Third in the Fatal Promt!Verse

Fandom: BTVS; Spike/Xander
Warnings: Slash, AU, bit of Dom kink
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Father’s Day doesn’t go exactly as Xander planned.
You don’t have to read the previous parts to read this one. Each story can work as a stand alone.
As always: Feedback make my heart go pitter-patter.

Say The Word


Xander fished through his wallet and laid a handful of twenties on the table beside the half-eaten dinners and the multiple empty beer bottles. Well on the bright side I don’t have to worry about getting dessert, Xander thought.

The “bright side” though wasn’t nearly bright enough to chase away the gloom around Xander or better yet; enlighten his parents out of their drunken and boorish behavior which was causing quite a stir at the local steak house.

“Bus boy probably isn’t even legal,” Tony Harris slurred.

“Let it go, dear,” Jessica Harris tried to soothe.

“Mexicans always comin’ in and takin’ good American jobs,” Tony continued to rant while he stumbled toward the door. Xander blushed and pantomimed apologies to the restaurant patrons and staff.

“I know, dear,” Jessica said.

“Jobs for people like me,” Tony angrily gestured.

Jessica nodded while Xander rolled his eyes. Job implies work, Dad, Xander thought. Xander sighed. All he had wanted was a nice meal. He just wanted to treat his folks to a nice diner for Father’s Day. For once he just wanted the Harrises to be a “normal” family.

Instead, Xander got the same as every other Harris dinner as a child; embarrassment, beratement and a healthy dose of mental torment. Xander had hoped his parent would have been impressed by how well Xander had done recently with his life.

Xander had a good paying job. Xander had a respect from his co-workers. Xander had a nice truck and an even nicer apartment.

“Think yer better’n yer old man?” Tony Harris had said in between his third and fourth beer.  “Take him out to the kind of place he never could afford?”

“No, Dad,” Xander had tried to explain.

“What happed to that girl, Anya?” Jessica Harris had interrupted. “Why’d she leave you? Did you cheat on her like with Cordelia?”

“No, Mom,” Xander sighed.

“”Probably a lesbo or sumthin’ like that Rosenburg girl!” Tony muttered.

“Don’t talk about Willow like that, you drunk!” Xander had yelled. No one talked bad about his Wills.

“Xander!” Jessica had admonished.

“Is that any way to talk to your father, boy?!” Tony had bellowed. “You ain’t so big that I can’t still lay you out!”

At that moment Xander had been rescued by the manager who had asked the Harrises to please quiet down or leave. Tony Harris had then turned his ire on the manager and started yelling about how Harris money was just as good as anybody else’s and they had a right to eat there if they wanted.

That’s when Xander had stood up and started fishing for twenties and his mother had begun tugging on his father. It took longer then Xander would have liked, but finally he got his parents out of the restaurant.

“Ain’t gonna ride with no son who thinks he’s too good for me!” Tony had shouted when Xander had tried to get his parents into his truck to take them home.

“Please, Xander” Jessica had begged her son, “your father didn’t mean anything. He’s just had a little bit too much. Would you mind getting us a cab?”

Xander nodded and made the call on his cell phone. When the cab arrived Xander gave the cabbie another one of his dwindling twenties.

“See they get home ok,” Xander said.

“Sure. No problem” replied the cabbie.

Xander heard his father bark out his parents’ address. He cast a sympathetic gaze at the driver. The driver waved and smiled before easing the car away from the curb.

“Happy Father’s Day,” Xander whispered as the car drove out of sight.


An hour later Xander was sitting alone in his nice apartment, drinking a good beer, watching a bad sci-fi movie and generally feeling sorry for himself. A loud banging on his door interrupted Xander’s pity party.

“Oi! Whelp!” Xander heard Spike shout from the other side. “Let me in!”

“Go away, Spike!” Xander yelled back.

Spike started banging on the door again. Xander groaned. If the moronic menace keeps this up the neighbors are going to carry on the fine tradition of calling the cops on the noisy Harris residence.

“Quit banging on my door you UV challenged freak!” Xander shouted as he got up from the couch and stumbled toward his door.

“Then open up ya git!” Spike retorted loudly just as Xander opened the door.

Spike couldn’t help but smile at seeing his pet. Xander still wore the suit and tie Spike had spotted him in earlier. Xander was missing the jacket, but he still looked like a present just waiting to be unwrapped. And he’s my pressie, Spike thought.

“What are you smiling at?” Xander asked.

“Oi! It’s not every day a bloke sees a monkey in a suit,” Spike replied.

Xander huffed and tried to slam the door in the chipped vampire’s face.

“You close that and I’ll just keep bangin’ away ‘til the coppers show,” Spike warned, “and then you can try and explain me to ’em.”

“There’s no explanation for you, Spike,” Xander growled as he halted the slam of the door and studied Spike for a moment. The normally well dressed vampire had some sort of thick and viscous green good splattered all over his face and on the front of his t-shirt.

“What happened to you?” Xander couldn’t help but ask.

“Nrg demon accused me of cheating,” Spike replied. “Had to set him straight.”

“Do I even want to know what you were cheating at or what a Nrg demon is?” asked Xander.

“Well a Nrg demon is this tough little …” Spike stopped as his brain fully processed Xander’s questions. “Oi! I was not cheating!”

