Reaping the Reward


Part Seven

Over the next week, Xander and William worked out their schedules so they could spend as much time together as possible. The first thing they did was move William’s minimal belongings into Xander’s room. Since he was spending most of his nights there anyway, there was no sense in him paying for another motel room. They’d wake up early enough to have a late lunch before William had to report for work, and then Xander would run errands before he had to show up at O’Reilly’s, except for Tuesday and Thursday, when he went to the Hyperion to work out with Gunn. William met Xander at O’Reilly’s after he got out of work, and they would stop at the diner for breakfast before returning to the motel.

And then there was the sex. That wasn’t scheduled at all. Xander couldn’t seem to get enough of William. He always wanted to touch him; hold his hand, brush his arm while they were talking, kiss him. William seemed to be able to tell when Xander was thinking about touching him; he’d glance up at Xander through his lashes, and smile, and Xander would just melt.

One morning at the diner, William had given him that smile, and Xander hadn’t been able to wait until they got home to touch him. He pulled William into the first alley he found and pushed him up against the dirty brick wall, kissing him and running his fingers through the other man’s hair, while single-handedly unbuttoning and unzipping William’s slacks. He reached inside the pants and freed William’s already hardening cock.

“Ready for me, William?” Xander asked softly against the other man’s ear.

“Yesss,” William hissed. Xander held his palm to William’s mouth, and the other man licked it until it glistened with saliva. Xander wrapped his slicked palm around William’s penis and stroked him. Slowly at first, and then faster. William began to mewl and moan, as Xander worked him towards orgasm.

“That’s it, William,” Xander encouraged. “Moan for me.”

“Xan-der!” William cried. “Xander, please. Please.”

“Please ‘what’, love?” Xander asked huskily. “Please stop?”

“No!” William yelled.

Xander grinned. “Please make you come?”

“God, yes! Yes, yes, yes,” William began to chant, as Xander’s hand gripped him tighter, pulled harder. And then he screamed, as Xander bent over and took him in his mouth, sucking hard on the tip, and then taking him in all the way, until his tip touched the back of Xander’s throat. William grabbed Xander’s head, pulling the elastic out of his hair so he could dig his fingers into the long locks, and came.

Xander sucked William until he was empty, and then let his softening penis fall from his mouth. He stood, and William pulled him in for a kiss, sweeping Xander’s mouth with his tongue. Xander knew that William liked to taste himself on Xander, almost as if to prove to himself what they had just done together, and so they always shared deep, hungry kisses after Xander sucked him off. Xander, who enjoyed kissing William any time, relaxed against his lover and let the other man plunder his mouth.

On Saturday, they got up a little earlier than usual so they could do their laundry before lunch. They’d have put it off until the next day, when neither one of them had to work, but they had soiled almost all of their clothing. Besides, the next day they were going to the movies with Fred and Gunn.

Xander remembered back to Thursday, when Gunn had invited him to the movies. They had been relaxing after their workout; Gunn mentioned that Fred wanted to see a movie, and asked Xander if he wanted to go to with them to see the matinee on Saturday, since all three of them worked nights. Xander automatically opened his mouth to agree, as he had every other time Gunn asked him to go see a movie with him and Fred, and then froze, a blush suffusing his skin.

“Xander?” Gunn called his name in surprise. “What’s wrong, man?”

Xander’s mouth was open, but no sound was coming out. Finally he managed to squeak out, “I’m seeing someone.”

“I knew it!” Gunn exclaimed, slapping him on the back. “Last week, I knew you weren’t playing straight with me! That’s cool, bro. Bring her along. We’d love to meet her.”

“Yeah,” Xander said, with a slight grimace. “Kind of a problem with that.”

“We not good enough?” Gunn teased.

“Of course...,” Xander began, and then realized Gunn was teasing him. “It’s a he,” Xander said.

“You’re kidding me, right?” Gunn asked with a little laugh.

“No.” Xander shook his head. “I understand if that wigs you out. I mean, it wigged me out, until I decided to... Well, never mind that. Listen, it’s no problem if you don’t want us to...”

“You’re serious?” Gunn asked.

Xander just nodded.

“Well. I never expected that. What’s he like?” Gunn asked. “I mean, a saint, right, ‘cause he puts up with you?”

“Ha, ha!” Xander rolled his eye. “He’s...wonderful,” Xander said.

Gunn groaned. “Oh, man, you do have it bad!”

“Shut up, Gunn!” Xander said, giving the other man a sheepish grin, and then he began to think about William. “I don’t know. I’ve never tried to put it into words. Why do we fall for anyone? He...makes me laugh, makes me smile,” Xander said thoughtfully. “He makes me happy. He’s smart. He likes to read; works at a bookstore. He’s got beautiful eyes, and a lovely smile. He’s...kind, and gentle. Sweet. But don’t tell him I said that!” Xander looked at Gunn, aghast.

“I won’t!” Gunn promised. “‘Less I need blackmail material. How’d you meet him?” he asked.

“At the diner, one morning after work,” Xander said, and then laughed. “I thought he was someone I knew, and so I made a complete fool out of myself. And he still found me interesting. There’s something wrong with him, isn’t there?” Xander asked with a grin.

“You telling me Sally didn’t snap him up?” Gunn asked.

“Don’t know what she was thinking,” Xander replied. “She let him get away.”

“Hey, maybe we can meet you at the bar and go to breakfast with you some night, er, morning,” Gunn said. “You know, on a slow night for nasty demons.”

“That sounds good,” Xander said. “So, the movie. Invite still stand?”

“Of course!” Gunn said.

“Can we do it on Sunday instead of Saturday? We both work on Saturday, and he has to be in earlier than I do.”

“Sure. Wanna get something to eat after?” Gunn asked.

“Absolutely!” Xander agreed. “You know I’m always up for food.”

Sunday came around, and William was a bundle of nerves. They’d slept late because they hadn’t gotten to bed until almost five o’clock that morning, and had just enough time to get dressed and meet Fred and Gunn at the movie theater. Saturday night had been busy at O’Reilly’s, and after they closed, Xander, William, Paulie, Molly, Cheryl, and Dave, another member of the wait staff, shared a beer and a couple of games of pool before calling it a night. Or a morning.

Xander and William stopped at the diner on the way home for breakfast, and then returned to their room to shower and hit the sack. Xander removed his smoke-scented clothes and stuffed them in the laundry bag, and then turned to William. The other man was sitting on the bed. He had removed his shoes, and then leaned back on his elbows to watch Xander.

“What are you waiting for?” Xander asked.

William didn’t reply, just ran his eyes slowly down Xander’s naked body, and then back up. Xander couldn’t help respond to the heat in William’s eyes, and his flaccid penis grew firm. William licked his lips suggestively. “That’s what I was waiting for,” he purred.

Xander stalked over to him, grabbed him by the waistband, and hauled him up off the bed. He tugged William’s shirt out of his pants and lifted it over his head. He unbuttoned William’s slacks, and then pushed him backwards, until he was against the wall. Xander nuzzled William’s neck, licking and sucking the sensitive skin, as he unzipped the other man’s pants.

