Breaking Free


Part Forty-Three

Spike moved forward until he was crowding Xander in the tiny cabin of the bridge. So wot’s our headin’?” Spike asked.

“Out there,” Xander gestured toward the wide expanse of stars.


“Well to tell you the truth,” Xander muttered, “I’m not exactly sure.”

Spike arched an eyebrow.

“Uhm…well…see this ship belonged to both Jesse and me,” Xander began to explain. “Technically, it was mostly Jesse’s. He was the pilot and I was well…well…sorta hoping for first mate or cabin boy or just tagalong. We, well mostly he, tinkered with the ship so it could be used for more than just orbital flights. Maxed out the engines big time so it could do the interplanetary exploring thing. That’s what we hoped anyway. But when he…”

Xander paused and choked back sudden tears. Even after all he’d been through and the healing Spike had helped him achieve, Jesse’s death still hurt.

“After he died you lost the dream of being the Zeppo’s ‘cabin boy,’” Spike finished gently.

Xander nodded and then continued, “Turns out Jesse left me the ship but after he died I couldn’t even look at it. Willow and Tara kept it for me.”

“Pet,” Spike said softly as he closed the distance between himself and Xander, “I’m sorry for yer hurt and I promise ta kiss ya and make it all better but I still don’t know where we’re bloody headin’. If you didn’t plot the course who did?”

“Willow…I think,” Xander said.

“Cor pet!”

“What? She’s our friend! She…”

“Red wouldn’t but if anyone got word of the daring rescue this could be a setup,” Spike said and quickly looked at the console and the settings.

Xander remained quiet. He really hadn't thought of the possibility of a setup, so confident was he in the skill of his friends.

“If ya didn’t know how to fly this ship how were ya planning on gettin' away?” Spike growled as he began examining the plotted course.

“Well, I thought you’d fly us,” Xander said.

“And wot if Red hadn’t a pulled the rabbit outta the hat?” Spike said as he turned and pinned Xander with his gaze.

“Then I wasn’t going anywhere,” Xander said.

“Pet!” Spike hissed and then wrapped his hand around the back of Xander’s neck. “That should never have been an option! Yer ta always get yer pretty little backside to safety! Ya hear? It’s an order!”

Xander leaned close until his lips were almost touching Spike’s and then said, “No way Captain Imperious! We leave together or we don’t leave at all. Punish me later.”

“Oh I intend to,” Spike said before claiming the sassy mouth he loved and had missed so much.

Xander welcomed Spike’s domineering kiss and gladly submitted to the hard, frantic lips pressing against his. He parted his lips and let Spike’s tongue slide in and re-stake its claim by mapping his mouth. Then Xander groaned as Spike nipped, nibbled and sucked on his lips until they were red and swollen. Spike kissed Xander hungrily and worshiped his mouth like a devotee worshiping at the feet of his one true god.

When they both needed to breathe, Spike pulled away. He shot a lustful look at Xander to take in the man who defied him and yet still always submitted to him.

“Permission ta change course,” Spike whispered as he stared into Xander's eyes.

“Huh?” Xander said dazedly returning Spike's gaze.

“Yer the Captain,” Spike said with a smile, “and I’m askin’ ya fer permission ta change course. Want us headin’ in the opposite direction from Red’s course. Figure we’ll plant ourselves behind Eyghon's moon and then send word ta the Hyperion that we're ok. If I know him, Peaches is probably drownin’ everyone in broody tears and mournful looks. Then we’ll wait till the DeSoto can come and escort us home.”

“Oh!” Xander said still trying to recover from Spike’s kiss.

Spike arched his eyebrow again. How can he say so much with such a little gesture? Xander wondered.

“Uhm, yeah, permission granted,” Xander said as he blushed.

“Oi!” Spike grunted and then turned around and smiled as he plotted a new course for the Zeppo. 

“When you’re done,” Xander said, “there’s a shower in the sleeping cabin. ‘Fraid the Zeppo’s shower is only big enough for one, but it has twice the hot water of the DeSoto.”

“Ya tryin’ ta tell me somethin’, pet?” Spike asked as he turned around.

“Well yeah. You’re bloody, stinky and I thought you might want to wash up.”

Spike laughed and swatted Xander on the butt as he wiggled around him and out of the bridge’s cabin.

“Hey! Watch it!” Xander yelled.

“I was!” Spike quipped and then headed toward the back of the Zeppo and to its only sleeping cabin.

Xander turned around and plopped himself into the armless captain’s chair. He stared out at the expansive stars and muttered to himself about blond bullies starting something they didn’t finish.


