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Breaking Free


Part Sixteen

Xander was frustrated. It was right just out of his reach. He kept struggling to grasp it; to hold it and it kept slipping away from him. He moaned. If I could just get a little closer, he thought. Once again Xander reached out and fell short. He twisted and groaned. He was going crazy. He had to have it.

“Easy, pet,” Xander vaguely heard Spike.

“Spike,” Xander mumbled. Maybe he can help me get it? Xander thought as another surge of need rumbled through him. Once again Xander moaned and he heard Spike’s throaty laugh.

“Spike,” Xander mumbled again and clenched his hands while moist heat enveloped him and drew him closer and yet farther away from it. “Please,” Xander moaned.

Hands caressed Xander’s inner thigh and then lightly pinched him. Xander’s eye flew open and his conscious and unconscious mind collided into a maddening maelstrom of want and need as Spike circled Xander’s crown with his tongue.

“Spike!” Xander cried and arched off the bed. Hands immediately gentled Xander’s hips back down to the bed and Spike looked up from between Xander’s legs to stare at his pet’s sleep and passion filled face.

“Morning, pet,” Spike grinned.

“Sp..what are you doing?” Xander panted and groaned trying to make sense of the delicious world unto which he’d woke.

“Just trying to get my brekkies,” Spike replied as he took another long swipe at Xander’s hard morning erection.

“Brekkies?” groaned Xander.

“Mmmm hmmm,” Spike hummed against Xander’s ballsac. “Lot of protein and trace nutrients in here.”

“Sp…,” Xander started to say before being reduced to a long moan as Spike began to nibble and suck on Xander’s testes. Xander’s hands unclenched and quickly buried themselves in Spike’s soft golden curls.

Spike allowed Xander to play with his hair for a bit while he suckled and nibbled on his pet’s fleshy jewels. Spike loved the inarticulate sounds Xander was making and sucked and nipped even more until he was fairly certain his pet was incoherent. When Spike could once again smell his boy was weeping with need he retreated from his assault on Xander’s round bits.

Gently Spike grabbed Xander’s hands and pulled them away from Spike’s hair. Xander groaned in protest.

“Grab the headboard, pet,” Spike ordered.

“Spike?” Xander panted and stared at his commanding lover. Spike gave his customary arched eyebrow. Xander moaned in frustration but reached over his head and grabbed the headboard.

“Can you keep your hands there, pet,” Spike asked, “or do you need help?”

“What?” Xander answered trying to process what Spike was asking. Then Xander understood. Spike wanted to know if he’d have to put Xander’s hands in the restraints. “No, I can keep them there.”

Spike smiled. If you can’t, pet, he thought, I’ll have some extra fun punishing you.

“Good,” Spike said. “Now, spread your legs wide, keep your knees bent and plant your feet flat on the bed.”

“Spiiiiike,” Xander groaned. Can’t we get back to the nibbling and the suckling, Xander thought as he did as he was ordered.

Spike laughed at his boy’s impatience and lightly bit him on his inner thigh.

“Ouch,” Xander pouted.

Hunger swept through Spike. Some day he was going to tie his boy up and bite every inch of him until he had only that pouting lip for dessert. Until then Spike contented himself by licking away the delicious drop of sweet need that was making its way down Xander’s shaft. Spike purred and Xander hissed in frustration.

“You taste like planetside,” Spike whispered. Xander blushed and moaned.

“Please, Spike,” Xander begged.

“Stay,” Spike ordered as he got up from the bed.

“Hey, still not a dog,” Xander sniped in frustration as he lay naked, spread out and aching.

“Once again, never said you were,” Spike laughed as he dug through one of his dresser drawers and pulled out a small cloth tie and a tube of slick.

Xander had seen both items on his previous searches but hadn’t given them much more than a passing thought. Now they held his attention.

Spike crawled back on the bed and settled between Xander’s legs. He smiled down at his boy. Mine, he thought. From here on out he’s mine. The soddin’ universe can get cattled for all I care if it means givin’ him up.

“Hang on,” Spike ordered and then he bent down and inhaled Xander’s hard length. Xander screamed in surprised pleasure while Spike swallowed him down and sucked him hard. Spike relaxed his throat and took his boy down as deep as he could and milked him. Xander tried to buck under him but Spike held his hips down. Spike sucked and swallowed until he felt Xander was on the verge of a pounding release.

Just as quickly as Spike had inhaled him, Spike released Xander and immediately bound Xander’s cock and balls with the cloth tie.

“NOOO!!” Xander screamed in angry frustration and jerked on the headboard. Tears began leaking from Xander’s right eye. Spike quickly crawled up his pet and began to kiss and lick the tears.

“Shh, Xander, its ok,” Spike soothed, “Trust me pet. Trust me.”

Spike worked his way to Xander’s mouth. Despite his frustration and confusion, Xander welcomed Spike’s kiss and opened up to his blond tormentor. Spike tasted and explored his delicious Xander with his lips and tongue while he used his thumbs to rub circles around Xander’s nipples.

“Spike,” Xander finally whispered when Spike broke the breath taking kiss, “why?”

“Because, pet,” Spike answered as he rained gentle kisses down Xander’s throat. “I want you to cum only when I tell you.”

Spike laved Xander’s belly button as his pet began to laugh.

“You really are a control freak, you know that?” Xander chuckled forgiving Spike.

“I’m the captain,” Spike grinned as he paused his kisses to look Xander in the eye. Spike was smiling but Xander could see the hint of sadness lurking under the smile and some sort of inexpressible question. What was Spike asking?

Xander studied the incredibly beautiful man paused hungrily above him. Once again, some part of Xander understood. Spike needed the control. Spike had been powerless for so long he had to have control to feel safe.

