Part Twenty-Six

Spike pulled the bedspread away from his naked body and sat up, careful not to wake buffy. He watched as she stirred a little, gripped the blanket around her neck and nuzzled down further into the warmth of the bed.

He turned to sit on the edge and ran his hands through his tussled hair. What the fuck did he do? He glanced back over his shoulder at the sleeping girl and sighed deeply. Just a bloody stupid git, Spike. That’s what you are.

He looked at the alarm clock on the side table and shook his head. Xander was bound to be wondering what happened to him. He dressed as quickly as possible, still quiet enough not to wake Buffy and then slipped out of the room. How am I gonna explain this?


Xander replayed his conversation with Ethan at least a thousand times in his head. There had to be something. A slip up, a mistake to prove he was lying. Xander couldn’t come up with a single thing. God, he was good. He was frustrated and wanted Spike to be home. He glanced at his watch. 12:30 A.M. Where the hell was he, anyway?

One more time and that was it. He was tired of trying to figure Ethan out. The more he remembered their conversation, the angrier he became. But what was that last thing? The last statement Ethan had made. Something about walls…

“Fuck,” he stated out loud. That bastard. Like a bullet, he was up off the couch and pacing wildly. He looked around the large living room, paying careful attention to corners, pictures… anything that looked out of place. He didn’t notice anything strange, so he made his way to the next room and did the same. When he didn’t find anything there either, he stopped where he was and began to think. His head rose and he stared at the staircase leading to the second floor. Taking the steps two at a time, he found himself standing in front of a closed door. The master bedroom.

He inhaled and reached out to turn the knob. The door opened with a creak and he slowly walked inside, shutting it behind him. As he looked around, the enormousness of the large bedroom surprised him. It was a room fit for a king. Ethan definitely didn’t deserve to have anything like this.

He walked around the four-poster bed, high in the middle of the room and saw the picture sitting on the nightstand. Ethan, Spike and a woman, no doubt Spike’s mother smiling graciously for the camera. He shook his head in disgust, wondering exactly what was really going on at that point on time. What he was doing to Spike.

Turning around, he stumbled his way to a long dresser against the far wall and began searching. He wasn’t sure exactly what he was looking for in the drawers, but that’s where things were always hidden, right? Going through all of them, he came across nothing. He sighed in disappointment and then walked to the closet.

Xander slid the large sliding door open and stepped inside. More than a closet, it was almost another large room, full of clothes. Suits, shoes, everything he knew he’d never be able to afford. He looked around at the sheer arrogance of having so much and began to feel his cheeks burning in anger. Ethan definitely didn’t deserve this. If anything, it should have all been Spike’s. Xander stopped and stared at the shoe rack sitting in the corner. An evil thought occurred. With just enough alcohol in his system and enough contentment for Ethan, he grinned and stepped up closer.

His hands slowly unfastened the buttons of his jeans and he carefully pulled his dick through the opening. “Ready, aim… fire,” he chuckled as he let loose, soaking every pair of shoes on the rack, and whatever was unlucky enough to be hanging above them. Take that you sick son of a bitch.

After rummaging through the rest of the closet and finding nothing there as well, he decided to go back downstairs to the only other place he knew to look. Ethan’s office. Xander sat down in the large, leather chair behind the desk and leaned back with his arms crossed behind his head. He carefully moved his eyes over the room, searching. Again, nothing out of the ordinary. Frustration set in and he saw the inviting bottles on the table against the wall. Don’t mind if I do. After pouring himself a drink, he returned to the desk and sat back down.

Another thought occurred and Xander pushed the power button on the computer sitting beside him on the desk. When it finally buzzed to life and the screen lit up, he began to search. My Documents, My files, My folders… and nothing. Nothing but numbers and business dealings. Legitimate business dealings. The irritating thought that maybe Ethan was telling him the truth reared its ugly head again and Xander shushed it away. No, he wouldn’t let it be that way. He trusted Spike.

One last effort and he clicked on the large blue E. Yahoo homepage showed up across the large monitor. “Please, please,” he chanted and clicked the small clock icon. History.

Xander smiled. A list of sites and entries appeared by date down the side of the screen. One by one, he clicked on the links.

Stock exchange… Damn.

Investment portfolios… No.

Citibank… Interesting, he’d have to come back to that one.

Showtime- Queer As Folk… Hmm, good taste.

Stock Exchange… No.

Body art… Xander shook his head at that mental picture.




No. No. and No.

Playtime at the Playground… Xander saw the link and froze. What the fuck? This could be something. He clicked and immediately came across the username and password screen. “Thank you,” he whispered when the x’s were showing in the box, letting him know the computer had saved the password into its memory. He pointed the cursor and clicked, and was taken to a posting board.

A very, very bad posting board… with pictures adorning the border. Boys, very naked boys in various naughty positions. Xander cringed. None of them could have been over seventeen. Anyone who would indulge in this kind of site could definitely have the potential of being the sick fuck Xander thought he was. But it wasn’t enough. Maybe there were some posts. Something to prove that Ethan was… Xander inhaled deep. He couldn’t even say it.

He took a sip from his glass, sat it down and started to scroll through entries. The only problem was, he had no idea if Ethan had a screen name, or if he even posted at all. He began randomly clicking on links, his stomach turning at what he found. Pictures and video links showing sex with young boys in much detail. Boys together, with older men, younger men… every possible scenario.

He couldn’t imagine anyone enjoying this sort of thing. He turned his head from the screen and tried to blank out the images for a moment. When he was ready again, he clicked on the arrow sending him to the previous page. His heart jumped and began to pound when he saw the familiar penetrating blue eyes on the screen. Spike. Oh God!

Xander pushed the chair out and scrambled from the computer, pacing wildly behind the desk. It couldn’t be Spike. Maybe he was seeing things. Fuck! He knew he had to look again… had to be sure. Slowly, barely able to look at the screen, his eyes focused on the picture. A candid shot taken in a bathroom, the participant obviously unaware of the camera. No doubt, it was Spike, not more than four, maybe five years earlier. His body was dripping wet, stepping out of the shower stall, reaching for a towel on the sink.

Xander stared. Below the picture, there were several more links. His hand hovered above the mouse, afraid to click the button. Working up the courage, he looked at the second picture. Another candid. And the third, the same thing. When the cursor clicked over the fourth link, Xander was prepared to see another naked picture of Spike. What he saw made his blood boil. His jaw clenched, along with his fists when he saw the image of Spike, bent at the waist, draped over the back of a sofa with Ethan pushed flushed against his ass. Not just any sofa, but the sofa in the living room Xander had been sitting on just an hour ago. Oh fuck. Fuck. Fuck. His mind could barely comprehend anything else. He thought he’d be able to handle it, but it was too real. Ethan was fucking Spike.

He swallowed down the lump that had formed in his throat and then finished off the glass of liquor. One link left and he could only imagine how many other posts there were. With dread, he clicked the mouse button. Oh please no! Real One media player appeared on the screen. His hand moved to his face, covering his mouth in shock as the movie played.

“You like that, don’t you, you little fucking whore.”

Xander was horrified by the sounds and images coming from the screen.

“I never would have waited if I’d known you were such a hot, tight piece of arse.”

Ethan grabbed a handful of Spike’s hair, pulling his head back as he pumped roughly into him. “Such a good little whore, too. Daddy’s gonna fuck you raw.”

Spike remained silent, causing Ethan’s eyes to turn even colder than they already were. Xander couldn’t help but watch the expression on Spike’s face. Complete pain and humiliation like nothing he’d ever seen.

“That’s it, boy. Squeeze my cock. You know how I like it, baby.”

Spike’s eyes closed as Ethan pushed deep a final time, yelling out his orgasm as he collapsed against the younger man.

“Fuck,” Ethan panted as he leaned in and kissed the back of Spike’s neck. “That arse is gonna make me a very rich man.”

The video ended and all that was left was a silent, black screen. Xander hadn’t realized he was holding his breath until he finally let it out in one full gesture. That’s when the shock passed and the rage began. The empty glass smashed against the wall, shattering into a million pieces. Xander pushed back again and stood up, shoving the contents of the desk onto the floor in one quick sweep. He had the computer monitor between his hands, ready to fling it, until the worst realization hit him. The video. The video was taken right here, in this room. He hadn’t put it together until now.

Xander pictured the video, trying to figure out the angle of the camera. He focused in on a picture hanging on the wall across the room. A pretty, art deco piece with a pinpoint hole in the center. A hole just large enough for a camera. In a flash, he moved across the room and ripped the artwork from the wall. Shit. There was no camera. It had to be somewhere else.

What he did see was a switch. Curious, he flipped it. On the other side of the room, the wall began to slide apart. His eyes widened when another room was revealed. His body tensed and his breathing sped. He didn’t want to see it, but he had to. His feet were moving before he even realized it.

He entered the room expecting the worst. It was much more than he could have imagined. The entire space was filled with monitors. He closed his eyes and fought the urge to start smashing things. The walls have eyes…

Xander walked the length of the room, flipping the screens on. Each one was set up on a different room in the house. Bedrooms, the rec room, kitchen… even the bathrooms held no privacy. Xander thought of the first picture of Spike he’d seen, stepping out of the shower. They weren’t just pictures, but screen captures. Screen captures from videos taken by the hidden cameras. You fucking prick.

