Part Five

Xander felt—faannntastic.

A little sore in the ass, sure, but everywhere else? Loose and tingly. He was a new man.

He figured they had to all know. Well, hell, just from past history with Spike alone they had to know, but he was way too chipper today for it not to be obvious besides. They all took his Tigger-like antics with amusement. Darla sneered at him a little, but who gave a shit about her anyway. Everyone else just seemed to think he was funny.

Xander was in the middle of an over-animated conversation with Willow when Oz came up behind him.

“Wanna smoke?”

Xander turned to see Oz, looking back at him without real facial expression. Xander wondered if this was Oz’s chilled-out way of telling him to calm the fuck down. Maybe, but he wasn’t offended. It was impossible to be offended by Oz.

“Sure.” Xander was up for anything. Trying new things? Of the good. Sure as hell working for him so far. Keep ‘em coming. Ha! Coming.

Oz smiled a languid cat-smile while Xander babbled at himself, and nodded his head towards the woods. “It’s the good stuff,” he said just before he turned and walked in that direction. “They’re all a bunch of moochers.”

Xander didn’t ask why he got to be the one to share, because Oz was sparing with the words, and it made Xander want to be that way too, if only so he could be as cool as Oz. So he just followed Oz into the woods, without talking.

They settled into a little grassy spot, away from other people. Oz retrieved paraphernalia from his own pockets, and Xander noticed with interest that this time the leaves were kind of purple-ish.

He mentioned this to Oz, in as few words as he could muster.

“Quality, my friend,” Oz said. Yup, Oz was the King of Laconicdom.

It seemed that Oz was intent on learnin’ Xander a thing or two about the ganj, however, because he began making instructive little sidebars as he ‘packed the bowl.’ Xander was thinking about what a good teacher Oz would make—patient—until he started thinking about what Oz was teaching him, and then he started giggling at the thought of Oz as a pillar of the community.

Oz gave him an amused side-eye. “Not even high, yet.”

Oz never made him feel stupid or self-conscious about being clueless. When the bowl was packed, Oz demonstrated how to take a hit, soliloquizing in shorthand about what to do with the carb, and how to ‘cheat the green.’ When Xander couldn’t even get the lighter to work, Oz didn’t make fun of him. He just scooted closer to Xander in the grass and showed him.

Xander hardly coughed this time, which made him a little sad for his lungs. This stuff tasted different—better—and went straight to his head. He and Oz each took another hit, and Xander practiced with the lighter distantly.

Oz smiled at him, small and smug. “Good?”

Xander considered the leafy light on the grass all around them. He nodded.

“How do you, um….” Xander searched for the words. “You know, when Spike gave me his smoke?”

Oz’s smile widened. “Shotgun?”

Realizing suddenly that Oz thought he’d been hinting, Xander’s cheeks flushed, and he hummed an agreement. He felt a little warm at the idea of kissing Oz.

Oz offered him the pipe and lighter. “Easy. Just take a hit, and then exhale into my mouth. Gently.”

Xander blinked at him for a moment, then took the pipe from Oz’s hand. He was so nervous, he could hardly light the bowl. It was silly—it wasn’t even a kiss, and considering what he’d done with Spike…but it felt like starting from scratch all over again, with someone different. Nerve-wracking.

Xander took a hit and then turned to Oz. He hesitated, but Oz leaned in, chasing the smoke that was escaping Xander’s mouth. Oz’s lips felt cool and light, pressed to Xander’s, and Xander thought it felt like an actual kiss.

And then Oz’s tongue flickered at the entrance of Xander’s lips, and Xander knew it felt like a kiss. His heart thudded hard, and his groin warmed with interest.

Xander pulled away, uncertain, and looked around, but no one they knew was nearby. Oz guided his face back around.

“It’s alright, man,” Oz said, and it didn’t sound coaxing like it would coming from Spike. It just sounded like…a fact. That it was alright, if they kissed. No bigger a deal than smoking together.

So Xander let Oz kiss him again.

Oz-kisses were really different from Spike-kisses. Oz’s kiss didn’t demand, or persuade, or soothe, or seem to have any intention other than just…a kiss. A meeting of mouths. Soft and gentle and really, really nice. Nice enough that Xander’s cock was getting interested, in a lazy kind of way.

Xander could make a hobby out of kissing Oz. It was…calming.

Until Xander heard Spike clearing his throat.

Xander jerked back, eyes flitting guiltily back and forth between Spike and Oz. Anxious at being caught with his hand in the proverbial cookie jar. Oz, the cookie in question, was no help. He hadn’t moved at all, but Xander got the distinct impression he was shrugging.


For an almost indefinable moment, it seemed that Spike was going to be angry. Then suddenly, he wasn’t, and Xander didn’t know why. Maybe Spike couldn’t be offended at Oz any more than Xander could. Or maybe there was something else going on, that Xander didn’t understand.

Wouldn’t surprise him.

Instead of getting mad, Spike just gave him the patented look, the leering sex look, and Xander’s partial erection from kissing Oz was suddenly a whole lot less partial. Spike held out a hand to help Xander off the ground, and Xander just looked at it, and then looked at Oz. Oz shrugged, unruffled.

