Part Sixteen

“Mmm. Do that again,” Spike growled, as his fingers twisted roughly around tangled sheets and blankets.

Xander’s smug smile went unseen, lying flat on his stomach, his face buried under heavy balls, nuzzling the area just above the small, puckered opening. Spike’s legs shifted to push his feet flat against the mattress, trying to raise his bottom to meet Xander’s mouth. If he could just get him to move a little lower… The tongue was teasing unmercifully, dipping down to trace the pucker, and giving just a hint of what it would feel like if he were to push inside. Lick, probe, suck and then back up again, causing Spike to grunt in frustration. He tongued a couple of gentle swipes along the low hanging sacks before returning south. Lick, probe, suck and Spike began cursing, scooting his body down, trying to force the moist tongue inside.

“Who’s doing this?” Xander asked, pulling away completely.

“Bloody hell, are you trying to kill me?! Just stick it in and fuck me already!”

Xander grinned evilly and licked his lips. “I don’t want to fuck you. Well, not that way.” His expression grew darker. “I think you deserve to be tormented.”

Spike laughed, leaning up to grab Xander by the hair, pulling that luscious mouth toward his hard, drooling cock. “I’ve got something you can torment…” He received a smile for that one.

Xander opened wide, shifting until he was on his knees, kneeling between wide legs and took the offered cock deep into his throat.

“Holy hell,” were the first words he heard, followed by “fuck yes,” and “deeper.”

He took the full length all the way in until he felt the swollen, velvet head rubbing the back of his throat and swallowed around it.

"Guh, uh," Spike moaned, resisting the urge to pump into the warm mouth surrounding him.

Xander continued to suck, one hand on Spike's hip, the other fondling his balls between his fingers. Finally he eased back, keeping his lips tight as he moved up to the tip of the huge cock. He suckled the head and then circled to gather the fluid leaking from the slit, letting the flavor saturate his tongue before swallowing greedily.

"Oh yeah, right there. Feels so good."

His mouth came off with a pop as Xander's hand moved to grip the throbbing erection, beginning a steady pull. "You like that? When I swallow you down?" he asked seriously, knowing the teasing in his voice would betray him.

"Fucking hell, you should give lessons. Make a bloody fortune, you would."

Xander chuckled. "Xander Harris, the Art of Fellatio.”

"Hell no. Harris’ Ten Step Guide to Cocksucking.”

Both men laughed, enjoying the easiness between them.

Once they settled, Xander crawled up on all fours to straddle Spike's legs and laid his body along the length of the other man's. He rolled his hips to rub their cocks together, receiving a lustful groan from below him. He leaned down locking his lips around Spike's and began kissing him slowly. He continued to rock, enough wetness between them to allow a steady slide. He stopped when he heard Spike's question.

"You gonna fuck me?"

Xander pushed up onto his hands, leaning directly over Spike.

"You gonna let me?"

Spike raised a cocky eyebrow and surprised his partner by quickly wrapping his legs around Xander's, pushing him over to where his was now the body on top, pinning him to the bed with a strong grip.

"You'd better grab the lube, mate."

Xander turned his head toward the drawer, his whole body tingling with anticipation. "Can't do that with you on top of me."

"Seems we have a bit of a problem then." Now it was Spike's turn to tease. He thrust against the other man, cock to cock, leaning in to nip lightly on Xander's collarbone with his teeth. "Fuck me, Xander."

"Mmmm," he moaned. "Okay, but I have something a little different in mind."

He received Spike's questioning glare.

"I want to make love to you."

Spike's stare became serious, his jaw tightening almost into a frown. Xander tensed, eyes wide and waiting. When he was finally sure it had been a horrible idea and was about to apologize, a roar of laughter erupted above him. Spike rolled off, sprawling onto his back, wiping wet tears from his face. He turned, found Xander's stare and realized he was the only one laughing. "What?"

"I was serious."

Spike hiccupped another laugh. "Do I need to remind you that we're blokes? We fuck."

"You said it yourself," Xander complained, "when we were... with Angel, you were the one who said we were making love."

"Was a figure of speech, you git. We fuck, shag, rut, screw... " He stopped when he saw Xander's frown. "Blokes don't make love."

Xander scooted down, resting on his elbow, rolling on his side to face Spike and wrapped a loose hand around his hip. "Call it what you want to, but I want to show you exactly what not making love feels like. Then let me hear you say it's only fucking."

"You making a challenge?"

"You accepting?"

Spike curled his tongue behind his teeth and smirked. "Do your worst, mate."

Xander sprung up onto his knees, rubbing his hands together excitedly. "Alrighty then. Roll over."


The younger man smiled. "Roll over onto your stomach and close your eyes."

Spike eyed him wearily, and then shrugged his shoulders, giving in. He flopped over, resting his head on his crossed arms. He felt the weight of Xander's body as he climbed on top, straddling him, his cock lying heavy on Spike's back.

Xander reached up, pulling Spike's arms down to lie loosely at his sides. He leaned down, letting his chest brush the firm, muscled back and whispered into Spike's ear. "I'll have you begging."

Spike mumbled under his breath and relaxed as Xander began to work his magic.

The brunet replaced his voice with a gentle warm breath to Spike's ear, ending it with a nip to the lobe and a gentle lick to the uppermost cartilage. He felt the man shudder beneath him and smiled at the reaction. Oh yeah, this is gonna be easy. His tongue left the sensitive ear to run down the hairline, placing soft kisses in a path along the back of the bare neck. He enjoyed the sound of soft mews and moans escaping half parted lips.

While his mouth was caressing the upper half, his cock was filling and swelling, rubbing so near the tempting, tight hole. He tried to ignore just how easy it would be to just slip, not yet and concentrated on his task of pleasurable seduction.

His lips moved lower, tongue delving between shoulder blades as his fingers brushed lightly down the defined arms. He could feel the flesh pebbling up in sequence to his touch. Lower still, he scooted down slowly, sucking skin between his lips and shadowing kisses until he reached the arch of Spike's back. The sound of moaning increased and he felt Spike rocking under him, trying to rub against the mattress.

He finally made it to the small crevice where the back ended and the curve of the round, tight ass cheeks began. He backed off, positioning himself toward the end of the bed to have full access to the area he was taking care of. He spread Spike's legs wider, placing his hands on either side of his inner thighs, his thumbs circling dangerously close but frustratingly far away from Spike's balls. His mouth formed a small circle and blew a soft line from the bottom to the top of the crack.

He smiled when he heard Spike's breath catch and felt his body tremble, arching into him. "You like that?"

No words, but a nod told him he should continue. His hands moved further up, each holding one cheek and pulled them apart, revealing the small, pink pucker. He blew again, passing over the hole.

"Fuck, Harris!" Spike's back arched again, begging Xander for more of something... anything.

Xander complied, leaning down to the opening and drove his tongue inside as far as it would go.

Spike screamed out a moan, his hands gripping and strangling the pillow under his head as the pointed tongue continued to probe him. In, wiggle, out, lick... Xander created a steady pattern until Spike was panting breathlessly, easing slowly onto his knees to raise himself higher. His head was buried deep into his pillow, his cock was throbbing, aching to be touched and Xander's tongue was fucking him faster and deeper each time he lunged.

His hand reached under him to find his dripping and raw cock and gripped it firmly.

"Uh-uh," he heard as Xander pushed his hand away. "That's my job."

Spike moaned, desperate to be touched. "Please, Xan."

He felt movement as the bed dipped and then saw Xander on his back beneath him, wriggling his way through his legs, shimmying until Spike was straddling his chest.

"You're so fucking hot," he whispered. "I’d suck every inch of you but I don't have the patience. Not when that cock is so big and swollen. You want me to taste you, Spike?"

"God, pet. You've got me so bloody hard."

Xander smiled and reached up to roam the length of the other body with his hands, stopping to tweak taut nipples, rolling and pinching them into sharp peaks. His eyes wandered south to the glistening erection oozing pre-come onto his chest, looking every bit ripe and ready to be explored.

"C'mere," he suggested in a whisper, "I want you to come inside my mouth."

Spike cocked an eyebrow but hurriedly rose up, anxious to be inside the warm cavern again. He did as Xander asked, positioning himself high enough to be within inches of the awaiting mouth. It took only a small amount of shifting before he was buried between red, puffy lips. He watched, fascinated as his cock disappeared in and out, Xander bobbing his head forward then back, swallowing the length and then releasing it to the tip.

Spike's cock was pulsing, so close, but Xander didn't want it to be over yet. He wanted to worship the taste, the feel of the throbbing flesh riding over his tongue. He grabbed onto Spike's hips to keep him still, not allowing him to thrust as he began sucking just the head into his mouth.

Spike grabbed the top of the headboard for support as his head flung back in pleasure. " If you don't want me to come yet, better stop doing that."

"Mmmm." Xander allowed the cock deeper inside and began humming, the small vibrations sending pulses of waves from the sensitive head, down the rock hard shaft, into Spike’s tightening balls.

When Spike thought it couldn’t feel any better, a finger probing his ass surprised him, sinking between his cheeks, pushing inside the clenched hole. He thrust, abandoning all self-control as he began to rapidly fuck Xander’s mouth.

Xander widened his jaw, taking Spike’s cock as it pumped inside him, hitting the back of his throat each time. His mouth began to water with anticipation, knowing he was close and then found his reward when Spike's cock finally pulsed and began to spasm, filling his mouth with warm, tangy spurts of come.

Spike cried out his orgasm, feeling the sensation of Xander swallowing down the mouthfuls of semen. When his senses returned and the pleasant numbness dissipated, he rolled away, trying to catch his breath. He turned his head to find Xander smiling smugly at him.

"What's that all about?"

"Nothing," Xander chuckled, "just love it when you lose control." He licked his lips and swallowed, the taste of Spike still strong on his tongue.

"Mmm. Was good, pet. But I'd still classify it as a fuck."

"Pfft... just taking a breather. What'd you think, I was done?"

Spike's brow rose with amusement.

Xander rolled to the edge of the bed and began fumbling inside the nightstand drawer. He pulled out the tube of lube and strand of condoms, placing them beside him for easy access. He smiled when he returned his attention to Spike, moving closer and pushing his body against the other man's. He reached for him, taking his lips and forcing his tongue deep inside. They kissed with intensity, Spike rolling to allow Xander to hover above him, their lips never parting as they moved. Hands were wandering, both men caressing and grabbing at naked skin, desperately seeking ways to be closer. Spike found Xander's cock, only half full and neglected. He began to circle it between his thumb and forefinger, pumping softly.

"I couldn't wait for you to touch me."

"Not nearly hard enough if you're gonna fuck me."

"Make love to you," he reminded.

"Yeah, right," came the sarcastic answer. "Either way looks like you could use some help there."

"You wanna do it? Or do you wanna watch?"

Spike moaned, imagining the sight of Xander's hands stroking his long, thick cock. He released his hold and scooted back, sitting his body against the headboard. "Gimme a show, mate."

