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Title: Rescued
Author: Spikedluv
Fandom: BtVS
Pairing: Spike/Xander
Rating: NC17/Slash
Summary: Spike, reluctant hero turned rescue-ee.
Spoilers: None.
Category: First-time, PWP, humor. AU only if your definition is ‘takes place outside canon’ rather than ‘vampires and slayers don’t exist and everyone’s human’.
Challenge: Non-fandom specific scenario: 14) One of the characters tries to rescue the other, and then ends up needing rescuing instead! Phrase challenge: 8) When I’m good, I’m very, very good...
Warnings: None.

Disclaimer: I don’t own these characters, just borrowing them for awhile. Everything belongs to Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, Kuzui Enterprises, Grr Argh, the WB, UPN and whomever else they really belong to, although I wouldn’t mind having a Spike of my own. Who would? The story is mine, though.
Thanks: To Tammy, for the most excellent beta!
Written: May 10, 2004



Spike paused beneath the street lamp to light his cigarette. The late night silence was broken only by the click of his lighter and a satisfied draw on the fag. He dropped the lighter back into his duster pocket, raised his face to the starlit sky, and released the smoke in rings. He watched them drift off, and then turned to continue on his way back to his crypt when a harsh gasp and the scuff of boots reached his ears.

He rolled his eyes. What business was it of his if some prat didn’t have the brains to be tucked up all warm and safe inside and away from nasties this time of night? None, that’s what. He wasn’t one of the Slayer’s pet do-gooders. Even the thought of a nice spot of violence wasn’t enough to sway him from the unopened bottle of whiskey and a copy of Gladiator nicked from the all-night return drop that were waiting for him back at his crypt.

A thud and a groan as a body was thrown up against an unyielding surface tickled his senses. He sighed in disgust, took one last drag off the cigarette before pinching it out and tossing it into the street, and then turned towards the dark alley. Perhaps a quick bit of the rough and tumble before turning in.

At first, Spike was only able to make out a large, dark, writhing shape. As he moved closer the shape resolved itself into two struggling figures. One man was pressed against the wall, his hands pinned above his head, the other’s face buried in his neck. Looked like he’d arrived just in time, he thought as he threw himself at the attacker.

Xander wasn’t one hundred percent certain he knew what he was doing. Realizing that his relationship with Anya wasn’t healthy for either of them and subsequently breaking up with her wasn’t the issue. Neither was the fact that he’d decided to check out the club he’d heard about in whispered conversations. It was the quick grope in the alley behind the club that had him questioning—though not too strenuously, mind you—his common sense.

He wasn’t sure if it was a product of the copious amounts of booze he’d consumed, or the bodies rubbing against him on the dance floor, but when his last partner had suggested they go somewhere a little more private, he’d readily agreed. Perhaps it was a combination of a brain both muzzy from alcohol and drained of the blood that now resided in his groin that led to him being pressed against a wall as the other man—Phil...or was it Ted?—sucked on his neck and ground their crotches together.

Things had moved quickly, and Xander barely remembered awkward fumbling as they exited the club into the dark alley, kissing and groping clumsily, before his back hit the wall and Ted—or Phil—was rubbing against him. Somehow his hands had been captured and pinned above his head, which only served to increase his arousal. Who knew? His heartbeat was pounding in his ears, blood pooling in his groin as his partner worked them both toward a quick—and long overdue, if you asked him—orgasm.

Suddenly Phil was gone, torn away from him. Through the haze of lust and alcohol clouding his mind, Xander heard him grunt as he hit the ground hard, and then a loud scream of pain filled the air. He knew he should assume a defensive posture, given the monsters that lurked in the dark of Sunnydale, but the blood was slow in returning to his brain.

The first thing he saw when his vision cleared was a bleached blond form huddled on the ground, holding his head and swearing, and then a blur of color as Phil regained his feet and jumped their attacker. “Bloody buggering hell!” the figure yelled as he went down under Phil’s assault, rolling into a defensive ball to protect himself.

Fuck! Fuck, fuck, fuck! Spike thought as he grabbed his head, screamed, and went down to his knees from the pain of the chip firing. He knew he should have just gone back to his crypt. Bloody hell, the soddin’ git didn’t even have the decency to be attacked by a demon! Unfortunately for him, run-of-the-mill human muggers were no longer his victim of choice...if by choice you meant, won’t give him a ghastly headache.

