Thea Zara

Part Seven

Xander expected Angel to make it to Sunnydale that night. What he didn't expect was for Angel to make it to his front door that night. After all, none of the gang had actually been to his new place yet, and only Willow and Tara even knew he was planning a move. He certainly hadn't left a change of address with his parents.

He had underestimated the ability Angel had for being a pain in the ass. He'd spent the rest of last night brooding over his wayward childe, and most of the day harassing his minions, and boy did Xander so not want to be the one to inform Cordelia that most demons saw her as a minion, into doing a locator spell. Well actually several locator spells, since Angel couldn't figure out just how Spike could be moving so much during the day.

Having just gotten off his barely used cellphone, Angel rushed his souled ass right to Spike's last known location. Unfortunately he couldn't beat Spike's where abouts out of the building's security guard, thanks to the no violence spell. Instead he'd offered three insulting, and one well over the top bribes. Instead of a location, the guard dialed up the buzzer in their apartment, and informed a very irritated Xander that he had company in the form of one Mr. Angel, who was in fact looking for a Mr. Spike.

Xander ok'ed Angel's entrance into the building, asking the guard to give him directions and to activate the elevator. Xander started back across the living room, naked, but then a smirk slowly formed on his face and he went to the front door and opened it wide. That done, he walked into the bedroom with a smile on his face. He left the bedroom door open and proceeded to tease and torment a tied up and gagged Spike, until they both thought they'd burst.

The pair, drenched in each other's pheromones and probably more than a little bodily fluid, sauntered back to the living room together a half-hour later. Both wore similar half buttoned jeans, bare feet, and satisfied smiles. Smiles which grew in the face of one irate master vampire, glaring in at them from the other side of the doorway.

"I'd invite you in, Angel, but it wouldn't do any good right now. The wards keep out anyone planning on doing harm to the owner, and well right now you look like you're just overflowing with harmful thoughts." Xander said before dragging a stool from the counter over in front of the door. "So, how's L.A. been treating you?" he asked in a polite, yet bored tone.

"Harris, what the hell do you think you're doing?" Angel hissed at him.

"Right now? I'm making small talk with my vamp-in-law." Xander said with a smirk.

"Harris!" he barked again.

"I'm guessing you haven't come to give me and Spike a wedding present. So that just leaves 'coming down here to stake Spike', since you figure he's got his chip out and is a danger to your pet slayer. Well let me just save you the time, Deadboy. Spike's chip is working just fine."

"How can you say that, Xander? Spike made you his consort, that means he had to bite you to do it."

"Have you always been this stupid, or is there something in the smog in L.A.? First off I let him bite me. In fact, the first time I put my wrist in his mouth, after I bit him. And second, the chip only works on humans, something I haven't been for a long time, if ever. After all the Harris family tree has a lot of twists and knots along the way."

"Xander, he's dangerous, and if he can bite you..." Angel trailed off when he saw what the pair were up to.

Spike was pressing his back against Xander's stomach. Xander had one hand twined in his wavy hair, holding his head to one side, while he ran his tongue over a bite mark on Spike's shoulder. When Xander bit down, drawing blood, Angel's demon rose up. 'How dare that arrogant little shit bite his childe?'

With a smirk towards Angel, Xander pulled back and ran his tongue across the bloody wound. He spun Spike around so they were facing each other and tilted his neck to one side, offering Spike his claim. Without hesitation, Spike bit down hard and true. He took a mouthful and then licked across the mark. Without so much as a glance in Angel's direction, their lips met and they shared a bloody kiss.

Angel stood at the door in gameface growling.

Xander broke their kiss and sneered in Angel's direction. "Considering you're the one who started all this, Angel, you might wanna put a sock in it."

Shaking off his gameface, he growled at Xander, "What do you mean I started this?"

"You presented me to Spike. Spike didn't refuse me. He became the hyena's chosen mate. It just took me awhile to become worthy enough to claim him."

"The hyena? Your possession's back?" He started pacing in the hallway.

"My possession never left completely. I'm no more possessed today than I was last month or last year." Xander said calmly.

"Last year you weren't biting vampires and taking them as mates." Angel countered.

"Of course I wasn't, idiot. I just told you I had to become worthy to take my mate. My hyena bits require that I can provide for my mate... that I can provide for him, and that I can protect him."

Angel sneered at Spike. "So that's it huh, Spike? This is what's to become of the 'Big Bad'? A neutered house vamp?"