Can I really give him that? Xander wondered. He stared into Spike’s blue eyes filled with want, desire and a need for Xander. There was a hint of sadness in those eyes but there was also laughter and teasing. Xander knew he’d inspired those emotions. I offered him my eye but perhaps this is what I can give instead.

Xander smiled and rolled his eye.

“Aye, Aye, Captain,” Xander drawled. Spike swooped in for another possessive kiss. Thank you, Xander, Spike thought not really realizing until that moment what had just passed between them.

“I’m going to shag ya until you’re completely balmy,” Spike uttered when he once again ended another breathtaking kiss. Xander nodded and tried to remember how to breathe. It didn’t help that Spike had begun blazing a trail with his tongue down Xander’s throat and sternum.

Xander gripped the headboard and moaned but tried to remain completely submissive and flat on the bed. Spike tasted and explored his pet with his tongue. Spike paid extra attention to Xander’s hard little nipples with long slow licks followed by quick bites and pinches.

Xander was panting and shaking now underneath Spike. He’d never wanted anyone as bad as he wanted Spike. Xander’s hard cock and full balls ached for release but still Spike feasted on Xander trailing his tongue down and swirling around Xander’s belly button.

“Spike!” Xander begged and whimpered as Spike’s tongue now danced on the tip of Xander’s red and purple tip. Spike worshiped and marveled at his pet’s beautiful staff and looked forward to many opportunities to play with it. Spike also looked forward to leaving Xander whimpering and begging for release.

Once again Spike moved away from his boy. He ignored Xander’s groan and grabbed a pillow.

“Lift up,” Spike ordered. Xander did. Spike chuckled to himself. So that’s the secret to get the mouthy git to follow orders immediately and without question; get ‘im hard and leaking!

Spike placed the pillow under Xander’s hips canting them up. Spike pressed gently on Xander’s waist indicating to relax back down on the bed. Xander did.

Once again Spike settled between Xander’s legs. Casually he began stroking the back of Xander’s thighs. There was still another place; another part of Xander for Spike to taste and explore.

Spike’s wandering hands brushed down and traced circles on Xander’s firm and muscled ass cheeks. Spike leaned forward and inhaled the musky intimate scent of his boy. Once again the primitive thought, MINE, rushed through Spike.

“Spike,” Xander nervously asked as he felt his ass cheeks being delicately parted.

“SPIKE!” Xander cried in pleasurable shock as Spike leaned forward a little more and placed a tender kiss on Xander’s secret hole.

“Shhh,” Spike mumbled against Xander’s puckered dusky flesh and then began to feast anew on his uncovered treat.

Xander used what remaining sanity he had to keep from arching off the bed. With each swipe of Spike’s tongue Xander was discovering a new sense of pleasure and erotic thrall. He whimpered, panted, begged, cried and shook. He was completely Spike’s.

Over and over Spike laved, kissed and tasted Xander’s hidden spot until Xander thought he was mindless with desire. It wasn’t until Spike slipped his tongue inside and breached Xander for the first time that he truly was mindless with desire.

Spike drank in the taste and the sound of his boy. Niether he or Spike would last that much longer. Still Spike continued to tongue fuck Xander. I’m going to open him up properly, Spike vowed.

When Xander’s little hole was completely open and accepting of Spike’s tongue, Spike slicked up three of his fingers. He sat back and watched his boy as gently he began to ease one finger inside his pet.

Xander had closed his eye while being caught up in the thrall of being tongue fucked by Spike but when he felt the firmer and stranger sensation of Spike’s finger breaching him Xander opened his eye and stared at Spike.

The two men silently watched each other as they began the erotic ritual that would open up Xander for the first time to receive another man. After a few moments, Spike’s finger slid easily into Xander.

The two men sighed in unison. Spike began a gentle rhythm of finger fucking Xander’s opening pressing in deeply and then withdrawing only to press back in deeply. Xander moaned at the promise of the sensation. He wanted Spike. He wanted all of Spike.

When Spike had pressed deeply for the third time he crooked his finger and rubbed the treasure spot inside of Xander. Spike grinned with pleasure as Xander gasped, flushed and then cried Spike’s name.

“That’s the spot I’m going to pound over and over when I’m inside ya, pet,” Spike said as he pulled back his finger and began to the work to get his boy opened wide enough for two fingers.

“Oh please,” Xander begged despite the slight burn of the added pressure.

“’M going to do this right, pet,” Spike said and then smiled as his boy once again opened up and his fingers slid into that tight heat that was Xander. Spike groaned. His own cock was leaking and hard waiting for its chance to be inside Xander.

Once again Spike finger fucked Xander and played with his prostate until he thought Xander was ready for three fingers.

“SPIKE PLEASE!” Xander shouted desperately as all three of Spike’s fingers were buried deep in Xander’s ass. “Please fuck me!”

Spike withdrew his fingers and then slicked up his cock. He looked up to see Xander had lifted his head and was watching him.  Spike smiled and made a show of stroking his own leaking need and generously lubing it.

Xander groaned. Spike then moved forward and positioned himself right at Xander’s opening.

Xander’s breath hitched as he felt the tip of Spike’s cock right there where Spike had so carefully prepared him. He was shaking with need and longed to just impale himself on Spike if he could.

“I take ya,” Spike said interrupting Xander’s thoughts. “I claim ya and there’s no going back. I won’t let you go, Xander.”

 Xander’s brown eye met Spike’s piercing blue.

“Shut up and fuck me, Spike,” Xander smiled.

Spike grinned and began to thrust forward. Cor Blimey! Spike thought as Xander’s body opened up and began to take Spike inside. He’s bloody amazing! He’s so tight and hot! I’m not going to last long!

