soft purring.

Xander woke to the feel of Spike cleaning him with a warm washcloth. He rubbed his eyes like a sleepy four-year-old, and looked the vampire over with a bemused smile. He was dismayed when Spike pulled away and he saw that the vampire had put his jeans back on.

"Where you going?"

"I thought you might prefer the bed to yourself. I can kip on the couch." Spike's tone was casual, but he wouldn't look him in the eye.

"Nooo! No couch! Bed! Nice big comfy bed!" Xander pulled back the covers with a huge yawn. "C'mon, get in here. I wanna cuddle s'more."

Spike debated for a moment, then shucked off his jeans and climbed back in beside his boy, pulling the blanket up over them both. Xander immediately grabbed the vampire with a sleepy grin and curled around him, draping himself over his lover's body with a casual acceptance that tugged at Spike's heartstrings painfully. He could get used to this. It was like lying beneath a giant hot water bottle, and Spike couldn't even remember the last time he'd felt so contented. Xander dozed back off almost immediately, using Spike's shoulder as a pillow. Spike nuzzled his sweet boy's hair, inhaling his scent in deeply, savoring the languid warmth curled around and over him until his eyes fell shut and he too fell into a deep, dreamless sleep.

Part Fourteen

Xander woke the next morning still curled around Spike, his chest up against the vampire's back. He'd been hugging his lover tightly in his sleep, and his morning erection was already getting very friendly with Spike's backside. He lay there for a while, marveling at how much heat Spike reflected back, yet how deliciously cool the other side of his body was. Come the hot muggy days of late July and he was going to have a lot of trouble keeping his hands off of the poor guy. Not that he wasn't having trouble already.

With a few small kisses to the nape of Spike's neck, Xander reluctantly dragged himself out of bed to answer the call of nature. He was brushing his teeth when he got his first glance at himself in the mirror. Wow. Three big, very obvious hickeys. A few little bruises here and there too. The ones on his hips looked suspiciously like handprints. He probably should be worried about how to hide all the marks right now, but all he could do at the moment was think that Spike must have really enjoyed himself last night. He couldn’t suppress a wide, goofy grin as he remembered what they'd been doing when he'd received those hickeys. Thank God he had two whole days before he had to be back to work. Two whole days with Spike, and hopefully most of it spent in bed.

Once he was showered and dressed he got breakfast going, then microwaved up a mug of blood. The scent of warming blood this time of day usually got Spike up and headed for the kitchen, although he wasn't very coherent until after he'd had his late morning cuppa and a smoke. Xander could relate - he wasn’t exactly a ray of sunshine until his second or third cup of coffee, either. Sure enough, Spike blearily wandered into the kitchen right as the microwave dinged and turned itself off. Barefoot and shirtless, his bedhead hair curling and sticking up in tufts, he was so adorable Xander wished he could get a picture of him like that. Without Spike smashing his camera into tiny pieces, anyway.

Spike retrieved his mug of blood. Seeing the sappy smile that Xander wasn't quite fast enough to hide, he came up behind the boy and gave him a quick squeeze and a kiss on the side of the neck on his way to the kitchen table. No awkwardness, no regrets, no not-so-subtle digs. Xander realized that Spike was just as comfortable being around him as before, acting almost the same, just more tactile. Xander's nerves subsided as he knew then that everything was going to be all right.

Humming happily, Xander dished up two plates of scrambled eggs, bacon and toast. He made sure that Spike's Tabasco sauce was on the table, and then sat down and tucked into his breakfast like the starving teenager he was, content to wait and see what Spike would say once he finished waking up.

After scarfing down most of his plateful, he caught Spike staring at him warily. "You okay?" the vampire asked gruffly.

"Me? I'm more then OK. I could eat a horse… Umm, how about you? You all right?"

Spike threw him a smirk. "Fine. Pleasantly sore in all the right spots." Spike's humor faded. "Looks like I roughed you up a bit though. Kind of surprised you didn't take one look in the mirror and decide to stake me in my sleep. I guess I just forgot myself. Heat of the moment and all. Sorry 'bout that."

OK, so maybe there was a little awkwardness to get out of the way. "What, these?" Xander gestured at his neck. "I'm not. Sorry, I mean. I'm kind of proud of 'em. If I were still in high school I'd be considered totally cool right now. Hickeys show that somebody likes me." Xander's face was turning a lovely shade of pink.

"Oh, I more then like you, pet." Spike's trademark leer slipped easily back into place.

Xander grinned back shyly as he got up and cleared away the dishes, trying to hide how nervous he was getting. "So, I was OK? Crap, and could I sound any more like a freakin' girl?"