Before Spike could respond, Xander was at the door with his hand on Angel's throat. "Come in Angel," he said before jerking the surprised vampire into his home and punching him in the face. "You don't talk to him that way," he said quietly before throwing Angel to the floor and stepping back. "Not that it's any of your business, asshole, but Spike is my equal, my mate, just like I'm his equal, his consort. But then again I guess you would think that way. I mean Buffy... Cordy... Darla... Remind me again, Deadboy, who wore the pants in those relationships?"

Spike wore an expression somewhere between utter devotion and intense glee, as he watched his consort tear his sire a new one. The only thing that could make this show any better would be a tub of popcorn... and maybe a few hot pokers for old time's sake.

Angel was back on his feet and charged towards Xander, infuriated despite himself. This time it was Spike who threw him to the floor. "You don't go near him, Peaches." he snarled, all traces of humor gone in the face of a threat to his consort. Xander stepped up to stand next to Spike, their bodies unconsciously moving to compliment each other.

"Spike has been helping us for months now, picking up the slack you left by running off to L.A. Despite Buffy beating the crap out of him whenever she's PMS'ing, and the rest of us treating him like shit, he stayed. The chip didn't have crap to do with it. 'Ooh he can't hurt a human' So the fuck what? The fucking master was trapped behind a magic wall for who the fuck knows how long, and he still managed to run Sunnydale. Spike could easily have taken back this town and just ordered up our heads on a platter. He had the kind of inside information any non gel wearing idiot could easily use to destroy Buffy's entire support system, even if he didn't take out the slayer herself, and he didn't do it.

Instead, he stayed around; he helped, in his own snarky way, mainly cause if he just gave us the information Buffy wouldn't believe him. He put up with the threat of the Initiative, being chained up in Giles' bathroom, starving on barely enough pig's blood to keep a mosquito alive. He went out night after night to help us, despite the fact that he was completely helpless to any human who felt like giving him a hard time. Through all that he stayed, he helped. Meanwhile, you can't get a leg over with Buffy, and you run away. Still wanna sit there like the better man?"

"But he's not a man, is he, Xander?" Angel asked, from his spot on the floor.

"He's a man with a demon, Angel. Just like you."

"He doesn't have a soul."

"And yet I still trust him without a soul more than I do you with a soul... funny that. You seem to be missing a major concept here, Angel. I know exactly who and what Spike is. I know the things he's done, and I know the things done to him, and most important of all, I know that I love him. Nobody's getting hurt here, Broodboy, and you're not needed to swoop in to the rescue."

"I don't know why I even bother." Angel said bitterly as he climbed to his feet.

"Because you want to impress the Buffster, cause you're a glutton for punishment, or maybe cause you're a sanctimonious prick and you just really like to seem all heroic and manly, by keeping your children under your thumb." Xander said with mock cheer.

"Xander, it's not like that, with vampire childer." Angel started, but Xander cut him off.

"It's exactly like that. I know a few things about crappy parental figures, Angel, and you definitely qualify for the title. And I don't mean the normal run of the mill childe, sire stuff. Cause for vampires, that stuff is normal. But you abandoned them. You let that bitch Darla run you out and left them, you could have helped Dru without Spike having to force your hand, and later you could have saved Spike months of being in that fucking wheelchair, but you chose not to. You could have rode your sorry ass down here to look into the Initiative, and if you couldn't bring yourself to unchip him, you could have at least made sure he was getting fed. But no, Angel, you sat on your oh so fucking precious laurels, while your childe was being terrorized by the food, while he was starving and prostrating himself to the enemy to survive another night."

While he was ranting, Xander had been pacing around the room, getting angrier and angrier. When he finished talking he stood behind the counter and glared at the vampire standing guiltily in front of him.

"I did what I thought was right," he started, trying to avoid looking at Spike or Xander. "How was I to know things were that bad for him here?"

"You're right, 'how were you to know?' I mean it's not like you could, oh I don't know, call and ask, right?" When Xander spoke again, his voice was totally cold. "I'm going to help you out, Angel. Cause I really think you deserve help with this. I mean they say knowledge is power right? So I'm going to make sure you know what he went through."

Angel jerked his eyes up to look at Xander just as the Initiative issue tazer in his hand went off.

Part Eight

Spike listened to Xander's half of the conversation.

"Hey, Cordy."


"Yeah, it's me. You don't call, you don't write. Don't you love me anymore?"