“Spike!” Xander cried at the feeling of being filled up by Spike.

“Spike!” Xander panted again welcoming everything about the experience, the slight burn, the full sensation and the silky feel of Spike sliding against him and inside of him.

Both men locked gazes when Spike was settled fully inside of Xander. Both men grinned at each other as they paused a moment to let their bodies adjust.

“Wrap your legs around me, pet,” Spike ordered. Xander did.

“Now hang on, pet and watch me” Spike ordered as he began to thrust.

At first Spike was slow and gentle but as Spike began to thrust deeper into Xander the tempo increased. Xander kept his gaze locked with Spike’s. He felt he was on the verge of falling into the unfathomable blue of Spike’s eyes.

Over and over Spike thrust into Xander setting up a rhythm that left Xander gasping and begging. As promised, Spike tilted and angled his thrusts until he was constantly pounding against Xander’s sensitive nub.

“SPIKE!” Xander began to scream feeling his need overwhelming him despite the cock restraint.

Spike thrust deeply into Xander, paused and pitched forward to lay claim to Xander’s mouth. Spike’s tongue danced around and over Xander’s.  Xander groaned. Spike withdrew and then kissed his way down to Xander’s throat.

“Offer yourself to me,” Spike whispered against Xander’s neck. “I want to claim all of you.”

Xander was confused. He wasn’t sure what Spike meant but something instinctual inside of Xander did and he turned his head baring his throat to Spike.

There was both pleasure and pain as once again Spike began to thrust inside of Xander and then bit down hard on Xander’s neck. Spike thrust inside of Xander even as his tongue laved at the bit of blood the bite had drawn. I have tasted all of you now, my pet, Spike thought as he leaned back and really began to pound into Xander.

Spike’s increased tempo and powerful thrusts were bringing him close too. He reached forward and with a quick flick loosened the knot and removed the restraint.

Xander felt the freedom and nearly came but Spike quickly grabbed him.

“With me,” Spike hissed. Then Spike ceded his control. In and out, over and over, and skin against skin Spike and Xander moved.

Oblivion opened up before them. Spike released his hold on Xander.

“Cum for me, Xander!” Spike yelled as he felt his own release begin.

The two men locked gazes even as their bodies writhed and danced inside and against one another. Xander shot and spurted his release on his stomach and chest even as he felt Spike’s hot seed stream inside of him.

Xander was drowning in the bliss. His world was narrowing to just the pleasure of his intense orgasm and the blue of Spike’s eyes and then Xander slipped away into unconscious bliss.

Spike watched Xander’s eye blacken with pleasure until it was the color of pitch and then he was lost in his own oblivion.


Xander opened his eye to the sensation of something warm and wet rubbing against him.
“What are you doing?” Xander groaned as he struggled to get his completely satiated and relaxed body to sit up.

“Eatin’ my brekkies,” answered Spike as he licked his pet’s spunk off of his pet’s chest and stomach. “Have to say it’s your best dish yet.”

Xander laughed and collapsed on the bed.

“I suppose you will want this every morning?” Xander teased as Spike finally ceased his licking and moved up to kiss Xander.

“And at noon, before bed, and as a snack in between meals,” Spike murmured against Xander lips.

“Hey, pure human here!” Xander laughed. “There’s only so much I can produce in a day.”

Spike lay down and once again arranged his pet so he could pet Xander’s hair.

“Oi,” Spike said. “Well then we’ll have to get Fred working on some special concoction so you can keep up with my dem…er needs.”

Xander rolled his eye. “In your dreams.”

Spike smiled. “Every night.”

Part Seventeen

Xander eased into consciousness. He was warm, satiated and fully rested. Xander lay there listening to the sound of Spike’s even breathing kept company by the rhythmic beat of Spike’s heart. For the first time in years Xander felt truly at peace. There was no war, no loss and no death; there was only Spike. Xander smiled, turned his head and lightly kissed his lover’s chest. Whatever happened, Xander had this morning and this memory to hold him sane and safe.

“Credit for your thoughts,” Spike purred.

Xander shifted his body and turned his head so he could look at this lover’s face.

“Not really thinking anything,” Xander said.

“Oi!” Spike replied. “I can hear the wheels turning from here. They’re rusty with disuse.”

“Hey!” Xander laughed and pinched Spike. Spike quickly captured his pet’s wrists and then rolled until he had his boy pinned underneath him. Spike stared down into Xander’s face and grinned. Mine! He thought once again and then swooped in for a kiss.

Xander relaxed and welcomed Spike’s possession and once again willingly gave the blonde captain control. Whatever he needs to feel safe, Xander thought as Spike continued to pin Xander’s wrists down while kissing him senseless.

Spike moved Xander’s hands until he could pin them using only one hand. Then Spike used his free hand to shamelessly explore, touch and tease Xander’s body. Xander moaned and spread his legs wide offering himself completely to Spike.

Spike broke their kiss and looked down at his lover and obedient pet. Could it really be this easy? Spike wondered.

“Whatever you need,” Xander whispered earnestly.

“What about you, pet? Spike asked. “What do you need?”

Xander smiled and Spike felt the twitch and prod of “Little Xander” as once again it began to swell and lengthen.

“You,” Xander answered.

“It won’t always be this simple,” Spike said as he brought his own waking rod into delicious contact with “Little Xander.”

“Hey, where have you been the past few days, Captain Peroxide?” Xander laughed. “I didn’t think any of this was simple.”

Spike growled to hide his amusement and leaned down to bite and suck on Xander’s right nipple until it was red, firm and bruised enough to leave a mark for Spike to enjoy later. Xander hissed and grew harder.

“There’s a bloody war goin’ on, Xander,” Spike said when he pulled his mouth away from his pet. “Hearts and romance don’t even rank the casualty list.”