He began searching, but didn’t have to look too far. He found drawers filled with discs. Compact discs with names and dates. Un-fucking-believeable. This time, when the anger threatened to overtake him, he didn’t hold back. He grabbed a stool, sitting in the corner of the room and swung it, slamming into one of the monitors. When it was sufficiently smashed to his liking, Xander moved onto the next. And then the next, and the next until there was nothing left of Ethan’s miniature movie studio. He walked out and grabbed the wastebasket beside the desk and then returned, where he began pulling disc after disc from the cases and dumping them into the can.


It was 1:30 in the morning when Spike pulled into the driveway and saw the light flickering from the backyard. He stepped away from the car and cautiously made his way around the back of the large house where he found Xander asleep in a lounge chair with a simmering bonfire in front of him.

“Xan,” he said softly.

No movement.

He bent down and rubbed lightly on Xander’s arm. “Xan, wake up, pet.”

He finally stirred and slowly looked up. “Spike?”

“Yeah, luv. I’m home. What were you doing out here?”

Xander shifted and sat up in the chair, eyeing the remains of the fire. “Got tired of being in the house but it’s so cold out here.”

“Uh, yeah? Tends to happen in New York in the middle of December.”

“I guess,” he answered. "So, what took you so long?”

Spike looked down, away from Xander’s expressive eyes. “Sorry. Was talking to Buffy. Took a lot longer than I expected.”

“What happened?! How’d she take it?!”

Spike began to fidget nervously, picking at his nail. “Good. It went good.”

“So you told her and it’s over?! Really over?!”


“What’d she say?”

“Hey, it’s late. Why don’t we talk about it in the morning, yeah?”

Xander nodded and let Spike pull him up. When he began to turn away, Xander reached for his arm and pulled him back. “Spike…”

Spike’s eyebrows rose in question.

Xander leaned in and wrapped his arms tightly around him. “I’m sorry.” He moved in and reached for Spike’s lips, kissing him softly.

Spike pulled back, confused. “What for?”

“Just… sorry for what you’ve had to… just everything. I’m so sorry.” Xander’s eyes began to tear even though he was trying to blink it back.

“Xander…” he started, gripping his arms.

“I just… started thinking. Couldn’t help it. You’ve just been through so much… you shouldn’t have had to…”

“What happened? What got you in such a fit, pet?”

Xander shook his head. He couldn’t tell him. This was something Spike never had to know about. “Nothing happened. It just hit me, being here, alone in the house. Gave me time to think.”

“That’s not something you need to think about, okay? Those are my demons, not yours. You just get it out of your head now, you hear me?”

Xander nodded and moved in closer, resting his body against Spike’s. “I just need to be close to you. Is that okay? Can we just… go inside and enjoy being together? Because we are now, right?”

Spike nodded. “Let’s go inside.”

Xander followed Spike up the stairs and into the guest room. When he began pulling at Spike’s shirt, trying to pry it free from his body, Spike stopped him. “Let me take a shower first.”

Xander pouted and then gave in. “Don’t take too long, okay?” He began sliding off his own jeans and watched Spike disappear into the connecting bathroom.

He was lying lazily in the warm, comfortable bed, half asleep when Spike re-immerged. The towel dropped and Spike climbed in beside him, resting his arm on Xander’s stomach.

“Tired,” Xander sighed, turning on his side in the other direction.

Spike nodded and gently ran his hand through the dark, curly hair. “Go to sleep, Xan. There’s always tomorrow.”

Spike laid still, listening to Xander’s breathing become shallow as he began to drift off. As Spike cuddled closer, spooning their bodies together, Xander found his hand and entwined their fingers.

“I love you, Spike,” he whispered softly as he fell into sleep.

Spike flinched at the statement. There was no way he could feel any worse than he did at this moment. After lying awake a little while longer, pondering Xander’s words, Spike finally fell asleep, eaten by the guilt of knowing just how bad he’d really fucked up.

Part Twenty-Seven

He'd told Spike he loved him. Xander blinked, trying to jar himself fully awake. He had, hadn’t he? He vaguely remembered saying the words but didn’t know if it was real or if he was dreaming. He turned his head and stared at the sleeping body next to him. Spike hadn’t said anything back, so maybe it had been a dream. Or maybe Spike was afraid to answer because he didn’t want it. What if when Spike woke up, he would tell him it was ridiculous to feel that way in the short amount of time they’d known each other.

Xander sighed. The problem was, whether he’d said it out loud or not, he felt it. He’d never fallen so fast or so hard for someone before. He could already picture waking up with Spike, beside him, just like this for the rest of his life. And that thought scared the hell out of him. He’d never pictured forever with anyone.

It was still dark out, the only light in the room coming from the moonlight shining through the skylight above them. Xander rolled onto his back and stared up at the pattern of the shadows on the ceiling. He considered everything he’d seen, everything he’d found earlier that night and hoped it was enough. He prayed he wouldn’t lose his nerve by the time morning came around. He felt the bed dip and turned his head to see Spike gazing sleepily at him.

“What’re you doing up, pet? Middle of the night, innit?” Spike asked, glancing at the clock on the nightstand.

Xander yawned and rolled onto his side to face the other man. “Couldn’t sleep.” His hand reached forward under the blanket, to rest on Spike’s bare hip and began rubbing small circles, smiling when he heard a whimpering moan. “I was thinking about you.”


Xander’s hand purposely slipped, sliding downward to brush across Spike’s cock, half hard like always. “You want me to let you sleep?” He rose up on one elbow, continuing to ghost lightly up and down the awakening hardness with his finger.

“Yeah, pet. Because sleep is so much better than this,” Spike answered sarcastically as he pushed against Xander’s hand.

Xander chuckled. “You’re so easy.”

“You’re just too tempting.”

Xander smiled. “Do you ever not think about sex?”

Spike almost looked serious as he thought about the question.

Xander giggled. “Okay. Stupid question… You don’t have to answer that.”

He found himself rolled quickly onto his back with a hard, lithe body positioned over top of him. He slid his legs wider, letting Spike fall between and moaned when his cock rubbed against the naked body above him.

“I think you started this, pet. Can’t blame a man for taking advantage of what’s bein’ offered.” He leaned in and began to nuzzle, nipping a line down the side of Xander’s neck. Xander stretched, letting Spike have full access to the top half of his body as he pushed his hips upward, grinding their cocks together.

They fucked slow and easy, with Spike taking Xander over the edge almost as soon as he slid inside. He held out on his own orgasm as long as he could, rocking into the warmth, feeling Xander clenching his muscles on each firm thrust. He put Buffy out of his mind, pushing the memory of what he’d done out of his head until he finally spilled inside, collapsing on the strong body beneath him.


“Wake up, pet.” Spike nuzzled into Xander’s neck, kissing him awake, softly brushing his morning whiskers against him.

“Too early, Spike. Wanna sleep,” he answered lazily, rolling away and balling himself up inside the blankets.

“Time to shop, Xan. Last minute things I need to get and if you’re real good,” the tone too seductive to dismiss as anything but innuendo, “I’ll get you a something good for breakfast. Something sweet and gooey.” He ran his hand provocatively down his stomach, resting just above his naked cock. “Something besides me, I mean.”

Xander rolled back over, glancing over his shoulder, taking in the huge smirk curled on Spike’s lips. He shook his head in exasperation, knowing if he gave in, he’d never accomplish his goal for the day.

“Sorry, Spike. As much as I’d love to share… sticky, sweet gooeyness with you, I’m not really up for shopping. Not feeling too well.”

Spike’s expression turned worrisome. “What’s wrong, luv? Anything I can do?”

Xander shook his head and rolled onto his back. “Probably caught a bug or something. Why don’t you go ahead. I’ll just rest for a bit and see if I can get it out of my system.”

“Don’t wanna leave you here on your own. I’ll stay.” He pulled the blankets away, sliding under them, curling next to Xander.

“No.” He pushed him away. “You have things you need to do and if you stay, we’re just gonna end up… well, you know what’ll happen. And that’s not gonna help me at all. Go… I’ll be fine.”

Spike pouted, tried again to convince Xander and was quickly shot down. “Won’t be gone too long, pet.”

Xander nodded and nestled down under the covers.


It seemed to take Spike forever to shower and dress. Xander was on pins and needles, anticipating his own plan for the day. When the front door finally shut and Spike was gone, he quickly climbed out of the bed, heading into the steamy bathroom. Standing under the hot spray, he practiced what he was planning on saying, memorizing the speech he’d concocted the night before as he watched the vast amount of discs go up in flames.

His skin was crawling with nervous energy as he dressed and headed down to the kitchen. Two cups of strong, black coffee later and he was calling a taxi, on his way to downtown New York City.

He took in the scenery, his stomach churning the closer the cab took him, and he realized his little story to Spike might not have been such a fib. Ten minutes later, he was standing in front of a large, skyscraper of a building. He read the front marquee and shivered. British Isles Investment Corp. Impressive and intimidating, standing stories taller than the rest of the buildings surrounding it. He pulled in a deep breath, exhaled and let his mind visualize the horrible things he’d seen the night before.

Xander pushed through the revolving door, entering with stride and purpose. He found the directory listing and searched the names. Entering the elevator, he pushed the button for the top floor and waited.

“I need to see Ethan,” he demanded, peering over the top of the large receptionist desk at the small, brunette woman sitting in front of a computer.

“Do you have an appointment?”

“I don’t need one. Trust me, he’ll see me.”

“I don’t think so. Mr. Rayne has a very busy schedule. You’ll have to set up a time…”

“Listen here…” he hesitated. “Michelle,” he said, reading the nameplate on the desk, “you can warn your boss he has a visitor if you want, but I’m going in there.”