"Yeah, that's why I'm calling. Angel figured someone should let you guys know it was a false alarm, and he's busy bonding with Spike while they play 'Who's got the bigger pair'."


"Hey you wanna check out Deadboy's package more power to you, but Spike's is officially off the market."




"Yes really. I came flying out of that closet I been hiding in since you ruined me for any other woman."


"Willow and Tara know, but I figured I'd wait to tell Buffy till... well ever, but at least till she isn't constantly threatening to stake my husband."


"Yeah, I did. We did this vamp bonding thingie. It means the same as marriage to the demon community, even if it isn't exactly recognized by the state of California."


"Trust me, Cordy, you would not have wanted an invite to the ceremony."


"Well it's done while nude for one thing."


"Cordelia Chase! No we won't renew our vows so you can watch. I am shocked at you, shocked I say. Now if Willow and Tara wanna take some naked vows..."


"I'm bi, Cordy, not dead."


"Anyway, your mousse fixated boss has decided to stick around for a couple days to make sure Spike isn't going to eat me or something."


"You know perfectly well what I meant. Get your mind outta the gutter."


"I'll have him give you guys a call after him and the bleached one stop grunting at each other."


"Sure thing, Cordelia. Talk to you later."

Spike heard the phone hung up and settled in on one side of the doorway. When Xander walked into the guest room, Spike pounced. After a nice long kiss, he pulled back and looked at his consort.

"You know, I don't think this is exactly the right order, but I just finished wrapping up that prezzie you got me, luv."

"Well don't get too excited, Spike. We're not really gonna do too much to the sanctimonious prick. You and me are gonna get his generous donation to your dowry, and then maybe see if reason can penetrate the gel to get into his brain." Xander said before slipping out of Spike's arms and going for supplies.

Spike followed him down the hallway. "Dowry, luv?"

"Nothing more than he owes you, Spike. You run yourself ragged fighting to protect the woman he claims to love, and helping keep people safe and the world still spinning. For your troubles you get the shit kicked out of you regularly, and more often than not the damage comes from his ex. You cannot tell me her deep seated desire to kick your ass doesn't have more than a little bit to do with Deadboy in there."

"Hey now, I held me own against the slayer many a time without the poof getting involved, why can't she just be pissed with me?" Spike asked a little insulted.

"Don't get me wrong Spike, as vampires go you came closer than Angelus ever did to beating her. Hell if it weren't for Joyce, you'd have had her the first time you faced her. First time Angelus really went against her, the only thing that kept his sorry ass unstaked, or rocketed for that matter, was that she loved him. That's what I mean, not physical, but emotional. She sees you as a piece of him she can punish for all his sins, and he fucking knows it. He may not like it or he may just not fucking care, but he knows you take shit because of who made you and what you represent to her, and he doesn't do a fucking thing about it. Now he will."

"What do you mean, pet? You know her majesty won't lay off me, even if he asks. She'll deny it and then they'll have a nice wank while telling each other how evil I am."

"Oh, he won't do any good when it comes to Buffy. Giles either when it comes to that, cause despite working with him, he hasn't really trusted the broodmeister since Jenny. Hell, maybe since he found out about him sleeping with Buffy. No, I don't expect a character witness. He's just going to help you feel better faster when you get hurt."

"I hate to break it to you, luv, but the poof was never one for kissin' the boo-boo's better. Now if you wanna do the kissing, I can point out a few ouchies," he said, leering at Xander.

"Oh I am so gonna help you out with those here in a few minutes, but first things first. Angel is gonna help by 'donating' a bit of sire's blood. Not enough to kill him, at least in one setting. And if I only let him have a cup of pigs blood to help him heal, well that's just gravy now isn't it." Xander said with a sadistic little smirk that looked almost foreign on his face.

"Xan, there's a little problem with that plan, not that I'm not all for teaching Angel a lesson, mind you, but vampire blood loses potency pretty quick, especially the stuff that makes it worth while for healing. And as much as I like seeing my bastard of a sire hanging from a set of manacles, I really don't feel much like keeping him around to feed off of every time I really need a pick-me-up."

"And therein lies the beauty of having an account at the SBB." Xander said with a smirk. "All I need to do is call to arrange a collector, and they'll rush right out to pick up whatever we can squeeze out of him."

"Wait, when we were in that office, you made some kind of storage arrangements, didn't you? I was so stunned by the whole human blood home delivery part of the plan that I let that bit slide. What's the deal? You know freezing it won't help like it does for human blood, right pet?"