“Right, Spike,” Xander said dryly.

Cheeky git!, Spike inwardly growled. One of these day, for every flip comment of his, I’m gonna tan his lovely arse red as a candy apple before making him beg to be “Spiked” and then I’m gonna tuck him in bed next to me good and proper and….

“Earth to Spike,” Xander snapped his fingers interrupting Spike’s newest favorite fantasy.

“What do you want?” Xander asked once he had Spike attention again.

“I wanna come in and get cleaned up,” Spike said. “Nrg blood itches and stains when it dries.”

“Oh no!” Xander said as he once again tried to slam the door.

“As I said, you shut that door and I’ll just keep knocking ‘till the coppers show,” Spike reminded Xander.

Why me? Xander asked silently. What great karmic god did I bump into and knock over on the way to Earthly incarnation?

“Oh all right, Xander snarled as he opened the door wide. “But as soon as you clean up…you're out.”

Spike stood smiling on the threshold. He’d already been given an invite to his boy’s place a month ago when the bint, Anya, had left Xander. She’d called him to help her move her stuff; not that Xander knew about it.

Spike had even brought Xander home and cleaned him up after their joint participation in the Kaga demon wedding ceremony. Yet, Xander was still convinced that was all a dream and Spike wasn’t about to tip his hand.

“Well?” Xander asked impatiently.

“Ya have to invite me in, mate,” Spike replied.

Xander groaned. “Spike, won’t you please come in?”

“Don’t mind if I do,” answered the vamp as he scurried into the apartment. Invited in right and proper by my pet!

Xander sighed and closed the door behind the blond vampire.

“Bathroom’s that way,” Xander pointed behind him. “Don’t leave any towels on the floor and don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out!”

“Graduate of charm school I see,“ Spike said as he made his way to the bathroom.

“Graduated first in Emily Post’s ‘How to Treat a Fangless Nuisance,’” Xander replied as he flopped back on the couch with his feet up. Xander resumed drinking his beer and watching his bad sci-fi.

Spike growled to hide his chuckle. He threw his duster on a chair by the bathroom door and went inside to clean up.


Twenty minutes later a shirtless Spike sat down on the end of the couch. His denim clad legs splayed open wide until they bumped against the bottom of Xander’s feet.

Xander tore his eyes away from the TV screen to take in the expanse of  the pale and perfectly chiseled chest slouched back against the couch. Equally perfect pale and chiseled arms stretched out along the couch; one along the arm rest and the other along the back of the couch.

“Spike?” Xander said.

“Xander,” Spike answered with his eyes fixated on the TV screen where a bubbly blonde was running and bouncing her assets away from a man in a cheap rubber suit. The rest of Spike senses were fixated on Xander.

“Where’s your shirt and why are you on my couch?” Xander asked.

“Shirt's hanging on yer shower rod drying and I’m watching this stupid bird get cacked,” Spike answered.

“Oh no!” Xander said as he tried to literally kick Spike off the couch. “I said you could get cleaned up; not sit around half-naked and watch my TV!”

Spike nimbly caught Xander’s feet and tucked one between his thighs and began to rub the bottom of the other one with his hands. Spike’s eyes never strayed from the TV.

“Not half-naked,” the vampire retorted. “Half-dressed. Had to rinse my shirt out. Told ya; Nrg blood stains. Now just relax and I’ll give ya a foot rub in exchange for some tellie ‘til my kit dries.”

“Foot rub!” Xander sputtered. “I don’t want a foot rub…Ahh…oooh….”

Xander’s tirade was cut of when Spike’s magic fingers fond a particularly knotted spot and began working out the kink.

“You say something, Xan?” Spike innocently asked.

“Uhummmm…..ah…umm…Ok,” Xander groaned. Foot slut! Xander silently berated himself.

Spike used all the hard won discipline beaten into him by Angelus to hide his amusement at the sound of Xander’s obvious pleasure and capitulation. Spike could hear Xander’s heart rate decreasing and his breathing getting deeper as he relaxed.

That’s it pet, Spike thought. Just relax and let Spike take care of you.

After a few minutes, Spike rested Xander’s foot on Spike’s thighs and then untucked Xander’s other foot. He looked over at the whelp who was now sunk low in the couch and nursing his beer.

Casually Spike began to strip off Xander’s sock.

“Spike?” Xander’s gaze pivoted unerringly towards Spike. “What are you doing?”

"Massages work best skin to skin, mate,” Spike said as he finished removing the sock and began rubbing Xander’s other foot.

Xander immediately noticed the difference. The foot rub did feel better. Xander once again groaned with pleasure but he also narrowed his eyes in suspicion at Spike.

“Wot?!” Spike exclaimed. “Don’t be putting on airs now.”

Xander flinched at the painfully familiar words and jerked his feet back away from Spike.

“Now wot?” Spike asked alarmed at the sudden rebuff when things had been going so well.

“Nothing,” snapped Xander.

“Yeah, cuz yer always this much of a prat,” responded Spike.

Xander rolled his eyes and then looked back at Spike. Spike reached out and grabbed Xander’s foot and began rubbing again before Xander could jerk it away.

“Stop that,” Xander said.

“Tell me what crawled up your bum and died,” Spike replied.

“Crude much?”

“Rude much?”

Xander groaned in both pleasure and frustration.