Xander stepped around the desk and headed straight for the large, oak door behind it.

“I’m calling security!” she threatened, picking up the phone and punching in the numbers.

“Do what you have to.”

Ignoring the warning, Xander pushed open the door and stepped inside, finding Ethan behind a large desk with his head buried deep in paperwork.

“I thought I told you no interruptions.”

“Guess I missed that memo,” Xander growled, stepping forward a little closer.

Ethan’s eyes rose slowly, taking in the appearance of the man standing in his office. A frown pursed on his lips as he leaned back in the chair, crossing his arms behind his head.

“What a surprise.”

Xander slid his hands inside his pockets and rolled back and then forward on the balls of his feet. He glanced around the office, moving to a table nestled in the corner of the room. He fingered the small porcelain ornaments placed there as décor, trying to talk himself out of beating the living shit out of Ethan.

“Come for the tour, did you?”

Xander looked up, his eyes dark and emotionless. “You have a nice office.”

Ethan’s eyes narrowed and his hands slid from behind his head to rest folded on his desk. “Yes. Glad we have that established. Now, what are you doing here?”

Xander turned around, giving his full attention. “Thought we’d have a chat.”

Ethan nodded. “I see. What is there that we would possibly need to discuss? I think we said everything that needs to be said yesterday.”

Xander scoffed sarcastically and moved closer, standing just in front of Ethan’s desk. “I’m sure you think so. But I’m here to talk about what a sick, twisted fuck you are.”

Ethan leaned back in his chair, silently studying Xander’s expression.

Xander stared right back. “Hmm. No argument? Good. That makes this easier.”

The older man began tapping his finger against the surface of the wooden desk while biting the inside of his mouth. “What are you up to, boy?”

“Boy.” Xander chuckled. “Funny you said that. Seems that’s what hits your sweet spot, isn’t it. Makes you hot… gets you off?”

Ethan shook his head, faking disgust. “I’ll have you thrown out of here,” he warned, picking up the telephone receiver.

“Don’t bother. I think Joe and Bob are already on their way up,” Xander answered sarcastically. “But I’d call them off if I were you because I don’t think we’re done here yet.”

“You are an arrogant son of a bitch.”

“And you’re a piece of shit,” Xander countered. “How can you sit there and pretend what you’ve done doesn’t matter? I can’t believe I fucking listened to you, actually considered that Spike made it all up. That you were the innocent victim in his delusions.”

Ethan stood up behind the desk, glaring eye to eye at Xander. “That’s my version of the story and the only one that matters. You think anyone would ever believe a tweaked out whore like Spike? He’s blown enough people… people that would bend over backwards for me, to convince anyone about the kind of person he is.”

“You like people bending over for you. Don’t you, Ethan,” he spat. “Makes you feel like a man to hold that kind of power over them.”

“Everyone likes power. You can’t deny that.”

“Not when it’s over someone you’re supposed to take care of and protect!? You had to fuck him to make yourself feel like a man?!”

Ethan’s lips curled into an evil grin. “He wanted it, begged for it. The little whore screamed my name and rode my cock like it was Christmas and Easter all rolled into one.”

“Yeah. He screamed alright.”

The door burst open, stopping the heated argument when two burly, gruff looking men stormed into the room. Xander looked toward the security team and then pulled a flat, disc case from his pocket. He threw it onto the desk and turned his head to glare at Ethan.

Ethan’s eyes stared at the disc knowingly. He turned to the men awaiting his order and motioned them away. They retreated, closing the door behind them, leaving the two men alone again.

“Some collection you have there.”

Ethan fell back in the chair, a stone expression giving nothing away, folding his hands in a triangle under his chin.

“What do you want? Money?”

Xander laughed. It was funny to hear it out loud, even though he’d expected as much.

“You can keep your fucking money. I just want to know why.” He took in a deep breath. “I want to know why you had to fuck up his life. I want to know how a person with a conscience can walk around and live with yourself after that. You fucking raped him you bastard! Took everything away and fucked him up!”

“I gave him everything,” Ethan protested. “Everything he wanted. He was a worthless piece of drugged-up shit, good for nothing but a fuck and a blow. What else would I have done with him? He was there to look pretty and be available. That was his fucking job.”

Xander’s face reddened as the anger climbed its way to the surface. He fought the instinct inside of him, begging him to rip Ethan to shreds. Fortunately, he knew deep down that that wouldn’t help Spike.

“It’s judgment day, you prick. Time to pay up.”

“I thought you didn’t want money,” he accused.

“Oh, this is gonna hurt so much more. You don’t owe me anything. But Spike… that’s a different story.”

Ethan picked up the disk and flipped it several times in his hands.

“Oh, don’t worry. I have several others I could use to incriminate your sorry ass.” He tilted his head in thought and then continued. “But your little set up at the house? Well, between you and me… gonna cost a hell of a lot of money for maid service to clean that place up.”

Ethan scowled. “You fucking son of…”

Xander interrupted. “Don’t think you’re in any position to be throwing around any names here. Now, I have a deal for you and I’d suggest you take it.”

Ethan stared, his face full of hate.

“I figure a scandal like this would be suicide for a company’s reputation. That wouldn’t benefit Spike, either. And he’s all that really matters.”

“What. Do. You. Want?”

“You’re gonna resign and give Spike what belongs to him. You’re gonna hand over the entire kit and caboodle. I won’t turn you in, because that would make waves, which he really doesn’t need, but I want you gone. Out of the business, out of the country, out of Spike’s life for good.”

Ethan’s mouth opened, staring at Xander in astonishment. “You can’t possibly…”

“Oh, I’d say the possibilities are endless. Jail wouldn’t do you justice. Word gets out about your little obsession and you wouldn’t make it a week before they’d find your body fucked and used, dead in a corner somewhere. A lot of people would find it hard to swallow the taste of a child molesting cocksucker. Personally, I think that’d be too easy a way out for you.”

Xander inhaled, feeling the sweet bubble of victory. “Yep. You’re gonna loose it all. I think that’s exactly what you deserve. Your fancy house, your expensive clothes… everything. I don’t care if you end up on the street begging for a crumb of bread to keep you alive. Nothing would make me happier than to see you to suffer for everything you’ve done.”

Xander turned on his heel and began to make his way out of the office. He stopped, turned back and moved closer again. Reaching in his pocket, he pulled out a handful of cash. “Here,” he said, throwing it onto the desk. “For cab fare. It’s the least I can do.”

He turned with a sadistic grin and left, stopping only when he saw the mail slot in the front corridor. He pulled out the large, manila envelope from inside his coat and read the name. C/O States Attorney’s Office. One week if you’re lucky. He dropped it into the slot and smiled as he left the building.

Part Twenty-Eight

Xander pushed the door open, poked his head around first and then stepped into the large foyer, making sure he was alone. He’d been squirming in his seat the entire ride back, hoping he’d timed it right and that he’d beat Spike home. He let out a sigh of relief when he was met by silence.

Hurrying upstairs to the guestroom, he slid out of his clothes and climbed in under the heavy blankets. He couldn’t dismiss the grin on his lips. He’d done it. He’d beat Ethan at his own game and hopefully, things would work out just like he had imagined it. The only apprehensive part of his whole plan was the manila envelope. He’d toiled back and forth, considering the consequences of what it would mean for Spike. Eventually, he’d probably have to appear in front of a courtroom full of people and tell his story. Xander shuddered at the thought of exposing him to so much. But maybe it was what he needed to finally put it all behind him. Maybe the best thing was to face Ethan down and finally have some payback.

Xander glanced over at the clock and sighed. He couldn’t wait to see Spike. Grabbing the remote control, he flipped on the television and tried to pass the time.

Ring ring. Ring ring.

Xander jumped when the sound of the phone woke him. He glanced around in a daze until he remembered where he was and turned his attention to the noise on the nightstand. What if it’s Ethan? His heart sped as he debated whether or not to pick up. Finally, when it seemed the ringing wasn’t going to stop, with reluctance, he answered it.

“Hey, pet.”

Xander exhaled in relief.

“Spike,” he said, sleepily.

“How ya feeling?”

Ethan. The office. He stretched his limbs and smiled. “Much better. I think sleep was just what I needed.”

“Glad you’re feelin’ better then. Why don’t you fix yourself some soup or something. Help yourself to the kitchen. I just got a call from Ethan’s lawyer. Gonna be gone a little longer than I thought. No telling what the bugger’s got up his sleeve now.”

“You’re meeting with Ethan?”

“Nah. Just the lawyer types. Ethan was… I don’t know, unavailable.”

Unavailable “Any idea what it’s about?”

“No clue, pet, but I’ll let you know when I get back.”

“’K. I’ll fix us something to eat.”

“Be there soon. And Xan?”


“Merry Christmas Eve.”

The phone line buzzed with a dial tone and Xander put the receiver back on the charger. Wow, that was quick. His heart did the double beating thing again, pounding against his chest and Xander prayed to whoever would listen that he hadn’t just royally fucked up by threatening Ethan. With no way of knowing until Spike made it home, he tried not to let himself panic, instead choosing to be positive about Spike’s meeting with the lawyers.

After watching the end of a B-rated horror movie, Xander pulled on his jeans and headed downstairs to the kitchen. He fumbled through the cabinets and searched the freezer, looking for something relatively quick and easy to fix. It would either be a celebration lunch or a goodbye meal if he found out he’d fucked up Spike’s life more than it already was.

He took Spike’s advice and decided on soup with grilled cheese. Glancing up at the clock, he watched the second hand taking its sweet time around the numbers and he sighed impatiently.