"Sure thing, Spike. The thing is, they don't bother trying to keep the blood from going over in it's time." Xander said with a smirk. "I mean once the blood is too old, the magic just goes. So they keep it from getting old."

"How the bloody hell do they do that?" Spike asked curious.

"It's some sort of weird temporal magic. They store the blood in some sort of stasis pocket. It never gets any older unless they pull it out, and they only pull it out when we call em up with an emergency."

"Well that's just neat, that is. So how'd you know about this stuff, and I don't? And did you plan this all out?"

"Gary told me about it when he suggested the place, and define this." Xander replied.

"This," Spike said exasperated. "This thing being wherein we kidnap and drain me bleedin' sire, pet. That this."

"Honestly I saw it more as guilting him into it, but then I got angry and I just went with it."

"As long as it's not with me, you can get angry like that any time you want, luv, cause you tagging the poof on my account... One of the hottest things I've ever seen.''

"So what's the going rate for knocking someone unconscious for the man you love? You know... in sexual favors." Xander leered at Spike, stopping only while he reached up to pulled a plastic container out of one cupboard. He eyed the container then looked at Spike speculatively. "Do you think this is gonna be big enough or are we gonna have to move him to the bathroom?"

"What's that, Xan?" Spike asked confused at the shift from sex to Tupperware.

"Well I was gonna just slice open his wrist and let a bit drain, but now I'm worried there'll be like arterial spray, but then you guys don't have heartbeats, so how does blood flow work for a vampire? Gravity? Magic? The only reason I ask, is that's a really nice carpet in there, and I'd rather not have to scrub Angel bits out of it." Xander babbled, all the while digging out more containers and comparing their openings.

Spike watched him for a moment, completely flummoxed, then he started eying the plastic-ware too. "We got any of those storage bags maybe? Put one of those contraptions up over his wrist, then reach in and slice. Could even tape it on if you got some of that sticky stuff you like so much," he suggested.

"Sticky stuff?" Xander asked with another leer.

"Ducky tape, I think you lot call it," he said back, while contemplating the bondage possibilities thereof.

"Oh, duct tape, right... I think I have a roll in my tool kit, but can't we just hold it up, then switch over to the plastic containers after he stops spurting, I don't wanna leave him bleeding like that."

"Vampire, don't forget, luv. He'll heal right up after a bit."

"Well that'll give us some time then." Xander said.

"Time?" Spike questioned, not sure he quite trusted the glint now in Xander's eyes.

"Oh... just time to test the chains in the bathtub." Xander said before digging the duct tape out of his tool kit and walking towards the bedroom with the heavy duty freezer bags.

After several long minutes, Spike followed him with a hungry look in his eyes.


"I can't believe I let you talk me into this. It's bloody well cold in here." Spike whined.

"Look Bloodbreath, you either shut the hell up, or I go looking for a nice thick gag. What's it gonna be?" Xander said coldly.

"But Passions is on, come on, Watcher won't mind if you let me out to see it. He watches it with me all the time. I'll be good... well not good exactly, but it's not like I can bite you now is it?" he pleaded, loudly. "Not that I would bite the likes of you," he added under his breath.

"You wouldn't bite me, Spike? You'd let all this warm sweet blood go to waste? Just so you could watch Passions?" As he spoke Xander leaned in closer and closer, taunting the chained up vampire with his stretched out neck. "So what else would you do for me if I let you watch your show?"

"Why don't you come here, and I'll show you just what I can do." Spike purred at him.

"Do you really think I'm that stupid Spike? I come over there, and you just grab me. Nu-uh, you just tell me what you'd do from there, while I'm all the way over here." Xander began stroking his cock over his jeans lightly, without being too obvious about it. "What do you really want to do to me, Spike?"

The vampire watched his hand, mesmerized for nearly twenty seconds, forgetting his part completely until Xander suddenly looked down at him with a glare. "Right, right, if you'd come over here, I couldn't do much now could I, being in these chains and all. Course my mouth is at just the right level to..." He slid his tongue along his bottom lip slowly, contemplating the possibilities.

Xander looked interested, then pulled himself back. "You think I'd let you near me with that mouth? Do I look crazy, Spike?"

"Well there is the issue of your wardrobe... Er, I mean, no not at all, Xander, but it's not like I can bite you now, is it?" He tried for an innocent look, failing completely.