William shuddered beneath Xander’s touch, and his breaths started coming quick. Xander freed William’s cock, and then ignored it as he ran his hands over the other man’s chest, paying special attention to his nipples, while continuing tease the tender flesh of his neck with lips, and tongue, and teeth. Xander kissed William, gently exploring the other man’s mouth, and let his hands roam down his torso, skimming lightly over the other man’s abdomen and trailing through the nest of curls between his thighs, purposely missing his insistent hard-on.

“Xander,” William complained. Xander ignored him, reaching behind him and slipping his hands down the back of William’s slacks to cup his buttocks. He squeezed and kneaded the firm flesh as he nibbled on William’s lips.

“Xander,” William groaned, rotating his hips to try and find friction for his aching cock, but Xander kept his body away from him. Though he was usually easygoing during their sexual encounters, Xander finally managed to fuel William’s passion. He grabbed Xander and reversed their positions, pressing him face-first against the wall.

“You bloody tease,” William growled, and Xander shivered at the promise in his voice. William used his chest to keep Xander trapped against the wall and shoved his pants down over his hips. Xander moaned as William pressed his erection against Xander’s ass, and began to rock his hips.

“Oh, fuck,” Xander moaned when William’s cock slipped between his buttocks as the other man pumped against him. William kneaded Xander’s buttocks and squeezed them around himself, and Xander reached down for his own cock. William slapped Xander’s hand away and wrapped his own fingers around Xander’s length, pumping his hand up and down the shaft as he pumped against the cleft of Xander’s ass.

Xander stretched his arms to the side and placed both hands flat against the wall, and then pressed back against William. William’s breath was hot and hard against his neck; his cock hot and hard against his ass; his hand hot and hard against his erection. Both men were panting and grunting with the effort to reach release, and then they were both coming. Xander exploded over the wall and William’s hand, and felt William’s cock pulse against his ass and hot semen shoot up his back.

Exhausted, Xander fell against the wall. William slumped against his back, and wrapped both arms around him. “God, William,” Xander nearly whimpered.

“Mmm,” William replied.

It took a couple of minutes to recover, but they finally made it to the shower, and then bed. And now William was having a panic attack at the thought of meeting Xander’s friends.

“Don’t worry,” Xander told him for the hundredth time. “They’re going to love you. And it doesn’t matter if they don’t, because I love you.”

Both men froze and just stared at each other.

“Uh, I mean...” Xander trailed off as William gaped at him. “Does it wig you that I just said that?” he asked worriedly. “‘Cause I can take it back if you want.”

“Did you mean it?” William asked.

Xander thought hard, and then smiled. “Yes. I did.”

William smiled, and then turned serious. Then smiled again. “Really?”

Xander couldn’t help smiling with him. “Really.” He gave the patented Xander shrug.

They met Gunn and Fred outside the movie theater. Xander greeted Gunn and hugged Fred, and then introduced William to both of them. William, who had one hand tucked in his front jeans pocket, and the other clutching Xander’s for dear life, pulled his hand out of his pocket and shook Gunn’s hand, and then Fred’s. He smiled at Fred, and Gunn winked at Xander, who blushed and quickly led them into the movie house.

They bought their tickets, and then got popcorn and soda, before entering the darkened theater. Gunn led the way down the aisle and slid into a row of seats near the front. Fred followed him, then Xander and William. They settled into their seats, and chatted until the lights went down and the previews began. Xander leaned closer to William, so their shoulders touched, and reached over the seat arm separating them to place his hand on William’s thigh. William glanced at him, and they shared the shy smiles of new lovers out in public for the first time as a couple, and then William reached down and placed his hand over Xander’s, intertwining their fingers.

After the movie, they went out for an early dinner. They talked about the movie, William’s job at Prologue, Fred’s newest project at W&H, and their latest demon-hunting adventure. Xander told Gunn and Fred that William had been introduced to the seamy underbelly of LA when he experienced his first vampire attack. Gunn offered to give William some self-defense lessons, if he wanted to come to the Hyperion with Xander one day.

They separated after dinner; Gunn and Fred headed to their new offices, and Xander and William back to their motel room. It was way too early for them to consider going to bed, but they hadn’t gotten much sleep the night before, so decided to take a short nap before making plans to do anything later. Xander kicked his shoes off, and then stripped down to his boxers and stretched out on the comforter.

“What’s wrong?” he asked William, who still stood beside the bed, fully dressed, a frown gracing his handsome features.

He sat down on the bed and untied his boots, and then toed them off. “Nothing’s wrong,” he said unconvincingly.

Xander reached out and touched William’s back. “William,” he said softly.

“Are we ever know?” William asked shyly, staring at the hands he’d clasped in his lap.

“You know...what?” Xander asked, confused.

“Not that I don’t like the things we do, ‘cause I do. A lot. I just...wondered...if you thought about it,” William rambled.

“Ah,” Xander said, his eye going big as understanding hit. He rubbed William’s tense back soothingly. “Well, I...have thought about it. It sounds...painful, actually. You’ve, uh, thought about it?” he asked his lover.

“Yeah,” William said, glancing shyly over his shoulder at Xander. “I’ve actually read a little bit about it. They said it is a little, um, uncomfortable, at first. In fact, you need to use, uh, lubricant and...stretch...the opening with your finger-ers first. But that once you’re, er, inside, all the way, it feels really good because there’s this gland, the prostate, that’s supposed to feel, uh, amazing, when you, you know, touch it. They also said that the, uh, tongue feels really good...there,” he babbled, and then ducked his head in embarrassment.

Xander listened with wide eye and mouth agape. “Where’d you read all that?” he asked.

“Uh, in a book,” William said, peeking up at Xander through his lashes.

“Book? Where’d you get a book?” Xander asked.

“I, uh, work at a bookstore, Xander,” William reminded him.

“You sell that kind of book at your bookstore? I don’t know if I want you working there,” Xander muttered.

William looked back down at his hands. “Wanna see it?” he asked.

“You have it here?” Xander asked.

Without replying, William leaned over and pulled a medium-sized paperback book out from under the mattress and handed it to Xander.

“Under the mattress?” Xander asked, as he took the book and looked at the title - ‘Sex and the Gay Man’. He opened it to a page in the back that had a bookmark in it. His eye popped. “Pictures?” he squeaked.

He tilted his head to the right, and then to the left, and then turned the book in his hands. “I don’t think...,” he said, shaking his head.

William crawled beside him and looked over his shoulder. “Yeah,” he agreed, “I don’t think I’m that flexible.”

“You had it bookmarked!” Xander accused.

“No. I had, uh, that one bookmarked,” William said, pointing to the picture on the opposite page.

“Oh,” Xander said. He closed the book, and then reopened it to the front, and read the table of contents. He fluffed the pillows behind him and leaned against the headboard, and then began to read. William curled up next to him, and laid his head on Xander’s leg. Xander carded his fingers through William’s hair as he read. When he was finished with the chapter on ‘The Basics’, he closed the book and set it on the bedside table.

“Well?” William asked, his voice quavering.

“I guess we could try it,” Xander said slowly. “We, uh, don’t have any lubricant or condoms. The book says we need those.”

