Part Seven

Warning/preview: Faith/Xander/Spike threesome

Xander sighed (again), body tense and expectant where he was nestled cozily in the V of Spike’s sprawling legs. He fidgeted his hands, and his head turned as though to speak to Spike for the fifth time in three minutes. Spike smiled to himself with secret amusement. The boy was restless tonight, and it didn’t take much imagination to conclude why that was.

Spike leaned forward and let his smile brush against the soft skin behind Xander’s ear, chuckling when the boy jolted in surprise.

“What’s got you all worked up this evenin’?” he teased in a low voice.

Xander’s ears turned pink. He turned his head just slightly, speaking to Spike quietly, under all of the fireside chatter.

A pink tongue darted out nervously to moisten the boy’s lips, and Spike fixated on it.

“I was just wondering, if you had a good talk with Faith this afternoon.”

Spike suppressed a smile. “Always pleasant, chatting with her. One of my best mates, and all that.”

“I mean….” Xander flushed guiltily, then promptly grew irritated with the way Spike was toying with him. Pity that the boy caught on so quick. “You know what I mean!”

Spike pled ignorance over the hissed accusation. “Was there something I was meant to ask her?”

Spike enjoyed the anger, uncertainty and confusion that flitted across the young face by turns. But then Xander deflated. “Spike.”

Bugger him if that weren’t the most plaintive sound he’d ever heard. He felt like a mean-spirited little boy, pluckin’ the wings off a fly.

Spike rolled his eyes at himself, and hooked one arm over Xander’s shoulder, copping a feel as he tugged the lean body back against his own. He spoke directly into his ear. “Don’t you worry bout a thing, pet. We’re gonna take good care of you. Taught you proper so far, haven’t I?”

Spike pinched one of Xander’s nipples, letting his free hand trail lightly across Xander’s crotch. Xander tremored and swallowed, breathing erratic.

“You’d think that would get old…but…it doesn’t.”

Spike smiled into dark, unkempt hair at the shaky joke. He zipped two fingers up either side of Xander’s cock, enjoying the sharp intake of breath he got in response. “Never gets old, havin’ someone play with your cock…when they’re good.”

Spike slipped his hand into Xander’s baggy jeans and let his hand slide over the slick shaft with the pressure he knew Xan liked.

“Am I good, luv?” he teased. Xander made an incoherent little series of affirmations, and protested fussily when Spike’s hand slipped away.

“Mmm. Well, soon you’ll be in the hands of two experts. Lucky boy.”

He grinned when Xander grew pink and shy once again.


One beer loosened Xander up a bit as the evening grew long, but Spike was pleased when the boy refused a second. Not that Spike really cared at this point—they’d established that Xander was hot for him regardless of the circumstances—but it would serve the boy well to know his limits.

Alcoholism wasn’t particularly sexy.

Of course, relaxed wasn’t really the word for what Xander was at the moment either. The boy was hard and flushed, body twitchy with all the physiological symptoms of arousal.

But how could he be otherwise, when Faith was eye-fucking the lad shamelessly over the campfire?

People were noticing the display—Faith’s blatant come-on, Xander’s heightened arousal, Spike’s heated amusement—and Spike knew they were dying to know what was going on.

He supposed they’d find out soon enough.

As Spike had known she would, Faith soon grew tired of her game and came around the circle to crawl into the boy’s lap with a devilish smile. Xander’s body tensed against Spike. He was holding his breath as she settled her slight form into his lap, rubbing friction against Xander’s jeans—the boy’s eyes grown big as saucers.

The circle hushed, conversations petering out at the new development. Everyone knew that nobody played with Spike’s boys.

Spike doubted Xander even noticed the attention fixed on them at that moment. Faith could be quite the charmer when she wanted to be, and Xander seemed mesmerized by her eyes, so close to his own. Faith, he was sure, was quite aware that all attention was on them, and was getting quite a charge out of it.

Spike and Faith were too much alike for their own good, really.

“Hey, gorgeous.” Her fingers toyed with the loose, shaggy ends of the boy’s hair, wrists resting with familiarity on his shoulders.


Poor sod could barely speak.

Then suddenly Faith threw her weight forward, attacking Xander’s mouth, and they were snogging, oblivious to the round eyes of the others. Angel’s eyebrows were lifted in question when he caught Spike’s eye. Spike smirked and threw him a wink.

Faith’s small hands were buried in Xander’s hair, using gentle pressure to position his head as she wanted it. Xander’s hands came to rest, with uncertainty, on Faith’s hips, and he began to kiss her back eagerly.

Faith pulled her mouth away a hairsbreadth, then leaned in to speak privately against Xander’s ear, mouth brushing the rim. “Nice. But next time, not quite so hard as you’d kiss a guy, slick. Gotta be a little softer with a woman.”

Xander blushed, looking flummoxed. “Sorry. I don’t know….”

It was a gentle suggestion, for Faith, but Xander looked so embarrassed that Spike nearly intervened. Before he had the chance, Faith winked. “Hey, no worries. Gettin’ off on the idea of teaching you a thing or two….breakin’ you in.”