“Uh. Where are we going?” Xander had a sudden image of Spike taking him over his knee and spanking him for kissing someone else. He turned crimson, and Spike cocked a brow inquiringly, but Xander wasn’t about to admit to that little…fantasy?

“Feelin’ a bit filthy,” was all Spike said.

Xander gaped, head feeling just a little swimmy with smoke. “W-what?” A glance at Oz revealed the barest smile, of supreme amusement. Smoke curled around his head of purple hair regally, like the caterpillar you always saw on the blacklight posters.

Xander looked back to Spike, who blinked at him slowly. Spike was even sexy when he blinked. How was that possible? “Shower,” Spike clarified, smirking.

“Oh. I didn’t know there were showers.” Now that he mentioned it, Xander felt pretty rank. He could do with some soap, three days into sweating and drinking and…other stuff.

Spike shrugged. “They’re pay, but it’s worth a bit o’ dosh.”

Xander let himself be pulled to his feet. “Oh. Well let me just go get some mon—”

Spike sighed, rolled his eyes, and yanked him away by the hand. Xander looked back dazedly at Oz as he was dragged towards the fairground buildings. Oz waved, and then Xander stumbled over a bush and was forced to face forward.

“I didn’t think they had showers.” Hadn’t he already said that? Jeez, Harris, you’re lame.

Spike spared him a look. “Didn’t used to,” he agreed. “Think some fat rich bastard complained about public health hazards to the unwashed masses. Used to get pretty feral out here, by day seven.”

Xander cringed at the thought of that.

When they arrived at the pay counter, Spike tried to explain to the shower attendant that they only needed to pay for one shower, since they’d be in it together. The boy behind the counter looked slyly from Spike to Xander, and Xander wanted to die.

“Showers are $3 per person, not by the showerhead.” The kid leered like a little weasel. “Besides, I have a feeling you’ll use your fair share of water.”

For one mortifying moment, Xander thought Spike was going to haggle. But then he grinned without a trace of shame, and did that sexy thing with his tongue. “Fair enough. Two showers, then, and we’ll need towels and a bar of soap as well.” Spike’s eyes slid blatantly down Xander’s body. “Gotta get the boy clean, properly.”

The shower guy smirked and handed over the towels, and Xander felt horny and embarrassed and a little homicidal, all at the same time. Spike slapped a $10 onto the counter, and pulled Xander into the muggy entrance to the men’s showers.

Xander felt really odd undressing in front of Spike in the florescent light of the little shower stall, without kissing or anything. Like, clinical. Except that Xander’s feelings towards Spike’s naked body were anything but hypocratic. He’d never really seen Spike naked in good light, and he was just…he got hotter every time Xander looked at him. The delineated lines that ran across Spike’s hips practically forced Xander to look at his cock, and when he turned around...that ass. Xander really coveted that ass.

Even though there wasn’t a chance in hell he’d ever get to go there, a boy could dream.

Not that the other end of things was disagreeable. It made Xander breath a little harder when Spike put a condom and some lube on the soap tray.

At first, they just showered, like Xander would shower any old day. Except with a lot less self-touching (even though he was hard), and a lot more surreptitious glances to the guy in the shower with him (because hello, there was a guy in the shower with him).

It felt really amazing to get all of the sweat and dirt and come off his skin and hair. Xander hadn’t even realized how dirty he was until he started washing it all off, and for a while, eyes closed, Xander forgot about everything except that sensation.

Xander was about to rinse the shampoo out when he suddenly felt Spike’s body really close—not touching him, but Xander could feel the energy of his closeness humming along his skin. He squeaked when he opened his eyes…because Spike was right there, eyes fixed intensely on Xander’s face. Spike pulled Xander into him with an arm around his back, bending Xander back and rinsed the shampoo out for him with scalp-massaging fingers and scrape-y teeth on Xander’s throat. Xander wasn’t sure the teeth were necessary for his hygiene, but he didn’t smart off, because—

Xander was a limp little puddle of goo, every place but one.

Spike was hard too, and was rubbing his cock against Xander’s hip. The shampoo-dispatching hand slid down to squeeze Xander’s ass, holding his hips still so their bodies slid together on a film of soap. There was a fantastic lack of friction going between them, and Xander was struggling to pull in enough oxygen from the thick, humid air.

Xander’s body was bowed back at an angle that might have been unpleasant, if his brains weren’t so thoroughly in his very happy cock. Spike manipulated the soft flap of his earlobe with teeth and tongue, and Xander’s breath hitched.

Spike’s hand was gone from his ass for a moment, and then it came back soapy, one finger slipping inside of Xander, where he had been too shy to wash himself. He whimpered and shuddered against Spike, discomfort mingling with and overwhelmed by pleasure. If pressed, he couldn’t say which sensation had caused the noise, but the gentle thrusting felt just as good as it had the night before, despite his soreness. Then Spike’s fingers found that holy grail that Xander hadn’t known was hidden up his own ass before he met Spike. Xander moaned and if possible, melted a little more.

Spike’s voice was smug and deep in his ear. “That’s right, pet. Relax and trust old Spike. Took good care of you last night, didn’t I?” A naughty tongue squiggled against the soft point of Xander’s jaw.

