Reaping the Reward


Part Twenty-Five

When Xander and William got home, they placed the leftovers Cordy sent with them in the fridge, and then sprawled on the couch. With a loud groan, William unsnapped the button on his pants.

“I can’t believe you made me eat a second piece of pie,” he moaned.

“Me? I don’t remember my hand on the fork, pal,” Xander archly responded, barely holding back a groan of his own.

“No,” William agreed thoughtfully. “Now I remember. The hand that wasn’t busy shoveling pie into your mouth was working its way up my leg.”

“Mmm, yeah,” Xander concurred with a smile. “Nice leg.” He shifted so he was facing William and placed his hand on the other man’s knee, rubbing it lightly, suggestively.

“Xander, luv, I don’t think I’m up to it,” William protested, though he didn’t move to stop the other man.

“Not yet,” Xander agreed, his tone indicating he still had high hopes in that area as his fingers slowly worked their way up William’s thigh.

William smiled. “Seriously, Xan,” he said. “My body’s too busy trying to digest dinner and dessert to spare any blood for that.” He indicated his unresponsive groin.

Xander didn’t reply as he watched his fingers slide further up William’s leg to the crease between his thigh and groin. William automatically spread his legs to give Xander room. He curled his fingers around William’s inner thigh and moved his thumb along the sensitive crease with a light, teasing touch. Xander raised his eye to William’s, capturing them as he transferred his touch to the soft flesh of William’s penis.

He cupped William’s balls and gently ran his thumb along the length of his cock to the head, then back down. Then again, and again, slightly increasing the pressure each time over William’s slowly stiffening flesh until his cock was hard beneath Xander’s touch, and the other man had dropped his head back on the couch with a groan.

“I knew you were a talented man,” Xander whispered huskily. “Fully capable of multi-tasking.” William’s eyelids fluttered in response.

Xander took William’s shaft between thumb and index finger, dragging them up and down the hard length, and William dug his fingers into the couch cushion beneath him, lifting his hips and pushing himself into Xander’s touch. Xander moved his hand up to the loosened waistband of William’s pants and slipped his fingers beneath it teasingly.

William stared at him out of heavily-lidded eyes, his nostrils flaring, his breath coming faster. Xander pulled William’s shirt out of his pants and placed his hand against the warm flesh of the other man’s stomach. William’s stomach muscles twitched as Xander lightly ran his fingertips over them.

“Well,” he said sadly, issuing a deep sigh. “It’s too bad you’re not in the mood.” He pulled his hand away from William and twisted as if he was going to get up from the couch.

William’s hand shot out and clamped onto Xander’s. “I might’ve spoken too soon,” he said breathlessly.

Xander turned back to him, struggling to keep a straight face. “Are you sure?” he asked solicitously. “You know I’d never make you do anything you didn’t want to do.”

William’s eyes were pleading. “Xander, luv, please don’t leave me like this.” He looked down at the hard cock pressing against his pants.

“That does look kind of painful,” Xander said, reaching out to run a finger along it, then gently squeezing the head between thumb and index finger.

William’s eyes rolled back in his head. “Please,” he moaned as he let his head drop back onto the couch once more.

Xander leaned closer to William, lowered his head, and licked the other man’s neck. “Please ‘what’, baby?” he asked against the soft, warm skin as his hand continued to manipulate his lover’s hard length.

“Oh, God, Xander, please,” William nearly whimpered.

“Say it, William,” Xander said. “I wanna hear you say it.”

William placed his hand over Xander’s and opened his eyes, blue staring deeply into brown. “Touch me, Xander,” he said. “Make me come. Please.”

“Since you asked so nicely,” Xander said, his voice deep and husky with arousal. The look in William’s eyes made his knees weak and he was glad he was already sitting down. He brought their lips together as he placed his palm on William’s erection, rubbing his hand up and down. William moaned into his mouth as Xander stroked him.

Xander found the zipper on William’s pants and unzipped them. His tongue invaded William’s mouth as he slipped his hand inside the other man’s pants and wrapped his fingers around his hard member. He ran his thumb over the leaking tip, the fluid already soaking into the cotton of his boxers.