Spike looked up just in time to see the mugger getting to his feet. With an angry growl at being interrupted, he charged Spike. “Bloody buggering hell!” Spike yelled as he tucked himself into a ball to protect his delicate bits. The mugger bent over and punched him in the face and ribs, and then realized he could kick Spike much easier, which had the added benefits of saving his knuckles and increasing the power behind the blows.

Xander pushed himself away from the wall, his erection wilting as he recognized the bleached blond vampire beneath Ted’s boots. Just what he needed, Spike witnessing his first humiliating attempt at same-sex...sex. Maybe he should make his escape while Ted wailed on the vamp, it wasn’t like Spike could hurt Ted, or that Ted could kill Spike...unless he accidentally shoved a toothpick into his heart. And why was that a bad thing again?

Xander sighed deeply and dramatically. Yep, gay one night, and I’m already a drama queen, he thought, and then walked—staggered—over to where Ted was pummeling Spike. He took hold of Ted’s arm and tugged. Ted pulled away and continued kicking Spike. He grabbed Ted around the torso, pinning his arms, and dragged him away from Spike.

“Ted, stop it!” he yelled in the other man’s ear as he continued to kick his legs out in an attempt to reach Spike. “Stop it, you’ve subdued him, he’s not going to do anything.”

“Harris?” Spike asked, hissing in pain as he removed his arms from his head and stretched the muscles along cracked ribs doing so. He’d barely registered that the kicking had stopped until Xander’s words penetrated the combined agony of the beating and the chip.

“You know him?” Ted growled.

Xander sighed again. Could this night get any more complicated? he wondered. He glanced quickly at the sky. That was a rhetorical question! he silently yelled to anyone who might be listening. “Yes, he’s....”

“Your ex?” Ted asked angrily as he jerked out of Xander’s grasp.

“No! Ted, listen....” Ted glared at him. “Phil?”

“Steve!” Ted, er, Steve yelled.

“Right, Steve, sorry,” Xander said. “There were so many....” He waved towards the door that led into the back of the club. “Uh, yeah, never mind. Look, sorry about this,” he said, indicating Spike.

“Hey! I was trying to save you, ya wanker!” Spike yelled. He rolled to his knees, biting back a moan, and struggled to his feet. Once he was upright, he tottered, and reached out for the wall to support himself.

“Shut up, Spike,” Xander muttered. Couldn’t the stupid vampire see he was trying to smooth things over here? “Steve....” He turned back to his...date...once he was sure Spike was going to remain on his feet.

Steve was backing away from him, hands held out in a warding gesture. “I don’t want any part of what you two have got going on,” he said.

“We don’t.... We aren’t....” Xander tried to explain, but ended up watching dejectedly as the stranger who was this close to giving him an orgasm deserted him in a dark alley with Spike.

“Pillock,” Spike muttered, careful not to move too much so vamp healing could take care of the bruises he was sporting beneath his clothes.

Xander turned on Spike, deciding to blame him for his orgasm-less night. “What are you doing here?” he asked angrily.

“Tryin’ to save you, wasn’t I?” Spike snarled back.

“From what?” Xander yelped, and then looked suspiciously at Spike. “And why?”

“Didn’t know it was you, did I?” Spike replied.

Xander made a face. Idiot vampire.

“Didn’t realize he was human, or I might have just stood back and let him mug you,” Spike added snottily.

“He wasn’t...,” Xander began, and then realized he’d be better off not explaining what he and Steve had been up to in the alley.

“What in hell were you doing back here, anyway?” Spike asked, seeming not to hear Xander’s near-confession.

“None of your business,” Xander shot back. “I’m going home. Goodnight.”

“Oh, right, and leave the vampire who got injured saving your hide. Nice, Harris,” Spike snarked.

“You didn’t save my hide,” Xander said. “As I recall, I saved your hide. From the nasty human,” he taunted.

Spike shifted into game face and snarled. And then he sniffed. And then amber eyes widened. And then he grinned, and licked his fangs. “Ahhh,” he said, drawing the word out. “Not a demon, not a mugger....” He let the sentence drift off as he looked Xander up and down. “Were you being a naughty boy, Xander?” he purred.

“Shut up, Spike,” Xander hissed. “You have no idea....”

“I think I do,” Spike said, sniffing the air again. “And you were so close, too.”

“Shut. Up.”