It had been an hour and a half since Spike’s call when the sound of a car pulled into the driveway. The sandwiches were on the plates and Xander was leaning against the stove stirring the soup when Spike came bouncing in.

“Hey, Spike,” Xander said casually, turning around to gage what kind of mood he was dealing with.

Spike’s brow rose and his eyes narrowed in an almost predatory stance as he made his way across the kitchen. Without a word spoken, he wrapped his arms around Xander’s waist and pushed his body firmly against the brunet’s, trapping him against the counter.

“C’mere, pet,” he murmured, sliding his lips across Xander’s half open mouth.

Xander gave in fully to the kiss, letting Spike take control and enjoying the feel of having his mouth devoured by the other man. The longer the kiss lasted, the more forceful Spike’s hips became, pushing their bodies harder together.

When he felt as if he would pass out from the lack of oxygen, Xander pulled his head away. “God, Spike. You’re gonna make me come just from the way you’re kissing me.”

Spike smiled. “And wouldn’t that be something to see,” he purred seductively, snaking his tongue out to swipe at Xander’s bottom lip.

“Uh, no?” Xander answered, leaning into the warm mouth again, not able to resist the vibes pouring off of Spike. “Embarrassing comes to mind, actually.”

“Hardly,” Spike hissed, his tone low and needy. “Love it when you come. Don’t care how it happens.”

Xander moaned and rolled his hips forward.

“Mmm. Was thinkin’ about something all the way home, pet.”


“Uh huh,” Spike answered, dipping his head to Xander’s neck, licking a trail down the naked chest, grazing his teeth over a peaked nipple before ending up on his knees. Xander inhaled as he watched Spike unzip his fly and pull his cock free from his jeans.

“Oh, fuck,” he grunted, his hands automatically finding their way into Spike’s hair.

“Couldn’t stop thinkin’ ‘bout walkin’ in here, suckin’ you off.”

“Ugh… oh, yeah,” Xander babbled as his cock slid between Spike’s hot lips. “Oh, fuck yeah.”

Spike pulled off and licked at the tip of the moistened head. “Big, thick cock droolin’ and ready for me…”

Xander moaned and closed his eyes, his fingers tightening around the blond curls he had in his grip. “Love your mouth.”

Spike hummed around him and began sucking in earnest, pulling his lips against the bulging vein along the underside and then tonguing the area as he swallowed the entire length deeper inside his mouth.

Xander began to unconsciously thrust into the moist heat, fucking in time to Spike’s rhythm. When he felt the familiar tingle and felt his balls draw tighter, his head flew back as he called out to Spike, “Not gonna… last.”

His eyes widened when he was released and Spike’s mouth was suddenly on his, kissing him vigorously. He gasped as their bodies slid together and he felt his cock rubbing against the denim of Spike’s jeans.

“Want you to fuck me, Xan. Wanna feel you inside,” Spike rasped, breathing heavily as he began working his own buttons loose, pushing his jeans down his hips.

Xander’s hands worked their way around Spike’s body, gripping his ass cheeks, using the motion as leverage to pull their erections together. “Need something… slick,” he reminded, probing and prodding his fingers against the small, puckered hole.

Spike pulled himself away with a line of profanities as he began slamming cabinets open, looking for anything… He smiled when he saw the small, glass bottle. “Here.” He handed it over and took a position bent over the kitchen table, ass in the air, waiting for Xander.

Xander stared at the bottle and read the label. “Olive oil?! You want me to use Olive oil?!”

Spike turned his head and caught Xander’s astonished look. “Oh, for bloody… yes already! Now C’mon and lube me up good and proper like.”

Xander’s astonishment turned to lust as he eyed Spike, ready and waiting to be fucked. He shrugged his shoulders and stepped in closer, pulling the top from the bottle. He poured a dollop and began massaging Spike’s ass with one hand, while pulling on his own cock with the other. When he heard Spike moaning at the contact, he let a finger slip inside, leaving a trail of oily lubricant in his path. Two, then three fingers later and he was beyond the point of wanting to fuck Spike into oblivion. He pulled his hand away and stepped behind, sliding between Spike’s legs and lined his cock head up to Spike’s ass.

“That’s it, pet,” Spike urged, wiggling against Xander’s cock. “Ready for you, luv.”

Xander moaned and pushed slowly, watching his swollen head disappear inside. His hands gripped Spike’s hips and he looked up to see Spike’s head lying sideways against the table, his eyes closed and mouth opened partway in pleasure. He slid in further, out just an inch and then back in, easing slowly to tease and taunt Spike’s sensitive spots.

“God, Xander. Feels so… ugh… oh, that’s… good, pet.” Spike’s hands were stretched forward, knuckles white, gripping the opposite side of the small table.

Xander dug his nails into Spike’s skin and pushed in one deep thrust, wanting to climb inside his lover’s body as far as he could. He pulled back and almost eased back in when he heard the sound of the front door slamming shut.

“Fuck!” Spike pushed back, trying to stand up and sunk all the way back on Xander’s cock, burying it deep inside. “Holy fucking hell!”

Xander pulled out with a disenchanted mutter and gripped the top of his jeans, pulling them up over his hips.

Spike was beside him doing the same, quickly fastening buttons and straightening his shirt in panic. “Who the sodding hell…”

“Hey guys!” Buffy acknowledged, walking into the kitchen, heading straight for the refrigerator with Willow following close behind her. “Heard the news!” she said, pulling out a bottle of water. “So what’re you gonna do now?”

Spike and Xander glanced at each other in a show of frustration and then Xander’s brow furrowed when he thought about what Buffy had said.

“What news?”

Buffy leaned back against the counter, tilted her head back to take a drink and then turned her attention to the stove. “Uhm… I think this soup’s kinda…done.”

“Oh, crap!” Xander yelped, grabbing the pot with the soup boiled almost to the bottom. He threw it into the sink, letting the faucet run over the burnt pan. “What news?”

“That Spike is taking over his dad’s part of the company,” Buffy blurted out.

She looked at Spike and Spike turned to Xander.

“Sorry. Hadn’t had a chance to tell you.”

Xander’s eyes widened and he had to hold himself back from wrapping his arms around Spike. The feeling of complete and utter joy tore through his body. He hid it the best he could but couldn’t resist as a large smile broke out. “What?! How?!”

Spike shrugged. “Don’t know, don’t care. Lawyers had me sign some papers… made it all official like.”

“So just like that?! Ethan’s out?!”

“Apparently,” Spike nodded.

“Yeah. My dad told me as soon as he got off the phone with the legal team. Said Ethan just up and quit. Left Spike everything.”

Xander’s heart jumped as he asked, “Any idea why?”

Spike shook his head. “Not a sodding clue. Not gonna fret about it, though. Gift horse and all that.”

Buffy moved closer and leaned in to hug him. “I’m happy for you.” Spike glanced uncomfortably toward Xander but relaxed when he saw nothing but content.

Willow finally stepped in, leaning against the counter beside Spike and gave her congratulations.

“Oh!” Buffy said as she pulled away. “We’re here because we wanted to take you out to celebrate!”

Spike shot another look in Xander’s direction, and then back to Buffy. “Not sure if we…”

“That sounds great,” Xander interrupted. “This deserves a celebration!”

Spike smiled and nodded. “Alright then. But it’s my treat. Why don’t the two of you go on home and get all dolled up. We’ll make a night of it,” he said, trying hard not to look like he was trying to push them out the door. The only thing he really wanted right now was to finish what he and Xander had started before the interruption. “We’ll pick you up about eight?”

“Okay,” came the reply as Buffy and Willow made their way out of the kitchen. “See ya later then.”

Spike cocked his head, watching as the girls retreated, then turned toward Xander with a lustful glint in his eye.

Xander’s head was shaking in astonishment. “I can’t believe it.”

“Believe it,” Spike answered, moving toward him in a slow, steady swagger. “I’d say this calls for a one on one celebration, don’t you?”

“Mmm. I thought for sure they were gonna know something was up,” he giggled as Spike leaned into him.

“Oh, you were up alright… still slick and hard, Xander? That huge cock ready to explode?”

Xander moaned when Spike pulled him free from his jeans, gripping him within his tightened fist.

“I think you want the girls to find out,” Spike whispered, leaving a trail of warm breath against Xander’s ear. “Hmm? Want ‘em to know all the nasty little things we’ve been doin’ to each other?” His hand began to stroke, working Xander’s erection at a slow, easy pace.

“Don’t stop… feels so good,” he moaned.

“Got better things you could be doin’.” Spike reached out, taking Xander’s lips in a hungry kiss. “Down on the floor, pet.” He smiled at Xander’s bedazzled expression and began sliding out of his jeans.

As soon as he saw Spike begin to strip, Xander was on the floor, lying on the ceramic tiles. “Fuck, Spike, this is cold.”

Spike slipped into his usual sarcastic smirk and lowered himself to straddle Xander’s hips. “You won’t care too much about that in a minute, luv.” He sat up on his knees and gripped Xander’s shaft, lining the head up, rubbing it against his oil-slickened hole. With a deep, needy moan, he carefully lowered himself onto Xander’s cock.

Xander arched his back, pushing his hips upward as Spike thrust down. “Oh, fuh… ahh.”

“Oh yeah, luv ... Talk to me, pet. Tell me how you want it.”

Xander’s eyes rolled back and his hands moved around Spike’s hips. “Oh god… fuck…”

“Tell me,” spike demanded, slowing his movements. “Do you want me to fuck you slow and easy? Like I’m strokin’ up the length of you?”