“Fine! My Dad said something similar to me tonight, “ Xander confessed.

“Wot? About airs?” Spike asked.

Xander nodded.

“You see your folks today?” Spike asked trying to hide his disdain for Xander’s parents. Spike’s stint in the Harris’ basement as Xander’s unknown roommate had opened his eyes to the world of abuse and neglect from which his pet had come. Spike had already put the senior Harrises on the short list of people to maim and kill once he got the chip out of his head.

“Took them out to dinner, “ Xander explained. “Father’s Day. Wasn’t exactly a ‘Leave it to Beaver’ episode.”

“Oi!” Spike cried. “Shoulda did what I did. Prank called Angel!”

Xander’s gaze once again pivoted towards the vampire who had snaked his hand under Xander’s trouser leg and was now kneading the bunched muscles of Xander’s left calf.

“You prank called Angel?” Xander asked and then gasped in pleasure.

“Yep!” Spike smiled and softly caressed the spot where he’d just worked out a kink.

“For Father’s Day,” replied Xander who tried to ignore the fun tingles of awareness shooting up his left leg.

“He’s my grandsire ain’t he?” Spike asked as he stroked and massaged Xander’s leg up to the knee.

“But….ahh…” Xander moaned as Spike firmly squeezed his hands down Xander’s tight calf.

“Dru may have been my sire,” Spike began as he began to rub the bottom of Xander’s foot again. “But Angelus is the one who really made me.”

“Made you?” Xander asked and hissed as Spike ran his long fingers between Xander’s toes.

“Tell ya a secret, mate,” Spike said as he released Xander’s left foot and ran a hand under each of Xander’s trouser legs and began to massage each of Xander’s calves. “Wasn’t always the Big Bad, yeah? Bit of a nancy boy really. Angelus took me in hand and made me.”

“How?” Xander sighed as he laid his head back, closed his eyes and soaked up the pleasure of Spike’s ministrations.

“He broke me,” Spike answered.

“What?” Xander sat up; the sensual spell almost all but broken.

“He broke me,” Spike said again. “And then he remade me.”

“What does that mean?”

“It’s complicated,” Spike said trying to rub out the new tension in Xander. “Vampire relationships are different from humans.”

“You…you had a relationship?” Xander asked in shock. “With Angel?”

“Oi! Not with that wanker!” snorted Spike. “Had one with Angelus. He was my grandsire; my Yoda. Yeah, he was a sadistic ass and I don’t shed any tears that it’s over but….”

Xander just stared at Spike. What did he mean Angelus “broke” him? Xander found himself far more concerned and worried for Spike then he’d ever thought possible.

“Did…did he hurt you?” Xander finally asked.

Spike stopped massaging Xander and stared at his pet.

“Yeah. Yeah, he did, Xander,” Spike answered honestly.

Xander paled. For some reason the thought of sadist Angelus hurting Spike bothered Xander. It bothered him a great deal.

Spike noticed the change in Xander’s color.

“Hey,” Spike crooned as he leaned forward slightly. “It was a long time ago and I’m sure Peaches broods about it at least once a day.”

Xander looked up at Spike. He has the bluest eyes, Xander thought. And why am I noticing them?

Spike grinned. “’Sides, it wasn’t all bad.”

“It wasn’t?”

“There’s some advantages to being broken,” Spike whispered conspiratorially.

Xander’s eyes widened. What the hell is Spike talking about now?

Spike noted his pet’s confusion. He’d rather see that in Xander’s eyes then worry. Boy’s had too much worry in his mortal life as is. Don’t need to be frettin’ about my bleedin’ past.

“When yer broken, pet,” Spike began to explain in a soft seductive voice while keeping his blue eyes pinned to Xander’s brown, “there’s no doubt…no wrong…no responsibility…you just are.”

“I don’t understand,” Xander muttered unable to look away from Spike.

“Imagine just being, Xander. Imagine being stripped down until you are completely in the moment. You exist just to feel. There’s no pesky thoughts making you worry about what’s right or wrong…what you should or shouldn’t do. All you have to do is just exist in the long moment and feel.”

Spike paused as he watched Xander’s tongue dart quickly out and lick suddenly dry lips. Xander’s heart was racing faster and so was his breathing.

“When you are in that space, pet,” Spike whispered, “pleasure lasts an eternity.”

Xander licked his lips again. What’s wrong with me? He thought. Is this some hypnotic spell of Spike’s?

Yet, even as Xander asked himself that question, he knew the answer. What he was feeling had nothing to do with Spike’s seductive voice or bewitching eyes.

What was hypnotizing Xander was the thought of not having to think.  What appealed to Xander was the idea of just “being” for a short time without thinking of his family, his failed relationship, his inherent Zepponess. What Spike described was like a Siren’s call.

“Doesn’t it hurt to break?” Xander whispered. “Doesn’t it involve pain?”

It was Spike’s turn to be surprised. Xander was intrigued by Spike’s tale!

“Not necessarily,” Spike answered. “Ice breaks in the spring just from thawing when the temperature changes.”

Spike risked breaking the mood and leaned forward and into Xander. Cautiously he reached out a hand to gently stroke Xander’s face with one finger.

“Besides, I’d never hurt you, Xander,” Spike whispered. “I can’t.”