William grabbed the back of Xander’s head, pulled him even closer, and deepened the kiss, his tongue battling Xander’s as he bucked his hips into the other man’s hand. Xander eased his fingers into William’s boxers, and this time he did whimper as Xander closed them around the satiny steel length of his penis.

Xander slipped out of William’s hold and slid off the couch, kneeling between the other man’s legs. He grasped the waistbands of William’s pants and boxers. “Lift,” he said. William, staring at Xander with eyes full of need, lifted his hips, and Xander pulled pants and boxers down far enough to free the other man’s cock and balls.

“Mmm,” he moaned as he looked at William’s erect member. He gripped the other man’s thighs as he eagerly leaned forward and licked up the length, and then swirled his tongue around the head, lapping up the pre-come oozing from the slit. He loved the way William tasted. He closed his lips over the head and sucked.

William yelped and grabbed Xander’s head in both hands. “Oh, God, yes, Xander! That feels amazing. Your mouth...ahhh! Yes, yes, yes,” he chanted as Xander noisily sucked his way up and down his cock, taking him further into his mouth with each downward stroke, one hand sliding up to grip his hip and the other slipping between his thighs to cup and knead his balls.

William shifted down on the couch, his fingers running through Xander’s hair, pulling the long strands from beneath the elastic strap that held his eye patch on as the other man took him down his throat. “I’m coming!” he warned, and Xander sucked harder when he felt the balls in his hand draw up tighter to William’s body.

“Xan-n-nder-r-r!” William keened, and his cock swelled and pulsed in Xander’s mouth as he erupted, shooting his release down Xander’s throat. Xander continued to suck William’s cock and gently knead his balls until he had milked his lover of all his essence. Only when William whimpered and pushed on his head did Xander release the sensitive flesh.

Xander climbed back up onto the couch and pulled William into his arms. He kissed the other man’s forehead as he slumped bonelessly against him. “I love you,” he whispered. “The way you taste. The way you feel.” He ran one hand into William’s hair and the other down his arm as he held him close.

William tipped his head back and looked into Xander’s eye. He smiled. “Love you, too, Xan.”

Xander couldn’t help but smile back. William looked so cute in the afterglow of spent passion. “Wanna cuddle?” he asked.

William acquiesced with an eager nod, lifting his hips and pulling his pants and boxers back up. Xander placed a hand on his arm to keep him from zipping his pants, and William looked at him questioningly.

Xander shrugged, flashing a sheepish grin. “I just figured you’d be more comfortable...”

“Did you now?” William drawled.

Xander kicked his shoes off, urged William to slide forward on the couch, and then stretched out behind him. Loathe to stop touching him, he rubbed William’s arm as the other man toed off his own shoes and laid down in front of him, pillowing his head on Xander’s arm.

Xander nuzzled into William’s neck as he slipped his hand beneath his shirt and flattened his palm against his stomach. “You know how much I love you, right?” he whispered.

William shivered as Xander’s breath tickled his neck, and then tilted his head to look at Xander over his shoulder. He rolled over until they were lying face-to-face, and locked gazes with him. “Yeah,” he said softly, reaching up to gently touch his fingertips to Xander’s cheek beneath the patch. “I know.”

He leaned forward and kissed Xander, and then snuggled into him, letting his hand drop to Xander’s chest. “Happy Thanksgiving,” he said drowsily.

Xander tightened his hand on William’s back. “Happy Thanksgiving,” he replied.

Xander was sitting on the couch the next morning with William between his legs, the other man’s head resting against his chest, sharing the paper over coffee and croissants when the phone rang. William absently reached over to the coffee table for it, pushed the call button, and placed it to his ear without taking his eyes off the funnies he was reading. “Hello.”

“Hey, William!” Willow’s cheery voice came over the phone. “How are you this morning? How was your Thanksgiving?”

“Uh, hey, Willow,” he said, looking up at Xander, who had dropped his own paper when he recognized Willow’s voice. He leaned back comfortably, sipped his coffee, and watched William squirm. “I’m doing fine,” he answered her first question, blushing, and Xander knew he was thinking about last night, so he ran his hand down William’s bare chest and brushed his thumb over a nipple. “Thanksgiving was, uh, also f-fine,” he said with a shiver, adding, “Xander made me eat too much, though.” Xander pinched his nipple and William arched off the couch, barely muffling his moan.