Xander held his breath.

“Or,” Spike sped his hips, slamming down, pushing hard against Xander’s groin. “Do you want it rough like I’m ripping away the skin around your cock, ridin’ you ‘til you’re raw.”

“Oh yeah…oh fuck… ride me spike…”

“Hard then?” he said, more a demand than a question.

“Agh! Yes!” His hands gripped Spike’s hips, digging into his skin, pulling him down hard as he tried to thrust up into the tight hole. “Fuck me!”

Spike clenched his muscles, squeezing around Xander’s cock as he began working his hips in a steady motion, rocking in quick, deep movements. “Hurry and wank me, pet!”

His body stiffened and his head flung backward when Xander gripped his cock and began stroking. “Oh, bloody fucking… gonna come, Xan. Gonna….uhg…” His body let out a massive shudder as he shot onto Xander’s stomach, covering him in warm, dripping spunk. He allowed his full weight to press down, taking Xander’s cock as deep as he could and felt the spasming when Xander came. He studied the look on Xander’s face as he rode the waves of his orgasm, watching the dark eyes squeeze shut and the sensual way his mouth opened as he cried out Spike’s name.


They laid side by side, staring at the kitchen ceiling while Spike took a drag off the cigarette dangling from his lips.

Xander was rolling his shoulders, groaning as he worked his bruised muscles. “Maybe the floor wasn’t such a good idea. Remind me of that next time you suggest it, okay?”

Spike chuckled. “Right. Shag on soft, fluffy surfaces from now on. Got it.”

He received a playful frown. “So… tonight with Buffy and Willow…”

“We don’t have to go.”

Xander shook his head. “No. It’s okay. I know you and Buffy are still gonna be friends and this is a big deal. You should share it.”

“You’re really okay with it then?” he asked, trying to hide the apprehension he was feeling of having Buffy and Xander together for too long.

Xander smiled. “As long as you get me drunk and promise to make it up to me later.”

Spike grinned and blew out a ring of smoke. “Plan on it, luv.”

Part Twenty-Nine

Xander stood, running his fingers through his dark hair once more, checking over his appearance in the full-length mirror.

“Xander! Get your sodding arse down here!” he heard from down the stairs.

He smiled, grabbed his coat off the bed and quickly went to join Spike for their evening out.

“I’m coming, just hold your…” Xander came to a dead stop when he saw Spike standing at the bottom of the landing.

“Problem?” Spike asked, tilting his head slightly, trying to hold back a smirk.

Xander slowly slithered down the stairwell, his stride taking on a hint of a prowl as his eyes gazed possessively at the other man. He bit his lip when he reached the bottom and shook his head. “Definitely gonna have a problem,” he whispered.

Noticing at first the black sweater, tight against Spike’s torso, Xander smiled and eyed him appreciatively. He then stepped back, ogling the tightest, blue, button-down jeans he’d ever seen, covering black boots so polished he swore he’d be able to see his own reflection in them. The look was finished off by unnatural blond hair, gelled into peeks of mussed up spikes.

“It should be illegal for you to look this fucking good.” Xander leaned forward and pressed his lips against Spike’s, letting his hands reach around to grip both ass cheeks firmly.

Spike ground his hips against him with a groan. “You know, we could just stay here and…” He wiggled his eyebrows suggestively and slid his hand down, rubbing his palm against the front of Xander’s jeans. His eyes followed his hand, watching the rising bulge twitch beneath his fingers.

Xander groaned, let go and pulled away. “And avoid the girls and the partying and the celebration?” He shook his head. “Nope, uh-uh. Gonna show you off as much as I can get away with right under their noses. Besides, you promised beer and lots of it.”

Spike grinned. “And mind blowing sex.”

“Which of course goes without saying…”

Spike grabbed Xander by the shirt and twirled them around, pushing him roughly against the door. “Got a special surprise for you,” he growled.

Xander shivered, feeling Spike’s body against his. “Which I’m guessing you’re not gonna tell me about?”

“You’ll find out soon enough, pet. Don’t you worry.” Spike’s tongue snaked out, licking at Xander’s pouting lip. “And by the way? It’s about time you and me give this tongue ring a proper breaking in.”

Xander moaned at the thought of Spike’s piercing and even worse, got a visual of what he could do with it when he heard the sound of a car horn.

“That would be our ride, mate.”

Spike pushed back, grabbed a waist length leather jacket from the closet beside him and slid it on as he opened the door.

“You rented a limo?” Xander squawked in excitement when he saw the long, black stretched car waiting for them.

“Gotta party in style, yeah?”

Xander followed him out with a smile. “Fuck, yeah.”


Xander watched as Spike lit the end of the rolled joint and then inhaled it deep into his lungs, holding it for a count of five and then letting the smoke out slowly. “Don’t give me that look.”

Xander’s brow rose. “No look.”

Spike glared. “Just a celebration buzz.”

Xander gave a debated look and then let his lips curl into a grin. “You sharing?”

They passed a knowing smile between them and Spike lifted the joint to his lips, taking another long pull. He leaned forward, waiting for Xander to catch on and then released the smoke into the other man’s mouth. Xander closed his eyes and took it into his lungs. Barely giving him enough time to exhale, Spike forced Xander’s lips open and dove in, letting his tongue wander and play inside the warmth.

They pulled apart and Spike repeated the process, shotgunning Xander again. This time, when Xander’s mouth closed to breathe in, Spike ran his tongue along the outside of his lips until the feel of the tickling caused Xander to choke and cough.

Spike laughed as Xander tried to gain his composure. He looked into the blond’s eyes, heavy and half closed from the buzz and he couldn’t help but reach for him, kissing Spike’s lips ferociously and then pulled back. “God, you’re so fucking hot.”

Spike gave his sexiest, come fuck me look. Xander shook his head in amusement, grabbed the roach from Spike’s fingers and took a hit. When there was nothing left, Spike pulled out a second joint. They passed the remainder between them until it was finished and then flicked both of them out the window, disposing of them so the girls wouldn’t know what they’d been up to, never minding the haze of smoke that filled the limo.

Xander leaned his head against the back of the seat, let his eyes travel to Spike’s and smiled evilly. “Buffy’s so gonna know you’re high.”

Spike tilted his head slightly and shrugged his shoulders. “Wouldn’t be the first time.”

Xander chuckled and slid around so they were sitting side by side, letting the length of his leg rest against Spike’s. “It’s not like she’s your girlfriend.” He tilted his head slightly, focusing in on the crotch of the too tight jeans.

“Too right, luv.”

“Nope…no girlfriend for Spikey,” he giggled.

Spike smiled. “Xan?”

Xander blinked and then focused in on Spike’s face. “Hmm?”

“You okay?”

“Yep… fine,” he chirped, trying without success to sound serious.

Spike chuckled and leaned in to kiss him. “You’re so fucking stoned.”

A laugh erupted from the brunet, so much that tears streamed his cheeks by the time the fit came to an end. When he’d finally stopped and tried to catch his breath, it started again. He grabbed his stomach and fell back on the seat, stretching his legs out across Spike’s lap.

Spike watched the show, biting on his own laugh, amused at Xander’s display of silliness. He shook his head and swung around, maneuvering himself between Xander’s legs. He slid up so he was lying on top of the other man.

“No more weed for you, mate.”

Xander’s eyes widened in horror and then he burst into more giggles. Spike narrowed his eyes but couldn’t help a smile from creeping onto his lips.

“Okay, okay,” Xander said, taking a couple of deep breaths, wrapping his arms around Spike’s neck. “I’m good. Serious time. Alright.” It lasted for all of five seconds before the snickering began. Spike took the matter into his own hands and smothered the giggling about to start by pressing his lips against Xander’s. He pushed his hips forward, rubbing their groins together, moaning as he plunged deeper into the warm mouth under him.

After several minutes of deep, needy kissing, he pulled away and looked down into Xander’s eyes. “You good now?”

He received a lazy eyed stare and then a smile. “Can I blow you?”

“Uuughhh,” Spike groaned, bowing his head to rest on Xander’s chest. “We’re almost there, luv.”

“I can do it fast. They’ll never know! I could just…” he babbled excitedly, already trying to push Spike off of him, reaching for his buttons.

Spike stopped him, while he still had enough resolve and grabbed his hands. “Can’t. Not enough time. Gotta wait, pet.”

“Cmon, Spike,” Xander whined. “I know you’re already hard! Won’t take much to…”

Spike grinned. “Feeling a bit horny are we?” He cocked his head sideways, taking in the desperation in Xander’s eyes, shifting his hips a bit to ease the pressure of his cock pushing against his jeans.

Giving up, Xander decided to change tactics. “You can blow me,” he offered as if it was a huge revelation.

Spike curled his tongue behind his teeth and gave a once over glance, breaking into his own amused laugh. “Uh, you might want to be a little more subtle.” He waved toward the window. “The girls are standing right outside.”

“Fuck,” Xander whined when he realized they had stopped moving, a pout twisting his lips. He sat up fully in the seat, running his hands through his unruly hair and gave Spike a sly smile. “Maybe they’d want to watch?”

Spike almost coughed up a lung as he stared wide-eyed at Xander. Once he realized Xander was giggling again, he relaxed and shook his head. “Definitely no more weed for you, “ he mumbled teasingly. Grateful for the tinted windows, Spike leaned in to capture Xander’s lips in one more kiss and then checked his own appearance before finally opening the door.