“Is that what this is?” Xander asked with the barest of quivers in his voice. “Is this a romance?”

“Cor, pet!” Spike swore and then kissed Xander until the dark haired “boy” was breathless and his lips were red and swollen. “Yes, Xander because only a bloody romance could be this ill timed and make this much sense.”

Xander smiled and Spike thought his heart would cease to beat. “There’s no guarantee this will end well, Xander.”

“I’m not interested in this ending, Spike,” Xander said.

It was Spike’s turn to smile. Spike released Xander’s wrists.

“Kiss me, pet,” Spike whispered.

Xander reached up and gently twined his hands behind Spike’s neck and pulled Spike to him and kissed Spike. Xander tasted and explored Spike enjoying every moment of this rare opportunity to take the lead.

Spike relaxed briefly into the moment allowing Xander to taste and explore him. Xander was a gentle soul and it was evident in each kiss and each caress. In that brief moment, Spike felt like something that had been torn and shredded deep inside his psyche began a very tentative attempt to knit itself back together.

Gently Spike brought his hands to Xander’s face and mapped the contours reveling in the feel of his pet’s skin. Slowly Xander ceased his kiss and lay back passive under Spike.

“Ready for round two?” Spike asked as he began to slide his cock over Xander’s

“Two…two hundred,” Xander answered with a groan.

Spike laughed and once again started a sensual journey that ended with sweat, semen and the echoed cries of passion.


It was well after the lunch chime before the Captain and his Mate entered the mess.

“C’mon my feet are freezing!” Xander argued as they entered the galley.

“Well then you’ll have to keep busy to keep ‘em warm won’t you?” Spike answered.

“Hey! It’s not like I’m going to go running off now.” Xander whined.

“But you did, didn’t you?”

“Yes but that was…,” Xander paused and blushed. “..that was before.”

“Still, I gave you an order, pet, and you disobeyed it. So…tough it up.”

Xander stopped at the table as Spike sat down.

“Tough it up?!”

The rest of the crew, sans Wesley, stared at the duo.

“’S what I said.”

“Fine,” Xander said as he sat down as far from Spike’s reach as he could get.

“Pet,” Spike growled noticing the distance and not liking it. Spike had the need to keep his boy within easy reach.

“Tough it up,” Xander snarked with his arms crossed over his chest and his chin pointed decidedly away from Spike.

“Captain,” Faith interjected.

“What?” snapped Spike whose eyes had gone golden and predatory watching Xander who in turn looked everywhere but at Spike.

“Angel has been leaving messages for you all morning,” Faith answered.

Spike reluctantly shifted his gaze back to Faith. “What’s the poofter want now?”

“Well,” Faith began, “I think he’d very much appreciate it if you and Fred finally finished the emergency repairs which have been so consuming your time this morning so you could actually speak with him.”

“Repairs?” Spike asked.

“Not like Faith wanted to tell the bossman you were too buy makin’ time with the Cou…” Gunn paused noting the ripple of displeasure beginning to emanate from his Captain. “...makin’ time with ‘the prisoner.’”

Spike nodded. “How far out from Hyperion?”

“We’ll be there at the beginning of rotation tomorrow.”

Spike sighed and got up from the table. Spike looked at Xander who was still pretending to ignore him.

“Make sure the git eats something,” Spike snarled as he stormed off to the bridge.

“Yeah! Something warm to keep me from hypothermia!” Xander shouted after Spike.

“How can you two be doin’ the horizontal bop all day and Spike still be in a bad mood?” Gunn asked.

“What!” Xander coughed and sputtered.

“Charles!” Fred gently chastised.

“Oh, I’d say the bad mood has more to do with Spike having to resume Captain’s duties and interrupting Captain’s mate’s duties,” replied Faith as she fixed a plate of leftovers for Xander who was almost purple with embarrassment.

“And about those,” continued Gunn, “why do they have to interfere with his cooking duties? Can’t they work out some sort of schedule so Xander can at least get to the mess on time? I mean cooking is the one thing I know he can do well.”

“Apparently he performs his other duties better,” Faith said as she put a plate of food down in front of Xander.

“Charles! Faith!” squealed Fred.

“Breathe,” Faith ordered and winked at a nearly apoplectic Xander.

“Clearly we will have to work out a system,” Wesley said as he entered the galley, “where we can determine whether or not Xander will be reporting to the galley on time to prepare meals.”

“Do you all mind?” Xander finally squeaked past his shock and embarrassment. “Xan-man’s right here.”

“They’re just teasing, Xander,” said Fred as she came over and laid a soothing hand on his shoulder. “We are all actually pleased things are better between you and Spike.”

“Pleased?” ask Gunn. “Not how I was gonna characterize it.”

“Yes, Charles, we have all registered your reservations,” acknowledged Wesley.

“You don’t like it…Spike and I being together huh, big guy?” asked Xander.

“No, I don’t.”

“Well one more reason to do it then,” grinned Xander.

“It’s a mistake,” shouted Gunn startling the rest of the crew. “People are gonna get hurt and badly.”

“In case you haven’t noticed,” Xander stood up and shouted back, “it’s a war out there and people are already getting hurt.”

Gunn stood up and leaned over the table toward Xander. “What happens out there is the casualties of war. Where this is heading will be because you two couldn’t keep your hands out of each others happy pants!”

“Charles!” shouted Fred and Wesley at the same time.

“Somebody on this ship has to be a realist and not a romantic!” Gunn responded as he stepped away from the table and towards the door. “Spike’s a good captain and I’d follow him to the center of a black hole but I’m just not going to stand by and pretend that this bump and grind is going to lead anywhere but hurt and disaster.”