Xander’s breath hitched and then he leaned forward eagerly, taking Faith’s mouth with concentrated softness. He restrained himself, but gave his excitement away with the impatience with which his hands clutched at Faith’s body. Faith purred her approval at the improvement.

Despite his newfound confidence, Xander squeaked when Faith clamped an iron grip on his erection, pumping it right through the jean fabric. Xander pulled away to catch his breath, and Faith latched her lips onto his neck, determined to keep him flushed and off-balance.

“Oh God….” Xander’s skin goosepimpled when Spike stroked one hand low across the boy’s belly as Faith continued to work him through his pants. Xander’s breathing was fast and irregular, and Spike almost felt sorry for the kid. Almost. But not really.

Nice,” Faith assessed appreciatively, licking along the junction of the boy’s neck. “What do you say we go somewhere and get right down to business, Xander?”

Color high, the boy nodded eagerly. Spike smirked as he followed them back to his own tent, smugly aware of all the eyes that followed them there.


They were no sooner in the tent than Faith was back in Xander’s lap, now unbuttoning his pants and wrapping a small, soft hand around the boy’s cock. Xander cried out quietly, eyelashes fluttering against his heated cheeks, mouth gaping, because Spike could see that Faith’s grip meant business.

They looked good together. Spike stroked a lazy hand over himself.

Faith smiled at Xander’s reaction. “So I know what they say about getting head from another guy, but I have it on pretty good authority that I could pay the rent with my mouth alone, if it ever came down to that.”

Spike nearly laughed when Xander’s eyes shot open. She certainly had his attention.

Faith grinned smugly. “Want me to suck you off, Xander?”

Xander’s hips bucked up towards Faith’s fist at the idea. “God…but….”

“Oh, I’m gonna fuck you—hell yeah, I am. But I’ve always been a have my cake and…eat it, too…kind of girl.”

The expression on Xan’s face was downright comical. Spike enjoyed the way Xander’s unfocused eyes sought out his own plaintively, as if he could expect assistance from that quarter.

Spike had the feeling Xander would be just fine.

Still, he came up behind the boy, supporting his weight when Faith pushed him back and slid her lips over the head of his cock in a tight ring, causing Xander to flail in his arms. She did give great head; Spike could vouch for that. He and Angel had met Faith first of the bunch, before she’d introduced them to Lindsey and Oz and the rest. Truth to tell, she’d given Spike the first proper suck-job he’d ever had from a woman, and he’d been madly in lust with her for all of three weeks, before they’d fallen into a solid, easy friendship.

Angel had made fun of Spike for months for the moon-eyes he’d given her in the early days, but he’d gotten plenty of pot-shots at the bastard over the way he let that crazy bint Darla put a spell on his cock, so it all broke even.

Anyway, Spike knew how good she was, and she was in the process of ruining Xander for life for every other woman. Faith sucked cock like a man, not afraid to be rough. God knew she wasn’t shy, and Spike was certain that somewhere out there was a gay man who still told his mates about the girl that grilled him for advice on how men gave head.

Or who practiced on him till she got it right. Never knew, with Faith.

Xander was breathing hard, one hand kneading at the material of Spike’s pant leg. Spike turned Xander’s head and toyed with his mouth softly. Faith was holding Xander right on the edge of coming, the evil bint, and he panted distractedly against Spike’s lips, preoccupied with his cock. His hands were too polite to tangle in Faith’s hair and pull, as they were wont to do, so Spike guided one to the nape of his own neck. Xander’s fingers curled needily into Spike’s hair, tugging, and Spike moaned, biting the boy’s lip.

Xander’s hips started to pulse forward erratically, and he broke contact with Spike’s mouth in order to look down at Faith, who was torturing him to the point of desperation.

Spike nipped at his neck. “That’s it, pet, come for us. Wanna see you come in her mouth—”

Xander pulled hard on Spike’s hair as he came with a hot little whimper, until he collapsed finally back against Spike. He smelled like sweat and musk, and Spike chewed on his ear, enjoying the feeling of the warm boy against him.

Xander didn’t move. Just stared dazedly at the wall of the tent, looking blissful.

Faith crawled up half into Spike’s lap and looked at Xander with concern. “I didn’t break him, did I?”

“Nah, give ‘im a few and he’ll come around.” Spike nudged at Xander’s dead weight. “You’re right as rain, aren’t you, luv?”

Xander mumbled something and allowed himself to be shuffled off Spike’s lap.

Spike smiled wryly at Faith, pulling her in for a kiss. “Still got the touch, luv. Can’t blame the boy.”

“Damn straight, I’ve still got my touch. Knocked you right on your ass, if I remember correctly.” She grinned at him.

Spike smiled warmly at her, feeling a bit nostalgic, and kissed her the way he knew she really liked. Took control from her and made it a little rough at the start…gave her a little tenderness at the end that Faith could never admit to anyone else that she needed.

If ever he were meant to settle down with some girl, he fancied she’d be the one—but neither of them were the settling kind, and that was the whole point, wasn’t it?

“I’m sure we can find a way to pass the time till the boy pieces his noggin back together, eh luv?”

Faith arched an eyebrow at him. “Get naked and we can find plenty.”

