Rating: NC17/Slash

Pairing: Spike/Xander

Spoilers: None

Summary: Xander fights what he wants.

Notes: Written for [info]onehundredone.

Prompt: After an intense, one time tryst and being ignored and avoided for days after, an angry Spike corners Xander in the middle of the Magic Box + frottage.

Feedback: It’s ALL about the feedback (and naked Spike)! Don’t make me beg, it’s not pretty.

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Thanks: To Tammy, for the most excellent beta! You are a gem among—uh—other shiny stuff.

Written: October 4, 2004

Want This


Xander checked one last time to make sure that the pencil mark he’d made was over a stud before setting the stud-finder down and picking up the drill. At Giles’ suggestion he’d been hanging some of their larger weapons on the walls in the training room rather than keeping them in trunks that were getting too crowded, making it difficult to find what you were looking for, as well as dangerous to stick your hand inside, and was now adding some baskets to hold crossbow bolts, daggers, and extra stakes.

After drilling the hole, he hung the basket and stepped back to make sure it looked straight. His back hit something hard, familiar, and Xander jumped forward, yelping. He turned around as he stumbled backwards, eyes locking with Spike’s.

“Wh-what are you doing here?” he asked nervously.

“Lookin’ for you,” Spike replied angrily. “You’ve been avoidin’ me, pet.”

“I’ve been busy,” Xander lied. Truth was, he had been avoiding Spike. Like the plague. Worse than the plague, like....

“I need to see you,” Spike said, breaking into his internal babbling.

“Well, I don’t want to see you,” Xander responded, his voice shaking despite his attempt at bravado, eyes running avidly over Spike’s body. Liar, liar, pants on fire, his inner voice taunted. Shut up! he hissed back.

“I’ve noticed.”

The two men stood silent, staring at each other until Xander couldn’t take it any more.

“Look, it was a bad idea, all right? I don’t....” Xander swallowed hard. “I don’t want that.”

“Seemed to want it at the time. Quite a bit, if I recall. In fact, I think there was begging involved.”

Xander blushed. “It was a mistake.” His voice trembled with the untruth and he hoped Spike didn’t catch it. It had been a mistake. A horrible, dreadful mistake. One which he might never recover from if little Xan’s reaction the past five days since their...encounter...was any indication.

“So, what, you were just testing the water?” Spike asked, far too casually for Xander’s peace of mind.

“No. Yes. I was drunk,” Xander defended himself abysmally.

“Yeah, you were drunk,” Spike agreed. “The first time. Possibly the second time. But I’m pretty sure you were stone cold sober by the fourth.”

Xander blanched as all his blood drained from his face and went straight to his cock. Damn him! he thought, as images of the night they’d spent together rushed through his mind and started a low flame burning in his belly. It had been three days before he could walk without a reminder of what he and Spike had done that night, but he still couldn’t make it through the night without dreaming of Spike—naked, whispering dirty words in his ear, promising to do nasty things to him—and waking to sticky boxers.

“Shut up!” Xander growled. “Look, I was one big nerve ending by then,” he declared. “Y-you could have been anyone. I may not have been drunk, but there was no way I could think straight...I mean, right, not after you did...that thing you did, with your tongue,” he insisted seriously, and then blushed as he recalled exactly what Spike had done with his tongue, and his response to it. From the look on Spike’s face, he was reliving it, too.

“Knew you liked that,” Spike teased, voice low, seductive, just like Xander remembered it from that night. “Know you wanna do it again.” Spike made a point of sniffing the air, then leered at Xander, aforementioned tongue peeking out from between lips Xander wanted to kiss again. No, no, never, never kiss again!

“Not with you,” Xander insisted gamely.

“So, what,” Spike began, “you’re tellin’ me you haven’t spent the last five nights dreaming about how sweet it felt to have my hands on your body? ‘Cause I have.” Xander froze momentarily as Spike began to move towards him. He backed up, and Spike stalked him. “My tongue tasting every inch of you, slipping inside you. Loved the noises you made when you came, the way you begged for more when I kept you on the edge.”

“S-stop it,” Xander demanded.

“That’s not what you said then,” Spike whispered. “Think it was more like, ‘God, Spike, please, more, fuck me, damn you, fuck me now!’."