Xander froze. A very shirtless Spike was leaning over him, whispering promises to him and gently caressing Xander’s face.

“Spike,” Xander softly said. “What’s going on?”

Spike kept his eyes locked with Xander’s and gently traced his fingertip over Xander’s lips.

“I’m working on claiming you, pet,” Spike simply answered.

A combination of fear and erotic awareness began to tremble through Xander as the memory of the dream with the blue demons and Spike flooded Xander’s mind.

“It wasn’t a dream?” Xander asked.

Spike shook his head.

Xander wanted to get up in shocked outrage. Xander wanted to snark and snarl at Spike. Xander wanted to call Buffy and have her kick Captain Peroxide out of his apartment, out of Sunnydale and out of his life.

Xander just lay trembling on the couch pinned under Spike’s gaze and gentle finger.

“It’s ok, Xander,” Spike crooned as he continued to delicately map Xander’s face.

“I’m not gay,” Xander whispered.

“No one said you were,” Spike smiled.

“I like girls.”

“Always fancied the birds myself,” Spike retraced Xander’s fascinating lips.

Xander’s fear was receding and leaving him with only the painful awareness of Spike trembling through his body.

“Why can’t I move?” Xander asked.

“I’m not stopping you, pet,” Spike said.

‘Maybe if you st…st…stopped to..tou..touching me,” Xander stuttered as the trembling increased.

“Is that what you want?” Spike asked as he slid his finger over the fine hair of Xander’s eyebrows.

Desire and confusion shot through Xander. His body and brain were locked in a battle of wills as part of him ached for more of Spike’s touch and another part of him screamed to get away from Spike.

“I…,” Xander began.

Spike arched an eyebrow and traced a line down Xander’s nose.

“I want…,” Xander tried again.

“What, pet?” Spike asked.

“Please, Spike,” Xander cried. “Just…I can’t….I don’t…”

Spike stared at his troubled pet. He could smell the pheromones pouring off of Xander. His boy wanted. Yet, Spike’s pet was also a white knight and a Scooby. Xander would fight what he wanted because he’d think it was the right thing to do.

Spike sighed. He couldn’t rip Xander apart like that. Spike smiled reassuringly at Xander and then lifted his finger away from Xander’s face.

“NOO!” Xander screamed instantly adrift in loss without Spike’s touch.

Spike reacted without thought. He dove forward and captured Xander’s cheek in his hand.

“Pet?” Spike asked while searching Xander for some sort of lead.

Xander stared back. He was afraid to go forward but he couldn’t let go. Somehow, right now he was bound to Spike but he didn’t know how or what to do to move beyond the now.

“Spike,” Xander whispered.


“Break me?”

Spike hissed in surprise shock.

“Xander...,” Spike began.

“Please Spike,” Xander pleased. “I want….but I can’t…”

Spike brought his other hand up and with both hands gently cupped Xander’s face.

“Are you sure?” Spike asked.

No, Xander thought as he nodded.

Spike studied Xander. They were both caught in this moment. Spike wanted Xander more than ever and yet he knew he was also closer to losing his boy than at any other point in this long waiting game he’d been playing.

“I’m going to give you a word, pet,“ Spike said. “If anything gets too much or you want to stop, just say the word. Say ‘kitten.’ Understand?”

“If I want to stop I say ‘kitten,’” Xander repeated.

Spike smiled and nodded.

“Spike?” Xander asked feeling as if he was about to fall down a rabbit hole far stranger than ’s, “did you have a word?”

Spike shook his head.

“I’m sorry,” Xander whispered.

Spike smiled and then tugged Xander forward and begun to plunder his pet’s sweet mouth. Xander’s eyes and mouth opened in shock at the sudden onslaught and Spike took advantage of the opportunity to map Xander’s warm sweet mouth.

Xander sat frozen for a moment, held by Spike while he his mouth was devoured. Spike’s kissing me!  Something screamed inside of Xander. This is Spike! This is kissage!

Spike leaned forward more and never breaking the kiss he tugged Xander under him. Xander’s heart skipped a beat as Spike stretched out completely on top of him and Xander could feel the evidence of Spike's desire pressed into Xander.

That’s Spike! That’s Spike’s spike! Xander’s panicked mind once again screamed. Xander squirmed and pushed at Spike’s bare shoulders.

“Mmmpph!” Xander said against Spike’s lips.

Spike quickly broke the kiss and looked at Xander.

“Too fast!” Xander panted.

Spike stared down at his pet. There was the smell of fear and want coming from his boy. Xander had asked him to “break him.” Spike knew he was only going to “break” Xander a little. He never wanted to truly break Xander; that’s why he’d given him a safeword so Xander could stop Spike at any time.  Yet, if Xander truly wanted to get to that space he’d been intrigued by he’d have to trust Spike a little and give up control.

Spike leaned down and began to nibble Xander’s neck with human teeth.

Vampire! Neck! Xander’s inner voice panicked again.

“No!” Xander cried.

Spike once again stopped kissing Xander and stared at him.

“Pet,” he said firmly but softly, “If you really want me to stop you know the word. Otherwise, pet, I’m in charge, not you. Now, do you want me to stop?”

Xander stared back at Spike. Once again he was confused. He was caught between his fear and his desire. He’s asked Spike to “break him” so he didn’t have to make the choice and Spike had agreed.