Xander bit his lip, apprehension causing his breath to quicken. He didn't actually think Spike would take him up on it when he offered. He gulped down his pride and crawled up to lie flat on his back beside the other man. He took his cock in one hand and reached underneath to grip his scrotum with the other. He closed his eyes, trying to pretend he wasn't being watched.

He was alone, in his own bed, thinking of Spike while he masturbated like he'd been doing constantly since the day they'd met. He stroked long and even up the length of his shaft, circling around the head and then steadily back down to the base. Repeating the same motion a second time, he spread his legs a little wider, fondling his balls, twisting and pinching them between his fingers. The third pull on his cock was easier, slick with dribbling fluid, easing its way out to run along the underside.

He opened his eyes to stare at the man who'd become his fantasy and found dark blue, intense eyes staring back. He watched as he saw Spike's tongue dart out to lick his lips, and then as the blue eyes left his to wander down to his busy hands.

"That's it. Show me how you like it."

Xander moaned from the accented voice, keeping his eyes focused on blond hair and razor sharp cheekbones. His hips began to rise in time to his hands, now milking the flesh with a stronger grip. His cock was throbbing, the head purple and swollen and still leaking pre-come onto his hand. Spike reached out, swiped a drop and took it to his mouth. Xander arched when Spike's hand returned, wrapping around his own to help stroke the now firm erection.

"Oh, God, I can't wait anymore. Please?"

"What, pet? Say it."

He sighed, breathless. "Need to feel you. Want to be inside..."

Spike leaned down and kissed him deeply, reaching across to grab the silver, foiled package. He ripped the top and pulled out the condom, shooing Xander's hands away. He took the rubber between his lips and smiled at Xander's confused expression. Moving down on the bed, he positioned himself over the weeping cock and licked the head, pushing the condom over it with his tongue. He used his lips to work it partially down before his hands took over to roll it the rest of the way.

Xander was gasping as his stomach muscles clenched, his hands gripping the sheets in anguished pleasure. The tube was grabbed and one or both of them he’d have to refresh those details later was lubing his cock, preparing him to finally slide inside. Spike greeted him, wide-eyed, waiting for direction. The look of longing and lust made Xander feel powerful, in control. He turned Spike around to face the headboard.

"Up on your knees and hold on."

Xander moved behind him, also on his knees and gripped Spike's hips tightly, pulling the cheeks apart with his thumbs. He teased the area, pushing the tip of his cock against the tight opening, warranting a moan from in front of him. He leaned forward, his lips inches from Spike's ear.

"Do you know how much I've fantasized about this? The day we met I wanted to bend you over and fuck you raw. Now I just imagine it while I jerk myself off..."

Spike began to pant and arched his back, feeling the hard object at his entrance. He closed his eyes as Xander kissed his neck tenderly and then began to suck harder, pulling the blood to the surface to leave a mark. Spike's eyes rolled back and his breath stopped when he was finally breeched, feeling the burning pain of being spread wide.

"Oh, god!" he yelled, as he was filled by the other man.

"Jesus, Spike! Don't move!"

Spike froze, his knuckles turning white from the grip he had on the headboard. He waited until Xander had himself under control and then leaned his head back against his partner. Hands wrapped around his body, pulling him tight against a firm chest as fingers pinched and tweaked his erect nipples.

Xander was finally buried deep within Spike, his cock pounding with excitement at the newly discovered area. His lips massaged Spike's neck, his ear, his cheek... anything he could find to make contact with as he started sliding forward and then back into the hot, tight channel. The sound of Spike's gasps and moans caused his arousal to heighten and he pistoned faster into the sweet ass, pulling Spike’s hips toward him as he thrust forward.

"Harder, Xander! Fuck me harder!" Spike begged, when the burning eased to become movements filled with pleasure.

Spike left the support of the headboard and put his hands down on the bed, pulling his chest away from the warm body behind him. He slumped forward, burying his face into his pillow to push his ass into the air, allowing deeper penetration from the cock slamming into him. He shifted, wriggling and thrusting as he felt Xander's head rubbing a different area each time he pushed forward. He froze and cursed a string of obscenities when the cock hit a certain angle, sending waves of tingles throughout his body. Twice Angel had fucked him, but it was nothing compared to what Xander was doing.

"Can I come, Spike? Please? Can't hold it anymore, you're so fucking tight!"

"Fuck, Xan!" Spike grunted, feeling his own balls tightening. Without so much as a tug, he exploded, spilling sticky fluid onto the mattress under him.

Xander felt Spike's body spasm in orgasm and felt the muscles clamping down around him. When he realized Spike had come without any stimulation to his cock, the sheer excitement of it pushed him over the edge causing him to shudder his release into the confinement of the condom sheathing him. He collapsed on top of the sweat-slicked body, completely sated, listening to Spike's raspy breathing.

He took a moment to savor the feeling. "Okay, I give up," he whispered, pulling out to dispose of the used prophylactic. Once the object was in the trashcan, he pushed his body back against the gorgeous, naked man he'd just fucked.

Spike turned his head lazily to look at him. "What's that?"

"I said I give up. You were right. That was definitely fucking."

He received a smirk, followed by a kiss and an unspoken I told you so.

If all ‘I told you so’s’ were as sweet as this, he'd be sure to lose challenges more often.

Part Seventeen

Xander stepped through the door after drudging his day through work. Memories of the previous day had kept him content, causing mindless daydreams and several prodding pokes from his rambunctious co-workers. He had one thought on his mind and one thought only. Getting home to Spike.

When the quitting whistle sounded, Xander turned in his hardhat and tool belt and bounced excitedly to his car.

"Hi honey, I'm home," he called in the most Leave it to Beaver-ish voice he could muster, while sliding the heavy door shut behind him.

His lone echo was the only thing there to greet him. Disappointed, he entered the kitchen, opened the refrigerator and picked at a piece of left over pizza. He eyed the several bottles of beer and decided instead on a can of Mountain Dew. He popped the top and took a sip while moving into the living room. He plopped down onto the sofa and reached for the remote control, smiling when he saw the note wrapped around it fastened with scotch tape.


Was going stir crazy. Went out for a bit. Be back soon.


Flipping through the channels of endless sitcoms and boring talk shows, his mind conjured up a much better idea. Flinging the remote aside, he headed for the shower to rid himself of the day's grime.


Spike slid the door open and was immediately immersed by music thumping through the apartment. He threw his keys on the counter and worked his way through the open space until he reached the bedroom, where he found Xander lying sprawled, naked on the bed. His eyes followed one hand wrapped firmly around a hard cock and the other holding a long, jelly dildo, thrusting it inside then out, twisting and then pushing back in. He stood, arms crossed, eyes going black at the luscious show.

"Something I can help you with, pet?"

Xander's lust filled eyes penetrated the other man’s. The look he was giving, full of heat and desire sent shivers down the length of Spike's spine. He idled closer, shrugging out of his duster, letting it fall to the floor. He pulled his shirt over his head revealing the lithe, lean muscles hidden beneath the black, cotton material. Their eyes were still locked as he made his way catlike slowly up to where Xander was laying. He bent down, placing his lips over the other man’s and listened as Xander moaned into the kiss. He closed his eyes and reveled in the feel of the soft tongue tracing his own, rubbing and caressing every crevice deep inside his mouth.

Taking advantage of the distraction, Spike’s hand began roaming down, over erect nipples, stopping to pinch and fondle until he became impatient and hurried lower. His control was faltering, seeing the cock ripe and ready to be fondled. His hand collided with Xander’s, tracing the backside of his fingers until he finally interlocked their hands. Together, they continued a steady rhythm, stroking the hardened flesh.

“Thinking about me, were you?" he purred.

Xander didn't answer, instead took Spike's lips again in another greedy kiss. They stayed lost for a full minute, passion overwhelming them both, neither wanting to be the first to end it. Finally, Spike pulled away, leaving Xander whimpering for more.

"Imagining it was my cock fucking you?"

After another long and lingering kiss, Xander removed his hand to let Spike take over. He gripped the sheet tight between his fingers and began panting heavily as the hand slowly caressed his shaft from top to bottom, while a practiced tongue began tracing lines down the side of his neck. His head fell back, exposing the tender skin, letting his flesh be nipped and sucked. He could lie for hours just feeling Spike's mouth on him.

Spike raised up and allowed his eyes to wander, watching as Xander's other hand continued to work the large dildo in and out of his body. He grabbed Xander's free hand, bringing it to his jean-covered erection. He felt like a teenager, about to come in his pants just from the feel of Xander's receptive body.

"Mmmm, feel how hard I am? So ready for you..."

Xander moaned again, feeling the result of what his masturbation play was doing to his lover. He began rubbing firmly against the bulge through the thick material, turned on more in knowing that Spike was so hard for him.

"Take it out, pet. I need to feel you touching me.” Licking me, sucking me.

In haste, Xander’s hand was fumbling with the buckle and relieving the buttons that were confining Spike’s erection. Once open, he reached in, pulling out the large, drooling cock. His hand began mimicking Spike's, squeezing and stroking, rapidly bringing the blond to full hardness. He moaned at the feel of the cock in his hand, cherishing the power he had over the other man’s body. He loved the way Spike trembled at the slightest touch of his fingertips. The guttural sounds that came from his chest letting Xander know he was getting it right.

"God, Spike," he hissed, "I always think about you. What you do to me... how you feel when you're inside me." The hand controlling the movements of the dildo sped, pushing the object deeper inside. His cock pulsed from Spike's continued ministrations, leaving it leaking and pleading to come.

Spike shifted, kissing and nibbling his way down the naked torso beneath him, rotating his body ninety degrees to suck the majority of Xander's dick into his mouth. His hand squeezed the base, fingers running along the smooth twin sacks while he tongued the large swollen head, lapping up the clear liquid oozing out. He captured it, licking his lips to savor the taste that was completely Xander. His eyes rested on the large, penis-shaped dildo moving slowly in and out of the small hole. The sight of Xander fucking himself caused the blood to travel from his brain to his groin and his cock began to throb and pulse, desperately wanting to replace the toy and slide into his lover. He relaxed his muscles and took the length of the shaft in deeper, letting it graze the back of his throat.

Involuntary grunts were coming from the brunet's lips as his hips rose off the bed, trying to bury his cock deeper inside the warmth of the mouth surrounding him. He began frantically pulling at Spike's jeans, trying to get them off his hips. Spike shifted to help, letting Xander yank until they were crumpled down around his ankles. He toed them off the rest of the way, displaying his naked erection jaunting proudly full and hard in front of him.

Xander moaned at the sight of him. Naked, hard… all for him. He had to feel, had to taste the uniqueness of Spike's flavor. Leaving the object embedded deep inside, he immediately grabbed Spike’s legs with both hands. The blond took the hint and lifted up and over, straddling Xander’s broad chest.