They undressed each other quickly, teasing here and there, playing at one another’s weaknesses as only long-time lovers can. Spike always enjoyed teasing Faith. Knocking her down a notch from want-take-have.

Spike slipped between Faith’s legs and teased around her attempts to draw his mouth between her legs. She sighed and rolled her hips enticingly, while Spike pretended to be oblivious, nibbling at her inner thigh.

“Spike. Quit being a cocktease.”

“Mmm. Is that what this is?” Spike smirked, eyes on hers as he slid a few inches to the left to stroke his tongue around her clit, laving it in a circular pattern. She moaned and rolled her body into the grip he had on her hips. “I’ve been callin’ it somethin’ else this whole time. How pathetic. ‘M not fit to lick your bootstraps, much less—”

Spike made to pull away in shame, but laughed when Faith gripped his hair by the roots and prevented him from leaving. Xander stirred to his left, rolling onto his side for a better view.

Faith scowled. “You’re pissin’ me off. If you don’t quit fucking around and suck me off, I’m gonna—”

Spike shut her up by closing his mouth over her clit and sucking hard, flicking it with his tongue until she was moaning throatily. Faith heated up quickly, rocking against his face, one hand tangled in her own hair and a good grip on Spike’s with the other. Had such a filthy mouth when she was horny, this one—and it excited Xander, Spike noticed.

Faith’s hips were working faster when Spike began to fuck her with his fingers. She must have been just on the verge, or experiencing those first shimmers, when Spike suddenly pulled back all contact and sat up.

“Think Xan here should have a go at this. Want to, Xander?”

Xander’s eyes were huge with disbelief as Spike smiled messily at him, laughing when he was tackled backwards by an irate Faith. She pinned him, straddling his hips with a hand to his throat.

“You are such a little shit.”

“What?” He blinked up at her innocently, licking his lips with eyes that challenged her laughingly. Faith sighed in disgust and climbed off him, crawling over to Xander.

“Don’t you ever be an asshole like that. It’s not cute.”

Spike grinned unrepentantly as Xander nodded. The boy would probably agree to anything right now, to get some tail.

Faith removed the boy’s clothing with soft hands, and pulled him over top of her so that Xander could practice some of his new girl-kissing technique. Their mouths were soft on each other as Faith twined her arms around his shoulders, and Xander looked almost reverent when Faith wrapped one leg around his hips and slid wetly against his cock. He gave a soft sigh and started to roll his own hips against her, hands gentle on her body, holding her carefully. They were beautiful, the way they moved together. Faith usually wanted hardfastnow, but her face was heavy with lust.

Spike had a feeling he didn’t have to worry about Xander’s future with women one bit. Bloody hell.

Faith turned her head to speak, a little breathless. “Tell you what, slick. Lesson in oral sex is gonna have to wait, cause I want this pretty cock inside me. Right now.” Xander ducked his head, his smile huge and pleased and a little bashful.

Women were gonna fall all over themselves for this kid, and he had no clue.

Spike grabbed a condom and shuffled closer. “Sit up, pet. Gotta get you gloved up.”

Xander had barely rocked back onto his heels when Spike pulled him in gruffly by the back of the neck and kissed him so roughly it was probably going to bruise that pretty mouth a bit. The boy made a noise in his throat and melted into the manhandling. Spike moaned and broke the kiss, nuzzling over to nibble at the flesh of Xander’s neck. When he rolled the condom onto the boy’s cock with a tight fist, Xander panted and thrust up into his hand.

Xander’s eyes were still locked on his when Spike pulled away and sat back. Spike smirked, pleased with himself, and gestured to Faith. “Go on then. Don’t let me stop you.”

Faith rolled her eyes at him.

Faith’s body cupped Xander’s, a hand stroking down his nervous shoulders, and they were kissing when he slid into her body. Xander stilled for a moment, eyes squeezed shut, biting his lip for a little self-control.

They rocked together gently at first, Faith ceding control to Xander in honor of the occasion. Before long, Xander pushed himself up on his hands and started to roll into her body, harder and faster. His face was intense and serious, and Faith looked pleased as all hell at the way his cock was angling to drag over her clit with each stroke. It was a happy accident…and she let the boy know about it with every stroke.

Xander was breathing fast when he hitched Faith’s legs higher against her rib cage and upped his tempo. Faith swore and pulled his hair with a firm grip, and Spike knew that the lucky git had accidentally found her g-spot.

Spike felt oddly puffed up and proud.

Faith was crying out now in time with Xander’s thrusts, and the boy’s mouth gaped in pleasure. He looked a little shocked that Faith was enjoying herself…quite that much. Both of them were slick with sweat, radiating enough body heat that the tent was warmer as well.

That had to be the reason why Spike was so damn warm.

Then again, maybe it was the way Xander’s arse was clenching with effort in a way that drew Spike’s eye in and wouldn’t let go.

When Spike’s finger slid with slick familiarity into Xander’s hole, Xander shouted hoarsely and stuttered to a halt. Faith’s confusion quickly gave way to amusement when Spike winked at her, still probing and stretching the boy’s body.

“Something the matter, pet? Why’d you stop?”