Yet, Spike had also given Xander a word; a safeword. If Spike could be believed and something deep down inside Xander did believe him about this, then no matter what, if Xander said that word then Spike would stop.

“Spike…” Xander began.

“It’s a yes or no question,” Spike interrupted. “Do you want me to stop?”

Xander once again locked gazed with Spike. Last chance, Xan-man. Say “yes” and forget about all of this! Xander’s inner voice argued. Xander kept gazing into Spike’s brilliant blue eyes. How could I forget about this?

“I didn’t say the word,” Xander answered quietly.

“No you didn’t, pet,” Spike smiled and then lowered his head to once again plunder Xander’s mouth. This time Xander ignored his panic and surrendered to Spike. Spike’s tongue mapped and explored Xander’s mouth chasing the taste that was pure Xander mingled with the beer he’d been drinking. Xander clung to Spike and marveled at the feel of the cool smooth skin under his palms.

When Spike was satisfied he’d thoroughly mapped Xander’s mouth, and his boy lay breathless underneath him, Spike broke the kiss and stared down at his pet. Xander gulped in air between reddened and swollen lips. Spike smiled again and gently nibbled at Xander’s bottom lip. He alternated between lightly biting it and gently sucking it.

Xander moaned. Desire was getting stronger and fear was getting weaker. Yet even as he began to revel in the silky feel of Spike’s skin under his hands, Xander couldn’t stop thinking about how wrong this had to be. I shouldn’t be feeling this with…for Spike!

Spike lifted his head away from the tender morsel he’d been enjoying and looked in Xander’s eyes. Git’s still thinking too much, Spike thought.

Spike smiled and then leaned back; lifting himself off of Xander and settling back on the end of the couch. Xander lay sprawled on the couch for a second startled at the loss of the heavy and reassuring weight of Spike pressing down on him. Then he sat up and scooted to “his” end of the couch. He looked at Spike. Is that it? Is that all there is?

“Pet,” Spike said smoothly as he once again stretched out in that lazy position on the couch with his legs splayed wide; this time with a large bulge in his crotch on proud display. “Why don’t you get me a beer?”

“What?” Xander asked suddenly shocked at the cavalier attitude and request.

“I want you to get me a beer,” Spike repeated.

“Your legs aren’t broken,” snapped Xander who was starting to feel suspiciously used or the butt of one Spike’s jokes.

With vampiric speed Spike was once again on top of Xander and pulling the struggling man underneath him.

“What did I tell you before?” Spike asked as he pressed himself into Xander with game face inches from Xander’s.

“Th..that I could say the word!” Xander’s panicked mind frantically provided; startled at having both an aroused and angry male vampire on top of him.

“What else did I tell you, pet?” Spike asked.

Xander’s mind raced as Spike made little thrusting motions against him. Charge! Spike’s in charge unless I say the word!

“You’re in charge,” Xander sputtered, “but I thought that had to do with…”

“I’m in charge, period.” Spike cut Xander off. “Now unless you have something to say to me…?”

Say it! Xander’s voice screamed. Say it! Xander stared at the Spike. He’d never seen Spike this close up in game face. It was insane but even in game face there was something striking about Spike. Some part of Xander wanted to trace the pronounced forehead ridges with his fingers and another even more perverse part wanted to curl his tongue around Spike’s fangs.

“No,” Xander whispered.

Spike cocked an eyebrow and studied his pet. Oh pet, he thought, I’m never letting you go. Then just as suddenly as Spike had been on Xander he was off him. Spike was once again lounging lazily on the corner of the couch.

Xander stood up on shaky legs and then marched to the kitchen. Xander reached past the good beer and grabbed a Budwieser. Didn’t tell me I had to bring him the good stuff, Xander thought rebelliously.

I’m gonna march back in there, Xander silently vowed gaining courage and resolve from his small rebellion. I’m going to give him his beer, tell him the word, and then order him out! This is crazy!

True to his word, Xander marched back to the living and he gave the beer to Spike, but all he said was, “Use a coaster.”

Spike grinned, twisted the cap of the beer and took a long swing. He never took his eyes off Xander as his pet made his way back to the other side of the couch and was beginning to sit.

“Stop!” Spike ordered.

Xander froze and looked at Spike. “Now what?”

“Did I tell you to sit?” Spike purred.

“No, and you didn’t tell me to breathe either,” Xander retorted.

Spike hid smile behind another swig of his beer. I’ll never be bored with my Xan.

“I still don’t think you understand how this thing works, pet,” Spike said softly.

“Then explain it to me,” Xander said almost dreading the answer.

“You aren’t in control. You don’t get to decide what you will do or won’t do,” Spike said.

Xander narrowed his eyes, “I don’t…”

“Did I give you permission to speak?”

“Of course not!” Xander said. “I don’t need…”

“Pet,” Spike crooned. “The only thing you are allowed to say without permission is that safeword. Now, if I hear any other world come out of your mouth besides that word, pet,” Spike warned, “There will be consequences.”

Xander stared at Spike. Consequences! What could fangless do to me? Xander thought. Leave me, some other part of Xander answered.

Xander narrowed his eyes at Spike. Spike cocked an eyebrow. Xander longed to say “boo!” but he remained silent.

Spike took another swig on his beer. Time to step it up a bit. Spike then made a big show of raking his eyes over Xander.