Xander reached out, gripping Spike’s cock, pulling it back closer to him. He raised his head and began a steady lick to his balls, fondling and separating them, sucking them in, first one and then the other. He gripped Spike’s hips, pulling him back further to allow his tongue to trace a path down the length of the cock above him. He tried to concentrate. Tried to give Spike the best pleasure possible, but the sucking hold around the tip of his head caused Xander to buck up involuntarily, all thoughts focused on not coming. He began mirroring the motions, pulling Spike’s cock into his mouth engulfing him the same way he was being taken. He cried out when he felt Spike gripping the dildo, pulling it out, sliding and thrusting in again, stretching him open.

"So pretty. All spread and open. Begging to be fucked."

“Ugh… mmm,” he moaned, “yeah. Fuck me, Spike. Fuck me hard.”

Obeying, Spike's mouth and hand began a quickened pace, alternating movement. Xander held his breath at first, then let it out, beginning ragged breathing, gasping for air. So close, his body began to tremble, the fire building in the pit of his stomach. He teetered on the edge until he finally lost control and came, shooting pulses of warm, rich liquid into Spike’s mouth.

Spike swallowed it down hungrily, tonguing the cock clean. Once the other man's tremors stopped, he slowly withdrew the object from Xander’s body. “Can’t wait, luv. Gonna fuck you now. Gonna pound into that ass until I’m coming so hard…” ”

Spike scrambled, turned his body around and headed for the nightstand drawer. He fumbled, searching, moving objects, returning empty handed.

“What the fuck?!”

“What?” Xander asked, pulling his legs up, waiting for Spike to take his position.

Spike took one look at Xander, submissively offering himself, his ass raised and slicked, looking innocent and completely fuckable. This man was going to be his undoing.

“Bugger this!” he cursed, returning to the table. He grabbed it, yanking the drawer as hard as he could and pulled it out, flipping the entire thing upside down on the bed. “No fucking condoms!”

Xander lowered his legs slowly and gave an astonished glance through the miscellaneous items. “How the hell do we not have condoms?”

Spike glared. He was ready to explode and desperately wanted to be inside that sweet, tight heat he knew was waiting for him. He crawled toward Xander, positioning his body between the legs spread in front of him.

“Ass up, Harris.”

Xander’s eyes widened. “Huh?” Spike couldn’t possibly be suggesting…

“You heard me. Knees to your chest.”

Xander cautiously raised his legs, locking his arms around his knees, exposing his cheeks to his partner. Spike moved closer, wrapping one hand around his cock and the other around Xander’s hip. He guided the moistened head to Xander’s body, rubbing it firmly against the puckered hole.

“Spike,” Xander warned.

Spike ignored him, closed his eyes and continued rubbing against the entrance. His hand began to pump quicker, sliding up the full length of his shaft, squeezing then sliding back down. He continued to push against the tight opening, then eased off to stroke and caressed a little more. His breathing shortened, the telltale sign and Xander knew he was about to come.

Xander moaned and wriggled, rubbing back on the blunt tip of the hard cock.

"Oh yeah, Spike. You're so fucking hot." He began to rock, pushing firmly against the silky head. "Come for me, baby."

Spike pumped and aimed as he exploded with a loud moan, shooting against Xander’s hole, leaving a white, milky trail to pool down between the spread cheeks and onto the bed.

Xander released his legs and stretched out as Spike’s weight fell on him. He ran his hand through the blond hair lying on his chest and sighed, giving the other man time to calm down. When he heard Spike’s breath even out and he knew the ride of his orgasm was over, Xander whispered, “Spike?”

Answering the question before it was asked, Spike turned his head, resting it on the chest below him to gaze into the dark intense eyes staring back. “I have no fucking clue. Hell of a time to run out.”

Xander chuckled and began pushing Spike off of him, ready to clean the mess of come from between his legs. “Top of the grocery list. Condoms. Boxes and boxes of condoms.”

“Bloody right, mate. Don’t like not being able to shag you when I want to.” Spike smiled, picking up the object lying on the bed and began tossing it from one hand to the other. “Interesting choice in toys, mate. Got one in blue?”

Xander snatched the dildo away, faking insult, laughing as he stood up. “Genuine motto. Every man should have an extra cock lying around.”

Spike raised an eyebrow in amusement.

“You’re telling me you don’t?”

“Hell the fuck no!”

Xander shook his head, laughing to himself and disappeared into the closet with his item in tow.

Part Eighteen

Spike woke up as he had the past couple of mornings; missing Xander and impatiently waiting the time away until quitting time, when the other man would walk through the door shouting, "Honey, I'm home!" as was becoming the silly custom. He straightened up, watched television, and fiddled with his guitar... anything to keep him occupied. His mind even toyed with the thought of finding a day job to bide his time, then quickly dismissed the idea as a moment of utter weakness. As he'd told himself, this man would be his undoing, he was sure of it. Especially when the next idea hit him like a ton of bricks.

He envisioned the previous night, when he and Xander had stayed up much too late, sitting in front of the stereo. Complaining that sex was the only thing they had between them, intent on spending at least one evening out of bed, fully dressed and boy did Spike complain about that idea, Xander suggested a night of his and his sharing of music. Offering that they needed to start learning more about each other, more than techniques and favored positions, he determined you could learn a lot about someone by the music they enjoyed. They'd retrieved a pack of playing cards, turned the volume on high, drank and laughed while betting stupidly on numerous games of poker. Xander lost the last hand, eventually giving in to Spike's many innuendos and dragged the other man to the bed to make good on his lack of poker playing losing streak bets.

Spike glanced at his watch, deciding how much time he had before Xander would arrive home and set his plan in motion. He called Charlie, making sure his apartment would be available for use, then began sorting through the closet, through faded jeans, jeans with holes, jeans too tight but entirely keepable and the couple pairs of leather he wore only onstage. Groaning at his lack of wardrobe, he realized a shopping trip was first and foremost on the list. He turned toward the left of the closet, grabbing a pair of black jeans that he'd never seen Xander in and threw them on the bed. The brunet's look of choice was disregarded because if Spike had his way, he' never let the other man wear khakis again. Jeans were much more desirable and clung just right to his lover's irresistible physique. And he really didn't have time to start picturing Xander's physique right now. He grabbed a sweater, a pair of shoes to go with it and threw everything into a bag.

After a quick trip to the store for supplies he would need for the evening, he made his way to the mall to find himself something to wear. Once done with his errands, he surprised Xander at work with a quick kiss, leaving him with nothing but an address on a note stating, "Be here after work. Don't go home, 4:30 and not a minute later". With an amused expression when Xander began asking questions, Spike turned and left.

After setting up the apartment, Spike showered and dressed into the new clothes he'd purchased. Dark blue jeans that hugged his hips in all the right places, a blue button down shirt hung loosely over the pants and a new pair of black dress boots. For the finishing touch, he added a short, waist level black leather jacket to replace the long duster he always wore. He glanced at his image in the mirror, ran his hands through his jelled hair and looked at the clock. He'd have to hurry to make it there before Xander showed up.


Xander pulled up in front of the small apartment building, checking the piece of paper to make sure he had the correct address. He stood in the hallway, not knowing exactly what to expect. Spike had been acting so strange when he'd seen him earlier. Xander had been surprised. He hadn't even realized that Spike knew which sight he was working on.

Looking at the note in his hand, he knocked on the door. He immediately recognized Charlie from the one time Spike had introduced him to his band mates. Charlie stepped back and invited him inside. Xander entered wearily, looking around the small apartment.

"Hey, Spike told me to..."

"Meet him here," Charlie interrupted. "I know. He'll be right out."

Xander nodded, sliding his hands in his pockets, standing awkwardly like one does when they are trying to make conversation with a stranger.

"So, you're in Spike's band."

"Actually, Spike's in my band."

"Oh, uh, sorry."

Charlie was giving him the look a father would give his daughter's date, sizing him up from head to toe, trying to determine if he was good enough. Xander would have laughed if he wasn't under such scrutiny.

"You known him long?"

Charlie smiled, easing the tension a bit. "Long enough to know you must be a hell of a guy. I wouldn't expect him to do this for anyone."

"Do what?"

"Nothing, Xan. Charlie talks too much."

Both men turned toward the blond leaning in the doorway of the bedroom. Xander took in Spike's appearance and felt tingles climbing his spine. To say he was gorgeous would be too much of an understatement.

Spike walked the short distance between them, leaning in to kiss him gently on the lips. "Go shower and change. We don't have a lot of time."

"Change? But I don't have..."

"In the bedroom. There's clothes on the bed."


"Would you just stop yammering and do what I said?"

Xander smiled and let his eyes travel down the length of Spike's body, ignoring Charlie still standing beside them. "Mmm you look good. I say we go home and…"


A pout curled on Xander’s lips but he did as told and disappeared into the other room.


"Okay, so Charlie knows about us?"

They'd left the apartment immediately after Xander came out, dressed in the wardrobe picked out for him. Still not sure where they were going, he sat in the passenger seat of the Desoto, still ogling over the hotness of Spike.

"Yeah. Not much he doesn't know."

"So you're pretty close, huh?" The jealousy in Xander's voice was apparent.

"S'not like that. Known him for a long time's all."

"You ever fuck 'em?"

Spike did a double take, realized Xander was serious and began a body-shaking laugh.

"Contrary to what you might believe, I don't fuck everyone I meet, Harris. He's a friend. A very good, and also a very straight, friend."

"He was giving me the eye. I didn't like it."

"He's not used to having blokes show up at his apartment."

"Yeah. Why was that? What's wrong with our apartment?"

"Airing the place out. Fumigators. Got rats. Nasty little buggers."

Xander giggled at the lie and let the question go.

"So where are we going?"

Just then, the Desoto took a hard left, pulling into the parking lot. "You hungry?"

Xander looked around, recognized the restaurant and turned toward Spike.

"This ain't your average burger joint, Spike. You sure you want to eat here?"

Spike turned off the ignition, unbuckled his belt and opened the door.

"You're hungry, I'm hungry; let’s eat, yeah?"

Xander cocked an eyebrow, shrugged his shoulders and stepped out of the car. The restaurant was classier than most in their neighborhood, but not so stuffy management required a coat and tie. Well presented nice jeans would get you through the door and that's where they had you. The one thing it wasn't was cheap.

"Yes, sir. Right this way."

The hostess showed them their booth after Spike announced the reservation. Dinner for two in a quiet corner and Xander's curiosity was peaking.

"You come here often?"

"Nah. First time," Spike answered with his nose already buried in the menu.

Xander's eyes widened, his hand gripped the top of Spike's menu to pull it down, meeting his eyes overtop.

"You do know it's gonna set us back a pretty penny, right? I mean, who the hell pays $15 for a cheeseburger?!" he complained, glancing at the prices staring him in the face. "We could have just gone to the diner around the corner if you were hungry."

Spike smiled, amused that Xander wasn't catching on and returned his attention to the choices before him.

"Yeah, but then you wouldn't have anything to complain about."

Spike caught the small frown and sat the menu down on the table between them. "Look, we're here. I'm paying. Get what you want and let me worry about the price."

Xander submitted and nodded. "It's your money."