"Hrm, you can't bite me can you. I could do just about anything I want couldn't I, Spike? And who'd believe you if you told? No one who mattered. Open your mouth, now," he barked, moving to stand in front of Spike. His whole body language shifting from goofy Scooby to predator as he stalked forward and reached down to grip Spike's hair. "Make me regret this for any reason, Spike, and I'll make you wish that chip was going off." Spike opened his mouth to promise or protest, Xander didn't know which, nor did he care. He slammed into Spike's mouth and with his hand still in Spike's hair, began face fucking him roughly.

After a minute or two, the rough thrusts slowed and the hand in the hair began to pet instead of grip. Spike was able to start working his tongue around the hot shaft in his mouth. After another couple minutes, the cock was pulled out and suddenly Xander was squatting down face to face, and kissing him nice and slow. He broke the kiss and pulled back a little, looking Spike in the eye. "Is this ok, love?"

"Hell, yes. You stop now, Xander, and I kick your arse." Spike grinned at him, so he knew everything was ok.

Xander kissed him again quickly then pulled back and stood up, a sneer back on his face. "That wasn't too bad, Spike. Good to know you have a talent besides professional asshole. Course there's something to be said for an asshole, now isn't there?" He sat on the side of the tub and ran his hand down Spike's body, stopping to pinch a nipple and then to squeeze the hard cock trapped behind Spike's super tight jeans. He unbuttoned and unzipped Spike carefully, pulling his hard cock out and stroking it roughly.

He released the hard dripping cock and stood up. He reached down and pulled Spike roughly to his feet then helped him out of the tub, then shoved his jeans down below his knees. That done he forced the vampire back down to his knees and leaned him over the tub, his chains clanking and clattering against the tiles as he went.

Leaving him vulnerable and completely helpless, Xander moved to pick something up off the counter. After a moment, Spike could feel his warm fingers and cold slickness as he began to work two fingers into his ass slowly. Once they were inside him, Xander began scissoring them apart rough and fast, stretching Spike quickly, but thoroughly. After a minute or two he pulled out, re-slicked his hand, and pushed three fingers in. Suddenly his other hand, cool with slick, wrapped around Spike's cock and he began stroking while he pulled out his other hand and worked it back in with four fingers now. When he sensed Spike was on the edge, he stopped everything, pulling his hand out, and letting go of his cock.

Spike knelt gasping, as he tried to ease back from the edge. Suddenly hands were on him, holding him tightly as Xander slid in behind him and kissed the back of his neck. With no other warning, Xander plunged into him rough and hard, until his balls slapped up against Spike's. They stayed like that, both struggling to control their breath, for several long moments. Finally, Xander planted his feet and began a long slow rhythm; out, in, roll of the hips. Lather, rinse, repeat. He slowly sped up, until they were both breathing hard and loud, gasps and moans and the sound of skin smacking against skin. As he got closer and closer to the edge, he reached around and started stroking Spike. Stripping his cock hard and fast in counterpoint to his own thrusts.

Spike felt like his brains were getting ready to explode out through his cock. He felt like his body was expanding and contracting with each plunge and stroke Xander made to his body. And he felt fan-fucking-tastic. He wanted desperately to tell his consort just how wonderful he was making Spike feel, but he couldn't quite get enough blood to his brain to make his mouth work, instead he just rode out the hot rough ride, and breathed.

Xander was so close, so close, so fucking close. The hand he wasn't using to stroke Spike was gripping his hip tight enough to bruise the vampire, and he was slamming against him hard and fast. He felt like something huge was building up inside. Every movement, every breath made the thing get bigger and bigger, and he knew, just fucking knew, the moment he came this thing was going to shoot out of him, and leave behind a giant pile of Xander goo. When he heard Spike breathing under him, he realized, he could live with that, and suddenly he was cumming and cumming and Spike was cumming and GAH, just GAH!

Spike lay under his lover, wondering how his unlife could possibly get better when Xander leaned down and whispered breathlessly in his ear. "Next time, I'll be the one chained up in the tub."



Angel woke up with a hell of a headache. He was sitting in something cold and hard, and he felt weak, and the smell of sex was everywhere and he couldn't get away from it, or get warm, or it seems get loose.

He peered down at the chains holding him down, trying to remember how the hell he got into this situation. It all came back to him, when he heard the voice behind him.

"Here ya go, Deadboy, one cup of liquid porky, slightly warm. Would sir like a bendy bendy straw with his blood?"