Xander nodded through a haze of pleasure. Spike had taken care of him last night, so much more so than Xander had expected. He still didn’t know if trust was really the word for it, but…in a way he did. As much as you could trust someone you’d known three days. Spike hadn’t hurt him yet. He’d even been kind of…deferential last night, though right now Xander was wondering if that had been a limited time offer, because Spike was now being pushy. Really pushy. Ohhh god, pushy in allll the right places, and Xander? He was pushed, and pleased to be. Yessir.

Xander was happy to play along like a good little puppy, because…if Spike had a functional hygiene-related purpose to what he was doing, it was really well hidden under the brain-scrambling number he was doing on Xander’s prostate.

Suddenly the world tilted as Spike let go and spun Xander’s body under the shower head. Xander barely had time to prevent his head from hitting tile—his arms shot out to smack against the wall just as Spike’s arm banded around his waist, and Xander realized he hadn’t been concussion-bound after all.

“Don’t move,” Spike growled. Then the water was running freely over Xander’s back because Spike was gone.

“Wha—?” Xander looked over his shoulder but his hips were held immobile and Spike was squatting on the ground for some reason. “Spike what are you…ohhhhh fuck. Holy mother of…god. That ain’t right. That’s…ohhhh, I take it back. Right. Right there.”

There was a tongue. There was a tongue in places where Xander never ever ever thought a tongue wouldcouldshould go. Xander’s breathing was labored as his head dropped onto his forearm against the wall, and he bent over further, politely spreading his legs.

Spike chuckled against his ass. The sound made the slick, undulating muscle vibrate inside of him, and Xander whimpered, moving his hips back in the direction of Spike’s face.

Spike’s tongue started thrusting. Fucking into him. His hands were sliding up the insides of Xander’s thighs, and Xander’s legs were shaking. He was pretty sure he was talking, but he didn’t have a clue what was coming out of his own mouth, because his brain was now in gelatin form.

Having a tongue in there was so completely different than fingers, or a cock. It was soft and yielding, and it sort of soothed over Xander’s soreness, while simultaneously setting off high-wattage sparks in Xander’s brain…even before Spike started tapping against his prostate. Electrocution by tonguing.


By the time Spike stood, Xander was shaking all over, and his mind was one giant buzz of white noise. There was a clatter and a click, and then smoothly entering fingers were stretching his muscles and Spike was pressed to his back. One hand roamed supportively over his chest, dallying over his nipple.

Spike bit his shoulder blade lightly. “Still with me, pet?”

Xander drew a breath and tried to stop shaking, and focus. “Yeah.”

He heard, and felt, a little huff of laughter against his back. “Enjoy that, then?”

Bastard already knew the answer. Xander just nodded against the tile. Spike’s fingers continued to massage his flesh open, almost professionally.

“Told you I’d take good care of you, didn’t I?” The voice was close and self-satisfied, and didn’t seem to require any kind of answer except the one Xander made in his throat, involuntarily. “Daddy knows. So sensitive.” Xander shuddered again at the words, and the tongue caressing the curve of his ear. The tongue that had been…oh god.

Then Xander was empty, and he felt too…shaky, or shy, to do anything other than keep his head buried in his arms when he heard Spike opening a condom. These places must have really great water-heaters, because the shower was still really warm, and wow that was so not the point here. Before Xander could complete his babble, there was a firm hand on his hip, and Spike’s cock (which was the point here) was there, ready to edge forward. Xander arched his back in anticipation and tried really hard not to tense up, and Spike stroked a hand over his water-slick skin in reward.

It was a little easier, taking Spike this time, but not by much. Xander thought it was kind of like giving birth in reverse, with the wrong equipment. He was sure any girl would tell him that this was really nothing compared to that, and he was being a wimp. Pondering this, in a delirious way, distracted him nicely and before he knew it, Spike was all the way inside.

Spike was unmoving, molded against his back from thigh to shoulder, where he was kissing and licking and biting the flowing water off the nape of Xander’s neck. One of his arms was locked tight around Xander’s waist.

Xander was breathing so hard, it felt as though Spike weren’t breathing at all, by comparison.

He felt like Spike was waiting for something. “I’m ok,” he said finally, and just like that, Spike started to move. Pulled back and pounded into Xander and the force of it tapped his head against the wall, and he shifted back. Xander braced himself, head hanging down, water dripping from his too-long hair.

Spike gripped Xander’s hips with firm hands as he began to really pump into him. Xander tried to muffle the sounds coming from his throat, but this felt really good, and he just couldn’t. Spike was breathing hard through his mouth, occasionally making these little satisfied purring noises that were…oh god. Was it possible to come just from the sounds someone was making?

Xander began to push back against Spike, just because it felt right—necessary, even—and that’s when Spike really groaned. Xander’s movements were out-of-rhythm, against Spike’s thrusts instead of with them, and Xander didn’t know if that was right, but it felt….

“Ohh, fuck yeah, pet. Fuck yourself onto my cock. Beautiful. That’s so bloody sexy.”

Blood rushed away from Xander’s heart, surging simultaneously towards his cock and his face. How was it even possible for Xander to blush anymore? He was going to blow out all the blood vessels in his face and become one big cherry and ok, bad choice of words, but Xander really really hoped no one else was in here because now Spike was saying really obscene things, and the slap of flesh on flesh was unmistakable.