The waitress returned and took their orders. Appetizers, steak for both and imported beer, the only thing available on the menu.

"Can I ask you a question?"

Spike leaned in, resting his chin on his hands, elbows placed firmly on the table. He watched as Xander began to open his mouth, closed it, cleared his throat and swallowed a sip of water.

"Spit it out already, Harris."

Their eyes met. "Where do you get your money? I mean, gigs can't pay that much and you have this nice apartment, with no real job to pay rent, groceries, anything."

Spike's eyes fell away showing a hint of sadness. The amused smile disappeared and he began fumbling with his napkin, folding and refolding it meticulously.

"My mum left me a bank account when she died a couple of years back. 'S enough to get me by."

"I'm sorry. I shouldn't of..."

"No, 's alright. I don't mind talking about her."

Xander contemplated, then nodded. "Okay then, tell me. I wanna hear your life story."

Spike tilted his head and pursed his lips. "Wha' do you want to know?"

"Everything. You, your family, where you've been..."

The blond chuckled. "Alright, I was born in London, my father died when I was five. My mum and me stuck it out for a few more years until her business kicked off. When things picked up we moved to the states. New York."

"So if your dad's not around, who's in New York?"

"Ethan. The bastard she married."

A look of understanding from Xander as Spike's eyes fell away and he bit a chip from the appetizer plate. The table quieted, both men silent in their own thoughts.

"Do you really want to talk about this?"

Spike smiled in relief. "Fuck no."

"Alright. Change of subject. Tell me about Buffy instead."

Spike rolled his eyes. "You don't beat around the bush, do you?"

"Well, I think it's kind of an important subject. Don't you?"

Spike sighed. "I s’pose."

"So tell me. What's the deal?"

Spike rolled his shoulders, stretching tensed muscles, unsure of how Xander would react once he revealed exactly why he'd stayed with Buffy. He sipped his beer and started. "My mum ran a rather large company. Investments, stocks, dabbled in real estate some. When she died, Ethan took over. Bloody awful business sense, though. Had to take on a partner. Needed someone to bring funds and clients into the fold. Ended up being Buffy's dad. I met Buffy a couple years back. We talked a bit, got along on account of she'd lost her mum, too. Seemed like a nice girl. Ethan got this idea in his head that I get close to her. Figured if I was in with the family, he'd know exactly what was goin' on behind the scenes like. Keep her happy, keep her dad happy."

"You were using her for your dad's business?"

"Somethin' like that. Felt kinda bad for doin' it though. I could tell she was gettin' serious."

"So why didn't you stop?"

"Wasn't that easy. Ethan made some threats. Told me if I tried to pull out, it could cost him. He'd heard rumors that Hank wasn't happy and was thinking about pulling out of the company. Said I didn't need to do anything to jeopardize the relationship between our families."

"So what? Why should you care?"

Spike eyed him pointedly. "Because in another four years, I'll be the majority stock holder in the company, that's why. My mum left everything in a trust until I'm twenty-five. When that happens, Ethan'll be out on his ass faster than you can say the word."

A half-hearted sigh kind of gasp. "Oh."

"Yeah, oh. So you see, it was in my best interest to make everyone happy."

"I can see that, yeah." Xander was uncharacteristically quiet, his fork casually dipping into the vegetables on the plate the waitress had served while Spike was talking.

"So let's hear it, Harris."


"Your thoughts. Whatever's going on in that brain of yours."

"I don't know. I'm"

Spike's eyes slanted. "Wow?"

"And maybe...score!"


"Okay, not only are you sexy and gorgeous as hell. You fuck like an animal, which is meant in an entirely oh so good way, but you're also gonna be rich too? Man, what did I do to get so lucky?"

A smile curled on the other man's lips. "So you want me for my money's what you're saying?"

Xander shook his head. "Hell no. I want you for your cock. The money's just a bonus!"

Spike's tongue curled behind his teeth as he gave a smirk Xander had come to appreciate as a one of a kind Spike characteristic. One that made him hard just to look at.

"Well then, now that that's out in the open..." Spike shrugged and began cutting into his steak.


They left the restaurant, Spike happy to have finally told him a bit of his story, Xander happy just to be with Spike. Especially when the blond took his hand, intertwining their fingers as they walked the short distance to the car. He was grinning ear to ear and didn't give a damn about the passersby eyeing them with curiousness or distaste. When they reached the Desoto, Xander found himself pushed against the door with Spike's body pressed snuggly against him. Warm lips were caressing his, soft and teasing, a tongue probing but not forcing it's way inside. His arms snaked out, one wrapping the other man's waist as the other caressed the shorthairs on the back of his neck.

"Thanks for dinner."

Spike smiled. "C'mon. We're gonna be late."

"Where are we going now?"

No answer came, just silence as Spike moved away, retreating to his own side of the car.

When they pulled up in front of the large Cineplex, Xander began to chuckle.

"What's that about?"

"Dinner and a movie? Is this a date, Spike?"

Spike rolled his eyes. "Pfft."

"It is! It's a date! Try to deny it," he challenged, his smile widening as they stepped out of the car.

"Two people can't just eat and catch a flick?"

Xander teasingly poked Spike's side. "Admit it. C'mon, it won't kill you..."

"Fine. You want to call it a date? Would that make you happy?"


The cheesy smile Spike received caused his stomach to turn flips. Just to see the way Xander's entire face lit up. He leaned in, kissing him sweetly on the lips. "Alright."

"Do I get popcorn?"

"Now you're pushing it, Harris."

They grabbed seats, Spike leading them straight toward the back row. Xander placed the large tub of extra buttered popcorn between them and scooted down, kicking his foot over the seat in front of him. As the lights went down and the previews showed up on the screen, Xander smiled when he felt the heavy weight of Spike's hand on his thigh. Not moving, not rubbing, just resting there as an intimate gesture. He turned his head, catching Spike's attention.


"Thank you for this."

He received a nod, another warm smile and a gentle squeeze on his leg. They watched the movie, sharing popcorn and soda, annoying the few people in front of them by offering their own dialogue and commentary for amusement. Throughout the majority of the picture, Spike's hand stayed casually placed with Xander's curled on top. When it slid further inward, Xander removed his and gripped the arm of the chair. He shifted in his seat, placed both feet flat on the floor, splaying his legs farther apart. When Spike's hand moved to brush against his cock, Xander flinched and let his head fall back against the back of the seat. When the hand began to rub, his muscles tensed and he gasped his excitement.

“People, Spike. People,” Xander warned quietly.

“Relax. No one’s paying any attention.”

Xander pushed his legs as wide as they would go, adjusting himself in his seat, trying to ease the tightness of his jeans. He heard a snap and felt a bit of relief from the pressure when Spike began tugging his zipper down. Fingers slid underneath the material of the boxers and Xander tried to contain a moan when he felt them grip his cock, squeezing firmly.

“Fuck, Spike.”

The blond chuckled. “Sorry, Xan. Not in the theater.” Xander glared at the joke, trying to keep his breathy moans quiet. “But I could get you off, though. Here, in the dark with everyone around. Feel my hand rubbing you? Stroking you?”

Xander whimpered, pushing his hips forward into the tight grip.

Spike leant his body in, his lips inches from Xander’s ear. His voice was low, husky, liquid sex. “I feel you throbbing, getting so hard for me. Do you want to fuck me?”

Another moan escaped half parted lips. “I think we should leave.” Xander’s eyes met Spike’s. “Right now.”

Spike smiled. “Uh-uh. Gonna stay right here and finish the movie. With my hand on your cock, bringing you so close… I could make you come, you know. It’d be so easy and they’d be none the wiser.”

“Please, Spike.” The pleading in his voice told Spike how close he actually was.

“Watch the movie, Xan.”

Spike turned his eyes to the screen and began watching, still massaging, stroking… until the credits began to roll. When the lights came back on, he casually removed his hand, fastened Xander back into his jeans and stood up to walk out of the theater, leaving the other man sitting alone, painfully hard, embarrassed to stand.

Xander closed his eyes, willed his hard-on away without success and then settled for pulling his sweater as far down as he could. He caught up to Spike at the end of the row, allowing other people to pass by, pressing his body against him. He pushed his chin over the other man’s shoulder and gripped his hips tightly.

“You know you’re gonna pay for that. I’m gonna fuck you ‘til you’re raw.”

Spike smiled, leaning his head back. “We’ll see about that.”

“Yep. I guess we will.”


The ride back to the loft was long and frustrating for Xander. Still impossibly hard, he attempted several times with both hands and mouth to repay Spike for the uncomfortable position he'd put him in, only to be batted away. Feeling neglected, he finally scooted toward his own side and began staring out the window.

Spike glanced out of the corner of his eye, trying to keep his smile hidden. Xander was a sight, flushed and frustrated, needy and begging. It had taken all his focus to turn him away. Now, as he sat slumped in his seat, his lover and how Spike loved the sound of that was the most scrumptious looking thing he could imagine. Lip curled into a pathetic pout, hands resting in his lap, which was still showing off a very proud and intimidating bulge. He couldn't wait to get him home.

When they pulled up to the apartment complex, Spike couldn't dart from the car fast enough. He was out and pulling Xander by the hand before the brunet knew what was happening.

"C'mon, Harris. One more surprise before the night's over."

Xander tried to glare, tried not to look tempted, putting on a show of still being upset. When Spike leaned in for a kiss, the mask of hurt fell away, replaced with open need and desire. They kissed for several minutes, lost in the pleasure of being wrapped around each other. Finally making it to the elevator, the roles reversed and Xander had Spike backed against the wall, grinding his pelvis against the blond's hip, moaning into his mouth as the kissing and fondling continued. He thrust his hips, rubbing his erection against his partner, feeling Spike's own pushing at him. Once they reached the top, Xander was left alone again when Spike pulled away.

"Stay here."


"Stay here. Don't come in yet."

"Why?" Xander asked, moving in and pushing his hand inside the back pocket of the well-fit jeans. He squeezed, trying to pull Spike toward him again. Wanting those lips, that mouth. The kisses he could stay lost in for days.

Again, Spike pulled away. "Stop asking so many questions."

"Stop playing hard to get," Xander answered with a sly smile, letting his hand slip down the other man's lean torso to brush against the eminent bulge.

"Hardly playing. Now stay. I'll be right back."

Spike disappeared inside and locked the door behind him.

Xander leaned his body against the wall and waited impatiently.


The door opened and Spike stepped outside. Now barefoot, shirt open hanging loosely at his sides, pants unbuttoned revealing just a hint of dark curls. He held out his hand and Xander readily accepted it. They moved through the doorway slowly, Spike walking gracefully backward, Xander following with hands linked, lips joined in the most tender of kisses. When he felt the need to come up for air, Xander took his eyes off intense eyes long enough to notice the mood in the apartment. Soft music playing in the background, candlelight flickering off the walls giving a subtle glow of romantic ambiance. An ice bucket with two crystal wine glasses was sitting casually on the countertop and then there was the bed. From the open path to the bedroom, he could see the inviting area draped with red silk and satin.