Xander’s body convulsed as Spike’s fingers prodded his prostate. He was panting, forehead pressed against Faith’s shoulder as he thrust shallowly between Spike and Faith, muttering something that Faith seemed to find funny. Her hands soothed over Xander’s upper body.

“Told you he was a bastard,” she remarked.

But Xander didn’t seem to think too badly of him when Spike thrust into his tight hole, teeth nipping at the back of the boy’s salty neck. Spike snapped his hips forward in a spaced rhythm, deliberately, and Xander grunted under the force of it. He looked as if he were trying desperately not to blow his load.

Spike shared a look with Faith over the boy’s shoulder. H toyed with Xander’s ear between his teeth, grinning when he whimpered.

“You know, pet, it’s rude not to thank someone who’s doin’ something nice for you. If you don’t use your manners, I might be offended by your ingratitude and stop. Wouldn’t want that, would you?” Spike rammed his hips forward, driving Xander into Faith, and a sound issued forth from Xander’s throat that was either wrenching agony or eternal gratitude.

Spike interpreted it liberally. “Good enough. Mind not to just lie there, or Faith will get cranky.”

Spike pounded into Xander then, hands tight on the boy’s hips, teeth scraping roughly over the pretty, tanned muscles of his shoulders that bunched when Xander pushed himself up to kiss Faith as he was fucked into her. Faith was moaning and cursing and fucking herself onto Xander’s cock.

Spike breathed hot into Xander’s ear. “She loves it when you play with her pretty tits. Use your teeth.”

Shuddering at the order, Xander supported Faith’s rib cage and dipped his head to close his mouth over one nipple, hand clumsy and excited on the other. Faith’s color was high, and Spike extended his neck to kiss her hard and fast, angle too awkward for much more. His hand slid under Xander to stroke her over-stimulated clit, until her body was bucking beneath them.

Xander was the first to go. And well…good on him for lasting this long, actually. The boy stiffened with a tight-throated “Fuck!” and cried out prettily when Spike started slamming into his sensitive body harder, using him to bring Faith closer, thumb working her frantically because he could tell she was close to getting off. Finally she froze, arched upward, hips involuntarily humping his hand, and with a few more thrusts into Xander’s overused body, Spike let himself go.


They were hot and sticky, but too fucking tired to do anything about it. Spike rolled off Xander, taking the boy with him so that he wouldn’t crush Faith, and tossed both of their condoms in a corner.

They were going to need a shower in the morning. Badly.

Spike found it sort of endearing the way Xander was curled sleepily into Faith, whose face was soft with unconsciousness. He nudged one knee between the boy’s legs and tugged Xander back against his body, so that all three of them were wrapped around one another. He was content, in the afterglow, and followed them easily into unconsciousness.

Part Eight

I have to thank [info]sexymermaid for making this porn possible. Lol! Well it’s true. This threesome almost didn’t happen because Spike kept getting pissed at Angel…until she reminded me that I could circumvent their crankiness entirely.

Warning/preview: Angel/Xander/Spike threesome. Also Angel went a tad bit Angelusy on me in this fic. He's still a good guy, but he's just so darn toppy. Jeesus.

Xander wondered if it were possible to experience post-traumatic stress disorder from sex, if it were hot enough. Because he’d been having flashbacks all day and into the evening, daydreams of bare skin that robbed him of all ability to finish his sentences…leaving him braindead and helpless, and Willow kept giving him that knowing look.

It was almost like…he’d been in ‘Nam. Naked ‘Nam. Naked ‘Nam with two sexperts who had twelve hands, each. And now all he could think about was….


Xander wondered if he could maybe sue for pain and suffering. Or…what was it called…disruption of lifestyle. Yeah, that was the ticket. Because God knows he’d never be able to go back to his old one after this week. He was pretty sure Spike had ruined him for sex with anyone except maybe a professional.

Which might present a cash-flow problem. Yeah, he should definitely sue.

Though, you really wouldn’t catch him complaining, no sirree. Yeah, sure, Spike was diabolical, but he was evil in the sense that extra-fudgy devil’s food cake was evil. So sinister that you didn’t even complain about the fact that ten years down the road, your body was going to keel over and give up from too much of a good thing. Begged for it, even.

Xander and Spike had woken up alone this morning, and Xander had. Begged for it, that is. Yup, Spike was an evil bastard…especially since Xander’s body had still been sore and wrung out from the night before.

He still tingled, a little.

Caught up in his reverie, Xander didn’t even notice that he’d wandered so far from everyone until he realized he had ended up in the alley behind the concession buildings. He turned and was startled to find Angel hulking four feet behind him.

“Jesus! Stalker much? Scared the shit out of me.”

Angel was studying him with a particular intensity that may just have denoted rip-you-to-shreds anger, though it was impossible to really tell, since the big lug never wore an actual expression.

Xander swallowed hard. “Heyyy Angel, how’s my favorite mountain doing this evening?”

A transient look of bewilderment crossed the man’s face before his features set back into that inscrutable expression, and Xander was very aware that he was pretty much blocked in by 200+ pounds of immoveable muscle.

“Faith,” Angel said, eyes still dark and focused on Xander’s face.