And then it really didn’t matter because when Spike wrapped a hand around his cock and started to pull him off in rough tugs, everything went kind of white-gray and silent, and Xander came all over the wall, vocal cords vibrating in a rough shout. Xander watched, detached, as his come was swept down the drain…trying hard to stay on his feet. Spike ground into him as he came, shuddering and snarling out a few choice words that made Xander’s ears hot.

Spike was slumped against his back, and they were both panting in the cooling water. Now that they weren’t moving, Xander could hear other people moving around in the chamber, and he thought that if he was lucky, he could just live in here forever and never ever have to face them. These strangers that had just heard Spike fuck him.

“Fuck. Me.” Spike panted finally.

Xander didn’t move. “Given enough recovery time, I might be able to pull it off. But I’d need an hour or three.”

Spike, who clearly had more energy than Xander could fathom, laughed with glee and pulled out, smacking Xander on the ass.

Xander still didn’t move. Didn’t think he could.

“Very unlikely, but I admire your youthful optimism.”

Xander could hear Spike pulling aside the curtain and moving into the little antechamber to towel off and get dressed.

“Come on, pet, we’re going to miss my favorite band if you don’t move your pretty arse. Not that I don’t appreciate the view.”

Groaning, Xander straightened and gave his lower body another pass under the cold water, rinsing off. He stood under the spray for a little longer. When he opened his eyes, Spike was watching him intently.

“I like the look of you, all shagged out.” Spike pulled him out of the water, leaning in close to murmur in his ear. “If they’re not all jealous, pet, they bloody well should be. Of you, and of me.”

Xander was grinning, pleased and flattered despite himself as Spike winked and slipped out of the stall. Xander’s cheeks were still burning when he finally stepped out into the shower room himself, but he felt good.


Part Six

Spike liked to watch.

Of course, he liked to be watched as well, but he was a flexible kind of bloke, and he took his pleasure where he found it. There was a little thrill that came from seeing someone in their most unguarded moments. Moments where someone showed you their soul—eyes slack in ecstasy or crinkled in humor, wet with misery or glazed with lust. Little moments where someone was naked and vulnerable, no matter how they were dressed.

He got off on it. And Spike had discovered that watching Xander’s unguarded moments were especially satisfying. The boy was guileless…an open book.

Currently, Spike was watching a situation develop around the boy in the drawing darkness of camp. A situation that evoked serious amusement.

Lindsey was trying to teach Xander how to play guitar.

At least, that was the text. Subtext being, Lindsey wanted to shag, whether he’d admit it or not. Xander was clearly oblivious to the second level of meaning.

The joke there was that Lindsey was an utter closet case. He pined in unrequited lust for Angel, and compensated by being an aggressive little Bantam rooster to every male he came in contact with. He wasn’t mean about it, unless pushed—just an overgrown frat boy, complete with lots of arm-punching and pseudo-homophobic humor.

And now it wasn’t just Angel. Lindsey’s tastes apparently ran to big and dark in general, because he was making the same clumsy passes at Xander—not that the boy was fielding them. Spike stifled a laugh when Xander got a chord sequence right and Lindsey shoved him so roughly in congratulations that the boy nearly toppled over in the grass.

Bloody ridiculous, for a grown man to behave that way. One of these days, Angel would finally offer to bugger Lindsey, and Spike reckoned it would be entertaining to watch Lindsey swallow his own tongue when it happened. Or drool all over his own shoe.

Spike didn’t understand why the git didn’t just ask Angel to shag him and get it over with. Not like anyone would blink twice, in this lot.

But in the meantime, there was no reason to be jealous over Xan with Lindsey. Those two wouldn’t know what to do with each other even if they were given a compass and a detailed relief map.

It was a well-known fact (and a source of infinite humor amongst his mates) that Spike was ridiculously possessive of his boys. Jealousy wasn’t tolerated well amidst this lot…couldn’t be, with their lifestyle. In fact, Spike expected that Darla’s cattiness over Angel would earn her the boot someday. It was a delicate balance they all trod, keeping negative emotions out of their unique social contract, and it required delicacy.

But Spike was given a free pass on his boys. On one hand, that was an effort to keep the status quo, but on the other, it helped that Spike never chose his young prey for their sparkling personalities, and most of Spike’s friends considered them a barely tolerable bad habit, and obnoxious as a whole.

That had been completely turned on its head by Xander. They liked the boy, there was no denying it.

When Spike had seen Xander and Oz this morning in the woods, his knee-jerk reaction had been utterly green and spiteful anger…but then something had stopped him.

The trouble was, Spike really liked Xander as well, and he had seen one of Xander’s unguarded moments, kissing Oz. He’d worn an expression of wonder—contentment—before he’d become aware of Spike.

Spike was starting to get strange ideas. Ideas about what might be in Xander’s best interest. What Xander might want.

He’d told Spike he wanted to learn a thing or two. Maybe it wasn’t fitting that Spike be his only teacher.

This whole situation was unprecedented.

Spike didn’t share his boys, because for the time that he had them, those boys existed for Spike’s pleasure. It wasn’t a malicious thing. He gave back as much as he took, if not more. Looked after their needs and treated them gently, wanted to show them what the fuss was really all about. Got off on that. But he never really took in to consideration what they might find especially erotic.

Hell, at that age, if it wasn’t your own hand you were in utter heaven.