“Do you have leftovers?” she asked excitedly. “Leftovers are the best!”

“Um, yeah, we have...we have leftovers,” William replied. “Lots of turkey. I think Cordy bought the biggest one she could find... Would you like to speak to Xander, now?” he squeaked, as Xander slipped his fingers beneath the waistband of William’s sweats.

“Yes, if he’s there,” Willow said.

“Oh, he’s h-here, all right,” William replied, and then handed the phone over his shoulder to Xander.

Xander set his coffee down and took the cell from him with a soft chuckle. “Hey, Will!” he said. “How are you? How’s everyone? Did you celebrate Thanksgiving over there?” he asked, and then stroked his thumb along William’s stiffening penis almost absently as he prepared for her long, babbling reply.

“Everyone’s great, Xander!” Willow said excitedly. “Giles said to make sure I told you ‘hi’, ‘cause I forgot to last time. And Kennedy’s here...”

“Hey, Xanman!” Kennedy’s voice came over the receiver.

“Tell her I said ‘hi’ back,” Xander said, and then heard Willow’s muffled voice passing his greeting on to her lover.

“Okay, I’m back,” Willow said, and Xander could nearly hear the blush in her voice.

The two of them chatted about inconsequential things, and then Willow said, “Oh! I almost forgot the reason I called, other than to wish you a Happy late-Thanksgiving, of course! We’ve got our plane tickets!” she squealed. “We’re all set to come to L.A. for Christmas. Oh, Xander, I can’t wait to see you again! And I can’t wait to meet William. We’re going to have so much fun! Giles is coming, too!”

“That’s excellent news, Will! I’m looking forward to seeing you again, too. And I know William is excited...,” Xander said as William writhed against him, biting his lip to keep from moaning aloud as Xander slowly, sensuously fisted his hard shaft. He’d pushed his sweat pants down and Xander could see the angry purple color of the mushroom-shaped head and the pre-come oozing out of the slit at the tip.

“ meet you, as well,” he finished, and then lowered his head to kiss William’s neck as the other man tilted his head to give him better access to the tender flesh.

“Cordy offered to let us stay at the hotel any time we were in town,” Willow said. “Do you think she meant it?”

“Actually,” Xander said, “yeah, she probably did. Do you want me to grease the wheels by mentioning your impending visit?” Xander asked.

“Would you?” Willow pleaded. “I’d really appreciate it.”

“Done, Will,” Xander said, speeding up his hand when William’s balls drew up and his breaths turned to heaving pants, his own penis hardening as he watched his lover.

“So, was Thanksgiving with Angel and Cordy really good?” she asked worriedly.

“Yeah,” Xander said. “I was surprised how much I didn’t hate it. The food was good, and the company was better. Fred, Gunn, Wesley, and Lorne were there, too. And Angel showed William some sketches of Spike and Dru, and us from Sunnydale, so he might remember something from those. Right, love?” he asked William as the other man climaxed, shooting his release over his stomach and Xander’s hand.

“Yeah,” William gasped, and Xander smiled as he kissed the other man’s upturned lips. “Git,” he whispered against Xander’s lips. Xander was still smiling when he pulled back and resumed his conversation with Willow.

“That’s good,” she was saying. Xander listened to Willow with half a mind, the other half firmly on William. He rubbed the other man’s semen over his stomach and chest and then held his hand for William to lick. The other man tentatively stuck his tongue out and tasted himself on Xander. At the touch of his tongue, Xander lifted his hips, pressing his erection into William’s back.

William, as if he could read Xander’s desire, pulled his finger into his mouth and sucked on it. Xander moved more desperately against him, and William let go of his finger, then twisted so that he was lying on his stomach. He shifted down on the couch and pulled Xander’s sweats down while his eye rolled back in his head, and then began sucking on the head of Xander’s hard cock.

“I talked to Buffy the other day and she and Dawn are going to try to make it...” Willow paused. “Have you told her about William, yet?” she asked.

“No, not yet,” Xander admitted, paying Willow little attention.