Xander was still lost in thought about Spike when he heard the sound of a throat clearing behind him. Xander swiveled in his captain’s chair and checked the gasp of want in his throat.  Spike leaned against the archway to the bridge with his arms crossed over his bare chest. Spike wore a pair of loose low riding slacks he must have found in the sleeping cabin. The pants only seemed to accentuate the treasure trail of flesh outlined in lean muscle. Spike's attire consisted only of those loose pants; even his feet were bare.

Crystal blue eyes and a predatory smile beamed at Xander. Spike arched an eyebrow and the gasp escaped out of Xander’s throat, straight over his tongue and eased through his parted and suddenly dry lips.

"Before we settle some business between us, pet," Spike said softly, "I want ta know a few things."

Xander's throat closed. Business between us? Xander thought. What does he mean? Memories of what Xander did to Spike in the bathroom of Snyder's holding cell suddenly replayed in Xander's mind and the color drained from his face.

"Spike, I..." Xander began to whisper. A quick shake of Spike's head silenced Xander.

"Right now I'm asking the questions, pet," Spike said. "I ask, you answer. Got it?"

Xander nodded.

"What was the status of the DeSoto before you set out to rescue me?"

Xander closed his eyes and tried to swallow past the desert in his throat.

"The DeSoto was fine when I left. Riley said it got away. Bitched about it in fact."

Spike narrowed his eyes. He hadn't missed the dance of Xander's words, The DeSoto was fine.

"Pet? I need to know the status of the DeSoto and her crew," Spike ordered.

"Wes was hit," Xander said quietly.

A low growl erupted from Spike and his eyes blazed gold, but he didn't move.

"How bad?" Spike asked.

Xander opened his eyes and looked at Spike then said, "Bad. Not sure if he was gonna make it bad. His blood was all over me, Spike. Faith was torn between you and Wes. Told her to get Wes back to the ship. I'd bring you home. That's all I know."

Spike took a deep breath. Xander could feel the waves of rage pulsating off his lover. Gates is lucky he died before Spike got this news, Xander thought.

Spike released his breath and his eyes shifted back to their cerulean blue.

"Pet," Spike said. "Not yer fault. Ya did good. Wes is strong. Faith is stronger. I'm gonna lay odds they're ok."

Xander nodded. Wes isn't my fault, Xander thought, but what happened on the Snyder is.

"So, howz our course lookin'?" Spike asked, suddenly changing topics.

"Uhm," Xander said as he swiveled back around in his chair to look at the console. "Ok?"

Spike laughed and moved forward onto the tiny bridge. He leaned close over Xander's shoulder and stared at the console.

"We've drifted a bit," Spike said softly against Xander's ear. His words caused little puffs of air to dance across and sensitize Xander's skin. Despite his guilt, Xander felt his body react.

Spike snaked an arm past Xander and used his long fingers to glide over the console and make the needed corrections. Xander's gaze was fixated on those fingers and despite the bad memories taking precedence in his brain; some sinfully good memories stirred and made Xander go just a bit harder.

"Uhm, maybe you should pilot?" Xander asked.

"Nope," Spike answered his mouth still near Xander's ear. "Not the job I want."

Xander swallowed.

" could take over being captain," Xander said as he started to rise.

Spike's hands quickly retreated from the console and planted themselves firmly on Xander's shoulders forcing him to stay in the seat. Spike fingers curled seductively into Xander's flesh and Spike's mouth moved to Xander's other ear.

"Zeppo's already got a captain," Spike whispered. "Again, not interested."

Xander tried to swallow the spit he didn't have. He tried to ignore the scent of his own pheromones and the increasing state of happiness in his pants.

"Mechanic? Engineer?" Xander asked.

"No and no," Spike said before capturing Xander's earlobe between his teeth.

"So w...whaahhhhhh...oh Ghod!" Xander groaned as Spike started to suck on Xander's earlobe. "Mmmmm...gah...wha...what do you want?"

Spike's chuckle vibrated through Xander's earlobe, down his spine and straight up Little Xander's tip.

"It's not what I want," Spike said releasing Xander's ear and then spinning him around in the chair until Spike could straddle just above Xander's lap. Spike leaned in again and whispered, "It's what you need."

"I need?" Xander squeaked.

"Mmmhmm," Spike said before he licked his warm wet tongue up Xander's throat starting at the tempting little hollow at its base and up and over Xander's Adam’s apple. Xander leaned his head back offering his throat completely to Spike.

Spike inhaled deeply the scent of his boy's need and smiled against Xander's chin. Gonna make it all better, Spike silently vowed. Gonna chase away the bad memories, pet. Gonna make it so good between us I'll never see that hurt in yer eyes again or hear it in yer voice. I know yer too sweet to leave it to being what it was and had ta be. Ya always bleed fer the hard choices.