Part Nine

Angelus was contemplating all the things he was going to do to Xander Harris just as soon as he got out of the chains holding him down, and his pansy ass do-gooder soul wasn't trying to stop him for once. In fact his little gypsy problem was coming up with some very colorful suggestions, he was almost impressed.

First the little shit had touched what was his; claimed his childe, which was a fucking insult to the entire bloodline. Then he'd tazered him. The little son of a bitch had the gall to try and keep him chained up in a fucking bathtub. He just knew they'd done something to him while he was out, he wasn't feeling quite right. He felt weak and helpless. Harris may not get it, but Spike should fucking know better. He needed blood to heal from whatever the bastards had done, and that little cup of pigs blood was almost less than worthless. The final fucking straw was leaving him in this cold room that stank of their sex, while they were off doing who knows what.

He dozed off dreaming about all the ways he was going to kill them both.

When he woke up he smelled human blood. Bagged and 'on the hoof'. Xander was sitting on the sink counter, his feet bouncing off the front cupboard with a really annoying thunk thunk noise. There was a cup sitting next to him on the counter.

"It's about time you woke up, Angel. Spike and me were starting to worry. Well actually we weren't, cause I just don't have that kind of luck, but still, you've been out for a long time." The little fuck was smirking at him.

"Of course I was out for a long time, Harris, you shot me with a tazer," he growled.

"Well, yeah I did, but that's not why you were out this time."

"What? Why was I out then?" Angel asked.

"Oh, well I drugged your blood."

"You did WHAT! Why the hell did you do that? What did you do to me while I was out of it, you twisted little shit?" he was straining against the vampire proof chains.

"Good boy, I told Spike you were paranoid enough to get that without me spelling it out. I mean unconscious vampire," he said pointing towards Angel. "and twisted fuck who hates said vampire," he pointed towards himself. "equals unlimited possibilities for the bad."

"WHAT DID YOU DO TO ME?" he growled out.

"I could have shaved a cross into your hair, believe you me I was thinking about it. I could have just shaved you bald, that was Spike's favorite suggestion." Angel strained himself trying desperately to reach up to his hair, but the chains were just too short. "Of course what we really did, was leave you sleeping in the tub and went off for a couple beers at the Bronze."

"You didn't do anything to me?"

"No I didn't, I just wanted you to really think of the possibilities, you helpless and unconscious around someone who not only hates you and most of your kind, but who also knows all the nifty little ways to make you hurt the most. If you have any imagination whatsoever that should scare the ever loving hell out of you, Angel."

"It does," he admitted quietly and very reluctantly.

"Good, we're making a lot of progress. See after the people at the Initiative shot Spike with one of those tazers, they locked him up and the only food he'd get was these little packets of drugged blood. Once the drugs took effect, the doctors on that base were free to come in and slice him open and stir things around a bit before he woke up. Luckily, they weren't smart enough to be sure he drank it, and he managed to trick them into thinking he was doped up. He managed to get free, but he was still on an invisible leash. He couldn't eat or even protect himself."

Angel thought about that for a minute before Xander continued. "So tell me, are the accommodations everything you could wish for? Comfy in your tub? In the vampire safe chains?"

"You know I'm not, you arrogant little shit!" he growled.

"That really sucks, cause I'm thinking about keeping you around for a few months like this. Oh well, at least we have two bathrooms in this place. We won't have to haul your ass in and out all the time, like Giles had to do with Spike."

"What do you mean 'like Giles had to do with Spike'? I thought he couldn't bite anyone, why did he need to be chained up in a bathtub?"

"Well there was the fact that we couldn't be absolutely sure he wasn't faking those seizures he had, his screams of agony when the chip fired just cause he thought a mean thought. Then there was the humiliation factor, I mean Spike can be a little hard to like from time to time, he really is an acquired taste isn't he. I'm sure Giles and Buffy didn't enjoy it too much, right?"

"How long?" Angel asked, gritting his teeth.

"Oh I'd say most of the time for three maybe four months, except for the day he spent engaged to Buffy and the little bit of time he stayed tied to my barcalounger." Xander said coolly.

"Tied to your barcalounger? Why the hell was he tied to your barcalounger? And did you say engaged to..." He trailed off stunned.

"He was in my barcalounger cause Giles had company and Spike was an inconvenience. I took him in, but I'm not stupid enough to think he'd put up with it without getting his own back. Even though I didn't want to leave him cold and chained, I knew he was still dangerous. I'm not the complete moron you people like to think I am. And yeah, funny story about the engagement, Willow did this 'my will be done' spell, and one of the things she said during the whole mess was something along the lines of 'Why doesn't she just marry Spike?' So they got engaged."