“You’re going to have to do that soon,” Willow said. “You don’t want her showing up and just seeing him. Call her this week, okay?”

“Yeah, I will, promise,” Xander said. “Listen, Will, it’s been great talking to you, but I have to get ready for work. I’ll call you, okay?”

“Okay, Xander. I love you,” Willow said.

“I love you, too, Will,” Xander said, and then disconnected and tossed the phone onto the coffee table. He grabbed William’s head and gently thrust up into his mouth. “Oh, God, William,” he moaned. “Yeah, just like that, don’t stop...”

Too soon he was coming, his orgasm rushing through him, leaving him sated and weak. William returned to his side, and the two men snuggled until the phone rang again. William, his face buried in Xander’s neck, reached out blindly and snagged the phone from the coffee table and held it up to Xander’s ear.

Xander laughed and took it from him, pushing the call button. “Hello,” he said into the receiver.

“Hello, Xander, it’s Wesley. I hope I haven’t caught you at a bad time,” the English voice came over the cell.

“No, Wes, it’s not a bad time,” Xander replied. “Have you gotten the test results back?”

“Yes,” Wesley responded. “Is William there?”

“Yes, he’s here,” Xander said. “Hold on.” Xander held the phone out to William.

William swallowed nervously and took the phone, rearranging himself on Xander so he could get it against his ear. “Hello,” he said uneasily.

Xander tilted his head back so he could look down and see William’s face, watching as the worry lines creasing the other man’s brow gradually disappeared, listening closely to see if he could garner any information from the other man’s ‘uh huh’s as he in turn avidly listened to Wesley on the other end of the phone.

Finally William said goodbye and disconnected, set the phone back onto the coffee table, and snuggled back up to Xander. He waited for a minute, but could hold out no more. “Well?” Xander asked.

“Nothing,” was William’s mumbled reply.

“What do you mean, nothing?” Xander asked.

“Nothing,” William repeated. “The tests came back normal.”

“Both of ‘em?” Xander asked in surprise.

William nodded his head against Xander’s shoulder.

“No abnormalities whatsoever?”

William shook his head.

“Then what took so long?” Xander asked, wondering why William had been on the phone so long.

William lifted his head and gave him a look. “It was Wesley,” he said.

“Oh, right,” Xander said, and then grinned. “All that time just to say ‘the tests came back normal’?”

William nodded, and went to lower his head. Xander stopped him, the back of his fingers under William’s chin.

“You okay?” he asked.

“I wish I could remember,” William said sadly. “It’s just so—frustrating! I wish these tests were telling us something.”

“They are,” Xander assured him. “These two tests told us that you’re normal...mostly,” he added to try and lighten William’s somber mood. William didn’t say anything, just continued to look dispirited.

Xander tried again. “You’re human now, William. It’s good that those tests were normal. I mean, sure, it would have been great if Wes could have pinpointed the exact reason why you can’t remember, or if he could tell us what happened to you before you ended up in the hospital, but I believe that you’re going to remember. And you have to believe it, too.”

“What if I don’t?” William asked.

“What if you don’t?” Xander returned. “A large chunk of your life will be missing, but you’ve got a pretty good life right now. Don’t you?”

“Yes! Xander, yes,” William said. “You know I love you?”

“Yes,” Xander replied with a sheepish smile. “And I love you, too. So much, William.”

“Do you want me to remember?” William asked.

“Yes,” Xander said, rubbing his knuckles over William’s jaw and cheek. “Because you need it, want it. Just...I just hope that your memories don’t overwhelm you and make you forget how good what we have now is.”

“They won’t,” William promised, “because I can’t imagine not loving you this much.”

Xander gave a little laugh. “Trust me,” he said, “there was a time you didn’t. And I didn’t. Things change. Just remember that, okay?”

“Okay,” William said, a smile finally gracing his face. He rested his head back down on Xander’s shoulder. “Love you,” he whispered.

“Love you, too,” Xander whispered back fiercely. He pulled William tight against him and held the other man until it was time for them to get ready to leave for lunch and work. It wasn’t until he was serving the first drink of his shift that Xander remembered he’d promised Willow he’d call Buffy.


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