“We can start slow,” William said. “With just the, um, fingers, and maybe build up to, er, more,” he suggested.

“Slow would probably be good,” Xander agreed. “We still need lubricant, though.”

“We have hand lotion,” William said, plucking nervously at Xander’s leg.

“Ah. Okay.” Xander swallowed hard. “How do we determine, you know, who...”

William tilted his head and looked up at Xander with the smile that always undid him. He reached out and stroked Xander’s penis through his boxers. Xander was surprised to realize that he was already semi-erect, the talk of...penetration...with William having excited him more than he’d thought possible.

“I want to do you,” William said, his voice low and deep. “If what they say is true, it’ll make you scream. I want to hear you scream, Xander.”

“Scream?” Xander groaned.

Part Eight

William gave Xander a sultry look. “Will you scream for me, Xander?” he asked, rolling his head to bring his face close to Xander’s growing member. He rubbed his nose over it, and then gently bit it.

“Gaghh!” Xander replied unintelligibly, and buried the fingers of one hand in William’s hair.

William suddenly rolled off the bed. He disappeared into the bathroom and returned with the bottle of hand lotion. He tossed it to Xander, and then began to strip. Xander watched all of this with great interest.

“Your turn, Xander,” William said, as he approached the bed and reached for Xander’s boxers.

“Ah, I should probably...” Xander pointed towards the bathroom. “The, uh, book said it would be a good idea to, um, go to the bathroom and make sure you were, ah, clean, you know, down there, for health and, uh, other sanitary reasons,” he stammered.

William smiled at him. “Think we’ll ever be able to talk about it without blushing?” he asked.

“I don’t know,” Xander said, with a return smile.

“Hurry up, Xander.” Shy William disappeared, and the other man gazed at Xander with hungry eyes. Xander stood and raced to the bathroom, his erection tenting his boxers and bobbing against his stomach. He went to the bathroom and kicked his boxers across the room. When he was finished, he cleaned himself thoroughly with a warm washcloth, and then stood staring in the mirror.

He was flushed, and breathing heavily. He couldn’t believe he was going to do this. Sure, he’d been having - sexual relations - with William, but this was different. He’d be, not to put too fine a point on it, taking it up the butt, something he’d never imagined doing. Okay, he never imagined falling in love with a guy either, but...

And then he pictured William bent over the sink as he pounded into the other man. He imagined how hot and tight the other man would feel around his cock, and how he’d scream when Xander hit that spot inside him that the book claimed was so amazing. Xander pulled the bathroom door open and stormed into the bedroom. William, who was stretched out on the bed, looked up, startled.

“Thought you might have changed your mind,” he said, and then let his eyes run down Xander’s body to his hard, leaking penis. “Guess not.” He gave Xander a sexy eyebrow lift.

Xander pounced on William, and kissed him as he pressed their bodies together. “I love you,” he said desperately. “And I want to hear you scream, too.” His hands were running over William’s back and ass, as he placed frantic kisses over his face and neck. “Make me scream, William.”

William rolled him to his back and slid over him. He took control of the kissing away from Xander, holding his face between his hands as he explored Xander’s mouth and rubbed their groins together. William left Xander’s mouth and moved down his body, lapping and sucking at his hardened nipples, and then down to his navel.

One hand drifted between Xander’s legs to fondle his balls, and press against his perineum. William’s thumb brushed over Xander’s puckered hole, and Xander bucked and groaned at the sensations that immediately flooded him - fear, anticipation, desire, need.

“William, please,” he heard himself begging.

William’s fingers disappeared from his body, and Xander heard the lotion top snap open, and then felt the cool sensation of the lotion coating his anus. William pressed his finger against him, and then said, “Look at me.”

Xander opened his eye, and watched William’s face as the other man pushed his finger in, breaching his opening. He panted at the pain, but it quickly faded. William carefully twisted his finger, coating Xander’s passage, and then slid it in further. Xander cried out as he was stretched and filled. William stilled his hand.

“You okay?” he asked worriedly, his breaths coming in heaving gasps, as if he’d just run a mile.

“Yes, yes, I just, it’s odd...,” Xander rambled.

His eyes on Xander’s one, William pushed the finger in a little further, and Xander could feel him wiggling it, searching... “Ahhh!” Xander screamed, and William grinned down at him.

“Scream again, Xan,” he hissed, and then touched him again.

Xander couldn’t believe how amazing that felt. It made him wonder why he’d never tried this before. Every time William touched that spot inside him, his cock surged, and then William pulled out. “No!” Xander cried, and William grinned at him.

“No worries, luv,” he said, and then Xander felt cool lotion, and two fingers pushed inside him, stretching him wider, filling him.

“Oh, Christ, William!” Xander cried at the burn of entry, and then William was nudging his gland again and Xander’s entire being was centered on that spot inside him and his cock. Xander reached for his cock, but William batted his hands away.

“Mine,” he growled, and then closed his fingers around it.

The possessiveness in his voice, and his touch on Xander’s swollen and aching cock, were enough to send him hurtling towards the edge, and then over. Xander gripped the comforter with both hands, and his body arched off the bed as he came, and came.

When he came to, William was cleaning him up. He reached for the other man, and William took his hand, raising it to his lips to kiss the knuckles, and then turning it to kiss the palm. Xander tried to tug the other man down, but William easily withstood his feeble efforts.

“Let me finish,” William said, “and then we’ll take that nap.”

“What about you?” Xander asked, looking at William’s soft penis.

William blushed. “I, uh, already went.”

“How?” Xander asked, surprised, wondering if William had had to pleasure himself.

“You screamed so nice when you came,” William replied huskily, placing one knee on the bed and leaning down to gently kiss Xander on the lips.

“You came just from that?” Xander asked, lightly playing with William’s hair.

“Not ‘just’ from anything, luv. From watching you,” William replied.

Xander was overcome with emotion, as well as physically exhausted. “Come to bed,” he said.

William finished cleaning Xander up, and then helped him climb under the blankets. He joined Xander in the bed, slipped off his patch and tossed it towards the bedside table, and then snuggled up against him.

“I love you, Will,” Xander said, and then waited tensely.

“I love you, too, Xander,” William said softly.

Xander relaxed in the arms of his lover, and fell asleep.

Xander woke to the sun shining into the room, and was surprised to realize that they had slept through the night. His body had been completely spent after his orgasm - the hardest he could remember ever experiencing. He turned his head to look at the man who had been responsible for the most glorious climax in his young life; the man he loved. William had turned in his sleep, and his back was pressed against Xander’s side.

Xander rolled, so that his front pressed against William’s back, and then reached around William to pull him close. His hand encountered William’s morning erection, and he wrapped his fingers around it, gently tugging. William moaned in his sleep, and stretched, his ass pushing back against Xander’s own hard-on. Xander bit his lip to keep from groaning, and rocked his hips, pressing his cock against William’s firm buttocks.

His cock slid between William’s butt cheeks, and Xander groaned out loud, dropping his forehead to William’s shoulder. William stirred. Xander continued to rock his hips, his cock sliding between William’s tight buttocks, and pump William’s now-oozing cock.