“I-I d-did not,” Xander lied bravely, remembering exactly what Spike had been doing to him when he’d yelled that.

“Have you touched yourself, Xander? Thought about me while you jerked off?” Spike asked, ignoring Xander’s denial.

“N-no,” he said firmly, this time not a lie, since he hadn’t had to even touch himself to get off. Just thinking about the stupid vampire with his naughty fingers and evil tongue had been enough.

“You have thought about it, though, haven’t you, luv? Thought about how good it was, how much better it would be next time....”

“No! No next time,” Xander responded, intending to be certain, though it sounded more like begging.

“Why not?” Spike snarled, and Xander could tell he was losing patience. “You liked it, so tell me why not?”

“Because I don’t...I don’t want it with you. I can’t! I can’t want...you.”

“Why not?” Spike asked again.

“Because you’re evil!” Xander yelled.

Spike moved quickly and Xander was pushed back against the wall, Spike leaning into him, hands braced on either side of his face. “Oh, pet, makes me hard when you say that.” He ran his tongue over Xander’s ear. “Say it again,” he whispered.

“You’re evil,” Xander moaned.

Spike buried his face in Xander’s neck and sucked on the tender skin.

“Evil, evil, evil,” Xander groaned, making no move to push Spike away.

“Oh, yes, luv,” Spike agreed as he looked at the mark he’d left on Xander. “And before this night is over, I’m gonna have my evil way with you, doing such dirty, nasty things to you while you beg me for more.”

“Oh, god, no,” Xander whimpered.

“I remember how much you liked my tongue. Gonna eat your tight little ass, make you come so hard you scream.”

“No,” Xander breathed. “Please.”

Spike brushed their groins together, barely touching, but Xander was on fire and the touch was enough to make him cry out. He grabbed Spike’s hips and tried to force their bodies together.

“Stop,” he whispered.

“Gonna shove my cock so far inside you, you’ll be feeling it for days. Gonna make you ride me....”

Xander opened eyes he didn’t even know he’d shut. “F-fuck you, Spike. Fuck you!” he spat, though the fingers tightly clutching the other man’s hips as he rubbed their groins together belied his words.

Spike’s eyes darkened. “Maybe,” he agreed softly. “Wanna know what it feels like to bury your dick inside my tight hole? Feel me squeeze you so hard you....”

“Aaargh!” Xander screamed, pushing away from the wall and then turning them so their positions were reversed. “I don’t want this!” he cried, and then dove for Spike’s mouth, finally tasting once more the lips and tongue he’d been dreaming about even as he denied himself. He buried one hand in Spike’s hair and clutched his ass with the other, bringing their hips together, shifting until their cocks were aligned.

Spike eagerly opened himself and let Xander devour him, but stood still against the wall and made Xander take the lead. Xander pulled back and sucked in a deep breath; Spike’s lips were wet and swollen. He took Spike’s mouth again, gently moving his hips, sliding his cock over Spike’s, the friction sending tendrils of heat from his belly to his balls.

Xander pulled away and kissed his way along Spike’s jaw to his ear, and then down his neck. At a sudden indrawn breath from the other man, he paused and nibbled. Spike’s body vibrated with need, but he kept his hands loose on Xander’s hip, his arm, letting Xander set the pace.

“I don’t...want...this,” Xander grated. “I don’t...I don’t...I want...oh, god, I want this,” he nearly sobbed. “I want, I want....”

“I know, luv.” Spike’s grip tightened and he pulled Xander closer until not even a whisper could fit between them. When Xander pressed against him, Spike pushed back.

“Oh, god,” Xander breathed. “Spike.”

Xander reclaimed Spike’s mouth as they ground against each other, tilting his head and deepening the kiss, pulling Spike’s tongue into his mouth and sucking on it. Spike shoved his hand down the back of Xander’s pants, closed his fingers over his cheek and squeezed. Xander panted as he increased his speed, humping himself against Spike, working desperately to get them both off.

“Spike, Spike, shit, Spike,” he moaned as he thrust harder, riding Spike’s hip determinedly. “I’m gonna...now,” Xander keened. “Now, want this....”

“Want you,” Spike growled, and Xander saw stars when he came.

The End

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