He focused on the blue eyes staring longingly at him. "Spike, this is... I don't know what to say."

"Don't need you to say anything."

Xander watched as Spike's lips approached him, tongue reaching out to lap lasciviously at his mouth. Licking slowly, gently... leaving no spot untouched. The feel of arms cradling him, his body pressed to a bare chest rising and falling with heavy breaths. His knees felt weak, barely able to hold his weight when it hit him. The dinner, the date... Spike was trying to seduce him and it was the most erotic feeling he'd ever know he was wanted this way.

First things first, he reached down, unbuckling his shoes and took them off along with his socks, throwing them into the corner. On to better things, his hands snuck their way under Spike's open shirt, finding flexed muscles, rubbing over smooth skin, pulling the garment off Spike's shoulders, letting it drop to the floor.

"You're amazing," he whispered, moving closer. He dipped down, beginning with a taut nipple and sucked gently at the skin, licking the nub, hearing the appreciative gasp at his touch. He left the sensitive area, licking a trail over Spike's collarbone, up the exposed neck leaned back in pleasure and stopped when he reached the awaiting mouth. He kissed him with as much emotion as he could put into a single moment.

He felt hands tugging at the bottom of his sweater and he stepped back to allow the offending item to be pulled over his head. Without a word they were joined again, bare chests touching, hands roaming, lips pressed tightly against each other. He slid his arms around Spike's body, his fingertips making slow and steady circular patterns along the arch of his back until finally sliding under the waistband of the loosened jeans. Spike hissed when Xander squeezed, each hand massaging a firm piece of flesh.

Xander worked the jeans down just a bit, just enough to catch a glimpse of the glistening head of Spike's cock peaking over the material. His eyes made an obvious show of looking and he wet his lips in anticipation of having the hard flesh in his mouth. But not yet. Not when the rest of the lean body was left unexplored. He allowed a second glimpse and decided maybe just a taste would be all right. With ease, he lowered himself down, placing kisses in a trail as he went. Again, over the heaving chest, then lower, letting the tip of his tongue tease the ticklish spot around Spike's navel, then licking down the patch of hair leading him to his reward. Still confined by the jeans surrounding it, he licked a circle around the tip of the cock, the only piece he was able to see. He heard the moan his touch invoked and smiled. Although tempted to forgo the seduction and yank the zipper down, he restrained himself, moving back up to stand in front of Spike.

"Fuck, Xan. I'm supposed to be seducing you."

Xander leaned in, brushing his lips against the side of Spike's neck. "Yeah?"

"That was the plan."

Xander stepped back, displaying his arms out to his sides. "Mmm. So, seduce me."

Spike smiled. He grabbed the bucket filled with ice and reached for Xander's hand. "C'mon." He led him slowly to the bedroom, dropping the bucket onto the table next to the bed. They turned toward one another and Spike continued where Xander left off, closing the gap between them to reach for the other man's lips.

"I picked out your clothes. I imagined what you would look like in these jeans."

"I don't usually wear them."

"You should." Spike let his hand drop, gripping Xander's hip, squeezing gently. He began to move, seductively circling the other man, his hand moving along the jeans. When he reached the back, he pushed his body flush against him, knowing Xander could feel the bulge of his erection pressing against his ass. Spike wiggled his hips causing his own cock to rise even further, searching friction.

"When we were at Charlie's and you came out from your shower..." He moaned softly into Xander's ear.

The brunet closed his eyes and concentrated on the feel of Spike's breath so close.

"I wanted to skip the rest and bring you back here. Wanted to bend you over and… You looked so hot."

Xander felt hands gripping his hips, felt Spike pushing and moving against him, humping his ass. He arched his back, pushing back.

"Mmm, Xan. I couldn't though. Wanted to show you off. Do you even realize? You have no idea how incredible you are, do you?"


"Look over there."

Xander glanced where Spike was pointing and sucked in a breath at the sight. He'd been so focused on the other man he hadn't noticed the large mirror that replaced an entire wall.

"When did you..."

Still in the same position, Spike turned their bodies to face it. "Look, Xan." He traced his fingers up the sides of the larger body, then wrapped them around to massage the broad, muscular chest. "You stepped out and I had to catch my breath. I love your shoulders, the way they flex and stretch... even under a sweater you can see how strong and sleek they are. I bet you didn't know that when you come, you throw your head back, rolling your shoulders to push your chest forward, flexing every muscle from your neck to your cock."

Xander stared in the mirror watching the two reflections, the candlelight dancing off their bodies making them shimmer. Mesmerized by the hands brushing lightly down the length of his body, he shuddered, the hair on his body standing up on end, not sure if it was from the touch or the words spoken in the sexiest voice he'd ever heard.

"And speaking of..." the hands continued down, gaining momentum as they began to rub rather than brush. Xander watched when Spike cupped his erection through his jeans, blinking for just a moment at the feel but not wanting to miss the sight.

"These are just tight enough to show off the curve of your ass when you walk. I was staring and you didn't even notice. But then you turned around... "

Spike let out a long, breathy moan, pushing his hips forward, searching for even more friction against his aching erection. "And I could see it. You were already hard for me, weren't you? Have been all night. Even through those sodding boxers... through the denim holding you in, I could see you. Every inch," a gently squeeze of his hand, "the outline," fingers tracing up the line of the bulge, "the length... and I know how big and thick it gets. I could close my eyes and picture exactly what I wanted to see."

Spike," Xander moaned, his lids lowered halfway in pleasure.

He watched as the fingers slowly unsnapped him, as they found the top of the zipper and began to lower it down, one tooth at a time. Watched when the hand slid inside his jeans and underneath the elastic of his boxers. Then closed his eyes and hissed when the strong fist closed around him, making him arch into the body behind.

"I couldn't help it. Would have fucked you in the theater if I could have."

Long steady strokes along his shaft, the mirror showing exactly what Spike was doing to him.

"Wanted to. Would have taken you right there, too, if I'd thought you'd let me. I don't think you noticed how hard I was. Would have pulled my cock out..." The hand not wrapped around his cock disappeared from sight and Xander felt shuffling behind him. Spike shimmyed and Xander saw the dark blue jeans being kicked aside, crumpled on the floor. He moaned, naked Spike behind him and he wasn't able to see.

"Would you have let me, Xan? We were in the corner; everyone else was watching the movie. What if I had asked? Would you have said yes?"

Spike continued rubbing, pre-come dribbling faster now, slicking his fingers. He closed his eyes and leaned his forehead against Xander's back, then opened them when his free hand dipped inside the back of the black jeans, under the boxers. He gripped the top and began pushing down until Xander's hands came up to help, sliding the material off his hips, down his legs until they were both standing naked. Spike's hand was still firmly massaging Xander's cock, so hard it was now almost slapping against his stomach, purple, raw and beautiful. His own cock was trapped between their bodies, rubbing slowly against the tempting cheeks.

"I was throbbing, ready for you. You could have slid over, climbed on and lowered yourself so easy. We could have been quiet, moved slow... so no one would know I was inside you. That you were riding me. Not until I came anyway. ‘Cause when I'm there, inside your ass, and I come... there's no way I could keep quiet. Have to tell you how you feel. Have to let you know how good it is when you're squeezing me, milking my cock." He breathed hard, heavy against Xander's neck, trying to control himself, the visual alone almost making him come.

Spike blinked, slowed his movement on the hard cock in front of him and whispered, "But I would have done it if you would have said yes."

Xander moaned and let out his own heavy breath. "I would have... said yes."

"On the bed, Xander. While you still have a chance."

The urgent need in the British voice made Xander's knees weak. He climbed forward, onto the mattress, cradling the pillow underneath his head, pushing aside the strip of condoms and small bottle of lube he found hidden beneath it. The satin sheets below him were cool, slippery, brushing sweetly against his skin, his cock... The weight of Spike's body landed on top of him, lips kissing the heated skin on the back of his neck, cock nestled against the cheeks of his ass. His back arched, pushing his hips further up, begging for more contact. Spike left for a few seconds, leaning toward the table, then returned to the same position. This time when Xander felt the lips on his neck, he gasped, chilled by the ice between Spike's teeth. He shivered then relaxed.

"Oh, yeah."

Spike moaned, working the ice in small circles along the shoulders, down tight muscles tense from the cold, the ice melting quickly until it was a tiny sliver. He kissed slowly, seductively down the small of Xander's back, over clenched buttocks until he reached the long, slender leg. He continued south, nipping slowly down one calf, receiving a giggle when he hit a particularly sensitive ticklish spot. On to the other leg, working his way back up, licking, kissing, turning his lover into a pile of mush beneath him. He claimed men fucked. He never said fucking couldn't feel nice. He slid his body up beside the other man's, his head on his elbow, gazing into brown eyes dilated and fixed lustfully on his own. His hand continued to rub feather soft circles along Xander's skin, causing him to jump and twitch beneath the touch.

"You should have asked."

Spike smiled. Xander loved the way a smile could light his entire face. Loved the way his eyes crinkled in the corners. Loved the way his teeth were slightly crooked, showing the only fault he could find in the perfect body. He opened his mouth, inviting Spike's lips to his. They joined, desperate, needy... ready to give in to what they both wanted. Xander rolled, allowing Spike on top, wanting to be taken. Wanting Spike to have control. When all was said and done, it's the way things were. Spike on top, Xander content to be his bottom. He lifted his legs, letting his lover slide between them, their cocks searching, rubbing; gliding against each other. Their lips never parted, hunger seeping into the rich, deep kisses they knew would stop as soon as Spike was inside.

Xander reached for the lube he'd tossed aside earlier, handing it to Spike. Just the touch of their fingers against each other was causing excited tremors to course through Xander's body. His legs were lifted, placed over Spike's shoulders and Xander realized Spike had only taken him once this way. Hurried and desperate to come in the backseat of the Desoto, like two teenagers with raging hormones. This time like lovers, facing each other with intimacy and trust. Their eyes met, the moment made personal, both knowing the significance of the position. Spike broke the trance, spread the cool liquid onto his fingers and pushed a finger inside.

Xander moaned, clenching until the finger made it past the tight ring, then relaxed and enjoyed the feel of being stretched. Another finger pressed in, joining the first and then a third. Spike's eyes were on him, watching the plays of emotion dancing on his face. Mouth open in tense concentration, Xander knew the blond was fighting the urge to forgo the preparation and pound into him. He nodded, letting Spike know he was ready. Fingers were removed quickly, both men panting... short gasps of breath escaping parted lips. Spike allowed his body to fall forward, legs falling off his shoulders, sucking Xander's tongue into his mouth. They leisurely kissed letting a few minutes go by, easing the urgency for the moment.

One last kiss and Spike rose back onto his knees. He eyed the string of Trojans, leaned forward to rip one off and was stopped by Xander's legs returning to their previous position above his shoulders. He glanced at the man beneath him, tried to reach again and felt Xander's hand on his arm.

"Just do it, Spike."