But Xander was…. Spike frowned contemplatively at the boy as he took a drag off his cigarette. Spike found himself unaccountably troubled that once Xander left Spike’s purview, he would still be utterly unprepared for the world. For sex. The boy was so sweetly eager to learn, and though he seemed tough, Spike thought his ego might bruise easily, like a succulent little tangerine. The thought of Xander being laughed at by some thoughtless bint for not knowing his way around her pink bits was right worrisome. The first time he’d had a go at a woman….

Well. That was best not dwelt upon. But he didn’t fancy a similar experience for Xan. The boy was too soft for his own good, and rather than feeling bemused cynicism about that as he should, Spike was troubled by the idea that the boy’s sweetness would inevitably be broken down.

Spike found himself wanting to protect him for as long as he could manage.

Bugger. He didn’t know why he cared. Didn’t want to. It was so much easier to just treat them well and walk away with a clean conscience.

But the little wanker had gotten under his skin, and he was getting strange ideas.


Night drew in and Xander’s music lesson ended as the guitars were put to the purpose of making real music. Xander came and plopped down next to Spike, and his bright, open smile inspired an answering tug at Spike’s lips.

“Lindsey taught me the beginning of Broken by Seether. He said I was really good—a fast learner.” Xander grinned widely, pleased with himself, and pushed his bangs out of his face.

“Did he now?” Spike prompted, but his eyes were on Lindsey, across the circle. He cocked a brow at the man and Lindsey gave him the finger, scowling when that only made Spike smirk knowingly.

Angel watched the byplay and smothered a laugh at Lindsey’s surliness. Spike threw him a wink.


As the evening grew long, the snogging started. It was a natural extension, for them, of the day’s flirtations, but it was born of such long habit that to outside eyes it might have appeared choreographed.

Spike wondered what Xander made of it. His boys rarely saw this side of things, but everyone had more or less accepted Xander as one of them and behaved accordingly. Though he’d been shocked, the boy had taken it in stride while high, but they were sober tonight, mostly, and Spike studied him, wondering what Xander was thinking.

As it turned out, it wasn’t difficult to make out the boy’s immediate thoughts—they were plain as the tent pole in his trousers. His eyes were big and dark as Faith climbed into Cordy’s lap and made herself right at home with a hungry mouth and wandering hands. The boy was tucked up against Spike, very nearly in his lap, and Spike could feel his rib cage balloon excitedly as he watched the two girls he fancied kiss one another. Xander was a little flushed, mouth gaping.

Too fun to shock this one. Spike had rediscovered that just this morning at the showers, when he had reduced Xander of the Snappy Comeback to a pliant puddle of boyflesh, too hot to even crack jokes. And even then, the things that came out of the boy’s mouth while he was being buggered….

Made Spike want to do it again and again.

Spike nipped Xander’s ear, and the gangly body shuddered against him. Spike grinned.

“Hot, innit?”

Xander nodded, breath hitching as Spike brushed light lips over the lad’s neck. He scraped his teeth over the spot and the boy moaned softly. Spike was suddenly eager to put his hands on Xander.

He licked wetly over Xander’s ear. “C’mon, pet. ‘M in the mood to make some hotness of our own. Back to the tent with us.” Spike tried to rise but Xander was still in his lap, not budging.

Xander side-eyed him shyly, his attention returning quickly to the girls. Faith’s lips were sliding up the flat plane from Cordelia’s navel to her breast…so slowly that the boy was riveted, as if he expected that he’d wake from some horny dream any moment. Cordy, for her part, was losing patience, and muttered something breathily to Faith that made the other girl laugh, low and husky.

Xander pinkened before he spoke. “Can we…could we stay here for, uh…a little while?”

Spike smirked, amused by the boy’s fascination. He was of the age…lucky sod. Living every boy’s wet dream.

Spike placed a biting kiss on Xander’s shoulder, making his body jerk in surprise. “’Course,” he murmured. It was no hardship to watch the pair of them. Faith and Cordelia were always hot together, fiery with the clash of two strong female personalities.

Once the girls’ clothes began to come off, things accelerated quickly. Faith was no more patient than Spike when it came to taking what she wanted. She worshipped Cordelia’s lush tits with an eagerness that made the ice princess sweat and twist beneath her, skin glistening in the light of the fire. Xander’s breath came rapid and shallow when Faith finally pushed her face into Cordy’s cunt—at this rate, he’d hyperventilate long before any of them came. His excitement made Spike burn brighter for him. Spike pulled Xander more tightly against his body and began to rock his hips against the boy in time with Cordelia’s needy moaning.

He tortured Xander with light touches, rough teeth…scratching fingernails, until the boy was unsteady with lust. Strung tight. But Spike didn’t touch him where he needed it—no hand jobs by fireside tonight. Wanted the lad wound up good and proper for the real shagging.

“Want you, pet,” Spike growled in the boy’s ear, and Xander shivered, tearing his eyes away from the girls who were still at more of the same, and would be for a long time. Spike caught Xander’s mouth harshly, chewing on his bottom lip, and watched Xander’s eyes drift closed. Spike let his own follow suit, slanting his mouth across the boy’s and pressing in against the back of Xander’s head with one hand, wanting closer.