The girls sat on one side with Spike and Xander sitting across on the other seat, facing them. They’d turned the music on, poured drinks and were just getting comfortable when Buffy shrugged her shoulders. “So, you two started the party without us, huh?”

The men glanced at each other and then at Buffy.

“Oh, come on! Like I don’t know what pot smells like,” she said sarcastically.

Spike was about to come up with some kind of excuse until she stopped him. “Got anymore?”

His jaw dropped. “I didn’t think you’d…”

“Supposed to be a party, right?”

“Uh, yeah?”

“Alright then. Hand it over.”

Spike’s brow rose as he glanced over at Xander and then pulled two more joints from his pocket, keeping one and handing one off. He lit the one he was holding and then passed the lighter to Xander.

“Go easy,” he said, handing the joint to Buffy.

She held it cautiously and put it to her mouth. With a nod from Spike, she inhaled deeply, immediately breaking into an eruption of chokes and coughs. Spike was at her side, squeezed between the two girls, patting her on the back while Xander looked on, taking a hit off the joint he was holding. Willow moved over, taking Spike’s vacated space beside Xander, reaching for the joint. They began to pass it back and forth, sharing it while watching Buffy and Spike.

“Not so much, luv. You’re not used to it,” he said, taking the roach from her hand as she continued to cough and sputter. “That’s probably enough.”

She waved her hand and managed to calm herself. “No, I wanna do this.”

Spike sighed. “Alright then.” He turned sideways to face her. “Inhale when I tell you to.” He took a deep hit, held it in for a minute and then pushed his lips against Buffy’s, nodding when he was close enough. As he blew out, she inhaled, taking the filtered smoke into her lungs. With minor coughing, she was able to handle the hit easier.

Spike glanced over and saw Xander watching with a glare, but then the brunet took his attention away, hitting the joint again when Willow passed it back.

By the time they reached the club of Spike’s choice, all four of them were completely fucked up, high on pot, accompanied with a side of alcohol. When the limo stopped, Buffy and Willow stumbled out first, leaving Spike and Xander to follow after them.

“Was only helping her out,” Spike whispered, apologizing as they slid out.

Xander turned his head over his shoulder and smiled. “I know. No big deal.” He let his hand slide gently over Spike’s, rubbing their fingers together briefly before idling up to the girls. Xander’s brow rose when Willow interlocked her arm in his and watched as Buffy did the same to Spike. He shrugged and tried not to let it bother him as they showed Id’s and were quickly ushered into the club.

Part Thirty

“Find us a table and we’ll get the drinks,” Spike yelled out to Buffy over the loud music thumping through the club.

She nodded, grabbing Willow’s arm and pulled her in the opposite direction. When the girls disappeared into the crowd, Spike caught up to Xander, grabbing him from behind by putting a hand on each side of his hips. “Mad at me?”

Xander leaned his head back so Spike could hear him over the music. “Move your hands about four inches forward and I’ll say no.”

Spike rested his chin on Xander’s shoulder and grinned. “So all it takes is a little cock petting, eh?”

Xander smiled back and giggled as the blond hair tickled his cheek. “Oh, takes a lot more than that, but it’s a good place to start.”

Spike chuckled and smiled in relief. He knew he’d have to keep his distance from Buffy, but also knew he’d have to stay close enough to make sure she didn’t let anything slip. For now, while they were out of the girls’ sight, he intended on making the best of it.

“You feeling daring?” he purred into Xander’s ear. He gestured around the club, taking in the sight of the couples on the dance floor. Not quite the scene of The Backroom, which he and Xander were used to, but there was plenty of action going on out of clear view. Men with men, women with women, blended with a mixture of het couples, everyone happily mingling out in the open with their partners.

Xander pulled Spike’s hands forward, placing them exactly where he wanted them. “I’d fuck you in the middle of the dance floor right now if you’d let me.”

Spike let his fingers wander and gave a quick glance around, searching the room for Buffy and Willow. “I was thinking more along the lines of a quick snog in the corner, but…”

The brunet arched an eyebrow. “We could sneak out.” He moved his hips, making sure to rub his ass firmly against Spike’s groin. “Plenty of room in the limo,” he suggested, his voice tapering off to a low whisper.

“Now that’s an idea. Although I think it might be a bit obvious if we just… disappear.”

Xander sighed. “Screw obvious. I wanna fuck you.”

Spike moaned low into Xander’s ear, his hand continuing to caress the hardness in Xander’s jeans. “Be a good boy.”

Xander pouted. “I’m trying but you won’t let me.”

Spike snorted. “Lets play nice with the girls for awhile and maybe I might just give you a little treat.”

“Mmm. What kind of treat?”

“Still have a surprise for you.” The words were spoken low and sultry, making Xander’s knees weaken as Spike gave one final squeeze. “Let’s go mingle but then I’m planning on taking you out to the limo and fucking your brains out.” He ran his tongue along the soft column of Xander’s neck.

Xander whimpered, pulling himself from Spike’s aggressive grip and walked forward, trying to adjust his cock inside his jeans. “Let’s get the girls their drinks. Maybe if they’re drunk enough, we can sneak out,” he suggested slyly.

Spike’s eyebrow rose at the plan and he nodded, following him to the bar where he again pushed his body against Xander’s backside. He rubbed his hand lightly down the side of Xander’s arm and nuzzled into his neck, leaving a trail of hot breath against his skin.

“Better stop it,” Xander warned, making no move to pull away, instead leaning harder into Spike’s touch. “You were the one who said we have to wait.”

“Mmm. Just giving you something to look forward to,” Spike argued as his tongue began rimming the outline of Xander’s ear. His hand disappeared and then repositioned itself against the front of the other man’s jeans, cupping the denim material. “Actually, I’d say I’m giving me something to look forward to.”

“Hmph,” Xander moaned, closing his eyes. He exhaled, reveling in the feel of Spike’s hand and then remembered where they were. He tried to pull away. “No, no… stop. The girls…”

“Are across the room minding their own business,” Spike finished for him, gripping Xander’s earlobe between his teeth.

“What do you want?” came a grumbling voice.

Xander’s eyes snapped to the bartender standing impatiently in front of him trying to get his attention. He felt Spike’s hand drop and he gazed back over his shoulder. Spike barked out the drink order, paid the bartender and turned toward the crowd. “Ready?”

Xander ogled him appreciatively. “No. I’d rather be fucking you, but since that doesn’t seem to be an option right now...”

Spike backed up into him and brushed his ass suggestively against Xander’s groin.

“Okay, on that note, move that ass of yours before I cause a scene that would make Dirk Diggler blush.” He grinned and smacked Spike’s ass, nudging him forward.

Spike laughed and turned to Xander, kissing him once before pulling back to whisper,”All in good time, pet.”


Spike purposely slid into the booth next to Willow, leaving Xander to sit beside Buffy.

“This place is…interesting,” Buffy said, taking a large slip of her drink, while avidly watching the people on the dance floor through substance induced, half closed lids.

Spike glanced around and shrugged. “Just a normal club.”

“Hardly,” she snorted. “I mean, look at the two guys making out right behind you!”

Willow giggled, tuning to the men in question. “Yeah. They’re hot. Think we could pay ‘em to…”

Three pairs of eyes turned to her.

“What?! Oh, C’mon Buffy! You didn’t think it was hot when Xander kissed Spike at Cordy’s party?”

The men snickered when Buffy turned her nose up. “Um, nooo?”

Willow started laughing and took a swallow from her glass. “Okay. Guess it was just me then.”

Spike leaned in, resting his chin on Willow’s shoulder. “Think we’re hot, do you.”

She blushed and averted her eyes, staring down at the table, missing the flick of Spike’s tongue gestured toward Xander.

Buffy shook her head. “On that note, C’mon Spike! Dance with me.”

“I’m not really…”

“Oh, C’mon,” she whined, trying to scoot Xander out of the booth. “I wanna dance.”

“Buffy, I don’t know if you should be standing, much less trying to move,” Spike argued, reminding her of the happy state she was in.

She eased her way out, steadying herself against the table. “It’s okay. I’ll just hold onto you,” she smiled, grabbing his arm to pull him from his seat.

He sighed and gave the other man a look full of apologies.

“Why don’t we all dance,” Willow suggested, glancing hopefully at Xander.

Buffy twirled around, rubbing her backside against Spike, pulling his arms around her stomach. “Yeah, Xander. Dance with Willow. She would really, really like it.” An emphasis on really and Willow was batting her eyelashes playfully.

Willow turned toward Xander. “You don’t have to.”

Xander shrugged. “Let’s dance.”

Willow smiled and grabbed his hand. The four bodies joined the rest of the montage on the dance floor, the echo in the building thumping away to an electro beat. Xander tried to concentrate on Willow, completely draped around him, the buzz of too much weed and alcohol giving her the courage to rub against him each time she moved. His problem was the other couple beside them and the distraction it was causing watching Buffy handle and gyrate against every part of Spike’s body. She’d lean in, coyly whispering into his ear and then back off to grind her ass into his groin, leaning her head back onto his chest.

The sight had Xander boiling until Spike looked up, catching his glare. A tongue snaked out and Spike gave him the most unsubtle head tilt, gesturing to the far side of the room with the evilest of expressions. Xander smiled and bit his lip in anticipation. Still stoned and painfully horny, he didn’t have to be told twice.

“Uh, Will? I have to…” He nodded toward the far corner housing the restrooms. “I’ll be back.”

She nodded and pulled away, untangling herself from his body. She moved toward Buffy and Spike and they began a trio of movement. With one final secretive nod, Xander shot through the crowd, circled around and escaped unseen out the door of the club.