“Xanderrrr,” William moaned, his hand reaching back to cup Xander’s ass, so he could push back against him. Xander rocked and pumped harder, faster.

“William,” he hissed against the other man’s neck. “Oh, Will.”

“God, Xander, please, please,” William begged, and Xander erupted, his release shooting between them. William keened, and Xander felt him swell and twitch in his hand, and then he exploded, hot fluid covering his chest and Xander’s hand.

They showered together, washing each other’s hair and bodies, and then drying each other off. They both dressed for work, and then went to lunch. After lunch, Xander walked William to Prologue, as had become their practice. He had some time to kill before he needed to be to work, and decided to get a newspaper. He stopped at a café near O’Reilly’s and ordered a coffee while he perused the headlines. On a whim, he turned to the real estate section.

That night after work, they ran into vampires again - a group of three this time - and Xander was simultaneously worried about William and glad he’d thought to arm him.

“Remember,” he hissed, “they’re stronger than us. Distract them with the holy water, and then stake them. Don’t try to fight them.” And then the fight was on, and Xander had no more time to worry about William as he took on two of the vamps.

Before they could get close enough to grab him, he raised the water gun he’d retrieved from his jacket pocket, and loosed a stream of holy water at them, aiming for any bit of exposed flesh he could find. The stench of burning flesh, and the howls of the vampires, filled the night air. Xander continued to squirt the water as he danced around behind one of the vampires and staked it in the back.

Then it was just him, an empty water gun, and one very pissed off vampire. Xander swallowed nervously and shoved the water gun back into his pocket. He brandished the stake, but didn’t attempt to attack. He waited for the vampire to make the first move, and then stepped to the side to evade the lunge. The vampire recovered quickly. It came back around and grabbed Xander’s jacket before he could elude it a second time.

Xander twisted his body and raised the hand that held the stake for the killing blow. While the vampire was distracted by the stake, Xander moved in and kneed it in the balls. The vampire doubled over in pain, and Xander staked it in its unprotected back. He turned quickly to see how William was faring, and saw him standing beside a pile of dust. He was breathing hard, his chest rising and falling quickly, and he was flushed.

“William, are you all right?” Xander asked worriedly.

“Oh, I’m better’n all right, luv,” William drawled. “I’m downright horny. Got a remedy for that?” he asked.

“William?” Xander called his name softly, as his body responded to the look in the other man’s dark eyes, the promise in his honey’d voice.

“Want you, Xander,” William said, taking a step forward. Xander glanced down at the bulge in William’s slacks, and got even harder in response. He took an involuntary step backwards.

“Gonna make me chase you, luv?” William asked. Xander shook his head ‘no’. “Good,” William responded, “‘cause I’m about ready to burst.”

William grabbed Xander’s waistband, and pulled him into a dark alley. He pushed Xander’s willing body against the wall and kissed him, rocking his hips and rubbing their groins together. Xander grabbed William’s ass and pulled him closer. William groaned into his mouth, and then moved his lips to Xander’s ear.

“Suck me, Xan,” he begged. “Please, suck me. Need to feel your mouth on me.”

Xander waited no longer. He turned them around, so that William was leaning against the wall, and then hastily unbuttoned and unzipped his slacks. He pushed William’s pants and boxers down his legs, leaving his cock and balls unfettered. Xander dropped to his knees in the filthy alley, uncaring, and greedily took William’s oozing cock into his mouth.

William mewled as Xander sucked on him, gently kneading the heavy balls that hung between his thighs. The other man’s need had transferred itself to Xander, and he wanted nothing more than to make his lover come. He alternately sucked on the head of William’s penis, and then lowered his mouth over the shaft, taking him in as far as he could.

Suddenly, William grabbed Xander’s head and held him as he began to rock his hips, driving his cock into Xander’s mouth. Xander held still and relaxed his throat, allowing his lover to fuck his mouth, and found himself getting more turned on. He now understood why William had come from just watching him the night before. He felt William’s cock begin to pulse, and then spurt his seed into his mouth. He swallowed as much as he could without choking, and felt some dribble out of his mouth and run down his chin.

He sucked William until the other man’s penis was too sensitive to touch, and then licked him clean. He stood and licked his own lips. William leaned forward and licked his chin, cleaning his own semen off Xander’s face.

“Let me do you,” William said eagerly, as he pulled his pants up.

Xander looked sheepish. “Don’t have to,” he mumbled.

“What’s that?” William asked, as he buttoned and zipped his pants.

“You don’t have to,” Xander repeated. “I already came.”

William grinned at him.

“You made me so hot, begging me to suck you,” Xander whispered, still a little embarrassed at the way he reacted around William. “And then, when you held my head and...” He shrugged.

“Love you, Xan,” William said, still grinning.

“I love you, too.” Xander smiled happily.

“So,” William said, taking Xander’s arm and leading him out of the alley. “Breakfast?”

“I don’t know...” Xander looked down at the wet spot on the front of his slacks.

“I’m starving,” William wheedled.

“Yeah, but...” Xander indicated the wet spot.

“I know,” William said, giving him The Smile. “Makes me hard just thinking about it.” He lowered his voice. “Will you do me tonight, Xan?”

“Do you...?” Xander felt like an imbecile. He was having a tough time thinking coherently, much less making full sentences.

“Mmm,” William groaned. “Will you make me scream?” he asked huskily.

“Oh fuck,” Xander swallowed convulsively as he hardened. He put his arm around William’s waist and pulled him close. “I’ll make you scream, William,” he promised against the other man’s neck. “I’ll make you scream so good.”

William moaned.

At the diner, they greeted everyone, and then moved to the booth in the back. As usual, Xander sat facing the door. After Sally took their order and dropped off their drinks, he slipped his shoe off and wiggled his foot between William’s legs. With a moan of defeat, William slouched down in the booth, and spread his legs. Xander gently placed his stocking foot against William’s already hardening penis.

He moved his foot up and down the shaft, and then curled his toes over the tip. William squeaked his approval. He reached down and grabbed Xander’s foot and pressed it against his groin, and then began to move his hips, rubbing his cock against Xander’s foot. Xander felt himself get hard as William worked himself to a second orgasm against his foot.

“Fuck,” Xander groaned softly, when his plan to tease William backfired on him. William just grinned across the table at him as he sprawled bonelessly on the bench seat.

“Want me to suck you now?” William whispered. Xander’s eye got big, and William moved as if to crawl under the table.

“No!” Xander yelped, and William smirked.

“How about I come sit over there, then?” William continued to tease him as he kneaded and massaged the foot he still held.

“No,” Xander said, his voice hoarse.

“I could make you feel real good, Xander.” William pretended to pout. “I know it hurts, Xan, confined in your pants. Let me take your cock out. It aches, doesn’t it?”

“William...,” Xander groaned, and reached down to stroke himself through his pants.

“I’ll lick it, I’ll suck it, I’ll use my hand... Whatever you need, Xander,” William’s voice got soft and low. “I’ll suck your balls, or roll ‘em, real gentle like, in my hand.”

“William!” Xander hissed, as his hand moved harder, faster.