Xander blushed as a particularly clear image of Faith—all of her—came to mind. He drew a complete blank on everything else. “What about her?”

Angel was quiet for the space of a long, drawn-out breath. “I heard you fucking her last night.”

Angel’s expression was still undefinable—his tone conversational but dark. Why would he…oh god, maybe Faith was Angel’s girlfriend, the way Willow and Oz seemed to be a couple. Xander immediately paled at the realization. He hadn’t thought so, but why else would Angel bring it up? The guy had decided he wasn’t ok sharing her with an outsider…which didn’t speak well to Xander’s continuing health and well-being.

Now was the time for blind panic.

“Oh God, please don’t kill me, I didn’t know that you and her were together and I just think she’s really hot and of course you would know how hot she is because she’s yours but I didn’t think about that and it was mostly Spike’s idea and I never would have….”

Angel watched his agitated babbling with growing amusement—at least, Xander thought it was amusement by the way his mouth curved up just slightly because god forbid there was an actual smile and you know, Angel actually had really nice lips, and Xander was so caught up in his own double-babble inside and outside of his head that he didn’t even notice the way Angel had stepped into him until he had

Cupped Xander’s face in his really big hands and taken control of his mouth.



It turned out, Angel was very happy to see him. Not angry or homicidal at all, if the gentle movement of his lips was any indication. They needed to buy this guy a mood ring.

Or maybe, he just needed to go around kissing everyone.

Angel kissed the way that Xander knew, with his own two eyes, that he fucked (oh god). It wasn’t anything like Spike or Oz. It was soft, gentle even, but…was there any doubt that Angel was in total control of him? Angel’s mouth was soft on Xander’s, no tongue, just the velvety slide of full lips on his own, and when Xander got excited by the gentle brush of large hands down his back and tried to increase the pressure of their mouths, Angel resisted the change effortlessly. Xander made a sound of frustration in his throat and Angel…Angel chuckled into his mouth.

Angel’s hands came up from Xander’s waist to weave into the shaggy hair just behind his ears, so that he was cradling Xander’s skull in his palms, and Xander felt…weak-kneed, sagging into Angel when the tip of the man’s tongue licked along his lips. Angel was supporting his whole body weight just by that careful touch along the base of his skull.

Angel pulled back, thumbs grazing Xander’s jaw, looking down at his slack face with a soft expression. His eyes seemed amused, remaining trained on Xander’s. His voice was pitched to carry.

“So what do you say, Spike? Can I play, too?”

Xander’s eyebrows drew together for a moment in confusion before he heard Spike’s voice off to his right. His eyes rounded and he turned to find Spike standing there with his hands tucked casually into his pockets. Xander tried to pull away from Angel, but Angel held onto him easily.

“Polite to ask first,” Spike replied dryly. Xander relaxed when he saw that Spike didn’t look angry.

“You would have said no,” Angel teased, finally looking up at the blond.

Lazy blue eyes traveled from Angel’s face to Xander’s and back. “Probably. But only because you wouldn’t have asked nicely.”

Xander caught the smirk on Angel’s face. “Probably not.”

Spike sauntered closer. He flicked away his cigarette and slid up against Xander’s back, smelling warm like nicotine, skin hot even through the two layers of clothing between them. Angel was still pressed against his front, and Xander felt tense, in a pleasant way, about being trapped between the two of them. When Spike slid his arm around Xander’s waist, Xander felt a warm internal tug towards him and listed back into the embrace.

“Aren’t you just the popular one?” Spike teased at his ear. The smoky voice held a hint of laughter. A breathy kiss was brushed along the back of his neck. “All up to you, pet.” Teeth ghosted along the rim of his ear. “What do you want?”

Angel’s head dipped then towards Xander’s throat and threads of heat spun out from both of their mouths to tug directly on his cock. Xander moaned, hips flexing forward to rub his erection into Angel’s thigh. He was nervous and overwhelmed and hell “Yes, please.”

Spike laughed softly against his ear. “Back to camp, then.”


Xander started to get even more nervous on the way back to the camp. Angel walked ahead, while Spike made them linger, arm wrapped around Xander’s waist, teasing touches making it increasingly difficult for Xander to walk at all.

When they stumbled together into the camp, they found Angel waiting for them on a spread-open sleeping bag in the middle of the tent circle.

He was already naked.

Xander gaped. “You don’t waste any time, do you?”

Angel shrugged. Xander wouldn’t have thought it possible, but sometimes he was even more economical with words than Oz. Xander found himself propelled forward by Spike’s arm around his waist, and soon he was standing at the edge of the bedroll, eyes glued to the well-muscled, tawny body sprawling there like a watchful but indolent cat.

Spike wrapped himself around Xander’s back, lavishing his neck with a wet mouth. He reached around and began to unfasten Xander’s jeans.

“Uh! Hold…hold the….” Xander craned his neck to look at Spike. “I don’t know if you noticed this? But we’re kind of outside, right now…and...everyone should all be getting back soon, so maybe we could—”

“Tents don’t have enough range of motion for poor ol’ Goliath, here,” Spike teased against his ear. Angel scowled at him. “Trust me when I say, tryin’ to fuck this one in close quarters only leads to tears and knocked heads…’specially with there being three of us.” Xander’s cock was freed from his underwear, and it sprang out, embarrassingly eager. “’Sides, the band that’s headlining tonight is brilliant…they won’t be back ‘til late.”