"Buffy and Spike... were engaged?" Angel looked like he didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

"Yeah that was pretty much the group response to it, but we didn't have much of an opportunity to stop them from making out all the time, what with Willow's wonky will making Giles blind, a fact he was almost thankful for since Buffy and Spike thought his couch was backseat city, and me being a great big demon magnet. Course the spell broke and she was back to death threats the next day." Xander finished grimly.

"So what did you do to me while I was out the first time?" Angel asked. "I know you did something, I don't feel quite right."

"Just took a bit of blood to prove another point." Xander replied.

"What kind of point did you need to make that required blood, Xander? Especially if you're not gonna give me enough to heal up right, and then sit there taunting me with a cup of human."

"Well damn, you really are a quick study, Angel. I didn't expect you to get that much the first time through. One more connection is all you need."

"What the hell are you talking about, Harris? Just get me the hell out of these chains, now." Angel looked ready to pop a blood vessel, if he actually had a pulse... or blood pressure.

"The 'enough to heal up right' part of what you said, Mate." Spike said stepping into the room.

"What?" Angel snapped.

"The whelp here is trying to point out that bein' all injured like you were, fluids running a pint or two low, an' all, you needed more than a cup of pigs blood every day or so to keep up your strength." Spike explained with a smirk.

"You know damned well we need at least a couple pints a day, even when we aren't hurt, Spike, especially since it's not human." Angel said, frustrated.

"Aye, we both know that, and I'd wager the watcher knows that. And o'course the whelp knows it now. Figured it out 'e did, by looking it up in the watcher's books."

"You mean he can read?" Angel said with a nasty smirk.

"Of course I can Angel, I had to know all about the dead pedophile in our midst, so I had motivation to learn how." Xander said quietly. Spike who'd been getting ready to take a shot at Angel, just smiled instead.

"What Spike was trying to say, was for most of the time since he escaped from the Initiative, he's been getting by on about a cup of pig blood every day or so. All while fighting along with us, and being Buffy's personal kick toy."

"WHAT? Giles knows better than that." Angel yelled.

"Like I said, we were pretty sure he did. He just didn't care. Spike was 'just a vampire' and an annoying one at that, no matter whether he helped or not."

"I didn't know." Angel growled.

"And now you do, just like I promised." Xander said before fishing a set of keys out of his pocket and tossing them to Angel. "I'll leave this on the counter for when you're all undone. There's more in the fridge when you're ready, help yourself."

Xander and Spike left quietly. Angel looked after them thoughtfully for a moment, before scrambling to unchain himself.


"I'm sorry."

Spike looked over at Xander. "For what, luv?"

"I went along with them, I don't know what I could have done, but you were helpless and you were alone in the middle of the enemy, and I shouldn't have helped make it worse."

"It's not like I would have let you be nice to me, pet. I wouldn't have trusted you then. Hell I didn't trust you yesterday. Guess I got me some 'trust issues' what with the poof and the Initiative and all. You've more than made up for anything back then, and you were never as bad as me. Hell I tried to knock your head in, threatened to kill you more than once. I'd say if someone were measuring the scales it would more than come out in your favor, so what say we just start fresh, eh?"

"Here in a minute, we'll do that." Xander said, and pulled Spike's face to his own. "First I want to make it up to you."

He kissed Spike deep and hard, and then pulled back, leaving Spike standing there, his head spinning. Xander dropped to his knees and pulled Spike's pants down. With no warning Xander swallowed his semi hard cock down all the way. It quickly began enlarging in his warm mouth and slowly Xander drug his tongue along the growing shaft. When Spike was fully hard, Xander concentrated on his head, licking and sucking and lapping his tongue around it. He worked his tongue into the slit and out, then up under his foreskin.

Spike slid his hands in Xander's hair, petting at first, and then as his balls tightened up preparing to explode, he began gripping harder, slowly pumping in and out of Xander's mouth. He kept tight hold of his control.

Xander pulled off him a moment and looked up at Spike. "Do it, Spike. Its ok, I want you to." Spike looked down at him, a question in his eyes. Xander answered it by nodding and sucking Spike's cock back in.