"Ya need a CM," Spike whispered against Xander's ear. Xander's cock twitched and his breath hitched. "Ya need someone ta take care of ya...ease yer stress."

"Spiiike!" Xander moaned.

Spike slowly lowered himself so he finally straddled Xander properly. He rocked forward so his hard prick could rub against and make friends with Xander's.

"Oh..ghods...ghod!" Xander panted as he tried to focus on Spike.

Spike slid his hands down Xander's chest and then burrowed them under Xander's shirt. He snaked his long fingers up until he could pinch and roll both of Xander's pert nipples. Xander bucked and nearly screamed.

"Shush," Spike crooned as he simultaneously kissed Xander's neck and tortured Xander's nipples. "Just relax, Captain."

Relax? Xander thought. How the hell am I...

Xander never finished his thought due to the short circuit in his brain when Spike reclaimed his mouth. Spike didn't just claim; he owned. Spike didn't just kiss Xander, he fucked his mouth with his tongue. Xander shot straight past moaning and groaning to making animalistic sounds of raw need.

Spike chuckled at Xander's abandon then released his pet's mouth. With the seductive grace of a creature of hedonism, Spike quickly went from tweaking Xander's nubs to gliding Xander's shirt up his chest, over his head, down his arms and the back of the chair. Spike smiled at the pretty picture Xander made.

Xander's chest was bare but his arms were pinned back against the chair; imprisoned by his own shirt. Xander's face was flushed; his breath rapid and his lips were swollen red and glistening. Spike wanted to devour his boy. Not this time, Spike thought. 

Slowly Spike slid off of Xander's lap and backed a few steps away. Spike looked for the tight and heavy bulge in Xander's crotch. He wasn't disappointed.

"Sp..Spike?" Xander panted.

"Yeah, p...Captain?" Spike said as he slid his loose pants down over his long legs to his ankles and then lithely stepped out of them.

"I tho..thought we..." Xander struggled for a coherent thought while his body thrummed in reaction to seeing Spike gloriously nude and hard before him. "You said we had unfinished bus..."

"We do, Captain," Spike said saying the word "Captain" with the same meaning and inflection he used when saying the word, "pet." Spike grinned, slid forward and placed his hands on Xander's knees. With little effort, Spike parted Xander's legs and knelt down between them. He looked Xander in the eye and then deliberately, slowly, licked his lips.

Xander groaned, "Am I going to survive this?"

Spike laughed and quickly undid the fastening on Xander's pants. Then he delicately peeled the fabric back, tugged at the waistband of Xander's underwear and freed Xander's red and precum tipped penis. Once again Spike licked his lips.

"SPIIKE!" Xander cried, "FUCK!"

"We're gettin' there, Captain," Spike chuckled just before he swooped down and slid his warm mouth over Xander's straining cock. Xander arched helplessly into that wet delicious heat. Spike chuckled again and the vibrations sent shivers of need up through Xander’s hard length and straight to Xander's chest. For a moment Xander's body couldn't decide whether it needed to gasp for air or scream. Spike sucked until his cheeks were hollowed and his mouth filled with the taste of his boy. Xander's body bucked and a scream was finally wrenched from him.

Spike grabbed Xander's ball sac firmly and squeezed to stave off the pending orgasm.

"F…FUU...UUUK!" Xander yelled and clenched his hands into fists.

Spike slowly slid his mouth back up Xander's cock and let it fall out his mouth with a loud wet POP!

"In good time, my Captain, in good time," Spike promised. Then he once again made use of his long fingers to gently pet his captain, until Xander's breathing was less erratic and his need less on the edge. Xander stared helplessly at his lover. Whatever Spike needs, Xander silently vowed, whatever he wants I'll give it to him.

Spike caught Xander's gaze and smiled. Spike basked for a moment in the wide-eyed trust Xander gave him. Never gonna give him up, Spike thought. Git wouldn't let me even if I wanted to.

Then Spike snaked his fingers down until they were once again dancing around Xander's pants. Xander hissed.

"Lift up," Spike ordered softly. It was an awkward position for Xander, but he put his feet flat on the floor and lifted his butt out of the chair. Spike gently tugged on Xander's pants and slid them down and over the pert ass Spike loved to stroke and fondle. Not right now, Spike told himself. He slid Xander's pants down the long legs and thought about how he loved to have them wrapped around his waist when he fucked Xander face-to-face. Later, Spike thought.