William suddenly pulled Xander’s sock off, and leaned down and sucked his middle toe into his mouth. Xander had to bite his hand to keep from screaming as he worked his erection and pulled on it as best he could through his pants. He saw Sally coming out from behind the counter with their plates, and the thought of being caught by her sent him over the edge.

He managed to control his breathing by the time she reached their table, and was able to thank her. After she left, he slumped in the seat, his body still quivering with aftershocks.

“You are g-going to p-pay for that,” Xander threatened. William who casually put Xander’s sock back on his foot, and then began to eat, didn’t look fazed.

He winked. “Promises, promises,” he said.

Xander ate slowly, as thoughts of how he could get William back flitted through his mind. Tying him naked to a lamp pole sounded good, but then he’d have to kill everyone who saw his lover naked. By the time they arrived at the motel room, Xander had determined his ‘revenge’. He took his jacket off and hung it up, and then stripped off his dirty clothes and threw them in the hamper.

“You going to take those off?” he asked William, who was just standing inside the door.

“You’ve been awfully quiet,” William said. “You mad at me? For before?”

“Of course not,” Xander said, as he started to help William out of his clothes. “Let’s get cleaned up,” he said, watching William undress. “This feels awfully cold and sticky.” He indicated the drying semen on his stomach.

Xander wet a washcloth and washed them both down. When he was done, he ran a finger down William’s chest and abdomen. “Prepare yourself,” he ordered softly, and then leaned in to kiss William. “Tonight, I’m going to do you, just like you asked.”

Xander watched as William’s eyes got big, and the other man swallowed nervously. “Gonna make you scream,” he went on. “You wanted me to make you scream, right William?”

William just nodded his head. Xander stepped away from his lover, and then walked out of the bathroom, and closed the door behind him, grinning.

Part Nine

Xander made sure the hand lotion was on the bedside table, and then arranged himself on the bed. When William came out of the bathroom, Xander was reclining against the pillows, one leg stretched out straight, the other bent and splayed to the side. His cock was hard, the tip red and weeping precum, and he was stroking it slow and easy with one hand, as he gently rolled and kneaded his balls with the other.

He kept his head lowered, and glanced up at William through his lashes. William’s steps faltered, and Xander nearly groaned out loud at the obvious desire on the other man’s face. “Come here,” he said, his voice breathless. William obeyed, moving closer to the bed. He stopped when he reached the edge, and Xander noticed his cock respond as he watched Xander pleasure himself.

“Lay down,” Xander commanded softly, patting the bed beside him with the hand not currently stroking his swollen and dripping penis. William silently crawled onto the bed and stretched out beside Xander, his eyes locked on Xander’s hand. Xander reluctantly released himself and climbed to his knees. He held his thumb, coated with clear fluid, out to William; the other man’s eyes avidly following the motion. William eagerly opened his mouth and sucked the thumb clean.

Xander nearly came when William took his thumb into his mouth, his tongue laving it, his cheeks hollowing more deeply as he sucked hard. He pulled the thumb out of William’s mouth with a loud ‘pop’, and urged William onto his back in the middle of the bed. He straddled William’s thighs, took the other man’s hands in his, and then placed them on the bed beside his head. “No touching,” he commanded softly.

“Xander,” William moaned.

Xander entwined his fingers with William’s, and leaned down and kissed him. He gently licked and nibbled on the other man’s lips, and then slipped his tongue between them. William’s tongue met his, and Xander teased it as he explored the other man’s mouth, careful to keep their groins from rubbing together.

He pulled slightly away, and placed kisses along William’s jaw and neck, nudging the silver chain out of his way. When he reached a tender spot on William’s neck that made the other man hiss in a breath, Xander licked and sucked it, spending extra time there to drive his lover wild. He worked the spot until William was writhing and panting beneath him, his fingers clutching at Xander’s, his voice hoarse as he begged Xander for more, and then released it to move down to his chest.

Xander placed kisses on William’s pectorals, first one and then the other, and then sucked on the firm flesh. When he finally drew the flat of his tongue over William’s nipple, it had already hardened in anticipation of his touch. Xander drew the nub into his mouth and sucked on it as he let go of one of William’s hands, gliding his fingers down the other man’s arm to his other nipple. He dragged the pad of his thumb over the hard nub as he continued to suck and tongue the other. Xander gently closed his teeth on the one, rolling and pinching the other.

“Xander,” William gasped, the fingers of one hand desperately gripping Xander’s, and the other scrabbling into the comforter.

Xander grinned as he moved his lips to William’s other nipple. He loved how responsive William was to his touch. And he still couldn’t believe how much he loved to touch the other man. Not just because it was another man, which was wiggy enough on its own when he stopped to think about it, or even because it was a man who bore an eerie resemblance to Spike. But because he’d never been this...tactile before. Not even with Anya.

With a small amount of difficulty, Xander freed his hand from William’s desperate hold, and slid further down the other man’s body. With fingertips and tongue, he tickled William’s abdomen, causing the other man to clench his muscles and moan Xander’s name.

Xander moved his face lower and pressed it into William’s groin. He inhaled deeply, breathing in the scent of male musk and clean sweat. God, he loved the way William smelled! Just thinking about it could make him hard. He licked a path up William’s shaft, from root to tip, and the other man groaned. Xander glanced up; William’s face was contorted with pleasure, his fingers digging into the comforter.

“Do you like that, William?” Xander teased huskily. “Do you like my tongue on your cock?”

“Yes! Oh, God, Xander, yes!” William cried, as Xander breathed on him.

“How about your nuts?” Xander asked, pushing the other man’s legs slightly apart. “Do you like my tongue on your nuts?”

“Yes, yes!” William responded hoarsely, eagerly allowing Xander to spread his legs.

Xander reached between William’s legs and lifted his balls, gently rolling them in his hand. He scootched down on the bed and buried his face between William’s legs. Xander licked his balls, and then carefully pulled one into his mouth, gently rolling it on his tongue before releasing it and taking the other one in.

William was panting, and he cried out when Xander pressed two fingers against his perineum and rotated them. “Xan-Xander, please!”

Xander continued to lave William’s balls as he slipped his fingers into the other man’s cleft and brushed his opening. William spread his legs further in invitation, and Xander pushed them back so they were bent at the knees, feet flat on the bed. Xander licked and sucked on William’s perineum, letting his teeth graze it, as he gripped the back of William’s thighs, and the other man’s breath came in harsh, ragged pants.

Xander spread William’s buttocks and dragged the flat of his tongue over the puckered hole that he revealed. The feel of the hard, wrinkled skin against his tongue was odd, but if William’s response was any indication, it felt good.

Without being asked, William grabbed his thighs and pulled his legs back, spreading himself more open to Xander’s tongue. William’s obvious enjoyment turned Xander on, and he lapped at the entrance to the other man’s body as he rubbed his own aching erection against the bed. Xander pointed his tongue and pressed it against the opening, pushing determinedly until he breached the ring of muscle.

William ground out Xander’s name between clenched teeth, and pulled his legs back even further, lifting his ass off the bed. Xander dug his fingers into William’s buttocks, and shoved his tongue into William’s hole. He curled the tip and pressed it against the wall as he moved it in and out. He pulled his tongue all the way out, licked around the hole, and then pushed it back in to the accompaniment of William’s incoherent babbling.