“Your concerns are duly noted,” Faith said in a chilled voice.

“And what would you have us do?” asked Xander in a quiet voice as he stared at Gunn.

“Stay away from each other. Go back to your friends and forget about Spike,” Gunn answered just as quietly.

“That’s not going to happen,” replied Xander.

Gunn stared at the one-eyed man for a moment and then sighed. “I know, man. I know, Xander.”

Then Gunn was gone leaving an awkward silence behind in the mess. Xander sat down and stared at his food because a) he didn’t know where else to look and b) he had to figure out what he was going to do with the stuff. Xander wasn’t hungry but he knew Spike expected him to eat.

“Well, that could have gone better,” Wesley said as Xander began to pick at his food.

“I’m so sorry, Xander,” Fred said.

“It’s all right,” Xander said around a small mouthful of food. “You know, I think he’s got a real career in motivational speaking.”

Faith laughed, Fred giggled and Wesley smirked. Xander longed for his left eye so he could wink. Winking with only one eye didn’t work so well; it just looked like a long blink. Xander just settled with smiling at the rest of the crew and trying to think of a new schedule to allow for him to continue to cook for the crew and to keep up with Spike.

The rest of the day and evening had passed uneventfully. Spike had seemed withdrawn after talking with Angel but he didn’t share any details with Xander. Xander in return didn’t share any details about the little scene in the mess between him and Gunn.

Instead, Xander did share with Spike and the rest of the crew his new galley schedule. Xander would prepare what was needed for breakfast the night before. If Xander was about in the morning, he would go ahead and make breakfast. If not, the crew would then have to do very little to put breakfast together. Xander would then make sure to take care of lunch and dinner.

Spike growled a bit at Xander’s assertive schedule but Xander just wagged his bare feet at the blonde man and mouthed “tough it up.” Spike mouthed something about “punish cheeky gits” that Xander didn’t quite understand until much later when he found himself on his knees on the bed, his head down on the pillows and his hands bound behind his back while Spike slowly fucked him into sweet bliss.


The next morning Spike woke Xander up early with a mind-rending blowjob followed by a slap on the butt and orders to hit the shower. Xander was just beginning to process reality once the dryers started.

The rest of the morning passed in a speedy blur as Spike hurried them to the galley where Xander got breakfast around for the crew and Spike checked in with the bridge. Everyone seemed to be in hyper-drive as the crew was in and out of the galley in record time with no small talk or gossip.

Xander was just finishing stowing the dishes from breakfast when he felt the DeSoto enter atmosphere and then the stabilizers engage. Suddenly Xander felt queasy and it had nothing to do with Wesley’s flying. Hyperion! Xander finally let himself think of what that meant. I’m going to meet Angel, otherwise known as Angelus!

Xander tried to control the fear that was slowly spreading out from his stomach to his extremities. Angelus had been the Biogen that had started it all. He had been the first one to break from his “programming” and he had killed and tortured every pure human in his path for decades.

The Council had whole histories documenting the carnage Angelus had left. Angelus was said to have killed the entire Travers line, all their associates, their associates children and anyone who’d ever had even met the Travers. There were vids showing Angelus laughing while covered in gore while his victims were still moaning in their last dying moments. As part of Xander’s training he’d watched those vids. He’d seen the photos of mutilated children and desiccated women.

Xander rushed to the sink and disgorged his recently consumed breakfast. I can’t, he thought. I can’t meet and make nice with Angelus or Angel or whatever he calls himself these days! Xander retched again and then wiped and rinsed his mouth.

The ship was quickly decelerating. Xander sat down at the table. Willow, Xander thought. Willow, I can’t do this!

There was a small jolt as the ship came to graceful halt and Xander recognized the heavy pull and feel of planetside gravity even as he felt the heaviness of dread settle around him.

“Pet,” Spike voice came softly from the door of the galley.

Xander looked up at Spike.

“You all right?” Spike asked as he stepped in the galley and wrinkled his nose at the smell of Xander’s recently sour stomach.

Xander stared at Spike. I’m Lt. Xander LaVelle Harris and I’m Spike’s pet, Xander thought. I can do this.

“Fine,” Xander answered.

Spike moved to Xander, reached out and brushed his knuckles over Xander’s cheek. “Really, pet?”

Xander rubbed his face against Spike hand and said, “Really.”

“Then let’s do this, Xan,” Spike said as he held out Xander’s shoes in his other hand. “Let’s go see Angel.”

Part Eighteen

While Xander had put his shoes on he took the time to surreptitiously ogle Spike. Biogens didn’t have standard uniforms like the Council. Yet when they wanted to stand out and be noticed they did have a “look” that screamed predator and enhanced human. From the first moment Xander had seen him, Spike had looked like a predator and a Biogen. However, now that he was on Hyperion Spike’s walk and demeanor were even more commanding. Spike was raw power and sensual grace. Spike could walk among lions and be held as equally beautiful, alluring and dangerous. To cap off the look Spike was wearing the long black leather coat and it draped him like a favorite lover.

Xander had grown hard and wanting. I’ve given myself to this man…this wild creature, Xander had thought. Whenever he asks I offer myself to him like some sort of feast or sacrifice.

“Pet,” Spike had whispered huskily as he bent down to get closer to Xander and the wonderful smell of want rolling off his boy, “I don’t know what’s stoked yer fires but we have to save it for later. Angel’s waiting.”

Xander had blushed and then muttered. “Damn Biogen senses. Can’t a guy get a hard-on in private?”

Spike had made a show of sniffing there and then replied, “Maybe others but not you, pet. I love that sweet perfume of desire you put out only for me and I’ll notice it every time. Ya have my word on it.”

Xander had groaned. “Damn it, Spike!”