If Xander had any thoughts of further protest, they were demolished when Angel leaned forward and took the head of Xander’s cock between his lips—plump lips that Xander had already noticed a time or two were…fuckable. Xander could hardly swallow around the lump of horny disbelief in his throat.

The wet heat—the incredible visual—as Angel swallowed him down, was utterly unexpected, and Xander swore and buckled for a moment. Spike held him up with an arm banded around his waist.

Another hand curled around his chest, fingers rubbing over and around one excited nipple. Xander felt Spike smile against his ear. “Shoulda warned you. He does that, sometimes.”

Angel’s dark eyes remained fixed on Xander’s face as his large hands pushed aside the jeans and boxers that still clung stubbornly to Xander’s hips. His grip burned Xander’s skin, though not as hotly as the mouth sliding up and down his dick.


Whoever said a blowjob was a subservient act clearly had never met this man. He used it to dominate Xander’s body. And Spike was…busy being an accessory to the crime.

Spike’s hands slid under Xander’s t-shirt and pulled it upward, obscuring his vision for a moment as it went over his head. The temperature of the air was dropping as the sun dipped low on the horizon, and a breeze made his nipples pucker further. One of Angel’s hands slid up to span Xander’s abdomen—fucking huge bear-paw—pressing him back into Spike, whose hips thrust against his ass, teeth scraping over Xander’s neck.

Xander could hardly breath—and sure as hell couldn’t hold himself up. His head dropped back on Spike’s shoulder.

Chuckling at his predicament (bastard!), Spike pushed Xander’s pants and underwear off so that they pooled around his ankles. Angel pulled away, leaving his cock saliva-slick and chilled, to remove them entirely, along with his shoes. Spike kept him from tripping over himself.

Xander’s face felt hot at the way Angel’s eyes were meandering over his nakedness.


Angel pulled Xander down and rolled them until Angel was on top, hovering above him. They slid against one another, skin to skin, kissing—Xander so excited by the full-body contact that he squirmed restlessly, trying to calm the crazy beat of his heart. Angel’s hand fisted loosely in Xander’s hair. There was nothing aggressive in Angel’s mannerisms, nothing to fear, but it felt inexorable: he was going to fuck Xander.

And Xander was going to like it.

With a moan and a grope, Angel rolled them onto their sides, holding Xander flush to him and running one hand smoothly down his body to pull his leg up and over the man’s hip. Xander shuddered at the open, vulnerable feeling until he felt Spike’s lips pressed between his shoulder blades. Spike’s nudity was pressed full-length against his back for just a moment before his hips shifted slightly away.

His finger pressed slickly into Xander’s hole.

Xander whimpered into Angel’s mouth and thrust forward, cock sliding against Angel’s, feeling trapped, skewered on a hook between the two of them, and Angel wouldn’t let him forget it, massaging the meat of Xander’s ass with one big hand so that his attention was drawn completely to where two of Spike’s fingers were crooked against his prostate.

As if he needed his attention directed to that.

“You’re ok, pet.” At another distressed/pleasured sound, the soothing words were puffed against his shoulder over and over.

Xander relaxed marginally. Spike was here. Nothing bad would happen.

Still, all of the hands and hard muscle had Xander burning to hot. The thrusting of Angel’s tongue into his mouth mimicked the thrust-stretch of Spike’s fingers, which just kept going on forever until Xander felt sure you could drive a Chevy up his ass. It seemed like overkill, but good god, what a way to go.

Xander was loose and limp (and painfully hard) when they rolled him over with coaxing hands. Exhausted with lust, he looked drowsily at Spike, who was smiling at him, a hand stroking lightly over his face. Those blue eyes fixed intensely on Xander’s mouth, and then Spike was devouring it. This was so different from Angel’s kisses: biting, proprietary. Greedy. Xander moaned and drew Spike closer, wanting more.

But then Xander was gasping and pulling back for air, because Angel was pressing his cock, slicked and sheathed, into Xander’s body.

And it felt like he was driving a Chevy up Xander’s ass.

“Holy shit.” His hand kneaded at Spike’s scalp, feeling…holy—“Holy shit.”

Angel slowed his motion, but continued to press carefully forward. Xander’s breath grew shallow with the discomfort of the invasion, which wasn’t purely discomfort at all because his cock was swelling. Xander’s eyes pressed shut. The slow slide of that big cock against his prostate made his hips spasm forward against his will, Angel’s thick arm keeping him pinned back. And Angel just kept going. And going.

A hand stroked through Xander’s hair, and he opened his eyes to find himself staring into concerned blue ones. “You alright, pet? He’s a bit large.”

Xander barked a laugh that was aborted by Angel’s teeth against his ear.

“Understatement. He’s a circus freak.” How had Xander not noticed this? Objects in the ass may be larger than they appear.

Spike laughed at Angel’s indignant protest. “Not that bad, luv. You’ll be thanking him for it shortly.”