Permission granted, Spike tightened his hold on Xander's hair again, this time pumping in and out of his mouth a bit faster. When Xander scraped his teeth lightly up the bottom of his shaft, Spike lost some of his restraint and began fucking Xander's face in earnest. He knew somehow Xander needed this, needed to feel like he'd made some sort of amends, especially after their very intense role playing earlier and his sudden guilt at how things had been between them before, but Spike was determined to not push too far, to not take too much. It was a very delicate balance, but he had to keep it.

Xander put his entire self into this one act. This was the only way he could think of to say all the words that tumbled up inside his head, the thing that needed dealt with, despite their clean slate. Spike hadn't know he'd loved him, hadn't known Xander was planning on taking him as his mate, so Spike's actions over the years were inconsequential; he was a vampire and he'd acted as such. Xander however, had let his frustration, and his self doubt, and his belief that he'd never be good enough to claim his mate make him act cruelly, had made him say things, do things that made Spike's time with them harder than it had to be. He was as guilty as Angel, maybe worse, and he too needed to make amends.

He worked his hands around the base of Spike's cock, stroking and squeezing and rubbing everything in reach, urging his mate on, trying to force his thrusts to go deeper, to push harder. But Spike was like an unalterable force. He used Xander hard, but never harshly, taking what was being offered, but refusing to hurt Xander in the process. When Xander realized he had reached some limit for Spike, he changed tactics, he pulled off Spike's cock, and out of his hands, hands which automatically released him, almost as if he had expected the maneuver. He quickly stood, stepped out of his jeans, and threw himself over the chair behind him, legs spread and wanton.

Spike shuddered as he fought for control, struggling to ignore the clear invitation. Instead of stepping up and slamming in, as Xander clearly wanted, he stepped back and searched around for the tube they'd used before. Xander was breathing heavy and below the pants, in between them, he could make out small barely there words. Words he was sure Xander wasn't aware he was saying.

"Fix bond need mate hurt mate bad bad bad hurt mate wrong stupid fix fix hurt need hurt fix... "

It went on and on and Spike sure as hell wasn't crying over it, nope the big bad didn't cry over crazy hyena type mates who wanted to hurt themselves because of him and oh damn it all to Hell. He had planned on slowly stretching Xander, trying to reason with him, but that wouldn't fix anything, he understood that now.

Instead he slicked his cock and positioned himself behind his mate, his consort, his love, and thrust in hard and true. Below him the remnants of the hyena howled in victory. He held still, wrapping his arms around Xander, holding him close to his chest and petting him, while he gave him time to stretch and get used to his cock. After a minute or two he began pumping in and out, slow at first, but quickly speeding up until he was slamming in and out in a frenzy. He could feel the body under him tensing and sensed some struggle, but didn't get it at first. When he reached around and tried to stroke Xander, he pushed Spike's hands away, and Spike suddenly realized what the struggle was about. He was trying to make this punishment, he wasn't going to allow himself to cum.

Well Bollocks to that.

Spike pulled Xander's hands up until both were laying across the small of his back. Once he had them where he wanted them, he held them with one hand, and then reached around for Xander's hard cock. Xander tried to jerk away from his hand, while still keeping himself impaled on Spike's cock, needless to say it was a useless gesture, and Spike easily wrapped his hands around Xander's cock.

In full game face, he leaned over Xander's back, buried fully inside him, and spoke soft but firmly. "This is mine," he gripped Xander's cock as he spoke. "and you will never deny me what's mine." He released his hold on Xander's cock and slid a hand up until it covered Xander's heart. "This is mine," he said again. "and you will never make me hurt what's mine." He tweaked a nipple gently and slid his hand higher still until he cupped his claim mark. "This is mine," he said caressing his fingers over it. "and you can never, ever do anything that would make me break it."

Spike dropped his hand to Xander's cock and stroked. He began moving in him again, building back up to speed quickly. When he felt Xander's body tighten and clench around him he let go slamming in hard and fast as he felt his own orgasm being milked out of his cock by Xander's. He released Xander's hands and pulled out of him. He sat in the chair they'd been leaning on and pulled a now sobbing Xander into his lap.

"It's ok, luv, let it all out," he said, petting Xander's hair with one hand and stroking his arm with the other. "It's all in the past, and its all over now. Clean slate, remember?"

Slowly the sobbing abated and Xander tucked his head in under Spike's neck, hiding his face. "I'm sorry," he said quietly. "Thank you, Spike."

"For what?" he asked, honestly curious of the answer.

"For giving me what I needed."

The End

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