Spike had chuckled and then said, “Now finish getting your kit together!”

Xander had pictured the numerous lectures from Giles in his head regarding the thirteen bylaws of Council doctrine while he had put on his shoes. Xander had been determined not to have every Biogen, and especially Angel, know Xander’s state of arousal.

Once Xander had pulled himself together he followed Spike to the cargo area where the rest of the crew waited. There seemed to be an air of ease and excitement Xander had never noticed among the crew of the DeSoto.  Fred was beaming, Faith was radiant, Wesley’s posture was almost less than stiff and Gunn had a grin from ear to ear.

“It’s good to be home,” Gunn had announced.

The rest of the crew laughed.

“It will be wonderful to take a real shower with hot water and no time limit,” observed Wesley.

“Oh, and the tools and the equipment!” Fred chimed.

“Men, the sweet alcoholic buzz and all the shimmying this girl can take,” Faith purred.

“And that’s a lot,” rejoined Gunn.

Once again the crew laughed.

“Well, not meaning to rain on anyone’s parade, but first we have to visit Angel,” interjected Spike.

“Well, not meaning to bust your bubble, Captain,” Faith said, “but I think you’re going to have the longer visit with the bossman then us.”

Again the crew laughed.

“Oi!” mock growled Spike. “Open the bay doors!”

Gunn reached over and punched the manual release on the bay doors. Once again the DeSoto opened up and let her crew disembark.

Hyperion surprised Xander for his first glimpse. Xander had expected to see another colony world like Oxnard but Hyperion was different. There were multiple buildings, signs of advanced industrialization, and agriculture. The streets were well maintained and there was an equal mix of well organized pedestrian and hovercraft traffic.

Xander was also overwhelmed with people on Hyperion. As the crew moved out and away from the ship and down one of the walkways Xander noted the dense population. Everywhere Xander looked there were Biogens. Xander had never seen so many Biogens except in battle vids. Xander clenched his jaw until it ached. He felt exposed and naked in this crowd. Xander felt like he had really only Spike to keep him safe and if the Biogens turned could Spike be enough?

Spike could read the tension in his boy and he understood. Xander was literally in the lion’s den and many of the lion’s were noticing. It wasn’t just the collar Xander still wore that was drawing the attention of other Biogens, the collars weren’t uncommon on Hyperion, it was Xander himself.

Most Biogens were well acquainted with the vids of the current prime Regent and her inner circle but they had to be even more aware of Xander since his capture. Spike knew what Xander didn’t; Buffy had offered a large reward for information of Xander’s whereabouts or his safe return. Rumors were she was even trying to get the Council to authorize a pardon for anyone for any crime for Xander’s return.

Spike knew no Biogen on Hyperion was interested in a Council reward but they might be plenty interested in sending a very personal message to Buffy and the Council via Xander. While Angel had begun to change the nature of the war and begun to lay down the law, a Biogen law, regarding the treatment of pure humans and prisoners of war Spike knew the old ways died hard. If it was the bloody poofter I might not even follow them, Spike inwardly acknowledged.

Xander felt Spike’s hand reach out and caress Xander’s neck and collar. While the touch was light Xander held no illusion that it wasn’t about affection as much as it was about sending a message of possession.

As they walked Xander itched to be able to take a more assertive stance or role. Submitting himself to Spike in bed was one thing, walking down the street of Hyperion like some sort of well trained puppy dog was another. Even if I did have a weapon, Xander thought, I couldn’t use it!

“Spike, is the collar really necessary?” Xander asked as he pulled away from Spike’s touch and straightened his shoulders determined to send a message of his own.

“Pet…,” Spike began and noticed the added tension and the further distance Xander tried to put between himself and Spike. “Xander, all prisoners are required to wear a collar on Hyperion.”

“Why? We’re…I’m obviously outnumbered and as you like to point out helplessly outmatched,” Xander quipped back making a point to whoever was watching to meet Spike’s gaze and adopt body language that screamed anything but submissive.

Spike stifled a groan. Why did I ever think the git would be easier to handle once he was properly shagged and claimed? Spike thought.

“Because, Xander, you may be my pet but you're still Council and a lot of mates here have reason to hate, fear and suspect anyone and anything related to the Council. The collar puts them at ease knowing you aren’t likely to do something monumentally stupid like shoot up a crowded place or blow-up a building.”

“Those are Biogen tactics,” replied Xander all too well remembering his history vid of the attack on the Council Headquarters in New London at the start of the war. The Biogens had almost wiped out all of the Council then.

“And that’s why we fear them. We know they work and as slow as the Council is they could adopt them.”

Xander stopped walking for a moment and stared at Spike. Xander couldn’t ever imagine using terrorist tactics but Spike had a point. Those first few years in the Biogen war had seen high civilian causalities and generated almost incapacitating fear among the pure human populations. Couldn’t those tactics be just as devastating on Hyperion?

“I’m a soldier, not a terrorist, Spike,” Xander said quietly.

Spike paused and returned Xander’s gaze. “I know that, pet, but the rest of the mates here don’t. The collar helps the mates here feel safe and it keeps you safe.”

“How does it keep me safe?”

“Angel has strictly enforced rules. Prisoners are not to be harmed, tortured or killed. While you wear that collar everyone here knows you're a prisoner and while you can be detained and be confined you won’t be hurt. Angel’s made a rather pointed and messy spectacle of those who’ve gone against him on that point.”

Xander narrowed his eye and studied Spike. That doesn’t sound like Angelus, Xander thought. Spike’s describing almost human behavior and Angelus have never even been in the neighborhood of human.

“’Sides,” Spike said hoping to distract Xander and get him moving again, “I kind of like ya in a collar.”

Xander rolled his eye, “You would.”