Xander rolled his eyes at the performance. Not much to see folks. Move along!

Spike looked over his pet again. Xander really was attractive. He was all long lines, broad shoulders, big hands, hard muscles from hard work, soft brown hair and big brown eyes.

Nummy, Spike thought.

“Take off your clothes,” Spike softly ordered.

“What?” exclaimed a startled Xander.

Spike smiled. Pet just earned a punishment.

“I said, ‘take off your clothes.’”

Xander stared at Spike for a moment and then started to head for the bedroom.

“Uh…huh,” Spike said stopped Xander. “In here, unless you want to earn another punishment.”

Another punishment? Xander thought and then groaned when he realized he’d said “what” aloud.

Xander moved back to where he’d been standing at the end of the couch. Say the word! That pesky inner voice screamed at Xander again as he glared at Spike and begun jerking at the tie around his neck.

“Easy, pet,” Spike said as he took a small sip of beer. “Take ‘em off slow and easy.”

If you wanted a strip tease, Xander thought as he gently removed the tie from around his neck and began to unbutton his shirt, I know this nice little place in

Spike didn’t bother to hide the want in his eyes as Xander slowly revealed more and more flesh. Finally the wrappings coming off my pressie! Spike thought.

Oh, Spike had vivid memories of the night of Kaga demons, but this was different. This time every inch of Xander would be revealed. It would be just the two of them and Spike was going to taste and touch and shatter Xander.

Xander shrugged his shirt off and let it fall to the floor. The way Spike was staring at him left Xander deeply grateful for the chip in the vampire’s head. He looked like he wanted to devour Xander.

Say the word! The inner Xander screamed. Stop this now before it goes any farther.

Xander reached down and unbuttoned the fly of his trousers and then with slightly shaky hands began to unzip them. This is so not of the good!

Spike licked his lips and watched with appreciation and anticipation. Xander bent down and slid his trousers off.

Spike laughed. Xander blushed. Pet’s wearing boxers with red chili peppers all over them!

“Hot stuff, Xan,” Spike smirked.

Xander flipped a finger at Spike.  Spike laughed and pointed his finger at the boxers.

“Off with ‘em, pet.”

Xander blushed again. Well if the dream is true, he thought. It’s not like he hasn’t seen Little Xander already. Not to mention….

Xander didn’t want to finish that thought as he pulled his boxers down over his butt and then his long legs. As soon as the thought started creeping into his brain Little Xander, who was already half awake, wanted to rise fully and look for his old friend.

While Xander was bent over he removed the one remaining sock. He tried to think of an excuse to stay bent over longer, but Little Xander was beginning to steal too much blood from the big brain to think clearly.

Snaking his hands in front of his growing problem, Xander stood up and looked at Spike.

Spike once again made a show of slowly running his eyes over Xander. Spike adjusted himself and Xander blushed from his toes to his ears.

“Move the hands, pet,” Spike ordered and took a final swig of the beer.

Xander took a big breath and slowly moved his shaking hands away from his half mast. When does the not thinking part come in? Xander wondered.

Spike smiled and took a deep breath of his own. He could smell the musky scent of his pet. He could see Xander’s growing need. Spike fought to control the demon. He wouldn’t show his face right now.

Spike set his beer bottle down on the coffee table: he used a coaster. He then stood up. Spike grabbed Xander’s tie and moved over to his pet.

“Now, about yer punishment,” Spike said.

Xander turned wide and fearful eyes towards Spike’s hungry blue. Say the word! Say the word!

“Close your eyes, pet.”

Xander swallowed and closed his eyes.

Spike smiled and then tied Xander’s tie tight around Xander’s eyes blindfolding him. Immediately Spike could hear the rapid increase in Xander’s heart beat.

“Shhh, pet,” Spike soothed. “Yer ok.”

Xander reached up toward the tie.

“Don’t touch, Xan,” Spike ordered. Then Spike casually ran a finger tip down the center of Xander’s spine.

A shiver raced through Xander. Electric desire followed the trail of Spike’s finger and sent signals all the way to Xander’s cock. Xander gasped. Spike removed his finger.

Spike used all his skills as a vampire to move silently around Xander and then reached out to softly trace a circle around Xander right nipple.

“Sp…” Xander started to moan as his nipple hardened and Little Xander swelled and then stopped himself.

Spike smiled. Pet can always call for me. “You have my permission to say my name, Xander.”

“Spike…Spike,” Xander chanted as Spike took his finger and made a trail to Xander’s belly button and back up to Xander's left nipple.

“My name sounds good on yer lips, pet,” Spike said and then he leaned forward and hungrily kissed those lips. Xander groaned against him and opened his mouth to Spike.

Spike then stepped away from Xander. Silently he walked around the room admiring Xander from all angles.

Xander clenched his fist and strained to hear where Spike was. He could feel Spike watching him. Xander grew fully erect under the weight of that stare and he grew hungry for Spike to touch him again.

“Spike?” Xander finally called.

Spike remained silent but moved behind Xander and placed a gentle kiss on the back of Xander’s neck. Shudders raced again through Xander.

“Spike,” Xander sighed.

Spike lightly bit Xander’s neck and Xander found himself tilting his head offering more of it to Spike.