"Sit," Spike said, and when Xander planted his butt back in the chair Spike finished removing Xander's pants and stepped away from the ‘V’ between Xander's legs. Spike let his eyes roam hungrily over Xander's mostly nude and fully flushed body. Spike couldn't resist another long teasing lick of his lips.

"I'm not a steak, Spike," Xander moaned.

"But ya are juicy," Spike said as he flicked a finger over the tip of Xander's leaking cock. Spike put the finger to his mouth and made a show of sucking it clean. "Nummy too!"

"SPIIIIKE!" Xander groaned and stomped his feet. "This is definitely NOT relieving my stress!"

Spike laughed before turning and digging something out of his pants which were lying on the ground. Xander admired the view whilst thinking Now what? He then gasped in surprise when Spike turned around holding a tube of slick.

"Where'd ya get that?" Xander asked.

"Seems there was a stash of the stuff in with the extra clothes I found in the sleeping quarters. There was a note too," Spike said. "Read: 'Have fun and play safe. Love Doc T.'"

Xander blushed and laughed at the same time.

"Pet?" Spike asked as he cocked an eyebrow.

Tara," Xander explained. "She's my doctor and Willow's wife."

"Well then," Spike said as he once again stalked forward and stood straddling Xander's lap, "guess we'll have to follow the doctor's orders?"

Xander swallowed. Spike smiled, squeezed a generous amount of lube into his free hand and then slowly coated Xander's cock with it.

"Spike?" Xander asked in confusion and near panic. What's he doing? Xander thought. This isn't...I can’t...

"Shhh," Spike crooned as he continued to stroke Xander keeping him hard despite Xander's confusion. "Unfinished business."

"Spike, I don't wanna hurt you...," Xander tried to argue.

"Ya won't and ya didn't," Spike said.

"Liar," Xander answered. "I remember. I was there."

"So was I," Spike countered still firmly stroking Xander's hard and slick length. "And I also remember tellin' ya that ya couldn't hurt me."

"I did!" Xander insisted.

"Ya didn't hurt me then, luv," Spike said as he ceased stroking Xander and maneuvered himself over his boy’s cock. "And ya won't hurt me now."

Slowly, Spike began to ease himself down onto Xander. Both men gasped. Xander in shock at what Spike was doing, Spike at the pressure and slight burn as he began forcing Xander's cock past his opening. Spike had stretched and lubed himself before coming to the cabin but Xander was big and Spike was tight.


"This is for us," Spike said interrupting Xander and straining the muscles in his legs as he focused on his slow descent. "Last time was fer show. Was for Riley and his power trip. Was ta save our lives..."

Spike paused and then gasped in pleasure as Xander popped through Spike's outer ring and the pressure and burn turned to a warm full sensation as Spike's body began to greedily take in Xander's length.

"This time," Spike continued as he settled himself fully down into Xander's lap, "this time it's for us. You and me, pet. Makin' it good like it's supposed to be."

Xander stared at his lover. He was torn by the incredible feeling of being inside the man he loved and by the memories of the last time he'd felt enveloped by Spike’s body. Spike stared back and then wrapped his arms around Xander's neck. He leaned forward. Heat, need, and the musky smell of their combined desire cocooned Xander.

"Love me, Xan," Spike whispered against Xander's lips.

Xander groaned and then began to gently push up into Spike. He tried to angle his thrusts to rock against that special place inside Spike. He must have succeeded because Spike suddenly threw back his head and let loose a long growl of pleasure. Xander kept his eyes locked on Spike even as he gently thrust back and forth into him. Spike lowered his head and returned Xander's gaze. Spike smiled and then slowly thrust back against Xander in a counter rhythm until the two were locked into a seamless dance of rocking flesh.

Time lost all meaning for Xander. He didn't know how long he thrust into Spike. All Xander knew was the feel and smell of Spike and the clear blue depths of Spike's eyes. Home, Xander thought. Spike IS home.

Spike smiled and once again leaned forward.

"C'mon, Xander," Spike whispered against Xander's lips. "Fuck me like ya mean it!"

Spike's words ignited something deep and hungry in Xander. Xander's eyes went gold and he growled and bit at Spike's lips. Xander's rhythm changed from a gentle thrust to a hard fast buck. Spike laughed and offered his throat to Xander. Xander pounded into Spike and bit the offered neck. Spike pulled Xander close and adjusted his own rhythm to ride Xander's pounding. Spike's hard and leaking cock was caught between the two men's stomachs. The sweat slick skin and the friction of the fast pounding sent delicious sensations up and down Spike's length.

"That's it," Spike shouted. "Fuck me, Pet! Open me up and go deep."