Spike pushed into Xander’s mouth with a slick tongue and felt the boy’s torso twist towards him from his awkward angle. From Xander’s sheer enthusiasm, Spike found himself suddenly on his back, and Xander took control of the kiss. For some reason, Spike let him. The boy’s hips rolled against him in the rhythm he’d been taught, making Spike gasp and arc up, inhaling the taste of Xander. Xander continued his lazy thrusting as he mouthed over the curve of Spike’s ear, chewing on the lobe and breathing his excitement hard against the moistened flesh.

Holy flying fuck. The lad might very well surpass Angel as a top someday. The overeager way he played Spike’s body spoke more of instinct than skill, but it was brilliant. Domineering but—

Bloody hell. It was good.

Spike was a little surprised when Xander shifted to close his hand over Spike’s cock, more so when he began fumbling with the zipper of his fly. He’d thought the boy too shy, but Xander pressed on despite his obvious nerves. Spike could feel Xander’s heart pounding against him, and Xander’s hand trembled a bit as it wrapped around Spike’s freed cock.

Xander gave a surreptitious glance around the group, but no one was looking at them. Reassured, the boy squeezed lightly and began to pump Spike, and Spike bit his lip and made a noise of approval low in his throat. He never pushed it much on any of the boys, but Spike had a real kink for being touched in front of others. He threw his head back and enjoyed the slightly awkward stroking. He began to pant a little when Xander’s mouth brushed his exposed throat.

When Xander started to rock his own concealed cock pointedly against Spike’s side, the boy grew suddenly bashful again in the face of his own public pleasure. He buried his nose against Spike’s neck so that his hot breath tickled over the fine hair there. The sudden shift from boldness called Spike back to his role as caretaker.

One hand stroked down the boy’s back, coming to rest absently, teasingly, on his bum. “Can I take you out, pet?” he murmured.

Xander shuddered delicately against him, and nodded, and Spike unfastened the boy’s fly. He touched Xander teasingly, and heard him swallow hard against his ear.

“C’mere, luv.” Swiveling the boy by the hips, Spike aligned their cocks and pressed up against Xander, pulling a sweet moan from him. Quickly, Xander caught on, and began rolling his hips against Spike once again. The slide of soft skin and the intense concentration on the young face was almost unbearable. “Fuck. That’s good. Bloody brilliant, Xander.”

Panting, Xander dipped his face down towards Spike’s throat again and Spike rolled his head to the side to give the boy better access. Xander had such a soft touch—it was delicious.

Spike’s eyes slid open to find that Angel was watching them…touching himself. He felt a surge of heat roll through him at the audience—particularly that audience—and rolled his hips upward rhythmically, displaying himself. Xander sunk his teeth into Spike’s neck in response and Spike gasped, eyes rolling back in his head, body bucking.

He felt Xander shift above him, and then the lanky body abruptly froze, tensed and still. When Spike looked, Xander was gawking in Angel’s direction, eyes flitting nervously between Angel’s face and his cock, which was still being pumped unapologetically by one big hand. Half of Angel’s face twisted up in amusement that the boy had noticed he was being watched, and when he winked, Xander blushed and turned his face away, against Spike’s chest.

Spike frowned censure at Angel, who merely shrugged. “Pet? You alright?” Spike stroked a hand over Xander’s back. Xander nodded, but his head remained buried in mortification.

So, the boy had forgotten where they were, or maybe thought no one would really watch, much less wank off to the sight. Spike snorted to himself over the naivety of that, but continued the soothing touches. “You want to stop?” he offered. “Or we could go to the tent….”

Xander mumbled something against Spike’s chest. His face was obscured by hair, and Spike brushed it aside to reveal the boy’s burning cheeks.

“Have to say that again, pet, I didn’t catch it.”

Hazel eyes flickered to his, and then fixed on the grass over his shoulder. Xander spoke so quietly, Spike could scarcely make it out. “I kind of want to…mm…suckyou…in front of….” He trailed off, face burning.

Spike felt a wave of smug lust roll over him, and his hand slid down to squeeze the boy’s arse. “A little curious what it would be like to do it in front of someone else?” he guessed. Xander nodded against his t-shirt. The boy thrust his hips against Spike, so aroused by the thought, and Spike didn’t even attempt to bite back his groan. “Don’t think anyone here would object to that, pet.” His voice was deep with the desire to encourage the fantasy.

Xander remained where he was for a while, muttering incomprehensibly to himself. Then he eased up on his hands and down Spike’s body, glancing furtively out of the corner of his eye towards Angel, who was indeed still watching.

Xander pushed Spike’s pants further down self-consciously. When the boy’s mouth first brushed over the tip of Spike’s cock, Spike flinched like he’d been burned, so turned on by their exhibitionism. He hissed out through his teeth as Xander sucked the head into his mouth, shuddering as he looked down at Xander, whose hollowed-out cheeks were highlighted with small red stains of excitement and embarrassment.

“So good, pet,” Spike praised in a rough whisper, and Xander closed his eyes and increased his pace. Between Angel’s eyes burning into them and Xander’s nascent—growing —skill, Spike was almost too far gone…he still burned to fuck the boy tonight, in privacy. Once this experiment was over.

Spike closed his eyes and tried to detach himself for just a moment to regain his control. To stave off the inevitable and make this incredible boon last. He didn’t open them again until he was certain he wouldn’t burst open at the sight of Xander sucking his cock. At Angel, watching.