“Makes you look like what you are,” Spike continued.

“And that would be?” asked Xander.

“An exotic pet,” replied Spike with a smile.

“Ok, Captain Crazy, let’s review. I’m not a dog, not a cat, and not some Slytherin from Rowling VI.”

Spike reached out and lightly stroked Xander’s neck. “Never said you were.”

Xander couldn’t help but lean into Spike’s touch. Oh no Xan-man, that wasn’t meek and submissive at all, Xander thought.

“You’re my pet,” Spike continued, “and that’s as exotic and rare as they come…”

Spike then bent down and whispered very softly into Xander’s ear, “…and you do come don’t you pet…and come often.”

Xander groaned and bit his lip. Damn Biogen! Xander thought. Never plays fair!

Spike chuckled and pulled away from Xander but not without a gentle nudge to get Xander walking again.

“That’s settled,“ Spike said cheerily as they approached the largest building Xander  had seen yet on Hyperion. “I’ll have to get you a collar for when you no longer need to wear the restraining collar.”

“And I’ll just wear shirts with a neckline to cover it,” replied Xander.

Spike grinned. A nice silver chain to drape around his neck and over his collar bone, Spike thought as he steered Xander toward the entrance of the large building. I’ll get something shiny to wear against that beautiful skin. I’ll get something precious to show anyone who notices how valuable Xander is.

Xander’s attention soon turned from the thoughts of a collar to his impending meeting with Angel as he and the rest of the crew entered the large building. Once again, Xander was shocked. While the building was large, and apparently Angel’s headquarters, there were relatively few people inside. In fact Xander could only spot one person in the lobby. She was a slim woman with long blonde hair and she sat behind a desk filing her nails. She also wore a collar like Xander’s.

When the woman noticed the DeSoto crew she leaped up from behind the desk with a startling screech and came charging.

“Blonndddieee Beaaarrr!” the woman screamed as she launched herself at Spike.

Blondie Bear? Xander thought and then tried to fight down the jealous rush as Spike caught the woman around the waist and swung her around before setting her down on her feet again.

“Harm,” Spike said quietly.

“Tell me you’re staying longer this time,” Harm said.

“Don’t know how long I’ll be around, luv,” Spike answered.

“Well surely you’ll be around long enough to catch up on old times?” Harm asked as she twirled her manicured finger towards Spike’s chest.

“Hi, I’m Xander,” Xander said as he moved in between Spike’s chest and the blonde woman’s encroaching finger. Spike remained very quiet and still. Oi, this all could conk out right bloody quick, Spike thought.

“I know,” Harm said as she studied Xander. “You’re the one that’s got Angel in such a snit lately.”

“HARMONY!” a voice bellowed from an office to the left of the crew. “HARMONY! What happened to my shirts?!”

Before Xander could process that he was the cause of Angel being in a “snit”, or that the girl in front of him was really called “Harmony” and not Harm which implied a certain level of endearment and intimacy with Spike as did her encroaching finger or even that there was a an issue at hand about shirts, Angel himself appeared from the office doorway to the left. Xander’s heart skipped a beat.

“Harmony!” Angel barked again as he tugged at a shirt that kept wanting to slide up above his waist and expose his belly button. “What happened to my shirts?!”

“Oh,” Harmony said as she turned her attention from Spike and Xander to Angel, “the laundry pick-up was late boss and I know how you hate to wait so I went ahead and did them for you last night. It was no trouble. No need to thank me.”

“Thank you!” bellowed Angel as he charged over to the young woman. For a brief moment Xander wondered if Angel would remember his own so called rules.

“No need boss,” the girl smiled and patted Angel’s cheek. “Anytime!”

Gunn and the rest of the crew turned their heads to hide their smirks and cover their laughter. Spike did neither.

“Right, Angel. No need to thank her!” Spike laughed. Angel shot Spike a murderous gaze and Xander didn’t know whether to back up into Spike to help cover him or to remain perfectly still and not have the gaze fall on him.

“Well, William,” Angel snarled, “since you find it so funny maybe you could go shopping for some new shirts for me?”

“Oh, sir, could I?” Spike cheerily replied. “Please?”

Angel growled as if he suddenly realized how bad an idea that really was. “Harmony!” Angel barked again.

“Yes, boss?”

“Would you please go see Johnson and get me another set of shirts?”

“Boss?” Harmony asked with quiver to her voice.

“You did a fine job, Harmony, I just feel like I need some new shirts,” Angel said.

“Oh, right!” Harmony said. “Man in power. Always has to look sharp and in control.”

“Right,” said Angel. “And Harm, let Johnson pick out the shirts. He knows I’m a special orders customer. No need for you to go out of your way.”

“It’s no trouble, boss.”

“Really, Harmony,” Angel said. “You’ve done enough.”

Harmony smiled. “Ok then. I’m off!”

And with that Harmony flounced to her desk, pulled out her accessory bag, and left the building. Meanwhile the crew of the DeSoto regained their composure, except for Spike who was still grinning at Angel.

“Spike!” Angel barked as he headed back to the office on the left. “My office, now.”

Spike casually strolled out from behind Xander and followed Angel. Angel paused and turned to look at Xander and then said, “You too, Xander”

Xander took a deep breath and followed Spike and Angel. Spike waited at the door for Xander and followed him inside and pulled the door shut behind them. Angel was already seated at the desk.

“And don’t be surprised if the Council restricts shipping licenses for the Wash colony in the next few days as their representative has been slow in signing the new Council articles for colony industry,” a familiar voice blared over the office’s internal comm system.

Xander frowned. That sounded like Cordelia Chase with the very popular news show “The Chase with Cordelia Chase.”  Every night the beautiful and popular Cordelia would give her take on how the war was going.