Xander snarled and somehow thrust even deeper and harder into Spike. Spike gasped and held on to the whirlwind around, underneath and inside of him. His Xander was a force of nature tasting like planetside and breaking around him like a violent spring storm. Spike wanted to stand in the midst of the storm, taunting and taking it until they discovered who burned out first.

"FUCK ME!" Spike ordered. Xander roared and plowed as deeply as he could into Spike. Spike's world went gold. Neck and leg muscles strained and glistened. For a short moment and a bright eternity the two men balanced on the edge of a high precipice. Then they tumbled over the edge together. Need erupted and coated them as Xander's seed filled Spike and Spike's seed bubbled over and painted Xander's stomach.

The fall back to awareness was long as they emptied themselves. The two men sat locked in position as shudders raced through and between them. They stared into each other’s golden eyes and their breaths synchronized. They were one.

Xander was first to reconnect to himself. His eyes shifted back to their natural brown.

"Spike?" Xander softly whispered.

Spike smiled wistfully, the spell was broken. He returned Xander's gaze with his once again blue eyes.

"Pet?" Spike answered. "Ya ask me if I'm all right and yer arse is gonna be cherry red until we reach Hyperion."

Xander blushed and bit his tongue.

"Was bloody marvelous," Spike said as he remembered how to use his arms and slid them down Xander's shoving the confining shirt off his boy. "Best shag I ever had."

Xander blushed again and risked wrapping his freed arms around Spike and pulling him into a fierce hug. Spike let Xander pull him close and returned the embrace.

"Can't say we'll do this often," Spike whispered into Xander's ear, "but there's no one else I'd want or trust ta take me."

Xander buried his face into Spike's neck and softly lapped at the bite marks he’d left.

"This was our first time like this, Xan," Spike continued to whisper. "No more guilt, eh? No more sad smiles and no more hurt looks."

Xander nodded. Spike brought his hands up to gently cup Xander's face. He tilted his boy's head back so he could once again look into Xander's eyes. There was only love and satiation shining in those eyes. Spike swooped down for another domineering kiss. Xander submitted sweetly and offered his mouth to Spike's control. Spike groaned and then broke the kiss. Slowly he began to work himself free from Xander. Xander released his hold on Spike and watched his lover lift up and away from him. Little Xander slid out with a slick and satisfying POP. Xander grinned cheekily.

"Bit proud of yerself, eh?" Spike said as he stood a pace back from Xander. Xander smiled, shrugged and then laced his fingers behind his head as he leaned back into the chair.

"Oi!" Spike said.

"Oi?" Xander countered. "That's all you have to say to your Captain is, 'Oi?'"

Spike arched an eyebrow.

"And wot would ya like me ta say?"

"I don't know," Xander shrugged. "Maybe 'thank you?'"

Bloody cheeky git! Spike internally laughed while he roared and dove for Xander. Xander let loose an endearingly cute but completely unmanly squeak and tried to get out of Spike's way. Biogen or not, Xander was no match for Spike and quickly found himself scooped up and firmly planted over Spike's shoulder.

"SPIIIIKE!" Xander yelled and felt a hard swat across his backside.

"Wot?" Spike answered as he swung around and began to exit the cabin.

"Put me down!" Xander ordered while squirming to get free. Another firm swat to his backside settled Xander.

"Why?" Spike asked as he moved toward the back of the ship and to the sleeping quarters.

"Cuz I'm the Captain!" Xander sputtered.

"Stagin' a mutiny," Spike grinned and then wiggled a still slick finger down the cleft of Xander’s ass to tease and taunt Xander's pucker.

"SPIIIIKE!" Xander shouted again and was surprised to find Little Xander already interested. Biogens! Xander thought as he snorted.

Spike continued to grin and tease him until he reached the bed. Then with a final little circle and teasing thrust of the tip of his finger, Spike retreated from Xander's pucker. Then he dropped the boy onto the bed. Xander bounced once on the firm mattress and the air pounded out of him. He gasped at Spike like a beached fish. Spike laughed and rummaged in the cabin's dresser drawer for more lube while Xander sputtered for breath.

"Nuthin' ta say?" Spike asked as he squeezed some lube into his hand while Xander tried to inhale deeply.

"Not funny!" Xander managed to say while Spike slicked up his hardening cock. Gotta love Biogen recovery time, Spike thought.

"Mutinies rarely are," Spike said as he pounced on the bed and spread Xander's legs.

"You know, there are stiff penalties for mutineers," Xander replied.

"Really?" Spike said as he propped Xander's legs on his shoulders and pressed his 'stiff' cock up against Xander's hole.