Spike waggled his tongue. “Make me.”

Xander saw red. He turned on Spike, grabbed two handfuls of duster, and shoved him back against the wall. “Shut up, Spike, or I will stake you....”

“Promises, promises.” Spike smirked, ignoring the pain in his ribs as he collided with the wall. “Think you’re man enough to stake me good and proper, Xaaander?”

And then it hit Xander. Why he’d been so desperate to hide his sexuality and make things work with Anya. Why he’d hated Spike so much.

Spike watched the expressions flit across Xander’s face and briefly wondered if he’d pushed the boy too far.

“I hate you,” Xander whispered despairingly.

“Feeling’s mutu—”

Xander leaned into Spike and kissed him. It was awkward and clumsy. He pulled back and looked at Spike, who was just staring back at him in shock. He ran his fingers into Spike’s hair and gently cupped his face, then leaned in and kissed him again. His tongue slipped between Spike’s lips, and he tasted the coppery tang of blood and nicotine.

When Spike didn’t respond, Xander felt even more foolish than usual, and began to pull away. Spike grabbed his bottom lip between his teeth and stilled his movement, then let go.

“Goin’ somewhere?” he asked, surprising himself. This was Xander bloody Harris, he tried to tell his cock, which seemed to have a mind of its own and certainly wasn’t listening to him.

“I, ah.... I, um, didn’t think...,” Xander stammered.

“Sometimes thinkin’s overrated,” Spike said, grabbing Xander by the hips and pulling him close.

Their groins pressed together and Xander felt Spike’s hardness rub against his own. “Spike,” he groaned.

“Be a shame not to finish what you started,” Spike said seductively, unsure where his unexpected reaction to the boy was coming from. Maybe one too many hits on the head, he consoled himself.

“I don’t...,” Xander began, then hesitated.

“First time?” Spike asked, gently swinging them around so that Xander’s back was pressed against the wall. His cock jumped at Xander’s hitched breath. He moved his hips sinuously, holding back a groan when Xander licked his lips.

“Y-yes,” Xander moaned. “Shit, Spike, please....”

Spike buried his face in Xander’s neck and inhaled deeply, imprinting the scent of the boy on his senses. “Want you,” he mumbled, swiping his tongue up Xander’s neck.

Xander’s hands moved to the back of Spike’s head and held him close as he tilted his head to give the vampire better access to his neck. An hysterical laugh bubbled out of him at the thought of giving a vampire access to his neck. As if he knew what Xander was thinking, Spike growled against his neck, sending shivers through Xander’s body.

“Gonna make it so good for you,” Spike promised with a little nibble, and Xander’s knees went weak. “So good.” His hands kneaded Xander’s hips. “Best you’ll ever have.”

Xander laughed again, nervously. Spike looked at him with a raised eyebrow.

“At least you’re modest,” Xander said.

Spike grinned. “What can I say, pet?” he replied. “When I’m good, I’m very, very good....”

Xander sucked in a breath at the look in Spike’s eyes. “And when you’re bad?” he couldn’t help asking.

Spike smirked. “Then I’m even better,” he purred, reaching between them and cupping Xander’s erection. Xander squeaked. Spike rubbed and squeezed. Xander’s breathing started coming in fast pants.

He couldn’t think. There was just Spike’s eyes staring into his, Spike’s hand on his penis, and the pleasure. The throbbing ache in his balls. Then the sound of a zipper and fingers wrapped firmly around his cock. He whimpered.

“‘S good, yeah?” Spike whispered. Xander nodded frantically as he thrust mindlessly into Spike’s hand. He whined when Spike let go, and then mewled as Spike licked Xander’s pre-come off his hand.

“Oh, shit,” he gasped as Spike tore his pants open and then dropped to his knees. “S-Spike!” he cried as cool breath feathered over heated flesh. “Spike, please....”

Spike was lost. He wanted to touch, to taste, and he couldn’t wait. He needed it all, and he needed it now. Spike licked the tip of Xander’s prick and then took him into his mouth, sucking hard on the head as his hand around the base of the shaft jerked him off. Xander’s hands tightened in his hair and his body trembled.

Xander was lost. Spike’s touch was electric, the suction on his cock amazing. He moved his hips, his length sliding through Spike’s hand as the vampire suckled him. His legs were so weak they barely bore his weight. It seemed Spike had just started touching him, sucking him, when Xander’s body stiffened, and then his hips jerked as he unloaded spurt after spurt of semen into the vampire’s mouth.