Flushed with a wave of power, Xander experimented by moving his tongue in a circular motion. William screamed, and nearly jumped off the bed. “Xander, Xander, Xander,” the other man began to chant his name, as Xander tongue-fucked his ass.

Xander, who had been hard before they started, was nearly ready to erupt. He knew from the sounds William was making, he had to be close also. Xander withdrew his tongue, and climbed onto his knees between William’s legs. He reached across the other man for the bottle of lotion and popped the top with his thumb.

He squirted a liberal amount of lotion onto his fingers, coated William’s entry, and then pressed one finger into the hole. “Oh, that’s so tight,” Xander hissed. He’d never touched anyone like this, and he couldn’t believe how hot it was inside William; how tight and smooth he felt around his finger. He imagined his cock held in William’s ass like a vise, and had to take a couple of deep breaths to keep himself from coming.

“God, Xander,” William cried. “More, please.”

“Are you gonna scream?” Xander asked, as he slowly pushed his finger all the way in.

“Promise,” William grunted, and then he did scream as Xander reached for and found his prostate. “Oh, God, oh, God, Xander! Xan...”

“Amazing, isn’t it?” Xander teased, brushing the nub again.

“Yes, yes...”

Xander pulled his finger out and replaced it with two. William gasped for breath as Xander stretched him, and then cried out again and reached for his red and weeping cock as Xander touched the gland.

“No touching,” Xander reminded him, batting his hands away.

“Xander, please,” William begged, as he writhed on Xander’s fingers.

Xander fisted his own cock as the sounds of William’s moans, and the sight of his swollen cock brought Xander nearer to climax. He fingered William’s ass and stroked himself, his lower lip caught between his teeth as he watched William’s angry, oozing cock. Without being touched, William’s cock began to twitch, and then it shot thick fluid high into the air as the other man screamed his release. Xander watched it land in creamy streams on William’s stomach. He bit his lip and stroked once more, and then came, exploding onto William’s stomach and chest.

Xander gently withdrew his fingers from William’s ass, and then lowered himself on top of the other man. William wrapped his arms and legs around Xander, and held on tight. Xander felt sated, exhausted, and utterly at peace.

When Xander was finally able to move, he cleaned them both up, and then helped William beneath the covers. He held William close, reveling in the feel of the other man beside him. Just before he drifted off, Xander asked, “How do you feel about getting an apartment together?”

Over lunch the next day, William asked, “Did you say something about an apartment last night? Or did I dream that?”

Xander blushed. “Yeah. I have a little money saved, and I make good tips. I figure, with both of our incomes, we could afford something better than the motel. Unless you don’t want to,” Xander added, suddenly unsure.

“You want to get an apartment together?” William asked. “You and me?” He pointed to Xander, and then to himself. “Together?”

Xander smiled. “Yeah.”

“Okay,” William agreed, and smiled back.

They spent all of their free time the next couple of weeks looking for an apartment. Except for Sundays, when William joined Gunn and Xander to train. William turned out to be amazingly strong for his wiry frame, and a quick learner. On one occasion, Xander leaned against the wall and watched William spar with Gunn. William had taken his shirt off, and his back shone with sweat. His muscles bunched as he blocked Gunn’s attacks, and then went on the offensive. The man was positively gorgeous, and the sight of him made Xander’s heart race and his body heat up. After they were done training, William looked over at him and smirked when he caught sight of the bulge in Xander’s sweats.

They finally found a partially furnished and affordable one-bedroom apartment in a nice area. They signed the lease on a Wednesday afternoon, and immediately called Gunn and Fred to arrange a housewarming dinner with the other couple for Sunday evening. The first course of action was to obtain furniture. They visited the local thrift shops and purchased two chairs to go with the sagging couch already in the living room. They also found some reasonably priced dressers, and picked up dishes, flatware, and pots & pans. The only thing they purchased new was the bed; a king-sized mattress and frame from a bargain chain, the sheets to go on it, and a set of towels. After the furniture was delivered on Friday, they packed up their belongings from the motel room and moved in, an endeavor that took all of two hours.

The next matter was food. On Saturday, they went to the grocery store. They purchased staples to fill the cupboards and refrigerator, and items for the dinner they were going to cook for Fred and Gunn the next day. William decided on bar-b-qued steaks, since it was a special occasion, to be served with tossed salad and herb potatoes. Which meant they needed a grill. They went back to the thrift store where they remembered seeing a small, tabletop propane grill.

In addition to being a scrappy fighter, it turned out William was a great cook. Xander, luckily, was relegated to chopping vegetables and setting the table while William prepared the potatoes and cooked the steaks.

When Fred and Gunn arrived, Xander and William showed them through the apartment. To do this, Xander stood in the living room holding William’s hand and said, “Living room.” He pointed to his right. “Kitchen and dining nook.” He pointed to the left. “Bathroom and bedroom.” They then excitedly showed their guests the crowning glory of the apartment - the small balcony off the living room. It was nearly the size of a postage stamp, and the grill, sitting on a overturned milk crate, took up one-third of the space, but it was a balcony.

When they awoke that morning, they groggily realized that they didn’t have a coffee maker. After a late breakfast, they picked one up, along with coffee and filters. They were now prepared to offer coffee and dessert, a chocolate cake with chocolate icing and shaved milk chocolate sprinkled on top - that William had made and Xander sampled from the bowl - to their friends.

It was after midnight when Fred and Gunn left. After dinner, they watched a movie the other couple brought with them, and then had coffee and dessert. When it got dark, they crowded onto the small balcony to determine whether they could see the stars. They couldn’t, so they spent some time looking at the surrounding buildings, until William made a comment about their combined weight sending the balcony plummeting to the earth, which made Fred giggle nervously, and earned him a playful slap from Xander.

To celebrate their one week anniversary in the apartment, Xander planned something special. After walking William to work, he did some shopping. He stopped at the liquor store for champagne, at the drug store for scented candles and other supplies, and at the grocery store for strawberries, chocolate sauce, and flowers.

Xander returned to the apartment before heading to work to put the champagne in the refrigerator to chill, and the flowers in a mason jar with some water. He de-stemmed the strawberries and left them covered in the sink so they’d be room temperature, and set the unopened chocolate sauce on the counter. Xander placed the flowers on the bedside table, and set the candles around the bedroom. After a few more preparations, Xander prayed that he wasn’t making a fool of himself, and then headed to work.

When they arrived home early the next morning, Xander lit the candles in the bedroom while William used the bathroom. He then hurried to the small kitchen and placed the opened container of chocolate sauce in the microwave. While that was heating, he got the champagne out of the refrigerator and two plastic cups out of the cupboard. The microwave dinged just as William entered the kitchen.

“What’s this, then?” he asked, as he looked around the small kitchen.

“I, uh...” Xander swallowed hard. “I thought we could celebrate,” he said nervously.

“Celebrate what?” William asked, stealing a strawberry.

“First week in our new apartment,” Xander replied sheepishly.

“All this for one week in an apartment?” William asked, as he placed a strawberry against Xander’s lips.