Xander shook his head. He was having a hard time breathing. Angel had slid to a stop, presumably all the way in, and…god. All Xander could focus on was how full he was. “Easy for you to say. It’s not you with this club up your ass.”

When Angel spoke into Xander’s ear, he jumped…having nearly forgotten that the other man was there. Well…obviously he knew he was there, just…he’d been quiet, was all. “Don’t let him fool you, he whined like a baby the first time, too.”

Xander’s eyes grew round at the smug knowledge in the words. He had never even considered that Spike…took it. Ever. From anyone. “You—”

Angel grunted. “I’m started to get offended by all of this conversation,” he grumped.

Spike snorted. “Tell me about it. He never shuts—”

“No more,” Angel said with finality. “Now, Xander really, are you ok?”

Xander took a deep breath. His body was already beginning to relax a little. “Yeah, just…you should warn a guy before you—”

A thick tongue wormed its way into his ear, Angel’s hips shifting enough to distract him from his bitching. “I don’t usually get complaints,” he laughed. “Spike…why don’t you make that big mouth of yours useful? I think he could use a little distraction from my gigantic cock.”

Spike snorted and rolled his eyes, but he slid down Xander’s body anyway, and then Xander cried out against the slick heat and scorching tongue under-over-around his dick. He couldn’t thrust into it because Angel held his hips fast.

One thing was sure. Xander was no longer thinking about discomfort. He let out a long moan, body twisting in Angel’s grip.

Xander’s head lolled to the side, cradled by Angel’s shoulder, and that deep, soft voice spoke confidentially in his ear.

“Let me share Spike’s dirty little secret with you, Xander. Because I like you, and because I can tell already that you’re going to be a great fuck. Makes me all…chatty. See, the thing is, Spike actually likes to be topped. Loves it.”

Xander’s eyes popped open at this revelation. Spike’s head was buried in his lap, and Xander realized Angel was no longer holding his hip. Instead, his fingers were tangled in Spike’s hair, loosing it from its gel. It gave the illusion that Angel was taking control over the way Spike was sucking him off.

Xander shuddered in full-body pleasure.

“Don’t get me wrong,” Angel continued. He began to ease his cock out of Xander’s body so slowly, and Xander moaned like he was dying. Which he sincerely thought he might be. “He’s a top, first and foremost. He’s good at it…from what I understand. He enjoys it. But you already know that part.”

Angel’s hips reached an imaginary fulcrum, and began to swivel back into Xander. So fucking slow…burning slow in contrast to the flash heat originating in Spike’s mouth.

Angel continued to talk, the words resonating in Xander’s empty skull. He couldn’t imagine why the man had suddenly morphed into a chatterbox. He apparently wanted to brag about how many times he’d had Spike’s ass.

Wasn’t that a hell of an image

“He cries for it, when I fuck him.” The head of Angel’s cock hit a particularly happy angle, and Xander made a surprised cry. “Yeah, just like that. So don’t let him fool you. The thing is, Xander, that he likes it, wants it…to be penetrated…dominated…but he doesn’t let just anyone do it. Our boy here, he’s got trust issues.”

Xander didn’t realize that Angel had been speaking louder until he saw Spike’s eyes flash up to Angel’s. They bore into Angel, who didn’t seem bothered. The man grew even more smug, if anything.

“So it takes a certain…technique, to give Will what he wants. The way I’m fucking you right now?” Angel’s hips were beginning to swivel with more of a pace into Xander’s ass, and Xander found he couldn’t get enough oxygen…was gasping for it. He was on fire from the fucking, and the sucking, and the images of Spike in his place, being manipulated gently into a quivering mass.

God knows he’d like to see that.

“This is the way I’d fuck Will. The way he likes it. Firm, but careful. Gentle hands, hard strokes. Even a little rough sometimes, but not too much. Not even as rough as he’d be when he fucks you. He needs it lighter, when he takes it.”

The words were ghosted across his ear, painting a picture worth millions of words, and Xander moaned at the steady, accelerating thrusts of Angel’s body into his own. Gentle hands, hard strokes: broad palms stroked over Xander’s body in a way that made Xander forgetful of the outside world, one big hand sweeping down to palm his balls and fondle with just enough pressure to be a threat…but an idle one. Xander was startled to realize that Spike’s face was once again right in front of his own, but Spike wasn’t looking at him. He was looking at Angel, irate and riled.

“No one’s interested in your prattle, you great berk.”

Angel ignored the light threat in his voice entirely. Someone should tell them this was the weirdest dirty-talk ever.

Angel smiled and brushed his mouth over Xander’s skin. “Remember the way I’m fucking you, Xander. Pay attention.” Xander gave a choked little laugh, because…that had to be a joke, right? But Angel started striking his prostate more directly and nothing seemed all that funny.

Xander’s eyes were still focused on Spike (Will?), who was looking back at Angel strangely, and Xander wondered if he’d missed something. Spike nearly seemed to be blushing.

“You’re daft,” he grumbled at Angel.

“Spike?” Xander asserted. It came out as more of a gasp than Xander had hoped, but it got Spike’s attention, and it got Spike kissing him, swallowing all of the sounds he made at the impact of Angel’s body.