Spike froze, for just a moment, taking in the site of Xander and then reached down to fist his cock. He lined up with the small hole, met Xander's eyes again and slowly pushed in. The head, one inch, two inches through the tight ring and then finally the entire length. He stopped, his body shaking, sheathed naked inside Xander's body. The smoothness of the walls surrounding him, squeezing him, made him gasp in appreciation. Xander was flexing, tightening around him, fucking his cock with his muscles. Spike stayed still, afraid he'd come if he moved and began stroking the hard shaft lying neglected on Xander's stomach.

"Oh, fuck yeah," Xander moaned.

"I don't think I can move. You feel too good."

"I don't care if you come, just... please," he begged.

"God, so tight. Don't want it to be over yet." Spike closed his eyes and bit his lip, trying to put himself somewhere else. Trying to distance himself from the feeling of being buried naked, sensitive inside the warm channel.


Blue eyes locked on brown and he lost it. Not able to control his desire, he began thrusting into the puckered hole, fisting Xander's cock to the same rhythm, rocking his hips, rolling them forward and then back. He groaned each time his balls slapped against Xander's skin, harder and harder with every thrust. He tried keeping a slow, steady rhythm but the intensity built each time he pushed in, the sound of Xander's voice crying out, letting him know he was hitting the sweet spot. He heard his name roll off Xander's tongue and felt warm liquid coating his chest. With mindless thought, he grabbed Xander's hips, pulling them toward him for better position and began pounding into the other man.

"Oh yeah, fuck me. God, yes." Xander's hands gripped Spike's, entwining their fingers, clenching as tight as he could.

Spike erupted, coating the surrounding walls with come, warming his cock with wet liquid as he continued to thrust. He shuddered, frozen from his orgasm, his head sensitive to the touch and finally pulled out when he felt he could, leaving a pool of wetness behind.

He concentrated on slowing his breathing, let Xander's legs go and climbed up beside him, latching onto red, flushed lips.

"Oh my god."

"You okay?" Spike asked, seeing the dumbfounded look on his lover's face.

"I've just never... it felt so different."


"I just wanted to feel you. Felt like I needed to."

"And you're okay with it? What we did?"

Xander swallowed and smiled. "More than."

Spike's brow rose. "What's that mean then?"

He shrugged. "I don't know. Something. I just know I didn't want anything between us. I wanted to feel you come inside me." A short pause. "I think I might want that from now on."

Xander looked sheepishly at Spike, unsure of the reaction. What he saw made his heart jump. A large and beautiful smile.

"I think maybe I might want it, too.’Cause, you know, it is... better."

A hand reached out, rubbing along a sharp cheekbone. "Would you think I'm nuts if I said I could fall in love with you?"

"I don't know. Try me."

They shared another smile.

"I could, I think. Fall in love with you."

Spike grabbed his hand and kissed each knuckle softly.

Part Nineteen

Xander cracked an eye open and glanced around the sunlit loft. He took a deep breath, tried to roll over and found Spike curled possessively around his body. With his arms and legs wrapped tightly, the grip strengthened when he moved to stretch out his muscles. A night of fucking, while high on his ‘things I must do more often’ list, left him aching and sore the next morning. He watched Spike's eyes flutter beneath the lids and wondered what he was dreaming. That's when he felt the evidence of the morning erection pushed hard against his hip and a mumble and small moan escaped the blond’s lips. He smiled, pondering whether or not to wake the other man by wrapping his lips around the firm cock. There were few things in life more satisfying than an early morning blowjob. He stared into the relaxed face of his lover and pictured the blue eyes opening wide with surprise when the warmth surrounded him. He could imagine the arch of the well-toned back, the responsive jerking of the hips thrusting into his eager mouth, and the sounds… The wonderful panting, whimpering, fuck me sounds Spike used that always turned his body to Jell-o.

Xander shifted and pushed the sheet off their entwined bodies. His eyes took in the sight of the other man, from the head of tussled curls, down the long lean torso until he saw the erect cock lying against his hip. Deciding there was something even better than sucking him off, he pulled away gently, grabbing the half used bottle of lube from the table beside him. He flipped the top, poured a generous amount over his fingers and eased his way to his hole. He prepared himself, pushing a couple of fingers in at first, followed by a third, flexing and stretching, scissoring them slowly until he was well lubed and ready.

Xander moved back to Spike, taking care not to wake him and rose onto his knees, lifting a leg overtop to straddle his hips. As gentle as he could, he slipped a hand around the top of Spike’s cock and pressed it against his entrance. He froze when he heard a gasped moan. His eyes met the surprised blue ones and he smiled, relaxing enough to ease onto the hard shaft and impale himself, taking the cock fully down to the root.

"Bloody hell, Xander," Spike breathed, as he began short shallow moans in time with Xander's rhythm.

His hands flew to the other man's hips and dug in, kneading and squeezing when the brunet rose and then lowered his body, working the cock deeper inside. Spike began thrusting against the tight ring of muscles, pushing as hard as he could into his lover’s body.

Xander continued riding him at a slow, steady pace, arching and twisting until he found the angle to allow the tip of the engorged head to rub against his prostate on each upstroke. His own cock hardened, the blood pumping through the shaft making him swell and pulse. When Spike reached up and began fisting the flesh between his fingers, Xander gasped, throwing his head back with a loud, whimpering moan. He closed his eyes, bit his lip and ground his ass down, taking in as much of the pistoning shaft as he could.

Spike began fucking up into him harder, his hips almost coming off the bed in a steady rhythm. When a thumb brushed over the head of Xander’s cock, he cried out, spilling milky semen onto Spike’s stomach. His body spasmed around the thick cock, his muscles involuntarily clenching and releasing. With a final push, Spike moaned, emptying himself deep inside Xander's body. They both froze, riding out their mutual orgasms until Xander finally slumped down, pulling off the softening shaft. He rolled beside the other man and turned to face him.

"Morning, Spike," he whispered, a cocky grin planted on his lips.

"Fuck. What the bleedin' hell got into you?"

"Besides you?" He chuckled wickedly, letting his eyes ravish Spike's naked body. "You were hard. Couldn't let it go to waste."

He received the look. Spike's raised eyebrow and smirk he was learning to know oh so well.

"Aahhh. So it really is my cock you're after then."

Xander smiled, rubbing his finger lightly over Spike's sensitive head, causing the other man to flinch. "Never tried to deny it."

"Well then, 's a good thing I like to share."

Xander's nostrils flared and he rose onto his elbow. "This cock's off the market. I claim sole rights."

Spike rolled his eyes and moved his hand to his stomach, feeling the left over residue of Xander's orgasm. Xander watched as the blond took the corner of the bed sheet and began wiping up the drying layer. "Shower?"

Spike smiled, hopped from the bed and grabbed Xander's hand in one quick and sudden movement. "Yeah."

They laughed and teased as the spray washed away the evidence of their morning 'quickie'. After the business of shampooing hair and soaping bodies, Spike turned the nozzle away giving plenty of room to surprise Xander by pushing him flat, ass against the wall. The brunet moaned when his legs were spread wide and a knee grazed against his balls. His cock began to rise, feeling the stiffness of Spike's own need rubbing against him. His arms were lifted and pushed above his head against the cool tile and lips found his neck, pulling and sucking a path from his Adam’s apple to his ear.

Xander whimpered.

Spike's voice was low and seductive. "If my cock is yours, then this... this is mine." Hands reached around, squeezing the firm buttocks, pulling them apart to massage the small opening between. "No one else, right? No one else gets inside that tight ass. Not as long as I say so."

Spike moaned, his lips vibrating hot against Xander's skin. "Don't know how you do it. How you keep me so fucking hard all the time."

Xander shivered, the possessiveness in Spike's voice sending a warm tingle through his body. He dropped his arms and reached for the soap, lathering his hands completely before gripping Spike's cock between them. He soaped the hardened flesh while Spike continued nipping and biting at his skin, leaving bruises Xander was sure would show for days. He knew he was being marked. Owned.

When Spike was sufficiently slick, Xander slid around to face the wall, spreading his legs wider. His hands traveled to his ass, opening... offering himself to his lover.

Spike moaned at the sight. Xander, open and ready, begging to be fucked. He gripped his cock, guiding it to the enticing entrance. "Tell me what you want."

"Fuck me," he pleaded.

"Oh yeah, luv." He buried his cock inside the warm, tight channel, easing in an inch at a time, shuddering at the feel of Xander's walls squeezing around him. "All mine."

He pushed through the protective ring of muscle, letting the small circle massage his cock with each stroke into the tight ass. Xander was bucking and moaning, muttering incoherent babble of "more" and "yes". Spike's hands were on his hips, desperately gripping, pulling him back against the thrusts of his cock.

"Can't wait for you to fuck me bare. Feel your cock inside me."

Xander moaned and leaned his head back against Spike's shoulder.

"Touch yourself, Xan."

One hand gripped the wall as the other found its way to his stiff cock. He began to pump and stroke, imagining it was Spike's ass surrounding him instead of his own tight fist. The British voice behind him continued whispering into his ear- naughty, dirty phrases making his heartbeat faster and his dick pulse between his fingers. One last thrust of Spike's hips and Xander felt the throbbing of the cock emptying inside him. He exploded, splashing several spurts of come against the tile of the shower wall. He felt weight against his backside as Spike placed his hands on either side of his head, using the wall for support.

"You're gonna bloody kill me, you know that?"

Xander twisted his neck to look back at the other man. "No one told you to do that. I was just gonna take a shower."

Spike slipped out, pulling away. "Fuck you," he teased, turning the nozzle to spray down on them again.

"See? It's talk like that and I end up shoved up against the wall with your dick in my ass."

Xander was grabbed and pulled into a deep, sudden kiss. "I'll have to remember that," Spike replied with a wiggle of his brows.

"Think I'd let you forget it?"

"Let's get out of here before I bend you over and fuck you again."

"Mmm. Three times in an hour?"

Xander chuckled and ran his hand down Spike's soft cock, watching it twitch and jump at his touch.

"Okay, maybe not," Spike offered. "But we'd better get out anyway. I need to start getting ready."


After a quick bite to eat, Xander was sitting on the bed watching in amusement. Spike pulled the clothes from the hangers, trying on several shirts before finally settling on a simple form fitting black t-shirt. He heard an appreciative moan from the other man when he slid into black leather pants that fell low on his hips, held up with a silver studded belt with large matching buckle. After glancing a second time in the mirror, Spike pulled a small bottle from the dresser drawer and began painting his nails with skilled precision.

"Why do you do that?"

Another dip into the black lacquer. "Do what?"

"Paint your nails black."

Spike shrugged. "It's all about image, Harris. Got a reputation to uphold."

"Oh, that's right. Bad ass rock star, I forgot," he snorted.

"Bloody right, mate." Spike's eyes left his fingers to look up at the other man. "You comin' to the show?"

"Don't know. Not sure if I can watch you making fuck me eyes at all the half-naked women."

"Jealousy's a bitch, innit?"