"You were incredible, love. You blew my bloody mind... In fact, you're so good at it, I'd almost think you'd had lots of experience at buggering." Spike's voice went from an aroused purr to jealous and deeply suspicious.

"What? No! I never! I, um, I sort of… well, I bought this book last week. I figured if I wanted to be a good lover I should at least know what I'm doing. But I never did it with anyone before. I mean, not that." Xander face was hot from blushing so hard.

Spike's eyes glassed over and the anger faded. "Oh. I see. Smart idea. Your book worked a treat," Spike rumbled with a speculative smile. He wondered how quickly he could talk the boy into going back to bed so he could further the lad's education.

"Oh. Good… I was sorta hoping you might want to do it again sometime."

In a flash, Spike was across the room and had pinned Xander to the counter. "How about now?" The vampire ground their hips together, leaning forward and outlining the marks he'd left on Xander's neck with the tip of his tongue.

"No! I mean yes, God yes, later, but Dawnie will be here soon. Not that I don't want her to know about us, I do, if there's an actual us yet to know about that is, but I don't want her walking in on the middle of any naked fun, you know?"

"Oh, there's definitely an 'us,' love." Spike captured his lips in a demanding kiss, wantonly plundering the boy's mouth until Xander felt all boneless and wobbly. "But I see what you mean. I suppose that means I shower alone." Spike sighed, his lips forming a pout that he knew would usually get him just about anything he wanted. He started stroking Xander's back. "As soon as we get Dawnie dropped off tonight, I expect you to make it up to me. I want to get a look at that book of yours." The vampire reached lower to pat and squeeze Xander's bottom. "You can show me anything else you've learned, and then I'll fill any gaps left in your education." Spike's smile was seduction itself.

Xander replied, "It's a deal. And uh, as long as I'm sounding like a girl anyway… If there's going to be a definite 'us,' can we tell Dawn first? Like today?"

It wasn't often he got to see Spike struck speechless. When he gaped and didn't answer, Xander started babbling again.

"I don't want to keep this a secret from our friends. If you really don't want them to know, then I can try to keep quiet about it, but I have to warn you up front that it won't work. I'm a terrible liar. Willow and Dawn especially always see right through me…" Xander's back stiffened as he resolved to get all this awful 'talking about feelings' crap out of the way right now. "Besides, I'm not ashamed of this, or of you, or of the way I feel. I'm terrified, but I'm not ashamed. Hell, I'd rent a billboard if I could."

Spike was beaming at him now, with that adoring look that tore his heart out every time. He looked so young and sweet when he did that, so human. Xander would say or do whatever it took in order to keep that look of joy on his lover's face. He used both hands to grasp Spike's hips tightly, pulling him impossibly closer. "In fact, I think I'm going to want to kiss you in public whenever I feel like it. And grope a bit. Maybe even pull you into the bushes from time to time. And that's so much easier to do when people already know we're an item. So… does that work for you?" He held his breath, his heart pounding like a big bass drum.

"That works for me very well, love. There's nothing I'd like more." Spike ran his hand through Xander's hair, reveling in the soft texture, the way it moved through his fingers. "You never cease to amaze me, Xan. I don't deserve you."

"Well, of course you don't." Xander grinned back. "But like it or not you're stuck with me now, so get used to it." He turned the vampire around and gave him a little push towards the bathroom. "Now go. Shower. I don't want Dawn wheedling it out of me before you get out, and she's bound to know something's up. I doubt I could wipe the shit-eating grin off my face if I tried."

"Just be sure we both have industrial earplugs in place first, right? Don't know about you, but Bite Size has made my eardrums bleed more then once."


Spike was still in the bedroom getting dressed when Dawn arrived. Xander wasn't that surprised; Spike always stayed in the shower until all the hot water was gone. He didn't have a water heater at the crypt, and for all his big bad bravado, Xander knew the vampire secretly adored his creature comforts.

Xander played it cool as he answered the door and let Dawn in. He took her coat and let her babble about the latest gossip at school until she paused for breath long enough to get a decent look at him.

"Good God Xander, what on earth happened to your neck?" She pulled aside his collar and pointed at him accusingly. "Those are hickeys! You have a girlfriend! Ssqueeeeee! I knew it! Who is she? Do I know her? How long has this been going on, and why didn't you tell me before, huh? Does anyone else know yet?"

Where the hell was Spike? "Sit down Dawnie, and I promise to spill my guts. I wanted you to know first."

She sat down on the loveseat, bouncing like a human kangaroo with glee. "So spill already! Who is the lucky girl?"

Xander rubbed the back of his neck, stalling as long as he could. "Actually, it's a guy."

