1 Poker Night
2 Daddy's Boys
Broken Toys - an interlude
Hierarchy of Needs - an interlude
One Step Closer - an interlude
3 Best Served Cold
Don't Apologize - an interlude

Forbidden Awards Judge's comments: Iím holding my hand up and professing I am a sinner. I have and will continue to sin because I donít just LOVE this fic, I covet it most desperately. I lust after it, I want to make it my bitch and have it as my love slave to do my bidding. In other words, itís the balls. Angel, bad bad Angel, is a bad bad cop that has a liking for pretty boys. The boys he finds? Xander and his half brother Spike and damned if he doesnít want them both and as often as he can have them. This story starts out as an excuse for sex and turns into something more, something deeper, darker and totally satisfying for the sinner in you. If you like the threesome action, if you love your pwp with a side of heat and pain, then THIS fic is for you!!! ;)

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