He’d kicked back another beer when the limousine door opened and Spike slithered his way in, his eyes raking over Xander’s body as though he wanted to devour him. He knelt down between the other man’s spread legs and bit his lower lip.

“Mmm, the things I’m gonna do to you.” His teeth began to nip at the material of Xander’s jeans, biting up his inner thigh until he reached the large bulge. “I couldn’t think straight wanting you.”

“Spike,” Xander moaned letting his hands reach out to twist handfuls of blond hair.

“I’ve been hard for you all night,” Spike mumbled, wasting no time taking what he wanted. He pushed open the button, reached the zipper and began trying to pull the jeans from Xander’s hips.

Xander helped, lifting up from the seat to make it easier. “Sure it was me?” he asked jokingly.

Spike rose straight up onto his knees, pulling at the button down shirt, letting it drop to the floor alongside the pants. His hands reached around, gripping Xander’s hips and pulled his body to the edge of the seat. “Only you, pet. Wanna fuck you,” his hands clenched the tight buttocks, “pound into that tight ass,” his eyes fell downward, resting on the long, firm cock, “and make you beg for my cock.”

Spike’s tongue snaked out and licked a path from the base, just above his balls, to the tip of Xander’s cock. “You think,” another lick, as he firmly pushed the tongue ring against the slit, “Buffy could get me,” swirling the small, silver ball around the swollen head, “this fucking hard?”

Xander moaned, panting in shallow breaths as he leaned his head back onto the seat. “Oh, god.” His hands frantically gripped the edge of the leather underneath him, holding on tight while Spike worked his cock with skilled movements. The tongue ring was used strategically to massage and caress every inch of his shaft, while the tip of Spike’s tongue lapped at the drops of pre-cum, sliding down the length.

Spike’s lips wrapped around the weeping head and sucked it into his mouth, letting his tongue play along the tip, rubbing and caressing the smooth skin. When Xander arched up, Spike complied, taking the shaft deeper inside. Ring and teeth scraped gently along the edges, down to the base and then back up. He circled the head and let his tongue wander along the slit, pressing in and then circling back around, making Xander wiggle and moan. Spike slid down the length and swallowed when the head met the back of his throat. Several minutes passed and Xander was trembling from the feel of the blowjob, his head swimming from both, the breath he was holding and also the high he was riding.

“Why didn’t you,” Xander moaned when he felt Spike move, licking a path down the underside of his cock until he reached the firm scrotum and began sucking. “get one of those… before?” he finished, almost flying out of the seat when his legs were lifted and the metal ball was pushed against his entrance.

“Hwaaah! Ahhh, Spike! No!” he began gasping for breath as Spike pushed inside. “You’re gonna make me come!”

Spike pulled back and eyed Xander with an evil grin. “That’s the point, innit?”

He gripped Xander’s legs, sliding him off the seat and pulled him down onto the floor so he was straddling him. Leaning in, their tongues collided in a ferocious kiss and Spike wrapped his arms around Xander’s back, turning him around and pushing him down on his back onto the floor. Spike covered the naked body with his own, rubbing and caressing the exposed flesh, grinding his denim clad erection against Xander's exposed cock.

Xander was panting breathlessly, pushing his hands underneath to grab at naked flesh. “Too many clothes,” he complained, tugging on the bottom of Spike’s sweater, trying to pull it upward over his head while still connected to his lips. They broke away long enough to remove the article of clothing and then dove back in with renewed interest. Xander reached down and began fumbling with the belt wrapped around Spike’s jeans. With a flick of the wrist, he had the buckle undone and was steadily working on the buttons of Spike’s fly. One, two buttons open and his hand was pushing, trying to reach inside. A third button and Xander could feel the tip of Spike’s cock, wet and swollen. The last two quickly followed to expose the entire length. Xander’s fingers slid down and then pulled back hastily.

“What the…?!”

Spike smiled against Xander’s lips. “Told you I was gonna fuck you with it on.”

Xander eyed the familiar cockring. The same one Spike had forced him to wear for an entire evening. “God, I’ve never seen you so hard.” Xander’s hand circled around the head, swollen to almost impossible limits. His eyes focused their attention on the large erection as he began to stroke the firm shaft. “This,” he hissed, rubbing his finger along the cockring, “was a really good idea.” He leaned in and took Spike’s lips, letting his tongue linger just outside. He moaned and then pulled back, halfway asking, mostly begging and whispered, “Fuck me.”

“Mmm, Xan. Wanna make you feel so good.” Spike began nuzzling into Xander’s neck, letting his teeth nip and play against the warm skin, a sheen of sweat beginning to appear due to the confinement of the limousine. “Roll over.”

Xander’s eyes gazed over with lust as he twisted his body around to lay flat on his stomach, the friction against his cock causing him to moan in pleasure. He heard the sound of Spike behind him and knew he was undressing, hearing fabric rustling and denim sliding against naked skin. Instinctively, Xander rose onto his knees, settling himself into the best position for Spike to fuck him.

“You do have lube, right?” he called over his shoulder, his body shivering from the anticipation.

A weight fell across his back and Spike’s voice was closer to his ear. “Of course. Had this planned, didn’t I?” Xander felt Spike’s lips trailing downward, kissing and licking as he traveled the length of his spine and felt skilled hands gripping his ass, kneading the muscles gently. Goosebumps crawled down his skin when he felt his cheeks being pulled apart. “Yessss,” Xander hissed, waiting for the sound of the flip-top from the lubricant. The sound that didn’t come.

“Now, Spike! God I need you now!”

“Patience, pet.” He felt the weight of Spike’s body disappear and then in an instant felt cool air being blown across his hole. His body arched at the shock, lifting his ass just high enough for Spike to gain better access. Xander’s body shook when Spike’s tongue lapped against his entrance, pushing inside to tease the sensitive area.

“Ahhh Spike!” Speech completely lost, Xander squeezed his eyes shut and clenched his hands into fists, letting out a long, low moan when he felt Spike’s tongue slide toward his balls, allowing the ring to scrape along his crack. When Xander didn’t think he could take anymore, Spike pulled his tongue back again and pushed the tip of it into his ass, wiggling and then pulling it back out. Waiting for and then receiving a whining moan from Xander, he pushed back in firmly.

Xander began a slow, steady rocking motion as Spike tongue fucked him, each time causing him to thrust a little further inside. “Oh god, your tongue feels so good.” Xander moaned his appreciation as he was massaged and probed inside and out. He screamed out when he felt Spike’s hand wrap around his cock and began stroking the length up and down from the tip to the base in long, steady pulls.

“Mmmm, fuuucck me!!” His hips sped along with Spike’s hand as the moist tongue rubbed along the walls of his entrance. Spike’s other hand moved from his hip, sliding between his legs to knead his balls, Xander lost control and let the waves run through his body. “Spiiiike!” he cried out as he spilled thick streams of cum onto the floor underneath him. Spike’s mouth disappeared but his hand continued to stroke, milking Xander’s cock until the last of the tremors ended.

Once he regained a sense of where he was and came down from his orgasm, Xander pushed back to kneel on his knees and felt Spike’s body mold into his. A strong hand circled his cock, gathering up the traces of cum and Spike brought it up to his mouth, licking his fingers. “Mmm, love the way you taste.” His free hand roamed up Xander’s stomach, roughly circling his nipples as he leaned into his ear. “Love to watch you come. Especially when you scream my name.”

Xander sucked in a deep breath when Spike’s lips began to run along the length of his neck. He stretched his head back and closed his eyes, giving access, enjoying the feel of the attention. “Spike?”

“Yeah, pet?” he answered, his voice low and seductive.

“Can you fuck me now?”

Spike chuckled and pulled Xander’s head around for a kiss. “Just lettin’ you calm down a bit, luv.”

“Don’t need calm. Need you,” he complained, sitting up on his knees to turn around. Their cocks brushed together and Xander realized just how hard Spike was. “And you really feel like you need to fuck something.”

Spike pushed forward and Xander went toppling to the floor. Almost growling, the blond climbed up the larger body, licking from his bellybutton, all the way up his stomach and chest until he finally latched onto his lips. “Gonna pound you into the floor.” Spike’s grin was devious and challenging.

“Promises, promises,” Xander challenged back with a matching grin.
Spike pulled away from him and kneeled back between Xander's legs, turning to grab his coat. He fumbled inside the pocket and pulled out the small bottle of lube. Xander watched as Spike coated his straining cock and then threw the bottle aside.

Xander nodded and took a deep breath. Spike’s hands gripped his legs behind the knee and bent them toward his chest.

“Gonna stretch you good. Get that ass all nice and slick so I can fuck you long and hard.” Spike stroked once down his cock, gathering up some slick and then brought his hand to Xander’s pucker. Without taking too much time, he slid two fingers inside, stretching the tight muscle until it relaxed, allowing him to slip a third digit through. He wiggled and scissored, thrusting deep, preparing Xander’s hole for the larger intrusion.

“Fuck the fingers, just give me your cock,” he begged.

With a moan, Spike quickly removed his hand and aligned his cock at the small entrance. He grabbed Xander’s hips, as Xander pushed his legs up to rest his calves on Spike’s shoulders.

“Oh, yeah,” Xander moaned when Spike’s strained cock began pushing through. He thrust upward and then groaned, taking more inside. Spike began a slow, steady glide… in, out, in, out… just a small push forward each time. Xander began to pant and clenched his muscles, closing his eyes when he felt the burn as Spike finally buried himself to the hilt.