“Yeah,” Xander said, opening his mouth and gently biting down on the strawberry. William leaned down and licked the juice off Xander’s bottom lip before letting go of it.

“What are you gonna do for a month?” William asked with a suggestive eyebrow waggle, dipping his finger into the chocolate sauce. He placed the finger in his mouth and sucked it clean. When he pulled the finger from his mouth with a loud ‘pop’, Xander pushed him back against the counter and kissed him, his tongue sweeping William’s mouth, savoring the taste chocolate mixed with that of William and strawberry.

“I’ll think of something,” Xander promised, as he pulled William’s shirt out of his pants and slid his hands along the other man’s stomach. Suddenly he pushed himself away from William. “Damn it, William!” he growled. “This is supposed to be...romantic! Not...” He waved his hands around, indicating William’s disheveled state and their current haste.

“I think it’s romantic,” William purred, stepping away from the counter and pinning Xander against the wall. He lifted the finger he’d managed to dip in the chocolate sauce again before Xander’s nose. “You’ve got chocolate and everythin’,” he said, wiping his finger along Xander’s parted lips, and then darting in to lick them clean.

Xander gripped William’s hips, pulling him close to grind their groins together. He groaned at the silky touch of William’s tongue upon his lips, and slipped his tongue out of his mouth to tangle with the other man’s. William pulled back and smiled up at Xander while he licked the remaining chocolate off his lips and tried to catch his breath.

“The chocolate’s for the strawberries,” he said, gently moving William backwards until he was pressed into the sink. Xander reached around the other man to grab a strawberry and dipped it in the chocolate sauce, and then held it to William’s mouth.

Blue eyes, darkened with desire, locked with brown as William opened his mouth and bit down on the strawberry. Instead of biting through it immediately, he sucked the chocolate off it, and then bit into it. Xander couldn’t believe how aroused he became by William’s suggestive sucking on the strawberry. He kissed William, hard and fast, and then popped the remainder of the strawberry into the other man’s mouth.

Xander grabbed the hem of the shirt he’d already pulled out of William’s pants and lifted it. William raised his arms and Xander pulled the shirt off him, tossing it into the corner. He snagged another strawberry and dipped it in the sauce. He wiped the chocolate across William’s lips, and then lowered his head and licked it off.

Xander covered the strawberry with chocolate again, and splashed the warm chocolate across William’s nipple. William groaned as Xander stared at him and licked his lips predatorily, and then slowly lowered his head to William’s chest, sticking his tongue out to lick the chocolate off him, and then sucking the hardened nub into his mouth.

“Xander!” William’s hands gripped his hips tightly.

He dipped the strawberry again, covering William’s other nipple with the chocolate, and licking and sucking on it. William was making desperate noises in his throat. Xander straightened, dipped the strawberry in the chocolate sauce once more, and placed it against William’s lips. William ate the strawberry, and Xander lowered his hands to the waistband of his pants.

“Wonder what else that chocolate’ll taste good on?” he asked off-handedly, as he unbuttoned and unzipped them. William nearly choked on the strawberry. Xander reached inside William’s pants and stroked him through his boxers as he dipped his head and nuzzled the other man’s neck.

William threw his head back, tightening his hold on Xander’s hips, and hissed, “Xander!”

“Why don’t we take this to the bedroom?” Xander asked softly, taking one of William’s hands in his and pulling him towards the room in question. Before it was out of reach, he snagged the chocolate sauce, grinning when William’s eyes widened. He laughed out loud when William reached back and grabbed the sweating bottle of champagne.

Xander was still walking backwards as he led William into the bedroom. He wanted to see his lover’s reaction, and he wasn’t disappointed. “Candles?” William asked softly, his eyes moving from side-to-side as he took in the candles set about the room. “And flowers?”

“It’s not too girly, is it?” Xander asked self-consciously.

“No.” William shook his head, refusing to look at Xander.

“William?” Xander spoke his name softly, and William turned to look at him, eyes shining with unshed tears. “Do you hate it?”

William shook his head. “It’s beautiful,” he said. “I just... I can’t believe you did all of this for me. For us. I don’t... You’d think I’d remember if anyone had done anything this nice for me before, wouldn’t you?” he asked, lifting the hand that held the champagne bottle to wipe his eyes with the back of his hand.

“I love you,” Xander said.

“I know,” William said. “I love you, too,” he sniffled, and then gave a teary laugh. “I ruined the mood,” he added plaintively.

“No, you didn’t,” Xander assured him, and then placed their joined hands at his groin, where his erection was still pressing against his pants. William’s reaction to the candles and the flowers had only served to fuel his excitement. “Not for me, anyway. I’m glad you like it.”

“I do,” William said. “I like it very much.” He tried to leer seductively, but the effect was ruined by the tears dotting his lashes. Xander lifted his hand to wipe the tears away, and then remembered the chocolate sauce he was carrying.

“Why don’t we put these down?” he suggested. He led William to the bed and placed the chocolate on the stand. William bent and set the champagne bottle on the floor. Xander, one hand still holding William’s, gently swiped the pad of his thumb across William’s eyes, and then licked his tears off his thumb. He pulled William close and placed a soft kiss on his lips.

William moaned quietly, and Xander deepened the kiss. He licked William’s lips, nipping at the bottom one, before sliding his tongue between them. William parted his lips and Xander lovingly brought their tongues together in a slow dance. William groaned, and the dance sped up as their blood began to heat again. Xander slid William’s pants and boxers down, and then maneuvered him onto the bed so he could remove his shoes and pull his pants and boxers off.

“What’s the sheet for?” William asked, plucking at the white sheet Xander had covered the bed with. Xander grinned at the other man as he stood and toed his own shoes off, and then removed his clothes.

“Didn’t want to get chocolate on the comforter,” he said, and William blushed. “Lay down,” Xander whispered. William slid back on the bed and laid down. Xander opened the drawer in the bedside stand and removed some of his other purchases. William’s eyes got even bigger when he saw the tube of lube and condom.

“Xander?” he asked breathlessly.

“Only if you’re ready,” Xander said reassuringly, as he crawled onto the bed beside William. “I’ve been thinking about it,” he continued hoarsely. “About you inside me, filling me. About me inside you; making you scream.”

“Christ, Xander,” William groaned. Xander looked down at William’s penis, which seemed to be recovering nicely.

“Have you been thinking about it, William?” he asked, and William’s cock surged back to life before his eye. “Is that a ‘yes’, baby?” he asked, his eye traveling to William’s.

“Yes,” William hissed. “Xander...” He held out his arms.

Xander just smiled and reached for the jar of chocolate sauce. William moaned in anticipation and dropped his arms to the bed. Xander dipped his finger in the sauce and wiped some on William’s lips, and then lowered his head to lick it off and kiss the other man, drawing back only when they needed to breathe. He placed his finger against William’s lips, and he parted them so Xander could slip his finger inside the other man’s mouth.

Without being asked, William began to lick and suck on Xander’s finger. Xander closed his eye, reveling in the sensation. When it got to be too much, too close, he pulled his finger out. He tipped the bottle over William’s chest and poured a small puddle of sauce on each of his nipples. William hissed as the warm chocolate hit him, and then made a sound suspiciously like a squeak when Xander began to lick the sauce off him. He flicked William’s nipples, and then sucked on the hard nubs.