Dawn's eyes grew big as saucers. "Oh… Is that why you didn't marry Anya?"

"Oh! Geez, if it were only that simple! But no, it was nothing to do with that. Besides, I didn't suddenly turn gay overnight. I still like girls well enough. I just… have a new appreciation for guys too. Well, one anyway. I guess I care more about the person inside then what kind of equipment they have on the outside. Not that I don't really like his… um, yeah." Damnit, Xander thought, why didn't he ever know when to shut up? He was going to kill Spike when he finally got out here.

"OK, then. So who's the lucky guy? Spill! I want all the details, from the very first time you two met."

"I, I've had a crush on him for a while now, but we knew each other for a long time before we ever became friends. In fact, you've been his friend a lot longer then I have. We didn't become more then friends until last night."

Just then, he heard Spike's bare feet padding up behind him. Oh, crap. Trust him to finally show up just as he confessed out loud that he'd had a crush on the stupid vamp.

Dawn was looking back and forth between the two of them, gaping like a prize trout. "You don't mean… No way!"

Spike sauntered over and casually sprawled next to Xander on the couch, nonchalantly throwing an arm across his boyfriend's shoulders.

Spike answered, "Yes way. The boy just couldn't keep his hot little hands off me. Isn't that right, Cuddles?"

Xander thought, Cuddles?

Dawn jumped up and down in a little celebration dance.

Xander flinched and covered his ears. "Damn, you were right. I thought you were joking."

Spike just looked mildly insulted and pointed to the earplugs he'd had the presence of mind to put in earlier. A hundred and fifteen pounds of squeeing, wriggling teenage girl launched herself at them. They parted to let her squirm in between them. She settled in and started gleefully singing, "Spike and Xan-der sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N--"

As of one mind, the two men started tickling her mercilessly.

Part Fifteen

They tickled Dawn until she had spasms. Once she had cried uncle and gotten over her giggles, they all sprawled on the couch and watched Saturday afternoon cartoons together. After a full critique of the episode of Mucha Lucha that they'd just watched and a lengthy discussion of which masked wrestler each of them would most want to be and why, Spike called his two students to order and spent the next hour teaching them self-defense.

As Spike instructed them on how to read an attacker's intentions, Xander noticed the way that Spike used a lot of positive reinforcement with Dawn and tailored the lesson for her so she wouldn't get discouraged. In fact, he did it for them both. The vampire was an excellent teacher. He also noticed the warm looks and possessive little touches Spike gave him whenever Dawn's attention was elsewhere. He'd definitely picked a winner. Then Dawn suggested another lesson at poker and counting cards. But the audible growl coming from Xander's stomach turned the discussion towards dinner.

Xander and Dawn ganged up on Spike and persuaded him to come along with them to the local bowling alley for dinner. It wasn't an easy task. Not even the pair of them hitting the vampire with the full big-eyed pouty-lip thing could budge him. Xander finally mentioned the six magic words: "Full bar, strong drinks, my treat." Spike gave in, but grumbled all the way there.


Spike cheered up considerably when they'd settled into the bar, and he saw a waitress walk by with what looked exactly like a deep-fried flowering onion. Xander had been right. The drinks were cheap, strong, and large to boot. He worried a bit about his pet, though. It seemed that the majority of Xander's childhood haunts served cheap strong drinks, which the boy never indulged in himself. It told Spike a lot about his boyfriend's childhood. Once again Spike's demon rose up, demanding to eviscerate those parents of his. They had long ago moved to the very top of the Things I'm Killing Once The Fucking Chip Is Out list.

And another thing, he mused; Xander certainly loved his barfood and it was better then the garbage they served at the DMP, but not by much. Spike's cooking and the training he was giving the lad was slowly melting away that layer of puppy fat he'd developed while he was living with Anya, but his eating habits still needed work. Spike decided to make sure Xander ate better in future. Maybe even take him to a fancy restaurant, show him that high-brow food was good too. Realizing where his train of thought was going, he told himself that no, he was not completely Xander-whipped. He just wanted the boy healthy so he could keep shagging his brains out at every opportunity, that's all. He idly wondered if Xander liked oysters.

The bowling alley was old, and all the lanes were slightly warped, but Xander insisted that it had character. No amount of begging could get Spike to go out there and bowl with them, and considering it involved renting bloody shoes you'd think they'd know better then to even try, but from his seat at the bar overlooking the lanes he had a fine time betting on Xander and Dawn's game with the bartender. A couple of other bar patrons joined in enthusiastically. Xander held back but still beat Dawn two out of three, which meant Spike made a tidy profit off of the barflies he'd bet against. Then they escorted Dawn home.