“Xan?” Spike asked, stopping all movement, with his hips pushed flush against Xander’s ass.

Xander took a deep breath and opened his eyes to meet Spike’s concerned expression. “Why’d you stop? What happened to you threatening to fuck me into the floor?” he challenged deviously.

Spike cocked an eyebrow and grinned. “Don’t make threats, luv. Only promises.”

Xander’s panting turned to low, seductive moans as Spike began to fuck faster into his body. The burn eased and gave way to toe-curling pleasure as the large cock rubbed along his walls. Once he adjusted fully to the size, he clenched his teeth and used his hands to push against the floor, raising his ass a little higher. “That’s good, Spike. Oh god, that’s good.”

Spike gripped Xander’s hips even harder and with added force, slammed all the way inside. Xander gasped and Spike continued, picking up momentum as he began to pound into the other man. “That’s it, Xan. Moan for me, pet.”

When Xander’s shoulder’s began to slowly slide back across the floor from the force of the movement, Spike grabbed his legs and pulled him back, forcing him to meet his thrusts. Both men grunted and groaned, Spike’s hips fucking hard, fast and deep while Xander squeezed and clenched, working his muscles around Spike’s cock.

“I could fuck you forever,” Spike grunted through clenched teeth. “That hot, tight ass wrapped around me…”

Xander moaned and slid his legs down Spike’s arms, wrapping them around the lean waist. He used his calves to squeeze, pulling Spike in deeper as he thrust.

“Oh fuck.” In a quick movement, Spike flipped them so he was lying on the floor on his back while Xander straddled his lap. “Ride me! Fuck yourself on my cock.”

Xander shut his eyes and continued the pace Spike had set, lifting up and sliding down in a fast tempo. With his hands on Spike’s chest, he arched his back, rocking back and forth, gripping with tightened muscles around the throbbing cock. Spike reached up and pulled a handful of hair, forcing Xander down to kiss him. When the sound of Spike’s whimpering moans began to increase, Xander lifted his eyes to watch the expressions on his lover’s face. He sat straight up, moved his hands back to grip Spike’s upper thighs and began bucking wildly.

“Fuck, you’re so hard. That’s it baby, let it go.” Xander leaned down, licking a path from Spike’s neck up to his ear, whispering in a low, gritty voice, “Come for me.”

Spike growled an almost inhuman sound and gripped Xander’s hips roughly. He placed his feet flat on the floor and raised his hips, thrusting upward as Xander pushed down. Covered in warm, tight heat, the sounds of skin slapping against skin, Spike opened his mouth, leant his head back and pushed one final time, his body spasming as he flooded Xander’s body with pulses of thick cum.

Xander waited, lying against Spike’s chest until he felt the last of the small tremors subside. Finally, he pulled off the other man and rolled beside him, trying to catch his breath while Spike freed his cock from the confines of the cockring. Once it was off and flung in the other direction, Spike laid back, stretching out beside Xander.

“Bloody hell.”

Xander looked over at him. “You can say that again.” He took a deep breath and then his brow furrowed. “Hey! You came!”

“Uh, yeah? That was the outcome I was going for…”

“But you were… you still had the cockring on!”

Spike chuckled and rolled onto his side up on his elbow and bent one leg over both of Xander’s. His free hand began running small circles over the broad chest, still rising and falling in deep, cleansing breaths. “Tight enough to make things interesting, pet. Not too tight to keep me from coming. There’s a difference if you know how to use it right.”

Xander’s opened his mouth in an ‘oh’ expression.

“Lessons to be learned after all.” Spike’s tongue curled behind his teeth and he grinned wickedly. “So you like the tongue ring, then?”

Xander snickered and gripped the back of Spike’s neck, pulling him down for a kiss. He forced his tongue inside and began twirling it around the metal ring. When he pulled back, he bit down on his lower lip. “So liking the tongue ring.”

Spike smiled. “And the cockring?” he asked, low and sultry. “You like that, too?”

“Mmmm. I don’t think like is a strong enough word.”

Spike laughed and leaned in to kiss Xander’s lips again. “Mmm, you taste like weed and beer,” he commented, licking his lips when he pulled away. “Good combination.”

Xander smiled. “You taste like me.”

Spike smiled back and let his head drop onto Xander’s chest.

They laid in comfortable silence for a few minutes until Xander finally spoke. “Congratulations by the way.”

Spike looked up in confusion.

“The company,” Xander reminded him. “That’s a pretty big deal.”

Spike nestled back down. “Yeah. Still can’t believe it myself. I don’t think it was out of the kindness of his heart. Figured out a long time ago, he’s lacking one of those.”

Xander shrugged. “So don’t look a gift horse in the mouth and just be happy, right?”

Spike shrugged. “That’s the plan.”

Another quiet moment and then, “So, things might change, huh? I guess you’ll be moving back to New York?”

Spike’s head lifted again and gazed up at Xander’s puppy dog expression. “Not for awhile, pet. Terms were that I finish my business courses and then work under Hank for a bit until I learn the ropes. Probably at least another year or so.”

Xander tried not to look happy but failed miserably.

Spike smiled back. “So I guess you’re stuck with me.”

“Damn. I already had a list of prospective roommates for the loft.”

The smile turned into a frown along with a raised brow. “Fuck you, Harris.”

“What, again? Cuz I’m thinkin’ I’m not gonna be able to walk tomorrow as it is, much less…”

Spike stopped him by latching back onto his lips. “Wanker.”

“Not with you around,” Xander teased.

Spike chuckled and pushed off Xander’s body, rolling over to lie flat on his back with his hands behind his head. “I could get used to this.”

Now it was Xander who rolled onto his side, facing the other man. “Get used to what?”

“Limos...parties…the lifestyle of the rich and famous.”

“If you start impersonating Robin Leach, I’m outta here.”

Spike chuckled again. “You think you could enjoy this?”

“Hmm. I don’t know. I’d have to give up an awful lot.”

Spike eyed him wearily.

“You know… peanut butter and jelly five days a week, digging for loose change under the couch cushions,” he lifted his foot and wiggled his toes, “living with the inevitable holes in my socks…”

“Well you might just have to make some sacrifices if you’re gonna be with me. I won’t have you walking around with holey socks.”

“Yeah? So what’s that mean, be with you. You mean you’ll still want me around when you’re a big, corporate millionaire?”

Spike rolled his eyes. “S’not like anyone else is gonna put up with my bullshit. And I kinda do like…” Spike reached for Xander, pulling him on top of his body to straddle his legs, “the way you fuck.”

“Oh, be still my heart,” Xander complained over-dramatically.

Spike pulled the other man down and kissed him gently, sliding the tongue ring against his lips. When the kiss ended, Spike looked down, around Xander’s body at a built-in digital clock.

“Merry Christmas.”

Xander looked up. “Huh?’

“After midnight. It’s Christmas, pet.”

“Merry Christmas, Spike. So… what’d you ask Santa for?”

Spike tilted his head and gave a thoughtful look. “Got everything I need, luv. Don’t need anything from jolly St. Nick.”

“There has to be something…”

“Nope. What about you? What’s Santa bringing in his bag for Alexander Harris?”

“It’s stupid. And not gonna happen, so I’m just gonna keep it to myself, okay? Less embarrassing that way.”

“Suit yourself, mate. Won’t make a fuss about it.”

Xander nodded and laid his head against Spike’s chest as Spike’s arms snaked out to wrap around his body. “Mmm. This is nice,” he whispered, closing his eyes.

“Yeah, it is.” Spike whispered back.

“I could get used to it.”

Spike nodded, tried to say something and stopped. Xander caught on and shifted his eyes upward.

“What is it?”

Spike shook his head.


Spike blinked and then slowly looked down at the other man. “Have you ever been in love?”

The question caught him off guard and Xander answered causiously. “I don’t know. Once I guess…or I thought I was.”

“What happened?”

He shrugged “Just wasn’t the right time, the right person… Things happened.”

Spike nodded but didn’t say anything.

“What about you?”

He shook his head. “Nah. Been too screwed up to care about anyone else.”

“What about Buffy?”

“It wasn’t real. I pretended. But I didn’t feel it,” he added.

Xander looked thoughtful with a small pout. “That can get lonely after awhile.”



Xander turned his eyes away. “So what’s this all about? You’re getting all sappy on me.”

Silence again before Spike answered. “Just wanted you to know that I don’t feel like I have to pretend with you.”

“Good. I wouldn’t want you to,” Xander answered, softly.

“You’ve seen some really bad parts of me… of my life, and you’re still here.”

Still looking away, Xander closed his eyes. “I told you I wasn’t going anywhere.”

More silence.

“I heard you last night, what you said when we were in bed.”

Xander nodded, his heart beating hard enough against his chest that he knew Spike could feel it too. “I wasn’t sure…”

“I was stupid, Xander. Didn’t know how to tell you that I feel the same way. That I love you.”

Xander smiled to himself. “I think that was pretty good.” He lifted his chin and turned his head to meet Spike’s eyes. He reached up, sliding his hand along Spikes cheek and let their mouths meet, running his tongue firmly along soft lips. “I could stand to hear that a few more times,” he smiled.

Spike smiled back. “Not much for saying it, but I meant it. Hope you can trust me enough to believe it.”

“I do. That’s what loving someone is. Trusting the way they feel so you don’t have to necessarily hear ‘em say it.”

Spike closed his eyes and began playing with the hair at the nape of Xander’s neck.

“By the way?”

“Hmm?” Spike mumbled.

“Guess Santa knew what I wanted after all.”

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