Xander was working Spike’s cock rapidly in his hot little mouth. Spike moaned and slipped his fingers through the boy’s long hair, stroking his scalp encouragingly. His head rolled to the side, eyes seeking out their audience.

Angel was breathing heavily, gaze fixed on Spike’s lap. The speed of his wanking increased with excitement.

Xander’s warm, too-big hand slipped under Spike’s testicles, weighing them and caressing his sack and perineum with light touches. Spike moaned incoherently.

Then one of Xander’s fingers inadvertently brushed against Spike’s hole. A wave of hot-cold raced through his body.

“Fuck yeah,” Spike gasped. His hips shot off the ground. He barely managed to clamp down on the base of his cock in time. He fought back the wash of pleasure shimmering up his spine—didn’t want this to be over, not yet. It was too bloody good.

Angel, though, didn’t hold back. Spike heard a hoarse moan as he spilled himself, and Xander’s head shot up, brought back to reality by the sound of their voyeur coming.

That’s when Spike and Xander both noticed that they had a slightly larger audience than they’d thought. In a word…everyone.

Seven pairs of eyes were fixed on them in fascination. Lindsey, in particular, was staring intently, wide-eyed. His face was flushed and he was utterly neglecting Darla—the only one who didn’t look pleased by the diversion they’d presented. Spike tried not to laugh.

“Oh God!” Xander buried his face again in Spike’s upper stomach, other arm coming up to shield his eyes from view. Sympathetic to the boy’s feelings despite his own amusement, Spike shot a hard look around, and everyone suddenly became very busy.

Xander was mumbling to himself again. Spike couldn’t catch anything until the boy peeked out of his safe little cave a bit and directed at Spike, “I’m ready to go back to the tent now.”

Spike grinned to himself and led Xander away…red-faced, but still conspicuously hard.


Spike was still intent on getting inside Xander, but the boy’s eyes were a bit glazed over as he seated himself on the floor of Spike’s tent. It was plain to see he was still embarrassed. He warranted a bit of soothing before he’d be any fun to pounce.

Spike settled himself on the sleeping bag next to Xander, leaving the tent flap open to where the world had plainly not ended with their little display. He bumped Xander with his shoulder. “Penny for the cheap ones.”

Xander startled out of his thoughts, and gave Spike a self-conscious little grin. “Just…pondering my illustrious future in adult entertainment.”

Spike tried not to crack a smile at the boy’s attempt to cover his mortification with levity. “Mmm,” he agreed. “I could picture it, as long as the videos are tastefully done. Hate to pop in a wank-film a couple years from now and find a bunch of blokes running a train on this sweet arse. It’s unseemly.” Spike paused thoughtfully, watching Xander’s color rise under his startled laughter. “Unless you mean to ring me up to be at the head of the line. In that case, I take it all back. Brilliant idea.”

Xander ducked his head and laughed genuinely, shoving with embarrassment at Spike’s shoulder in retaliation. Spike cocked a brow and made a show of dusting off his shirt, and Xander grinned at the bedroll material he was doodling on with one finger. He gave furtive glances out the tent flap, to where things were getting hotter and heavier for everyone.

It was a while before Xander spat out the thought he’d been chewing on. “So.” He snuck a look towards Spike, who just waited. “It’s really no big deal. For you guys.”

Spike shrugged. “Nothin’ they haven’t seen before, with other bodies. Doubt any of them will give you a hard time…’cept maybe Darla.”

Xander nodded a little, still tracing shapes. “She doesn’t fit,” he observed absently. “She only likes Angel.” Xander looked up. “All of the rest of you really like each other.”

Spike felt himself smile. “Well, yeah. Kind of a requirement of being mates.”

“No, I mean….” Xander looked sheepish, but soldiered on. “I mean, I would have expected…I would have thought this kind of thing would be. Seedy but.” He frowned out the tent, too caught up in his thoughts to even pinken at the sight of Angel joining Faith and Cordelia. “It’s not. Now that I know everybody, I mean? You’re like…a big family. But just…a family, with sex.” Spike delighted in the way Xander’s eyes suddenly grew round, head snapping up to look at Spike as he stammered, “I mean…that sounds really bad and what I really meant is that—”

Spike brought a hand up to physically stop the babble. He watched his own thumb trace over the bottom lip of the boy’s now-silent mouth, feeling another flash of heat. “Knew what you meant. We’d go to the mat for one another. Right perceptive of you, pet.”

Xander ducked his head at the compliment. “That’s me. ‘Right perceptive.’ So…if that’s how it is, how come…how come I’m any different?”

It was an opening to Spike’s own thoughts about what Xander might like. “Do you want to be with someone else?”

Xander paled. “What? No! I really like you, I never meant that…! I was just wondering….”

At the clear upset on Xander’s face, Spike pulled him in for a rough tongue-fucking—one that would leave no doubt in the boy’s mind whether Spike would be willing to let him go before it was time. All of the tension drained from Xander’s body until he was straining eagerly forward.

But Spike gave Xander’s mouth the slip, detouring to a soft spot on the boy’s throat. He breathed in the scent of him, clean but sun-warmed, tasting the skin. “Not what I meant,” he teased at Xander’s ear. “Meant, in addition. You…me…a third. Your choice.”