"Very stiff," Xander huskily whispered. Spike laughed and eased forward. Xander groaned as he welcomed the feel of Spike opening and filling him up.

"Guess I'd better enjoy myself while I can," Spike grinned as he seated himself fully into Xander.

"How ya gonna do that?" Xander asked as he reached his hands above his head and held on to the headboard.

"Gonna fuck ya all over this ship," Spike said as he began to thrust into Xander while reaching down to stroke Xander's cock.

"Gonna fuck ya here, in the galley and even on the bridge," Spike said as he worked Xander inside and out. "By the time we get home there won't be a spot on this ship where ya can look without blushing."

Xander groaned and blushed at the same time. Spike kept up the sensual verbal and physical assault.

"Even gonna bend you over the bridge console. Gonna fuck ya from behind while all ya see is stars in front of ya. Gonna take ya hard too, so that you'll think my thrusts are hurtling ya through space."

Spike increased his thrusting and stroking as he talked.

"Not gonna let ya come though," Spike explained, his voice starting to get ragged with need and exertion. "Oh no, pet. Gonna cream yer arse and then I'm gonna flip ya on yer back and then as you're hot, needy, and dazedly staring back into space I'm gonna take ya in my mouth and suck ya off until ya burn out and explode like a dying star!"

Xander closed his eyes and saw stars as he screamed through his second orgasm. Spike smiled and rocketed through his own release.


Xander came to in the all too familiar and welcome position of being nestled against Spike with his head on Spike's chest. Spike was stroking his fingers through Xander's thick and growing hair.

"Still not long enough," Spike muttered sensing Xander was back with him.

"I'm not letting it grow down to my ass," Xander said.

"Oi! Ya will if I say ya will!"

Xander smiled and rolled his eyes. "Bully!" Xander said.

Spike grinned and continued to run his fingers through Xander's hair.

Xander nestled closer and reveled in the feel of his lover. Xander was filled with a peace and contentment he'd never known.

"Thank you, Spike," Xander said very seriously and quietly.

Now wot's got the git's hamsters runnin'? Spike thought.

"Fer wot, pet?" Spike asked.

"For freeing me," Xander said.

Spike chuckled. "Think that last ride shook somethin' loose in yer noggin, pet. You and yer friends freed me."

Xander sat up and looked down at Spike. Spike returned Xander's gaze.

"The day you took me prisoner, Spike," Xander said, "you freed me. Without you I would have been trapped in Council lies."

Spike reached up a hand and brushed it against Xander's cheek.

"You were always too good for them Council prats, Xan," Spike said. "Eventually you would have come around."

Xander turned his head and kissed Spike's palm and then looked back at Spike.

"Maybe," Xander said, "but I'd still be trapped by my grief and...loneliness."

The mere idea of Xander being lost and alone sent a chill down Spike's spine. NEVER! Spike silently roared. Spike pulled Xander down to him and held him close.

"Never, pet," Spike growled. "Never gonna let that happen. I'll tie ya ta the bed and shag ya silly every day if that's wot it takes to prove it to ya!"

"Promise?" Xander laughed as he snuggled back into Spike.

"Oi! Cheeky git!" Spike replied as he gave another swat to Xander’s firm ass. He pinned Xander close to him. Xander reveled in Spike's possessive hold. Home and freedom were in that hold and Xander never wanted to escape it.


The rendezvous with the DeSoto was a mixed blessing. It was wonderful for Spike and Xander to see Faith, Gunn, and Fred again. However, it was upsetting that Wes wasn’t there. While the two lovers were relieved to hear Wes was recovering; it was painful to hear about how severe his wounds had been. Fred assured them that Wes was going to make it and that all indications were that the stem cell graft had worked. They just had to wait to see how well.

Spike let Faith continue to command the DeSoto back to Hyperion while he continued his pattern of alternating between acting as Xander’s Captain’s Mate on the Zeppo or staging more mutinies. By the time the Zeppo and the DeSoto returned to Hyperion, Xander couldn’t even say the name of his ship without stuttering and blushing.

Landing on Hyperion brought a small surprise to the lovers. Angel was waiting on the landing area for them. After debarking from the Zeppo’s gangplank, Spike and Angel did an uncomfortable ‘dance’ of awkward steps around each other. Finally Xander griped, “Hug or hit each other but can we just get on with it?”

Spike and Angel shared a rueful glance and then did both. They quickly grabbed each other until they were mashed together in an awkward embrace and just as quickly they slapped each other on the back before parting.

Angel then approached Xander. Xander just raised an eyebrow and said, “It won’t be a hug Bio-boy.”