A large hand slid under Xander’s thigh to support its weight, making room, and Spike’s body insinuated itself right against Xander, pressing close. They were all pressed together, and Angel’s fucking rocked Xander forward repeatedly into Spike’s cock, making them gasp against each other. Angel was panting into Xander’s neck, teeth closing over the sweaty skin there.

Everything spun faster and faster until the world consisted of the two bodies thrusting against Xander’s own. Fast, hard, sweaty. It was almost a relief when one particularly determined thrust of Angel’s cock against his prostate sent Xander off like a rocket, shuddering with a cry, painting Spike’s chest and his own with come. All he could see were the dilated pupils of Spike’s eyes.

Angel’s hand was closed over Spike’s cock, pumping him as his own thrusts into Xander’s ass became erratic, breathing loud and harsh in his ear. Angel stiffened and grunted in a series of machine-gun thrusts, and then pumped Spike quickly to completion. Spike growled, chewing on Xander’s bottom lip as he came in messy ropes.

All motion ceased. They all lolled in an exhausted pile of sweaty flesh. Xander heard crickets. He thought he might be blind, but…nope, those were just his eyelids.

“Wow. If I’d known this was the show going on back home, I woulda skipped the headliner.”

Xander’s head shot up. Faith was standing over them, flushed and horny.

Behind her stood Darla, Lindsey, and Oz.

Oz was smiling.
Lindsey looked pale and for some reason, ill.

Darla was livid.

“This is the last fucking straw!” she shouted, presumably at Angel. Xander watched, bemusedly, as she actually stamped her foot in anger. “I put up with you whoring yourself all over the place, but now I find you fucking this…URGHHH!”

With a rather unflattering animal grunt, she stomped away. And then there were three.

Xander knew he was bright red, but…he was pretty sure he was too woozy to be truly embarrassed. He’d already had sex with Faith, he’d kissed Oz, and Lindsey…looked kinda like he’d blown a fuse.

All told, not the end of the world. He was pretty sure he’d be embarrassed later, but…he was skilled in the art of procrastination.

No one was speaking. Spike was just grinning like a jackass, stretching and caressing his own stomach in the afterglow. Xander rolled his eyes. A look at Angel revealed him to be of no use either…half asleep and apparently unconcerned by Darla’s conniption.

Something had to be done before everyone froze to stone and they became the kinkiest living statue on the planet.

Xander cleared his throat. If he had the energy, he would have taken a bow. “So…that concludes this little demonstration of the Big Gay Sex. If you’ve enjoyed what you’ve seen here, feel free to put a donation in the hat.”

Crickets. Oz smiled and waved off.

Spike laughed and pulled Xander in for a lazy, self-satisfied kiss. When Xander finally managed to detach his face from Spike’s, everyone was gone but Faith, who squatted next to the bedroll, watching them unapologetically.

When she had his attention, Faith grinned sharply and crawled closer, running a teasing finger around Xander’s cock. It showed no interest. At all. Xander was mildly concerned that they’d finally broken it.

“Got me awfully worked up, you know. It’s not nice to leave a girl hanging. How long’s it gonna take you to recover, Romeo…fifteen, twenty minutes?”

Xander groaned and collapsed back. He immediately decided rolling onto his stomach would be a Very Good Thing. Owww.

“Bugger off, Faith,” Spike laughed. “Go find Lindsey. Reckon he’s prime to stick his cock in a warm hole, right about now.”
Faith complained about sexual discrimination, but wandered off after the others. Xander didn’t move when Spike nuzzled into his ear.

“Xan-der,” he sing-songed. “Time to get up and go inside properly. ‘Less you want Willow and Cordelia to see your bare arse as well.”

“Five more minutes,” Xander mumbled tiredly.

Spike snorted. “Christ knows I’m not your mum, and if you wish I was, you’re sicker than all of us combined.”

That made Xander crack a grin. “You mean there’s actually something you don’t go in for?”

“Cheek,” Spike scolded.

Xander wiggled his butt.

“Mmm. Don’t tempt me, I think it’s a bit overused yet. ‘Sides, now you’re probably so loose I’d get lost in there.”

Xander found the strength to sit up and push Spike over in mock outrage. Spike fell, laughing, and dragged Xander closer.

“Sorry bout that lot. Didn’t think they’d be back, truly.”

Xander shrugged. “I’m over it.” He lay down next to Spike.

Spike stared up at the canopy of tree branches of their heads and suddenly began to laugh.


“I don’t think Lindsey ever will be. Reckon we’ve turned him. Probably run off to the men’s to have a wank.”

Xander blushed in the darkness. “Really?”

Spike’s face turned towards Xander. “Sure. Been desperate for Angel to shag him for fucking ever, and he fancies you. Probably planning to smother me in my sleep for having you both. Simultaneously.” He teased his tongue between his teeth, teasing, and Xander grinned despite the idea being an odd one—someone jealous over his attention.

Spike read his mind, somehow. “Better get used to it, pet. They’ll all want to shag you, here on out.” He captured Xander’s bottom lip, worrying it. “They’ll just have to wait their turn.”

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