Spike stood quickly, still licking his lips, Xander’s taste filling his senses. He kissed the boy hard before pulling back.

“S-sorry,” Xander mumbled, embarrassed.

“‘Bout what?” Spike asked.

“That was...so quick,” Xander said.

Spike smiled. “You’ll last longer next time,” he assured the boy.

“N-next time?” Xander yelped.

“‘Course,” Spike said, then leered. “You just had your first blow job from a man, but there’s lots more ‘first times’ we haven’t tried yet. Like your first hand job from a man, or the first time anyone touches your ass, or the first time you suck a guy off and taste his cum on your tongue....”

Xander blushed.

“And I have a feeling you’re gonna be very, very good at this,” Spike teased.

“Well,” Xander said with a nervous laugh, “it was tough, but I think I’ve pretty much mastered coming in your mouth.”

“Ah, ah, you know what they say about practice, pet,” Spike said, then leaned in for a quick kiss. “Okay, now, do up your pants,” Spike urged. “Let’s get going, yeah? There’s many things I can do with this mouth.”

As Xander tucked himself in and fastened his pants, reality intruded. “Spike,” he said, subdued, “this is....”

“Insane?” Spike finished.

“Yeah,” Xander agreed, looking at him anxiously.

“Which part, exactly?” Spike asked. “The part where I’m a chipped vampire who hates your guts, except when I’m sucking your cock, obviously, or the part where your previous, and lousy, I might add, choice for taking your cherry beat the crap outta me, or the part....”

“Stop!” Xander entreated. “This whole thing is insane!”

Spike stared at him for a minute. “Yeah, so, you got a problem with that?”

“You?” Xander asked.

“I asked first,” Spike said, taking Xander’s hand and leading him out of the alley.

“Spike!” Xander barely stopped himself from stamping his foot in frustration.

“My place or yours?” Spike asked, effectively ending the subject by changing it.

“You have a bed?” Xander asked in surprise.

Spike glared at him. “What, you think I sleep in a coffin?” he asked, irritated.

“No. I, um, just...never thought much about your, uh, sleeping arrangements. So, do you have a shower, too?”

Spike gave a reluctant shake of his head. “No. When I need to wash demon slime off, I use the Y.”

“You break into the Y?” Xander exclaimed, aghast.

“Can we stay on topic here?” Spike suggested archly as he continued to march Xander down the street. “Besides,” he couldn’t help adding, “I’m evil, remember?”

“Evil, check,” Xander agreed. “So, what do they call you, the hot water-stealing demon?” He fought back a grin, said in a falsetto, “Oh, help, someone’s stolen our hot water again!”

Spike narrowed his eyes dangerously. “Careful, pet,” he warned, “or my tongue’s gonna stay inside my mouth, instead of doing such sweet, nasty things to you and your pretty cock.”

“R-right, on topic,” Xander stammered, swallowing hard as his body reacted to Spike’s growl, and the memory of what Spike’s tongue had already done to his pre—, er, to his cock once. “Um, m-my place, definitely,” he decided as he broke out in a sweat.

They walked in silence for mere seconds before Xander broke it again. “So what, um...you were saying about your tongue?” he asked innocently.

Spike inhaled deeply, enjoying the scents wafting off Xander. “Ever been rimmed?” he asked casually. Xander shook his head. Spike stuck his tongue out and waggled it. “Gonna put you on your knees, legs spread wide. You’ll reach back and spread your cheeks for me, so I can see your lovely hole.” Spike’s hand was rubbing Xander’s ass as he spoke, and then he ran his fingers between Xander’s buttocks. “Gonna lick you. Bet you taste so good,” he purred. Xander’s eyes widened, his throat worked convulsively. “Gonna shove my tongue inside you and give you a good fuckin’ with it.” His finger teased Xander’s hole through his slacks.

Xander moaned, and the night air became heavy with the scent of his arousal. Spike sniffed once more. This was gonna be so much better than a night spent with a bottle of whiskey and Gladiator. Good thing he went into that alley and rescued Xander from that wanker who wouldn’t have known what to do with the boy, he patted himself on the back.

Spike looked Xander over out of the corner of his eye. He, on the other hand, knew just what he was gonna with him. Do to him. And hopefully it would take all night. Then, come morning, they could do it all again.

The End

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