“Why do you listen to that rubbish?” Spike asked as Angel leaned forward to turn off the comm system.

“Cordelia’s very informative,” Angel said, “If you know what to listen for.”

Spike rolled his eyes and plopped down on a couch across from Angel’s desk. Spike then patted a cushion next to him indicating for Xander to sit. Xander did and then stared at Angel who in turned stared at Xander.

Finally Angel’s gaze turned back to Spike, “William, you never cease to cause me problems you know that?”

“Wot?” Spike replied.

“First you take Xander prisoner, something definitely not in the scope of your mission…”

“Oi! I told you!” Spike interrupted. “The git made it impossible to take the cargo without taking him.”

“Then you don’t release him as ordered,” Angel continued. Xander frowned. When had Angel ordered Spike to release him?

“And now you're sleeping with him!”  Angel concluded.

“Listen you daft pilchard, I told you by the time he could have been released it was too late. He knew too much!”

“And that’s why you had to sleep with him?”

“Hey!” Xander interrupted. “Him’s still here.”

Angel turned his gaze back to Xander and then once again dismissed him.

“Why I slept with Xander is none of your business,” Spike replied.

“It very much is my business!” barked Angel. “We’re in a war here and Xander happens to be a very important player!”

Me? Xander thought. I’m an important player? And if I am why are you dismissing me you arrogant bonehead!

Xander studied the leader of the Biogens. He was every bit as big and tall as the vids made him appear to be. His hair was dark and thick. Almost as thick as his forehead¸ Xander observed. While Spike moved with a feline grace; Angel moved like an unstoppable force. Angel’s movements were smooth and graceful but all one really noticed was the power and strength behind them.

“Xander’s not a main player in this fight,” Spike said. “His own people have foolishly marginalized him.”

“You think so?” replied Angel. “And that’s why the prime Regent has ordered stepped up attacks and routs on outlying colonies?”

“Wot?” replied Spike

What? Xander silently wondered.

“Buffy has made it very clear she wants Xander back and unharmed.”

“Well she can't have him,” replied Spike.

“What?” It was Angel’s turned to ask the question.

“He’s mine and I’m not giving him up!” replied Spike.

“Oh yes you are!”

“You and what army, Angelus?” Spike hissed as he leaned forward fully in game face.

Angel leaned back and sighed. “William, look at the bigger picture.”

“What bigger picture?”

“I’ve negotiated…”

“You’ve negotiated! How?” interrupted Spike.

“An intermediary,” answered Angel. “Look. It doesn’t matter how. What does matter is that in the negotiations the Regent and I have agreed on a short truce if Xander is returned unharmed.”

“A truce!” Spike growled. “You really have gone balmy! No way will the Council honor a truce!”

“They will if the Regents and the cyber mages won’t fight. And they won’t, if Xander is returned unharmed.”

“No!” growled Spike.

Buffy and Willow are willing to call a truce, for me? Xander thought.

“Spike, a truce means for the first time we might have a chance to find a diplomatic end to this bloodbath.”

“A bloodbath you started!” Spike pointed his finger at Angel.

Xander was shocked to see Angel wince.

“I know, William. I know. But you also know things have changed. I have changed.”

“And you expect every Biogen to change right along with you?” Spike yelled.

“William, this is an old argument and we settled it a long time ago. You're with me. You had your chance to go against me and you didn’t.”

“And maybe I will this time!” snarled Spike.

“Because of Xander?” asked Angel with a hint of hurt and surprise in his voice.

“Yes,” Spike answered simply.

Angel sighed. “Spike….”

“I’m not giving him up, Angelus,” Spike softly interrupted.

“What about what I want?” Xander once again tried to include himself in the conversation.

Both Biogens looked at Xander.

“What do you want?” Angel finally asked.

“I want Spike,” Xander said noting the joy that flitted across Spike’s face and then hated himself for the next words he was about to utter, “but if there’s a chance to end this war then I want that too.”


Trevor Lockely sat at the bar nursing his ale. He hated being back here on Hyperion but that’s where the run from Oxnard was headed and he couldn’t afford to pass up the chance for the credits and a few pieces of hard currency.

Still, Lockely couldn’t forget this was Angel’s lair. This was the place where his little girl had gone and made a home until she disappered. Lockely took another drink. Sure he hadn’t been around much for his Kate but she had been his little girl and when she got the wild notion to join up with Angel at first he was for it. Anything to stick it to the Council but then she’d gone on a mission for that Biogen freak and she’d never been heard from again.

Lockely slammed back his drink and pounded his glass on the counter.

“Another!” Lockely barked gaining notice of the bar’s other patrons.

“Easy,” the bartender soothed as he poured another drink.

Lockely took a sip. Wasn’t enough that bastard Angel had taken his little Kate, Trevor thought. No, now the bastard’s got that one-eyed Council boy tucked all cozy as a bug in rug over there at Angel’s HQ!.

”Murderin’ one-eyed bastards,” Lockely muttered.

“What’s that you say?” a sallow haired Biogen smiled and approached the drunken Locklely.

“Angel! He’s keeping company with some one-eyed Council boy his pet Spike picked up. Actually threatened to kill colonists on Oxnard if they touched him.”

“Really? You don’t say?” drawled the smooth talking stranger. “What’s this Council ‘boy’ look like?”

“Tall. Lean. Well-fed and soft like Council raised do. Dark hair. Said his name was Jesse,” replied Lockely.

The stranger smiled and waved the bartender over. “Next round is on me.”

Lockely looked up from his drink and eyed the stranger for the first time. “Thank you…” Lockely stumbled for a name.

The stranger smiled again and held out his hand. “Caleb. And no, let me thank you!”

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