Xander's eyes rose, following the sharp jaw line up to the hard smirk planted firmly on Spike's lips. "Fuck you, Spike."

"Been there, done that," he answered with a shit-eating grin. "Have the bloody souvenir."

A not so happy Xander frowned and reached out to punch the side of his arm. "This ride can be permanently closed if you don't watch it."

“Hey!” Spike pouted, rubbing the sore spot.

Xander grinned evilly and flipped Spike onto his back, straddling his legs in one quick movement. “Yep. No more Xander Express for you, pal. What would you do then, huh?”

"Ohhh," he hissed, his tongue curling behind his teeth. His hips pushed up, trying to knock the other man off of him. “Just have to get off somewhere else,” he teased playfully, squirming under the other body.

Xander reached down, his fingers digging in to tickle Spike’s sides. “Don’t even think about it,” he threatened, matching the other man’s howling laugh.

The blond was still thrusting, trying to buck the other body off, wailing and howling, laughing so hard the tears streamed down his cheeks. Xander smiled evilly and tickled some more.

"Xander is my sex god. Say it!"

"Bugger off."

Fingers dipped again.

"Hey! Watch the polish, mate!"

Xander rolled off, shaking his head in amusement. "And you call me a poof."

Spike sat up, smoothing down his wrinkled shirt. "You know I was joking, right? Don't want no one else."

"Damn straight. ‘Cause you know what's good for you." Xander leaned in for a kiss, and then let his eyes travel over Spike's appearance.

"Uh oh, I know that look."

"What look?" Xnder asked innocently. "The one that says you're fucking hot in leather? Or the one that says I'm about to fuck you into the mattress."

"Both, and no." Spike placed his hand against the other man's chest, keeping him at bay. "I have to go. But I do have something for you," he added.

He hopped up from the bed and disappeared into the closet, the sounds of rummaging making Xander's mind wander curiously. When he returned, he was holding a plain brown paper bag.

"Take these off and lie down," he said, gripping a pant leg.

"What? Why?"

"Do you ever do anything you're told?"

Xander eyed him suspiciously and obeyed, sliding his jeans from his body.

"These too."

The boxers followed, leaving the half-hard cock twitching with just as much anticipation as its owner. Spike ran a finger smoothly up the underside of the shaft.

"Mmm," Xander moaned. "I thought you didn't have time."


The finger continued slow, sensuous movements, just barely brushing against the sensitive skin.

"I want you to come to the gig tonight and I want you to sit right in front where I can see you, watch you."

"Uh huh?" he whispered, mesmerized by Spike's touch.

"And you're gonna be so hard, thinking about me. What I'm gonna do to you."

Xander gulped, sucking in air.

Spike reached for the bag, pulling out its contents. He slipped the leather and metal cockring over Xander's cockhead and pushed it down, securing it in place. Xander gasped at the feel of the pressure surrounding him.

"And when you're watching me, thinking about how much I want to fuck you, you'll have this little gadget to remind you that you have to wait. And you'll be nice and swollen and ready for me. Then you know what I'm gonna do?"

The entire time he talked, his hand was stroking the excited flesh, the head now turning purple from the strain of the cockring. Xander shook his head, closing his eyes, tortured pleasure creeping onto his face.

"I'll climb on, and I'm gonna ride you so hard... slide down that cock until you make me scream."

"Ohgodfuckmenow," he pleaded, bucking up into the hand pumping him.

"Nope, uh-uh. Want you to get dressed and keep this on. Gonna make me so hot knowing you have this leather wrapped around you, holding you...keeping you hard."

Xander whimpered.

Spike stood up, leaving the other man desperately writhing on the bed and walked into the bathroom to finish getting ready. He pumped a generous amount of gel into his palm and ran it through his hair, spiking it up on the edges. He slipped on a pewter thumb ring and then a large linked silver bracelet. When he returned, he found Xander dressed, sitting on the couch, flipping through the channels with the remote, trying hard not to look interested.

"See you there?"

The brunet looked up, letting his eyes wander from head to toe.

"Definitely." His cock agreed, jumping against the restraints hidden under his jeans.

Spike walked over, leaned down and kissed him hard. "Gonna bugger you good and proper later."


The small club was packed from wall to wall, people pushed against the stage and crammed around tables, watching the band as they went into the third song of the evening. Spike was at his best, in his element, playing with the crowd like Xander knew he would. He sat close to the stage, the back of his chair leaned up against the edge of the table so his body wouldn't be hidden underneath. If this was what Spike wanted, this was what he was going to get. When the blond stepped in front of him and locked eyes, Xander widened his sprawl, setting his bottle of beer between his legs, against his crotch. His thumb and finger circled the neck, gathering up the condensation leaking down the side of the bottle, bringing it up to suck it between his lips. He smiled when Spike missed a cue and blatantly turned away from him.

He was having problems himself, shifting in his seat, his cock pressed hard against his jeans. Seeing Spike strutting and swaying on stage made him impossibly harder. The fact that he had the metal and leather squeezing his most sensitive parts only proved to make things that much more uncomfortable. When Spike took a chance and stepped back in front of him, Xander began to tease and play, stroking the bottle, licking the opening before taking a deep gulp. Before long, it was hard not to notice the arousal Spike was sporting beneath the tight leather. He could play it off, flirting with the swarm of girls, making each one believe they were the cause, but Xander knew... and he waited, and seduced the singer with simple strokes of his hand on the inanimate object between his legs.


"You bloody well need to be taught a lesson, Harris," Spike growled, pushing Xander up against the brick wall. "Bloody tease, you are."

The set ended, the band left the small club and the two men snuck out the back exit before the hoards of fans realized the blond singer was still around. Pushing his body against the other man's to pin him in place, Spike's tongue was deep inside Xander's mouth, roaming... tasting the remnants of the beer he'd swallowed.

"Not a tease," he corrected, kissing Spike back.

"Mmm. Then what was that you were doing in there?"

Xander pushed his hand against Spike's groin. "Making you hard, apparently."

"Nah. Was all the half-naked girls."

Xander pouted. "Too bad. Guess you'll be fucking them tonight then?"

Spike smiled. "I could be persuaded otherwise."

Xander sighed. "Good thing. I'd hate to think I've been wearing this all night for nothing."

"Oh, hell no." Spike ground against him again. "Sexiest thing I've ever seen, Xan."

"Guess you haven't taken a real good look in the mirror then. God, you should see yourself on that stage. I'd fuck you right there, with everyone watching."

"Mmm," he moaned, tasting the brunet's lips. "C'mon."

"Where?" Xander asked, being pulled by the hand.

"We're going out. Fancy a trip to The Backroom?"

Spike lead him into the parking lot and stopped in front of a black, Harley Davidson. He straddled the bike and motioned toward the back when Xander didn't move.

"What are you waiting for?"

"What is... is this yours?"

"Didn't steal it, mate. Hop on."

The other man gawked wide-eyed as he eased onto the seat behind Spike. "I've never been on a motorcycle before."

The blond chuckled. "Then hold on and enjoy the ride, luv. Imagine a four hundred pound vibrator between your legs and tell me if that don't get you off."

Xander swallowed hard. "Seeing you on that bike's enough to do that! Gonna combust if I don't get this stupid ring off my dick."

"Soon, Xan. Very, very soon."


They pulled into the lot, stopping in front of the familiar bar. If Xander didn't want to climb inside Spike's body before, he sure as hell wanted to bend him over and dive in now. His legs hummed with the left over vibrations of the bike, his pulse strummed from the speed. He was flying high and hadn't ingested a single thing but the feel of being wrapped around the lean, tight body while the wind danced around them.

"So how was it?" Spike asked, setting the kickstand.

"You're an evil fucking bastard," Xander answered, climbing his way off.

"Say again?"

"Oh yeah. Vibrator my ass. Bad enough without it, but that much vibration and this cockring already making me feel like my cock is gonna explode?! Are you trying to kill me?"

Spike smirked, stepping off the bike.

"Hope you know I'm gonna fuck you long and hard for this."

An eyebrow rose. "Counting on it, mate."

They went immediately to the large door leading to the back of the bar. Into the long hallway and Xander was already all over Spike, hands gripping every bulge and muscle, rubbing and grabbing, throaty moans and gasps escaping his lips from deep in his throat.

"Can't wait, Spike. Rules or not, I hope you brought lube or your ass is in trouble. Literally."

Spike smirked and showed him the small bottle he'd hidden in his pocket. Xander grabbed his hand and dragged him to the end of the hall where they finally got lost in the crowd of gyrating bodies. He had Spike's shirt up and over his head before the blond could complain, tossing it to the floor. He turned the smaller body away from him, pushing his hips against Spike's ass, his hands wrapped around, rubbing the muscular chest. They moved to the beat of the thumping music, their bodies mimicking the motion of sex. Xander ground his cock into Spike's backside, while he pulled the other man's hips harder against him. They continued to ignore the other men on the dance floor, brushing away any hands that appeared, trying to take part in the erotic action.

Xander was against his ear, breathing deep, raspy breaths. "Gonna come so hard when I fuck you."

Spike's buckle was unhooked by Xander's desperate hands, the buttons on the leather pants opened and parted. His cock was pulled out in plain view, throbbing and wet between strong fingers, squeezing and pumping him. Their bodies were still swaying, Xander dry humping against the lithe body in front of him.

"Can I take it off now, Spike? I've been so good, did just what you told me to."

The blond moaned, nodded his approval and thrust into the surrounding hand.

"You still gonna ride me? Feel like I could split you in two I'm so hard."

Spike reached down to grab his shirt, and then began moving through the crowd, working them over to one of the chairs placed conveniently in the corner. For a club with a no fucking rule, they sure made it awful easy to do just that. The acknowledgement that several pairs of eyes were watching as Spike pushed Xander into the seat sent a tingle down his body, settling in his balls. He knelt in front of the chair and worked the buttons on the other man's shirt, revealing the bare chest beneath rising and falling with deep breaths. Xander's hands were fisted in Spike's hair, pulling and tugging, trying to bring him down to the area on his body that had been neglected for way too long.

Spike complied and slowly opened the button fly of Xander's jeans. He moaned at the site. Usual boxers missing, the large, purple cock, peeked out from the denim, the head twice the size as normal, swollen from the restraint of the steel ring around the base of the shaft. The blond couldn't resist and leaned down, licking a path around the engorged cock. Xander gasped and bucked up. "Please, Spike." With a loud pop, Spike unsnapped the leather on both sides and pulled the tight ring off the angry penis.

Xander arched off the chair, slid his hands into his waistband and pushed the jeans down his legs. "Need lube."

Spike smiled and handed him the slick substance. With utter lack of patience, he let the liquid dribble from the bottle to land on his aching cockhead. His hand rubbed the lube around the tip, down the shaft and over his tight sac underneath. He was desperate, needing to fuck something and quick. "It's your ass or my hand, Spike. I know which I'd prefer."