“Oh, God, Xander!” William cried. “That feels so...gaaagh! Damned good! Shit, Xan, oh, please!”

Without replying, Xander turned his head and watched as he poured a stream of chocolate sauce on William’s penis. William screamed Xander’s name, arching off the bed at the sensation of warm sauce hitting the tip of his cock and sliding down the length, over his balls, and between his buttocks. He leaned up on his elbows as Xander lowered his head to his groin.

Xander licked the tip, and William hissed in a breath. He licked a path from root to tip, and William moaned. He took the head into his mouth and twirled his tongue about it, and William groaned. He sucked on the head, and William cried out his name, letting his head drop back and digging his fingers into the sheet. Xander slowly lowered his mouth over William’s penis, licking and sucking the chocolate off as he went. When he reached the bottom, Xander sucked hard one last time, and drew his mouth up the hard flesh like a suction cup before letting go of it.

“Xander! God! What in hell was that?” William cried, as he fell back onto the bed.

Xander just grinned at him. He’d never done that to William before, but it had seemed like a good idea at the time. And William seemed to think so, too. “Want me to show you again?” he teased.

“Only if you want me to come right now,” William responded breathlessly.

“Not yet,” Xander said, spreading William’s legs. He laid down on the bed between them and began to lick the chocolate off William’s balls.

“Oh, God, Xan,” William moaned when Xander took one into his mouth and gently sucked it clean.

When Xander was done with his sac, he moved down, licking chocolate sauce off his perineum, and then finally darted his tongue into the crease between his buttocks. William groaned and pulled his legs back. Xander licked at the exposed pucker, and then shoved his tongue inside.

“Xander, Xander, Xander...” William chanted his name.

Xander pulled away from his lover and knelt between his legs. He glanced at the lube on the stand, and then down at the jar of chocolate sauce in his hand. He looked into William’s eyes as he dipped a finger into the chocolate and placed it at William’s entrance. William began to pant, and then Xander slid his finger inside the other man’s body.

“Fuck, Xander!” William cried, as Xander curled his finger into his prostate.

Xander’s only response was to remove his finger, dip two into the jar, and then press them into William. Xander alternately stimulated William’s gland and stretched his hole, knowing that he’d be taking more than Xander’s fingers this night, and not wanting to hurt him. The sight of William writhing on his fingers was almost too much for Xander.

He withdrew his fingers again, coated three with the chocolate, and slowly pushed them past the ring of muscle guarding the entrance. When William nodded to let him know he was ready, Xander began to move them, again alternating between pleasuring his lover and stretching him. When William was nearly incoherent and begging, Xander removed his fingers.

Xander leaned over William and kissed him, then placed the jar of chocolate on the stand and grabbed the condom and lube. He ripped the package open with his teeth and covered himself, then squeezed some lube out and coated the condom. When he was done, he wiped his hands on the sheet, and positioned himself between William’s legs.

“Ready?” he asked.

“God, yes!” William replied, his eyes wild.

Xander placed his head at William’s entrance, and pushed. “Oh, fuck,” he moaned, when his head slipped past the tight ring. “Oh, fuck, William! Are you okay?” he managed to ask despite the amazing sensation of having his cock, even just the head, held tightly in William’s ass.

“Yes,” William hissed. “More!”

Xander didn’t need to be asked twice. He grabbed William’s hips, and pushed, nearly sobbing as his length was gripped by William’s body. “You’re so hot...and tight! Oh, God, William, you feel fucking amazing!” Xander groaned. “I’m not hurting you, am I?”

“No, Xander, please...”

Xander began to move slowly. He pulled out and pushed back in, changing the angle of his gentle thrusts until he found William’s prostate. At the other man’s cry of pleasure, Xander nearly lost control. He began to move faster, pumping into his lover with abandon.

“Xan, Xan!” William cried, and then gripped his cock, pulling on it once before coming in great streams of warm fluid that landed on his chest and stomach. The sight of William’s release, and the feel of his internal muscles clamping down on him, took Xander to the edge and shoved him over. He cried out William’s name as his balls tightened painfully. His cock filled and began to pulse, and Xander came.

With one last shudder, Xander lowered himself onto William, who wrapped his arms around him and held on tight. “We never had the champagne,” Xander whispered.

“Don’t worry, luv,” William said, brushing Xander’s hair out of his face. “It won’t go to waste. I bet it’ll taste delicious drunk off you.”

Xander groaned.

Over the next couple of weeks, their lives settled into a comfortable routine: lunch, work, breakfast at the diner, training - where Xander made sure they never ran into Angel, movies and dinners with Fred and Gunn, all-too-brief moments alone, weekly telephone calls to Willow to see how she was doing and if she had found anything further regarding Spike-William, calls to Buffy - to whom no mention of William was made, and the occasional vamp attack.

Paulie finally hired another bartender, and Xander was able to cut back on the hours he worked at the bar. Because he had seniority, he got to choose the shifts he wanted to work. He picked the dinner shift, which meant he went in when William did, and got off by midnight; except for Tuesdays and Thursdays, since he wanted to be able to continue training with Gunn in the afternoons.

When Xander got off early, he and William usually had a drink and played a game of pool to wind down before stopping at the diner on the walk home for something to eat. One night, Fred and Gunn surprised them by showing up at O’Reilly’s and closing the bar with them. The two couples then went to the diner for breakfast; Gunn drove, and Xander and William rode cuddled together in the back of his pick-up.

Early one Sunday morning in early November, their lives took an unexpected turn. William and Xander ran into a group of five vampires after they left the bar. In the past, they’d handled vamps singly, in pairs, or in groups of three, but they’d never faced five. Even with their training, Xander wasn’t sure they could handle that many. He swore silently as he squeezed William’s hand in support, and then turned so they were back-to-back.

The vamps, perhaps thinking they’d cornered easy prey, attacked singly. One dove for Xander while another jumped William; the remaining three just stood back and watched, evil grins gracing their demonic visages. Both men were armed with water guns and stakes, but neither had time to use the holy water, as the vamps were on them too quickly. Despite that, they were able to dispatch the two demons with relative ease.

The other three vamps growled their displeasure, and attacked en mass. The two humans kicked, punched, and blocked; their water guns were soon lost in the battle. Xander eventually managed to kick the vampire attacking him away, and turned to stake one of the vamps attacking William. The next thing Xander knew, he was being picked up and thrown across the sidewalk. He slammed into a building and slid down it to land on the hard ground.

“Xander!” He heard William yell his name, and then the vamp was picking him up and pulling him close, as if to give him a hug. Xander pushed at the vampire’s chest, but it was like trying to move a brick wall.

The vamp tilted Xander’s head to the side and lowered its own head. Xander felt the vampire’s fangs pierce his skin, and redoubled his frantic, though ineffectual, efforts to break free. Over the vampires’ shoulder, Xander saw William suddenly stake his vampire and race towards him, his face a study in fear and desperation. Xander watched as if in a dream as William reached out, jabbed his hand into the back of the vampire draining Xander, and tore its unbeating heart out.

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