PET! The demon screamed inside of Spike as he slid into his demonic face. Spike lightly pressed the tips of his fangs to the delicate skin over Xander’s carotid artery.

Say the word! Say the word! Say the word! Xander’s mind screamed.

Xander reached up his hands and threaded them through Spike’s hair and pressed his head down. Spike’s fangs caught lightly on Xander’s skin pricking it open. Spike snaked his arms around Xander’s waist and pulled him tightly to him and laved at the tiny droplets of blood.

Xander held the back of Spike’s neck and tilted his head even more.

Mine! Mine! The blood of my pet freely given! Mine! The demon inside of Spike crowed as he nursed the tiny wound and reveled in the taste and feel of his warm and willing Xander.

Spike growled and licked Xander’s neck one more time. “Let go of me, pet,” Spike said.

Xander dropped his arms and Spike spun him around. Spike gently grabbed Xander’s head and then swooped in to kiss Xander. Xander briefly tasted something metallic on Spike’s tongue.

Blood! That’s my blood! Xander thought even as he found himself curling his tongue around one of Spike’s fangs. Something rumbled deep inside of Spike. Xander wasn’t sure if it was a growl or a purr but he continued to caress Spike’s fangs.

Spike gripped Xander’s hips and jerked them forward. He pressed Xander’s hard and leaking cock against his denim clad bulge. Xander rubbed and thrust himself against Spike despite the burn of the rough denim.

Spike stilled Xander’s hips and broke the kiss. He stared down at Xander. He knew the boy wasn’t completely under. Xander still battled with his thoughts while following his desire’s lead.

Xander’s world suddenly lurched as he felt his feet leave the ground and he felt Spike’s shoulder under his stomach.

“Spike!” Xander shouted.

“Shhh, pet,” Spike crooned as he ran his hand over Xander pert ass. “Just taking the show on the road.”

The road? What the hell? Xander thought as Spike began to move.

“Spike?” Xander cried again.

Spike rubbed Xander’s ass again. “Nuthin’ to worry ‘bout, luv.”

Xander tried to orientate himself, but Spike kept just walking in circles. All along he kept stroking and rubbing Xander’s butt.

“Spike…” Xander bleated.

“I’m in control,” Spike reminded. “Trust me.”

Then Xander squirmed on Spike’s shoulder as Spike ran a wet finger down the crack of Xander’s ass. Spike chuckled.

“Careful, pet. Don’t want to drop you.”

Xander could feel the blood rushing to his head. He lifted his head to keep from getting to dizzy.

“Relax, pet,” Spike ordered.

Xander sighed. Say the word! The voice shouted. Oh shut up! Another part of Xander retorted as he let himself go limp and hang over Spike’s back.

Spike smiled and then began to head to Xander’s room. He shifted his face back to its human visage. Once in Xander’s room Spike spun around and then dropped Xander on the bed.

“Spiiike!” a startled Xander cried as he fell but then began giggling as he bounced on the bed.

“Th…” Xander almost said that wasn’t funny but caught himself.

“You say something, pet?”

Xander giggled and shook his head.

Spike stood over the bed, watched and waited until his boy stopped giggling.

“Spike?” Xander finally called.

“Still here, pet,” Spike said. “Just enjoying the show. You need to laugh more often. Yer smiles light up yer whole being.”

Xander blushed.

“Now lay flat on your back, hands to yer side, legs apart and yer knees bent.”

Xander hurried to scramble into position. He tried not to think of what a vulnerable position he was in or what he must look like. He concentrated on just following Spike’s orders.

When Xander was in position, Spike stripped off his jeans and climbed up naked on to the bed. He crawled to kneel in between his pet’s legs. He stared at his beautiful, obedient Xander.

He could smell the musk rolling off the hard length of Xander. He could hear the blood racing through Xander’s veins. Spike remembered the sweet taste of that blood. Xander was flushed and hard and waiting for Spike.

Spike took his own leaking rod in his hand. He ran his hand down the length and gathered some precum and slid it back down his hard staff.

“Xander,” Spike said softly. “Take off your blindfold.”

Xander reached up and did as he was told. He blinked in the light of the room and then his eyes sought Spike.  Xander gasped at the sight of the naked, lean and hard vampire kneeling between Xander’s legs stroking himself.

“I want you to watch me, pet,” Spike said as he began to stroke faster and firmer. “I want you to see what the thought of you…what the image of you does to me.”

Xander’s breath caught in his throat as he watched the powerful vampire pleasure himself while talking about Xander.

“I’ve tossed myself off many nights to the fantasy of you, Xander,” Spike's voice rose as his strokes quickened and his other hand snaked down to squeeze and fondle his balls. “But no fantasy, pet, compares ta the smell, the feel…the taste of YOU!”

Spike screamed the last word and long streams of cool seed shot forth from Spike and splattered on Xander’s own hard length, balls and dripped down to his ass. Spike stroked and milked and continued to spurt and then fell forward bracing himself with his hands on either side of Xander.

Xander stared into Spike’s blue eyes still dazed with release. Xander nearly came from the power of knowing the effect he had on Spike. Yet, somehow Xander held off. Spike hadn’t said he could cum.

“Spike,” Xander sighed in need and awe of his beautiful vampire.

Blue eyes focused on brown and Spike smiled.

“Get ready to break, pet,” Spike whispered and then moved down Xander’s body.