The blond took one look at the throbbing flesh and shimmied out of the leather pants. He glanced around, noticed by several people and silently hoped none were the type to turn them in. He moved onto the chair and slid onto Xander's lap. Facing the other man, he straddled the wide hips and spread his cheeks apart. Xander had a hand wrapped around himself, guiding the way to Spike's puckered opening. The blond moaned as he slid onto the rock-hard cock. He felt the large head pierce through the sphincter muscle, forcing its way inside. Letting out a breath he didn't realize he was holding, he rose to his knees and then pushed back down, letting Xander drive a little farther in. Xander's hands were on his hips, massaging his skin with large fingers. Spike's hands flew to Xander's shoulders, gripping tightly as he worked his ass further down the long shaft. Finally, with a pleasured moan from both men, he sank down taking the entire cock into his body.

"Damn that's good. Never fucked anyone bare before," Xander groaned, pushing up, trying to move within the tight channel.

"Like a glove, yeah? Smooth and tight," Spike purred. "Stay still and let me ride you."

He slumped forward, his chest leaning against Xander's, his head thrown back with his eyes closed. He shifted and began rising and lowering his hips, working the muscles in his ass to pull the cock deep inside, then pulling off to the tip of the large head to start again.

Xander gripped the other man tighter, trying to stay still, allowing Spike to fuck himself on his cock. He heard low, steady moaning and realized it was the sound of his own voice, almost growling against Spike's chest. He searched the room, his excitement enhanced seeing more people focused on them but froze when he felt the dark, penetrating eyes. He pinpointed the stare and found himself eye to eye with Angel, standing several feet away, being sucked off against the wall. Xander strengthened his grip yet again, his fingernails almost drawing blood from digging so hard against Spike's skin. Angel was focused directly on him, the large mouth open, eyes drawn to half-mast from pleasure. Xander's own eyes narrowed in challenge... and he grabbed Spike's lips for a deep, possessive kiss. The whimpering moans coming from the other man's mouth began to heighten the sensitivity in his cock and he thrust upward into the tight ass, feeling his balls tighten.

"Can't... oh fuck...gonna... come," he told his partner, his breath speeding to short, gaspy moans. He groaned, bit down on Spike's shoulder and began shuddering, shooting his load deep into his lover's body. Spike held him, grinding down hard onto Xander's throbbing cock and then caught his lips again for another forceful kiss. They stayed in the same position, allowing Xander to come down from the high of his orgasm. His body began to relax and he forced a glance toward the wall, toward Angel, still watching with deviant interest.

He kissed a trail up the side of Spike's neck to his ear. "You didn't get off."

Spike sighed at the tongue nipping at his lobe. "Think you came hard enough for both of us," he chuckled.

"You try wearing one of those things all day and see how you like it."

"Mmm. Would you blow me? Wait until I'm swollen and dripping, until you can barely wrap your lips around me and give me head?"

Xander moaned. "No. I'd want you to fuck me while you were wearing it. I'd be on my knees, ass in the air... waiting for that huge cock to force its way inside. And then I'd push back and let you fuck me hard and fast until we're both screaming."

"Tomorrow then," Spike managed, his voice low and deep.

"Can I suck you off now?" Xander asked, his hand wrapping around Spike's cock, still hard between them.

"Got other plans, mate," he answered, gently sliding off Xander's cock.

The brunet mumbled in protest as the warmth left him. "What kind of plans?"

"Get dressed and let's go."

They left the club, Xander still feeling the burning of Angel's eyes on them.

Part Twenty

Xander's hands roamed the leather, rubbing along Spike's hips and thighs instead of holding on like he really should have been. Spike was trying to concentrate on keeping the bike on the road against Xander's wandering fingers.

"Buggering hell!" he screamed when the hands around his waist began fumbling with the zip of his pants. To his astonishment, his cock was freed, pulled through the opening and fondled between Xander's fingers. He was rock hard, the left over residual of their fuckfest at the club where he'd stupidly not allowed the other man to suck him off when offered. His cock was pulsing, loving the attention it was receiving. By the time they reached the apartment complex, he was biting his lip in frustration, trying not to come. Xander's hands, the hum of the bike vibrating against his balls and the thought that anyone around could see exactly what was happening all added to the heightened excitement.

He pulled in front of the small garage under the building and stopped, his body reacting to the feel of Xander steadily pumping his cock. He leaned back against the other man and closed his eyes.

"Mmm. I think we should take the bike everywhere," Xander whispered against his ear.

"Bloody hell, Harris. Could've killed us."

"Yet here we are, alive and safe," he snorted sarcastically.

"Let's put the bike in the garage. Make yourself useful and open the door, yeah?"

Xander pouted, and then slowly slid from his seat. He walked around to the garage wondering why he’d never realized it was there and turned the latch, sliding the door up on its hinges. He found the Desoto sitting lonely to one side with an empty space beside it. Spike revved the bike and then pulled in, motioning Xander to close the door behind him. The blond turned off the ignition, stepped off the bike and attacked. Xander found himself pushed against the hood of the car, turned and bent forward, his pants yanked from his hips down to his knees in one quick swoop of motion. He heard Spike fumbling for something and then felt cool liquid dribbling down the crack of his ass.

"Jesus fucking Christ!" he yelped as Spike's cock slammed home in one quick push. He felt one hand on his hip, gripping tightly, holding him still, the other on the back of his shirt collar, fisting the material between his fingers, keeping his body against the hood. The thrusts of the large cock into his hole were fast and rough and he could feel the leather rubbing against his skin each time Spike pushed against him. Xander realized Spike hadn't even taken the time to remove his own pants. Instead, he’d left things just as they were, with his cock pulled through the open zipper. Xander shivered, the thought that Spike was so desperate to have him made him push back against the body fucking him, begging for harder and faster.

"Oh yeah. You like that, don't you?" Spike chanted.

The hand held tighter at his neck, and his cheek banged against the car's hood as his body was slammed from behind.

"You were such a fucking tease tonight. Think you need to be punished. Next time you decide to play like that, I'll shove the bottle so far up your ass and give you a nice, hard fuck."

Xander whimpered and felt his traitorous cock hardening under him.

"Bet you'd like that too, wouldn't you?" Spike growled. "You're such a dirty little whore. You take it any way you can get it, yeah? Fuck you with the bottle while I make you suck my cock.”

"Oh, yeah. Harder, Spike. Fuck me harder," he pleaded.

"That turnin' you on, Harris? You like it rough, don't you. Like my cock pounding into you."

Xander tried to answer, tried to say yes but his voice was lost between gasps of breath. The hand holding him down was tightening, the power of the game making his whole body tense in anticipation of what would happen next.

"Should have fucked you dry… raped you like a little whore deserves. Don't care as long as I get off inside that tight, hot ass."

The brunet shuddered.

“But you’re my whore aren’t you, Harris. Mine to fuck anytime I want. Bend you over, put you on your knees… bugger you ‘til you’re raw and begging me to stop…”

Xander’s cock gave in much sooner thn Xander would have liked and he came, jetting streams of fluid onto the car beneath him.

Spike followed, pushed in as far as he could and exploded deep inside Xander’s ass. His entire body jerked in release, until the orgasm began to subside, leaving him lying still and sated on top of his lover’s body.

After they both had time to come down off their high, Spike pulled off and tucked himself away while Xander slid his pants back up to his hips. He stretched his neck from side to side, working out the kinks from being held down.

Spike’s arms wrapped around his waist and he placed a gentle kiss on Xander’s lips. “You okay? Didn’t hurt you, did I?”

“Yeah, but in a good way,” he smiled.

“Sorry, luv. Kinda got carried away a bit.”

“Kinda liked it.”

“Well then,” Spike grinned deviously and his eyebrow rose in fascination. “Might be some fun to be had.”

“Don’t know about the bottle fucking, though,” he answered with a furrowed brow. “Think I’ll pass on that one.”

The blond sniggered and kissed him again.

Xander relished in the kiss, sucking the moist tongue into his mouth. They stayed joined for several minutes until the brunet finally backed away.

He began glancing around and then set his eyes back on Spike. “So what’s with the garage? You don’t usually use it and why do you get to take up the whole thing? Doesn’t seem very fair to everyone else.”

Spike turned and began walking away, heading in the direction of a door in the corner. “Everyone else doesn’t own the building.”

Xander followed, his eyes wide with surprise. “You own the fucking building? Why didn't you tell me?!"

Spike glanced back over his shoulder. "Never came up."


Xander's fingers curled in Spike's hair, playing with the blond strands hanging loose and wet from the shower they'd shared. Spike was already half asleep, sprawled on his back, eyes closing lazily from the feel of Xander's gentle caresses against his skin.

"Spike?" he whispered.


"What other surprises about you am I gonna find out?"

One eye opened, focusing on the man casually leaning over him.

"No surprises, pet. Just things we haven't talked about yet." Spike rolled away from Xander and pulled the blanket up tighter.

Xander moved in, spooning his body against Spike's backside. "Things we will talk about though? Like how you own an entire apartment complex and just happened to not mention it?"

" 'S not a big deal. Just another present from my mum. Her way of making sure I had money coming in."

"Yeah, I'd say. How many rentals does this place have?"

"Enough. Now go to sleep, pet. Long flight tomorrow and got a lot to do before we leave."

Xander relaxed and listened to Spike's easy breathing.

"You nervous about seeing Buffy?" He felt the stiffness and ran a hand against Spike's hip. "Because I understand if you are."

"Not nervous. Just don't want to hurt her's all."

"Yeah. I get that." Xander sighed against the smooth neck and took a deep breath, inhaling the scent he'd beome so familiar with. "You sure I should be there?"

Spike turned the upper half of his body around to stare incredulously at the dark eyes. "You backin' out on me?"

"No! Just... didn't know if maybe you'd feel better if I wasn't around."

The blond head shook in reply. "Harris, you're the only thing's gonna keep me sane the next few days. Don't wanna take this soddin' trip in the first place."

Xander leaned in and kissed the full, pink lips. "Okay. Was just checking."

Spike rolled back around and slid his hand under the pillow, closing his eyes. "Haven't been back there since last year. Ethan insists we put on a good show for the holidays. Happy family an' all that rot."

"What's he gonna say about me then?"

"Doesn't matter."

Xander closed his eyes and nuzzled into the crook of Spike's neck. "Night, Spike."

"Night, pet."

Spike laid awake long after Xander had fallen asleep, thoughts of New York weighing heavily on his mind. He concentrated on the feel of Xander's body wrapped comfortably around him and tried to suss out just what he'd say to Buffy. How he'd tell her. What he'd tell her. More important, he began to think about Ethan. He finally fell asleep, dreaming of cold, empty eyes and his own naked body pushed hard against a large, brass bedframe.

Xander woke to the subtle sounds of whimpering. Spike's body was shaking, small tremors against his own. He debated on whether or not to wake him, instead cuddling closer and wrapping his arms firmly around the smaller body. The trembling slowly began to taper as the brunet whispered quiet words of affection. After a few minutes, Spike's breathing calmed to normal and Xander closed his eyes. He'd remember to ask him about his dreams tomorrow.

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