Knowing that Dawn wouldn't be able to keep their secret for long, they told the rest of the household that they were a couple as soon as they arrived. It became obvious that Willow and Tara knew already, and merely wondered what had taken the two men so long to figure it out themselves. Buffy was surprised at the news, but recovered quickly. She told them they were both great guys and she was happy for them both. She hugged them tightly and wished them well. And if either man noticed the sad, faraway look Buffy cast Spike's way when he threw his arm over Xander's shoulder, grinning like a little boy at Christmas, neither of them acknowledged it.

They didn't stay long. Buffy gave them the rest of the night off, wanting to do some slaying on the way to the Bronze with the girls, and see how well Dawn could concentrate on patrol when her "Vampire Yoda" wasn't there to coach her every minute. There were more awkward hugs all round when they said their goodbyes, and Willow made it clear that Xander owed her some juicy details when they got a chance to chat in private. Then the two men ambled out to the car, settling inside and starting to kiss sweetly when it hit them: they had the rest of the evening all to themselves now.

Spike drove like a maniac, even more so then usual. The giddy anticipation between them grew each second they got closer to home, not daring to touch each other or they might not make it home without exploding all over the dashboard or crashing the car. Barely remembering to shut the engine off, they raced each other up the stairs from the garage, running full out. As soon as they got inside the apartment, they fell on each other, wordlessly groping and grabbing and pulling clothes off while moving in the general direction of the bedroom. Spike broke away and shoved Xander backwards onto the bed, and then crawled over him and leisurely snogged the boy until he was gasping for air and wriggling like an eel underneath him.

Kicking his pants off from around his ankles, Xander wrapped his limbs around his lover tightly and rubbed his whole body against him in a demanding, steady rhythm. Spike picked up the tempo, reveling in the delicious friction as their cocks jerked and slid along one another. Lips kissed and wandered, tongues licked, and teeth nibbled delicately. Spike snaked a hand in between them and grasped both their erections, pulling at the sensitive flesh roughly as he arched his back and thrust his hips into the ones below him hard enough to make the headboard thump against the wall. Soon they were both climaxing fiercely, the sight of Spike’s sudden shift into game face wringing every last drop from Xander's spasming body.

The smooth planes and ice-blue eyes returned as Spike rolled off his lover and lay on his side, stroking Xander's heaving chest with deceptive calm.

"Say Cuddles, now that we've taken the edge off, where's that book of yours?"


That night, they'd skimmed through the whole book together. Xander bravely showed Spike the section on using fingers and toys to get used to the intrusion of anal sex and make the first time with another person less painful. When Spike realized the amount of thought that Xander had put into getting around his chip, he felt humbled. And even more horny, if that were possible. They wound up sixty-nining, lubed fingers teasing and probing Xander's hole until the boy was moaning around Spike's cock and erupting helplessly across the vampire's talented tongue. By the time Xander regained consciousness, Spike had retrieved their laptop from the living room and was busy surfing the internet. The vampire was propped up in bed next to him, chain smoking and browsing through a truly stunning and varied array of sex toys with a knowledge and familiarity that both excited and terrified the young man.

Over the next few days, Xander's life shifted into a wonderful new pattern. Wake up. Have screaming orgasm. Shower. Not always necessarily in that order. Then his shift at the construction site, hours of tedious grunt work made much more enjoyable because it left him alone with his thoughts. All he could think about was the gorgeous vampire he had waiting for him at home. Then the end of the day would arrive and he could leave, swinging by to pick up blood or groceries or some laughably bad horror movie from the video rental store, and then head home. It had never felt like home before, not really; not with Anya or when he lived there alone. But with Spike he finally felt like he had a place that was his, that was safe, and that the outside world could never touch.

Spike would have dinner waiting for him when he got home. The vampire had gotten it into his head to feed Xander all sorts of exotic food, stuff he'd never even heard of before. But it all tasted wonderful, so Xander couldn't complain. Then they'd patrol a bit, maybe sweep the Bronze and stop for a game of pool and a beer. Afterwards they'd settle on the couch for a good bad movie, or just play Spike's old records and talk about anything and everything all night. Sooner or later, cuddling would always turn into tonsil hockey and dry humping, and then clothes would go flying. It was a rare thing when they made it all the way to the bed before they collapsed in a happy, sticky, exhausted mess.

One day Xander came home from work and Spike had candles lit everywhere, and his favorite music playing. There was a dangerous leer on the vampire's face, and the living room had packing peanuts scattered everywhere. Xander knew what that meant: their mail order package had arrived.

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