Angel snorted, smiled and then led the way back to his headquarters. Spike slapped a possessive hand on the back of Xander’s neck and chuckled all the way there.

Wes was waiting for Angel and crew back at headquarters. Xander barely checked his startled gasp at seeing Wes in a wheelchair. Spike seemed to take it in stride and started calling Wes, ‘Wheels,’ much to his dismay.

The reunion was wonderful with everyone joking, talking and swapping stories of their adventures since parting. When Wes seemed to be on the verge of falling asleep Fred announced she was beat and offered Wes a ‘push’ back to his room. Wes nodded and both Fred and Gunn wheeled him away.

After Wes left Spike’s demeanor changed swiftly from loose and happy to rigid and radiating rage. Spike looked at Angel. Spike growled one word before storming out of the office; “’Gelus.”

Angel stood up and quickly followed Spike. Xander tried to follow but Faith grabbed him by the arm.

“Don’t,” Faith said.

“He needs me,” Xander argued.

“He needs to hurt someone,” Faith replied. “Wes is not only Spike’s friend; he’s under Spike’s command. Wes was badly hurt and Spike couldn’t do a damn thing about it.”

“I know and I have to do something to help,” Xander said.

“Then go upstairs, strip down, clean up and crawl into your shared bed,” Faith ordered. “Let Angel do the hurt and you do the comfort.”

Xander stood for a moment staring at Faith and contemplating her words before finally nodding his head. Faith let him go and he went upstairs and followed Faith’s orders. Much later that night Spike returned, showered and then crawled into bed with his pet.

“Spi…,” Xander tried to say but was silenced with one finger delicately pressed against his lips. Then Spike made love to Xander very slowly and very lovingly until Xander was boneless and sated. Afterwards, Spike laid his head on Xander’s chest and let silent tears fall down his perfectly chiseled cheeks. Xander wordlessly stroked and caressed Spike until they both fell asleep.

The next morning Spike was back to his arrogant and bossy self. Angel, though, seemed to move slowly and still looked bruised and beaten. Xander decided to give the older Biogen a small truce that day and kept his sharp-tongued barbs to himself.

A few planetside weeks later Angel and crew once again gathered together. This time they gathered at the med center in the physical therapy room at Wes’s command. Then Wes proudly wiggled his left foot. Everyone clapped, laughed and congratulated Wes. The movement that far down Wes’s spine meant not only had the stem cell graft taken and worked but that Wes’s spinal injuries were healing. It would take many weeks in physical therapy but Wes would be able to walk again.

Angel had insisted everyone go back to his office for a drink where he had poured everyone a glass from his private stock.

“To reunited friends,” Wes said and raised his glass.

“To kickin’ butt,’ Gunn answered with his raised glass.

“To Spike and Xander!” Fred chirped.

“To getting some,” Faith purred.

“Ta the best damn crew in the ‘verse,” Spike said.

“To peace,” Xander said.

“To family,” Angel finally intoned and then downed his drink.

Everyone else followed suit and soon Angel and the DeSoto crew were once again laughing and swapping stories. It was a comfortable and cozy gathering until Xander caught a familiar twinkle in Spike’s eye.

“Oh no you don’t, Captain Lechery!” Xander squeaked while getting up and moving away from Spike.

“Xanpet,” Spike crooned while letting his eyes go gold and his stance predatory.

“Spike,” Xander said while maneuvering around a sighing Angel and Angel’s desk. The rest of the crew started to giggle.

“You run,” Spike said, “you’ll be in big trouble.”

“I’m not going to let you throw me over your shoulder and haul me off upstairs in front of everyone,” Xander retorted as he feinted and then made a dash for the door.

Spike laughed and gave chase. Angel dove for the vids and papers suddenly scattered by the scramble and the rest of the crew dashed out the door to watch ‘the game.’

While Xander was wily and fast, the game still ended as everyone anticipated. Xander was slung over Spike’s shoulder squirming and fussing while Spike whistled and entered the lift that would take him and his pet upstairs to their room.

That night Spike tied Xander to their bed and then began a slow torture of teasing Xander’s bound body. Spike kept Xander on edge the entire evening and even bound Xander’s cock to make sure Xander wouldn’t come until Spike let him.

Spike reduced Xander to a fleshy ball of hungry desire. Xander went from vowing to never run from Spike again to seriously wondering if he could survive this every night. 

After Spike had rendered Xander a quivering mass of need and pleasure he finally took pity on his sweet pet and said, “Give me the code and I’ll let ya go.”


“Give me the code and I’ll set ya free,” Spike said while thrusting his hips forward to drive his cock once again over Xander’s happy spot.