Spike leaned down and began to lick his cool spunk off his pet’s hot flesh. Xander moaned and squirmed and Spike reveled in the combined taste of Xander and himself. He wanted more. Greedily, Spike licked, sucked and nibbled. Xander arched and screamed when Spike chased their combined flavors by swallowing Xander whole. Slowly he slid his mouth back up and swirled his tongue around Xander’s length.

“SPIKE!” Xander screamed and Spike squeezed Xander’s rod firmly.

“Not yet, pet,” Spike said. “You aren’t even close to the breaking point.”

Xander threw his head back and let out a long moan as Spike kept hold of his rod and sucked Xander’s balls one by one into his mouth and rolled them with his talented tongue. Xander bucked and screamed but Spike only chuckled and released his little treasures with a slick “POP.”

Xander clenched his fists and Spike slid his tongue down and around Xander’s balls. He chased the trail of his own seed down to Xander’s sweet hidden spot. As Spike’s tongue darted out and made a small swipe Xander screamed and tried to close his legs.

“Keep ‘em open, pet,” Spike growled in mastery and desire. Xander whimpered and lay obedient as Spike began to tongue fuck his sweet pet.

Xander cried and tossed his head. He wanted to scream out but he had no voice as he constantly sucked in air at the overload of sensation of Spike’s tongue diving in and out of Xander’s most secret of places.

Spike kept a firm grip on his boy. Xander would beg for release if he knew how. Over and over Spike lapped and laved until Xander’s little ring opened for him. Spike smiled and then ran a finger through the thick precum dripping down Xander’s hard shaft.

Then very gently Spike began to insert that finger into Xander’s opened little ring. Xander’s movements stilled at the new sensation. One word came back to Xander’s conscious mind.


“Shhh, pet,” Spike crooned before returning to lick and lave to help ease his finger’s way into his pet.

“Spike!” Xander shouted as something gave and he felt Spike’s finger slide inside of him.

Spike leaned forward over his boy as he gently twisted and turned his finger looking for Xander’s treasure spot. He found the little nub and Xander arched and screamed.

“I promise I’ll never break you completely, Xander” Spike whispered just before he released his tight grip on Xander and he once again swallowed his pet’s hard length. At the same time, Spike massaged that pleasure spot inside Xander.

White light flared behind Xander’s closed eyes. He screamed and release began to pound through him and out of him. Time and reality lost all sense for Xander. All he knew was white oblivion that was both unbearable pleasure and borderline pain. There was no doubt. There was no fear. There was no family. There was no failure. There was no right or wrong. There were no “should ofs” or “could ofs.” There was only one word. One bright shining word and as Xander shot his hot milky essence down Spike's throat Xander shouted that word.



Xander came back to himself to the sensation of being wrapped closely in someone’s arms while that same someone nuzzled and wiped tears from Xander’s cheeks. Xander slowly opened his eyes. They were blurry with tears. Xander sought Spike’s gaze.

Spike knew immediately the moment Xander was “back.” He quickly met Xander’s gaze.

“Hey,” Spike said softly.

Xander blinked.

Spike smiled. “Don’t worry, pet. You’ll be back to yer snarky self in no time.”

Xander blinked again.

“It just takes a few minutes for the circuits to reset themselves.”

Xander felt heavy. He felt like his body was foreign until he concentrated and remembered how to move. Slowly he reached up and touched Spike’s face. Spike nuzzled the hand that touched him.

“Spike,” Xander whispered. Spike kissed Xander’s hand.


“Did you claim me?”

Spike chuckled. “Only a little, pet.”

Xander stared at Spike. He trusted Spike but somehow he didn’t believe him. He felt claimed. He felt owned.

“Tomorrow you can go back to hating me. You can pretend this never happened. You can even sic the slayer on me if you want,” Spike said.

Xander’s eyes widened in shock at the thought of anything going even remotely back to the way it was or doing any of what Spike suggested.

“But it won’t matter. Because this between you and me? It’s unconditional and inevitable.”

“I won’t…,” Xander started to say and Spike gently put his hand to Xander’s lips.

“Xander, luv, yer shattered. In the morning when the sun is shining the pieces will come back together. All those voices and doubts will come racing back,” Spike said.

“I don’t want them too.”

“But I do,” Spike said. “I want you Xander.  Not a shadow you. Not a broken you remade to an image done by me, pet. I want Xander; annoying twat, Scooby, white knight and over all pain in the arse.”

Xander smiled and felt the tears start to trickle again. He wasn’t sure when anyone ever wanted him just for being himself.

“You’re the king of pain in the asses,” Xander finally said as Spike licked away Xander’s tears.

“Oi!” Spike laughed and then pulled Xander tighter. “Only if I don’t use enough lube.”

Xander sputtered, squirmed and then laughed. The whole time Spike kissed and held him. Finally Xander settled down and relaxed against the cool length of Spike.

“Will you be here in the morning?” Xander yawned.

“Don’t know, pet,“ Spike said. “But I promise I’ll be here all night. And if I’m gone, I promise you won’t be alone.”

“How’s this ever going to work, Spike?” Xander ask as his eyes drifted closed.

“Beautifully, pet,” Spike said as he watched Xander fall back into a peaceful sleep. “Just beautifully.”

The End

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