The Vampire's Choice

Suki Blue

Spike stood at the bottom of the garden path, proudly letting Buffy and Willow give him the once over.

“Spike, sweetie. You look……..”

Willow finished Buffy’s sentence. She needed to prevent the Slayer from choking on her own salivating tongue.

“Incredibly sexy….Oooh, did I just say that? I meant nice, well turned-out, dapper.” She took a deep breath “So to sum up, you look incredibly……?”

“Oh hell.” Buffy cried. “You just look incredible.”

Spike smoothed down the long black cloak and beamed at the two girls.

“I know. Ta very much, though.”

Buffy stalked around the vampire to cop an eyeful of the rest of Spike’s costume.

“I’ve got to say. The Dracula look really suits. I never would have thought it, with the blond hair an’ all.”

“You know, I said the exact same thing to Xan. But he was insistent. Just goes to show, my boy really does have taste.”

“Xander picked this out?” Willow exclaimed.

“Yup. We decided we’d dress each other up this year”

Buffy looked suspiciously at the vampire. “Do I want to know what you dressed Xander in? Because if it’s anything involving leathers, whips or chains, then I’m outa here, right now.”

“Don’t have a coronary, Slayer. It’s nothing like that. Oh, here he comes now.”

They all turned around just in time to see a large, round, orange thing fall out of the front door and onto the ground with a thump. The large, round, orange thing went “ooof’”, bounced a couple of times, and rolled steadily down the garden path. It came to a rest at Spike’s feet.

Buffy and Willow covered their mouths and tried desperately not to laugh.

“You alright down there, luv?”

“Spike, you are a complete bastard.”

“Course I am, that’s why you love me. Now, C’mon, pumpkin, lemme help you up.”

“Fuck off”

The End

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