Xander’s breath hitched, and his skin grew warmer. “Oh.”

Spike grinned a little wickedly against his skin. Too fun to shock him. He couldn’t do it enough. “Oh,” he parroted. When he nibbled on Xander’s skin, Xander swayed forward. “Who do you want, pet? Tell me.”

Xander’s pulse was wild under his lips. “I uh…shouldn’t I have more time to gather data, run numbers…you know, make a really informed decision? I feel like that would be….”

Spike disregarded the nervous rambling. “Faith?” he prompted with conviction.

Direct hit. The boy popped a woody the size of a redwood.

Spike laughed, low and husky, in Xander’s ear. “Faith it is, then.”

Spike rocked Xander back onto the bedding and crawled on top of him, zipping the tent flap as he went. They’d chatted long enough. Xander was horny once again, and Spike intended to bugger him rotten.

As Spike went about the business of preparing Xander for exactly that, one idle curiosity clung to his mind. “Pet?”

Xander’s eyelids fluttered. “Mm?”

“What is it about Faith that fascinates you?”

Xander swallowed, opening his eyes and trying to concentrate even as Spike stretched him open relentlessly. “I dunno. She’s, um—ohhh—she’s dangerous…and sh-shameless…she knows—oh God!—she knows what she wants….”

Xander’s body rocked against Spike’s thrusting fingers, and Spike couldn’t help but grin at the description that had been applied to him a time or two, as well.

The boy had a type.


“Don’t suppose I could ask you to do something for me, could I, luv?”

Faith shot suspicious eyes towards Spike, and he cringed. He’d posed the question out of the blue as they enjoyed their cigarettes together, set apart slightly from the rest of their friends. He kicked himself for the awkward introduction of the topic, but he was strangely nervous.

“Since when do you ask for favors?”

“Since—look, it’s not a favor, alright? It’s…a suggestion. An idea. Bloody hell, I’d be doing you a favor!”

Faith lifted a brow at the irritable conclusion. She exhaled, unimpressed. “I know you think you’re God’s gift, but your delivery’s a little rusty there, slick.”

He scowled, but she just looked back at him, immovable.

“So what’s this favor we’re doing each other?”

He let his eyes wander off, and tried to sound as casual as possible. “Threesome, with me and the boy.”

Faith’s face opened up with complete surprise. “You….” Her eyes skittered over to Xander, sitting with the others. Laughing. The boy had gotten a bit of a tan over the week, and the sunlight suited him. Made him look healthy and young.

Faith visibly recovered from her shock. Spike sighed internally when she turned on him eyes that always saw too much. Couldn’t hide much from the stupid bint, and he knew she was going to give him hell.

“So what’s with the kindergarten teacher act all of a sudden?”

Spike’s eyes were sharp. “Boy isn’t that young, Faith. You’d already been around a time or twelve by his age.”

Faith smirked, unoffended, and threw her head back to exhale—smug now. “Fucker. No, I mean…you’re usually not so all about the sharing. What gives?”

She eyed him in a way that told Spike she was on to him.

Only one way to handle that: Deny, deny, deny.

Spike grunted. “Just doing my civic duty, luv. Tryin’ to raise the boy to be well-rounded, like.”

Faith laughed. “Yeah, that’s you. Pillar of the community.” She paused, smiling at him in a way that grated his nerves. She ground out her cigarette. “Wanna know what I think?”

“Not particularly,” he grumbled around the filter.

She answered herself as though he hadn’t spoken. “I think you liiiike him.”

Spike scowled. “Don’t like anybody.”

Faith wore a big, shit-eating grin. “You loooovvve him.”

Spike gave her a sharp look. “Don’t be ridiculous.”

Faith watched him musingly. “Maybe not, but you’ve got a soft spot for this one. Extra squishy, hold the cynicism.”

“Well….” Spike huffed out an irritable sigh. “Can you blame me? I mean, Jesus, look at him.” Spike gestured to Xander. He was doing some kind of goofy impression for Willow, who was red-faced and giggling. “Real world’s gonna eat that kid alive, if he’s not trained properly. Shred him to bits and dance on his entrails. ‘S not right, sendin’ him out into the world all…shiny.”

Faith snorted. “Whatever helps you sleep at night, honey. I still say you have the hots for him.”

Spike glared at her. “Watch yourself, or I’ll withdraw my offer. Boy fancies Cordelia as well.”

It was Faith’s turn to be horrified. “Hell, no. Like I’m going to let her break him in. This job has Faith written all over it. Just name the time and the place.”

For some reason, the flippant response itched under his skin. He frowned at her. “You can’t play the man-eater with this one, Faith. Much as I enjoy that, I won’t have you leaving the boy dazed with his pants around his ankles.”

Faith eyed him knowingly. “No, that’s more your gig, right?”

“’M serious! You can’t—”

Faith stopped his rant with a finger pressed against his lips. Spike caught Xander watching them with blushing interest, and forced himself to calm. Faith studied him with warm amusement. “I get it, blondie. Very serious…young and impressionable, yadda yadda. Scout’s honor, I’ll behave…doesn’t mean I have to wax all poetical about it. You’re being enough of a girl for the both of us.”

The corner of Spike’s mouth tipped up as he lifted his cigarette for another drag. “Uppity bint.”

“Been called a hell of a lot worse.”

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