Xander arched into that thrust as much as he could and tried to concentrate. What code? What’s he talking about? Xander thought.

Over and over Xander tried to figure out what Spike wanted. He called out every name of the DeSoto crew, the Regent’s circle and even the names of the various colonies they had visited. Each guess was wrong and each guess was answered by another sensual torture from Spike ranging from teasing Xander’s sensitized nipples to Spike thrusting his cock back and forth over Xander’s prostate.

Finally Xander shouted, “Abacus!”

“Abacus?” Spike stilled and then laughed.

“Hey, I’m desperate,” Xander panted. Spike shook his head and then descended to claim his pet’s mouth.

“We’ll I’ll give ya an ‘A’ for originality in the face of desperation,” Spike said when he broke the kiss, “but that’s still not the code that’ll get ya the goods.”

The goods? Xander thought, as Spike feasted with hungry nibbles on Xander’s neck. That sounds so familiar. That…

And then suddenly Xander knew what Spike wanted. Xander groaned and then laughed, “Harris. Zed – Beta – Alpha – Jesse!”

Spike stopped nibbling, smiled wickedly at Xander and then freed Xander’s cock. Xander arched up and let his release take him over. Spike quickly followed suit.


Xander woke to Spike kissing a trail down his spine.

“You wore me out last night,” Xander muttered into his pillow, “you’re gonna have to start without me this morning.”

Spike chuckled against the cleft of Xander’s ass and sent his sinful tongue down the fleshy tunnel for a quick taste.

“Spike,” Xander groaned in sleepy pleasure.

“C’mon, pet,” Spike said. “Get up.”

Xander shook his head and snuggled deeper into the pillows.

“Pet!” Spike laughed and then tried to sound stern, “that’s an order.”

“Punish me then,” Xander laughed into his pillow and waggled his butt at Spike.

Spike rolled his eyes and slapped Xander’s butt. Xander purred into the pillow.

“Ya know all punishments aren’t pleasant,” Spike warned with a smile.

“I’ll take my chances,” Xander said with his face still plastered in the pillow.

Time for a different tack, Spike thought.

“If ya don’t get out of bed right now,” Spike said, “ya won’t get yer prezzie.”

Xander rolled slowly to his side and blinked an eye open.

“Prezzie?” Xander asked while he stared at Spike.

“Prezzie,” Spike said as he reached out and tucked a lock of Xander’s growing hair behind his ear.

Xander then sat up and looked at Spike.

“Gimme,” Xander said. Spike laughed and then kissed Xander soundly.

“Up and in front of the mirror,” Spike ordered.

Xander scrambled out of bed. He stumbled his way to the full length mirror in the bedroom and looked at Spike’s reflection.

“Now what, Captain Morningbreath?” Xander asked.

“Oi! Close yer eyes and no peeking, prat!” Spike ordered while he forced down a chuckle.

Xander sighed and did as he was told. He could hear Spike rummaging around in the drawer by their bed. It was the same drawer where they kept many of their sex toys.

“I’m tellin’ ya, Spike,” Xander said with his eyes tightly shut, “Little Xan is all worn out from last night. Biogen or not, he just ain’t got the goods to deliver this morning.”

“We’ll see. Just keep them peepers closed until I tell ya ta open ‘em,” Spike warned.

Xander waited and soon he felt the presence of Spike behind him. Then Xander felt something cool and metallic being wrapped around his neck. He heard a small ‘click’ and then Spike’s arms wrapped around his waist and Spike’s chin rested on Xander’s shoulder.

“Open yer eyes,” Spike whispered.

Xander did and then gasped. Around his neck was a gleaming metal choker beaded with an alternating series of blue and brownish-green stones.

“The metal’s platinum,” Spike whispered in Xander’s ear while staring at their reflections. “The blue stones are sapphires and the other ones are tiger eyes.”

Xander looked from the choker into Spike’s eyes. He then looked at his own eyes. Sapphire for Spike and tiger eyes for me, Xander thought and smiled.

“It’s beautiful, Spike,” Xander whispered back as he let his eyes lock on Spike’s again.

“Promised ya I’d get ya another collar some day,” Spike said.

“I promise to never take it off,” Xander whispered and turned in Spike’s arms so he could really look in Spike’s eyes and not just his reflection. “I’ll wear it ‘til I die or you take it off.”

“Never gonna happen,” Spike vowed and then kissed Xander until Little Xander thought he could go another round.

As the two men stumbled back to bed wrapped in each other’s arms and desire Spike thought, Kept my promise, Dru.

Then the time for thinking was over and the time for loving began.

The End

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